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Your Tarotscopes: March to April 2023

2023 is finally ‘gettin’ going’ and it’s looking to be an interesting time!

  1. Water Signs
  2. Fire Signs
  3. Earth Signs
  4. Air Signs

Love and light to you all!

Water Signs

Pisces 00:30
Cancer 13:17
Scorpio 30:34

Fire Signs

Aries 00:20
Leo 11:45
Sagittarius 24:45

Earth Signs

Taurus 00:20
Virgo 11:23
Capricorn 35:40

Air Signs

Gemini 00:30
Libra 14:32
Aquarius 36:29

Extract from Weekly Tarotscopes: 16 to 22 April 2023

Just wanted to share an extract from this week’s tarotscopes with my Patrons. I thought you might like it 😀 Mercury retrograde is here, and it’s an airy, windy week! Fortunately, for most it’s a lighter, positive time ushering in some beautiful new energy and beginnings or opportunities. For others, there are still some older…

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Your Tarotscopes: January to February 2023

Happy New Year! You made it to 2023! For many, we’re winding up some old stuff before we get into the new. Expect 2023 to really start going in February, after the Mercury Retrograde is over! In the meantime, clear the decks for an interesting year!

  1. Earth Signs
  2. Air Signs
  3. Water Signs
  4. Fire Signs
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Love and light to you all!

Earth Signs

Capricorn 00:29
Taurus 14:15
Virgo 26:39

Air Signs

Aquarius 00:34
Gemini 12:44
Libra 24:09

Water Signs

Pisces 00:31
Cancer 13:45
Scorpio 26:35

Fire Signs

Aries 00:40
Leo 13:07
Sagittarius 32:12

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Your Tarotscopes: March to April 2023

2023 is finally ‘gettin’ going’ and it’s looking to be an interesting time! Love and light to you all! Water Signs Pisces 00:30Cancer 13:17Scorpio 30:34 Fire Signs Aries 00:20Leo 11:45Sagittarius 24:45 Earth Signs Taurus 00:20Virgo 11:23Capricorn 35:40 Air Signs Gemini 00:30Libra 14:32Aquarius 36:29

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Tarotscopes September to October 2020

So, here we are in September (September!) 2020 and a friend of mine says ‘2020 should just get over itself’. It made me smile, though she’s had a tough year and hopefully the worst is over. Still, it’s hardly 2020’s fault it got grounded and sent its room. Mother Nature had just had enough of us, I think, and we all needed some time out, didn’t we? But now that we’re cautiously un-pausing and re-pausing as we shake 2020 (or the year that wasn’t for most of us) awake, I invite you to once again watch and consider that viral video that made us think again at the beginning of the The Great Pause (or that time the world got sent to its room).

The Great Realisation by Probably Tomfoolery

As for what the cards say about the next two months, it’s a bit of this and a bit of that. For most, there’s change—good change. And for some a reminder that you still have some work to do (on yourself). Please don’t carry old baggage and mindsets into 2021 that got us sent to our rooms in the first place, and now’s the best time to toss persistent old baggage aside and look at what we really, really need to be happy for the rest of our lives. What is it that your Heart really, truly—most excitedly—desires?

While you’re listening to your tarotscopes, feel free to check out and listen to the other freebies on my Patreon and YouTube channel.

Have an awesome, beautiful and prosperous September and October 2020!

Your Tarotscopes

Fire Signs


Earth Signs

Capricorn, Taurus

Air Signs


Water Signs


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Your Tarotscopes: January to February 2023

Happy New Year! You made it to 2023! For many, we’re winding up some old stuff before we get into the new. Expect 2023 to really start going in February, after the Mercury Retrograde is over! In the meantime, clear the decks for an interesting year! Love and light to you all! Earth Signs Capricorn…

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Tarotscopes: November to December 2019

It’s Mercury Retrograde feeling like a Saturn Return!

Amazing, we’re already in November! 2020 is just a few weeks away and some of us feeling like we’re still in some pretty rough waters. The good news is that a few of us are going to find the easy, smooth side of the rapids we’re negotiating (and maybe even a short-cut or two), while those who’ve not been paddling as hard as they should…Well, it’s time to move with more direction away from dead-end creeks and hold on tight to that paddle. You definitely don’t want to lose it over the next two months! Yep, interesting, and hopefully fun times for you ahead!

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Enjoy and happy holidays! Catch you for the bonus tarotscopes before the year-end?

Tarotscopes November to December 2019




Tarotscopes air signs Nov Dec 2019


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TBR Love: September 2019

Just the one review, and some very exciting news about Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores!

Some Very Exciting News!

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Little Known, Highly Recommended

Spotelss by Camilla Monk from

Spotless (Series #1) (romance, suspense, humor, action)
Camilla MonkA woman named Island (I know, I know) is kidnapped by a hitman with a serious (and I mean serious!) OCD problem. They’re both strangely weird people, who form a strange, but satisfying bond under various intense and upsetting circumstances involving interesting locations, bullets, blood, and various psychos.

Imagine the movie series The Transporter meets Meg Cabot’s romances meets some really great characterisation and plotting…without holes, or its slip showing at embarrassing places, or resorting to predictability or illogical plot-contortions just to keep one cinematic scene intact… I couldn’t stop reading it. It’s fun. It’s brilliant. It’s not for those who love plots-by-numbers types. I can’t wait to read the next one! But I have to. Because work.

