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Closing The Chapter On Your Twin Flame

So, I’ve thought about addressing this topic for a while, but didn’t as I’d closed this chapter of my life in 2019 and didn’t feel the need–until this Mercury Retrograde. I shared with my patrons about my experience, why I believe I had to go through it and how I came out on the other side. I thought some of you might be interested in my definitions of twin flame/divine partner, and get a little more insight into twin flames in general. The entire ramble is up on Patreon, but I hope this clip helps you sort out a little of the confusion around the terms. Here’s the start of what I shared with my patrons:

Yes, it is possible to close the chapter on your twin flame. In this ramble, I talk about my experience, reflect on it some, and tell you how I closed the chapter on my twin flame experience. If you’re having doubts about your twin flame relationship, or if you’re interested in knowing what’s it like being in a twin flame relationship, then this is for you.

This may not resonate with everyone or anyone else, and if you don’t agree with what I say, that’s fine with me. Take what’s helpful and leave the rest 😀

Introduction 00:00
Definition of Twin flame 01:50
Why I Labeled it a Twin Flame Relationship 04:12
My Concept of a Divine Partner 01:50
The Reason I’m Rambling on Twin Flames 09:25

Listen to the whole ramble: