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Tarotscopes for Mid-January to February 2020

With Bonus YES/No/Maybe options

2020 has finally started, and I have your Tarotscopes for mid-January to February up on my Patreon. Patrons, as usual, have already had their early access since 14 January 2020—later than I planned, but we’ll be back on track for the March to April 2020 Tarotscopes.

Also up on my Patreon is the Capricorn Birthday To Birthday Challenges divination and the LeNormand 6 Month forecast for the first half of 2020.
It’s exciting to see how trends are changing and you’re evolving. 2020 is definitely a year of changes!

Meanwhile, things got very interesting on my YouTube over the holiday period. Thank you for all the views and welcome to all new subscribers. We had some great feedback on the pet readings, and if you want a quick love forecast, there’s a video for you, too. Links are below.
Unfortunately, I’ve been having trouble uploading to YouTube since November 2019, so I’m looking at alternative sites to host my videos in 2020 for free (free content for them, free higher profile for me). If you’d like to recommend a site, please let know in the comments. I’d appreciate it 😀

Before you go, I’m offering a free channeled message from deities I work with. The details and request form are here on my other blog.

Happy 2020 once again, and may your Yes/No/Maybe’s be for your highest good always!

Your Tarotscopes









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Before the year ends…

In this final week of 2017—a year seemingly more difficult than the previous years but still filled with progress in more ways than one—I’d like to acknowledge and give thanks to a few who’ve enriched my life with greater spiritual growth and skills, and helped me get through an unexpected and often confusing/frustrating personal time this year.

First, I’d like to thank you, for reading my blogs, and sharing your world with me. I haven’t always been present, but that doesn’t mean I don’t come across your posts in a timely manner, and in a way which helps me grow, pause or reflect (or laugh out loud). So, thank you!

I’d also like to thank those who’ve had readings with me, allowing to me develop and refine my spreads, and who’ve recommended me to family and friends. Each reading has been a journey for me as much as it’s been for you, and I thank you for teaching me even more about this universe we live in. Your prompt payments have also enabled me to finally feel like I might be getting out of the deep water financially. Thank you!

More thanks to:

My friends, both online and offline, have been wonderful! In particular, Mliae at Lifexperimentblog always seems to know just what to send me to lift my spirits and making my day more than okei!
I’m so grateful to my writing friends who, despite their own demanding lives, always find some time to send me a supportive, interesting and helpful critique and life update. There are some things only other writers understand. Thank you, guys and girls! BTW, next year I’m hoping I’ll be able to introduce you to a couple of my die-hard beta-reading friends who write stories I’m happy to read over and over again 😀

My family, mum and dad in particular. Plus my mini-mum, her daughters, my cousins R (and her family), and L (and her family), and my aunt who talks to me about twin-flames, elementals and what my gran said.

My twin-flame.


On to less personal aspects. I’ve been surfing the internet and listening to webinars about self-growth, personal empowerment, spiritual growth and gifts from about 2010 or so, but it’s only since last year that I’ve realized there have been a few personalities who’ve been consistent in helping me grow. I thought I’d share them with you. I’m not affiliated with any of them, nor have I bought any of their products (mostly because of the cost factor) but I do look forward to listening to them/reading their posts and their newsletters. And I think a special thanks is in order to all of them. So here goes:

Personal/Spiritual Growth thanks:

Jarrad Hewett
I first came across Jarrad Hewett in about 2010/2011, but didn’t really pay much attention to him. A couple of years ago, I listened to him and his music on YouWealth Revolution and found his energy process very effect. I’ve been enjoying his newsletters ever since (which often include musical tracks or downloads of his webinars). And his Holiday and Crystals packages are ones I keep hoping I’ll be able to afford the next time he offers them. Jarrad is all about you working with you—yourself and the universe. And he’s fun 🙂

Raquel Spencer
I came across Raquel Spencer in about 2014/2015 or so. At first, I thought she was very weird and totally woo. She works through tones and light language, which can be very disconcerting at first. Now I find her work very enlightening and calming. She works a lot with Gaia, galactic energies and frequencies. If you are curious or open to such experiences, you might want to listen to one of her processes.

Beyond The Ordinary Show with John Burgos
I’ve been listening to the BTYO show for some time now. I don’t listen to every guest, but there are a few regulars I hate to miss—including Raquel Spencer and April Olas. John Burgos speaks to all sorts in the esoteric fields. I like that he asks difficult questions of his guests in a respectful way, and so allows discussions to develop. If you’re curious about energy-work, spiritual development and open discussion, you can listen to a variety of guests in your own time.

Youtubers , thanks:

I must confess I’ve spent way too much time this year watching tarot readers on Youtube, partly to see how others are doing things, partly to see the beautiful new decks and partly to get my own free readings:-D There are a few I often watch, but a couple in particular I’ve found who’ve either totally entertained me or resonated with me much more than others.

This lady from Perth, Aus, has been amazing. I started following her around April or so. She’s always fun to watch and, personally, her readings resonate with me more than I would think possible for such a general reading. She also has an excellent informative video (Q&A) about twin-flames (October 2017 about 1 hour and 14 mins).

Eat Read Love
I adore Sal. He’s just so entertaining. And his love readings are perfect for a writer like me seeking new ideas.

Tarot thanks:

Lisa Frideborg
Lisa Frideborg offers a wealth of tarot resources on her website, both for beginners and advanced readers, as well as very affordable readings with a life-coaching angle.
I’ve followed her for almost a year and have learned a lot, including about the current state of the spiritual community and new decks.
I’ve contacted her a couple of times and she’s always very kind. Recently, Lisa also began an intuitive Lenormand site, also with resources. I’m quite excited about this as I’m currently learning how to read the LeNormand cards.

LeNormand (an alternative divination tool to traditional tarot) thanks:

Donna Leigh, host of Your Tarot Tribe
Donna Leigh’s site has a treasure trove of LeNormand (and tarot) resources, including podcasts and videos. I wouldn’t have gotten so far so fast in my studies if it hadn’t been for her resources and easy learning suggestions.

Carrie Paris (free printable LeNormand)
I found her link from Donna Leigh’s site and am currently using her freebie cards (printed on business card stock) to learn the LeNormand. I’m having a lot of fun with them, and look forward to exploring her site and decks next year.

Although 2017 didn’t bring all that I wanted it to, it’s brought me so much more than I expected, thanks to all these wonderful souls. I am indeed blessed, and trust that you are too 😀

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Tarotscopes: July 2017


by Leenna

July is here! And it’s the one many of us are going to look back and think: ‘It was then that my life really changed!’ That’s right, this month is going to spin your world right round and bring in things that you’ll want to record. So whether it’s wise words from your new-found wisdom, your super-duper new life situation or a not-quite-sad farewell to a place which treated you as a frenemy, you’ll want to press that record button, or maybe delete.

*only for entertainment purposes.



Your intuition and opportunities are sky-high!

The month begins on a firmer financial footing than you’ve had so far this year. Some Cancerians may be considering studying further, while others may be called to demonstrate or teach a skill to others. Happiness and stability add to your sense of security.

Mid-month brings in massive changes. Some you’ll see coming, others not. Whatever the change in your life, it’s for keeps with no going back. You’ll have the power to manifest your deepest desires, so use this power wisely. Be sure to take notes of your dreams and daydreams. Your most profound messages will come from your subconscious this month,

The month ends with a need to invest some of your new-found wealth wisely. Once more, your intuition will be your best guide, so would furthering your formal education. A new home or more love may also find you, especially if you’re looking for your soul-mate/twin-flame connection. Cause for big grins all around, no matter which way you look at it 😀



A wonderfully romantic start to the month!

July begins with some quality time with your beloved, especially if they are water-signs or creative-types. A week on some tropical isle looks like fun for some, while others will find creative and spiritual pursuits bring them closer together.

Mid-month may bring a spanner in the works from your boss or a business colleague. Maybe you have to stand in for them or sort out someone else’s mess. Whatever it is, you may miss a celebration or have to postpone it, especially wedding anniversaries. Grump and grumble as much as you want, and let people know this is just not on.

The month ends on a steadier note with some much overdue monies coming in, some of which you may have to chase. Others may find a larger than usual tax return or an error rectified. Perhaps you’ll want to regard this as seed money for your next venture, or reduce your mortgage. Good to see you thinking longer-term Leo. You can have fun that much sooner!



A new contract is on its way to you, but not in the way you’re expecting!

The month begins on a good stable note regarding both family and available funds. Some may travel or book a fun adventure with a Gemini friend. It’s a dream come true—to be enjoyed later. Some Virgoans may find their mouths running away with them in a bid to impress someone important. Be sure to avoid foot-in-mouth moments by staying focused on the matter at hand and not the gorgeous creature at the next table.

Mid-July makes for interesting changes when you shed old beliefs, especially about material things, and find a new way to communicate.

July ends on a decisively good note after the soul-searching ends, a decision is made (no sell-outs for you) and victory is found. The fun adventure may begin a little earlier than expected for some, while others realize a long-held dream or wish. Way to go, Virgo!



