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Tarotscopes September and October Plus Extended Read


Can you believe it’s already September! This year seems to going even faster than a trip on a fast-train. I can almost hear the days whooshing by…So, the good news is the changes you’ve been waiting for are imminent if they haven’t already appeared. And if they have, or when they do, they may take a little bit more adjusting to than you anticipated. More bad news is you may have to adjust some plans or delay them indefinitely.
Good news is, you may have more fun in the long-run, and what you have on your plate may be much, much better than anything you could have anticipated!
Sometimes, you just have to trust that the Universe knows when to serve you your new favourite things (or people)!
I’ve got an extended read for your bi-month, too—About That Matter You’re Thinking About.

September to October 2019

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Your Tarotscopes: January to February 2023

Happy New Year! You made it to 2023! For many, we’re winding up some old stuff before we get into the new. Expect 2023 to really start going in February, after the Mercury Retrograde is over! In the meantime, clear the decks for an interesting year! Love and light to you all! Earth Signs Capricorn…

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Tarotscopes October 2018


by Leenna

True to form, the wind’s changed now that October is here! There’s excitement in the air, or perhaps a restlessness for some. But that change we’ve been waiting on has either arrived, or just in sight. Keep the faith, keep your head, and be open to the magic that’s almost palatable at this time.

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* for entertainment purposes.


You may feel stuck between worlds as doors open and close. You’ll need to make decisions fast, or at least commit to one (or two) you’re already considering. Once you do, matters will race fast enough to make your head spin, so hold on tight!

October opens with a sense of balance. You may sign a new contract, or commit to a new spiritual exercise or concept. At work, you may prefer to work alone and follow your own rhythm. There’s a sense that karma is resolving, and that any lessons left unlearned will produce a quick life lesson. Learn well now, follow your intuition, and jettison those things which leave you codependent. You have no more time or energy for old baggage.

Mid-month may bring a creative lag or a sense of frustration which may leave you feeling out of sorts and snarky. Family matters may provide stability, and bring lots of transformation as we go into Scorpio season. Relationships may intensify and those who have strong bonds with their beloveds may have an almost telepathic connection. Any remaining old baggage and issues which no longer serve you will be easily discarded. This transition phase may seem bewildering, so ground yourself by hanging out with family and don’t push yourself on the creative/marketing front.

October winds down with some concerns over cash or acquiring new clothing. You won’t stay stuck in this energy as financial relief is coming soon. Job interviews or new contracts may appear unexpectedly, or other resources will provide you with a brilliant new look which leaves you feeling care-free and sexy. The outdoors will be a great place for exercise, while nature will prove inspirational. For many, you will feel like you’re coming out of a cocoon—that life is really starting!


You can have everything you want, but only if you let go of something that’s breaking anyway.

October begins with you feeling feeling conflicted and stuck on a wheel like a hamster. You’re striving and protecting something which you care intensely about, but it’s breaking your heart to continue in this vein. More to the point, you recognise it’s a cycle, one you need to break. There’s help at hand, especially from a Sagittarius, Leo or Aries. Perhaps, it’s okay to accept some help, or at least information, which can help you step off this endless, worrying treadmill.

Mid-October is full of light and happiness, but if you live in a fire-prone area, you may want to ensure your property conforms to current safety precautions. This time of action is also one of revelation when you’ll be rewarded for choosing your battles well. Vacations and holidays will be happy and ripe for romance. Couples may find it easy to conceive, while ideas flow well between friends. Sporty-types may have unexpected wins, especially if you, or your team, are the underdogs.

October ends on a great note. Travel will go well, as will moving your mind in a new direction. Heavy feelings will lift, and the end of the month may bring a renewal of your spiritual beliefs or practices. Your intuition is spot-on and your drive high. Almost anything is possible with a sense of magic in the air. So be most careful what you wish for as the universe may bring it to you in an instant.


Don’t push too hard, or it (or you) may break. Similarly, poring all your energy into a resource or idea which has proven barren before will not miraculously produce results. It’s time to reassess and re-align your efforts.

October begins well, with you feeling balanced and in harmony. Revelations come quickly to you and you may want to keep a notebook or recording device handy. Romance goes well, but may be a little too intense and stormy for you when you feel your partner may be playing games. Strangely, this may lead to more intimacy, and greater determination on your part to make things work. You may plan to travel, but hold off booking for now as matters with your partner/colleagues could change quickly.