Quest for the wholly pale 0 calories
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Tarotscopes September and October Plus Extended Read


Can you believe it’s already September! This year seems to going even faster than a trip on a fast-train. I can almost hear the days whooshing by…So, the good news is the changes you’ve been waiting for are imminent if they haven’t already appeared. And if they have, or when they do, they may take a little bit more adjusting to than you anticipated. More bad news is you may have to adjust some plans or delay them indefinitely.
Good news is, you may have more fun in the long-run, and what you have on your plate may be much, much better than anything you could have anticipated!
Sometimes, you just have to trust that the Universe knows when to serve you your new favourite things (or people)!
I’ve got an extended read for your bi-month, too—About That Matter You’re Thinking About.

September to October 2019

Earth signs

Water signs

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Leo Birthday To Birthday 2019-2020

Virgo Birthday To Birthday 2019-2020

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If My Life Were To Make The News Headlines:

Get Your Channelled General Message Letter for 2022

This will the third year running that we’ve offered this, and looking back I’m still blown away by the wisdom and group messages that have come through since 2019. Have a look at last year’s Valentine’s Messages for us all. Many thanks to those whose requests for letters and messages brought out these pearls of…

Tarotscopes March and April 2022!

In this insane start to the next quarter year, I think Pink and Willow Sage Hart express the sentiments many of us have for the world just now. Fortunately, the sunshine always returns no matter how dark some times get because we all carry the light within ourselves and no one can tell the sun…

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All signs tarotscopes by Leenna


by Leenna

I have to admit, this month’s tarotscopes took a while to get started. The first time I laid out the cards, I was hit by a blank, and then a big yawn. There’s a lot going on, and many of you are in two minds, or very anxious about the decisions or opportunities we have or wish to have. It’s time to ground, to take a deep breath and balance the logical with your heart and intuition. Honor your time and space. Honor your loved ones. And honor your true-self in these life-changing decisions. And give yourself a chance to rest well. Don’t burn the candle at both ends.

* for entertainment purposes.

You’re pushing for something new, but it’s the perfect time to complete an old project. And, oh yes, life is about to get even more hectic.

So, Scorpio, you’re reminiscing about those beautifully easy and restful days of last month, and the previous months, when life seemed to be going so smoothly—when you could kick-back and relax with the remote in your hand and a bag of crisps, or a good apple…
Now you’re out of that comfort-zone and into the crazy-seeming world where you need to make instant decisions, and are experiencing instance karma—for better or worst. But you did ask for a better user/customer experience so why the long face. Take this as a lesson: the universe takes you literally—as do computers, 3-to-5-year-olds, and your spouse/partner in a bad mood. Check twice before pushing any buttons.

Mid-month may bring some frustrations as you put your all into a new project or push ahead with creative ideas. But you’re missing important elements or are repeating a useless cycle. It’s not the practice that matters here, but the precision and the ingredients. Try baking a cake instead, and help your ideas self-correct as you enjoy a good treat. You may also feel your energy-levels dipping and possibly a high fever. Keep your liquid intake high, your sugar levels down, and try catnaps where you can. Deep breathing will help too.

As November ends, you’ll be reminded of an old project you intended completing. Now’s the time to work on it, possibly with an old friend, or with older/first-learned methods. The answer is simple, but the dedication needed is greater as it could get finicky. On the plus-side, this cycle of hecticness is ending and you’ll soon be able to grab the remote and that snack again. You may be interrupted by an old friend, but they wouldn’t mind if you catnap through their monologue. Life will be back on balance again.

There’s a stop-start feel to the month, but only because you insist on backtracking come the middle of the month. Still, a dream you though out of reach may be anything but.

November begins with a round of unbelievable luck, reminding you of a similar period from eight years ago, or from your last years of study. Opportunities abound, recognition is yours, and old smiling faces pop out of the woodwork. Some are sincere and benign, others come asking for favors. Do your research, ask the awkward questions and decide well whom to give your energy to, so you don’t spread yourself too thin.

Mid-month sees you standing still or retreating. You need quality ‘me-time’, possibly within sight of (or in) water. Your mind is wild with ideas, most of them doable, but which ones to pursue for the moment? It may be best to note and prioritize these ideas for now, as you may still need some time to optimize them. Don’t rush. These opportunities and ideas may best be taken up early next year.

The month winds down with a palatable sense that a load is lightening or that a responsibility is receding. You may lose some weight, or pay off a loan. Others may have more time or meet a person who spiritually inspires or awakens them. There’s lots to plan and digest. And yes, you’ll be planning a party or major celebration, but for now your main focus is on your dreams and how to reach them. Change your approach or expectation and you may be able to take those first steps, even if it’s to the moon 🙂

An interesting time for love and reunions. Maybe too interesting? You’ll want to be extra stringent with your budget for Black Friday and other sales.

November begins on an emotional note. There’s a sense of imbalance or a lack of grounding within a love relationship. Are you falling in love too fast? Are you giving away your power to a partner or potential partner too easily? Are you over-analyzing every single detail and mono response? Ground yourself. Do something creative. Take up that yoga routine again. Then feel into your heart. You have the answers within you, if you just listen quietly to that little voice lost amongst all that internal chatter. For some, you may find your answer comes in music or chanting. Listen to the melody/rhythm, not the words, and you’ll find your balance again.

Mid-month finds you strong and balanced, in control of yourself…until the hiccup. Impulsiveness or rashness regarding new love or finances tips the scales. You may feel like hanging your head in shame or running away, or perhaps needing to ask for help from your mother or older sister. It’s not the time to be prideful, but is a time to promise yourself a thing or two. For most, it may suffice to leave the credit card at home, for others it may be sticking to your personal rules on dating/relationships. This is a lesson for you. Learn it well.

By the end of the month, you’ll have reason to regain your pride. The dilemma/crisis from mid-month may be satisfactorily resolved. But it’s also time to hold your tongue. Gossip abounds, especially with a reunion, or because of a reunion. Double-check facts and figures, even if they appear to come from trusted sources. And don’t sell yourself short. Your opinions count too, even if you have to write it down and hold it up during discussions. Finances need careful tending, so be sure to let everyone know you may be doing things a little different the coming festive season.