Lots of celebrations; you’ll need to pace yourself.

The month begins with a wish materializing in an unexpected, or even ridiculous, manner. Good luck is with you in the oddest of ways. Perhaps you win that cheese rolling race, or go viral on Youtube when your inflatable is punctured and you go zipping around like an unraveled balloon. Whatever it is, you’ll have great success and, maybe some notoriety (not to mention some extra money).

Lots of communication mid-month which brings a major change at work or in your love-life. Things may get a little more serious, especially if the situation began in June this year or last year.

July ends with some emotional drama. Perhaps you, like Leo, missed a special date and now your beloved is throwing out your toys. Use your intuition to get to the heart of the matter and heal the situation. Or you could just bowl them over with your cheesy expertise 😀



Stubbornness doesn’t serve you well this month, while tossing out old baggage does.

July begins with a sense of stability in your environment and work situation. But, to be honest, you feel the need for change, yet may be unwilling to consider the possibilities should they be offered to you.

Mid-month, your stuck-in-mud attitude may lose you a value opportunity if you persist in closing your ears and eyes to changes around you. Try a bit of playfulness and spend more time with your beloved to unstick your mind. Or try the Whatif Game: What if elephants could fly? Would they still be afraid of mice? Or would eagles be afraid of elephants? Ponder, Scorpio, ponder. (If you aren’t doing the silent laugh by now, please seek professional help.)

The month ends on a great you-need-to-play mode. Call your Sagi pals. Avoid Gemini. Delay the fishing. Draw like a child. Eat like a gourmet and relax…Or grab a packet of Niknaks and ask Libra for the real story behind their 15 minutes of fame. It’s cheesy, very cheesy 😀



You may think you’re losing in the love-stakes, but it all comes together by the end of the month.

July begins with a feeling of freedom despite you knowing there’s still work to do. Communication may be frustrating, especially if your device is old. You may be concerned about your appearance, so watch those sales for your new look.

Come mid-month a decision regarding love or travel is finally resolved, which leads to greater security and a healthier social situation. Some of you may relocate, others may start a new job close to their old one. Whatever your situation, you may run into an old flame.

The month ends still with the sense that a situation is not done with you, but you do have the last word. Things are looking better than usual on the dating/love scene. Some may move in with their beloveds, others will be magnetic to anyone they turn their attention to or anything they wish to achieve. Use this superpower wisely.



A roller-coaster month leaves you a little dizzy.

The first few days of the month may seem difficult and lacking in color and abundance. Life may seem a drudge until just after the 3rd when you realize the obvious has been staring you in the face all along. Instant happiness! Especially when factoring in family and family events.

Mid-month may bring a shocking change in contractual matters. Keep calm and be cool. The end result leaves you much happier and, for some, in a stronger relationship. The lack from the beginning of the month vanishes, and all is bright and beautiful. Lucky you!

By month end you may have to find some extra courage, especially for those running their own small businesses. Competition may tough, but you’re definitely in the running! Sports activities go well, though most will prefer some contemplative time instead. Enlightenment is your watch word, especially for those who feel they’ve lost their way. Time to strike a match and light a candle, Capricorn. (And yes, that may mean the power may go out or extra load-shedding in your area).



The awesomeness begins!

July starts on an amazing note. Burdens drop away when you realize where your real decisions lie. New opportunities bring great long term joy, happiness and success—even babies for some. Hope and renewal are all over your life, yours just when you need it.

Mid-month brings a change in perception, a lessening of self-imposed restrictions and more personal freedom. Happiness finds you via friends, family and social clubs. Swimming or water activities will help you feel fit and bring some much needed fun.

The month ends on a more serious note. You’ll feel stronger within yourself emotionally to finally address an issue you’ve long been procrastinating on. You may reach out to a loved one or seek your inner truth. Whatever route you take, it’s the final leg of your current journey. Don’t delay any more as next month should mark the beginning of the new life you’ve been envisioning for so long! And stop watching all those infomercials. Seriously, there are better forms of entertainment for you this month.



Either you’re watching The Hunger Games all over again, or you’re on fire!

July begins in a very passionate way for you, regarding either a new creative project or your love-life—or both. There may be a younger person romantically interested in you, or you could meet an old flame and feel a renewed attraction. Work-wise, it’s a demanding project. Clear communication and innovation will see you through,

Mid-month may heighten stress levels if deadlines aren’t met. Perseverance will help you win the day, and maybe even a holiday!

The month ends on a beautiful note, Your luck will be more predicable and dependable than Libra’s, helping you win the boss’/client’s approval, or that alpha you’ve been crushing on. Yep, it’s instant gratification coming your way, especially if times have been tough since April.



It’s a beautiful month for you despite an emotional wobble.

July begins with you standing strong and victorious, overcoming desperate odds and living up to your promises and not just the trailer highlights. More money, more joy, better health and support; they’re all yours this early July. The only fly in the ointment—an unimpressed or insanely demanding water sign. Ignore, and proceed to your unedited highlights.

Mid-month brings the old short-attention-span syndrome and you’ll be wondering which horizon to explore next. Love may sneak up on you (cue smaltzy music), or you may just come up with a lovely idea. Whatever it is (cue smaltzy music) you’ll be feeling much more secure and stable in life.

The month reaches its climax with a twist, or you twisted up in knots. Whatever it is, it’s got you thinking long, long term or even a series! Some resolutions take time, but at least this month doesn’t end on a cliff-hanger. (Cue end credits and end theme). Stay tuned for the sequel, coming this August!



Reach out that hand. You can touch your dream, and it’s real!

Wow, Taurus! Just wow to your start of July! It’s like your wishes for the past few years all coming true at once. And it’s moving so fast your first instinct is to shy away. Please don’t. This kind of energy is a once in a lifetime thing. So whether you want to win at bowling, open an ice-cream parlor, take that long around-the-world trip, or ask your beloved to marry you, you can’t fail if you set it all in motion in the first two weeks of July. Let me repeat: You can’t fail in the first two weeks of July! So what are you waiting for? Take that first step.

Mid-month is the time to remove any residual emotional gunk and be open to your intuition. Creativity flows and the women in your life (especially Cancerians and mothers) will be helpful. Clarity comes easily, along with greater intuition.

There’s a reality check at the end of July, but only to tie up loose ends, help you plan better and to mark the transition into your new life. Yes, there may be some worries, along with some really confused people. But why let anyone grab you by the horns when you’ve got a clear field in front of you? Run and meet your destiny, dear Taurus. You deserve your dreams coming true, You really do 🙂



A planned change brings unexpected freedom.

July begins with an ending. It may be the end of a travel, the end of a social situation, or a job. You’re not crying over it because it’s opened up the way to your dream. For some Geminis, you may connect with your soul-mate/twin-flame, especially if you’ve met them before. And for once, as you step forward into your new life, you don’t have any regrets.

Mid-July sees you ridding yourself of stresses and self-imposed/learned beliefs, allowing yourself to experience greater freedom. You may even shed some weight (or some hair) or even some possessions which weigh you down. But it all leaves you free to finally be yourself and face the world on your own terms.

July ends on a curious blend of fun and playfulness along with some hard work and learning how to be you—the individual, You. There may be some mistakes made, but not any you can’t make right, and (for the most part) have a good giggle over. Hey Gemini, meet Gemini. It’s a pleasure, either way 😀

Have a fabulous July! Let me know how it goes for you.



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Tarotscopes June 2017 Bumper Edition!


by Leenna

Wow! The cards are just jumping with Gemini’s energy and everyone’s excitement as we’re hitting the mid-year mark already, leaving behind all that heaviness and drama of April and May. And in celebration of my new Relationship/Soulmate Spread, I decided to do a bumper edition on Love and Relationships with some oracle cards and additional tarot packs.
So read your usual general reading first, then go onto the bonus Love/Relationship read for the rest of 2017. Enjoy!

*only for entertainment purposes.


Love is in the air…especially by the end of the month!

To no-one’s surprise, Gemini, you’re starting off this month in two minds – one smitten and the other wanting to smite away all restrictions and other worries. You may have started a new job or have a new project you’re very excited about, but there’s some niggly little details you’ll have to sort out first and still find time for some rest. If you’re coding or pricing, you may have some redo’s for the first week of June.

Remember to blink often, drink lots of water (not caffeine) and prioritise sleep as you may be prone to colds/flus at this time.

Mid-month sees you sitting pretty as only you can, certain in your ideas, sure of your logic and keen-eyed to boot. It’s a good time for you to focus on home (buying/selling/renovating) and on other domestic matters too. There may be some delays regarding travel or those niggly little details may be taking a tad longer to straighten out than initially thought. It’s also a good time to study a part-time course online, especially short courses just for fun.

And then comes the fuzzy pink part of the month. Yep, there’s love around you. Self-love and quite possibly soul-mate or twin-flame love for those ready for it. You may be suddenly quiet on social media as you may prefer spending quality time with your beloved and learning just what a healthy, balanced loving relationship feels like.
For the singles or not-looking, there’s still the self-love, and the releasing of some old habits or toxic frenemies who finally show their true colours. Still, you may be working on a precious new project and will also be hard to find online. Enjoy!

