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Your Weekly Tarotscope + Bonus: 14-20 February 2021

And with that promised bonus on Love and relationships. Enjoy!

Clip from Weekly Tarotscopes 14 Feb 2021

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Preview of Your Weekly Tarotscope for 10 to 16 January 2021

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Have a great week!

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Tarotscopes November to December 2020

So, Mercury Retrograde will be affecting some of us more than ever, others may take a sudden turn onto new paths, and some may be carrying more heavy energy than they should because: They.Cannot.Let.Go. (You Taurus, don’t you pretend you didn’t see it coming. The Ostrich Look is not for you) Or: They.Can’t.Allow.Flexibility. Or Adjust to a new way of doing things. (You, Scorpio! You know the definition of madness, right?)

Still, it’s the end of 2020! And many of us have good news, great news, and fabulous news, too! Let’s give the Taureans and Scorpios a bit of a helping hand—and Leo, too—spreading some good vibes around 😀

PS. Please look at the Storm Warning post that came through so strong on Gemini’s reading.



Fire Signs






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Happy end of 2020! May it bring the best that you’ve been expecting and bringing into being!

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Tarotscopes: November to December 2019

It’s Mercury Retrograde feeling like a Saturn Return!

Amazing, we’re already in November! 2020 is just a few weeks away and some of us feeling like we’re still in some pretty rough waters. The good news is that a few of us are going to find the easy, smooth side of the rapids we’re negotiating (and maybe even a short-cut or two), while those who’ve not been paddling as hard as they should…Well, it’s time to move with more direction away from dead-end creeks and hold on tight to that paddle. You definitely don’t want to lose it over the next two months! Yep, interesting, and hopefully fun times for you ahead!

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Enjoy and happy holidays! Catch you for the bonus tarotscopes before the year-end?

Tarotscopes November to December 2019




Tarotscopes air signs Nov Dec 2019


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Tarotscopes: April 2017


With so many focusing so hard on work, be sure to make time for love and family this April.

Many of us are also dealing with body-image issues or those of partners. It’s time to stop letting media and society dictate how we should feel about ourselves, and encourage us to judge others. While healthy bodies are vital, trying to embody a shape or look genetics says is impossible only harms you and yours in a multitude of ways. Give yourself (and those around you) some compassion and love this April:-D

*only for entertainment purposes.



April starts off on a mixed note, primarily because your intuition may be a little on the blitz.
That strange feeling in your gut may actually be your dinner and nothing else. Double-check your hunches and consult a doctor if the strange gut feelings persist into late April. The good news is you’re looking good anyway, and there is short travel which may take you into exotic realms. Love takes a back-seat for now.

Mid-month continues the mixed bag theme. An issue you feel was unfairly handled may take longer to resolve than expected. But it will, leaving you with less of a burden to carry.

Difficult current projects finally come to an end, leaving a shiny new space for you to create something more to your taste.

April ends with a wow! Especially for those looking for love. There’s a wonderful hot new relationship, possibly with someone who lives some way from you, perhaps even abroad. Couples, too, will find a wonderful new phase in their relationship beginning – one filled with renewed love, lust and adventure. It’s a great time to travel with your love. Meanwhile on the career front, a dreamed-for project could land in your lap, and though the hours are long and demanding, the rewards are well worth the effort. Enjoy!



Your focus on home and security moves things along nicely.
April begins with you catching someone’s eye, though you may not be aware of it. It’s probably at work. While for some it could be a colleague appropriating your ideas, it’s more likely to be a higher-up noticing your good work. You may also be asked to mentor someone new. Still, you’re not letting any good news get to your head, but making solid long-term plans to secure your future.

It’s a good time to speak to your bank manager if you’ve had your eye on some property, or to speak to an estate agent.

If the property is still outside your budget, it may become more affordable soon. Farmers and gardeners will also have a good planting season, with crops and livestock producing more than expected.

Mid-April may prove a little frustrating, but will also allow you to get rid of things that no longer serve you. Travel or a move of home may take longer than you’d like, so go with the flow to keep your cool. It’s not a good time to take chances. It’s also not a good time to avoid karma. It’s going to find you either way – good or bad.

The month comes to an end on a happier note. You’ll feel more balanced emotionally and will finally feel settled at home. There may be some concerns or guilt around a father-figure or mentor, and you might find yourself taking up their life-long quest. It’s a great time for meditation and seeking your emotional fulfilment. Your ideal home and happiness is well within your reach if you have not yet attained them.