While you remain fixated on keeping an eye on one dream/goal, you’re missing all the other low-key wonderful things going on around you. Take those blinkers off.

Happiness and abundance abounds come the beginning of November. It may have to do with family. It may have to do with a clothing voucher. It may have to do with learning about a pregnancy or other new beginning, but darn it all, you can’t tell a soul! Maybe because it’s inspired you to make a long-held wish come true. But you need to keep it secret till you have more information. Then again, if it’s a love-child, a new adopted pet to ‘surprise’ your spouse with, or a radical new look you’re sporting, you may want to take extra-special care on how you reveal it all. Social media as a first option would be the absolute worst. Bite the bullet and do it face-to-face. You’ll be happy you did.

By mid-November, you may be tired, but in your element. Reunions with family or old friends may bring a feeling of contentment and stability/tradition you could have forgotten you’d missed. Your imagination is alive and you have the urge to create or start DIY projects, but a lack of time/energy makes them impossible. Sketch your ideas or write short keywords, them keep them with your shopping list and acquire supplies gradually so you can work on them in December or the new year without blowing your budget.

Come the end of the month, you may feel disappointed that you’ve missed an opportunity or failed to complete certain projects. There’s a silver-lining to it all, one with happy consequences, if you’re just patient enough for it to become apparent. You’re great at manifesting anything now, especially if it’s to do with family and your home, so wish carefully. Like Capricorn, puppies and babies may be drawn to you or around you. If you aren’t planning on having another child, you’ll want to take precautions.

You’re all about your money, when you should be about your base. If you wallow in your poverty consciousness, you’re likely to miss a great new opportunity from someone who needs a more positive/authentic outlook from candidates.

So, you’re worrying about the lack of money as the month begins, but you’re also throwing it away in order to fit in. You know you’ll make it all back, until the pity party or green-eyed gaze wins, and you fall back into the poverty mindset. You can’t keep running this parallel channel in your thoughts. Either you cut back to remain in budget and remember that the Joneses may not have it all, especially when it comes to happiness, or you keep up your spiritual practice and positivity to draw that ideal job or monetary situation to you while keeping open to new opportunities.

That new opportunity or two may arrive around mid-November, but if you aren’t open to it, particularly as it seems to come from someone you have been annoyed with, or at odds with, in the past then it may past you by without you even knowing about it. This person may be well out of your current circle, very stern and strict and doesn’t allow others emotional responses to shake the boat. You’ll have to have your ducks lined up, and keep your mind cool, clear, compassionate and witty to convince them you’ve got what it takes. This opportunity may involve education or social media.

There’s a surprising twist to your life as the month winds down. A new spiritual revelation, or change in your circumstances may come. It may leave you reassessing your skills, your approach to learning and how you view money vs satisfaction in a job. It’s all a lesson on how you view abundance. Don’t make it a hard one. Reconnect to your heart and what really makes you happy. The Joneses don’t matter, only you and your happiness do.

There’s a sense of pleasure about November, but there’s some mixed signals from your partner or employer. Keep on your toes and find your balance in nature.

November begins with a fun celebration, perhaps one that’s been delayed. You, or someone dear to you, may be celebrating a graduation or a longed-for work award. It’s bringing a change in status, along with some feeling of instability. This may be because of a move, or other unplanned event which needs fast decisions and action. It’s not all bad, just rearranging the pieces into a new picture you didn’t conceive. It’s time to show your adaptability.

Concrete beginnings and endings mark mid-month. Perhaps changes you’d expected to take a long time occur much faster. Time may seem too little and your anticipation of missing someone dear may cause some anxiety. Allow nature to calm you, and don’t mind showing your sentimental side.

The month ends on a triumphant note, leaving you with a ‘what’s next’ feeling. Sport, not requiring creativity, goes well. You seem to have an odd mix of contentment and melancholy at this time. Life is unpredictable, but not often in a bad way. Could your control-freak side be feeling just a tad surprised and vulnerable? Go on, admit it—it’s not so bad at all 🙂

It’s a passionate and fiery month, or that anger of yours arises once again. Something’s not going your way in the relationship front and it’s throwing you off-balance. Stop and smell the roses. It will remind you who you really are.

Romance looks searing hot as the month begins. You’re feeling great, attracting lots of attention and are having absolutely no shy Ferdinand The Bull moments. What could be better? But. But your judgment flies out the door when temptation comes walking in. Maybe you are having a Ferdinand moment. No worries. The wooing goes well, so enjoy it. Just don’t let the woo turn into woe with your possessive streak rearing up. You have to allow this romance to go slowly. You have to remain balanced and allow them to get to know you even as you get to know them. Romance is great, but iffy in the long-term if you begin anything new with someone unknown. Couples too, need to woo, not woe. Down possessive streak. Down!

You feel more in control and on top on things at work by mid-month. Projects that were on hold are on the go. Your workload may increase, or a family member may need you just when you seem to have the time to clear your back-log. And if your romance is still racing along, you may feel overwhelmed or need to change your routine to fit them in your schedule. Avoid daydreaming. We know you can do it even when appearing fantastically productive, but don’t, just don’t. You need your full focus on the task at hand, or you may have to do it all over again.

Come the end of the month, it’s an emotional time for you—one which leaves you feeling unbalanced and perhaps even frantic. It’s make or break time. The truth of your romance or work situation is revealed. You’ll have to make a decision by the last day of the month, but you may be anxious or frustrated. It’s unlike any other decision you’ve had to make before—life changing and you can’t see where you’re going with this. Take a deep breath and know it’s divinely guided. You’ve made the best choice and will know for sure by February.