Gemini’s Love and Partnership themes for the rest of 2017

You’ll form great partnerships with Virgo/Leo or creative and down to earth types.

Love flips over catching you like a sheet on a line on a windy day, or maybe all your fine talk and airy ways has your love wound your little finger. Whichever, your love-life is no longer on hold, your dirty laundry no longer exists and you’ve got that fresh, clear go-ahead to take the next careful step. Don’t worry, you’ll have all the support and help you need as your love will meet you half way 😀

Convention comes into play this month – to be conventional or not be, that is the question? Every couple/partnership is unique, so no advice here except to discuss things well with your spouse/partner/new love and know that not everyone cares for straight lines.

Advice and help comes from Leo/Sagittarius and the odd Aries (yep, your bestie ones). They’ll have just the energy you need to help your projects lift off the ground and the sense of humour to laugh with you when things take an unexpected turn in either direction. They’ll also keep you focused and will take the long-term approach to business and other stability matters.

Looks like an awesome second-half of 2017 for you!



Decisions, more decisions, and new contracts offer more than you thought. And some lucky Cancer may receive a proposal from that Gemini above!

The month begins with you looking beautiful and creating beauty around you, or even healing. Just the time to start a new art class or renew your wardrobe. A Gemini may return to you or leave for a time. If they are returning, it’s with an offer of love or in business, and if it’s them going, it’s to ‘find themselves’. Or perhaps they’ve found you now that you’ve ‘found’ yourself. Either way, you have much to contemplate after some fine, fun talk and reminiscing.

Mid-month brings either a multitude of decisions or one major-life changing one. For some, it’s easy to decide, but the implementation of the decision may bring some hesitation or self-doubt.

Stick your tongue out at self-doubt and go with the decision that tugs at your heart and sense of adventure.

Work goes well and brings in extra cash, not that you’ll be paying much attention to it all as you’ll be squarely focused on your next new adventure or recent proposal.

June slows down as it draws to an end. Financial matters go well, and if it things didn’t work out with Gemini, a steady Taurus/Virgo or even Capricorn, will be making you similar offers or finding the best way to invest your newly minted cash. At the end of June you may feel a little more clarity is needed before you can implement those decisions for change in your life, but by the last two or three days of the month, you’ll be full of verve and sunshine, ready to launch your ideas or follow your love into never before explored territory.

Cancer’s Love and Partnership themes for the rest of 2017

Wow! You just can’t escape all the passion!

Any lethargy or body/health issues will be swept, washed and buffed away within the next 6-8 weeks. You’ll be able to share your passions and be adored for it both in the home and out. Your friends will want to be you, strangers will claim they know you, and even the dog/cat will be demanding their share of you. Now’s the time to apply for any 15-Minutes Of Fame you can think of! And your partner will be the first to hold your hand, clap the loudest, and beam proudly up at you.

Exaltation is the theme for you, not just in your career/public life, but in love to. You’ll shower your love with luxuries and attention, cocooning both of you in your own little cozy world. But it’s not all chocolate and roses. Your love will ascend to higher levels in spiritual and sublime ways. Expect the unexpected in expression of love (Could a love song be written just for you?) and let the little things delight you as much as the bling.

The advice is to rule your passion and not let it rule you! Don’t let third-parties interfere with your partnerships, especially younger ones who claim you’ve charmed them. Take the time to double-check your work and keep your temper in check at meetings and when dealing with fire-signs. But, most of all, remember that even Superwoman needs help. Don’t overwhelm yourself or you’ll feel too stressed to enjoy your fame and exalted love. Seriously, your cup is set to overflow and you know how you hate waste, so set your schedules well.



Juggle, juggle, contract doubled? What a busy bee you’re set to be this month!

The month starts off on a fun playful note. You may kid around and suddenly find your ideas taken seriously, with “I love it! Let’s do it!” So be careful what you suggest to your boss or beloved if you’re looking for a nice quiet June. Children or a fun new hobby may also throw your world into a spin, and so begins the juggle. Some may decide to let a part-time job go for the next few months.

Mid-June may find you looking at new residences or even considering moving abroad or cross-country. New ideas begin the rounds and all that’s missing in your life is a new skill or two. No worries, you’ll get the hang of them soon enough.

The month ends on a high, if unstable note.

Luck clings to you in the most surprising way, and that idea you were kidding about takes off better than expected.

It will be hard for you to get out of the office though, and balancing your life with finesse may seem like just a pipe dream. Make hay while the sun shines, but pray for the odd rainy day so you can rest well too.

Leo’s Love and Partnership themes for the rest of 2017

Hmm…a bit of a hectic time, but steady friendships and affection will see you through.

So, Leo, you can’t read your partner’s mind any more. No worries, you’re just as much an enigma to them too. But, and this is a big but, you need to kick-start that intuition of yours to keep your partnerships strong and healthy. And pretending that nothing has changed isn’t doing either of you any good. So have that big talk soon and sleep more peacefully.

Friendships play a bigger role for the rest of the year, with some cool new friends being made, some old friends returning and your friendship with your beloved getting you through any rough relationship bits. But, and this is a big but, don’t trust your intuition on what you share with whom. Know that some strong friendships have no place outside the pub and others no place outside work, and so forth. Respect other’s boundaries and establish the ‘rules’ of your friendships (especially with those your partner might get jealous of) early in your friendship – and stick to them.

Your advice is to hang back until early July with your financial and promotional plans. In other words, launch new endeavours between July and September for best results. Self-discipline (yes, Leo, I mean you!) and attention to detail will be needed to reach those heights which are now within your grasp. Make them part of your daily routine and you’ll find it so much easier to meet all your commitments and find that balance you’ll be craving.



Some stormy communication clears to reveal bright sun and much love!

June begins with some miscommunication or a failure to see eye to eye on a creative difference, possibly with a Sagittarius/Leo/Aries. You may decide to cut loose from the situation or agree to disagree.

Once that is done, you’ll have that freedom you’ve been craving and will celebrate like it’s 1999 (or is that 2009? Or could it be both?). Whatever, you’ll have a blast and meet some old friends, and make some new ones too.

Mid-month brings some all-sorts into the mix. Communication problems, this time with devices or network communications, may have you anxious over news about your mother or your beloved. Use the downtime from social media and ‘being connected’ to reconnect with yourself and find your internal balance and compass again. Remember to be compassionate with yourself as you clear out the last of your issues regarding fitting in and feeling left out in the cold, as it were. If you’re finding your budget needs stretching, it will stretch further than you think — as long as you’re not buying all the drinks for your friends.

The month ends on a lovely note! Despite a tight budget (or because of it) you may meet the next love of your life or discover it (if it’s a hobby or vocation). Yep, those clouds really do have a shiny lining for you this month and scare away those fair-weather friends. Love wafts in no matter your place or circumstance, bringing in that breath of freshness to everything. So, be yourself (that’s who they are interested in) and you’ll be winning hearts and reaping joy by the end of the month.

Virgo’s Love and Partnership themes for the rest of 2017

You no longer need to feel like a bug pinned down. It’s time to be your best friend, and spread your wings and fly.

Take a minute and look around you – all around you. See all those things weighing you down, all those things tying you down? Who insisted they be just so? Who insisted it had to be so? Yep, you! Time to lighten up, give yourself some wriggle room and go out and play. Spend more time with the kids and spouse instead of the paperwork. Spend more time on sport or hobbies instead of polishing the car. Spend more time on…whatever takes your fancy and is fun!

Intuition is a good guide for you over the next few months. Use it often and wisely. Your BS-meter will be working accurately and overtime — especially when it comes to sales, emotions and intangibles. Trust it and use your insights wisely. Some may decide to study another religion or culture, or take a retreat during the next few months – some alone and others with their partners.

The advice is to notice who reciprocates your efforts, love and time. Share with them and allow them to share with you too. Explore your creative and passionate side and stop making excuses for not allowing change. It’s time now to face your future and decide how you want to meet it. Indecision isn’t as much fun as it used to be.



A deceptively slow start to the month hides rapidly changing situations – just the way you like!

Meeting up with friends may prove hard at the start of the month as love and romance will be high on your priority list, as will work and finding new opportunities for work. One situation ends, leaving you feeling uncertain of your future, but fear not as most situations this month will prove temporary for you.

Mid-June is perfect for reuniting with your love or loved ones, if you’ve been travelling. For the most part, you’ll prefer to be closeted away with your love and family – quality time being your motto for the month.

Life will stop seeming such a struggle and you’ll be able to relax. Any disagreements will also be sorted out, especially with fathers and fire-signs.

The month ends with you intuition strong. Passion is strong between you and your beloved, but some conflict with family mar some gatherings, especially around the full moon. Don’t allow jealousy to ruin your happiness and sense of joy, especially if the green-eyed monster is hiding in close friends and family. Allow your intuition to guide you and listen to your dreams. If single, you’ll dream often of your soul-mate/twin-flame.

