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Extract from Weekly Tarotscopes: 16 to 22 April 2023

Just wanted to share an extract from this week’s tarotscopes with my Patrons. I thought you might like it 😀

Mercury retrograde is here, and it’s an airy, windy week! Fortunately, for most it’s a lighter, positive time ushering in some beautiful new energy and beginnings or opportunities. For others, there are still some older energies to shift, but with the wind of changes sweeping through, it should be easier to find your flow!

Patrons Message from Writerstarot with Leenna 15 April 2023

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Tarotscopes January To February 2021

Woah! 2021 is here! And while it may not be starting off in the most optimistic or predictable way, neither did 2012 and 2000—the previous years (I can remember) that most resemble the type of changes we’re been experiencing.

While I can’t say 2012 was my favorite year, 2000 is one of those I’ll always cherish! So, personally, I’m staying very, very optimistic about 2021 and beyond—especially with Father Time (ol’ Saturn) and everyone’s favorite celestial benevolent uncle (ol’ Jupiter) talking to each other again—this is time to expand, in particular your mind and possibilities! Let’s be honest, after over nine whole months of practicing these very things during lockdowns, we should be very good at this now.

But as usual it’s a mixed bag of news for most signs. Avoid them ol’ circles. If Saturn and Jupiter can move forward, so can you!

Happy 2021, and Age Of Aquarius! Except for my ol’ friend who’s still waiting on the Age Of Taurus! Never mind, your news is still good, El Toro!

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Your Tarotscopes: September 2018


by Leenna

So, the good news and opportunities are bobbing up and it’s up to you to go fish, or grab a net. You should be feeling lighter of heart, but perhaps still confused if you haven’t jettisoned enough baggage, or you’ve been avoiding crucial issues. But for most, the good times are arriving—the perfect time to spout cliches like: turn that frown upside down. Go on, smile. There’s a lot to be thankful for, and to enjoy!
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* for entertainment purposes.


Luck depends on your decisions, really heavy decisions. The longer you delay, the more ground you’re losing.

Yes, Virgo, it’s one of those times when you need to do a reality check, analyze your core feelings and act on those long-term plans. Sorry to begin on a such a heavy note in your birthday month, but hiding your head in the sand isn’t doing you any more favors and making you too obvious a target, if you see what I mean 😀
So, September begins with you feeling a bit dazed and confused. How did that happen? Where did that come from? Why does the universe seem so set against you? If you must know, it’s because of the whole ‘sticking you head in the sand thing’, instead of you up and running in the direction you should have taken months ago. Still, all’s not lost. Just get up and get moving in one direction—any direction—and get those muscles pumping, the excitement going. You can always veer off on another course at a later stage and confuse all those lions. But be aware, the time for long-term plans is coming soon, and you want to be on safer ground by then.

Mid-month brings love, but of the uncertain kind. Again, it seems someone (most probably you) isn’t making up their mind about where this relationship needs to go. There’s a hint of karma and justice around the issues/person, possibly stemming from your school days or first date? This time, you’re determined to be fair and mature. Determination is good, but follow-through is even better. Don’t shy away, and say what needs to be said.

September ends on an interesting note. You’re calmer about letting go, easing into something more comfortably yourself, but others may not see it that way. Alternatively, you may feel a fire-sign is betraying your trust or stealing what you worked most hard for. You may decide to fight fire with fire. Whatever way it all plays out, you’ll be left with a wealth of ideas, a resurgence of your past interests and a brighter outlook at the end of it all.


This is the month you’ve been waiting for! Things they are a-moving—and mostly in the right direction. Your identity issues are being resolved.

September begins with a rush or activity and great productivity. You’ll feel like a winner and others may envy you. You’re landing a big fish—either in love, business or in the creative field. It could be an old love returns, or something you initiated between April and July (this year or last) is finally bringing some good times back. For some, it’s a proposal of marriage, for others, a long-term stable contract which excites you.

By mid-September, your energy-levels may stabilize, but you may be confused. While all is well on the material and external plain, you’re not so sure of your identity and how you fit in, or where you fit in. Or even if you are the right fit for your partner. Anyone trying to cram you into a mould you know is not for you, is going to be surprised. You can and will strike off on your own if you have the slightest whiff that someone isn’t going to treat you fairly or honor their word. Now, you’re absolutely sure of your power, and how to use it wisely. You may be sharper-tongued than usual, but perhaps some deserving few need to get used to this ‘new’ you.

The month ends full of excitement! You may travel (watch out for hail and other sudden storms with significant debris), and travel further than you planned. Visas, and other documents may be processed much faster than anticipated, and while the actual journey may be dramatic, you’ll arrive safely and with a happy, carefree heart. But do pack carefully as breakables may live up to their name. New beginnings will go well with either a new friend, or an old one returning, showing you the lighter, more adventurous side of life once more. If you’re on your honeymoon, it will be in a place you’ve wanted to visit since childhood. Or perhaps you finally find a pet who matches you perfectly.