You’re all systems go, but the brakes are on. Go through those messages again, you’re missing something.

November begins on a solid note. You’re wanted for your skills and for your magnetism. You’ve healed and ready for something or someone new to come into your life. You may even have lots of reckless thoughts and ideas. You can’t wait to hit the road and explore new vistas. There’s a palatable sense of expectation around you, but where is it? This new thing or person. You may be projecting too far into the future. The good news is that you’re calling it/them in, but all may not be apparent until later in the month or next month. Watch for signs from the universe, keep your sense of anticipation going and keep brushing up your skills. Who knows in what wonderful way the new will enter your life?

Mid-month brings out the warrior in you. You may be fighting to make a dream come true. You may have an unfair advantage in some way which isn’t making you Mr or Miz Popular, but you don’t care. Woe betide anyone who tries to keep you from your goals just now. Yes, you can win through with intimidating your opposition. Yes, you can win through by working your fingers to the bone. And yes, you can win through by shear effort of will, but remember divine timing. The Universe is still in charge of when the winner is announced, and if you exhaust yourself before then, you may not be able to enjoy it all when it finally arrives.

Communication is key as the month winds down, especially with friends and family. Fail in this and everyone’s going to be hurt. It’s the perfect time to rejuvenate yourself with a hike or a girls/guys day out. You’ve detached yourself from any outcomes to your mid-month efforts. Life is easier, and you’re more present in the moment. Allow the playfulness back into your life and find your true balance in being. Is it better to just ‘be’ than to work hard in trying to ‘be’? Let me know:-)

You may have to let the universe take the reins for this month. In fact, you have little choice. You time is best spent visualizing (daydreaming) instead of worrying about regaining control of ‘matters outside your influence’. In other words, trust like a child. Manifest like a child and be amazed at the choices offered to you. Koo Beans!

November begins with you wanting to start something new but feeling uncertain, or to happy to languish in La La Land just that little bit longer. But things have fallen into place. Even opportunities and things you’ve tried hard to manifest before (and thought you’d failed). Now they’re all here knocking on your door and demanding your attention. But it’s not all rainbows and cotton-candy. You may have to relinquish one or two dreams to grab the bigger ones. There’s an element of risk—not that it won’t get you to where you’re going, just that it may get you there sooner than you expected! Daydream responsibly. Better yet, go with the flow.

Mid-month may bring both financial independence or relief, but also an argument or altercation in which you’ll need to stand your ground, either with a boss, parent or your spouse. Perhaps you feel too controlled, or they are feeling threatened by your new independence. Talk it through rather than fall into a sulk. The situation may only worsen otherwise. One of you has to be the adult here.

November winds down with a matter demanding a decision. Unexpected events may bring you financial benefits which are long-term. You may have to choose between something new and exciting, but perhaps a little unstable at first, or something of your own creation which is equally uncertain but allows you more control of your life. Avoid power-struggles as you may lose. Trust your judgment and squash your fear. You already know the right choice for you, just take a deep breath and make that commitment.

You can see the progress, your goal almost reached. But you can’t quite touch it yet. Stop stretching yourself so much. Relax and let the current or momentum do the work for you.

November begins with less strife, but the stress is telling, or you may be working late into the night. Watch out for migraines and tension headaches. Take care of your eyes and don’t fight your body. If you need to rest, rest. There’s a major change coming, but you’re not quite ready for it. No worries. You still have time to cross that bridge when you come to it.

Mid-month brings unexpected luck and some great togetherness with your beloved and workmates, maybe family too. But something’s weighing on your mind, something from two months ago. If it’s a matter with your partner you hoping to bring up, address it soon. They’re of the same mind as you on it.

By the end of the month, you may have an excellent opportunity at work, but it may take you away from the family or your home for longer than you’d like. Keep everyone informed and be honest about any change in plans. You’ll have more support than you think. If there’s a medical matter involved, get a second opinion.

You keep telling yourself finances may be the problem, but are you really using this to mask your emotional concerns? But really, the worst is over, or soon to be. And love is gonna get you when you least see it coming.

November begins with and ending or a new beginning. There’s a long flight or that feeling of limbo. You may feel out of space or out on a limb, like you don’t belong. You may doubt your strength and achievements. Stop talking yourself down, and you’ll see you’re already achieved what you really meant to do. It’s time to address inertia, and what to do now you have more opportunities to consider.

Mid-month brings more quiet. Depending on your attitude, it could be the roughest time of month if you’re too hard on yourself. It’s also likely that you may have a severe, but brief, illness, which could be an unexpected expense, or that your medical insurance changes. Others may find themselves feeling a little lost, or at loose ends. It feels like an adjustment period—still in limbo. Ground yourself by spending more time outdoors and in meditation. Movement and self-exploration will benefit you the most now. Don’t forget to rest and go easy on yourself.

November ends on a beautiful note. You’ll be feeling yourself—balanced, rested and cheerful. With your vibrations so high, you’re very likely to attract new love or a very special long-term friendship, perhaps with a traveler, or someone you’ve met on your travels. If you’ve felt too shy to approach them in the past, or where uncertain about how they feel about you, then don’t be. It’s highly probable they have reciprocal feelings. But however you look at it, love gets you in the end this month, and perhaps holds on for a long time. About time, too 😀

Major, major life choices crop up again, just when you thought you’d already done the decision-making. At least it’s about love and romance this time.

November begins with a declaration of love, a major decision on family or love. You’re feeling passionate and determined. The angels are applauding, and you’ve got your groove back. Life is good, but don’t over-extend yourself. The summer is hotting up, or the winter is proving sunnier than expected and you need to pace yourself in all matters, or your health concerns of last month may return. Remember to drink more water and consider a detox if you haven’t done one in awhile.

