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My Lotus FM Studio Visit

As you may know, most weekdays my tarotscopes go live on Cosmic Chat on Life&Style—the mid-morning Lotus FM show hosted by Zakia Ahmed. She’s been inviting me to get out of my comfort zone and into the studio ever since I began my stint back in late February this year. Not having my own car, getting to the SABC in central Durban is a problem.

On Tuesday, 28 November 2017, I finally got to the Lotus FM studios for the live broadcast of Cosmic Chat, thanks to my awesome Mum and Dad.

Cosmic Chat usually goes on between 11:40am-11:55am. I begin prepping at least 30mins before, in the quietest room I can find (except for one beautiful day when I took the call outside). Most days, KrsnaPriya, the show’s producer, calls me and holds me on the line just before Zakia is ready for Cosmic Chat, then off we go into Aries’ tarotscope for the following day. Thereafter, I do a quick mini-reading for one random caller, and often for the winner of Waxing Lyrical as well. And that’s it—my ten minutes or so on-air. It’s one of the most peaceful times of the day for me when I ground myself, giggle with my guides, hold the space for the listeners, and just chill till I get the call. It is very much my comfort-zone, and moving out of it for even just a day made me just a tad nervous. Still, exploring life outside a comfort-zone is always a good thing. And the fact that dad could get me to the studio that day seemed too good a chance to pass up for this curious writer. Though I’ve been in TV studios before as a student, I’ve never been in a live radio studio…

We arrived just before 11am and signed in. KrsnaPriya fetched us from reception and took us to the studio. With phones on silent we walked in while Zakia introduced a song. The studio is fairly large, neat and comfortable; not at all like the cramped space I’d envisioned when writing Settle Down Now.

In studio Zakia Ahmed, Leenna Naidoo, KrsnaPriya @ LotusFM studios
L-R Zakia, myself, KrsnaPriya

The main guest for the show—a guru who’d just done a laughing therapy demo—was just leaving, along with the newsreader, Prabashni. Then it was hugs and hellos all around as Zakia took my hand and just stared at me for a moment. We’d been chatting on the phone for all of South Africa to hear for months now, but had never met before. I didn’t say much. What could I say to such a legendary host? In person, Zakia is more petite than I’d pictured, and with all the energy and good humour as comes across in her show. With Zakia, what you hear is what you get! KrsnaPriya’s humour and energy is a good match with Zakia’s. Being in studio with both of them was fun!

grounding before tarot read Leena Naidoo
Grounding before I begin the serious prep.

Time seemed to fly by as I began my prep, all the while trying to take in as many details for my writer-brain as possible. Mum and Dad sat close by, watching me prepare for the first time, as did Zakia and KrsnaPriya.

We chatted in bursts when the green studio light was on. The day’s spread was interesting, with two signs mirroring each other, which doesn’t happen too often.

Zakia Ahmed, KrsnaPriya, Leenna Naidoo at Lotus FM
Laying out the cards with my first audience

Pravina Maharaj, my writer friend who also works at the SABC, dropped by to say hi. Another first in person meeting for us.

I got to see how Waxing Lyrical works from the studio side. We had a winner with a beautiful voice who gave her reading to her husband.

KrsnaPriya, Leenna Naidoo
selfies in the studio

KrsnaPriya mentioned she’d stream the tarotscopes live on Facebook, and I tried not think about being on-camera, too. I’m much more comfortable behind the lens…

Leenna Naidoo reading on air
Ready to go

Time ticked on, I donned the surprisingly comfy earphones, and then Zakia was cueing me in just like she does every time.

My nervousness disappeared and it was Cosmic Chat as usual with me going into Aries. I didn’t even give much thought to KrsnaPriya filming as I read. With relief, I thought it was all going to be a normal read, but Zakia didn’t go onto Taurus, mentioning instead that she’d always imagined I’d been reading from notes each time. I do take mental notes while I’m prepping, but don’t rely on them in the final read as it often changes and time is limited. But it does make me more coherent—mostly 😀 I couldn’t really discuss it further as the messages for Taurus needed to go. And it was back to the tarotscopes.

Just when I thought it was all going well, I got all spacey and kind of lost the plot over Virgo, ruled by Mercury who was entering his retrograde phase. A sudden refocus and it was on to Libra. All went well again until Sagittarius. Trickster Mercury struck again. I didn’t notice I said Sagittarius again, even though I was reading Capricorn’s card, and the error continued through to Aquarius and Pisces! It had never happened before, and I didn’t even notice until I got home that evening! Ah well, my guides said, maybe those signs were sharing some energies, especially Capricorn and Aquarius…

With the tarotscopes over, Zakia asked me about the cards I was using, and then we took the random caller. Once the mini-read was done, we went to the waxing lyrical winner’s read, and then it was all over. I’d survived my first in-studio live broadcast! I’ve even been invited back. We’ll have to see. There’s both my comfort-zone and the transport to think about. Though I must admit, it does make a nice change…:-D

Zakia and Leenna during Life&Style
My first in person chat with Zakia

My greatest thanks to Zakia and KrsnaPriya, and to mum and dad, too!

Krsnapriya, Leenna Naidoo
KrsnaPriya and I

Watch the live stream on Facebook here.

Listen to Cosmic Chat on Lifestyle&Style on Lotus FM every weekday between 10am to midday, GMT+2.

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Tarotscopes November 2017–Bumper Romance Edition


by Leenna

Everyone’s got something new and something old to deal with this month—new opportunities, old people or vice-versa. So, it seemed like a good idea to have another little look at romance. Check back to the last bumper edition for more insight.

* for entertainment purposes.



Balance those emotions and a sense of peace will spread to all areas of your life.

November begins with a need to seek balance, especially in communication and your mental processes. So, if you want your pitch to win over that of the most-annoying-guy-from-the-office, you need to find the right words—and images. And hold off on those jokes as it’s quite likely that the person you’re pitching to has no sense of humour (at least, not one they care to share). Go for clarity, eloquence and good strategy instead, both at work and at home too. And, as always, listen!

Mid-month brings a sense of renewal and good judgement, especially in family matters and spiritual ones. Emotions may run high, particularly with other water signs, so it’s up to you to keep the calm and peace. Unexpected events may cause sudden happy changes if you manage things right when it comes to romance, proposals and birthday plans.

The month comes to an end with a new sense of balance and peace. Great spiritual growth is possible at this time. You may want to study a new language in preparation of long travels next year. Most of your projects will be nearing completion, if they haven’t already, and you’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment and joy.

Romance for singles: Not the best month to find love and romance at parties and socials as the object of your interest may prove to have a codependency on a substance, or could be obsessed with the need to hear wedding bells. Remain aloof until you get to know them better.

Romance for couples: It’s time to whisk your beloved away from the kids/family and go to a spa or on a romantic getaway. If the budget doesn’t stretch that far, pack a picnic basket (or a snack-pack) and take them for a romantic walk/hike/to the secret-spot-in-the-house (not the damp basement) and woo them like you did when you first met.



A temptation from the past tests your zest and growth for the future.

The month begins on a playful note when new beginnings seem yours for the picking. The past is tempting you back (that sense of innocent and carefreeness) but you know that kind of life/love is no longer sustainable. Avoid moving backward; it doesn’t show you in your best light.

Mid-month brings some travel and a lot of passion. This could be a water-sign from your past, but do you really want to deal with all that drama again? Business or your career, too, could suffer if you don’t make the right decisions in love now. Concentrate on those new opportunities, and plan your trips with a firm eye on the future.

November comes to a close with what looks like a test for you. You’ll have to be stronger still and remain true to your beliefs and to yourself. Home-life may bring some discontent, or a relocation. Renovations may have you wishing you were somewhere else. Think outside the box and don’t allow your ego to make excuses for inaction. Now’s the time to act and step into your future.

Romance for singles: Call your friend Scorpio for a consolatory dinner, it’s not the best time for romance. There may be some time apart from the object of your affection. Or this could be a time when you need to get to know yourself better so you can better recognise who, and what, you need in love.

Romance for couples: If you’ve been feeling disconnected from your beloved, now is the time to do something to let them know how you feel (a wee talk might be a good starting point), or make new plans with them to show your commitment to your combined happiness.



Don’t doubt your decisions. You’re on the right track.

November begins on a stable note, allaying concerns about money and employment. You’ll feel centred and back in charge of yourself (and your life), allowing your natural good humour and affection to shine through again. You’ll also find help (legal or other advice) from a Gemini or Libran friend. Be sure to regard your own thoughts, and research, when making major decisions.

Mid-month looks a little dreamy, but well-grounded. You may receive an early bonus or other windfall which will help you achieve one of your long-term dreams—an island adventure, or a spiritual retreat, perhaps? There’s lots of spiritual gifts coming your way as well. Be sure to rest, journal, and allow yourself some quiet time to integrate and expand your energies.

November comes to an end with some intense mental activity, and perhaps a few sleepless nights. Don’t allow anxiety to rule over any recent decisions you’ve made. Allow yourself to build or plant something new. Let your creativity rule instead. It’s the perfect time to start baking some holiday treats 🙂

Romance for singles: There’s loads of passion from someone who wants to woo you off your feet. They may not be the best dancer (clumsy even) but they sure know how to treat you well, and enjoy food as much as you do. Try a little playfulness and see how well they pick up your non sequitur.

Romance for couples: Whatever you’re hoping for is likely to come to you very soon. So, be very careful what you wish for romantically as you’re sure to get it sooner than expected. This includes additions to the family or you wanting more ‘space’. Make sure it’s really what you want and need for this time of year.



Woohoo Aquarius! This is your love month calling! And whatever the weather, it will feel like the sun’s shining just for you.

November begins like a rom-com with a brand new love relationship or a refurbished current/old one which feels like new (you know what I mean). It could well be someone from your past, or even from a past-life (if it’s a new love) or renewed ties and appreciation of your beloved. But however you meet up again (after an hour or even a decade), prepare for some goofy goings-on. Let your confidence see you through, and be someone’s sunshine.

Mid-month may feel a little bit of a downer after your previous emotional high. Take a good look around and you’ll see your world in a new light. There’s major changes afoot with no time for regrets (but plenty of second chances). You have the resources to follow your heart this month.

The month comes to a close with some much needed travel—an early vacation to destress before the holidays? Karma will be your close friend, so think positive, be positive, and do good. There’s good coming to you too (and possibly a new commitment) so it’s time to leave guilt and self-doubt behind.

Romance for singles: Karmic ties and relationships are highlighted for most. There’s lessons to be learned and lots of love to give and receive. For some, you could be meeting ‘the only one—possibly from another culture or upbringing.

Romance for couples: You’ll be swept away, either by your partner’s passion or by your passion for your partner. Time to take that weekend or two away. You’ll also find inspiration for your creativity from your love relationship. Best of all, you’ll be brimming with happy, fuzzy energy 🙂



New perceptions change your world for the better, if you allow yourself to see clearly.

Happiness comes from creative banter (and not a little flirting!) at the beginning of this month. You’ll be exchanging lucrative ideas with an air-sign who seems to match up to all your needs and expectations—and to find the cracks in your ideas and fix them, too. But before you go jumping the gun, hold on and strengthen those boundaries. This person may not have your best interests at heart. In business with them, dot your ‘i’s and cross your ‘t’s. Then let their trustworthiness be proven over time.

Mid-month looks like a row of dominoes teetering. First you may feel stuck on a merry-go-round with the same-old-same-old, then comes the realisation that the time was not right, but that the starting gun is about to go off. And then comes the new start and a knowing of your own power, which gets everything falling neatly into place. Find your centre, strive for balance, and exercise your power wisely.

Late November may see you walking away from something (or someone), but still very much in your power. All that you need (and more) comes to you, including a slew of admirers. While it may not be the perfect time for new relationships, it is for reconnecting with your children (including pets) and allowing your creativity to earn you a few more breaks.

Romance for singles: Spirituality plays an important part in your love-life this month. Some could meet their new love at church, temple, or philosophical meetings. Others may choose to concentrate on their own spiritual growth at this time instead of actively pursuing love. Either way, follow your intuition, so allowing your ability to experience great love to grow.

Romance of couples: It’s time to be strong. You or your partner needs to be more independent as your relationship may feel a little smothered by all the togetherness. It’s also a good time to address each others annoying or harmful habits. Try channelling some of your energies into creative and spiritual hobbies.



Take care of your health and your heart, especially when you’re setting difficult targets for yourself.

November begins with you feeling somewhat jaded or run-down. Take good care of your health, and if you’re feeling drained or are prone to fevers, do visit the doctor as soon as possible. Don’t push yourself to meet impossible deadlines of your own making. Rest and relaxation is what you most need at this time. Rather take it by choice instead of pushing the universe’s hand at this time.

Mid-November may not begin as the favourite time of your year, but it quickly changes into one! Unpredictability rules for a few days when anything could happen. Communication devices may take on a life of their own, so double-check your mail and back-up your important data. You’ll be learning new skills, one of which may become your new favourite ‘thing’. And there’s love and reunions towards the end of this period. If you’ve been apart from your beloved, you’ll be more than able to make up for it now.

November winds down with you hard at work or attempting to build your reputation. There’s lots of love and contentment, but if your partner’s an air-sign, they may be less than forgiving if you don’t make enough quality time for them. S,o set aside any new toys during your ‘special’ time. Else it’s the couch (or worse) for you in the foreseeable future.

Romance for singles: Trust issues may surface, making it hard for interested peeps to connect with you. If you’re not really looking for someone special that’s okay, but if you are, you’ll need to address these issues before you do. Remember, too, that if you’ve dealt with your issues, the person you’re interested in may still be dealing with theirs.

Romance for couples: Arguments about family traditions or bringing up children may cause some sulkiness or distance between you and your beloved. Compromise is called for, or at least a serious discussion where you both listen and speak frankly. Religion could also be a thorny issue this month, not just with your partner, but with friends as well. Avoid spiritual discussions in company to maintain harmony, even if you’ve had interesting discussions with the same groups/person before.



Shake off any feelings of discontent. You’ll soon see the results of your choices and hard work.

Life begins to move in the direction you’d hoped for at the beginning of the month. You may have new transport or be travelling to a new destination. But there’s some discontent or a feeling that you should be doing something else. There may also be some concerns about your health or your mother’s/partner’s/sisters well-being. You may decide to take a new direction or relocate at this time. And if you’re awaiting an independent evaluation, it’s sure to be in your favour.

Mid-month sees the end of the feeling you’re being pulled in two directions. You find your carefree self emerging, possibly attracting new love or a new friend with it—one who reminds you of your younger self. While an old situation may not quite be done and dusted, it’s no longer a weight on your mind, allowing you to make better choices.

November winds down with you feeling uncertain over love or choices made earlier in the month/this quarter. Your fears will be allayed by a fire-sign or a creative person. Your sleep pattern will return to normal and you’ll find your emotional balance returning. If you didn’t give up on a love relationship, you’ll find the benefits now.

Romance for singles: Hanging out with your friends or allowing them to recommend new prospects to you will bring you the most luck in love this month. If work is overwhelming, ask for help, and this too could bring you the person of your dreams. Don’t try to go it alone this month.

Romance for couples: Family responsibilities may prove to be knotty. Unravel some time for you and your beloved to reconnect in a less stressful setting. Perhaps a gentle walk in the countryside or a riverboat cruise will be just the thing. Or a new class or course you would both enjoy—cooking/baking or painting…



Standing still for now may lead to faster movement in the direction you wish to go.

What-ifs may be the bane of your life at the beginning of November, especially as it seems a small risk may allow you to pursue a long-held dream. With a lighter workload, or a smaller car, you may have the chance to scale back the energy-drainers and scale up the time you can spend on securing your happier future. Concentrate on the practicalities and the facts in front of you.

Your indecision or a stalemate could be just what’s needed around mid-month. Stalling, it may be, but with good effect. A better change, more suited to you, is right around the corner. Just don’t let the mental merry-go-round sweep the carpet out from under you. If you want to stay in one place for a little longer, you may have to temporarily jump to someone else’s tune.

November comes to a close on an emotional and fun note. You may be romanced by a brand new person (or an old-flame recently returned) but if something smells a little fishy to you, it probably is. It’s the perfect time for some fun and new beginnings, but only on your terms. Erase the what-ifs and follow that dream (or at least write it down). The universe may just show you an amazing short-cut.

Romance for singles: If public displays of affection are your thing, you may just find your match! An old childhood friend (or friend of a friend) may break out the mistletoe extra-early just for you. There’s a hint of mischievousness and playfulness that’s quite intoxicating. But for it to last into the new year, you and your beloved will have to do the relationship work.

Romance for couples: Rituals are a means of communication which your beloved reads carefully. Ensure you’re sending the right messages with your daily rituals—whether it’s the way you’re brushing your hair, or pouring milk into the cereal. And if you get a question out of left-field, don’t get defensive; remember it’s your change of daily rituals/actions which brought it on. Use this as a way to enable greater communication.



A roller-coaster month of work and love brings out the crazy—and a really big decision.

Sleepless nights and anxiety should be things of the past as November begins. There’s new (or renewed love) bringing loads of inspiration and high-spirits just when you need them. Things are moving fast—both at work and in love. Expect declarations of passions from your beloved, and wild bursts of productivity at work. Things may be a little crazy, but worth all the effort,

Mid-November brings a total change of pace. A slow-down or total standstill allows you some much needed time to rest and take stock. Happiness stems from being with friends, family and your beloved, and may make for some great memories. Don’t be surprised if your new love (or renewed love) introduces you to their extended family or makes some other declaration or commitment.

November crawls to an end with you working or studying something new. If self-employed, you’ll be hard at work on new systems and securing new clients. Gemini’s may throw you off-track, either by declaring you a nemesis or by whisking you off on a romantic getaway. Either way, you may feel your life has once again thrown the crazy switch. Best to go with the flow if you can’t swim for safety.

Romance for singles: Oh dear, dear Cancer. There’s two ways this could go. Either you’ll feel you’ve met ‘the one’ or someone else will think you are ‘the one’. Problem is it’s all thinking on one side and all feeling on the other. In other words, take care as there may be an unrequited love triangle brewing—even if it’s with you, the other person and your pet dog. Someone may get very hurt if intentions and feelings aren’t made known from the very beginning.

Romance for couples: Your partner, especially if they are away or seldom get to spend much time with you, is missing you and all your little quirks—those small touches of colour and appreciation of life that you bring to their world. Keep doing what you’re doing and treat your partner to an afternoon of true romance.



If you’ve felt you’ve had the training wheels on, they’ll be off by the end of the month.

November begins on a wildly exciting note. For some, success in marriage or at home (winning all those ‘debates’?), and for others, a promotion at work or a new job. Whatever it is, be it your wit or your competence and creativity, it’s attracting all the right kind of attention—and invites too! Enjoy!

Mid-month may bring some fevers or low energy-levels. Carry those tissues and hankies, and make sure you’ve got your allergy meds with you. There’s a host of choices for you to make, too, but which idea to pursue can wait till the cotton-woolly feeling leaves your senses clear.

By month’s end, you may have to master something new—a program, a role, a new route to walk the dog…Whatever it is, you’re not loving it, and may in fact be struggling a little to adapt. Blame it on the slow-start at mid-month and know you’ll have it all down pat by the last day of the month. Use your logic and organisational abilities (not to mention, the d-word) to win through.

Romance for singles: An ex may return and ask for a second-chance. If your heart’s not in it from the beginning, why even go there? Though it may be difficult to be single at this time of year, it’s better than starting a relationship which sends out the wrong message to all the right people.

Romance for couples: You may be working hard to bring home the bacon, but sometimes all your beloved wants is a good vegan dinner… Simple, inexpensive pleasures keep your beloved happier just now. Quality time with you is worth more than gold.



Love is strong on your mind and in your heart.

Love surrounds you this month as you say goodbye to the past. This shift within yourself radiates out to others, drawing in the same gentle, heart-felt love to you. Understanding and gentleness travel with you making for less drama. But you have something passionate to say to someone you love. It’s just not the right time for it.

Around mid-month, your schedule may lighten up enough for you to take a fun break. It may be to the sea, or to another watery environment (maybe a flotation tank) which leaves you well-rested and full of creative ideas. But you’ve still got your love-letter to re-write. No worries, you’ll get it right.

The travel theme continues till the end of the month when you may travel further to a forest or pristine area you’ve never visited before. It may remind you of your mother’s legacy in some way. Keep your sense of humour and allow your inspiration and connection to spirit to guide you safely on your path. If you’ve had difficulties with Librans or Geminis, you’ll find the secret to balance the situation now. In matters of the heart, know you’re on the right path.

Romance for singles: Community events and theatre may be where you find your next romance. A friend of a friend may be your next love as you’re looking for good references, not just good looks. Then again, the kind soul who helps you carry all your holiday parcels could also be the next to steal your heart.

Romance for couples: If you’ve been wondering about soul mates you’ll get your answers now. Your beloved may prove once again just why they are the only one for you. And if they are not, your soul mate may appear to you in dreams and other messages. But not all soul mates bring romance. And not all soul mates are human. The only thing soul mates ensure is that you have a lesson or two to learn in love.



A month of great changes and opportunities.

November begins by putting an end to a stagnant situation. A long delayed decision will be made, allowing you to manifest your greatest desires in terms of your career and finances. It may not be a perfect start, but you’ll be further up the ladder than you thought possible. Remember what team-work means, but don’t give your power away just to fit in. You are more valuable than you think.

There’s never a quiet moment around mid-month when a major change brings new friends, and great emotional and creative balance to you. Make sure to take the time to rest well, and be sure to drink plenty of water. You’ll be looking and feeling better than you have for a long time.

By month’s end you’ll may be wondering if all that effort was worth it. The work may just keep coming and you may wish you’d taken a longer break earlier in the year. If you aren’t earning as well as you think you should, you may still be in a probationary phase or may have to study an extra skill. Keep faith in yourself and your ideas. For a few, a concern about your mother may impact your work or prevent you attending a social, or delay you in some way. Though you may feel conflicted, ground yourself and stay true to who you really are.

Romance for singles: This month may have you believing you’re never going to meet someone special. Once more, you’ve got to keep the faith, hang up your hangups, and allow love to find you. With all the new goings-on, let your future partner do the work and find you.

Romance for couples: It’s time to enjoy your time together. Take a little trip together (or a big one!). Talk about all your dreams and plans for the future. Merge them together and let pure romance take over your life. Or, you know, just have a pajama-day together 🙂

Have a fab month!

P.S I’m having to re-start my draft of Your Tarotscope 2018 with a whole new section and more insights so it may be a little late like this post. Details coming soon 😀

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Tarotscopes August 2017


by Leenna

August looks like a mixed-bag for most of us, with many of us consolidating progress and on ideas made in June and July. For some, it’s still cosmic exam time, while for others it’s time to break glass-ceilings in both business and love.

*only for entertainment purposes.



Like good cheese, you’re maturing well, Leo.

August starts off on a beautiful note with a hope or dream within reach or being realised. This may be the time when you find new routes to cherished dreams or people. Your optimism will be high and your spirituality strong, especially when you are interacting with nature. The term ‘clear skies’ come to mind, allowing you to see further with understanding.

Your optimism matures into a greater commitment on an emotional or spiritual level come mid-month. Emotional reconciliation or renewed determination to stick to a person or plan finds you considering new never-before-thought-of paths. While this may seem scary, you’re a pioneer at heart (or with heart) so explore till your heart’s content.

August ends on a stable, less confusing note for you. While plans and ideas move or grow more slowly than you’d like, you’ll feel more grounded and content with your broad future plans/vision, a greater connection to your life-purpose and even a greater connection to your ancestors or a suppressed part of yourself.



The month begins on a strait-laced note on the surface but has a definitely more fun-feeling under the surface.

Libras are significant in your life at the start of the month, bringing some insight with a touch of humour. While others may think of you as somewhat unforgiving over some aspects just now, your playfulness and compassion will pop-up at the most unexpected times. Expect puppy dogs and little kids to either cry at the sight of you or run after you in delight! Through it all, you’ll have clarity come to you at the oddest moments.

Mid-August may see you labelled as a lone-wolf at work or in other communities. Recognition may be hard to find or denied you by some. Ignore them and continue the good-work, unless you decide to go your own way. The abundance or monetary rewards you seek may be a little late in coming, so plan accordingly.

The month ends on a similar note for you as Leo. Long-term plans with most Leo’s would therefore work out well as you’ll be on the same page with the same concerns and understanding of each other’s problem-solving. Investment in mining may work out well for you, especially if you have the longer-terms in sight, a connection to the land being utilised, and a concern for the environmental impact and rehabilitation. Planting and reforestation will also make you happy and bring you internal peace. It’s all go with green, Virgo.



Choose paths wisely at the beginning at the month or lighten your social calendar to ease the strain on yourself.

August begins on a decisive note for you. You’re done being…vacillating. You’re done missing opportunities. And it is a great time for you to say ‘yes’ to the new more often—but in moderation, Libra. Choose one path and stick with it—at least for now:-D

More decisions come around mid-month, but at least this time, they’re more clear-cut, perhaps involving money or a business partnership. You may want to call on Virgo and ask for a play-date as their unexpected humour will bring out your own sense of humour and playfulness.

A busy, busy, end of month for you, perhaps even stressful. Too many ideas, too little optimism and maybe a little bit of paralysis caused by inaction/self-doubt. Or perhaps a series of late nights.  You’ll be needing extra sleep for sure.


Be wise and energise, Scorpio.

It’s a fertile period for you at the beginning of the month. Ideas, creations, and the means to ground them into reality are all yours for the asking and taking. Be kind (especially to Virgos who are your good-luck charms this month) and allow your warmth and generosity to surface once more. Friendships will grow stronger in this way.

Mid-August could bring some brushes with legal-eagles. Contracts will be fair (especially if you have your own eagle-eyes) and you’ll be beholden to promises just as much as your co-signatures. For those in love or considering marriage, be aware of the karmic forces at play and decide now if you’re in it for the long-haul, because this flight looks like a non-stop.

August ends on a lovely social and happy note for you. Whatever your mood, the fun and playful side of life is sure to keep tapping you on the shoulder like a game of tag. For those in New Zealand or visiting, a cultural show or art exhibition will inspire you and prove more life-enhancing than anticipated. Watch your alcohol intake and remember that the best kind of fun leaves you feeling better for days after, not worse.


Fly high, Sagittarius. It’s time to feel alive again!

August begins on a hectic note for you. Delayed from June, you’ll be flooded by news, messages, loads of emails… Why not run off to the wilds for a day or two and let your soul build better filters for modern living. But don’t forget the bug-spray. Otherwise, it’s a passionate time for you, with maybe a holiday romance or a business deal/career move at a new location.

Mid-month finds you feeling vulnerable. Perhaps that romance is turning serious or you’d forgotten that bug-spray and are now paying the price or medical fee. Either way, you may feel off-balance or dizzy at the speed at which your life changed. Take heart and be easy on yourself. Adjustments take time. And every new experience or undertaking has a learning-curve.

You’re taking flight, most probably physically. If not, your ideas are doing it for you. Freedom comes with a price this time, and you may wonder if it’s perhaps too much. But stretching your wings is good for you, and it maybe that this is just what you need to get out of your mental and physical comfort-zone (unless you have a serious medical condition). When last did you feel so alive, Sagittarius? When last? Stretch those wings and go with the winds of change.


New spiritual seeking for you, and a small change at home.

August begins on a spiritual note for you. You may feel that there’s ‘more to life than this’ and start seeking new spiritual pathways or expressions of self. This may bring up some latent talents or gifts which may be of benefit to others around you.

Mid-month may bring what feels like a sulkiness when it looks like re-organisation of your home or other home-related plans may fall through or be delayed. Your spiritual/emotional quest may also be put on hold as you deal with more mundane issues and family needs. Some love relationships may feel a little stale and you may want to take a short vacation with your loved-one.

