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Choose from a range of audio Readings from $15 to $60, usually delivered within 5 to 7 days.

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A multi-deck reading to get an overview of your next 6 months covering any messages which are prominent or you need to know/consider now.
Includes ONE specific question which you’ll submit before the reading.
There is no follow-up with this reading.
Readings will be up to 30 mins or so.

Basic 3-card Spread – 1 SPECIFIC QUESTION

This reading is a consultation. The spread uses 3 to 9 cards to get a general idea about a specific question. If you have only one question, this spread will be your best choice. Questions should be phrased as simply and specifically as possible.
I want to buy a new car. Is this a good time for me to take that step?
I’m looking at moving house. Will I find the kind of place I’m looking for within the next month?
There is no follow-up with this reading.

Birthday/Personal Year Divination

This is a telling, like a snapshot of your most probable future based on current factors leading up from the present to your next birthday. Therefore, this divination does not answer specific questions, offering instead glimpses of your current and near future challenges and prospects. It is also designed to reveal insights, advice and healing, though it may not always do so. This divination covers the following:
A general overview of your year looking at work/career, love and general/spiritual matters.
Major Challenges 
in work/career, love and in general/spiritual matters.
Advice to face these challenges.
Your Power Card: How to find your power or where your strengths will lie come your next birthday.
Further insights using 3 Sun Oracle cards.
General mini reading covering work/finances, love, and general/spiritual matters.
There is no follow-up with this divination.
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7-Card Spread (up to 21 cards) covering most areas of concern

This reading is a consultation. This comprehensive spread covers these seven aspects as taught to me by Madame Carol:
Work/career: What’s been/is happening. What is likely to happen soon and later in the year.
Finances: Your feelings around finances, what is happening, some advice or the near future.
Family: People influencing you, family events such as celebrations, your family issues.
Love relationship: Where you are now, people coming and going, the possible future.
Home and health: Any urgent issues around home/health, some advice, the likely future.
Travel and study: Any future travel, study issues and advice, sometimes includes spiritual growth.
The Future: Any likely future events and issues or developing situations.
If you would like to substitute an aspect to tailor this spread, please let me know. As long as there are seven aspects, there will be no extra charge. Example: You may wish to substitute work/career with social life, or you could substitute sport for study.
This option includes 2 FREE FOLLOW-UP questions which must be submitted within 7 days of me sending you your reading.
Every reading is unique. The above is the most general of information likely to be covered. This may vary from individual to individual and from time to time. This type of reading tends to tell you more of what you NEED to know rather than what you WANT to know. There will be times when the cards may bring up issues which you may not consciously be thinking about or deem irrelevant.


  • 1 Question mini – $15
    (10 mins or less)
  • Two Question LeNormand Divination – $25
    (15 mins or less)
  • Future Spouse Divination Youtube-Style – $33.00
    (30 mins or so)


A divination and personal growth tool that complements your personal coaching programs or your curiosity about yourself.
We explore your inherent and internal potential over various stages as a springboard for personal growth and understanding, or to gain some insight as to which avenues of your life are ripe for further exploration.
No questions are required. We will look at how you currently feel about exploring your potential, your current potential, your future potential and your hidden potential. We will also look at blocks to your exploring your current potential and advice to overcome that, plus a brief look of what exploring these potentials may bring into your life.
There is no follow-up with this reading.

Relationship Divination $44.00

This is a telling, a snapshot of your most probable future relationship based on current factors. Therefore, this divination does not answer specific questions, offering instead glimpses of your near future relationship prospects. It is also designed to reveal insights and clues to your divine soul-mate, though it may not always do so.
Couples may find out more about the issues and events impacting their relationship, future developments, the energy of your partner and how you’re interacting with it, as well as any issues which need to be healed.
This multi-pack divination attempts to cover the following:
The story of your meeting (if you are single), or what is currently happening in your life that is impacting or defining your relationship. Cards used are LeNormand-style oracle cards.
Your Sun Oracle Cards reveal aspects of your personality and your partner’s/soulmate’s, and some issues which you may want to journal or explore both in your relationship or in other areas of your life.
Your Partner/potential partner—their energy, how they view/feel about you, what they are working towards in life, and if they are working towards you/with you.
You in your relationship—your energy, how you view/feel about your partner/soulmate, what you are working towards in life, and if you are working towards them/with them.
Future Developments are explored next along with any advice to finding a smoother path.
The Healing. I end the reading with a Power of The Flowers oracle card which usually provides insight and spiritual advice which may benefit your partnership, or aid you on your path to your soulmate.
There is no follow-up with this divination.


  • LeNormand Grande Tableau with tarot – $50
  • Pick-A-Card Various Readings
    All exclusive PAC downloads available on my Patreon from $4 a month




Heather, USA
I was surprised at how accurate the reading was. I was apprehensive at first but then found that the mostunlikely prediction came true before any other. I would certainly be interested in another reading in the future.


Jesse, South Africa
At first I was very nervous about the reading and I had my doubts initially, due to past experiences. I was pleasantly surprised at how detailed and accurate the reading was. The reading has helped us change the way we think about life, the universe and just our lifestyle in general. There is a lot more positivity and light in our lives now after the reading and I am very excited about our next reading as well as our future plans. I am grateful to Leenna, the universe and the angels for the direction and positive energy they have brought into our lives. Until the next one J


Colleen N, USA
My reading was interesting and inspiring. It revealed a depth to some of the things I’d been wondering about and even shed light on some others. Plus, the uncanny accurateness about some things that I hadn’t even mentioned lent validity to it all. Thank you very much!

 Bertha, USA
Thank you so much for the reading! Such an in depth reading, I’m so very grateful that you took the time to relay the message and explain everything. There are a lot of things that haven’t happened yet so I don’t know how they will pan out but I’ll check the audio once again to see how the messages compare. There were some things in the reading that were so spot on that I just started laughing cause I couldn’t believe you were able to see that.