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REview: Tough Love for Beloved Free eBook Readers by Den Warren

Warren Den Tough Love Ebook ReadersTitle: Tough Love for Beloved Free Ebook Readers
Author: Den Warren
Rating: 70-80%

This is an unsolicited review of a Smashwords download.

In Brief:

This short, sharp, expressive rant of an Indie Self-publishing Author voices what every author (including myself) thinks, from time to time, but is too afraid to say; complete with cute love/hate marketing gimmick 😀

The Whole Story:

We writers love our readers, maybe not as much as we love our dogs or cats, but we’d miss our readers almost as much; so I admired Den Warren’s honest rant and analogy, which I believe took a lot of courage, and maybe a glass or two of whiskey:-D

Mostly well said, but at times shifting into I-still-need-this-bunch-on-my-side, this ranting article gives both writers and readers much to think about.

What I learned?

Every writer goes through the whole lack-of-feedback-from-free-downloaders hell. I should really leave a review for all those books I’ve downloaded, especially from Smashwords. After all, I’d like the same done for all my books.

Rating: 70-80% for honesty, bringing a voice to those who should know better, and making me smile.

Recommended to: Free eBook downloaders, Free eBook writers, those researching the pitfalls of being either.

About Den Warren:

Den Warren writes sci-fi and superhero fiction.
Smashwords Profile:
Author Website:

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