Libra’s Love and Partnership themes for the rest of 2017

Taking things slow for the next few months will bring easier change and more stability.

While you want to rush off full tilt, remember that’s how you fall off your horse, especially in matters of love and partnerships. You’ll work well with Leos and Cancerians, as well as with earth-signs, especially if you’ve worked with them before. They’ll help keep you grounded without snuffing out any flames of passion or enthusiasm.

Friendships help you stay focused on the simpler things that bring you joy. Allow relationships to develop at their own pace and share your unique view of the world with those you know will appreciate it. Real friends will reciprocate and open your eyes to more wonders of the world. For some, friendships may deepen into love or vice-versa.

Your advice is to be creative and a team-player. Allow change to flow naturally. While stability and material things may seem unstable, this is the nature of change. Positive change should be your key word, and so is collaboration for greater abundance and love. Your relationship is healthy and resilient with your strong friendship and, no amount of physical or material instability will change that fact unless you wish it so.



This is your universal examinations month – don’t fall into your old ways of thinking and doing.

June starts off wonderfully well for you. You have balance, you have the potential offer to realise a dream, and there’s so much inspiration and creativity around you. Ground those ideas, accept help and keep your eye on the ball.

Mid-month proves a little slippery. Good things do happen to people all the time and now it’s yours. Don’t allow negative thinking and self-doubt to push all the positive energy and love away. The sooner you decide to listen to your heart instead of others, the sooner you decide to do what you love, the sooner you can discern what you’d like to fill your cup and reach out for it. It’s already waiting for you, why delay?

The month comes to a close with some circular thoughts and possible restless nights. Write things down on paper, put the electronic screens away an hour before bedtime and allow yourself to relax. Allow you energy levels to build naturally by avoiding excess sugar and you should sleep much better too. There’s a big surprise at the end of the month which will be your universal pass-mark. You can’t swat for this one, you just have to put all you’ve learnt to good use and expect the best.

Scorpio’s Love and Partnership themes for the rest of 2017

The bickering comes to an end!

Finally, Scorpio, the end of all that bickering around the home is in sight, mostly because you’ve decided to be more practical. Flirting with your beloved may safely begin again, and your energy levels will begin to pick up as soon as the last of the DIY and clean-up is done or that last appliance is replaced. Home and your love-life grows happier, for singles too.

Practicality is called for, especially in late August and early September. Don’t put the cart before the horse in any matter, especially when it comes to family and land matters. Take the slow and steady approach. And if you’re thinking about getting married yet again (yes, this is for one (or two) very specific readers) you may want to delay that thought for the next ten months at least – just saying.

The advice is to prioritise family happiness. Trust your partner. Speak about what you need instead of assuming others can read your deep mind. Be honest, even you sometimes don’t really know what you want, so take some time to discover what this may be with your partner.
Realise that timing is important. Be patient. Allow the slow time to be your spiritual growth time and realise what you really seek may already be all around you or within you.



It looks like a hurry up and wait type of situation developing – all for the better to reconnect with your true-love!

June begins with a rush of movement and travel, possibly to really big cities with lots of cabs/taxis and going about roundabouts… You may be signing lots of contracts, so work, business and other legal matters are all looking good, especially with Cancerians involved or the month of July. Or you may be buying a new vehicle before June is half over. Make it red or blue and you’re sure to have more fun in it.

And then comes the slowing down. By mid-month you may be wondering what the whole sense of urgency was about or missing it. Finances may need a little stretching and your friends are less fun than before. You want to plan long-term. You feel more mature, but your current social circle seem stuck in the past. Never fear, your love is happy to hear your May Be plans, and if you’re single, true love make be striding straight towards you 😀

June winds down with a some juggle, or the end of struggle, but not a struggle to juggle – especially finances.

If you’ve been waiting on a contract, it’s likely to seal you in for a two year period, and possibly reintroduce you to someone or someones from your past. But you’re not moving or looking backwards and if you re-enter a relationship from the past, this time it’s for keeps. So whether it’s ‘Hi!’ or ‘Bye!’ to loves and friends, you really mean it this time.

Sagittarius’ Love and Partnership themes for the rest of 2017

Wow, Sag it looks like you’re finally considering taking that big step involving the dreaded C- or M-word, making for happy love and partnerships.

But (why is there always a but with you, Sag) you’re…hmm…hesitating. You know what you want and what you don’t want. Or rather who you want and who you definitely don’t want, so why the procrastination? Give yourself no more than seven weeks to act or you’ll find the one that you want has given up on you for someone who picks what they choose, if you see what I mean. Then again, you could always do a Lochinvar (the Walter Scott one), but only if they’ll have you back.

Riches and their appreciation are on your mind for the rest of 2017. Is this why the procrastination? Are you feathering the nest for a your beloved, or enjoying the richness of your life before sharing it? Don’t forget the riches moments in life often come without a price-tag or buy-now-pay-later option, featuring instead laughter, nature and pink, fuzzy feelings (or is that candyfloss?). Work together with your partner and you both will have all you could possibly want sooner than you think.

The advice applauds your lack of procrastination. If your rival in love is a Virgo, don’t compete with them on the material/physical level. Use your knowledge and charm to engage your love on another higher level. Know that you have everything you need to make the right choice, follow through and live happily (for at least a long time) after. Don’t doubt yourself now, Sag, it’s very unbecoming in you – just saying.



A month of fits and starts brings some surprises and more creativity – possibly even a little romance or flirtation!

June begins on a heavy note, perhaps with you reconsidering obligations, contracts and partnerships. Support from those you love is there, and so is the possibility of a new love. But don’t take on more than you can chew for now. Take that step back when volunteers are called for ;-D

Mid-June sees lots of travelling, to-ing and fro-ing and the feeling that you’re just not getting anywhere! Too many ideas on the boil at the same time may scatter your energies. There may also be some vital research you’re missing.

So get back to basics, reschedule one or two things for July and start reading those manuals. You’ll soon find yourself back in the zone.

The month comes to an end with a note of triumph. Finances look good and while you may miss a social function or two, you have a brand new idea or a brand new love to keep you company. For some this may be a flirtation at work, and for others a new hobby like flying kites or something else you’ve always wanted to do but never got around to. There’s no time like the present to gift yourself some joy 🙂

Capricorn’s Love and Partnership themes for the rest of 2017

Perfect timing is all yours for now. You can catch that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

Your intuition is high and true for the next six months. You’ll anticipate your love’s needs and reactions and win them all over again with sweet gentleness. Your relationships grow deeper and more spiritual while mysteries reveal themselves, mostly to your delight!

Lack of Choice may seem like a bad thing, but when your mind’s made up, does it really matter? You’ve only ever had eyes for one, and now they do for you too! No matter the weather or the situation you know you can count on each other. In your universe, that’s a state of bliss. What more can I say?

The advice is to keep doing what you’re doing! Family and domesticity bring you happiness and joy. Your hard work and keen practicality turns lead into gold, and with a little pushing, you’re moving faster than expected. So keep pushing for your dreams. They’re just around the corner:-)



Look a little closer. Things are getting better!

June may start off on a flat note with one of your new projects experiencing a failure to launch. Admit it wasn’t your best or most practical idea and get back to the drawing board. There’s still you much you have to learn, and with a little more time, understanding and experience, Version 2 may be all that you’ve dreamed of.

Mid-June brings the end to a stressful situation, and a bundle of cash. Be wise, economise with both your time and money and you’ll be well set for the next few months.

Watch your back and don’t overburden yourself if you’re moving furniture or doing intricate handwork, Perhaps a gentle new exercise routine is needed.

The month winds down with a sense that there are still a few threads that need tying up before you move into a new situation. Be calm and logical, and let’s not forget — fair, in your dealings. A new offer may come from the far north or from a Northerner, and while it’s tempting, look carefully at the small print and know what you’re getting into. An offer of love may come too, from someone older than you and light of heart.

Aquarius’s Love and Partnership themes for the rest of 2017

While you’ll have to keep on your toes, it’s a good time to seal partnerships and be a rock for your partner.

Sincerity about love and relationships, especially regarding family or your past loves, may have you in a reflective mood for much of the time. Where do you fit in? Which relationships need nurturing and how to go about it? And: Do you really know yourself? These deep questions need answering for you to find your mojo again. The sooner you begin seeking these answers, the sooner you can be the real you!

Caution and discretion should be your watchwords in partnerships. While some may be tempted by a flirtation (or dalliance with a younger person), sincerity of both parties should be questioned. There’s no point in distracting yourself from yourself if it’s only going to worsen and delay the very situation you won’t look in the eye. Your partner may also experience a bout of illness at this time. Keep their spirits up with your playfulness.

Your advice is to seek stability. Question your judgement or delay judgements until you can review the facts and emotions dispassionately. Be objective and avoid being impetuous or aggressive. Consider giving your time to some charity or volunteer organisation. New people and ways of being will help you see your own situation and self objectively.

Keep the faith, Aquarius. It’s a tough year for you, and next year is bound to be better with all that you’re learning about yourself 🙂



An uncertain start to the month settles down into a new happiness by the end of it 🙂

June starts with some changes to plans, especially social meet-ups. There may be some gossip which tarnishes a perception of your dreams or your dream-lover.