There’s lots of work, but the fun will find you before the month ends.
The month begins on a surprising note. Something you may have thought you had plenty of time to sort out will suddenly become urgent and keep you to the grindstone. Stop thinking such dark thoughts and concentrate on how much faster the new timetable is moving you towards your goal.

Mid-month finds you bowing out of a planned trip with your friends or family. You may not be able to make it home for the Easter holidays. This seems tough, but so are you. Allow yourself some time in nature to regenerate and keep your eye on your goal. You knew you’d have to make some sacrifices to secure this thing you’re working towards. Nostalgic thoughts bring you down so try to avoid them by visiting new places or doing something new in your free time.

April ends with you finding your power.

By the end of the month, despite some delayed traveled (or you making a special trip in place of the Easter one), you’ll be proud of your achievements and well set to achieve even more. Within two weeks of the end of April you should hear some very good news indeed.



This month is all about balances for you.
April starts off slow with it being difficult to follow your ambitions. Keep the faith and fight for what you believe to be right. Success comes from your perseverance and belief in yourself, but be careful you don’t treat others unfairly in the process. Maintaining integrity is crucial this month.

Mid-month goes well career-wise. You may have some concern over your looks and wardrobe. While you’d like to try a new look and get new clothes, hold off for a couple of months more, if you can. You may also begin a new job or make a presentation where appearance is vital. Take care with the details and you’ll get through fine. Your love may also be very busy or unavailable. Try not to take this to heart – they’re even busier than you are.

April ends with a delay in a project initiation, and a grand reason to celebrate (probably love-wise).

With a little more time to breathe, you may want to spend it with some good friends and family.

Be realistic about your future plans too. It feels like there’s a significant (but not enormous) amount of money coming through – a once-off payment, and while you may want to use it for your dream idea, it may be better to invest it for a short-term till your feet touch the ground again. But, yes, buy that new pair of shoes!



Be careful with your knees and feet this month, especially during sports or hiking.
April brings with it a dream coming true which may stretch the finances a tad too much. Another ambition may have to be put on hold till the kitty grows again. Don’t fret, you should have it all sorted before your birthday. Stave off boredom and frustration by designing something (even if it’s all only on paper). You know you want to and you haven’t done it in ages.

Mid-April may bring a little sadness related to another fire-sign or family member who doesn’t share your good fortune. While empathy is good, total empathy can harm you, too. Keep your emotional boundaries healthy and you’ll be of more help to those around you. This is a good time to take a chance and try something a little crazy, but again, only if your finances can handle it. Avoid pubs and pub games till later in the month.

April ends with you in a good position to travel or buy a new vehicle.

You’ll have more energy and will enjoy being outdoors again. Family problems will resolve themselves without tears and you’ll feel lighter of heart as the month closes.



Double-check and triple-check this Mercury retrograde period, then take it easy at the end of the month.
The month begins with some message delayed, perhaps related to studies, a child or a pet. The delay may prove a little expensive, so double-check your messages and spam folders, and return all calls as soon as possible. You may also be wanting to study further at this time. Don’t overextend yourself on a single course. Ensure you’re going to get your money’s worth first.

Mid-month finds you juggling things to make for more security, especially financially, but like Cancer, you may be forgetting to tend to your emotional and physical needs too.

Treat yourself a little now and then. You deserve it!

April ends with you wanting some quiet time to process what seems an unfair event or circumstance. Talk to a Gemini or a lawyer to set your mind at rest.
There’s lots of people around you this month, lots of socializing, possible reunions and some gossip! Meet your friends before the end of the month when you’re more likely to take the light-hearted view.



April begins with you firmly on your destined path.

There’s some good news about study or a new job which requires learning a new skill.

Do be careful when signing new contracts which may require more hours than you initially think. Also don’t overextend yourself. Take the time to rest and heal well.

Mid-month sees you on that study course or beginning that new job. Financially, this may not work out as well as hoped, at least for the first month. Some may decide to try another offer received towards the end of the first week of April.

April ends with you needing to take a break and get your energy levels up again. Clashes with an earth or fire sign may leave you feeling drained, or a cold/flu could also affect your perception of things. Speak up now if you find any red flags in your love-life or career. Make the time for love now as your partner may be feeling a little neglected with your focus being so tight on work.



You are also set firmly on your destined path this April. It’s bringing up some issues for you to deal with first, especially to do with patience and family.
The month starts with some disappointment over a new beginning. If an opportunity seems to have passed you by, take heart as, with your destiny so prominent, it wasn’t the best path for you. Pick your way carefully through and you’ll see yourself in much better circumstances come the end of the month.