Mid-month brings a bright and cheerful new love or romance. They’re a huge amount of fun and you’re finding them irresistible, even if at first, everything seems platonic or less passionate then you’d hoped. Their feelings for you are deeper and more long-term than they admit or show. Your romantic partner may take you on a surprise trip, possibly to the coast or island-getaway, but may be too tired to take in all the sights. It’s best to relax and chill together.

By month’s end, you intuition is strong, and there’s an almost telepathic bond with your love. Life is pushing you forward like an ambitious mother trying to get you within sight of the most promising opportunities. One of these opportunities focuses the spotlight on your romance or love partnership. They take you by surprise once more, and though you felt it coming, you still need your time to process it. Make sure you’re both on the same page and that you truly understand what they offering. Rather ask the same question twice than base your decision on a misunderstanding or assumption. And if it’s all moving too fast, then speak your mind and explain how much time you need to process or decide. They’ll get overly anxious otherwise, and you may over-analyze. Keep things as simple as possible.

Have an amazing November!

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Your Tarotscopes: September 2018


by Leenna

So, the good news and opportunities are bobbing up and it’s up to you to go fish, or grab a net. You should be feeling lighter of heart, but perhaps still confused if you haven’t jettisoned enough baggage, or you’ve been avoiding crucial issues. But for most, the good times are arriving—the perfect time to spout cliches like: turn that frown upside down. Go on, smile. There’s a lot to be thankful for, and to enjoy!
And for those of you who are still trying to ‘fix’ your heart, you may want to listen to this freebie on my Patreon.
* for entertainment purposes.


Luck depends on your decisions, really heavy decisions. The longer you delay, the more ground you’re losing.

Yes, Virgo, it’s one of those times when you need to do a reality check, analyze your core feelings and act on those long-term plans. Sorry to begin on a such a heavy note in your birthday month, but hiding your head in the sand isn’t doing you any more favors and making you too obvious a target, if you see what I mean 😀
So, September begins with you feeling a bit dazed and confused. How did that happen? Where did that come from? Why does the universe seem so set against you? If you must know, it’s because of the whole ‘sticking you head in the sand thing’, instead of you up and running in the direction you should have taken months ago. Still, all’s not lost. Just get up and get moving in one direction—any direction—and get those muscles pumping, the excitement going. You can always veer off on another course at a later stage and confuse all those lions. But be aware, the time for long-term plans is coming soon, and you want to be on safer ground by then.

Mid-month brings love, but of the uncertain kind. Again, it seems someone (most probably you) isn’t making up their mind about where this relationship needs to go. There’s a hint of karma and justice around the issues/person, possibly stemming from your school days or first date? This time, you’re determined to be fair and mature. Determination is good, but follow-through is even better. Don’t shy away, and say what needs to be said.

September ends on an interesting note. You’re calmer about letting go, easing into something more comfortably yourself, but others may not see it that way. Alternatively, you may feel a fire-sign is betraying your trust or stealing what you worked most hard for. You may decide to fight fire with fire. Whatever way it all plays out, you’ll be left with a wealth of ideas, a resurgence of your past interests and a brighter outlook at the end of it all.


This is the month you’ve been waiting for! Things they are a-moving—and mostly in the right direction. Your identity issues are being resolved.

September begins with a rush or activity and great productivity. You’ll feel like a winner and others may envy you. You’re landing a big fish—either in love, business or in the creative field. It could be an old love returns, or something you initiated between April and July (this year or last) is finally bringing some good times back. For some, it’s a proposal of marriage, for others, a long-term stable contract which excites you.

By mid-September, your energy-levels may stabilize, but you may be confused. While all is well on the material and external plain, you’re not so sure of your identity and how you fit in, or where you fit in. Or even if you are the right fit for your partner. Anyone trying to cram you into a mould you know is not for you, is going to be surprised. You can and will strike off on your own if you have the slightest whiff that someone isn’t going to treat you fairly or honor their word. Now, you’re absolutely sure of your power, and how to use it wisely. You may be sharper-tongued than usual, but perhaps some deserving few need to get used to this ‘new’ you.

The month ends full of excitement! You may travel (watch out for hail and other sudden storms with significant debris), and travel further than you planned. Visas, and other documents may be processed much faster than anticipated, and while the actual journey may be dramatic, you’ll arrive safely and with a happy, carefree heart. But do pack carefully as breakables may live up to their name. New beginnings will go well with either a new friend, or an old one returning, showing you the lighter, more adventurous side of life once more. If you’re on your honeymoon, it will be in a place you’ve wanted to visit since childhood. Or perhaps you finally find a pet who matches you perfectly.


If you thought life was all fun and games, it’s about to get real. Whoever, or whatever you’ve been ignoring/neglecting is going to make themselves/itself felt. Play your cards right, and you could still get that second chance.

The month begins on a restless note when you may find it difficult to focus, or you’re focussing on the wrong thing. You know you can make things happen the right way, but your over-thinking, over-feeling, and trying to do things by the book is distracting you from the true solution, or manifesting what you really want. Life may feel exhausting and like a struggle, but only because you’re ignoring your better judgement. Mostly likely, the best solution lies somewhere between your way and the by-the-book way. Take a walk outside or watch the sunset to get a new perspective.

Regret over a ‘lost’ opportunity (or perhaps younger, easier days) may keep you up at night around mid-month. For some, you may re-think an option for surgery you have previously refused, perhaps to alleviate headaches or back pains. Old injuries which didn’t receive proper medical attention will also return and are likely to result in a lifestyle change. Use your best judgement and stay away from excessive alcohol and medication. Acupuncture may be a viable option for most. Regret over relationships, especially at work or with your father/grandfather/spouse, may also arise. It’s time to let go of old emotional wounds.

