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My gift to you!


by Leenna

As a thank you for following my blog and for being so patient with me, here’s that bonus make-up post I’ve been promising you.

I’ll be giving the first 22 people to contact me using the form below a free flash tarot or LeNormand reading. Your answer will be emailed to you as either a short paragraph or a short audio clip, depending on time and resources available.
I may take up to 2-3 weeks to get back to the last few to respond. The contact form with the reading option will be removed once I’ve received 22 questions. Only one question per a person.

For those of you who miss the question period but would like 50% off Your Tarotscopes 2018 on Smashwords,  use the contact form to request your Smashwords Coupon Code.

Once again, thank you for returning to my blog, following and liking the posts. I greatly appreciate it and the feedback you send 😀


* for entertainment purposes.

Ask A Question

This gift has now expired. Thanks to those who sent in their questions. I hope you found it as much help as I did fun 😀
If  missed this, you can still catch a Pick-A-Card audio reading here.
If you’d like a 50% off Your Tarotscope 2018 on Smashwords, please contact me via the usual contact form. 

Best wishes

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Santa’s Secret

Yesterday morning was great! Smashwords informed me that someone (my secret Santa!) had written a review of my one and only Christmas story, Dear Santa—A Love Wish!

It’s always wonderful when someone takes the time to review my books and stories, especially so when it’s favourable, more so when you haven’t gone, “Pretty please, with sprinkles on top, review my book.”:)

It’s as good a gift as any, that you can give a writer friend (unless you want to give them a new computer).

Curious as to how he found my eBook (so few actually do, unless I say, “Pretty please…”), I did a little bit of internet sleuthing and discovered that he is, in fact, someone in this very blogging community! Someone who is very inspired by the season.

So, I just wanted to thank my secret Santa, and wish him a wonderful, magical Christmas (with sprinkles on top).

And while I’m at it, I thought I’d spread the good cheer and wish you a very happy and special holiday season too 🙂

Happy Holidays 2