True friends will be revealed and frenemies will be exposed. Stick some Katy Perry on your playlist and sing along to erase the bad vibes.

Mid-month may bring a new mentor (or study group) into your life and Taureans prove to be good counsellors. You may decide to part-ways with some friends, or even your current home, when you go seeking new pastures and like-minded people. For those of you who feel your ships aren’t even on the horizon, never-mind coming home, it may be time to cut your losses and seek a new way forward.

The month ends on a sexy note with your current love or a new one from your study group. Keep your feet on the ground and try to be realistic. It’s hard to say if this will last (there’s good potential, less stability), but it’s making you happy for now. Family matters go well, and if you’ve been seeking that new home, you’ll find a dreamy one by seeking further afield and being more realistic.
And if you’re hoping for firm commitments or marriage, it’s right in front of you:-)

Pisces’ Love and Partnership themes for the rest of 2017

You’re looking for less convention in your relationships and more emotions and passion. Still, you want all terms and conditions laid out in black and white from the word go.

So you’ve taken off the rose-tinted glasses and are willing to let your previous ideas of perfection and happiness in love be revamped, but…it’s all a little confusing as to what you should do next, or even want next. Now that you’ve banished the script, so to speak, you’re not quite sure that you can wing it. Ask your partner or best friend to be your wingman/woman and see what happens after August.

Friendship plays an important role in keeping you grounded, especially in new relationships or new phases of relationships. Remember, you can share more than passion. Avoid competition (or beat your competition) by emphasising your friendship first.

Your advice is to seek trustworthy relationships – both in friendships and in love. Allow family and friends to help you find dates (if single) or to house-sit/babysit if you need a get-away with your partner. While passion is great, too much leaves you feeling distraught. Balance it with a strong emotional connection and sincere affection, and you’ll have all the assurances you need to feel loved and appreciated.



Finances start to look up even though you may have to justify your work to others. While not the month to make your dreams come true, mid-year is loaded with love and creativity.

June begins with a sense of contentment. Art, beauty and water-signs make your day while Taureans and teachers lend practical support. If you’ve been offered a new job, it may take longer than expected to work your notice period out. Other obstacles may also prove frustrating, but should shift towards the third week of June.

Mid-month proves a mixed bag. Good news about money and debts paid off, but your cherished dream may still be on hold for now, especially if it involves children or a childhood dream.

On the bright side, a never-ending flow of ideas keeps you busy and entertains your partner. Some may also get news from a secret admirer!

The month winds down with some delays in travel. Double-check the car, the flights and bus time-tables. Trains, though, should be running on time. You may find yourself having to justify your work or ideas to a group of people. While it’s easy to become overly defensive, notice that only one of two people are determined in undermining you. Keep calm and think before responding. Stay off social media if you find yourself enraged by those one or two. There’s no point in stooping to other’s levels when you own is so much higher than theirs. Family time is fill of joy and happiness, and in some ways it almost feels like Christmas! Perhaps you’re preparing a Christmas in July? Enjoy!

Aries’ Love and Partnership themes for the rest of 2017

Well, someone wants a baby or a new start? Either is possible as long as you take your time.

A new stable start is possible, or you may get a tangible offer which leaves you feeling very secure about someone’s feelings or regard for you. Not that you haven’t worked hard for it, but there is still a little more spit and polish you need to add before you can relax and enjoy the new situation.

The Birth of the new is firmly in your mind. Whether a physical birth or a rebirth of feelings, from July onward you will see signs of it in yourself, your partner, or your relationships. It’s also possible for you to re-invent yourself now, if you so wish. Ideas flow fast and develop even faster, so note them down carefully.

Be like Taurus – take things slow and steady. Work by yourself to set right the things that annoy you and you’ll see your world change quicker. Don’t allow the distractions of June to carry through into July and beyond. Be a little enigmatic to ignite the spark with your partner again. And enjoy July and beyond when you can start racing towards your dreams. Just don’t trip over your feet. Slow and steady with appropriate acceleration saves you energy and gets you further.



Travel allows you to master a skill, but may bring in some conflict with family and old friends.

June begins with travel to a warm country or place, and most likely with a Leo companion. There’s passion and reunions, and maybe the odd quarrel or two. Perhaps you’re travelling to a class reunion or meeting old mates on holiday.

Be strong, acknowledge your power. You’ve changed and matured so much since you last were in such company.

Mid-month may find you on an advanced course or practising a skill you’d half-forgotten. Perhaps it’s riding a bicycle. You’ll be up to speed in no time. There’s good news coming, possibly from that Leo friend, offering you more opportunities. You may also begin reviewing your beliefs and limitations, or choose an unconventional way of life.

The month comes to an end with some tension with family, especially regarding finances, your choices and theirs. Some may feel constricted or manipulated towards a path not their own. Make sure you step on the path of your own choosing to ensure your future happiness. By the end of June, you may find yourself in uncharted territory, experiencing life like never before!

Taurus’ Love and Partnership themes for the rest of 2017

The worst is over, but lingering concerns over security still worry you. Your focus may shift from the physical to the spiritual or vice-versa.

Misunderstandings and fighting to have your feelings validated are now over. There’s just one little thorn on your side still to deal with, and this should be gone with a month or three. That said, don’t needle your partner. They may still be a little sore from one of your arguments from earlier in the year. Let the wounds heal before making tactless jokes.

Concentration, or the lack of it, takes you by surprise. You might find yourself distracted from work by thoughts of your love. You may also find yourself fantasising about them at odd moments. It’s time to let your playful side rule when with your partner. Perhaps they are just as distracted by thoughts of you!

Your advice is to be more playful. Share yourself more with your partner or allow them into your quiet time. Maybe you could both practice meditation together or share an exercise routine. Make short-term fun or even silly plans together. Go and catch a shooting star, but watch out for the mermaids! And while you’re at it, let the playfulness feed your spirituality and watch your sense of the unfulfilled fade.

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Happy, romantic June to you!

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Tarotscopes: April 2017


With so many focusing so hard on work, be sure to make time for love and family this April.

Many of us are also dealing with body-image issues or those of partners. It’s time to stop letting media and society dictate how we should feel about ourselves, and encourage us to judge others. While healthy bodies are vital, trying to embody a shape or look genetics says is impossible only harms you and yours in a multitude of ways. Give yourself (and those around you) some compassion and love this April:-D

*only for entertainment purposes.



April starts off on a mixed note, primarily because your intuition may be a little on the blitz.
That strange feeling in your gut may actually be your dinner and nothing else. Double-check your hunches and consult a doctor if the strange gut feelings persist into late April. The good news is you’re looking good anyway, and there is short travel which may take you into exotic realms. Love takes a back-seat for now.

Mid-month continues the mixed bag theme. An issue you feel was unfairly handled may take longer to resolve than expected. But it will, leaving you with less of a burden to carry.

Difficult current projects finally come to an end, leaving a shiny new space for you to create something more to your taste.

April ends with a wow! Especially for those looking for love. There’s a wonderful hot new relationship, possibly with someone who lives some way from you, perhaps even abroad. Couples, too, will find a wonderful new phase in their relationship beginning – one filled with renewed love, lust and adventure. It’s a great time to travel with your love. Meanwhile on the career front, a dreamed-for project could land in your lap, and though the hours are long and demanding, the rewards are well worth the effort. Enjoy!



Your focus on home and security moves things along nicely.
April begins with you catching someone’s eye, though you may not be aware of it. It’s probably at work. While for some it could be a colleague appropriating your ideas, it’s more likely to be a higher-up noticing your good work. You may also be asked to mentor someone new. Still, you’re not letting any good news get to your head, but making solid long-term plans to secure your future.

It’s a good time to speak to your bank manager if you’ve had your eye on some property, or to speak to an estate agent.

If the property is still outside your budget, it may become more affordable soon. Farmers and gardeners will also have a good planting season, with crops and livestock producing more than expected.

Mid-April may prove a little frustrating, but will also allow you to get rid of things that no longer serve you. Travel or a move of home may take longer than you’d like, so go with the flow to keep your cool. It’s not a good time to take chances. It’s also not a good time to avoid karma. It’s going to find you either way – good or bad.

The month comes to an end on a happier note. You’ll feel more balanced emotionally and will finally feel settled at home. There may be some concerns or guilt around a father-figure or mentor, and you might find yourself taking up their life-long quest. It’s a great time for meditation and seeking your emotional fulfilment. Your ideal home and happiness is well within your reach if you have not yet attained them.



There’s lots of work, but the fun will find you before the month ends.
The month begins on a surprising note. Something you may have thought you had plenty of time to sort out will suddenly become urgent and keep you to the grindstone. Stop thinking such dark thoughts and concentrate on how much faster the new timetable is moving you towards your goal.

Mid-month finds you bowing out of a planned trip with your friends or family. You may not be able to make it home for the Easter holidays. This seems tough, but so are you. Allow yourself some time in nature to regenerate and keep your eye on your goal. You knew you’d have to make some sacrifices to secure this thing you’re working towards. Nostalgic thoughts bring you down so try to avoid them by visiting new places or doing something new in your free time.