Mid-month may bring some conflict with your father or father-figure. Perhaps you feel dictated to, or don’t care for the decisions they’ve made for you. Lighten the mood and you might lighten the situation too. You may opt out of family or other social gathering. You’re tired of the same chatter and need something new to draw you out the house.

April ends with a victory.

You’ll be applauded for a project or other work. While it’s a good time to take an interesting new path in your career, give a thought to your partner who may be feeling left behind or in need of some TLC.



Fortune favors you in surprising ways.
Your research and patience pays off early this first part of April. While a lack of help may seem daunting at first, you’ll soon win through and have all the glory for yourself. Restrictions will also fall away and your pleasure in work increases immensely.

Mid-April may bring a switch of your focus from work back to love, which may need some healing. Fortune favors you as your hard work is recognized and you may even be interviewed by the media. Help is available from a Gemini or a high-level executive who may not be a friend, but who champions the same cause. Deal fairly with this person and they’ll deal fairly with you.

The month ends with a big surprise you won’t see coming. It may involve a wedding, engagement or other happy party, and you may end up the center of attention even if it isn’t your own.

It’s an excellent time to meet a new love or recommit to your present/an old love.

There may be some worry around a mother or grandmother (especially if you’re craving their approval) but your new love is likely to win them over much sooner than you’d think possible.



What an awesome month for you!
April begins with you leaving behind the past and any hurt or pain you may have been carrying over the past year, especially around family. Work throws you in the deep-end when it requires a new skill or learning a new application. You’ll enjoy it more than expected and gain a great new victory too. You may even consider continuing along this new avenue in the near future. Exciting stuff!

Mid-April brings a party or other celebration, perhaps a fancy-dress or tea-party, which will be great fun. You may miss a friend or family member who’s away, but it won’t stop this being a memorable time. News of a dream coming true also delights you.

Watch the sunset and sunrise for spiritual inspiration and confirmation.

The month ends with an odd mixture of the intuitive and fantastic, and of needing to be realistic. Beware of following illusions or creating unrealistic expectations of others. Keep plans simple and affordable, and don’t try and keep up with the Jones’. ‘Wha’s for ye, will no’ go by ye’ as the saying goes. There’s lots of news and communication, especially with those overseas, and you’ll be going out a lot more, perhaps for a new dancing class or other creative expression. You’ve worked hard for these rewards so enjoy them!



You’re treading a faint line this month. Consider the consequences of your actions in the long term.
April begins with a break in communication, possibly with another family member. There may be two people clashing over finances or security issues. Your personal finances look good, but be wary of shutting yourself up in an ivory tower.

Mid-month brings some boredom and here lies the faint line. If you try to manipulate circumstances (especially by esoteric or psychological means) it has a good chance of backfiring on you this month. Don’t dabble just for fun, you may be caught in your own web of machinations, and that won’t be fun at all.

The month ends on a better note, and if you’ve been hoping for a new career opportunity you may get it yet.

There’s much going on socially, which will suit your mood perfectly.

There’s also many compliments and perhaps a flirtation. If you’re single you may meet someone who may well be your soul-mate, though neither of you may recognize this at first. If already in couple, be assured that your partner still finds you attractive and thinks often of you, even when they are as busy as they have been recently.



There’s lots of good stuff lurking under the surface this month, just waiting to be found.
The month begins with clarity in your situation. A secret may also come to light, which may make you angry, but which forces a change – a very good change which stirs up all the good stuff.

Mid-month may bring some travel delays or what may seem like a missed opportunity. Retain your shopping slips too.

You still have lots to celebrate, more than most, maybe even a lucrative contract which goes all the way to August.

If you’ve been hoping for a baby, you may receive the good news this month, or you may be granted another love wish.

April ends with the finale to a situation which has long stressed you, perhaps related to family or traditions. Getting a new job also looks good here. Although the initial offer is not what you applied for, this new arrangement may suit you better in the long term.


Heads up

April and May look set to be a little on the tougher side of things with many of us working towards once-in-a-lifetime opportunities or dreams. Avoid overwhelm where you can, and know that many may begin to see the rewards of your hard-work and tough decisions as early as July/August. May this be you 😀
For others, this month may be the start of a longer road. Be sure to stop and admire the view (take stock and mark your progress) to keep your perspective. Long journeys often have the best rewards 😀

NB: It’s my great pleasure to present general daily tarotscopes on Cosmic Chat on Lotus FM’s Life & Style with Zakia Ahmed. You can listen live weekdays between 10h20-10h45 (GMT+2).

And if it’s Love Tarotscopes you’re looking for to help you decide between a second chance or new beginning, head over to  OTV.Mag this April. My guest-post may be of some help 😀