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Your Weekly Tarotscope With Valentines Bonus Preview

Your heads up for the week with additional cards for a sneak peek at this pre-Valentines week. Who might be sending you a Valentine? Or the energy of your current partner πŸ˜€

Clip to preview Ep 12 of Way I See It Weekly Tarotscope 7 to 13 February 2021

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Listen to next week’s Way I See It Episode for more another bonus read on Love and post-Valentines Day messages πŸ˜€

BiMonthly Tarotscopes: End May to End June 2022

Your free tarot heads up for May and June Better late than never! Some interesting progress for some signs (well done Aries!) and still some way to go for others; confirming many of your weekly tarotscopes!

Get Your Channelled General Message Letter for 2022

This will the third year running that we’ve offered this, and looking back I’m still blown away by the wisdom and group messages that have come through since 2019. Have a look at last year’s Valentine’s Messages for us all. Many thanks to those whose requests for letters and messages brought out these pearls of light for us all!

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Weekly Tarotscopes Are Here!

I finally got around to starting that podcast πŸ˜€

Many thanks and a shoutout to my first listener in France listening to it on Deezer πŸ˜€

Listen to it below or on Spotify, Stitcher, Deezer and other podcast services. Check if Way I See It–Writerstarot With Leenna is on your favorite service:

Enjoy! And have an awesome week!

Pick-A-Card: My Career Over the Next 3-4 Weeks Way I See It–Writerstarot With Leenna

A sneak peek at the situations in and around your career. Timestamps below.Welcome to the podcast! A reminder that patrons still have access to the archive of weekly and biweekly tarotscopes plus all the timeless Pick A Cards.Β If you're looking for your tarotscope, listen to the previous episode or visit my Patreon page. Subscriptions start from just $4 a month and include secret bonuses like ZOOM CALLS (we've had FOUR last year), FREE tarot reads, and other fun and useful content. the details and contact form for your personal reading with me, please click over to Β Β  Support this podcast by recommending it to your friends and other fun people :-)Come back to this Pick-A-Card in a month or so if you feel called to, and make another choice :-DTimestampsOption 1 01:20Option 2 06:04Option 3 09:49Enjoy!#Pickacard #tarot #career #changes #mindbodysoul #leisure #lifestyle #spirituality #positivemessages #divination #tarotreading #highlights #oracle #job #relocation #possibilitiesSupport the show
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