Mid-month brings a reassessment of yourself, letting go of limiting beliefs around your abilities and skills, and a commitment to long-term plans. You may rethink your finances with a view to studying part-time or investing more towards your future/retirement. While you may wish to begin a new business now, it may not be the best time. Plan meticulously and, if you do want to launch a new project or business, consider waiting till April/May next year.

October ends with a passion or pain. New romances may end abruptly while old ones may find a spark. You may brood on what seems like a betrayal of trust, so keep matters of your finances and other personal details under close wraps at work and around family. If you don’t want something known, be sure to let your partner know your wish for discretion. Stay strong and keep your communication clear and concise to ensure matters go as you planned.


New love goes well, old contracts end well, and for some, it may seem that Christmas has arrived sooner than expected.

October begins with a reward for your intuition. If you felt called to act quickly last month regarding studying or applying for a new job, you should have very good news arrive. Either you’re short-listed, or your child is, and the end to a repeating cycle is in sight. You’re feeling a little vulnerable, but excited as well. Keep the good vibes going and it will continue to flow well.

Your intuition and dreams are guiding you towards turning your wishes into reality around mid-month, especially when it comes to romance and personal creative projects you’ve been working on over a long time. While new jobs or responsibilities may not allow you as much time to work on yourself or create as much, they will be fair and allow you more balance in your life. You may also be called to look at love and family relationships, and end any unhealthy tendencies or cycles. Generally, all movement is slowly but surely moving you towards a long-held dream. For some, it may be a return to school.

October winds down on a happy, contented note. You get what you want in a way that’s fair to all. Love and creativity look great, with reciprocity. The month ends on an exciting note, perhaps at a party or festival where singles could meet their soul-mate or life-partner, perhaps someone you’ve already dreamt about. Couples may plan an adventure even if they aren’t able to go on it till next year. Whatever your situation, the end of October is alive with love and romance.


Lots of options coming your way. Things go well, until you decide they don’t.

October begins well for you. There’s excitement with a new person you’ll love talking to, perhaps a new work colleague or someone you meet at the gym. It looks like a great friendship, but romance may be a little complicated with this person. Your beloved, particularly fire-signs, may have problems with responsibility or with their backs. Any old projects you end now should prove stable and bring you a new, unexpected opportunity.

By mid-month, you should find your balance. Some may be getting married, perhaps at the local Justice, or signing pre-nuptials. Others may find a job opportunity coming through, but i may be with less creativity or in a more staid environment than expected. Money looks stable, even if you’re celebrating and getting married. For one or two, matters of jealousy may arise, particularly around work or workmates. For others still, a karmic issue may come up for release.

As October ends, you may feel yourself out of your comfort zone or thrown off balance. Be careful how you step, especially if there’s icy weather or squalls. Emotional matters may have you second guessing yourself. You can see what needs to be done—the way forward—but you’re procrastinating. Try a meditation, or have a heart-to-heart with your new friend from early in the month, or your beloved, and get a new perspective. When it comes to finances, take the more stable and practical path.


Reunions and unexpected love take you by surprise. Finances stabilize, and your career could take off!

October begins with a haze of excitement. You, or someone close to you, may do well in sport or school, or graduate after a long, arduous process. Romance may flare up with an old flame or childhood sweetheart, and be more successful than in the past. Others could also be inspired by you or enthusiastically support your creative ideas. Enjoy this fun period 🙂

Mid-October flies by with lots of matters demanding your attention. A new financial situation or a new job may bring up some family issues or past working challenges. Conflict may ignite between two people you care a lot about, or family members, particularly if yours is a blended family. You and your beloved may also disagree about children or an idea you may feel is too far out or controversial. Ground yourself and analyse all viewpoints before deciding to take sides/sticking to your point.

As October winds down, you may go on a trip or find a new way of travelling. Some may buy a new car (perhaps for a child or because of one), while others may fly to another region to work or study. Overall, this is a period of intense growth and realisation. Some aspects of life and love may seem fairytale-like. Stay grounded and methodical to make the best of this wonderful time.


It’s a great time to strike out on your own, especially if you want to travel, but make sure you’ve sorted out the long-term before you embark on short-term adventures. Don’t trip over your own shoelaces.

Your independence begins to pay off as October begins, and you feel in your element. You may make unilateral decisions that won’t go down well with your partner. Show them the long-term stability and they’ll be more open to supporting you. It’s not the best time to take on new business or new business partners, unless you’re a contractor or freelancer. But keep those communication channels open so as not to lose contacts, friends, and future partners.

By mid-October, you’ve got the magic touch—manifesting all that you desire is at your fingertips, but only if you’ve completed old business. Travel looks great, with lots of opportunities to grow and prosper. Short-term romance seem more likely than long-term ones. And if you’re in couple, your beloved won’t be seeing much of you with all your attention focused on work and business opportunities. You could charm a crocodile, but be careful you don’t fall into pits you’ve dug by yourself, especially when dealing with foreigners.

The month comes to an end with you in a more cautious frame of mind. You have the opportunity to redeem yourself in the eyes of anyone who’s seeing you as a fool. It’s a good time to plant seeds for the future, re-look at investments and legalities. and reconnect to nature. Any matters which require balance, especially with your partner/beloved needs to be addressed now. It may be better to avoid Halloween parties and other festivities for now.


Wow! You’re twice in your power, full of passion and showing the world who you really are! Things are moving along at high-speed, but that’s okay ‘cause you’ve never been so centred and sure of yourself.

Like Aries, you may be striking out on your own in terms of career or independence as October starts. You’re following your heart and passion. You feel unstoppable and confident, but not to the point of rashness. Your perception is spot-on and you know just where and how to place your foot so you don’t fall or falter. Those who may have thought you the tortoise will soon see that you’re the fox that ate the hare. That’s right—you’re starting a whole new story, and never mind conventions!

By mid-month you’re moving at full-speed and shed any indecision or apathy, particularly in love and old projects you thought abandoned. You’re at your most charismatic and elusive, and find yourself surrounded by admirers and those who want to hitch themselves to your cart. Sadly for them, you seem to be teflon-coated and oblivious. In matters of the heart, you only have eyes for one, who you may be equally intent on, and rushing towards if you’re aren’t already with them. Couples may travel together or spend quality time cementing their relationship.

As October ends, you may look towards higher learning or helping a dear one achieve their academic dreams. Your confidence remains strong, your curiosity and determination stronger, and your passion high. Most will find you too intimidating and formidable to challenge on any front, but with your spirituality high, you may also be more gentle with others whom you feel are deserving of help or sympathy. Singles may make a shy offer of love, or receive one, and quickly become engaged or partnered. Whatever happens, you own this month, Taurus 🙂


You see your options clearly and are dropping old baggage and limitations to move towards what you love. You, or your love, may reach out if there has been a distance between you.

October begins with you feeling more stable and grounded. You may be sorting through old belongings and ideas to determine what is still worth holding onto. You’re bright with new ideas and creativity, and excited to be sharing them with people who seem to care or value them. Romance and love looks good with water-signs who share your love for communication and the arts. Your intuition is high, especially when it comes to timing and the right things to say. You’re more honest with yourself and others than you’ve been in a long time—and it feels good to finally show your real self. You aren’t prepared to be inauthentic at the expensive of losing parts of yourself just to fit in. Good for you!

Mid-month brings lots of research and choices. You may have more than one offer you’ve been waiting on come through, or you may vacillate between two very similar situations or people. Family matters may also need a logical or stern touch, and the decluttering process continues. Space may also be addressed—personal space, packing space, and living space. Perhaps a minimalist approach will suit you well. Trust your intuition if you need to make snap-decisions.

The end of October proves intense, especially when it comes to romance and intimacy. You may travel to your beloved, or they could travel to be with you. Some may get engaged or discuss commitment, while others may decide to move away from relationships which no longer hold passion or a firm foundation. You’re galloping into November full of energy and determination to succeed in the matter uppermost in your mind. You may fly to a new location or spend a lot of time on the road. Either way, you’ll feel more energised than you have in a long time.


A nostalgic, though successful, month is likely to bring up old dreams, old commitments and some concerns about money and travel.

The month begins on a high note. You’ll be feeling energised, spiritually connected and balanced. Your intuition is high, as is your creativity, and your career may be moving much faster than expected. However, money owed to you may be slow to come in. Recognition will flow much easier to you. You’re feeling more in control and driven than you have in many months. Your compassion is high, especially for your beloved, and your mentors.

Mid-October may find you a little spacey. Old concerns may arise, pushing you off-balance or making you feel isolated. Release what no longer serves you and seek your balance by grounding yourself in the present. Try not to overwhelm yourself or overextend your energy. Make time for meditation or spend some time day-dreaming or vision-boarding to keep your dreams on track. Pay attention to your dreams as this will guide you if you’re uncertain what steps to take next.

Financial balance comes in as the month winds down. You may be able to pay off some student loans, or find extra work as a teacher/tutor or at a place of spiritual or emotional service. Travel may be delayed, as may plans to be with your beloved. But most of all, you need to keep looking to the future and not the past. Abandon nostalgia, and concentrate on your present commitments as any delays are bringing your dreams that much closer. Concerns about love should evaporate soon with a great commitment or gesture from your beloved.


You could make a lot of money or realise a long-held dream, but only if you communicate clearly and exercise your best judgement. Old injustices will also be addressed.

October begins with you in a strange mood. You know big things are afoot, and someone may not have been quite truthful. Your detective instinct rules, and the truth will come out, exposing any dodgy intentions and behaviour. Justice is likely to be on your side. In other matters, you’re manifesting almost instantaneously, so make wise wishes and keep your sense of humour handy. This month may well be a case of what Leo Says instead of Simon Says.

By mid-month things are looking even better. You may go on a family adventure or camping trip. You could also have a dream come true regarding family, including pets. Your spirituality is high, and your connection to the natural world strong. Any stress will be easily released by inhaling the scents of your garden, the beach, or other green area. Your ideas may take root or find sponsors quickly. You’ll feel really blessed.

As the month ends, you may question the motives of someone you’ve always held in high regard. You may decide to reinvest with someone else or share your ideas with another who is more stable and trustworthy. Your financial situation is stable, leaving you content, and you may invest in new garden furniture or plants. You may also pamper yourself or a loved one who may have been going through a stressful period. It’s a good time for a second honeymoon or a renewal of vows with your beloved. You may also try mediating between family members or friends who aren’t communicating very well. But be advised, your choice of a Halloween costume this year may not be the best. Think twice if it has wings or a cape 🙂


You find your centre again as you move away from unstable and non-reciprocal situations. You may feel out of your depth at times, but you’re having so much fun!

October begins with you finding your balance and reconnection to self and spirit just when all around you there’s instability and change. Your inner light may finally be understood or acknowledged, but it’s too late for some. You’ve already detached yourself and are moving on. You may have some concerns about financial resources, but you’re determined to trust yourself and the universe this time. You’re radiant and drawing others to you. Keep the positive vibes and you’ll draw the best situations to you, too!

By mid-month, there’s new love or a renewal in love. It may be with a foreigner, or someone you meet while travelling. Communication is good and you both share similar unconventional ideas. You may spend a lot of time on planes or at the airport, but you have good companions. Your mind is clear and you are making good on ideas you feel comfortable with. Even better, your world and views are expanding. You’re cautiously optimistic, and life is looking good.

As October ends, you’ll have much to celebrate! You’ve successfully ended a cycle and expanded your world. You may have lots of new friends, or a better social situation. Be careful not to overspend on drinks and food, especially if travelling. But by the last day of the month, you’ll be feeling contented and happy—more yourself than you’ve been for a long time. You have all that you need, and perhaps even a windfall. Life looks totally different, but you’re loving it 🙂

Have a magical October!

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Your Tarotscope: January 2018


by Leenna

Happy New Year! Can you believe how quickly 2018 has arrived? Hopefully, we’ll all get a chance to catch our breaths this year and take some time to enjoy and appreciate all we’ve achieved so far. While 2017 may have proved difficult in some respects, you have to admit that we’ve made some progress. Now all we have to do to keep that ball rolling, and enjoy the journey we’re on 🙂 It’s a mixed month for most of us, but one which seems to be setting the tone for the first part of our new year. Enjoy!

* for entertainment purposes.



Things get better as the month goes on, especially when it comes to taking the reins in a venture or adventure.

January begins on a slightly sour note when a family gathering may be marred by harsh words or a jealous air-sign. Old rivalries between older siblings may also flair up, making you wonder if the soap-opera fairies have mislaid their spell in your home. Once the air has cleared, worries and bad faith will be cast aside, especially if one of grandma’s secrets comes to light. Cheer up, at least 2018 has begun in an unforgettable manner.

Mid-January sees your career receiving a turbo-boost once you get a second chance at something. You’ll make good, leaving all your competitors and detractors in the dust, and clearing the path for even greater achievements later in the month. The soap-opera fairies may also have gifted you with a choice snarky tongue which you’ll put to good use. But remember: Snark can be sneaky and bite you from behind. Use with caution.

Tarantarah! Here comes the star! You outshine everyone by the end of the month and will be held up as the person to emulate—and the year’s just beginning. For some, you may find yourself on TV—a talk-show or documentary—while others may gain a few admirers who are anything but secret as to their intentions. Great news for singles, but somewhat appalling for those partnered. Careerwise, offers are more acceptable, but are you willing to move from your comfortable home? A new interest in sport will also get you out, but be careful of overdoing things. You have to walk before you can run. Unless you’re planning on flying. Enjoy!



Hard work pays off, as a strange sense of domesticity settles over you…

January brings a shiny new beginning at work. It’s familiar and comfortable, but you’re taking things slow and careful even though you could cite the rule-book and correct it, too. You’ll enjoy the new pace and, despite attempting to hide your light, it will shine bright enough to gain you lots of attention and goodwill. Things should go as wished for when it comes to love, especially if your love has strong connections to nature and the land.

Mid-month may seem a little claustrophobic. Your world may seem to have shrunken socially, and any little vacations are too far on the horizon to be of use. More worrying, your love/house-mate/new pet may be hogging the couch or the room, and someone has to throw those toys out. Use kind, loving words and avoid confrontations, especially when it comes to old t-shirts. The house can be big enough for two (or three). For those looking for love, you may find it out in the grocery store, or while fishing (as in angling). Cast away!

January slides to an end with your home somewhat emptier, but brighter. You’ll have discarded much of the old and are ready to welcome the new. You may buy a new apron and take up baking, cooking or knitting…Or perhaps you’ll join a book club. You’ll feel loved and cherished by your loved ones. And if single, you’ll choose your new love as carefully as you choose your new duvet set. It’s a new you for 2018 😀



It’s a little crowded at your place, but once school begins you can concentrate on getting back on track.

The month begins on a cold note. Either someone’s giving you the cold shoulder, or it’s too cold to go outside and play. With so many personalities crowding your space, you may want to turn off the TV and play some board games instead. If you live in earthquake prone areas, you may want to practice a drill, just in case. On the bright side, things may be better now than they were this time last year.

Mid-month may bring some mother-issues, or mother-in-law issues for some, with regard to child (or pet) rearing. Don’t commit to any long term plans and try not to accept offers of help if you can’t tell how long the period may be. On a brighter note, your family may pamper you, possibly while infuriating you at the same time. Put your feet up and relax. Let things take care of themselves just for once. It’s also a great time to get creative, especially if you’re good with a needle and thread.

At the end of the month, you may find yourself piggy-in-the-middle when it comes to two strong personalities. You’ll have to learn new skills to manage or placate each. Your newly grown negotiating skills should serve you well, even when dealing with kids and pets, and you may get so much satisfaction out of it that you may want to study some aspect of negotiation further. Play your cards right at work and at home, and you’ll have everything stacking up in your favor.



Romance takes a backseat as a new home situation has you rearranging your life.

The month begins on a steady note, perhaps with a few home improvements, or a new temporary job. You’re proud of your efforts even though it’s only your social media friends who may get to see them. In love, an old wild flame may ask for a second chance, but it’s unlikely you’ll give it as you’re all about stability this month.

By mid-month, you may feel some frustration when it seems a project is stuck in the mud, or you’re confined to home. Use this time to research and re-evaluate your action plans, and get some new quotes for old projects/project pieces while you’re at it. You may be pleasantly surprised by what you discover.

The month ends in a flurry of activity, which may leave a water-sign or your beloved somewhat miffed. Have you forgotten an anniversary or other plan? A short trip may also be delayed when a project is once more extended or fails to lift off the ground. Whatever you do, don’t make any promises to loved ones at this time. You may be all about stability, but it isn’t playing ball with you this month. Take a deep breath and stay on your toes.



You have the magic touch. What you do with it and how it turns out is all up to you…

January begins with a satisfying move forward. The feeling of being strung out and left to dry will lift, and you’ll find at least three offers/options to get you all excited about life again. Take your time and don’t rush into things. Impulsive decisions may be regretted, so apply all you learned last year and sign-on only when you know all the facts. In love, you may want to reveal your vulnerable side earlier than you usually do. Scary, I know, but it moves your relationship forward in the way you want.

Mid-January brings the magic. You hold all the cards and set the pace in your most important endeavors. Your charm will open doors and your manifestation powers will be akin to having your own genie. Stay positive, and be fair. What you put out there comes back to you. Difficult negotiations may take longer than you like, but will reveal any unfairness or inequality to your future benefit. This includes love matters.

The month comes to an end with you still moving towards your goals at a more accelerated pace. Second chances with Cancerians will go well, as will with anything that was stalled last June/July. If you’re looking for a new transport solution, you’re likely to find a dependable one now. Life looks sweet as you can finally sit back, relax and snooze for a bit.



The rest is short, the road is long. It’s time to sing your own song.

January begins with a quiet moment or two. Your intuition will be strong, but your judgement a little skew. Don’t second-guess yourself, especially when it comes to following through on your decisions from last December. Breathe and know that you’re on the right path.

Mid-month brings a slowing down. You may fight a cold or run out of steam. Rest and meditate, get your breath back, and allow others to take care of you. Perhaps it’s time you took a real holiday. It’s also a great time to build bridges with family members, and with the Cancerians and Pisceans in your life.

January winds down on an emotional note. Family matters will be at the forefront, as will matters concerning your physical home. If you’re moving or selling property, you’ll want to do your research as it could take four months or more before you see any progress. Cheer up, Gem. despite such heavy energies around you this month, you will have your greatest wish come true, particularly if it’s been delayed for much of the previous year.



With this and that, and that and this, you’ll have to have your wits about you to keep track of it all.

January begins with a push and pull. Someone’s trying to pull your strings trying to encourage you let go of something. But don’t fight it. They may have your best interests at heart. While they may not be a drop-dead gorgeous billionaire waiting to whisk you away to the life of the rich and famous, it may be your old banking advisor trying get you to part with your battered old card and offer you one with more benefits or a better interest rate. Sad, but helpful…

Mid-January your logic and communication skills are perfect, allowing you to find a great new home or household goods. It’s the perfect time to get home renovation quotes. Your intuition and psychic tendencies kick in, too, so that you see further than the sales pitch and how to make your dreams come true. Spiritual revelations and gifts grow, particularly if your ancestral family is prone to such. Be sure to keep a dream journal as those ancestors may have very interesting notes for you.

January winds down with you feeling quite winded. You may suffer a loss of confidence as deadlines and dates approach and there’s no fairy-godmother to help you magic those chores away. Renegotiate if you must, put your best optimistic smile on, and watch Legally Blonde for inspiration. If it’s not your thing, try watching anything with Simon Pegg—just because.



Your ambition drags you off to a strange upside-down land where it’s hard to find creature comforts, but good companions inspire.

January begins on a bright note. You’ll be awarded a position or gain an achievement you’ve long been seeking. But it comes with a price, not financial—that’s looking good, along with a new car or truck. But it comes at a price. (Cue weird music).

Mid-month may bring some backache, or intense stress. It’s vital to keep your balance and take things slow. Help is at hand from a Taurean— or other steady, friendly type, who’ll show you the ropes and where to find the best pastries. Prepare to be best mates, ‘cos pastries will be important—very important (Cue weird music).

January ends with a reveal of the true situation (cue climatic music), and possibly a lengthening of your stay in Strangeville. Though you may miss your home, your beloved may surprise you with an unexpected visit. If not, good friends can be found in the oddest of places and at the pubs. Taking up a creative pursuit—photography, calligraphy, or just plain coloring in of pictures, will help you discover a new you.



It’s a hard slog, but you’re coming out of the fog.