September comes to a close with a curtain fall on part of your life. You may quit your job or travel abroad to rejoin family. It’s all about beginnings and endings, completions and second chances to make things right again—whether with yourself or those who mean the most to you. This is heavy stuff, but there’s a silliness in the air, and the expectation/intuition that once things are sorted, life will be so much better and fun. Travel with a good heart on this leg of your journey. It’s taking you to where you need to be.


Yes, you’d rather it was December already, but this month is looking better than anticipated, especially when it comes to love. Why wait three months to enjoy life when you can begin enjoying it now?

September begins with your intuition high, and a knowingness about what’s coming in love. Singles may dream or intuit their soulmates/life partners and how to meet them, while couples will find it hard not to break out of the routine and move matters in a new, happier direction. You may find something to celebrate with your love, while singles may meet a new love at a celebration or whilst on holiday. Any delays will melt away, but whatever’s been broken will remain so. Despite that, it may all work out in your ultimate favour. If you’re hoping to conceive, the chances are good.

Mid-month may bring a welcome retreat or a fun day out. It may be more low-key than your usual style, but you won’t deny that it was just what you needed. You may take a trip to a natural spa or go camping. Best of all, your energy and optimism returns.

As September winds down, you may get a chance of a wish coming true—a fantastic holiday, a new business opportunity or a new/re-commitment in love. You’ll have learned from your mistakes, and wouldn’t make the same mistake twice. Happiness brings a huge smile to your face and heals your body, mind and soul.


You may be feeling stifled or that your ideas are sidelined, particularly when dealing with clients and colleagues at the same level as you. Matters at work may be changing behind the scenes.

September begins with with you feeling in charge and satisfied with matters. You may be feeling a winner in some way and glad that whatever was stressing you out last month is no longer an issue. But whoever holds the moneybags may be psyching you out. You feel they’re uncommunicative and that something is going on behind the scenes.

Mid-month is super hectic, and though you’ve got lots of ideas and plans, none of them may seem to work out. You may feel dismayed and despondent, and that others are either sabotaging your efforts or that they have some unfair advantage. At home, you’re feeling more secure and may spend more money on making it comfortable.

As September winds down, the stress-levels fluctuate as you try to find more ideas and better ways to communicate them. You may also worry about your romantic life, particularly if you are single. Stop comparing yourself to others and know that your timeline and inspiration sparks are different. Try doing your own thing, think out the box and allow yourself to enjoy yourself at work and in love again.


It’s the month to celebrate love and old-fashioned courtship. And a time to release bad habits while cultivating new, healthy ones.

The month begins with your pockets feeling extra light, or your energy-levels low. You may realise that you’ve been paying too much for an item or service, or that a friendship or community is draining you of time/money. Ending these relationships and reducing these expenses bring you nothing but happiness. News from an old friend will delight you, and those looking for new/renewed romance will be dazzled by a smile.

Around mid-September, singles may find an old-school friend/crush/immature love returning, or celebrating a major life-event. Don’t miss this celebration/reunion or you’ll miss your new romantic partner/renewing your romance. They may seem a little fuddy-duddy, but with Taurean tendencies they’ll pursue you like Clarke Gable. There’s a lot more depth to this romance/romantic feelings and you can drink deeply. In fact, you’ll be surprised at how intoxicated it makes you feel, so go easy on that champagne.

As September winds down, you’ll be feeling love and tender feelings, but also easily triggered by past romantic partners or events. This is an excellent opportunity to release any limiting beliefs you have about relationships, abundance, and the role you play in the lives around you. Do the work and start saying yes to living with love again. Whatever happens around now, life—you—will never be the same again.


As the month begins, it’s all more power to you! But be sure not to give it all away as the month progresses.

September begins with you about to make a major decision, and prepared to sort out the issue that’s been bugging you the most, particularly in your family or financial affairs. You’re calm, logical and fair in your decisions and actions. Best of all, you’ve allowed yourself to heal from the past and are avoiding toxic situations. Good for you!

Around mid-month, you’re feeling abundant and may have a major success. You may be featured in a magazine, a blog, or other media. With your raised profile, be wary of deals that seem to be too good to be true, and of detractors seeking to put you out in the cold. Your real friends and supporters will make themselves felt, but the best thing you can do is to use your intuition and continue avoiding toxic people and behaviours. This is definitely not a month for romantic pursuits.

The month winds down with you finding a new community or a new, light contract in which you may need to speak or present to a group. Daunting though it may seem, know that you have all you need to make it success. Keep your balance (internal and external), keep organised and ask for help if you need it. Your profile is being raised, and with it your responsibilities. This doesn’t mean it all won’t be fun!


A mischievous sprite from the past may return, but you’re not smiling. Why aren’t you smiling? Some old wound may need to be re-opened in order to heal properly.

An old frenemy/flame waltzes back into town prepared to caused some mischief and mayhem. They may have their sights set on you or the prize-you’re-almost-certain-to-win. Pat down those bristles and clear your head. Losing your cool will play into their hands. Play the waiting game and see who cracks first.

As mid-month swings around, your communication skills are working hard for you. You may receive a new opportunity which allows you more time with family or those you love. Be careful of silly arguments and pranks on your partner. These may backfire. Generally, it’s a happy time and you’ll be feeling content with yourself and in control of your life.

Towards the end of September, your may find life a little slow at work, and too hectic socially. You may not want to socialise as much, especially if the frenemy is still in town, but your status or work may not let you off the hook. Take long walks in nature or hang out in the garden to ground yourself and ease your moods. And don’t forget to drink lots of water.


You may be leaving for a new situation, but some bonds are hard to cut and your wouldn’t have it any other way.

September begins on a fun note. You may be travelling, perhaps to a colder climate. Your companions are youthful and bring some giggles. There’s a sense of adventure and good times at your destination. Now, after a long time, you may feel fully engaged in your life—truly alive again!

Mid-month is a great time for meditation and releasing old beliefs that no longer serve you. You’re inquisitive about everything—much like a Gemini, who would make a great lunch-buddy and fellow seeker of new truths. You’ll have left regret behind. Some may get a second chance at following their greatest passion.

As September ends, you may find more clarity, especially on family and romantic matters. Some ties may be broken or fall effortlessly away, whilst others, especially those whom you feel most passionate about or who bring you the most love and happiness, will have you feeling very vulnerable and reluctant to share them with others. Some may conceive at this time, others may get a new addition to the family via adoption. Truth be told, your greater openness to love has you afraid of heartbreak and of being way out of your comfort zone. Keep the playfulness and optimism going and know that what will be, will be—and it will be much better than what has been before.


Communication is heightened. Romance is intense. Misunderstandings will be cleared up.

September begins with a flurry of activity and communication which may leave you exhausted, but pleased. You may be reaching for the stars (or your special star), but you know they’re finally going to meet you half way. You may also find your playful, flirty nature bouncing back, especially when you’re on the phone. Get some rest or pamper yourself spa-style to get your energy-levels up and keep your mood buoyant.

Around mid-month, you can talk yourself out of any situation, clear up any misunderstandings and grab any missed or new opportunities, especially with that special someone. You feel you’re in your element, your stress levels are down, and life is looking up and up.

The month ends on a dramatically intense note. You may fly abroad with your partner or to meet them, or you may take a romantic journey together. You’re feeling vital, strong, and very, very happy. Singles could meet someone new or have a holiday romance which could grow into a dream come true for you. Romance or not, any kind of travel brings good things for you, and bodes well for the rest of the year.


Does it all have to be perfect? Does it really? Wabi Sabi Love for yourself and others is good enough, and brings you more happiness and success this month.

As the month begins, intense feelings may be flying around your home, but for the most part, you’re excited about a new move or change. Some may be moving in with their partners, others may be moving to a new job. And while mums may be a little cut up about things, they’ll cheer everyone’s success. It’s a great time to begin a new exercise regimen, but remember that more pain isn’t always more gain. Listen to your body and gain greater success.

You may be feeling things are a little topsy-turvy around mid-month, but all’s well. You may even be giddy with excitement as matters fall into place, though not in the way you planned. Be open to advice from Leo’s and Taureans, and you’ll soon feel grounded again. For the most part, you’ll be happier and more optimistic about your future. Some may receive a sincere offer of marriage or other life-changing partnership, some may celebrate their marriage, while others may think deeply about romantic ties.

By month’s end, you or your life may be looking very different. So much may have happened in such a short time, that it may seem unbelievable to you. And while things may have gone in unexpected directions, it seems that it’s all to your benefit. Nevertheless, you’ll still have major decisions to make or confirm. Still, it won’t stop you celebrating!


A major rival may still be trying to toss you a hot potato. Fortunately, your reflexes are good and you’ve learned from experience. Health-wise, you may need to check on your blood pressure and monitor prior heart issues.

September begins with you feeling free and away from a toxic work situation. All’s not perfect, but you’re in an unassailable position and your creative juices are flowing. Even better, the truth is out, and the verdict is all in your favour. The cherry on top: all’s good with the family and your partner.

Around mid-month, family arguments may flare up around studies, work and chores. A gathering may be cancelled or postponed until matters calm down. Let everyone have their space for a few hours or days and it will all be bright and beautiful again.

As the month winds down, you should have more clarity or understanding of both yourself and a previous situation. You may present to a class or take a teaching/lecturing position, or take action to study further. You will triumph over adversaries by going by the book. Allow your sense of humour to shine, and flash your smile to lighten up the atmosphere.

Have a fabulous September!


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Your Tarotscope August 2018


by Leenna

Yay! August is finally here even though you may be feeling unprepared for it. After the strange energies and seeming lack of progress in July, its going to be easier to spot new doors opening and allowing old ones to close gracefully this month. Stay positive, honour yourself and others, and remember that better things are finally here—if you let yourself just see or seed 😀

* for entertainment purposes.


Woohoo, Leo! It looks like you have an awesome start to the month, and an exciting end! Not a month to catch up on the zzzs.

August begins with you surrounded by love and perhaps some mischievousness, or maybe that’s a little clumsiness…Whatever it is, it’s bringing you joy, inspiration, and a new self-confidence in yourself. Looking in the mirror, you like what you see after a long time.

Mid-August brings a sudden and unexpected win, one which removes a thorn from your side, particularly if it involves an in-law or an overly dictatorial spouse’s demands. Passions will fly or you’ll fly to your passions, and the distractions will soon give way to a sense of relief and contentment.

August comes to a close with a short trip or a moving away from a stressful, or demanding situation—with your gear and reputation intact. You’ll be doing a happy dance as it’s likely you may have a good business week, or get that promotion or job. If not, you’ll be the winning chef in any kitchen!


Running around like a headless chicken has never brought out the best in you, so why do it for any longer? Decide what you want (or who you want) today, and put that formidable brain into action.

August begins with the universe’s perverse sense of humour focussing on you. You thought you were walking away. You thought you saw the light and the clarity. You thought you knew the path without looking at the map or asking directions…Yep, when your thoughts go in circles, so do you. Don’t let the universe make you a laughing stock for much longer. Ground yourself properly this time, ask for help—and accept it!

