Where the good stuff hides

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My favourite resources and people I’d wish to work with:

On Writing:

Joan Dempsey
I had the tremendous good fortune of attending one of Joan’s free online courses in December 2015. This course ran for a week and covered Where To Start Revising.
I’m terrible at anything revision related, so this course was immensely useful to me.
Joan’s a great teacher; one who, with a class of thousands literally situated worldwide, still managed to ‘see’ everyone and give personalised replies. Her courses are at the top of my wishlist. She’s just awesome!

On Critiquing

I hadn’t realised how much I loved sci-fi and fantasy, or how much better I could get at writing it, until I joined this wisely run group. Critters has been around for just over 20 years, run by Andrew Burt (the Critter Captain) and some minions. You can hear our captain interviewed here.
Critters is for serious writers. Working on a critiques-given-per-month ratio, you have to have a 75% ratio to submit work. You can only have one submission go through at a time.
Andrew Burt is happy to help out should you have problems, within reason. You kind of get the idea that he knows you even though there are thousands of other critters ‘out there’.
Most critters are great people with really helpful and encouraging comments. There are strict guidelines to critiquing lengths and other simple rules which are easy to follow.
Professional and newbie writers are all welcome as long as they respect other Critters.
In addition to the sci-fi, there are smaller and less active workshops for critters, including romance and YA. There are also workshops for photography and screenplays as well.
I love Critters as a critique group, and have read some amazing fiction there. For me, as a writer who tends towards sci-fi and fantasy, joining them was one of the smartest moves I’ve made as a writer.


On Spiritual Growth:

I know the following from their talks and work on webinars, and their newsletters as I haven’t, as I list this, been able to buy the modalities I’d like to do with them. But even their freebies are very powerful and helpful to my growth. Maybe they will be helpful to you, too!

Jarrad Hewett
I love Jarrad’s audios and journey’s. His yearly CCU is on my bucketlist!

Raquel Spencer
Raquel may not be everyone’s cup of tea with her tech-savvy talk and light language, but I think she’s awesome. Her yearly free sessions to support Gaia is my favourite.