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General Channeled Messages For Blog Readers

What will you learn? Saraswathi

I did say I’d be sharing more channeled messages with you once all were done. And do we have a lot to process!

This year has been significantly different in the channeled messages received, as well as the types of channeling requested. Valentines Channeled Messages were definitely not in demand. I was the only one to request one. So, here is a wealth of messages channeled–first the ones received in personal messages by those who requested general messages, and then for all who read this blog.
Before we get to our treasures, another difference to the previous years is worth mentioning. Like in my personal Valentines Channeled Letter, a couple of the requests were answered by two deities, though their messages were not blended, like mine were. This may mean that most of us are dealing with more than one major issue now, and/or we have more guides/spiritual patrons/benevolent beings available or able to communicate with us at this time.

Certain themes came up more than once, sometimes from the same deity. Anger, and transmuting it into love or care was one theme, as was expansion of self and perception. Health and well-being was another strong theme, but as most of it was personal and specific to the recipient of the letter, I’ve left most of those messages out.

All in all, a very interesting and enlightening time for us all! I must admit, some of these messages I’m still pondering 😀

And now, on to those channeled messages.

From Personal Messages


Perceive your space. Mercury

Perceiving in limited dimensions limits you. Limits Space. Limits Life.
Limits have limited time-spans and your limits are up. Expand your perception.
Perceive your space. Perceive you.


You are beautiful.

You are beautiful. Let’s keep it that way 😀


True wisdom. Saraswathi

It is time to let go of wishes that are not yours. This is true wisdom.
It is time to let go of teachings that past their time. This is true wisdom.
It is time to be yourself.

Not all writing needs to be permanent.

We all have different paths in love—some short, some long, and only the unwise don’t see that.

Humour. Saraswathi

It is better that you find the humor before it finds you. This I leave for you to contemplate. Hopefully, with a smile.

Returning to the start does not always offer re-dos. Sometimes, brand new beginnings are healthier, but for whom?

Now, we come to the time of practical application of your innate and accumulated knowledge—the practical application of your hard-won wisdom.

You will learn whatever your choice, but the choice of what you learn (or teach), is up to you once again.


It is time to be still. It is time to be quiet.

Remember at the heart of everything is energy.

Make a list, but not of your goals.
Make a list, but not of your tasks.
Make a list of possibilities. Recognize them. Recognize your true potential is greater than what you currently see.

Remember Fear feels like Excitement, yet true excitement holds no vibrations of fear, only anticipation and curiosity.


Warriors can heal. Shiva

Remember, a warrior can heal as well as destroy and protect. And now your warrior self must heal and so help others heal.

After all, anger carries you only so far and, like a steam engine, runs out. But clarity lets you see if it’s the right track for you—all this while healing you and helping those in need. That is the true mark of a noble warrior.
Find your peace. Bitterness is not your way 🙂

For General Blog readers


Be strong, but know that strength lies deeper than the physical and mental. It lies in your heart. It’s not the same as courage. Courage is found. Strength is grown. Allow your heart to grow strong.


Create your own luck. Laksmi

It is time to create your own luck. Only then can I double it 😀 Otherwise, you have zero for me to work on!



Remember all that you’ve learnt so far. Then discard the outdated, unkind, unhealthy and short-sighted tenets. It’s time to revise and update your books, theories and working models.


Be not faint of heart. You will see many feints, and a strong heart will show you the truth of actions previously hidden. See with your heart when your mind is confused.


Burn the fuel of anger. Vesta

Fires burn brightest when there’s much fuel to burn, much like truth burning the fuel of lies. Let the truth burn away the fuel of your anger.


Time to feel love, Cupid

Those who tire of love, tire of life. Those who think love is hard work are right. And, yet love invigorates like no other. Yes, love is contradictory. Understanding and dissecting love that is felt will never make sense to those who only think and imagine what it is to feel it. It’s time to feel love, if only for yourself.



The Universe is vast, but your intelligence is vaster. Use your intelligence: emotional, mental, artistic…It will vastly improve your life, and of those around you, too.


Houses. Juno

There is much to do to set our houses right. Start small. Think ahead. Fix things from the bottom up. And ask for help.

And that’s it. Many, many thanks to those who requested channeled messages and granted permission to share parts of their personal messages with you.
There’s much to contemplate, isn’t there?
And if you’re looking for more of those Valentines/Love channeled messages, they’ll be up by Valentines Day 😀

Catch you then.

Stockphotos from Pexels: Sharon McCutcheon, Clint DyGuaso, Frank Cone, Mike, Francesco Ungaro, Alex Andrews, Felix Mittermeier, Johannes Plenio

Extract from Weekly Tarotscopes: 16 to 22 April 2023

Just wanted to share an extract from this week’s tarotscopes with my Patrons. I thought you might like it 😀 Mercury retrograde is here, and it’s an airy, windy week! Fortunately, for most it’s a lighter, positive time ushering in some beautiful new energy and beginnings or opportunities. For others, there are still some older…

Your Tarotscopes: March to April 2023

2023 is finally ‘gettin’ going’ and it’s looking to be an interesting time! Love and light to you all! Water Signs Pisces 00:30Cancer 13:17Scorpio 30:34 Fire Signs Aries 00:20Leo 11:45Sagittarius 24:45 Earth Signs Taurus 00:20Virgo 11:23Capricorn 35:40 Air Signs Gemini 00:30Libra 14:32Aquarius 36:29

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3-Day Quotes Challenge: Day 3 Animated movies take us through evolutionary scientific thoughts.