If you thought life was all fun and games, it’s about to get real. Whoever, or whatever you’ve been ignoring/neglecting is going to make themselves/itself felt. Play your cards right, and you could still get that second chance.

The month begins on a restless note when you may find it difficult to focus, or you’re focussing on the wrong thing. You know you can make things happen the right way, but your over-thinking, over-feeling, and trying to do things by the book is distracting you from the true solution, or manifesting what you really want. Life may feel exhausting and like a struggle, but only because you’re ignoring your better judgement. Mostly likely, the best solution lies somewhere between your way and the by-the-book way. Take a walk outside or watch the sunset to get a new perspective.

Regret over a ‘lost’ opportunity (or perhaps younger, easier days) may keep you up at night around mid-month. For some, you may re-think an option for surgery you have previously refused, perhaps to alleviate headaches or back pains. Old injuries which didn’t receive proper medical attention will also return and are likely to result in a lifestyle change. Use your best judgement and stay away from excessive alcohol and medication. Acupuncture may be a viable option for most. Regret over relationships, especially at work or with your father/grandfather/spouse, may also arise. It’s time to let go of old emotional wounds.

September comes to a close with a curtain fall on part of your life. You may quit your job or travel abroad to rejoin family. It’s all about beginnings and endings, completions and second chances to make things right again—whether with yourself or those who mean the most to you. This is heavy stuff, but there’s a silliness in the air, and the expectation/intuition that once things are sorted, life will be so much better and fun. Travel with a good heart on this leg of your journey. It’s taking you to where you need to be.


Yes, you’d rather it was December already, but this month is looking better than anticipated, especially when it comes to love. Why wait three months to enjoy life when you can begin enjoying it now?

September begins with your intuition high, and a knowingness about what’s coming in love. Singles may dream or intuit their soulmates/life partners and how to meet them, while couples will find it hard not to break out of the routine and move matters in a new, happier direction. You may find something to celebrate with your love, while singles may meet a new love at a celebration or whilst on holiday. Any delays will melt away, but whatever’s been broken will remain so. Despite that, it may all work out in your ultimate favour. If you’re hoping to conceive, the chances are good.

Mid-month may bring a welcome retreat or a fun day out. It may be more low-key than your usual style, but you won’t deny that it was just what you needed. You may take a trip to a natural spa or go camping. Best of all, your energy and optimism returns.

As September winds down, you may get a chance of a wish coming true—a fantastic holiday, a new business opportunity or a new/re-commitment in love. You’ll have learned from your mistakes, and wouldn’t make the same mistake twice. Happiness brings a huge smile to your face and heals your body, mind and soul.


You may be feeling stifled or that your ideas are sidelined, particularly when dealing with clients and colleagues at the same level as you. Matters at work may be changing behind the scenes.

September begins with with you feeling in charge and satisfied with matters. You may be feeling a winner in some way and glad that whatever was stressing you out last month is no longer an issue. But whoever holds the moneybags may be psyching you out. You feel they’re uncommunicative and that something is going on behind the scenes.

Mid-month is super hectic, and though you’ve got lots of ideas and plans, none of them may seem to work out. You may feel dismayed and despondent, and that others are either sabotaging your efforts or that they have some unfair advantage. At home, you’re feeling more secure and may spend more money on making it comfortable.

As September winds down, the stress-levels fluctuate as you try to find more ideas and better ways to communicate them. You may also worry about your romantic life, particularly if you are single. Stop comparing yourself to others and know that your timeline and inspiration sparks are different. Try doing your own thing, think out the box and allow yourself to enjoy yourself at work and in love again.


It’s the month to celebrate love and old-fashioned courtship. And a time to release bad habits while cultivating new, healthy ones.

The month begins with your pockets feeling extra light, or your energy-levels low. You may realise that you’ve been paying too much for an item or service, or that a friendship or community is draining you of time/money. Ending these relationships and reducing these expenses bring you nothing but happiness. News from an old friend will delight you, and those looking for new/renewed romance will be dazzled by a smile.

Around mid-September, singles may find an old-school friend/crush/immature love returning, or celebrating a major life-event. Don’t miss this celebration/reunion or you’ll miss your new romantic partner/renewing your romance. They may seem a little fuddy-duddy, but with Taurean tendencies they’ll pursue you like Clarke Gable. There’s a lot more depth to this romance/romantic feelings and you can drink deeply. In fact, you’ll be surprised at how intoxicated it makes you feel, so go easy on that champagne.

As September winds down, you’ll be feeling love and tender feelings, but also easily triggered by past romantic partners or events. This is an excellent opportunity to release any limiting beliefs you have about relationships, abundance, and the role you play in the lives around you. Do the work and start saying yes to living with love again. Whatever happens around now, life—you—will never be the same again.


As the month begins, it’s all more power to you! But be sure not to give it all away as the month progresses.