January begins with you sticking to a situation. The worst is over, the ducks are in a row, and you’re feeling fairly confident that whatever you need to pull off will go without a hitch. If this involves love and/or the internet, it looks like you’re right. If it involves children, you may just want to make sure those ducks can get back into line quick, quack.

Mid-January brings a meeting of the minds, a meeting of the souls, or a meeting with an investor you have to win over. Let’s hope they aren’t all one and the same, as there’s a bit of an uphill battle with one, both, or all. They may be underwhelmed, and you may have to give more than you intended in order to win your goal.

The month ends on a more celebratory note. You’ll be feeling on top of the world, will have a supportive creative hand by your side (and possibly a soul-mate), but there’s a ton work to be done. Nevertheless, you’re exactly where you wanted to be: right on time, right on track. And could you have asked for a more perfect start to the year?



A strong Gemini influence may try to keep you unbalanced, especially in matters of the heart.

January begins with you needing a vacation from logic and the everyday. A Gemini may be playing mind games, or just minding their game, but it’s got you drawing a line and making for the exit. Quality me-time is what you’re craving, in particular a trip to the spa or other pampering spot. Once you find your balance, you’ll be happy enough to go back to being a sport. But mind you keep your balance or you’ll be nursing bags of resentment sooner or later.

Mid-January finds you searching for efficiency and re-organizing. You’re making your plans, reaching out to others and cradling new friendships. In the process, you’re learning a lot. This is the time to impress the boss, or your partner. And if they’re too busy playing games, you’ll probably grab the reins yourself. Mid-month is not the time to be faffing around, now is it?

As January winds down, you don’t as you’re still stuck an efficient, no-nonsense mood. Finances grow well, as does your network. You’ll be proud of all you’ve achieved and happy in your skin. New loves and old will have to grow up quick and catch up with you, as you’re not about to go wasting your time and love on anyone who’s not going to stick around for the long-haul, or is still intent on playing games. You have a lot to do, and nothing and no-one is going to slow you down—unless you really, really want them to ;-D



Arguing with yourself is never much fun. Drawing others into it makes even less so. Time to explore more options in decision-making.

January begins like a reality show tagline: Two options, one choice. Will your judgement be good enough? Yes, it will because you’ve already made your choice after weighing the options. And now you’re just a tad nervous about going through with things. Go for gold; you have nothing to lose.

Mid-January shines a spotlight on family and romance matters. Your decision may not sit well with your nearest and dearest, leading to some sulking (on your part or theirs—toss a coin to see who) and maybe some disappointment. If you’ve moved house, you may have to move again because of noisy neighbors or inferior workmanship. This spotlight also allows insight and clarity, allowing you to navigate such matters with greater ease, in future.

January comes to an end with a little bit of flirting, and many more passionate debates, especially with yourself. Time to stop the endless mental arguing, or you may find you’ve stabbed yourself in the back with no-one to point a finger at but yourself. (Like that’s never happened before). Focus on the practical and apply all that mental energy to innovative problem solving, preferably on paper where you can see it for what it is.



You’re clearing your space, opening your mind and preparing for a new way of being.

The month begins with you sweeping away the cobwebs and debris from last year. You’ve got love on your mind and money to make, and you’re not about to weigh yourself down with old baggage. You’re also being slow and careful as the last thing you want is for wires to get crossed and misunderstandings to ruin your perfectly conceived and implemented plans. Perhaps you’re aiming to go out with Libra this month?

Mid-January finds you settling in, with a clear view of how to reach your next goal. More importantly, you’re all set to begin new, healthier, habits—in mind, body and soul—and to reinvent yourself along nobody else’s ideals but your own. You’ll mine your stubbornness-vein if you have to, but no-one’s telling you what to do any more. Are you sure you want to go out with Libra this month?

January comes to an end with a total lack of nostalgia. Your focus is totally on the present with an eye to the future. You may begin a new study course or take a new approach to love. And if you haven’t changed jobs, you may be rearranging the office or your desk. You know you’ve got a lot to learn and a lot to give, and the thought of it both excites you and makes you nervous. Try to ground yourself as you may find yourself mentally and physically exhausted. The last thing you want right now is to run yourself down. Be sure to take some time out, or to incorporate some meditation and regular chill-out time into your newly forming habits.

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