April ends with you finding your power.

By the end of the month, despite some delayed traveled (or you making a special trip in place of the Easter one), you’ll be proud of your achievements and well set to achieve even more. Within two weeks of the end of April you should hear some very good news indeed.



This month is all about balances for you.
April starts off slow with it being difficult to follow your ambitions. Keep the faith and fight for what you believe to be right. Success comes from your perseverance and belief in yourself, but be careful you don’t treat others unfairly in the process. Maintaining integrity is crucial this month.

Mid-month goes well career-wise. You may have some concern over your looks and wardrobe. While you’d like to try a new look and get new clothes, hold off for a couple of months more, if you can. You may also begin a new job or make a presentation where appearance is vital. Take care with the details and you’ll get through fine. Your love may also be very busy or unavailable. Try not to take this to heart – they’re even busier than you are.

April ends with a delay in a project initiation, and a grand reason to celebrate (probably love-wise).

With a little more time to breathe, you may want to spend it with some good friends and family.

Be realistic about your future plans too. It feels like there’s a significant (but not enormous) amount of money coming through – a once-off payment, and while you may want to use it for your dream idea, it may be better to invest it for a short-term till your feet touch the ground again. But, yes, buy that new pair of shoes!



Be careful with your knees and feet this month, especially during sports or hiking.
April brings with it a dream coming true which may stretch the finances a tad too much. Another ambition may have to be put on hold till the kitty grows again. Don’t fret, you should have it all sorted before your birthday. Stave off boredom and frustration by designing something (even if it’s all only on paper). You know you want to and you haven’t done it in ages.

Mid-April may bring a little sadness related to another fire-sign or family member who doesn’t share your good fortune. While empathy is good, total empathy can harm you, too. Keep your emotional boundaries healthy and you’ll be of more help to those around you. This is a good time to take a chance and try something a little crazy, but again, only if your finances can handle it. Avoid pubs and pub games till later in the month.

April ends with you in a good position to travel or buy a new vehicle.

You’ll have more energy and will enjoy being outdoors again. Family problems will resolve themselves without tears and you’ll feel lighter of heart as the month closes.



Double-check and triple-check this Mercury retrograde period, then take it easy at the end of the month.
The month begins with some message delayed, perhaps related to studies, a child or a pet. The delay may prove a little expensive, so double-check your messages and spam folders, and return all calls as soon as possible. You may also be wanting to study further at this time. Don’t overextend yourself on a single course. Ensure you’re going to get your money’s worth first.

Mid-month finds you juggling things to make for more security, especially financially, but like Cancer, you may be forgetting to tend to your emotional and physical needs too.

Treat yourself a little now and then. You deserve it!

April ends with you wanting some quiet time to process what seems an unfair event or circumstance. Talk to a Gemini or a lawyer to set your mind at rest.
There’s lots of people around you this month, lots of socializing, possible reunions and some gossip! Meet your friends before the end of the month when you’re more likely to take the light-hearted view.



April begins with you firmly on your destined path.

There’s some good news about study or a new job which requires learning a new skill.

Do be careful when signing new contracts which may require more hours than you initially think. Also don’t overextend yourself. Take the time to rest and heal well.

Mid-month sees you on that study course or beginning that new job. Financially, this may not work out as well as hoped, at least for the first month. Some may decide to try another offer received towards the end of the first week of April.

April ends with you needing to take a break and get your energy levels up again. Clashes with an earth or fire sign may leave you feeling drained, or a cold/flu could also affect your perception of things. Speak up now if you find any red flags in your love-life or career. Make the time for love now as your partner may be feeling a little neglected with your focus being so tight on work.



You are also set firmly on your destined path this April. It’s bringing up some issues for you to deal with first, especially to do with patience and family.
The month starts with some disappointment over a new beginning. If an opportunity seems to have passed you by, take heart as, with your destiny so prominent, it wasn’t the best path for you. Pick your way carefully through and you’ll see yourself in much better circumstances come the end of the month.

Mid-month may bring some conflict with your father or father-figure. Perhaps you feel dictated to, or don’t care for the decisions they’ve made for you. Lighten the mood and you might lighten the situation too. You may opt out of family or other social gathering. You’re tired of the same chatter and need something new to draw you out the house.

April ends with a victory.

You’ll be applauded for a project or other work. While it’s a good time to take an interesting new path in your career, give a thought to your partner who may be feeling left behind or in need of some TLC.



Fortune favors you in surprising ways.
Your research and patience pays off early this first part of April. While a lack of help may seem daunting at first, you’ll soon win through and have all the glory for yourself. Restrictions will also fall away and your pleasure in work increases immensely.

Mid-April may bring a switch of your focus from work back to love, which may need some healing. Fortune favors you as your hard work is recognized and you may even be interviewed by the media. Help is available from a Gemini or a high-level executive who may not be a friend, but who champions the same cause. Deal fairly with this person and they’ll deal fairly with you.

The month ends with a big surprise you won’t see coming. It may involve a wedding, engagement or other happy party, and you may end up the center of attention even if it isn’t your own.

It’s an excellent time to meet a new love or recommit to your present/an old love.

There may be some worry around a mother or grandmother (especially if you’re craving their approval) but your new love is likely to win them over much sooner than you’d think possible.



What an awesome month for you!
April begins with you leaving behind the past and any hurt or pain you may have been carrying over the past year, especially around family. Work throws you in the deep-end when it requires a new skill or learning a new application. You’ll enjoy it more than expected and gain a great new victory too. You may even consider continuing along this new avenue in the near future. Exciting stuff!

Mid-April brings a party or other celebration, perhaps a fancy-dress or tea-party, which will be great fun. You may miss a friend or family member who’s away, but it won’t stop this being a memorable time. News of a dream coming true also delights you.

Watch the sunset and sunrise for spiritual inspiration and confirmation.

The month ends with an odd mixture of the intuitive and fantastic, and of needing to be realistic. Beware of following illusions or creating unrealistic expectations of others. Keep plans simple and affordable, and don’t try and keep up with the Jones’. ‘Wha’s for ye, will no’ go by ye’ as the saying goes. There’s lots of news and communication, especially with those overseas, and you’ll be going out a lot more, perhaps for a new dancing class or other creative expression. You’ve worked hard for these rewards so enjoy them!



You’re treading a faint line this month. Consider the consequences of your actions in the long term.
April begins with a break in communication, possibly with another family member. There may be two people clashing over finances or security issues. Your personal finances look good, but be wary of shutting yourself up in an ivory tower.

Mid-month brings some boredom and here lies the faint line. If you try to manipulate circumstances (especially by esoteric or psychological means) it has a good chance of backfiring on you this month. Don’t dabble just for fun, you may be caught in your own web of machinations, and that won’t be fun at all.

The month ends on a better note, and if you’ve been hoping for a new career opportunity you may get it yet.

There’s much going on socially, which will suit your mood perfectly.

There’s also many compliments and perhaps a flirtation. If you’re single you may meet someone who may well be your soul-mate, though neither of you may recognize this at first. If already in couple, be assured that your partner still finds you attractive and thinks often of you, even when they are as busy as they have been recently.



There’s lots of good stuff lurking under the surface this month, just waiting to be found.
The month begins with clarity in your situation. A secret may also come to light, which may make you angry, but which forces a change – a very good change which stirs up all the good stuff.

Mid-month may bring some travel delays or what may seem like a missed opportunity. Retain your shopping slips too.

You still have lots to celebrate, more than most, maybe even a lucrative contract which goes all the way to August.

If you’ve been hoping for a baby, you may receive the good news this month, or you may be granted another love wish.

April ends with the finale to a situation which has long stressed you, perhaps related to family or traditions. Getting a new job also looks good here. Although the initial offer is not what you applied for, this new arrangement may suit you better in the long term.


Heads up

April and May look set to be a little on the tougher side of things with many of us working towards once-in-a-lifetime opportunities or dreams. Avoid overwhelm where you can, and know that many may begin to see the rewards of your hard-work and tough decisions as early as July/August. May this be you 😀
For others, this month may be the start of a longer road. Be sure to stop and admire the view (take stock and mark your progress) to keep your perspective. Long journeys often have the best rewards 😀

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Your Tarotscope February 2017


by Leenna

Before we know it, it’s February! Month of bills and the stress of Valentines Day. As a special treat, let me peek into your Valentines Day and see if we can discover if there’s a card or two for you. More details at the end of the post. For your month’s Love Tarotscope, you can find my podcast here.

*only for entertainment purposes.

NB: Please watch out for large avalanches and heavy snowfalls around mountainous areas, and dangerous seas around the Atlantic and Baltic Seas.



February could start in a better way, but it doesn’t. You’re still reeling from the overspending in January and the holidays. Your credit card is not happy, and the kids may still be demanding that you break what’s left of the bank. Instead of feeling guilty and refusing to come out the house till next payday, stand up to the kids, shake-off any guilt, and count yourself lucky. You have all that you need, and wanting too much consumes too much of your energy that could be spent on better things. Volunteer your Saturday afternoons at an old-age home or animal shelter (take the kids along too) and you’ll soon stop worrying about wanting things.