September begins with you about to make a major decision, and prepared to sort out the issue that’s been bugging you the most, particularly in your family or financial affairs. You’re calm, logical and fair in your decisions and actions. Best of all, you’ve allowed yourself to heal from the past and are avoiding toxic situations. Good for you!

Around mid-month, you’re feeling abundant and may have a major success. You may be featured in a magazine, a blog, or other media. With your raised profile, be wary of deals that seem to be too good to be true, and of detractors seeking to put you out in the cold. Your real friends and supporters will make themselves felt, but the best thing you can do is to use your intuition and continue avoiding toxic people and behaviours. This is definitely not a month for romantic pursuits.

The month winds down with you finding a new community or a new, light contract in which you may need to speak or present to a group. Daunting though it may seem, know that you have all you need to make it success. Keep your balance (internal and external), keep organised and ask for help if you need it. Your profile is being raised, and with it your responsibilities. This doesn’t mean it all won’t be fun!


A mischievous sprite from the past may return, but you’re not smiling. Why aren’t you smiling? Some old wound may need to be re-opened in order to heal properly.

An old frenemy/flame waltzes back into town prepared to caused some mischief and mayhem. They may have their sights set on you or the prize-you’re-almost-certain-to-win. Pat down those bristles and clear your head. Losing your cool will play into their hands. Play the waiting game and see who cracks first.

As mid-month swings around, your communication skills are working hard for you. You may receive a new opportunity which allows you more time with family or those you love. Be careful of silly arguments and pranks on your partner. These may backfire. Generally, it’s a happy time and you’ll be feeling content with yourself and in control of your life.

Towards the end of September, your may find life a little slow at work, and too hectic socially. You may not want to socialise as much, especially if the frenemy is still in town, but your status or work may not let you off the hook. Take long walks in nature or hang out in the garden to ground yourself and ease your moods. And don’t forget to drink lots of water.


You may be leaving for a new situation, but some bonds are hard to cut and your wouldn’t have it any other way.

September begins on a fun note. You may be travelling, perhaps to a colder climate. Your companions are youthful and bring some giggles. There’s a sense of adventure and good times at your destination. Now, after a long time, you may feel fully engaged in your life—truly alive again!

Mid-month is a great time for meditation and releasing old beliefs that no longer serve you. You’re inquisitive about everything—much like a Gemini, who would make a great lunch-buddy and fellow seeker of new truths. You’ll have left regret behind. Some may get a second chance at following their greatest passion.

As September ends, you may find more clarity, especially on family and romantic matters. Some ties may be broken or fall effortlessly away, whilst others, especially those whom you feel most passionate about or who bring you the most love and happiness, will have you feeling very vulnerable and reluctant to share them with others. Some may conceive at this time, others may get a new addition to the family via adoption. Truth be told, your greater openness to love has you afraid of heartbreak and of being way out of your comfort zone. Keep the playfulness and optimism going and know that what will be, will be—and it will be much better than what has been before.


Communication is heightened. Romance is intense. Misunderstandings will be cleared up.

September begins with a flurry of activity and communication which may leave you exhausted, but pleased. You may be reaching for the stars (or your special star), but you know they’re finally going to meet you half way. You may also find your playful, flirty nature bouncing back, especially when you’re on the phone. Get some rest or pamper yourself spa-style to get your energy-levels up and keep your mood buoyant.

Around mid-month, you can talk yourself out of any situation, clear up any misunderstandings and grab any missed or new opportunities, especially with that special someone. You feel you’re in your element, your stress levels are down, and life is looking up and up.

The month ends on a dramatically intense note. You may fly abroad with your partner or to meet them, or you may take a romantic journey together. You’re feeling vital, strong, and very, very happy. Singles could meet someone new or have a holiday romance which could grow into a dream come true for you. Romance or not, any kind of travel brings good things for you, and bodes well for the rest of the year.


Does it all have to be perfect? Does it really? Wabi Sabi Love for yourself and others is good enough, and brings you more happiness and success this month.

As the month begins, intense feelings may be flying around your home, but for the most part, you’re excited about a new move or change. Some may be moving in with their partners, others may be moving to a new job. And while mums may be a little cut up about things, they’ll cheer everyone’s success. It’s a great time to begin a new exercise regimen, but remember that more pain isn’t always more gain. Listen to your body and gain greater success.

You may be feeling things are a little topsy-turvy around mid-month, but all’s well. You may even be giddy with excitement as matters fall into place, though not in the way you planned. Be open to advice from Leo’s and Taureans, and you’ll soon feel grounded again. For the most part, you’ll be happier and more optimistic about your future. Some may receive a sincere offer of marriage or other life-changing partnership, some may celebrate their marriage, while others may think deeply about romantic ties.

By month’s end, you or your life may be looking very different. So much may have happened in such a short time, that it may seem unbelievable to you. And while things may have gone in unexpected directions, it seems that it’s all to your benefit. Nevertheless, you’ll still have major decisions to make or confirm. Still, it won’t stop you celebrating!


A major rival may still be trying to toss you a hot potato. Fortunately, your reflexes are good and you’ve learned from experience. Health-wise, you may need to check on your blood pressure and monitor prior heart issues.

September begins with you feeling free and away from a toxic work situation. All’s not perfect, but you’re in an unassailable position and your creative juices are flowing. Even better, the truth is out, and the verdict is all in your favour. The cherry on top: all’s good with the family and your partner.

Around mid-month, family arguments may flare up around studies, work and chores. A gathering may be cancelled or postponed until matters calm down. Let everyone have their space for a few hours or days and it will all be bright and beautiful again.

As the month winds down, you should have more clarity or understanding of both yourself and a previous situation. You may present to a class or take a teaching/lecturing position, or take action to study further. You will triumph over adversaries by going by the book. Allow your sense of humour to shine, and flash your smile to lighten up the atmosphere.

Have a fabulous September!


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Tarotscopes: April 2017


With so many focusing so hard on work, be sure to make time for love and family this April.

Many of us are also dealing with body-image issues or those of partners. It’s time to stop letting media and society dictate how we should feel about ourselves, and encourage us to judge others. While healthy bodies are vital, trying to embody a shape or look genetics says is impossible only harms you and yours in a multitude of ways. Give yourself (and those around you) some compassion and love this April:-D

*only for entertainment purposes.



April starts off on a mixed note, primarily because your intuition may be a little on the blitz.
That strange feeling in your gut may actually be your dinner and nothing else. Double-check your hunches and consult a doctor if the strange gut feelings persist into late April. The good news is you’re looking good anyway, and there is short travel which may take you into exotic realms. Love takes a back-seat for now.

Mid-month continues the mixed bag theme. An issue you feel was unfairly handled may take longer to resolve than expected. But it will, leaving you with less of a burden to carry.

Difficult current projects finally come to an end, leaving a shiny new space for you to create something more to your taste.

April ends with a wow! Especially for those looking for love. There’s a wonderful hot new relationship, possibly with someone who lives some way from you, perhaps even abroad. Couples, too, will find a wonderful new phase in their relationship beginning – one filled with renewed love, lust and adventure. It’s a great time to travel with your love. Meanwhile on the career front, a dreamed-for project could land in your lap, and though the hours are long and demanding, the rewards are well worth the effort. Enjoy!



Your focus on home and security moves things along nicely.
April begins with you catching someone’s eye, though you may not be aware of it. It’s probably at work. While for some it could be a colleague appropriating your ideas, it’s more likely to be a higher-up noticing your good work. You may also be asked to mentor someone new. Still, you’re not letting any good news get to your head, but making solid long-term plans to secure your future.

It’s a good time to speak to your bank manager if you’ve had your eye on some property, or to speak to an estate agent.

If the property is still outside your budget, it may become more affordable soon. Farmers and gardeners will also have a good planting season, with crops and livestock producing more than expected.

Mid-April may prove a little frustrating, but will also allow you to get rid of things that no longer serve you. Travel or a move of home may take longer than you’d like, so go with the flow to keep your cool. It’s not a good time to take chances. It’s also not a good time to avoid karma. It’s going to find you either way – good or bad.

The month comes to an end on a happier note. You’ll feel more balanced emotionally and will finally feel settled at home. There may be some concerns or guilt around a father-figure or mentor, and you might find yourself taking up their life-long quest. It’s a great time for meditation and seeking your emotional fulfilment. Your ideal home and happiness is well within your reach if you have not yet attained them.



There’s lots of work, but the fun will find you before the month ends.
The month begins on a surprising note. Something you may have thought you had plenty of time to sort out will suddenly become urgent and keep you to the grindstone. Stop thinking such dark thoughts and concentrate on how much faster the new timetable is moving you towards your goal.

Mid-month finds you bowing out of a planned trip with your friends or family. You may not be able to make it home for the Easter holidays. This seems tough, but so are you. Allow yourself some time in nature to regenerate and keep your eye on your goal. You knew you’d have to make some sacrifices to secure this thing you’re working towards. Nostalgic thoughts bring you down so try to avoid them by visiting new places or doing something new in your free time.

April ends with you finding your power.

By the end of the month, despite some delayed traveled (or you making a special trip in place of the Easter one), you’ll be proud of your achievements and well set to achieve even more. Within two weeks of the end of April you should hear some very good news indeed.



This month is all about balances for you.
April starts off slow with it being difficult to follow your ambitions. Keep the faith and fight for what you believe to be right. Success comes from your perseverance and belief in yourself, but be careful you don’t treat others unfairly in the process. Maintaining integrity is crucial this month.

Mid-month goes well career-wise. You may have some concern over your looks and wardrobe. While you’d like to try a new look and get new clothes, hold off for a couple of months more, if you can. You may also begin a new job or make a presentation where appearance is vital. Take care with the details and you’ll get through fine. Your love may also be very busy or unavailable. Try not to take this to heart – they’re even busier than you are.

