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Quotes Challenge: Mary Stewart

Milae from LifeExperimentalBlog has challenge me with the 3 Day Quote Challenge. Head on over to Milae’s blog for some great quotes for this time of month, and for some really cool ideas for you to experiment with.

Here’s how the quote challenge works:

There are 3 Challenge rules:

You need to post for 3 days in a row
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Today, I nominate:


I’m terrible at remembering quotes from classic texts and such, but having been an avid bookworm during my most formative years and beyond, I’ve decided to quote the wise words of one of my favourite authors.

Ms. Stewart in the garden of her home in Edinburgh. Credit Ron Appelbe/McGraw-Hill

Mary Stewart introduced me to both romantic suspense and well-researched historical fiction/fantasy; training me to expect romantic suspense to be filled with careful and empathetic observations of humanity, well researched places, and some gentle humor scattered through tense scenes and exciting action.
Merlin became my hero, not because of his magic, but for his strength of character, his self-sacrifice and his ability to see all around him, the humanity and magic that flowed through his life. I had always suspected that he was the greater hero than Arthur, and with Mary Stewart’s Merlin Trilogy I delighted in reading why I had felt so.
Wisdom and observation flow effortlessly through all of Mary Stewart’s works, never impinging on the action. It’s been difficult to whittle her wisdom down to three quotes, so I’ve decided to restrict my quotes to love.

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For tomorrow’s final post of the challenge, I have a complete different topic in mind:)