Around mid-month things get soo much better. Generosity finds you (maybe via that volunteering) and you’re soon feeling no lack in your life. Small fortunes may find themselves to you – perhaps an extra fortune-cookie or a small raffle win. Enter without expectation and let the good stuff find you!

February keeps on getting getting better, lucky you! Following that fortune-cookie advice may bring you more opportunities than expected and, more to your taste, good deals are easily found. It’s time for you to make hay while the sun shines.



Like friend Aquarius, the beginning of February has you fretting over bills – the phone and credit-cards in particular. You’re also chafing to change your image or get new clothes – anything to mark a new look for you this 2017. The temptation to get a radical piercing or two is also strong, along with the need to wear something unique, like…florals or Hawaiian shirts with ski-gear? You want to stand out in the crowd, show that you’re your own person and stop blending in. Wait till the end of the month. You’ll have a better sense of style and a better budget to make that change successfully.

Around mid-February, you’ll be inundated with calls and social functions. A friend may be getting married overseas and needs your advice. You may also take up a new class: art, dance or catering. Although you’re not going further than the outskirts of town, you feel like the world’s your oyster.

The month comes to an end with a high note of success and love. You might have been too busy to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but the month-end more than makes up for it with lots of love, a little romance and a great sense that life is good and getting better!



February marks the end of the malaise you might have been feeling. If you’ve been looking for a new client, job or promotion, you may hear back within the first two days to two weeks of this month. You may have two interviews too, one by phone and one with your possible new boss.

Success seems likely as there are contracts (fair in nature) which may be signed around mid-month. It’s the time to reap what you’ve sown. Be brave of heart and consider all opportunities. It’s a good time to formalise relationships too, so if you’re thinking of proposing to your beloved on Valentines Day, you couldn’t ask for a better time.

The end of the month brings a new challenge. Stand apart for a while to get the lay of the land before committing yourself to any action. The pause, new information, and new resources available will provide a better solution than you may first think.



While external events may shock you and have you running back home in dismay, this month is actually much more positive than you think.

February is your month to find balance (and possibly love, but not romance). You may take up poetry writing or reading, or begin a yoga or pilates class at the beginning of the month. Emotional upsets will cease to disturb you for prolonged periods and you’ll find it easier to breathe.

Mid-month brings a wonderful surprise. A gift, (not material) may be received and you may plan a spiritual or artist retreat with some of your best friends. You may also begin planning a back-packing holiday, possibly an extended one. For the most part, you’ll feel happy and blessed.

The month ends with some confusion over missed messages and romance. Your travel plans (especially the back-packing one) may also be delayed by a sibling or a younger friend. The true nature of someone in your close circle may also be revealed.



This month begins with one of your favourite occurrences – lots of communication! There’ll be international messages and phone calls (some business and career related), perhaps to a conference. Your messages and intentions will be clearly understood and now’s the time to let the world know you’re out there. It’s a great time to start a new social media account or update your existing ones.

Mid-month may bring some confusion especially around the time of the full moon. A matter concerning your mother may disturb you and it will be difficult to access your usual innate wisdom. Depending on others perceptions and intuitions makes you feel uncomfortable, but may produce some unexpected and pleasantly surprising results.

Study or research is your focus towards the end of the month, along with pets and children too. You may have to brush up or learn a new accounting or database tool. You’ll also be called to be persistent on a matter close to your heart.



Contracts and karmic issues mark the beginning of February for you. You may be starting a new job or signing other legal documents. It’s a good time to sort out any issues with your passport or driver’s license as you’ll be needing them later in the year. Karma-wise you’ll find what you send out returns quickly to you.

Mid-month brings a wish delayed. Valentines messages may be lost or misconstrued. Think twice when replying to messages at this time. You may also find that your ambitions are delayed by natural disasters or changes in policy ie. things outside your personal control. These are just delays and give you time to reflect and be more prepared. Use this time wisely.

The month ends with a call for you to be wise and brave. An opportunity is offered to you, but it may call for a drastic change to your life which you may feel overwhelming. It’s related to the delay from the preceding weeks, so once again, you have time to contemplate, evaluate and discern the best course for you.



The month begins with high-energy and a long-awaited message reaching you. It’s all systems go, and you couldn’t be happier! If you’re out in nature, you’ll see some wonderful and rare sights so keep your camera handy.

Mid-month seems like a Simpson’s episode, one you share with your buddy, not life your partner. Absurdities and strangeness abound even without you actively looking for them. Be like Lisa, not Bart. She’d never forget Valentines Day.

Your partner is upset (Did you really forget Valentines Day?) and is not impressed by you saying ‘Doh!’ Dig deeper for your sensitive feelings and don’t turn art for relaxation into a competition. Call your mothers (and in-law), sisters (and in-laws) and aunts. This is a time when all them could be angry with you and you need to set the record straight or you’ll forever be stuck with this broken record. A few dollars spent on the phone to them could save you thousands in therapy.



February doesn’t look to be your favourite month. Seems like you’ve been matching Aquarius and Pisces with the same hefty credit card bills, and you’re really kicking yourself for letting yourself go financially. You’re also a little scared because, for the first time, you can’t predict your finances for the next few months as you’ve always done before. You’ve never been very good at claiming defeat and this isn’t the time to start. Go break something that needs breaking, gather up the pieces and throw them away. It’s time to swept out the old and start with a fresh perspective.

Mid-month brings some clarity and relief. The worst is over, the air is clear and the scars of the battle you’ve been fighting aren’t as hideous as you’d thought they’d be. You’re free to move on and up.

The month ends with some comfort. You’ve made a decision and have found your way forward. It may not be ideal but you know this drill and could do it in your sleep. You may have to juggle a few things around, but you’re happy to have things in control again. You may even begin saving in a two-year plan for something you’ve long wanted or for your child’s schooling.



Fear not, brave-heart, your time for breaking free is close at hand this month. Though you may not see it, help is on the way to free you from a situation that’s wearing you down. Physical or spiritual, your allies and supporters are there for you.

Mid-month may show you where you need to build yourself to assume the position you most covet or seek. It may be a question of experience or a slight misjudgement, but what you learn from it will see you well set up for the future. There may be some conflict with your father or husband too, one (or both) who may not be able to see your path as you intend to take it.

The month ends with you in a vacillating mood, but that’s not anything new. Should I, or shouldn’t I? Will you or won’t you? Look around carefully, instead of staring at the same thing hours on end, and you may find a third option which suits you and yours brilliantly.



Decisions, decisions and they all need answers at once! February begins in a more taxing manner than anticipated. Someone with the initial ‘R’ may help you sort out up from down and all things in between.

Mid-month looks more promising, with a little trip or a long weekend away, in good company or with your beloved. It will get you back on even-keel and ready to face the rest of the month. It’s a good time to do some star-gazing or witness the eclipse. It will help you gain a sense of your place and purpose.

The end of the month may bring some horror story to light, possibly about an air-sign in your life, or one’s that about to enter your life. Harsh words and actions will be circumvented, and justly so. Admitting that you’re wrong is difficult, but noble. Be noble. It’s more becoming than being sulky.



This is a month of changing friendships and new perspectives.

At the beginning of February, you’ll be in a galvanized mood, eager to launch into new projects and seeking the best for everyone. Not so some of your friends. You may be planning group activities, only to find yourself alone. It’s a great time to catch up on your computer gaming.

Mid February brings out some uncommon beliefs and questioning which may lose you a friend or two. You know that the traditional approach may not always be the best or even relevant any more. Seeking new paths and answers will consume most of your time.

The month ends with more changes. You energy is stabilizing, but only just. You still want to rush off and make sweeping changes, but holding back till early May could make for better timing. People may remark about how much you’ve changed recently, but it’s just that they never knew the real you. You can’t hide yourself anymore.



This February, you’ll feel your age, but in a good way.

The month begins with vivid memories of your childhood and youth. You’ll be amazed at how you’ve changed, adapted and coped with situations you couldn’t have imagined. You’ll feel pride in your hard-won wisdom and the life that you’ve build for you and your family. An old friend or two may also come back into your life – possibly to revive an old romance or business proposition.

Mid-month brings some wonderful news around the time of the eclipse. A premonition may hold you in good stead, and while there may not be any monetary windfalls, you’ll feel a connection to a spring of well-being and wonder. It’s an excellent to share your experiences with others in a blog, writing group or with like-minded friends over a picnic.

February ends with talk of big plans which you feel may never material. But it makes everyone happy, including you, so why not indulge. Children with special needs or abilities will also enjoy you taking them out to meet horses and ponies. There is much healing there for both the kids and you.


Wondering if this Valentines Day is going to be the same as always or something magically special? Leave me a comment below before 14 February 2017 and, in the spirit of fun and love, I’ll reply with a drawn card for you to see what we see 😀

Wishing you a love-filled and safe February.