Two months ago (two months! Has it been that long?), Jessica at Elldimensional challenged me to do the 3-Day Quotes. She’s done it wonderfully. I suggest to hop over and have a look.

Strangely, of all the topics I’ve chosen for this challenge, this one was the easiest! It’s occurred to me that animated movies often carry more profound messages than their live-action counterparts! Maybe this is one of the reasons kids are so smart these days 😀

So here they are, three quotes from animated movies showing the evolution of scientific thoughts:

Going back to the stone age...
Going back to the stone age…


Leaping through to the middle ages...
Leaping through to the middle ages…


...and landing squarely in the 1950s.
…and landing squarely in the 1950s.

As part of this challenge, I have to nominate three other bloggers to take up the challenge. They aren’t obliged to take the challenge, but let’s hope they do:-)

I nominate:

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3-Day Quotes Challenge: Day 2 Movies lines about love

Two months ago (two months! Has it been that long?), Jessica at Elldimensional challenged me to do the 3-Day Quotes. She’s done it wonderfully. I suggest to hop over and have a look.

This was harder for me than I thought. I just could not find that many lines about love to share…perhaps because the actions and expressions in movies convey love more than song lyrics, poetry and prose do.  Movie lines without the action and background often seem…flat to me. So here’s what I’ve got for you:

hes just not that into you
Practical Magic love

Sabrina movie quote love


As part of this challenge, I have to nominate three other bloggers to take up the challenge. They aren’t obliged to take the challenge, but let’s hope they do:-)

I nominate:

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I’m also curious about what’s your favorite movie love quote/line 😀

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3-Day Quotes Challenge: Movies and Song Lyrics

Two months ago (two months! Has it been that long?), Jessica at Elldimensional challenged me to do the 3-Day Quotes. She’s done it wonderfully. I suggest to hop over and have a look. I’ve finally gotten around to doing (or at least starting) the posts, so here we go:

I don’t know why I complicate things so…I really don’t.

 I decided to try quoting lyrics of songs which appeared in movies or vice versa.

It’s been a nostalgic week for me, so by some curious coincidence all quotes ended up coming from, ’90s music in British movies. Even more strangely (or not) two of the movies were shot in Edinburgh and Glasgow in the mid-nineties…and both movies feature Ewan McGregor… Let’s not overthink this then.

Shallow Grave Friends

Shallow Grave (1994)

I have to admit this movie is not for the squeamish. I remember my face being squeezed into a perpetual eeww! But I couldn’t stop watching Christopher Eccleston in fascinated horror, like a train smash, only worse. And I have it on good authority that an Edinburgh audience cheered when Ewan McG’s character got his just desserts in the middle of the movie. The song is mostly electronica, except for the beginning where we hear Eccleston’s opening lines, those above.

Quote from Trainspotting, Ewan McGregor

Another movie not the squeamish or for those feeling sensitive, but hysterically funny when not utterly depressing. Also shot mostly in Edinburgh and Glasgow, and starring Ewan McG–who features in this song speaking the words of Ren, his character. I don’t know if any Edinburgh audiences cheered for this movie, but I do know that back in South Africa, my brother and I seemed to be the only ones who found it’s dark humour funny.


Worlds End

Another movie I watched with my brother, the only person in my family who got the joke at the end with me. And yes, this is also not for viewing in a squeamish mood. World’s End is the only movie I’ve watched which seems to have been written on a bar-crawl, and which features a bar-crawl. A good ending to Pegg’s and Frost’s take on British horror/action/sci-fi meets cosy mystery settings.

As part of this challenge, I have to nominate three other bloggers to take up the challenge. They aren’t obliged to take the challenge, but let’s hope they do:-)

I nominate:




Update: 14/04/2016: Oops! Mistake in that last quote now corrected.
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Quotes Challenge: Diana Wynne Jones

Milae from LifeExperimentalBlog has challenge me with the 3 Day Quote Challenge. Head on over to Milae’s blog for some great quotes for this time of month, and for some really cool ideas for you to experiment with.

Here’s how the quote challenge works:

There are 3 Challenge rules:

You need to post for 3 days in a row
You must pick 1-3 quotes daily
In each post, you must challenge 3 bloggers

Today, I nominate:

The Drawing Page
Miss Sixteen

I’m terrible at remembering quotes from classic texts and such, but having been an avid bookworm during my most formative years and beyond, I’ve decided to quote the wise words of one of my favourite authors.

wynne_1858751b Telegraph and REx FEatures
Diana Wynne Jones in her late years. Photo Rex Features via The Telegraph

Diana Wynne Jones’ fantasy books are what got me through what would have been a painfully boring and unmagical childhood otherwise. Her words have stuck with me through holidays, physics classes, and a heart-break or two. And like so many of us who grew up on Eight Days of Luke, and Fire and Hemlock, I still run over to Ingary or smirk through Witch Week when I get my hands on them.

There’s much that I could share, but here are three of my all-time favourites:

Dianna Wynne Jones Quote Tantrums

Dianna Wynne Jones Quote Force Object Famliy

Dianna Wynne Jones Quote aim for moonTomorrow, I hope to share three more quotes from another strong and influential woman writer whom I hold in the highest regard:)