April ends with a delay in a project initiation, and a grand reason to celebrate (probably love-wise).

With a little more time to breathe, you may want to spend it with some good friends and family.

Be realistic about your future plans too. It feels like there’s a significant (but not enormous) amount of money coming through – a once-off payment, and while you may want to use it for your dream idea, it may be better to invest it for a short-term till your feet touch the ground again. But, yes, buy that new pair of shoes!



Be careful with your knees and feet this month, especially during sports or hiking.
April brings with it a dream coming true which may stretch the finances a tad too much. Another ambition may have to be put on hold till the kitty grows again. Don’t fret, you should have it all sorted before your birthday. Stave off boredom and frustration by designing something (even if it’s all only on paper). You know you want to and you haven’t done it in ages.

Mid-April may bring a little sadness related to another fire-sign or family member who doesn’t share your good fortune. While empathy is good, total empathy can harm you, too. Keep your emotional boundaries healthy and you’ll be of more help to those around you. This is a good time to take a chance and try something a little crazy, but again, only if your finances can handle it. Avoid pubs and pub games till later in the month.

April ends with you in a good position to travel or buy a new vehicle.

You’ll have more energy and will enjoy being outdoors again. Family problems will resolve themselves without tears and you’ll feel lighter of heart as the month closes.



Double-check and triple-check this Mercury retrograde period, then take it easy at the end of the month.
The month begins with some message delayed, perhaps related to studies, a child or a pet. The delay may prove a little expensive, so double-check your messages and spam folders, and return all calls as soon as possible. You may also be wanting to study further at this time. Don’t overextend yourself on a single course. Ensure you’re going to get your money’s worth first.

Mid-month finds you juggling things to make for more security, especially financially, but like Cancer, you may be forgetting to tend to your emotional and physical needs too.

Treat yourself a little now and then. You deserve it!

April ends with you wanting some quiet time to process what seems an unfair event or circumstance. Talk to a Gemini or a lawyer to set your mind at rest.
There’s lots of people around you this month, lots of socializing, possible reunions and some gossip! Meet your friends before the end of the month when you’re more likely to take the light-hearted view.



April begins with you firmly on your destined path.

There’s some good news about study or a new job which requires learning a new skill.

Do be careful when signing new contracts which may require more hours than you initially think. Also don’t overextend yourself. Take the time to rest and heal well.

Mid-month sees you on that study course or beginning that new job. Financially, this may not work out as well as hoped, at least for the first month. Some may decide to try another offer received towards the end of the first week of April.

April ends with you needing to take a break and get your energy levels up again. Clashes with an earth or fire sign may leave you feeling drained, or a cold/flu could also affect your perception of things. Speak up now if you find any red flags in your love-life or career. Make the time for love now as your partner may be feeling a little neglected with your focus being so tight on work.



You are also set firmly on your destined path this April. It’s bringing up some issues for you to deal with first, especially to do with patience and family.
The month starts with some disappointment over a new beginning. If an opportunity seems to have passed you by, take heart as, with your destiny so prominent, it wasn’t the best path for you. Pick your way carefully through and you’ll see yourself in much better circumstances come the end of the month.

Mid-month may bring some conflict with your father or father-figure. Perhaps you feel dictated to, or don’t care for the decisions they’ve made for you. Lighten the mood and you might lighten the situation too. You may opt out of family or other social gathering. You’re tired of the same chatter and need something new to draw you out the house.

April ends with a victory.

You’ll be applauded for a project or other work. While it’s a good time to take an interesting new path in your career, give a thought to your partner who may be feeling left behind or in need of some TLC.



Fortune favors you in surprising ways.
Your research and patience pays off early this first part of April. While a lack of help may seem daunting at first, you’ll soon win through and have all the glory for yourself. Restrictions will also fall away and your pleasure in work increases immensely.

Mid-April may bring a switch of your focus from work back to love, which may need some healing. Fortune favors you as your hard work is recognized and you may even be interviewed by the media. Help is available from a Gemini or a high-level executive who may not be a friend, but who champions the same cause. Deal fairly with this person and they’ll deal fairly with you.

The month ends with a big surprise you won’t see coming. It may involve a wedding, engagement or other happy party, and you may end up the center of attention even if it isn’t your own.

It’s an excellent time to meet a new love or recommit to your present/an old love.

There may be some worry around a mother or grandmother (especially if you’re craving their approval) but your new love is likely to win them over much sooner than you’d think possible.



What an awesome month for you!
April begins with you leaving behind the past and any hurt or pain you may have been carrying over the past year, especially around family. Work throws you in the deep-end when it requires a new skill or learning a new application. You’ll enjoy it more than expected and gain a great new victory too. You may even consider continuing along this new avenue in the near future. Exciting stuff!

