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REview: Nature Art – Adults Coloring Pages by Ally Nathaniel

Ally Nathaniel Nature Art reviewTitle: Nature Art – Adults Coloring Pages with Printable Sample
Author/Artist: Ally Nathaniel
Rating: 100%

This is an unsolicited review of a free Smashwords download.

In Brief:

Dripping with symbolism and intricacies, there’s tons of inspiration and hours of fun in this coloring eBook. These drawings are a gentle surrealists dream come true.

The Whole Picture:

Ally Nathaniel has a wonderful talent for combining the unexpected: from easily imagined possible patterns in nature, to the surrealistic combining of elements, like a blue whale and a clump of flowers. There’s a bewildering array of joyous drawings to make your own.

What I adored

There are layers to these drawings, simple to the complex—something for every mood. You could spend hours or days coloring these images in. There was a smile for me, on every page. I love, love, loved the butterfly with the light-bulb!

Rating: 100%

Recommended to: Coloring book addicts; those looking for inspiration, meditative aids and some rainy day mood enhances.

About Ally Nathaniel:

Ally is an epublisher, coach, and children’s author with over ten titles which have sold over 40 000 copies on Amazon.

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