The month comes to an end with a busy, busy feel. Perhaps you’ve got the green-light on your home-related idea or plans and it’s all systems go. Try not to DIY all of it as it may be a too taxing on your time. Make time to play and relax in a natural beauty spot. It’s just the recharge you need! This is when your greatest insights will come to you. Take note!


August may echo an earlier part of the year. Consider this a cosmic test and don’t make the same mistakes twice!

The month begins with some hidden agendas. It may be yours, it may be others. But caution is advised, as is honesty—especially with yourself! It may be all too easy to convince yourself you’re ready for a new experience or job, and that you have all the resources you need to win through any situation. Others may call you out when you least expect it. For this part of the month, stick to what you know and what you’ve mastered.

Mid-August brings a short-term tightening of the budget. Part-time work or beginning your own business may also prove very challenging with the Mercury Retrograde affecting us for most the month. Do your research and your sums (this is not the time to let your money take care of itself) and make sensible plans. Work, or what feels like work, may make playtime and me-time scarce. Schedule a pj-day or two and feel better for it.

The month ends on an emotional note. You may feel far from your family and friends, or perhaps you’re finding it difficult to make trust-worthy new relationships. Your beloved may also be travelling or so busy that you hardly see them. Try painting or another artistic expression to lift your spirits and meet the kind of souls who speak to you just now.



Weed out the worry and plant seeds of hope into your future.

August begins on a good stable note for you, allowing you to finally make some long-term plans.  Explore your child-like creativity to find more opportunities in work and in relationships.

Mid-August may bring a stern, difficult air-sign into your sphere. You may not share the same sense of humour, and it may be very easy to  misunderstand each other. Take the time to clarify your messages, double-check for errors and ensure you’re following the correct formats/procedures.

Late August brings a stuck-in-school feeling where you want nothing more than to go out and play, but work or studies prove too demanding. Celebrations may be put on hold as your workload grows heavy. Keep your focus, stay grounded and you’ll get through this all that quicker. Distractions, welcome though they may be, will only delay that overdue fun-time.


Ooh, Aries! It’s a wonderfully good month for you in terms of love and partnerships.

The month begins with you a little preoccupied on future plans, but firmly in control. It’s a month for trying out new work systems and ensuring that structures in your life are firm and trust-worthy. You’ll be in demand for your skills, or recognised for your achievements. Just the kind of thing you love 😀

Mid-August brings in the lovey-dovey stuff or a wonderful new partnership in another area of your life, along with a whole lot of joy and reciprocal feeling. Either way, it looks like the start of a beautiful friendship. One or two of you may finally make a life-changing choice, so resolving a long-standing conflict in your life. Whatever your situation, go with the flow.

August ends on an uplifting note. Matters which seemed stranded, will float once more, and forward movement to calmer waters will be the result. You know what you want. You know what you need. Now watch as it all comes to you 😀



August brings new beginnings in creativity, or new ways of communicating. Maybe even both!

The month begins with you in an upbeat mood which allows others to see your playful side. New opportunities will result, and you may be asked to solve some issues in an ingenious way. Don’t panic! Play with the problem and it will magically reveal its secrets to you.

Mid-month finds your social calendar full as everyone demands your amazing presence. Outdoor events will be your favourites, which may bring some new romance for those nights under the stars. Or perhaps, you’ll be meeting stars. Or even seeing stars (hopefully not for all the wrong reasons!). Whatever your starry-eyed situation, remember not to overlook the obvious, and don’t overspend.

August ends on a lower note as you realise where your fair-weather friends disappeared to, or find yourself out of pocket because of some overspending. Try not to pour energy into a situation out of sheer optimism. Ensure that you have some basis in fact to continue your involvement with certain people or contracts. Save your optimism for those projects and people closest to your heart, including some overlooked charities.


Life begins again, Sleeping Beauty.

August begins with you in wonderful spirits as you catalogue all that you are grateful for—and there’s so many new wonderful developments to grow your list for the first nine days! Lucky, lucky gem that you are—everyone may now begin seeing you in the light that you wish to be seen—roughened edges or not!

Mid-month brings some much needed fun mental stimulation, perhaps in the form of a long-overdue trip. Whatever way you’re going, it’s a path unique to you which few others can follow you down. Time to revel in your mind, your ideas, and your clear way of looking at the world.

The month ends on with a jarring need to ground those earlier ideas. This may slow the pace you’ve set yourself, but it’s sorely needed to consolidate all that you’re building and to secure your achievements and those dreams which began coming true earlier in the month. Don’t lose yourself this time, bring things down to earth and stick to tangibles at month-end.



As the month grows, so do you.

August begins with you having an itch to act or for movement, or just to do something…different! The cards say wait. Find your balance. Hold the ‘steady’ position for a tad longer so you don’t misstep on the ‘go’.

Mid-August sees you in a powerful position, self-confident and full of ideas. Others will consult with you, and the sky will be the limit in terms of your creativity and ability to influence others. Use this power wisely and to help benefit others too. And if you’re trying to catch someone special’s eye, they’ll be spellbound by you without you even trying!

August ends with you consolidating your position and setting up new systems or structures to allow for more stability and sustainability in your life. Recognition comes on all fronts. And if that special someone hasn’t approached you yet, they will now!

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Tarotscopes June 2017 Bumper Edition!


by Leenna

Wow! The cards are just jumping with Gemini’s energy and everyone’s excitement as we’re hitting the mid-year mark already, leaving behind all that heaviness and drama of April and May. And in celebration of my new Relationship/Soulmate Spread, I decided to do a bumper edition on Love and Relationships with some oracle cards and additional tarot packs.
So read your usual general reading first, then go onto the bonus Love/Relationship read for the rest of 2017. Enjoy!

*only for entertainment purposes.


Love is in the air…especially by the end of the month!

To no-one’s surprise, Gemini, you’re starting off this month in two minds – one smitten and the other wanting to smite away all restrictions and other worries. You may have started a new job or have a new project you’re very excited about, but there’s some niggly little details you’ll have to sort out first and still find time for some rest. If you’re coding or pricing, you may have some redo’s for the first week of June.

Remember to blink often, drink lots of water (not caffeine) and prioritise sleep as you may be prone to colds/flus at this time.

Mid-month sees you sitting pretty as only you can, certain in your ideas, sure of your logic and keen-eyed to boot. It’s a good time for you to focus on home (buying/selling/renovating) and on other domestic matters too. There may be some delays regarding travel or those niggly little details may be taking a tad longer to straighten out than initially thought. It’s also a good time to study a part-time course online, especially short courses just for fun.

And then comes the fuzzy pink part of the month. Yep, there’s love around you. Self-love and quite possibly soul-mate or twin-flame love for those ready for it. You may be suddenly quiet on social media as you may prefer spending quality time with your beloved and learning just what a healthy, balanced loving relationship feels like.
For the singles or not-looking, there’s still the self-love, and the releasing of some old habits or toxic frenemies who finally show their true colours. Still, you may be working on a precious new project and will also be hard to find online. Enjoy!

Gemini’s Love and Partnership themes for the rest of 2017

You’ll form great partnerships with Virgo/Leo or creative and down to earth types.

Love flips over catching you like a sheet on a line on a windy day, or maybe all your fine talk and airy ways has your love wound your little finger. Whichever, your love-life is no longer on hold, your dirty laundry no longer exists and you’ve got that fresh, clear go-ahead to take the next careful step. Don’t worry, you’ll have all the support and help you need as your love will meet you half way 😀

Convention comes into play this month – to be conventional or not be, that is the question? Every couple/partnership is unique, so no advice here except to discuss things well with your spouse/partner/new love and know that not everyone cares for straight lines.

Advice and help comes from Leo/Sagittarius and the odd Aries (yep, your bestie ones). They’ll have just the energy you need to help your projects lift off the ground and the sense of humour to laugh with you when things take an unexpected turn in either direction. They’ll also keep you focused and will take the long-term approach to business and other stability matters.

Looks like an awesome second-half of 2017 for you!



Decisions, more decisions, and new contracts offer more than you thought. And some lucky Cancer may receive a proposal from that Gemini above!

The month begins with you looking beautiful and creating beauty around you, or even healing. Just the time to start a new art class or renew your wardrobe. A Gemini may return to you or leave for a time. If they are returning, it’s with an offer of love or in business, and if it’s them going, it’s to ‘find themselves’. Or perhaps they’ve found you now that you’ve ‘found’ yourself. Either way, you have much to contemplate after some fine, fun talk and reminiscing.

Mid-month brings either a multitude of decisions or one major-life changing one. For some, it’s easy to decide, but the implementation of the decision may bring some hesitation or self-doubt.

Stick your tongue out at self-doubt and go with the decision that tugs at your heart and sense of adventure.

Work goes well and brings in extra cash, not that you’ll be paying much attention to it all as you’ll be squarely focused on your next new adventure or recent proposal.

June slows down as it draws to an end. Financial matters go well, and if it things didn’t work out with Gemini, a steady Taurus/Virgo or even Capricorn, will be making you similar offers or finding the best way to invest your newly minted cash. At the end of June you may feel a little more clarity is needed before you can implement those decisions for change in your life, but by the last two or three days of the month, you’ll be full of verve and sunshine, ready to launch your ideas or follow your love into never before explored territory.

Cancer’s Love and Partnership themes for the rest of 2017

Wow! You just can’t escape all the passion!

Any lethargy or body/health issues will be swept, washed and buffed away within the next 6-8 weeks. You’ll be able to share your passions and be adored for it both in the home and out. Your friends will want to be you, strangers will claim they know you, and even the dog/cat will be demanding their share of you. Now’s the time to apply for any 15-Minutes Of Fame you can think of! And your partner will be the first to hold your hand, clap the loudest, and beam proudly up at you.

Exaltation is the theme for you, not just in your career/public life, but in love to. You’ll shower your love with luxuries and attention, cocooning both of you in your own little cozy world. But it’s not all chocolate and roses. Your love will ascend to higher levels in spiritual and sublime ways. Expect the unexpected in expression of love (Could a love song be written just for you?) and let the little things delight you as much as the bling.

The advice is to rule your passion and not let it rule you! Don’t let third-parties interfere with your partnerships, especially younger ones who claim you’ve charmed them. Take the time to double-check your work and keep your temper in check at meetings and when dealing with fire-signs. But, most of all, remember that even Superwoman needs help. Don’t overwhelm yourself or you’ll feel too stressed to enjoy your fame and exalted love. Seriously, your cup is set to overflow and you know how you hate waste, so set your schedules well.



Juggle, juggle, contract doubled? What a busy bee you’re set to be this month!

The month starts off on a fun playful note. You may kid around and suddenly find your ideas taken seriously, with “I love it! Let’s do it!” So be careful what you suggest to your boss or beloved if you’re looking for a nice quiet June. Children or a fun new hobby may also throw your world into a spin, and so begins the juggle. Some may decide to let a part-time job go for the next few months.

Mid-June may find you looking at new residences or even considering moving abroad or cross-country. New ideas begin the rounds and all that’s missing in your life is a new skill or two. No worries, you’ll get the hang of them soon enough.

The month ends on a high, if unstable note.

Luck clings to you in the most surprising way, and that idea you were kidding about takes off better than expected.

It will be hard for you to get out of the office though, and balancing your life with finesse may seem like just a pipe dream. Make hay while the sun shines, but pray for the odd rainy day so you can rest well too.

Leo’s Love and Partnership themes for the rest of 2017

Hmm…a bit of a hectic time, but steady friendships and affection will see you through.

So, Leo, you can’t read your partner’s mind any more. No worries, you’re just as much an enigma to them too. But, and this is a big but, you need to kick-start that intuition of yours to keep your partnerships strong and healthy. And pretending that nothing has changed isn’t doing either of you any good. So have that big talk soon and sleep more peacefully.

Friendships play a bigger role for the rest of the year, with some cool new friends being made, some old friends returning and your friendship with your beloved getting you through any rough relationship bits. But, and this is a big but, don’t trust your intuition on what you share with whom. Know that some strong friendships have no place outside the pub and others no place outside work, and so forth. Respect other’s boundaries and establish the ‘rules’ of your friendships (especially with those your partner might get jealous of) early in your friendship – and stick to them.

Your advice is to hang back until early July with your financial and promotional plans. In other words, launch new endeavours between July and September for best results. Self-discipline (yes, Leo, I mean you!) and attention to detail will be needed to reach those heights which are now within your grasp. Make them part of your daily routine and you’ll find it so much easier to meet all your commitments and find that balance you’ll be craving.



Some stormy communication clears to reveal bright sun and much love!

June begins with some miscommunication or a failure to see eye to eye on a creative difference, possibly with a Sagittarius/Leo/Aries. You may decide to cut loose from the situation or agree to disagree.

Once that is done, you’ll have that freedom you’ve been craving and will celebrate like it’s 1999 (or is that 2009? Or could it be both?). Whatever, you’ll have a blast and meet some old friends, and make some new ones too.

Mid-month brings some all-sorts into the mix. Communication problems, this time with devices or network communications, may have you anxious over news about your mother or your beloved. Use the downtime from social media and ‘being connected’ to reconnect with yourself and find your internal balance and compass again. Remember to be compassionate with yourself as you clear out the last of your issues regarding fitting in and feeling left out in the cold, as it were. If you’re finding your budget needs stretching, it will stretch further than you think — as long as you’re not buying all the drinks for your friends.

The month ends on a lovely note! Despite a tight budget (or because of it) you may meet the next love of your life or discover it (if it’s a hobby or vocation). Yep, those clouds really do have a shiny lining for you this month and scare away those fair-weather friends. Love wafts in no matter your place or circumstance, bringing in that breath of freshness to everything. So, be yourself (that’s who they are interested in) and you’ll be winning hearts and reaping joy by the end of the month.

Virgo’s Love and Partnership themes for the rest of 2017

You no longer need to feel like a bug pinned down. It’s time to be your best friend, and spread your wings and fly.