Mid-April brings a party or other celebration, perhaps a fancy-dress or tea-party, which will be great fun. You may miss a friend or family member who’s away, but it won’t stop this being a memorable time. News of a dream coming true also delights you.

Watch the sunset and sunrise for spiritual inspiration and confirmation.

The month ends with an odd mixture of the intuitive and fantastic, and of needing to be realistic. Beware of following illusions or creating unrealistic expectations of others. Keep plans simple and affordable, and don’t try and keep up with the Jones’. ‘Wha’s for ye, will no’ go by ye’ as the saying goes. There’s lots of news and communication, especially with those overseas, and you’ll be going out a lot more, perhaps for a new dancing class or other creative expression. You’ve worked hard for these rewards so enjoy them!



You’re treading a faint line this month. Consider the consequences of your actions in the long term.
April begins with a break in communication, possibly with another family member. There may be two people clashing over finances or security issues. Your personal finances look good, but be wary of shutting yourself up in an ivory tower.

Mid-month brings some boredom and here lies the faint line. If you try to manipulate circumstances (especially by esoteric or psychological means) it has a good chance of backfiring on you this month. Don’t dabble just for fun, you may be caught in your own web of machinations, and that won’t be fun at all.

The month ends on a better note, and if you’ve been hoping for a new career opportunity you may get it yet.

There’s much going on socially, which will suit your mood perfectly.

There’s also many compliments and perhaps a flirtation. If you’re single you may meet someone who may well be your soul-mate, though neither of you may recognize this at first. If already in couple, be assured that your partner still finds you attractive and thinks often of you, even when they are as busy as they have been recently.



There’s lots of good stuff lurking under the surface this month, just waiting to be found.
The month begins with clarity in your situation. A secret may also come to light, which may make you angry, but which forces a change – a very good change which stirs up all the good stuff.

Mid-month may bring some travel delays or what may seem like a missed opportunity. Retain your shopping slips too.

You still have lots to celebrate, more than most, maybe even a lucrative contract which goes all the way to August.

If you’ve been hoping for a baby, you may receive the good news this month, or you may be granted another love wish.

April ends with the finale to a situation which has long stressed you, perhaps related to family or traditions. Getting a new job also looks good here. Although the initial offer is not what you applied for, this new arrangement may suit you better in the long term.


Heads up

April and May look set to be a little on the tougher side of things with many of us working towards once-in-a-lifetime opportunities or dreams. Avoid overwhelm where you can, and know that many may begin to see the rewards of your hard-work and tough decisions as early as July/August. May this be you 😀
For others, this month may be the start of a longer road. Be sure to stop and admire the view (take stock and mark your progress) to keep your perspective. Long journeys often have the best rewards 😀

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Tarotscope January 2017


by Leenna

Happy New Year!

It’s a great start to the year for Taurus and Gemini. Read on for all the details.


*only for entertainment purposes



You’ve got everything in hand this month along with some great new beginnings!

The month starts off with you feeling really quite competent and in control of what seems like chaos to very one else. You’ll be the one everyone turns to for direction, advice and inspiration. Money is there, but not always readily available. This is a good thing as you might overspend at the beginning of the month otherwise.

The middle of the month may bring the release of a contract which has been impeding you, or the renewal of one more in your favor. Any heaviness of spirit you may have felt earlier in the month will disappear. If you’ve been searching for a new job, you’re likely to find one before the month ends.

The last third of the month holds some wonderful news. You might win an art raffle of some other small and slightly embarrassing prize, which nevertheless will have you smiling. You might also receive long awaited news about love and new creative projects. One thing’s for sure, whatever the news is, it will make 2017 seem like one of your best years already.



A bit of a dour start to the month. There might be lots of harsh words flying around, bad judgements and more accusations about lack of responsibility. That success which was almost within reach has shifted a little away…

The first part of the month may bring some legal or career problems. Laws and legislation will be causing you much stress, and your new boss might be very, very demanding of your time. He/She really does not know the meaning of: ‘just give me a break’. Arguments with your spouse or ex may also bring up issues which should have long been dealt with. This is what running away brings you. Take note and resolve to not let domestic issues slide as you’ve done in the past.

Mid-month brings back your self-confidence and teaches you more about boundaries – if they are too lax, too strong or just right. You might want to shift some of those boundaries, especially related to your time as someone or something may be taking advantage of your time.

The month ends on a slightly brighter note. Hard-to-please boss might actually compliment you on your job or offer you an unexpected opportunity you’ve long been waiting for. This is all good, but don’t expect it to be a bed of roses as there’s much hard work to do, and if there’s a change in location, it may well be to a place where the sun don’t shine much.

Be brave, you’ve got this.



You’re still clearing out much of the old, and haven’t really noticed that it’s a new year energetically. The last of 2016’s business and issues are still a concern, but you can just about see the end of the pile of stuff you’ve got to get through.