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Tarotscope: December 2016

by Leenna

So this is what the cards told me about December for each zodiac sign*. Aries, you’ll want to pay special attention.



At the beginning of the month, there’ll be lots of electronic communication, especially from global companies and overseas. Pay attention to what is being said and take the time to thoroughly understand what is required or requested. This will pay off in nine weeks or so. Gossip also provides some interesting insights and ideas.

Generosity abounds from friends and family. While cash bonuses from work may be smaller than usual, other gifts and benefits will prove equally valuable. There will be more than enough good cheer and an abundance of friendship, and even a prize or two.

Towards the end of the month, one party or celebration will be more tiresome than fun (because you’re tired) and one person spoils the mood with their negativity and callousness (an older woman with one glass too many). Try not to take her words to heart as everyone knows the truth even if they don’t speak of it. A good rest (and some distance) provides the best tonic against this energy-vampire.

Sleep into the New Year, you need it after these past two months!



A slow and less than perfect start to the month makes you think wishes come true only for others. Keep wishing and stay positive as it’s only delayed.

A small matter grows out of proportion and impacts on your feelings of security. Be especially careful when locking your car-doors at the mall and carry a small-hard cover book in your bag for self-protection. It should prove useful in other ways too. If you live/work in a snow-prone area, be sure to travel with a small emergency/survival kit as unexpectedly snowfalls in unlikely areas may cause major traffic/transport problems.

The last third of the month makes up for the first two thirds. Happiness from little children, pets and new projects. This is the perfect time to start your blog or a new creative project. Pottery or fishing could well be your newest passion!



Going for that new job interview or performance review goes well at the beginning of the month. You have the gift of the gab and the ability to make magic out of piles of what looks like rubbish to everyone else – both literally and figuratively!

The middle of the month seems to rehash the same old tired plans and arguments. Going on that world-cruise is still not going to happen, no matter how many Lotto tickets you buy before Christmas. Be realistic and think out the box.

Taking the traditional approach for the end of the month may be your best bet! It’s also the perfect time to take up new studies, or do some family-tree research.



Look back to six months ago to find the root of your current problems. Running away again is just going to make things worst. It’s time to sit tight and think things through logically. Ask for help from someone you trust and is good at problem-solving.

Investing in property or going to the sea for your holidays isn’t such a good idea for now. Don’t make last minute bookings. Don’t make promises you can’t keep either. Stay at home and remain on the straight and true path. It may be slower, but it’s a whole lot  less hassle and trouble in the long run.

The end of the month looks much brighter and less stressful. More clarity brings you more optimism and a well defined way to overcome your biggest obstacles.

Foil is your friend this festive season, especially when making new toys for the kids in your life and in decorations. Keep your eyes open in the rain and you’ll find a bargain store offering more than you’ll ever need of this wonderful shiny stuff.



Lucky you! All the other signs are going to be so envious of your first part of December. Either an overseas trip or new long-distance relationship for you is what turns all your friends green. All goes well, unless it’s a Gemini or Aquarian you’re dealing with. If so, you’re need to think things through a little more (just a little bit more than usual) as your companion is not the most stable of personalities. I’m sorry if you heard wedding bells ring or similar at first, but seriously, caution is warranted here.

Repeat after me: impulsiveness is not my friend – at least not until February. In fact, impulsiveness is not even your frenemy just now. It’s a psycho wielding a knife ready to poke holes in your finances, your love-life and your reputation.

Sit back, chill and repeat after me: impulsiveness is not my friend.

And that dream you’ve been hoping for…no news till after February. But keep dreaming, it will happen in a slow steady way.



Oh, the injustice of it! Everyone else gets to have a proper break and you’re stuck manning the office again. Oh, what an awful boss, unreasonable so-and-so leaving you only a small box of plasticky chocolates for company! So, yes! Re-read your contract, and look at those job-boards. But know it will be the same thing all over again next year if you don’t actually act this time.

Spruce up your CV and strike while the sense of injustice drives you. You may not end up on the beach next year, but, by god, you’ll have a better view and better box of chocs to help you through this time of year.

Legal matters are best sat on for the moment too. Your lawyers and other legal types are not very impressed with your arguments and assertions of late, so best wait till February or defer to the end of May if possible.

Still not going to be your favourite month, come the end of it. More arguments with your brother/brother-in-law and general feelings of not living the life you want to. Yes, you deserve better. And now, (yes, right this minute) is the time to do something about it – find a coaching program, join a new club, start something new…So, for once in your life, don’t over-think, don’t even calculate, just do it! I dare you.



Congrats, Gem, you’ve finally found that balance you’ve been looking for, and it’s pets and kids who help you there.

At the beginning of the month, a new project starts of strong and hits it’s mark. Ideas flow like a stream, so take notes and make sketches; you’ll need them early next year when you run ahead of yourself again.

Travel to the mountains/hills or to a warmer area gets you out into that fresh air you’ve been craving. Don’t forget the sunblock (and the snow-boots, two trips for you then? Or a last minute getaway?) Watch your ankles and straps when doing outdoor activities and you’ll be happier overall.

The end of the month is quieter and cosier with lots of welcome alone-time. A great time to recharge and consolidate your ideas and position. Also a good time to consider what you’d like to study next. Something in finances or earth sciences?



Grab your Sagi friend and celebrate all the generosity coming your way at the beginning of the month. It’s exactly what you’ve been waiting for, for so long. It’s likely that all this bounty may include a pregnancy if you’ve been hoping for one, or a really valuable gift or prize.

Problem is, for most of the month, the restlessness that you’ve been experiencing for the past two months doesn’t abate. It’s got you questioning all kinds of things about your life and the people around you. You want something new. You need something new and meaningful in your life. If you’re having a child, congratulations – if not, you might want to stop for a minute and do some inner searching to see just what it really is your soul craves for now.

By the end of the month, your intuition is on the blitz, so try not to depend on it as much as usual. Double-check facts, dates, amounts, and print out maps and itineraries.



Love and togetherness is the theme for the first half of the month. You may even visit overseas or cross the continent to visit family. The early part of the month is perfect for rekindling romance and spending quality time with those you love most, especially near the ocean or other large bodies of water.

Like Sagi, there’s a lot of business communication from global concerns right until December 21-23 around the solstice, so make sure your phone and laptop are always charged. After the 23rd, you’ll be in a much better position than expected, but still a little short of where you’d hoped to be.

At the end of the month, you’ll probably lose at snooker and other little games, but in the main events of your life, everything makes you feel you’ve gained major victories and will win through quite soon to what matters the most to you.

The last week of the month is best for indoor activities with inclement weather putting a damper on outside activities. Don’t book days out too far in advance. The weather dictates your plans for New Year’s Eve more than it usually does. Be prepared for torrential rains if you live in the Southern hemisphere, heavy snow in Northern Europe and even in some mountainous areas of Spain.



Good news finally arrives at the beginning of the month. The world seems beautiful and magical again with much to lift your spirits and believe in the goodness of humankind.

The middle of the month is great for interviews and finding ways to realise your dreams. There’s not much you can’t do in mid-December, and even Santa is envious of your productivity and management. Your staff will be happy and your pockets look like filled stockings.

With all gears well oiled and things rolling out just the way you like them, the end of the month is when you’ll finally want to let your hair down and be noticed by someone special.

Shopping around the 20th is likely to find you your best party clothes and even the salon will be able to squeeze you in at the last minute. Don’t forget to try a new fragrance and see how many heads you can turn.



Lightness returns this December, along with that precious spark of creativity you lost a month back. Go shopping with Virgo as you, too, will be spoilt for choice when it comes to shopping and looking good this month. Paint, draw and even try some needlework — you have an eye for the unusual and the striking when it comes to your hobbies and crafts this month.

The middle of the month is when you’ll finally let go of nostalgia and some past issues. Things look even brighter as you begin to live in the present and enjoy it without comparing it to the past.

The lightening of your mood and outlook continues right to the end of the month when you stop feeling guilty and realise you deserve all the good and light you’re experiencing. Your smile will be uncomplicated, you laughter unchecked and others’ negativity will fall off you as old restraints are unbuckled and you’re free to enjoy an amazing New Year.



You know that change you’ve been hoping for? Yep, it’s likely to happen real soon, just like you knew it would. And it’s all very, very likely for the first part of the month.

But put your ambition on hold or turn it down a notch. Your real goal is still going to take a wee while to reach and a lot has to happen before it does.

Pay particular attention to your car’s tyres and brakes, as well as the water and oil levels – even for short journeys this month, the last thing you need is to be stuck on the highway. Oh, and it’s not the best time to buy a new car either. July next year is more in your favour for new vehicles and transportation.

The end of the month brings in some heavier issues, especially around older family members and another Scorpio. Old family secrets and outdated beliefs rear their ugly heads and have it out in the open. Avoid the Dark Side (or taking any side) at all costs and put away those light-sabres. Time-out and digestion time is all that is needed for everyone to adjust to the true situation, and to move into the 2017 with more realistic views and expectations.

*only for entertainment purposes.

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