Take a minute and look around you – all around you. See all those things weighing you down, all those things tying you down? Who insisted they be just so? Who insisted it had to be so? Yep, you! Time to lighten up, give yourself some wriggle room and go out and play. Spend more time with the kids and spouse instead of the paperwork. Spend more time on sport or hobbies instead of polishing the car. Spend more time on…whatever takes your fancy and is fun!

Intuition is a good guide for you over the next few months. Use it often and wisely. Your BS-meter will be working accurately and overtime — especially when it comes to sales, emotions and intangibles. Trust it and use your insights wisely. Some may decide to study another religion or culture, or take a retreat during the next few months – some alone and others with their partners.

The advice is to notice who reciprocates your efforts, love and time. Share with them and allow them to share with you too. Explore your creative and passionate side and stop making excuses for not allowing change. It’s time now to face your future and decide how you want to meet it. Indecision isn’t as much fun as it used to be.



A deceptively slow start to the month hides rapidly changing situations – just the way you like!

Meeting up with friends may prove hard at the start of the month as love and romance will be high on your priority list, as will work and finding new opportunities for work. One situation ends, leaving you feeling uncertain of your future, but fear not as most situations this month will prove temporary for you.

Mid-June is perfect for reuniting with your love or loved ones, if you’ve been travelling. For the most part, you’ll prefer to be closeted away with your love and family – quality time being your motto for the month.

Life will stop seeming such a struggle and you’ll be able to relax. Any disagreements will also be sorted out, especially with fathers and fire-signs.

The month ends with you intuition strong. Passion is strong between you and your beloved, but some conflict with family mar some gatherings, especially around the full moon. Don’t allow jealousy to ruin your happiness and sense of joy, especially if the green-eyed monster is hiding in close friends and family. Allow your intuition to guide you and listen to your dreams. If single, you’ll dream often of your soul-mate/twin-flame.

Libra’s Love and Partnership themes for the rest of 2017

Taking things slow for the next few months will bring easier change and more stability.

While you want to rush off full tilt, remember that’s how you fall off your horse, especially in matters of love and partnerships. You’ll work well with Leos and Cancerians, as well as with earth-signs, especially if you’ve worked with them before. They’ll help keep you grounded without snuffing out any flames of passion or enthusiasm.

Friendships help you stay focused on the simpler things that bring you joy. Allow relationships to develop at their own pace and share your unique view of the world with those you know will appreciate it. Real friends will reciprocate and open your eyes to more wonders of the world. For some, friendships may deepen into love or vice-versa.

Your advice is to be creative and a team-player. Allow change to flow naturally. While stability and material things may seem unstable, this is the nature of change. Positive change should be your key word, and so is collaboration for greater abundance and love. Your relationship is healthy and resilient with your strong friendship and, no amount of physical or material instability will change that fact unless you wish it so.



This is your universal examinations month – don’t fall into your old ways of thinking and doing.

June starts off wonderfully well for you. You have balance, you have the potential offer to realise a dream, and there’s so much inspiration and creativity around you. Ground those ideas, accept help and keep your eye on the ball.

Mid-month proves a little slippery. Good things do happen to people all the time and now it’s yours. Don’t allow negative thinking and self-doubt to push all the positive energy and love away. The sooner you decide to listen to your heart instead of others, the sooner you decide to do what you love, the sooner you can discern what you’d like to fill your cup and reach out for it. It’s already waiting for you, why delay?

The month comes to a close with some circular thoughts and possible restless nights. Write things down on paper, put the electronic screens away an hour before bedtime and allow yourself to relax. Allow you energy levels to build naturally by avoiding excess sugar and you should sleep much better too. There’s a big surprise at the end of the month which will be your universal pass-mark. You can’t swat for this one, you just have to put all you’ve learnt to good use and expect the best.

Scorpio’s Love and Partnership themes for the rest of 2017

The bickering comes to an end!

Finally, Scorpio, the end of all that bickering around the home is in sight, mostly because you’ve decided to be more practical. Flirting with your beloved may safely begin again, and your energy levels will begin to pick up as soon as the last of the DIY and clean-up is done or that last appliance is replaced. Home and your love-life grows happier, for singles too.

Practicality is called for, especially in late August and early September. Don’t put the cart before the horse in any matter, especially when it comes to family and land matters. Take the slow and steady approach. And if you’re thinking about getting married yet again (yes, this is for one (or two) very specific readers) you may want to delay that thought for the next ten months at least – just saying.

The advice is to prioritise family happiness. Trust your partner. Speak about what you need instead of assuming others can read your deep mind. Be honest, even you sometimes don’t really know what you want, so take some time to discover what this may be with your partner.
Realise that timing is important. Be patient. Allow the slow time to be your spiritual growth time and realise what you really seek may already be all around you or within you.



It looks like a hurry up and wait type of situation developing – all for the better to reconnect with your true-love!

June begins with a rush of movement and travel, possibly to really big cities with lots of cabs/taxis and going about roundabouts… You may be signing lots of contracts, so work, business and other legal matters are all looking good, especially with Cancerians involved or the month of July. Or you may be buying a new vehicle before June is half over. Make it red or blue and you’re sure to have more fun in it.

And then comes the slowing down. By mid-month you may be wondering what the whole sense of urgency was about or missing it. Finances may need a little stretching and your friends are less fun than before. You want to plan long-term. You feel more mature, but your current social circle seem stuck in the past. Never fear, your love is happy to hear your May Be plans, and if you’re single, true love make be striding straight towards you 😀

June winds down with a some juggle, or the end of struggle, but not a struggle to juggle – especially finances.

If you’ve been waiting on a contract, it’s likely to seal you in for a two year period, and possibly reintroduce you to someone or someones from your past. But you’re not moving or looking backwards and if you re-enter a relationship from the past, this time it’s for keeps. So whether it’s ‘Hi!’ or ‘Bye!’ to loves and friends, you really mean it this time.

Sagittarius’ Love and Partnership themes for the rest of 2017

Wow, Sag it looks like you’re finally considering taking that big step involving the dreaded C- or M-word, making for happy love and partnerships.

But (why is there always a but with you, Sag) you’re…hmm…hesitating. You know what you want and what you don’t want. Or rather who you want and who you definitely don’t want, so why the procrastination? Give yourself no more than seven weeks to act or you’ll find the one that you want has given up on you for someone who picks what they choose, if you see what I mean. Then again, you could always do a Lochinvar (the Walter Scott one), but only if they’ll have you back.

Riches and their appreciation are on your mind for the rest of 2017. Is this why the procrastination? Are you feathering the nest for a your beloved, or enjoying the richness of your life before sharing it? Don’t forget the riches moments in life often come without a price-tag or buy-now-pay-later option, featuring instead laughter, nature and pink, fuzzy feelings (or is that candyfloss?). Work together with your partner and you both will have all you could possibly want sooner than you think.

The advice applauds your lack of procrastination. If your rival in love is a Virgo, don’t compete with them on the material/physical level. Use your knowledge and charm to engage your love on another higher level. Know that you have everything you need to make the right choice, follow through and live happily (for at least a long time) after. Don’t doubt yourself now, Sag, it’s very unbecoming in you – just saying.



A month of fits and starts brings some surprises and more creativity – possibly even a little romance or flirtation!

June begins on a heavy note, perhaps with you reconsidering obligations, contracts and partnerships. Support from those you love is there, and so is the possibility of a new love. But don’t take on more than you can chew for now. Take that step back when volunteers are called for ;-D

Mid-June sees lots of travelling, to-ing and fro-ing and the feeling that you’re just not getting anywhere! Too many ideas on the boil at the same time may scatter your energies. There may also be some vital research you’re missing.

So get back to basics, reschedule one or two things for July and start reading those manuals. You’ll soon find yourself back in the zone.

The month comes to an end with a note of triumph. Finances look good and while you may miss a social function or two, you have a brand new idea or a brand new love to keep you company. For some this may be a flirtation at work, and for others a new hobby like flying kites or something else you’ve always wanted to do but never got around to. There’s no time like the present to gift yourself some joy 🙂

Capricorn’s Love and Partnership themes for the rest of 2017

Perfect timing is all yours for now. You can catch that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

Your intuition is high and true for the next six months. You’ll anticipate your love’s needs and reactions and win them all over again with sweet gentleness. Your relationships grow deeper and more spiritual while mysteries reveal themselves, mostly to your delight!

Lack of Choice may seem like a bad thing, but when your mind’s made up, does it really matter? You’ve only ever had eyes for one, and now they do for you too! No matter the weather or the situation you know you can count on each other. In your universe, that’s a state of bliss. What more can I say?

The advice is to keep doing what you’re doing! Family and domesticity bring you happiness and joy. Your hard work and keen practicality turns lead into gold, and with a little pushing, you’re moving faster than expected. So keep pushing for your dreams. They’re just around the corner:-)



Look a little closer. Things are getting better!

June may start off on a flat note with one of your new projects experiencing a failure to launch. Admit it wasn’t your best or most practical idea and get back to the drawing board. There’s still you much you have to learn, and with a little more time, understanding and experience, Version 2 may be all that you’ve dreamed of.

Mid-June brings the end to a stressful situation, and a bundle of cash. Be wise, economise with both your time and money and you’ll be well set for the next few months.

Watch your back and don’t overburden yourself if you’re moving furniture or doing intricate handwork, Perhaps a gentle new exercise routine is needed.

The month winds down with a sense that there are still a few threads that need tying up before you move into a new situation. Be calm and logical, and let’s not forget — fair, in your dealings. A new offer may come from the far north or from a Northerner, and while it’s tempting, look carefully at the small print and know what you’re getting into. An offer of love may come too, from someone older than you and light of heart.

Aquarius’s Love and Partnership themes for the rest of 2017

While you’ll have to keep on your toes, it’s a good time to seal partnerships and be a rock for your partner.

Sincerity about love and relationships, especially regarding family or your past loves, may have you in a reflective mood for much of the time. Where do you fit in? Which relationships need nurturing and how to go about it? And: Do you really know yourself? These deep questions need answering for you to find your mojo again. The sooner you begin seeking these answers, the sooner you can be the real you!

Caution and discretion should be your watchwords in partnerships. While some may be tempted by a flirtation (or dalliance with a younger person), sincerity of both parties should be questioned. There’s no point in distracting yourself from yourself if it’s only going to worsen and delay the very situation you won’t look in the eye. Your partner may also experience a bout of illness at this time. Keep their spirits up with your playfulness.

Your advice is to seek stability. Question your judgement or delay judgements until you can review the facts and emotions dispassionately. Be objective and avoid being impetuous or aggressive. Consider giving your time to some charity or volunteer organisation. New people and ways of being will help you see your own situation and self objectively.

Keep the faith, Aquarius. It’s a tough year for you, and next year is bound to be better with all that you’re learning about yourself 🙂



An uncertain start to the month settles down into a new happiness by the end of it 🙂

June starts with some changes to plans, especially social meet-ups. There may be some gossip which tarnishes a perception of your dreams or your dream-lover.

True friends will be revealed and frenemies will be exposed. Stick some Katy Perry on your playlist and sing along to erase the bad vibes.

Mid-month may bring a new mentor (or study group) into your life and Taureans prove to be good counsellors. You may decide to part-ways with some friends, or even your current home, when you go seeking new pastures and like-minded people. For those of you who feel your ships aren’t even on the horizon, never-mind coming home, it may be time to cut your losses and seek a new way forward.

The month ends on a sexy note with your current love or a new one from your study group. Keep your feet on the ground and try to be realistic. It’s hard to say if this will last (there’s good potential, less stability), but it’s making you happy for now. Family matters go well, and if you’ve been seeking that new home, you’ll find a dreamy one by seeking further afield and being more realistic.
And if you’re hoping for firm commitments or marriage, it’s right in front of you:-)

Pisces’ Love and Partnership themes for the rest of 2017

You’re looking for less convention in your relationships and more emotions and passion. Still, you want all terms and conditions laid out in black and white from the word go.

So you’ve taken off the rose-tinted glasses and are willing to let your previous ideas of perfection and happiness in love be revamped, but…it’s all a little confusing as to what you should do next, or even want next. Now that you’ve banished the script, so to speak, you’re not quite sure that you can wing it. Ask your partner or best friend to be your wingman/woman and see what happens after August.

Friendship plays an important role in keeping you grounded, especially in new relationships or new phases of relationships. Remember, you can share more than passion. Avoid competition (or beat your competition) by emphasising your friendship first.

Your advice is to seek trustworthy relationships – both in friendships and in love. Allow family and friends to help you find dates (if single) or to house-sit/babysit if you need a get-away with your partner. While passion is great, too much leaves you feeling distraught. Balance it with a strong emotional connection and sincere affection, and you’ll have all the assurances you need to feel loved and appreciated.



Finances start to look up even though you may have to justify your work to others. While not the month to make your dreams come true, mid-year is loaded with love and creativity.

June begins with a sense of contentment. Art, beauty and water-signs make your day while Taureans and teachers lend practical support. If you’ve been offered a new job, it may take longer than expected to work your notice period out. Other obstacles may also prove frustrating, but should shift towards the third week of June.

Mid-month proves a mixed bag. Good news about money and debts paid off, but your cherished dream may still be on hold for now, especially if it involves children or a childhood dream.

On the bright side, a never-ending flow of ideas keeps you busy and entertains your partner. Some may also get news from a secret admirer!

The month winds down with some delays in travel. Double-check the car, the flights and bus time-tables. Trains, though, should be running on time. You may find yourself having to justify your work or ideas to a group of people. While it’s easy to become overly defensive, notice that only one of two people are determined in undermining you. Keep calm and think before responding. Stay off social media if you find yourself enraged by those one or two. There’s no point in stooping to other’s levels when you own is so much higher than theirs. Family time is fill of joy and happiness, and in some ways it almost feels like Christmas! Perhaps you’re preparing a Christmas in July? Enjoy!

Aries’ Love and Partnership themes for the rest of 2017

Well, someone wants a baby or a new start? Either is possible as long as you take your time.

A new stable start is possible, or you may get a tangible offer which leaves you feeling very secure about someone’s feelings or regard for you. Not that you haven’t worked hard for it, but there is still a little more spit and polish you need to add before you can relax and enjoy the new situation.

The Birth of the new is firmly in your mind. Whether a physical birth or a rebirth of feelings, from July onward you will see signs of it in yourself, your partner, or your relationships. It’s also possible for you to re-invent yourself now, if you so wish. Ideas flow fast and develop even faster, so note them down carefully.

Be like Taurus – take things slow and steady. Work by yourself to set right the things that annoy you and you’ll see your world change quicker. Don’t allow the distractions of June to carry through into July and beyond. Be a little enigmatic to ignite the spark with your partner again. And enjoy July and beyond when you can start racing towards your dreams. Just don’t trip over your feet. Slow and steady with appropriate acceleration saves you energy and gets you further.



Travel allows you to master a skill, but may bring in some conflict with family and old friends.

June begins with travel to a warm country or place, and most likely with a Leo companion. There’s passion and reunions, and maybe the odd quarrel or two. Perhaps you’re travelling to a class reunion or meeting old mates on holiday.

Be strong, acknowledge your power. You’ve changed and matured so much since you last were in such company.

Mid-month may find you on an advanced course or practising a skill you’d half-forgotten. Perhaps it’s riding a bicycle. You’ll be up to speed in no time. There’s good news coming, possibly from that Leo friend, offering you more opportunities. You may also begin reviewing your beliefs and limitations, or choose an unconventional way of life.

The month comes to an end with some tension with family, especially regarding finances, your choices and theirs. Some may feel constricted or manipulated towards a path not their own. Make sure you step on the path of your own choosing to ensure your future happiness. By the end of June, you may find yourself in uncharted territory, experiencing life like never before!

Taurus’ Love and Partnership themes for the rest of 2017

The worst is over, but lingering concerns over security still worry you. Your focus may shift from the physical to the spiritual or vice-versa.

Misunderstandings and fighting to have your feelings validated are now over. There’s just one little thorn on your side still to deal with, and this should be gone with a month or three. That said, don’t needle your partner. They may still be a little sore from one of your arguments from earlier in the year. Let the wounds heal before making tactless jokes.

Concentration, or the lack of it, takes you by surprise. You might find yourself distracted from work by thoughts of your love. You may also find yourself fantasising about them at odd moments. It’s time to let your playful side rule when with your partner. Perhaps they are just as distracted by thoughts of you!

Your advice is to be more playful. Share yourself more with your partner or allow them into your quiet time. Maybe you could both practice meditation together or share an exercise routine. Make short-term fun or even silly plans together. Go and catch a shooting star, but watch out for the mermaids! And while you’re at it, let the playfulness feed your spirituality and watch your sense of the unfulfilled fade.

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Happy, romantic June to you!

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Tarotscopes May 2017


by Leenna

Finally! Some relief and let up from the stress and demands of the first part of the year. Progress is seen by most, and certainly, there’s more lightness to May than in previous months. But many will still be busy with lots still demanding attention. Remember to smile more often and share the good news to keep the positivity going. There’ll be less to worry about and your work will be done that much sooner 🙂

The trend this month seems to be in love and commitments. Many are looking to formalize, or taking the first steps in formalizing, love relationships or business partnerships. Others may be stressing about not being in a romantic relationship or that they’re running out of time to win the heart they most wish to be with. Make sure you’re rushing things for the right reasons.

*only for entertainment purposes.



A month of new understanding and moving into change confidently.

Your birthday month begins with you finding a confidence in yourself you might have forgotten about. You feel happy and contented in your role in life, and may begin a new course of study or teach one yourself. Music is important and don’t be surprised if you find yourself singing happily along to the radio, or even joining a choir or other music group. Your energy is happy and lighthearted. Sing on!

Mid-May could bring a new love (maybe with a Cancer/Pisces/Scorpio) or more tender moments with your beloved. You’ll feel beautiful and attractive. Your creativity will be high, and you’ll be more than happy to be the centrer of attention at social gatherings. Everything you need to look and feel fabulous will be at your fingertips!

The month ends with a sense of slowing down. Your new lessons or interest will bring new perspectives or skills you’ll want to perfect. Conversations will drawn you in deeply and then you’ll spend much time in contemplation. You’ll be re-learning things, and finding new colors and angles entering your life. How cool is that?



Restrictions may frustrate at first, but your knowledge will win the day.

May begins with you overly concerned with material wants and needs. Don’t let this alienate you from those that are closest to you. Some may be trying to break free from a habit or circumstance. Admit any self-deception and change your focus or train of thought. Sometimes we forget to look up and see the beauty of the sky and realize that there are more worthwhile things in this world that we thought possible. Besides, looking up allows your neck to stretch and you to see further 😀

Mid-May sees you recognized for your work or talent. You may do better than expected in an exam, or enjoy reading something new more than you thought you would. You may also be asked to speak in public about your experiences or specialties. Keep your feet on the ground and don’t let it all go to your head by trying too hard. You’ve already made the right impression.

The month comes to an end with you thinking of studying further, or returning to school. Formal structures (both physical and metaphysical) will intrigue you. Music will also be important to you at this time. Songs may have special significance for you, or remind you of your someone special. Some may decide to make further commitments, either in love or to their communities. A sobering thought, but a worthwhile one!



A very sociable time with lots of new movement or people in your life.

The month begins with events happening at a breakneck speed. Exciting new projects and people sweep into your life, some offering love and others adventure. Keep calm, remember your objectives and your integrity to keep your balance and win through. Take good care of your feet and ankles and be sure of the ground you walk on, (yes metaphorically too) and especially when hiking.

Ideas, ideas and more ideas bombard you around mid-month. Fortunately, you may have an air-sign to help you sift through them, or you may quickly find a way to manage them yourself. Research is the key to making your best decisions around this time, and so is accepting the truth in the manner it’s delivered. Help is available from a host of friends should you need it.

Towards the end of May, you’ll waver between clarity and confusion. What was hidden may be revealed, but it may seem so incredible that you may not wish to believe it. Don’t allow others to spin their dreams around you unless you are fully aware of, and welcoming, of those same dreams. Keep your feet on the ground and rely on your practical side. Test the ground – yes, metaphorically too.



A month of some extremes.

The month begins with some restlessness or boredom. You’re itching to get going on one project, and perhaps ignoring another which will reward you much sooner. There may also be some sadness around love. Don’t let this blind you to the affection and support all around you.

Mid-month sees your compassionate side taking over, and you may offer assistance to a charitable cause, or be more sensitive than usual. Take your tissues to the movies. If you’re looking for love, a striking water- or air-sign may catch your eye at that charitable event or that movie. Perhaps you can offer them a tissue, too.

May comes to an end with a sense of too much going on. All boredom and restless is erased with you having to juggle more than one project or aspects of life. You may also find yourself with the shiny object syndrome. Stick to your tasks and your schedules, and let shiny objects take care of themselves. Ooh…! Don’t look! Don’t look!



More stability may bring more love or some much needed fun.

The month begins with recognition of your worth, both from yourself and from others. There is a sense of abundance and a feeling of contentment with what you’ve achieved so far. You realize you’re on track to your goals, even if you moved the goalposts!

Mid-may brings much love and joy. There’s new love or a new phase in love, and there might be a new home situation too (a baby for some). Many may feel true self-love for the first time, and so allow for soul-mate or twin-flame experiences to enter their lives. Others may find wonderful new hobbies or a renewed zest for life.

May ends on a celebratory mood. Going out with friends bring lots of fun, and even time alone can feel celebratory in nature. Allow yourself some of the good life and know that it will get better. And better…and better…



New contracts and honors are likely to find their way to you, along with teamwork and partnerships.

You may receive an offer of love (or renewed love) early this month, possibly from your soul-mate. Others will be depending on your reliability and creativity, especially for volunteer projects. Good advice is available should you wish it.

Mid-May brings more passion in love and greater creativity. You’ll have lots of charisma. The outdoors will draw you, and you may decide to try a new sport. You may begin a new collaboration with a fire-sign, or find that projects begun in late March and April are progressing well.

May comes to an end with the same energy and charisma flowing strong. It’s an intense time for you. While there may be the odd clash over creative ideas or positions held in teamwork or sport, for the most part you’ll enjoy working with others, and the greater creativity this will lead to. Love looks incredibly passionate and fast-moving. If you’ve been waiting for an adventurous, exciting relationship, you may well get your wish!



Major changes this month, especially regarding family and love.

May begins with you feeling back in control of your life, with much of the debris from the past few months now cleared. Issues with your father, or a dominant partner or boss, may also surface. Some may choose to go into business for themselves, or quit a situation if a satisfactory resolution can’t be found. Best to be fair in all your dealings this month.

Mid-month finds you in better health, but faced with a decision regarding family or your love relationship. Some may choose to emigrate or move further away from their childhood home. There’s hope for new love, or renewed love, with fine chances of finding good people to date this month or special times with your beloved. Clear communication will prove vital in all your relationships this May.

The month ends with a major life change arriving. You’ve been preparing yourself, so don’t be afraid or second-guess yourself. The change brings in the positive new beginning and spiritual transformation you’ve been waiting for all this time. Bring it on!



Commitments may be strengthened or formalized.

May begins with a new circle of friends likely to enter your life. You may share traditional views with them or study a similar spiritual path. TaiChi or Yoga would be great exercises to add to your routine. Your routines may also change to include more time to study further.

Mid-may sees you signing contracts to formalize existing commitments. For some, it may bring legal marriage or other nuptial documents. You’ll have to be strong to make some difficult decisions. Be scrupulously fair in all your dealings and decisions this month. Wills and other legal family documents may also be redrafted or amended.

May ends with a slowing down of energy. You may feel impulsive and rash, but patience would be better. Communication may be problematic on older phones and tablets, and you may want to consider an upgrade or an alternate technology. Delay decisions which require more research, if possible. If you’re considering buying a new vehicle, you may find a better deal in June.

There’s a strange uncertainty around you. This nervousness should pass before the month is over. Take a deep breath and center yourself. You’ve got this.



An unpredictable month for you. Try not to give in to anxiety.

The month begins on a slow note. You may have a smaller appetite than usual or vice-versa. It’s a good time to take stock of your health and see to health issues you may have previously postponed. Your energy levels may be down, or you may just be in a lazy mood. There’s nothing wrong with a pj-Saturday.

Mid-month may bring some delays in messages from loved ones or family. These will arrive soon enough. If you’ve been hiding or suppressing your emotions, old fears are likely to resurface. It’s time to deal with them. There’s emotional support and clear-sighted timely help from water- and air-signs. Breathe deeply and stay hydrated.

You’ll have to be brave and take a chance. Though you may feel you’re going into uncharted territory or others may balk at your daring, you will succeed. You’ll feel free and alive once more. If you’ve been having mobility problems, you should see significant improvement. Choose your path and steps carefully and your way will be all that easier. Your self-discipline and willpower is stronger than you think!



The month starts off with a bang.

You have all the drive and charisma you need to succeed. Working with a fire-sign will go well. Creative pursuits will be rewarding. It’s an exciting time!

Mid-month may bring a new contract. Read the fine print carefully. Pay attention to the rules and make sure you understand them. You’ll be held accountable for your actions.

The month ends on a quiet, contemplative note. You may decide to study astronomy or astrology. You’ll want to spend quality me-time and may resent intrusions. A retreat is just what you need, even if it’s only to the garden or coffee-shop.



New paths and opportunities are here for you.

The month begins on a musical and inquiry note. Music helps you uncover new paths and patterns in your life. You may decide to study further or read more widely on religions or spiritual practices. You may be drawn to new teachers or new leaders.

Mid-month is a very nurturing and abundant time for you. You may redecorate or renovate. Your family could grow larger with a new pet. Gardening would go well, even if you’ve never had a green thumb before. Your spirituality will blossom.

May ends on a busy serious note. Try not to scatter your energy. Take your inspiration from nature. If you’re having a wedding ceremony outdoors, it should go very well with beautiful weather. And even if you’re not, time spent outdoors, and with friends, will bring you much joy. Picnic time!



You’re sitting pretty in your power.

May begins on a good note with you feeling very confident and in control. Others recognize your organizational abilities and respect your knowledge. There may be some conflict of interest with other Aries, and possibly the odd Scorpio.

Mid-month brings demands to honor your commitments, especially to family and family endeavors. It will be hard for you to get out of family outings and visits to parents. You’ll find peace and satisfaction in seeing the slow but steady progress of your current projects. You may also spend more time than usual outdoors in the sun. Do remember to wear your sunhat and sunscreen.

May ends on a happy, contented note. Family time will be fun and you’ll enjoy the security of your love relationship. If single, you’ll be happier spending time with family than with dating, for now. It’s a nicely balanced May for you!

NB. My daily tarotscopes are moving this May! Find them live on LotusFM’s Life&Style with Zakia Ahmed at the later time of 11h40 (GMT+2). Enjoy!

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Tarotscopes: April 2017


With so many focusing so hard on work, be sure to make time for love and family this April.

Many of us are also dealing with body-image issues or those of partners. It’s time to stop letting media and society dictate how we should feel about ourselves, and encourage us to judge others. While healthy bodies are vital, trying to embody a shape or look genetics says is impossible only harms you and yours in a multitude of ways. Give yourself (and those around you) some compassion and love this April:-D

*only for entertainment purposes.



April starts off on a mixed note, primarily because your intuition may be a little on the blitz.
That strange feeling in your gut may actually be your dinner and nothing else. Double-check your hunches and consult a doctor if the strange gut feelings persist into late April. The good news is you’re looking good anyway, and there is short travel which may take you into exotic realms. Love takes a back-seat for now.

Mid-month continues the mixed bag theme. An issue you feel was unfairly handled may take longer to resolve than expected. But it will, leaving you with less of a burden to carry.

Difficult current projects finally come to an end, leaving a shiny new space for you to create something more to your taste.

April ends with a wow! Especially for those looking for love. There’s a wonderful hot new relationship, possibly with someone who lives some way from you, perhaps even abroad. Couples, too, will find a wonderful new phase in their relationship beginning – one filled with renewed love, lust and adventure. It’s a great time to travel with your love. Meanwhile on the career front, a dreamed-for project could land in your lap, and though the hours are long and demanding, the rewards are well worth the effort. Enjoy!



Your focus on home and security moves things along nicely.
April begins with you catching someone’s eye, though you may not be aware of it. It’s probably at work. While for some it could be a colleague appropriating your ideas, it’s more likely to be a higher-up noticing your good work. You may also be asked to mentor someone new. Still, you’re not letting any good news get to your head, but making solid long-term plans to secure your future.

It’s a good time to speak to your bank manager if you’ve had your eye on some property, or to speak to an estate agent.

If the property is still outside your budget, it may become more affordable soon. Farmers and gardeners will also have a good planting season, with crops and livestock producing more than expected.

Mid-April may prove a little frustrating, but will also allow you to get rid of things that no longer serve you. Travel or a move of home may take longer than you’d like, so go with the flow to keep your cool. It’s not a good time to take chances. It’s also not a good time to avoid karma. It’s going to find you either way – good or bad.

The month comes to an end on a happier note. You’ll feel more balanced emotionally and will finally feel settled at home. There may be some concerns or guilt around a father-figure or mentor, and you might find yourself taking up their life-long quest. It’s a great time for meditation and seeking your emotional fulfilment. Your ideal home and happiness is well within your reach if you have not yet attained them.



There’s lots of work, but the fun will find you before the month ends.
The month begins on a surprising note. Something you may have thought you had plenty of time to sort out will suddenly become urgent and keep you to the grindstone. Stop thinking such dark thoughts and concentrate on how much faster the new timetable is moving you towards your goal.

Mid-month finds you bowing out of a planned trip with your friends or family. You may not be able to make it home for the Easter holidays. This seems tough, but so are you. Allow yourself some time in nature to regenerate and keep your eye on your goal. You knew you’d have to make some sacrifices to secure this thing you’re working towards. Nostalgic thoughts bring you down so try to avoid them by visiting new places or doing something new in your free time.

April ends with you finding your power.

By the end of the month, despite some delayed traveled (or you making a special trip in place of the Easter one), you’ll be proud of your achievements and well set to achieve even more. Within two weeks of the end of April you should hear some very good news indeed.



This month is all about balances for you.
April starts off slow with it being difficult to follow your ambitions. Keep the faith and fight for what you believe to be right. Success comes from your perseverance and belief in yourself, but be careful you don’t treat others unfairly in the process. Maintaining integrity is crucial this month.

Mid-month goes well career-wise. You may have some concern over your looks and wardrobe. While you’d like to try a new look and get new clothes, hold off for a couple of months more, if you can. You may also begin a new job or make a presentation where appearance is vital. Take care with the details and you’ll get through fine. Your love may also be very busy or unavailable. Try not to take this to heart – they’re even busier than you are.

April ends with a delay in a project initiation, and a grand reason to celebrate (probably love-wise).

With a little more time to breathe, you may want to spend it with some good friends and family.

Be realistic about your future plans too. It feels like there’s a significant (but not enormous) amount of money coming through – a once-off payment, and while you may want to use it for your dream idea, it may be better to invest it for a short-term till your feet touch the ground again. But, yes, buy that new pair of shoes!



Be careful with your knees and feet this month, especially during sports or hiking.
April brings with it a dream coming true which may stretch the finances a tad too much. Another ambition may have to be put on hold till the kitty grows again. Don’t fret, you should have it all sorted before your birthday. Stave off boredom and frustration by designing something (even if it’s all only on paper). You know you want to and you haven’t done it in ages.

Mid-April may bring a little sadness related to another fire-sign or family member who doesn’t share your good fortune. While empathy is good, total empathy can harm you, too. Keep your emotional boundaries healthy and you’ll be of more help to those around you. This is a good time to take a chance and try something a little crazy, but again, only if your finances can handle it. Avoid pubs and pub games till later in the month.

April ends with you in a good position to travel or buy a new vehicle.

You’ll have more energy and will enjoy being outdoors again. Family problems will resolve themselves without tears and you’ll feel lighter of heart as the month closes.



Double-check and triple-check this Mercury retrograde period, then take it easy at the end of the month.
The month begins with some message delayed, perhaps related to studies, a child or a pet. The delay may prove a little expensive, so double-check your messages and spam folders, and return all calls as soon as possible. You may also be wanting to study further at this time. Don’t overextend yourself on a single course. Ensure you’re going to get your money’s worth first.

Mid-month finds you juggling things to make for more security, especially financially, but like Cancer, you may be forgetting to tend to your emotional and physical needs too.

Treat yourself a little now and then. You deserve it!

April ends with you wanting some quiet time to process what seems an unfair event or circumstance. Talk to a Gemini or a lawyer to set your mind at rest.
There’s lots of people around you this month, lots of socializing, possible reunions and some gossip! Meet your friends before the end of the month when you’re more likely to take the light-hearted view.



April begins with you firmly on your destined path.

There’s some good news about study or a new job which requires learning a new skill.

Do be careful when signing new contracts which may require more hours than you initially think. Also don’t overextend yourself. Take the time to rest and heal well.

Mid-month sees you on that study course or beginning that new job. Financially, this may not work out as well as hoped, at least for the first month. Some may decide to try another offer received towards the end of the first week of April.

April ends with you needing to take a break and get your energy levels up again. Clashes with an earth or fire sign may leave you feeling drained, or a cold/flu could also affect your perception of things. Speak up now if you find any red flags in your love-life or career. Make the time for love now as your partner may be feeling a little neglected with your focus being so tight on work.



You are also set firmly on your destined path this April. It’s bringing up some issues for you to deal with first, especially to do with patience and family.
The month starts with some disappointment over a new beginning. If an opportunity seems to have passed you by, take heart as, with your destiny so prominent, it wasn’t the best path for you. Pick your way carefully through and you’ll see yourself in much better circumstances come the end of the month.

Mid-month may bring some conflict with your father or father-figure. Perhaps you feel dictated to, or don’t care for the decisions they’ve made for you. Lighten the mood and you might lighten the situation too. You may opt out of family or other social gathering. You’re tired of the same chatter and need something new to draw you out the house.

April ends with a victory.

You’ll be applauded for a project or other work. While it’s a good time to take an interesting new path in your career, give a thought to your partner who may be feeling left behind or in need of some TLC.



Fortune favors you in surprising ways.
Your research and patience pays off early this first part of April. While a lack of help may seem daunting at first, you’ll soon win through and have all the glory for yourself. Restrictions will also fall away and your pleasure in work increases immensely.

Mid-April may bring a switch of your focus from work back to love, which may need some healing. Fortune favors you as your hard work is recognized and you may even be interviewed by the media. Help is available from a Gemini or a high-level executive who may not be a friend, but who champions the same cause. Deal fairly with this person and they’ll deal fairly with you.

The month ends with a big surprise you won’t see coming. It may involve a wedding, engagement or other happy party, and you may end up the center of attention even if it isn’t your own.

It’s an excellent time to meet a new love or recommit to your present/an old love.

There may be some worry around a mother or grandmother (especially if you’re craving their approval) but your new love is likely to win them over much sooner than you’d think possible.



What an awesome month for you!
April begins with you leaving behind the past and any hurt or pain you may have been carrying over the past year, especially around family. Work throws you in the deep-end when it requires a new skill or learning a new application. You’ll enjoy it more than expected and gain a great new victory too. You may even consider continuing along this new avenue in the near future. Exciting stuff!

Mid-April brings a party or other celebration, perhaps a fancy-dress or tea-party, which will be great fun. You may miss a friend or family member who’s away, but it won’t stop this being a memorable time. News of a dream coming true also delights you.

Watch the sunset and sunrise for spiritual inspiration and confirmation.

The month ends with an odd mixture of the intuitive and fantastic, and of needing to be realistic. Beware of following illusions or creating unrealistic expectations of others. Keep plans simple and affordable, and don’t try and keep up with the Jones’. ‘Wha’s for ye, will no’ go by ye’ as the saying goes. There’s lots of news and communication, especially with those overseas, and you’ll be going out a lot more, perhaps for a new dancing class or other creative expression. You’ve worked hard for these rewards so enjoy them!



You’re treading a faint line this month. Consider the consequences of your actions in the long term.
April begins with a break in communication, possibly with another family member. There may be two people clashing over finances or security issues. Your personal finances look good, but be wary of shutting yourself up in an ivory tower.

Mid-month brings some boredom and here lies the faint line. If you try to manipulate circumstances (especially by esoteric or psychological means) it has a good chance of backfiring on you this month. Don’t dabble just for fun, you may be caught in your own web of machinations, and that won’t be fun at all.

The month ends on a better note, and if you’ve been hoping for a new career opportunity you may get it yet.

There’s much going on socially, which will suit your mood perfectly.

There’s also many compliments and perhaps a flirtation. If you’re single you may meet someone who may well be your soul-mate, though neither of you may recognize this at first. If already in couple, be assured that your partner still finds you attractive and thinks often of you, even when they are as busy as they have been recently.



There’s lots of good stuff lurking under the surface this month, just waiting to be found.
The month begins with clarity in your situation. A secret may also come to light, which may make you angry, but which forces a change – a very good change which stirs up all the good stuff.

Mid-month may bring some travel delays or what may seem like a missed opportunity. Retain your shopping slips too.

You still have lots to celebrate, more than most, maybe even a lucrative contract which goes all the way to August.

If you’ve been hoping for a baby, you may receive the good news this month, or you may be granted another love wish.

April ends with the finale to a situation which has long stressed you, perhaps related to family or traditions. Getting a new job also looks good here. Although the initial offer is not what you applied for, this new arrangement may suit you better in the long term.


Heads up

April and May look set to be a little on the tougher side of things with many of us working towards once-in-a-lifetime opportunities or dreams. Avoid overwhelm where you can, and know that many may begin to see the rewards of your hard-work and tough decisions as early as July/August. May this be you 😀
For others, this month may be the start of a longer road. Be sure to stop and admire the view (take stock and mark your progress) to keep your perspective. Long journeys often have the best rewards 😀

NB: It’s my great pleasure to present general daily tarotscopes on Cosmic Chat on Lotus FM’s Life & Style with Zakia Ahmed. You can listen live weekdays between 10h20-10h45 (GMT+2).

And if it’s Love Tarotscopes you’re looking for to help you decide between a second chance or new beginning, head over to  OTV.Mag this April. My guest-post may be of some help 😀

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Tarotscopes March 2017-Bumper Ed!


by Leenna

I didn’t intend to write a bumper edition. It just sort of happened when I felt drawn to include a Flower Power Card for each of you. Isha Lerner’s Power of Flower Cards adds an element of healing to this month’s tarotscopes. Some of you may work through these healings this month while others may take a few months more.

*only for entertainment purposes.



Woohoo! March looks like a great month for your career or major projects.

The month begins with a victory! Sure there’s still a lot of work to do, but a major battle has been won, and you might want to celebrate it. Even more important to you, it seems that someone finally admits that they’re wrong about a thorny issue. And now that your sage points are acknowledged, both of you can move on.

Mid-month may find you fretting about your appearance or your creative work not being ‘good enough’. So what if your cup-cakes aren’t as professional-looking as you-know-who’s? The proof is in the tasting. And while a new wardrobe would be great, can you really give up your favourite pair of slacks just now? Hang in for a few weeks more and you’ll find a new store which carries affordable clothing more suited to your tastes.

The month-end demands you make a choice. While this may not be an easy one to make, it’s one you can’t put off for much longer. On the plus side, it’s not one that will bind you forever. Go with the flow for now, and reconsider before July if this decision is working for you or not. By July, you’ll be able to rescind the decision, or tweak it to your satisfaction.

Your Flower Power card: Manzanita (The Goddess)
This essence embodies the natural beauty and diversity of the feminine, bringing healing for your mid-month ‘not good enough’ appearance and creation blues. This card encourages you to honour your feminine energies without self-judgement. Sing, dance and create as your energies dictate. Then reap the rewards of your fertile mind and body.



Oh dear, your Gemini/Aquarius friend is up to their tricks again. Never mind, your intuition will come to your rescue.

The month begins with calls to action from your impulsive air-sign friend or partner (or that psycho wannabe girlfriend/boyfriend). They’re demanding, insistent, and stretching your good humour and amiable grin to breaking point. Don’t let them win. Slink away, turn off your phone and don’t (whatever you do) lose your temper. Take deep breaths, long walks and seek the light while they rush into darkness. You don’t have to rescue everybody, especially when they’re doing your head in.

Mid-month is great for meditation and visiting your mother or gran. Your intuition is spot on, especially during the full moon. Your dreams may even be prophetic (so lets hope they’re all sweet) and you’ll want to watch your liquid intake, cutting back on alcohol and fizzy drinks.
If your partner is Cancerian and you’re wanting a child, you may be well on your way to being a parent or new pet owner.

March ends on a good career note. You’ll feel you’ve mastered a new skill (or yourself) and be singing your own praises (we all need to sometimes). Fortunately, people take you seriously, and your work situation should improve significantly.

Your Flower Power card: Bleeding Heart (Chiron – The Wounded Healer)
This essence speaks to your need to heal a deep wound (possibly one that pesky air-sign keeps peeling the scab off). This essence reminds you that your pain is healing, that your lessons around fear, loss and abandonment are now about done and it’s time for you to move on with an open heart and compassion. For some, a new healing relationship will begin this month (but probably not with that pesky/psycho air-sign unless they’re your spouse).



Dear Taurus, this doesn’t look set to be your favourite month especially if your mother is visiting, and the weather getting you down.

March begins with you needing to be careful of your knees and ankles, especially if you live where the thaw is setting in. Any falls should be checked, and proper care taken of sprains and swelling. Wear practical shoes with good traction, and hang on to your down-coat for as long as possible for the extra padding which you need more than fashion just now. If you were hoping for a holiday in better climes or for a change in residence, they might be delayed till later in April or even August. Take good care of yourself, as it’s your well-being which may be the major crimp in your plans.

Mid-month brings the blues. Avoid your friend Pisces as they’re also going through a bit of a blue-patch, and two blues don’t make a green. Journal, stay out of your head and drop down into your heart. Bake, or find things you will bake when you have the energy to do so. This issue has its roots in events from nine months ago or so. Deal with it once you’re feeling strong enough and let it go with a releasing ritual involving water, but not the icy shoreline of some waterway! Talk to your Aries friend for some fresh insight.

The month may end with a visit from your mother (or to your mother) which fills you with a little bit of dread. There may be some much needed dredging of the past (and talk about exes and hexes) but it’s all good in the end as it’s bringing up exactly what you need to release in order for you to move on with your life.

Your Flower Power Card: Mountain Pride (The Peaceful Warrior)
This essence speaks of you taking personal responsibility for yourself and your actions. It’s a call to destiny, the reason you’re are being asked to reflect on and release your past issues. While your destiny may not be known just yet, this card assures you that your path is opening and that the bountiful and benevolent universe is waiting for you to walk your talk. Once you know what your talk is, you’ll be able to walk it, no prob.



You knew this year is going to be especially significant, and here comes more confirmation.

March begins with you in a wonderfully strong position to act on your truest desires (so lets hope they are healthier than the junk food you’ve started eating recently). In both love and your career, you’re in an almost unassailable position. You’ll be applauded for you heroic efforts and reap all the benefits you’ve been dreaming of. If you’ve been having the odd health problem (especially of the female kind) you’ll make a swift recovery.

Mid-month may seem dreary and trudging as time seems to slow down just when you’re all antsy over a message you’re waiting on. Never fear, your bank balance is miraculously growing stronger at this time. Tediousness also shows you just where you’re tripping over yourself.

The month ends with a fabulous opportunity, but one which needs careful judgement and timing. There’s also a level of commitment called for which may be the main thing making you hesitate. A possible trip over water (the local lake or the ocean?) may also shake you out of the lassitude you’ve been fretting about. When news comes, it comes fast. You’ll be much happier with things back to breakneck speed.

Your Flower Power Card: Passion Flower (Christos, Krishna)
This essence speaks of great hardships and resurrection into greater love and compassion. This card confirms messages arriving on angels’ wings to help you cross great divides and find the compassion and love you’ve thought yourself incapable of experiencing and showing. Though you may not realise it, your compassion greatly moves others at this time.



The clearing out continues this month with some much needed changes.

The month begins with a shock, possibly regarding finances or love. As your perceptions change, you’ll see things for what they really are. A romantic gesture, which could possibly backfire, may also bring some much needed clarity to your love-life. Though this may seem dire at first, once the misunderstandings are cleared up, the clarity will allow for better future foundations. Violent weather may also affect your home or work place, particularly electric storms and flooding. Make sure your home insurance is up to date.

Mid-month brings up old guilt or a sense of melancholy. Someone may also be twisting your words and deeds to make themselves seem a martyr and to steal your glory. Avoid confrontation and let the truth out itself. Quiet time and some fun movies or craft-work should have you back to yourself much quicker than usual.

March ends with some delays in communication or transport. If you’ve made plans to meet up with friends, take a book or make sure your tablet is fully-charged, and remember to have your phone handy. Don’t forget to take a sweater. You’ll be feeling the chill more than usual.

Your Flower Power Card: Sunflower (The Solar King and Lunar Queen)
This essences talks of the divine will (masculine) and universal love (feminine) balancing and combining within you. It calls on you to show your strength and integrity during this time, even while remembering to be grateful and humble.



You’ll have to balance long-term and short-term goals this month.

March begins with a conflict of interest, possibly with an Aries or your father. You’re in your stubborn phase, and so are they. You may have to call in an arbitrator or negotiator on your behalf. Don’t be too harsh on your kids or pets, and remember that iron-fists get dented easily.

Mid-month may see you having to honour your word even though you’d rather not. You’d like nothing more than to wriggle free, but events and others will hold you strictly to them. Get it over with quickly and you’ll soon feel your freedom again.

The month ends in a juggling act and some interesting footwork to maintain your balance. It will be a relief after the previous two weeks of feeling hemmed in. Your decisions made now may hold your focus for the next two years, so decide wisely.

Your Flower Power Card: Rose (Queen of Heaven, Mother of The World)
This essence speaks of accepting universal love and truth. This card marks your opening to a greater understanding of love in its many forms and expressions. If you’re experiencing heart-ache and break-up in your current relationship, it is asking you to reflect on and reconsider your expression and beliefs on love. If you’re single and searching for love, it confirms you’re manifesting the kind of love you’d like to experience next. If you’re in a stable couple, it heralds the elevation of your current relationship into a more mature and sustainable love.



Both navel-gazing and star-gazing serve you well this month.

March begins with your need for solitude and reflection. You’d rather tinker with your soul and other fixable things than with what you’ve been dealing with socially from the end of February. You need your space, and god help anyone who tries to take that away from you just now!

Mid-month brings a release of old energies which no longer serve you. You may divorce yourself from another or give up an old habit. Whatever it is, it’s big and you’ll feel better almost immediately – more energised than you have in ages.

The month comes to end with either a difficult decision pending or the hiding of a love affair/engagement. Maybe you’ll even elope… Whatever it is, it’s big, and you won’t take too long to decide on a solution which makes you the victor/partner in this situation.

Your Flower Power Cards: Fig (Isis)
This essence speaks of the integration of your masculine and feminine into a balanced, knowledgeable whole. It helps reveal life’s mysteries to you, allowing you access to higher wisdom. You may wish to study a religion or tradition further.


Old skills, or newly mastered ones, bring you interesting new projects!

The month begins with recognition of your skills and abilities. Money flows from your creations and ability to deliver fine work. You’ll finally feel at peace with your abilities.

Mid March brings lots of exciting events which have you tumbling with joy and eager to take chances on bright new things. You might try something you’ve never done before, or fall head over heels, just like in the song. Your dreams will be big, your plans even bigger, and wouldn’t you know, some of those castles in the air will float gently down to the ground.

The month ends with a wonderful new project, person, or pet entering your life. You may even conceive a new project or person – or your pet may. Knowledge you need will arrive out of the blue and all things look beautiful and golden for now.

Your Flower Power Card: Purple Water Lily (Water Nymph)
This essence speaks of growing awareness, of bridging the material with the spiritual. This card confirms your visions of beauty and wisdom, your insights into the mysterious and your growing awareness of your true self.



Quick! Grab your friend Virgo to help you begin healthy new habits, and your friend Libra to start something new and amazing.

March begins with you taking off the rose-tinted glasses and recognising the past for what is it is – the past. You can’t live with it, and you can live without it. Time to give it a respectful nod and move on.

Mid-month has you joining friend Virgo in throwing off old shackles and habits and cultivating a happy mind, body and spirit. If you need some support through this daunting undertaking you’ll have shoulders to lean on and help pick you up again should you fall. Camping is not a good idea for you this month, especially if you’re allergic to bees and wasps.

March comes to an end with a fun new project, person or pet entering your life. You may also catch the eye of someone very special if you’re single in love, or the eye of a generous client if you’re in the arts. Whatever it is, you’ll feel happier, healthier and luckier than you have in months.

Your Flower Power Card: Lavender (Archangel Raphael)
This essence speaks of cleansing and healing of your body, mind and soul. It confirms your decision to live a healthier lifestyle and that you will indeed have spiritual as well as material support in your quest to heal and uplift yourself. Your stresses will be washed away and you’ll feel light-hearted.



Courage lost will be found as events move fast this month.

The month begins with you feeling like the Lion from Oz. It could be worse, you could feel like the Tin Man. You’ll have to dig deep to find your courage to move forward, and possibly shed a few long-held beliefs about yourself along the way. Take care of yourself and hydrate well.

Mid March sees your most dreaded obstacle removed and some old ties cut. This may be your actual workday tie if you decide to move on to another job or career. If this is the case, you can always re-purpose those ties as headbands.
You may be giving up on what seems like a royal position to others in exchange for something more mundane. But the financial benefits and stability are more in line with what you really need just now.

The month ends with your intuition and spirituality in top-gear. You may begin remembering past-life or early-life experiences to help you make sense of your more recent life events. You spot cycles easily and your self-growth will expand in leaps and bounds. The full moon has a special gift for you. And if you’re single and unattached, you may dream of your soul-mate or future spouse. That said, internet dating doesn’t go well for you; being close to water does, especially the ocean or a large sea.

Your Flower Power Card: Bleeding Heart (Chiron – The Wounded Healer)
This essence brings healing with unconditional love, along with good health and well-being. This card encourages you to release those past life, early childhood hurts and emotional wounds and suffering. It highlights the offers of unconditional love in your life and asks if you’re now ready to both receive and give it. I feel this card is talking especially to servicemen and women wounded while on duty, as well as those who faced abandonment by their parents or other care-givers. If you’re so inclined, work with Archangels Michael and Raphael, and spend time with large pets, especially dogs and horses.



Unpredictable events may throw your plans off kilter. Seek balance this month.

March begins with some inflammation, in mind and in body. A fire sign is stoking an aggravating situation. It may be a temperamental fire-sign at home, or an aggrieved one at work. Do your best to cool matters by being firm and unflappable. Drink lots of water, especially if you’re on medication for a swollen ankle or knee, and watch out for arthritic conditions flaring up this month. Go easy on the medication and experiment with natural remedies where possible.

Mid-month brings a sense of missing something or someone you love. Distance from your beloved may seem greater than ever, and you’ll spend a lot of time on the phone. Their health may concern you and you’re frustrated you can’t nurse them or support them further.

The month ends with a feeling of lack of creativity and loss of balance in your life. Work may be stressful with the load you have to carry, and some added responsibility. You’ll feel the urge to create something – what, how and when is causing you to fret. Chill, and give yourself some time-off to get your mojo back.

Your Flower Power Card: Orchid (Pan, God of Wild Nature)
The essence of this card speaks of seeking your passion and expressing it in a healthy, harmonious way. This card encourages you to attune with your deepest desires (and sexuality). Follow your instincts and explore your greatest passions. Allow this energy to recharge your creativity and vitality.



A month of detoxing everything, from your iPhone to your cupboards.

The month begins with some communication errors and possible misunderstandings. Bad weather may impact your international communications and music wouldn’t soothe the troubled beast this raises in you. You may have a week or two of do-overs which annoy you at best. Put in that extra hour or two to meet your deadline. There’s better times coming real soon.

Mid March has you in detox overdrive. Something someone says will needle you into throwing out old things, new things never used and other things which nibble away at your time. You’ll try detoxing concoctions and perhaps a massage or two. You may even cut ties with some toxic frenemies.

March ends with a river of new energy flowing your way. You might start a new project or a new business, communication clears up and you’ll be bursting with creative ideas. Your love-life changes gear too, pleasantly surprising you.

Your Flower Power Card: Rose (Queen Of Heaven, Mother of the World)
This essence speaks of cosmic love and manifested/manifesting love. This card encourages you to accept cosmic love and wisdom. It highlights your relationship to your twin-flame and to the world in general. If you are seeking your twin-flame or soul-mate, it encourages you to manifest and maintain these relationships wisely. If you are already in couple, it guides you to greater spiritual union with your beloved.

For more on The Power of Flower Cards, visit Isha Lerner’s site here.

NB: It’s my great pleasure to be standing in this week for the AstroGuru on Cosmic Talk with Zakia Ahmed on  Lotus FM. You can listen to the live streaming at about 10:20 – 10:30am GMT+2 or Central African Time.

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Your Tarotscope February 2017


by Leenna

Before we know it, it’s February! Month of bills and the stress of Valentines Day. As a special treat, let me peek into your Valentines Day and see if we can discover if there’s a card or two for you. More details at the end of the post. For your month’s Love Tarotscope, you can find my podcast here.

*only for entertainment purposes.

NB: Please watch out for large avalanches and heavy snowfalls around mountainous areas, and dangerous seas around the Atlantic and Baltic Seas.



February could start in a better way, but it doesn’t. You’re still reeling from the overspending in January and the holidays. Your credit card is not happy, and the kids may still be demanding that you break what’s left of the bank. Instead of feeling guilty and refusing to come out the house till next payday, stand up to the kids, shake-off any guilt, and count yourself lucky. You have all that you need, and wanting too much consumes too much of your energy that could be spent on better things. Volunteer your Saturday afternoons at an old-age home or animal shelter (take the kids along too) and you’ll soon stop worrying about wanting things.

Around mid-month things get soo much better. Generosity finds you (maybe via that volunteering) and you’re soon feeling no lack in your life. Small fortunes may find themselves to you – perhaps an extra fortune-cookie or a small raffle win. Enter without expectation and let the good stuff find you!

February keeps on getting getting better, lucky you! Following that fortune-cookie advice may bring you more opportunities than expected and, more to your taste, good deals are easily found. It’s time for you to make hay while the sun shines.



Like friend Aquarius, the beginning of February has you fretting over bills – the phone and credit-cards in particular. You’re also chafing to change your image or get new clothes – anything to mark a new look for you this 2017. The temptation to get a radical piercing or two is also strong, along with the need to wear something unique, like…florals or Hawaiian shirts with ski-gear? You want to stand out in the crowd, show that you’re your own person and stop blending in. Wait till the end of the month. You’ll have a better sense of style and a better budget to make that change successfully.

Around mid-February, you’ll be inundated with calls and social functions. A friend may be getting married overseas and needs your advice. You may also take up a new class: art, dance or catering. Although you’re not going further than the outskirts of town, you feel like the world’s your oyster.

The month comes to an end with a high note of success and love. You might have been too busy to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but the month-end more than makes up for it with lots of love, a little romance and a great sense that life is good and getting better!



February marks the end of the malaise you might have been feeling. If you’ve been looking for a new client, job or promotion, you may hear back within the first two days to two weeks of this month. You may have two interviews too, one by phone and one with your possible new boss.

Success seems likely as there are contracts (fair in nature) which may be signed around mid-month. It’s the time to reap what you’ve sown. Be brave of heart and consider all opportunities. It’s a good time to formalise relationships too, so if you’re thinking of proposing to your beloved on Valentines Day, you couldn’t ask for a better time.