The month begins with a feeling of being ignored or left-out of things. You may feel like your partner is ignoring you or that nobody minds what you say…And then you’ll receive a surprise gift – a new dress or shirt which proves otherwise. There might also be a surprise party or a treat which soothes your soul and makes you a little wistful.

Around mid-month you’ll be in a much better space mentally. All the drama and trauma of 2016 and will no longer affect you or bring you down. You’ll be able to speak frankly about matters which are concerning you, and you’ll stop retreating from confrontations you may have feared. Things wouldn’t be half as daunting as you thought they’d be.

As you get to the end of the month, you’ll be able to breathe a sigh of relief. Your greatest efforts from over the last ten weeks will begin to bear fruit and you can toast yourself on a job well done. You might also pay off a small debt (in money or in kind) and will finally feel that a new year has begun.



Okay, so your big dreams didn’t materialise as you’d hope. Time to let that go and focus on the more mundane as the new year begins. There’s some hope for later in the year, but for now, you’ve got to get your energy levels up again.

As the month begins, you find yourself in more cheerful waters. Whatever or whoever was bringing you down no longer has you doubting yourself. Your mind is clearer even if the weather is not.

Towards mid-month and just after, you may feel a little rebellious at work. You don’t want the same office as last year, you don’t want the same parking space as last year, you so don’t want last year… But be reasonable, you still have some chaff to sift through before you can find the metaphorical gold you seek. And you have to admit you’re much better off than Chad next door. Bide your time, it’s coming.

The month comes to an end with some success. You may find you’re accepted into a fellowship or program you hadn’t thought you stood a chance of gaining entrance into, or you start planning and gathering the elements for that great business idea you’ve had.

Bide your time. It’s coming.



Aww, Taurus, you have like the best start to the year! Someone loves you very, very much and is trying to find the best way to show this. Not that there aren’t any challenges this month, but they’ll pale into insignificance with all the good stuff going on.

The new year begins with you looking and feeling great! Lots of compliments come your way and children and animals adore you. So if you’re allergic to either, you’ll want to carry some anti-histamines. You’ll also feel very respected and may even be given the royal treatment. Perhaps someone is taking you out for a high-tea!

Around mid-month you’ll have your first challenge and opportunity of the year. Some deliberation is called for, so please don’t be too impulsive. Neither should you delay the decision too long. Timing is critical so follow your intuition, weigh it together with the facts and shake your lucky dice just to be sure. Don’t let others influence you unduly. A misstep now may lose you more time and face than you can comfortably afford just now.

As January draws to an end, you might have to fight for your rights and find yourself justifying your decisions. This doesn’t make your decisions wrong, just hard for some to digest. So you may no longer be the most popular person in the office, but that’s okay if the work is getting done in time. Yes, this will go on your permanent record, and in a good way.

Be strong, but not too stubborn. Let the other person be heard as well.



A better start to the year than you would have believed a few weeks ago. You, too, will be Mr/Ms Popular, drawing lots of admiration. Pity you may not notice it all as you’re so stuck into your studies and projects. And that thing/person you’re pursuing (yes that one) is almost within your grasp.

The new year brings an abundance of good stuff your way – new clothes, new shoes, new look and lots of treats with family and friends. You’ll steal any show without even trying, so beware the green-eyed ones…not that you’ll notice as you attention is on that thing/person you’re pursuing (yes, that one).

Around mid-month, studies and money turn serious and consume almost all your attention. It’s a good time for research as you’re in the mood to dig, and dig deep to get all the information and knowledge you need. And what you unearth will bring you satisfaction. If archaeology is your new passion, you may well discover something remarkable which will occupy you for years to come.
Pets (especially dogs) will also be in a digging mood, so fence off your prized veggie-patch carefully.

The month comes to an end with you in a stronger position than you’d hope to be. Your vitality will be high, and your presentations will go well. Others will look to you for leadership. Health will be good as well. It’s a great start to the year!



Darn it! Why do the goal posts keep moving for you? While the year begins on a sociable note, the rest of the month calls on more personal resources than you may be willing to give.

The new year brings new friends, lots of gathering (some virtual) and perhaps a love message from a fire sign. You may also find a new way of communicating – joining a new social media platform or a new sports or social club. It’s also a good time to complete creative projects. Internet dating will also go well.

Around mid-month your beliefs may shock others, or you may experience a mild shock, probably related to a family member. Your world will change, but not in a violent way. Perhaps you’ll get news of a parent’s health problem or your project may be delayed, or you may finally get that scholarship or work visa you’ve been hankering after for ages, or that real cutie may actually notice you exist! Not all shocks are bad, but why now, just when you’re so comfortable? Darn it!

The month ends with some breathing space. Your dream may be slightly delayed till the end of February, giving you ample time to digest the news, and make plans and preparations. It’s an exciting start to the year so get as much sleep and me-time as you can.



Poor Leo, why are you starting the year with such a frownie-face. Never mind, things will get sexy for a while, and then you’ll have to return to the drawing board if you really want to realise your dreams this year.

