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Out with the old, in with 2016


I was inspired by one of my classmates in the Blogging201 course, BlueCarPaintedGreen, and her blog post to join #Quest2016. You can find out more about it here.

This past year (and the year before that) was not much fun, so I thought I’d try something new¬† for 2016. It will be great to have a creative community to support and from which I also receive support.

The Quest to do ‘business as unusual’ begins simply enough, or so it seems.
Three times a week, you get a prompt question, which you answer on your social media or blog. I joined late, so I’m way behind. And, as usual, I seem to be doing things back to front; but this prompt seems the best one for me to make a start.

I’ll be answering the prompts on this blog, and on InBetweener too.

Day 5–Seth Godin’s prompt: Who would miss you if you were to disappear right now? What would have to change for that question to lead to a better answer?

Quest2015 prompt 1 no1

Quest2015 prompt 1 no1

Quest2015 prompt 1 no3

Quite a depressing question to contemplate, so I don’t suggest you do.
And if you have a dog or a cat, give them a hug. Yes, right now, please. Thank you.

What would have to change for that question to lead to a better answer?

Tricky question this. I would have to do better, I suppose–be better. Except, so many do what I do, better. So many have taken similar ideas (and sometimes mine) and done them better.
So better is not an option. Ditto different.

Besides, none of this is answering the real question: What would have to change…?

I would have to change, or the world would have to change. Or both.

Or, and this seems infinitely more doable and thinkable: My world would have to change, ‘cos heaven knows what’s in yours, and I don’t know yet (’til I get to know you and your world) whether or not I want to be a part of it.

My world would have to change. That’s what it boils down to.

Quest2015 prompt 1 no4

How do I change my world? I’m open to suggestions.