The end of the month brings a new challenge. Stand apart for a while to get the lay of the land before committing yourself to any action. The pause, new information, and new resources available will provide a better solution than you may first think.



While external events may shock you and have you running back home in dismay, this month is actually much more positive than you think.

February is your month to find balance (and possibly love, but not romance). You may take up poetry writing or reading, or begin a yoga or pilates class at the beginning of the month. Emotional upsets will cease to disturb you for prolonged periods and you’ll find it easier to breathe.

Mid-month brings a wonderful surprise. A gift, (not material) may be received and you may plan a spiritual or artist retreat with some of your best friends. You may also begin planning a back-packing holiday, possibly an extended one. For the most part, you’ll feel happy and blessed.

The month ends with some confusion over missed messages and romance. Your travel plans (especially the back-packing one) may also be delayed by a sibling or a younger friend. The true nature of someone in your close circle may also be revealed.



This month begins with one of your favourite occurrences – lots of communication! There’ll be international messages and phone calls (some business and career related), perhaps to a conference. Your messages and intentions will be clearly understood and now’s the time to let the world know you’re out there. It’s a great time to start a new social media account or update your existing ones.

Mid-month may bring some confusion especially around the time of the full moon. A matter concerning your mother may disturb you and it will be difficult to access your usual innate wisdom. Depending on others perceptions and intuitions makes you feel uncomfortable, but may produce some unexpected and pleasantly surprising results.

Study or research is your focus towards the end of the month, along with pets and children too. You may have to brush up or learn a new accounting or database tool. You’ll also be called to be persistent on a matter close to your heart.



Contracts and karmic issues mark the beginning of February for you. You may be starting a new job or signing other legal documents. It’s a good time to sort out any issues with your passport or driver’s license as you’ll be needing them later in the year. Karma-wise you’ll find what you send out returns quickly to you.

Mid-month brings a wish delayed. Valentines messages may be lost or misconstrued. Think twice when replying to messages at this time. You may also find that your ambitions are delayed by natural disasters or changes in policy ie. things outside your personal control. These are just delays and give you time to reflect and be more prepared. Use this time wisely.

The month ends with a call for you to be wise and brave. An opportunity is offered to you, but it may call for a drastic change to your life which you may feel overwhelming. It’s related to the delay from the preceding weeks, so once again, you have time to contemplate, evaluate and discern the best course for you.



The month begins with high-energy and a long-awaited message reaching you. It’s all systems go, and you couldn’t be happier! If you’re out in nature, you’ll see some wonderful and rare sights so keep your camera handy.

Mid-month seems like a Simpson’s episode, one you share with your buddy, not life your partner. Absurdities and strangeness abound even without you actively looking for them. Be like Lisa, not Bart. She’d never forget Valentines Day.

Your partner is upset (Did you really forget Valentines Day?) and is not impressed by you saying ‘Doh!’ Dig deeper for your sensitive feelings and don’t turn art for relaxation into a competition. Call your mothers (and in-law), sisters (and in-laws) and aunts. This is a time when all them could be angry with you and you need to set the record straight or you’ll forever be stuck with this broken record. A few dollars spent on the phone to them could save you thousands in therapy.



February doesn’t look to be your favourite month. Seems like you’ve been matching Aquarius and Pisces with the same hefty credit card bills, and you’re really kicking yourself for letting yourself go financially. You’re also a little scared because, for the first time, you can’t predict your finances for the next few months as you’ve always done before. You’ve never been very good at claiming defeat and this isn’t the time to start. Go break something that needs breaking, gather up the pieces and throw them away. It’s time to swept out the old and start with a fresh perspective.

Mid-month brings some clarity and relief. The worst is over, the air is clear and the scars of the battle you’ve been fighting aren’t as hideous as you’d thought they’d be. You’re free to move on and up.

The month ends with some comfort. You’ve made a decision and have found your way forward. It may not be ideal but you know this drill and could do it in your sleep. You may have to juggle a few things around, but you’re happy to have things in control again. You may even begin saving in a two-year plan for something you’ve long wanted or for your child’s schooling.



Fear not, brave-heart, your time for breaking free is close at hand this month. Though you may not see it, help is on the way to free you from a situation that’s wearing you down. Physical or spiritual, your allies and supporters are there for you.

Mid-month may show you where you need to build yourself to assume the position you most covet or seek. It may be a question of experience or a slight misjudgement, but what you learn from it will see you well set up for the future. There may be some conflict with your father or husband too, one (or both) who may not be able to see your path as you intend to take it.

The month ends with you in a vacillating mood, but that’s not anything new. Should I, or shouldn’t I? Will you or won’t you? Look around carefully, instead of staring at the same thing hours on end, and you may find a third option which suits you and yours brilliantly.



Decisions, decisions and they all need answers at once! February begins in a more taxing manner than anticipated. Someone with the initial ‘R’ may help you sort out up from down and all things in between.

Mid-month looks more promising, with a little trip or a long weekend away, in good company or with your beloved. It will get you back on even-keel and ready to face the rest of the month. It’s a good time to do some star-gazing or witness the eclipse. It will help you gain a sense of your place and purpose.

The end of the month may bring some horror story to light, possibly about an air-sign in your life, or one’s that about to enter your life. Harsh words and actions will be circumvented, and justly so. Admitting that you’re wrong is difficult, but noble. Be noble. It’s more becoming than being sulky.



This is a month of changing friendships and new perspectives.

At the beginning of February, you’ll be in a galvanized mood, eager to launch into new projects and seeking the best for everyone. Not so some of your friends. You may be planning group activities, only to find yourself alone. It’s a great time to catch up on your computer gaming.

Mid February brings out some uncommon beliefs and questioning which may lose you a friend or two. You know that the traditional approach may not always be the best or even relevant any more. Seeking new paths and answers will consume most of your time.

The month ends with more changes. You energy is stabilizing, but only just. You still want to rush off and make sweeping changes, but holding back till early May could make for better timing. People may remark about how much you’ve changed recently, but it’s just that they never knew the real you. You can’t hide yourself anymore.



This February, you’ll feel your age, but in a good way.

The month begins with vivid memories of your childhood and youth. You’ll be amazed at how you’ve changed, adapted and coped with situations you couldn’t have imagined. You’ll feel pride in your hard-won wisdom and the life that you’ve build for you and your family. An old friend or two may also come back into your life – possibly to revive an old romance or business proposition.

Mid-month brings some wonderful news around the time of the eclipse. A premonition may hold you in good stead, and while there may not be any monetary windfalls, you’ll feel a connection to a spring of well-being and wonder. It’s an excellent to share your experiences with others in a blog, writing group or with like-minded friends over a picnic.

February ends with talk of big plans which you feel may never material. But it makes everyone happy, including you, so why not indulge. Children with special needs or abilities will also enjoy you taking them out to meet horses and ponies. There is much healing there for both the kids and you.


Wondering if this Valentines Day is going to be the same as always or something magically special? Leave me a comment below before 14 February 2017 and, in the spirit of fun and love, I’ll reply with a drawn card for you to see what we see 😀

Wishing you a love-filled and safe February.

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Bubbling With Excitement!

With the internet throwing a hissy fit and refusing to work for two whole weeks, it’s been hard to keep up with posts here. But the internet gremlins can’t be blamed for all of the silence.

Choose Your Own AdventureYou see, I’ve been bubbling with excitement over my newest adventure! Here we are almost six months after I’d decided to Choose My Own Adventure and I’ve started a new project.

Yep, I’ve gone and opened a shop at Redbubble 😀

My thanks to Melissa Rose, The Anxious Canadian, for introducing me to this exciting site. Melissa also has her own Redbubble shop to print her delightful photos as postcards for her Postcrossings.

So, where did this whole Redbubble thing come from?

The whole long story…

Some of you might remember that the purpose of this blog of mine is to explore my creativity, push my boundaries and share inspirational thoughts, quotes, and ideas with you.
And that’s why I love blogging with posts that are a mixture of my writing and my design selves.

Going Further back in time: How Two Became One

Growing up, I didn’t consider myself creative. Back at school, only one teacher chose to showcase my art, my sister was the one doing portraits of Sting, and I could never transfer the image in my mind onto the paper in front me.
The only things I could render well were eyes (doodled all over my books) and trees…


…Until a really cool graphic designer introduced me to Photoshop! And Illustrator! And mock-ups! And so my career in video wobbled off on a new path, which was all to the good as I’m much better with static images than moving ones.

But creativity mixed with my nature is a strange thing. Working in a creative environment with other creatives taught me all the tools while also exhausting me.

Another career change into teaching allowed my writing and creativity to blossom, but simultaneously left no time or outlet for designing…

Another career change into writing and there was precious little time for anything, never mind doodling…

As usual, there seemed no winning for me…

….Until last year when I decided to consciously nurture my dwindling half which loved art and playing with colours, and LeennascreativeBox was born.

Back to the present

The problem with pushing my creativity with art and design is that my writing…well, suffers.

It takes quite a lot of time for me to layout visuals or create new images to illustrate my post; time I should be spending writing and selling a new short story.

In other words, I need my artwork to be as important as my writing and for it to have a similar earning potential to justify spending all that time on it.
Because much as I’d love to create both stories and artwork just for the fun of it, I still depend on them for my income…

And so, Redbubble to the rescue!

Now my artwork can generate an income much as my writing does. Now I can justify spending hours in the wonderfully meditative process  of painting across my screen, or on paper. And most important, I can feel more balanced and allow more fun into my life by cutting out the nasty thoughts that I’m wasting time instead of working on earning an income.

WAussie foresticecubes flyingRB202_V2_Cut_Sew_Bleed_LinesThis last month has been much more fun for me. With my desire to create more artwork sated, my creativity is higher, and my writing benefits enormously too.

It’s a great feeling to be practicing all the skills I spent half my life learning and honing.
I can now share the images and thoughts that inspire me with more people, with the hope this will bring something bright and fun into their lives too.

RB202_V2_Cut_Sew_Bleed_LinesAnd what new adventure can be better than that!

Find me on Redbubble and let me know what you think!
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Karaoke Cool

My apologies for not being around the blogosphere much recently. I’m doing two free courses concurrently with FutureLearn. Together with the revision on a novel of mine, time’s been flying by. I can’t believe we’re already almost a third of the way through Feb. And with Valentine’s Day knocking on the door already! So I’ve decided to share the 500 word or so love-themed story I wrote for class.

Be warned. There’s some Karaoke 🙂 I’ve links to the songs further down in case you aren’t familiar with them. Enjoy!

Karaoke Cool

Sweat glistened on Julian’s face.“Sing!” Lex had insisted, pushing him up onto the stage and shoving a mic into his lax hands. Curious faces looked up at him. Melinda nodded gentle encouragement. Reaching her, Lex smiled a crooked smile, his hand hovering closer to her shoulders.

Polite coughs from the floor brought a fresh onslaught of sweat, joining into potential rivulets, further panicking Julian.

The selection of songs scrolled leisurely across the screen without a care in the world. Lex smirked, his hand on Melinda’s bare shoulder. Melinda frowned a little at Lex, but didn’t move away. She turned back to Julian with another encouraging nod.

Snickers and whispers grew in volume. Others were awaiting their Karaoke moment.
Desperately, Julian looked at the scrolling selection—something with few lyrics and more music. Or something which sounded fine no matter how badly you sang it.

Definitely not Mariah Carey then, or Wham, or…

Julian’s mind hit pause.

Someone from the floor yelled something indistinct. The tone said it all–patience was running out.

And there it was, Uncle Harold’s favourite song! Julian selected it. He even knew most of the lyrics! And those he didn’t know he could just mumble.

Julian shut his eyes, imagining he was back in Uncle Harold’s garage. “Born in the USA!” roared Julian.

Shocked into silence, the audience stared at the tall, bony man; his face contorting with the words like a Scream mask.

As so often happened when Julian was around, shock and horror turned into gentle amusement. People started clapping time and stamping their feet.
Julian didn’t open his eyes until the end. Then he staggered off the stage.


Melinda met him with a glass of something cool and a large smile. Lex hovered behind her.

“That was very brave of you! Well done, Jules–” began Melinda.

“Yeah, well done. Could’ve picked a better song, my man.” Lex thumped him hard enough on the shoulder, sending him an involuntary step back. “That one was kind of lame.”

“Oh, come on, Lex,” grinned Melinda. “It was fun! It’s my Uncle Steve’s favourite. Especially at weddings…though I don’t know why!”

Julian smiled in relief and wonder. “I know! It’s the same with my Uncle Harold!”

“No, you lie!” Melinda looked delighted.

“No, you lie!” mimicked Lex as Melinda took Julian’s arm and led him to their table, talking a mile a minute.

Lex would not be out-done. He never was. Plan B’s time had come. Brushing past a matron, he snatched up the mic and scanned the selection. What would impress Melinda the most, and blow Julian out of the water? So, she liked American Rock, huh? Here it was — Dire Straits; just the thing to leave Julian in.

Calling Elvis, anybody home?”

Lex looked over to Julian and Melinda. They were talking and laughing.

He refreshed his memory of the lyrics as he sang, then looked back to his targets, singing, “Love Me Tender.

They were kissing.

Heartbreak Hotel.


For the music videos, see below. Graphic by Pixabay.comemoji-773998

Born in the USA by Bruce Springsteen

Calling Elvis by Dire Straits

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Mad Scientists, Space Travel and Graphic Resources

It’s been a crazy month. It’s just zooming by, hardly giving me a chance to catch my breath or think–you know, proper thought-time.

So my apologies for not posting more, especially reviews, or for my not commenting much on your posts, but time is…out of my control for now.

So while I catch my breath, and shake my head mournfully over the pile of work I’ve still got to get through this month, here’s some of my stuff to keep you company.

For those of you who have a class or presentation coming up, you might find this interesting:

And if you’ve wondered what kinds of papers are delivered by Mad Scientists, or maybe you’ve been thinking of taking trips to Mars or Jupiter, you’ll want to check this out:

And don’t forget this week’s PiniMe. It will be out in a couple of hours:)

Thanks for catching up with me. See you later:)