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Before the year ends…

In this final week of 2017—a year seemingly more difficult than the previous years but still filled with progress in more ways than one—I’d like to acknowledge and give thanks to a few who’ve enriched my life with greater spiritual growth and skills, and helped me get through an unexpected and often confusing/frustrating personal time this year.

First, I’d like to thank you, for reading my blogs, and sharing your world with me. I haven’t always been present, but that doesn’t mean I don’t come across your posts in a timely manner, and in a way which helps me grow, pause or reflect (or laugh out loud). So, thank you!

I’d also like to thank those who’ve had readings with me, allowing to me develop and refine my spreads, and who’ve recommended me to family and friends. Each reading has been a journey for me as much as it’s been for you, and I thank you for teaching me even more about this universe we live in. Your prompt payments have also enabled me to finally feel like I might be getting out of the deep water financially. Thank you!

More thanks to:

My friends, both online and offline, have been wonderful! In particular, Mliae at Lifexperimentblog always seems to know just what to send me to lift my spirits and making my day more than okei!
I’m so grateful to my writing friends who, despite their own demanding lives, always find some time to send me a supportive, interesting and helpful critique and life update. There are some things only other writers understand. Thank you, guys and girls! BTW, next year I’m hoping I’ll be able to introduce you to a couple of my die-hard beta-reading friends who write stories I’m happy to read over and over again 😀

My family, mum and dad in particular. Plus my mini-mum, her daughters, my cousins R (and her family), and L (and her family), and my aunt who talks to me about twin-flames, elementals and what my gran said.

My twin-flame.


On to less personal aspects. I’ve been surfing the internet and listening to webinars about self-growth, personal empowerment, spiritual growth and gifts from about 2010 or so, but it’s only since last year that I’ve realized there have been a few personalities who’ve been consistent in helping me grow. I thought I’d share them with you. I’m not affiliated with any of them, nor have I bought any of their products (mostly because of the cost factor) but I do look forward to listening to them/reading their posts and their newsletters. And I think a special thanks is in order to all of them. So here goes:

Personal/Spiritual Growth thanks:

Jarrad Hewett
I first came across Jarrad Hewett in about 2010/2011, but didn’t really pay much attention to him. A couple of years ago, I listened to him and his music on YouWealth Revolution and found his energy process very effect. I’ve been enjoying his newsletters ever since (which often include musical tracks or downloads of his webinars). And his Holiday and Crystals packages are ones I keep hoping I’ll be able to afford the next time he offers them. Jarrad is all about you working with you—yourself and the universe. And he’s fun 🙂

Raquel Spencer
I came across Raquel Spencer in about 2014/2015 or so. At first, I thought she was very weird and totally woo. She works through tones and light language, which can be very disconcerting at first. Now I find her work very enlightening and calming. She works a lot with Gaia, galactic energies and frequencies. If you are curious or open to such experiences, you might want to listen to one of her processes.

Beyond The Ordinary Show with John Burgos
I’ve been listening to the BTYO show for some time now. I don’t listen to every guest, but there are a few regulars I hate to miss—including Raquel Spencer and April Olas. John Burgos speaks to all sorts in the esoteric fields. I like that he asks difficult questions of his guests in a respectful way, and so allows discussions to develop. If you’re curious about energy-work, spiritual development and open discussion, you can listen to a variety of guests in your own time.

Youtubers , thanks:

I must confess I’ve spent way too much time this year watching tarot readers on Youtube, partly to see how others are doing things, partly to see the beautiful new decks and partly to get my own free readings:-D There are a few I often watch, but a couple in particular I’ve found who’ve either totally entertained me or resonated with me much more than others.

This lady from Perth, Aus, has been amazing. I started following her around April or so. She’s always fun to watch and, personally, her readings resonate with me more than I would think possible for such a general reading. She also has an excellent informative video (Q&A) about twin-flames (October 2017 about 1 hour and 14 mins).

Eat Read Love
I adore Sal. He’s just so entertaining. And his love readings are perfect for a writer like me seeking new ideas.

Tarot thanks:

Lisa Frideborg
Lisa Frideborg offers a wealth of tarot resources on her website, both for beginners and advanced readers, as well as very affordable readings with a life-coaching angle.
I’ve followed her for almost a year and have learned a lot, including about the current state of the spiritual community and new decks.
I’ve contacted her a couple of times and she’s always very kind. Recently, Lisa also began an intuitive Lenormand site, also with resources. I’m quite excited about this as I’m currently learning how to read the LeNormand cards.

LeNormand (an alternative divination tool to traditional tarot) thanks:

Donna Leigh, host of Your Tarot Tribe
Donna Leigh’s site has a treasure trove of LeNormand (and tarot) resources, including podcasts and videos. I wouldn’t have gotten so far so fast in my studies if it hadn’t been for her resources and easy learning suggestions.

Carrie Paris (free printable LeNormand)
I found her link from Donna Leigh’s site and am currently using her freebie cards (printed on business card stock) to learn the LeNormand. I’m having a lot of fun with them, and look forward to exploring her site and decks next year.

Although 2017 didn’t bring all that I wanted it to, it’s brought me so much more than I expected, thanks to all these wonderful souls. I am indeed blessed, and trust that you are too 😀



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