The year begins with a larger tummy and maybe hitting the gym will be a good idea. Your romantic partner/spouse will be very attentive and demanding, and neither of you will want to leave the Build-It store, the furniture store, the new car-dealership, the January clothing sales…Yes, things are important to you this year, and you’re determined to get them.

Mid-month jolts you into second gear with a challenge. It may seem unsolvable at first. Once you stop ranting and raving, you’ll be able to see a way through, but perhaps not using your usual methods. Take this new idea to the boss/client and be surprised at their reaction.

The month ends with your frownie-face turning shifty-eyed. Someone (could it possibly be you?) is not being quite straight with everyone. This may just be your paranoia, but it’s a good idea to upgrade your internet security and anti-virus too. And no, you don’t do shifty-eyed very well. Go back to frownie-face and you’ll get to the bottom of things much faster.



An unsettling start to the year. You may feel that something’s missing from your life just now, and begin exploring less traditional concepts in religion and study. You’ll also want to renovate or decorate this month.

The year begins with the feeling that a vital part of your life is missing or inactive. Is it a romantic partner, children or the feeling that you aren’t following your true life path? Reunions are harder to arrange this month, and finding time to catch up with old friends will prove more difficult than expected. Mostly though, you’ll be craving a romantic partner if single, or more time with your beloved if not.

Mid-month has you looking at less traditional beliefs and ways of getting things done. You may innovate or otherwise recycle old ideas and items, perhaps at the displeasure of more traditional thinkers. You’ll also consider a less traditional relationship, perhaps with someone who has very different religious beliefs to you.

The end of the month brings much dissatisfaction with your immediate environment. You might have new cupboards or cabinets put in, or throw out old and worn furniture to revamp your home. You’ll have lots of fun mixing and matching styles, and will try out different styles and feels around your home to find one you’re most comfortable with. So don’t stress, experiment.



An emotional month for you may bring an overwhelm just when you thought the fun would start.

The year begins with a yearning for someone’s attention, perhaps someone who is quite far from you distance-wise. You’ll be looking for missed opportunities and second chances, or perhaps giving one yourself. You’d like to comfort someone who seems to be hurting, but you don’t want to step over any boundaries either. Your intuition is right; give this person some space, but let them know you’re there for them as well.

By mid-month you might suffer a crisis of faith – perhaps in yourself. You may be spreading yourself a little too thin, and so may have bitten off more than you can chew. Yes, it’s good to be there for others, to be the shoulder everyone needs to cry on, but you too need some space — some breathing and centering time — so be sure to not short-change yourself this month.

Towards the end of the month, you may be inundated with memories, both sweet and sour. Deal with any emotions this brings up by reaffirming your present and your commitment to your future. You can sense your life is changing for the better, and these are the old ghosts saying goodbye. By mid February, you’ll be easily ensconced into your new life and no longer troubled by past issues or regrets.



‘So close yet so far’, that’s what may be your mantra this month as Mercury retrograde plays awful tricks on you. It’s only because you been asking for a massive change, and all this bother is now preparing you for it.

You may have to act quickly to avoid a bad situation. Be careful when driving and remember to always wear your seat-belt. There are shuffles and quick-steps at work as well. A new boss or a take-over doesn’t help things run as smoothly as usual. Storms will also unsettle you and possibly give you reason to reconsider your home, your transport or your communication devices.

Mid-month brings lots of missed or misunderstood communications. Your spam folder will be unusually fill with really important messages you may be waiting on for days. You partner may not understand what you’re saying either, so double-check that everyone is on the same page.

The month ends with a celebration you really don’t want to attend. It’s a new year, but the conversation is old, the food is the same and your boredom is becoming so obvious that it borders on the impolite. Stay at home and play a computer game or watch a new movie you’d never consider watching otherwise. It’s less sociable, but it may save a friendship or two.



So you’re feeling a little stranded, marooned even. Hardly the fun, exciting start to the year you’d been so looking forward to, but at least you’re forced to stand still and reflect for a few moments…or days.

The year begins with a sense of stagnation, or even resentment at having to take a step or two backwards. It’s not a good idea to push for anything, make new travel arrangements, or try new methods of communication. It feels very much like you’re stuck in transit, sitting in traffic or lost a map. Chill and enjoy being a passenger. Wind down the window and smell the roses (or car fumes). It will remind you how much you have that you can be grateful for.

Around mid-month, you may realise that your cherished wish is going to be delayed again. Something’s not quite as perfect as you’d wish it be, and if you’re getting engaged, the jeweler has made a rather large mistake with the ring. Or, you may be waiting on others who just don’t have the same sense of urgency as you do.

The month comes to an end with more settled feelings. The heartache is healed. Your anger has died down, your sense of urgency is put into perspective, and you can be your own amiable self again. And while it may look like your passion is diminished, it’s merely simmered down waiting to energise you later in the year.

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