Mid-month’s looking good for travel, especially for work or relocation. There’s a hint of a passionate love too, but only if you work for it and put in the time. On the plus side, the effort you’ve put into your career is finally showing the hints of a reward—but maybe not quite in the way or place you were hoping for. Could this actually be a better option for you? Stay grounded, consider well, and avoid the curse of the headless chicken…

August ends on an interesting note. There’s less sparkle, but more energy and communication work-wise. There’s less a soul-mate situation, but more of a fun and attractive companion. It’s all about opinions and options now, and if you’ve been doing your home-work and making up your mind on what you really want, there’ll be no cause for hesitation or regrets later.


Hard work makes you a show-stopper at first, but come the end of the month, you’ll have to keep your balance and hormones in check, for logic may temporarily desert you.

The month begins with routine and hard-work finally bringing you the attention and balance you’ve been striving for. An ambition is reached, perhaps catapulting your name up with the stars for a little more than the average 15 mins. Make good use of this time and let your humour and authentic self shine.

Around mid-August, legal and educational matters are set straight and in your favour. Any matters with other signs and soul-mates go well—so well that you may be subject of envy at this time. For some, better communication or the truth regarding a spouse or loved one makes you feel like a winner, or justified in some way.

The month winds down with some old beliefs cropping up. Don’t allow them to bog you down or confuse you again. De-cord, or detach from these mindsets, and allow yourself the reward of a good night’s sleep. Pay attention to your dreams. They will set you free 😀


Fun and happiness at home helps you feel stable, but you have to find your inner strength and stability to maintain the state you’re looking for.

August begins with you feeling blessed regarding your domestic situation or, for some, perhaps the arrival of a newborn. Life feels abundant and content, much like a holiday. You could be attending a marriage or an outdoor festival that reminds you of your childhood or younger days.

Mid-month could bring a storm of note. Ensure your insurance is comprehensive enough, and that your possessions are secure. Be wary of carrying arguments too far. This could backfire and create more discord or burnt bridges you won’t be able to fix. For some, it’s a highly karmic time—one in which you’re being asked to learn or make good. Be mindful of consequences.

As the month ends, things are looking up, but take good care of your health. Though financial worries are receding, stress or overindulgence, or even pushing too hard could deplete both your health and resources. Find your balance and stay true to the truth and your path.


It’s a month to be mindful of the finances, and of long-forgotten promises made—some of these may be called in unexpectedly.

August may begin on an estranged note. You may feel that your beloved is distant—or are you feeling detached from them. One of you is looking at the other with longing, but without communication you’re going to both feel out of luck in life. You may also be looking to study further, but this is not the right time. Deciding exactly what you what, or need, to do is more important than taking action just now.

By mid-month, travel could prove very exciting, but perhaps fraught with difficulties. Consult travel advisories before making bookings, especially if you’re planning on hiking or over-landing in remote regions as the weather conditions could be unexpected. On the plus side, travelling could bring you an unexpected love, or renew your passion with your beloved. For some, it may be prudent, and make more financial sense, to travel later in the year.

The month winds down with a sense that your home is robbing you of expected abundance. If selling property, you may not get your price, and if buying, unexpected fees or add-ons could inflate the original cost drastically. On the plus side, stealing away with your beloved for a private, low-key celebration may be just what you both need.


Revised plans bring you less travel, but more clarity and greater freedom.

The month begins with some ups and downs with a Cancerian or your mother. Returning to your home-town may be delayed, perhaps because of car-trouble, or because of work obligations. But never fear, the change in plans will work out to your greater joy later in the month. You may often think of returning to an old career or location, but it’s just you feeling unusually nostalgic. Avoid acting on any impulses at this time until the Mercury Retrograde is over around 19 August.

Around mid-August, your playful side is back, maybe because you’re spending more time with the kids. Something remains incomplete, or needs greater attention, which may once again prevent travel, or have you vacationing closer to home, bringing a greater sense of stability to your life.

The month comes to a close with your sense of judgement being flawless. Missed opportunities which seemed unlikely to reoccur earlier in the month may present themselves again. With your greater clarity and sense of calm, you’re now able to make better decisions. Great and welcome changes bring you a greater sense of freedom to be yourself and move away from negative types. Good for you!


Logic slowly takes a back-seat to love this month, and is likely to bring you something you’ve been wishing for.

The month begins with a major change in your attitude. You’re fed up of inconsistencies, illogical types and plain incompetence. You’re all for fighting the good battle of getting things done—and quickly. You’ll passionately and strategically defend your views and methods, and if you can stay the course, you’ll win through. Concentration is all. On the flip-side, a Gemini or Virgo, in a great about-turn, may be fighting (or flirting) for your attention.

Your softer side comes to the fore by mid-August as the battle at work subsides and you feel in control of your emotions again. A water sign could stir your affections and leave you wondering who exactly is holding the reins in this relationship. It’s a great time to get in touch with your feminine side, and if matters are seeming slow to move, it’s only because you are making it so. Try manifesting something you’ve given up on.

August winds down with your judgement in long-term financial situations or education proving true. However, care should be taken in re-investing or renewing long-term contracts, especially for services such as a gym or food club. Wishes in love can come true now, particularly if they have to do with a Gemini, or a matter which arose in early May or June. It’s also a wonderful time to continue manifesting!


Luck and opportunity in love and work abound, but only after you’ve settled an obligation.

August begins with you trying to move away from a financial or family obligation, but this is a promise you’re bound to keep. Ensure communication remains clear, and avoid sinking into negative thoughts, or evasiveness, to get over this period quickly.

Mid-month brings great prospects for spending time with family or finding a new love, despite work commitments. Your beloved is unusually affectionate and understanding, and quality time together with you and the family is made a priority. You may also host a minor/small celebration which goes well.

August comes to an end with you finding your balance, and in doing so, finding your luck and rhythm again. You’ll need to be more disciplined, but help is at hand—especially judicial help or practical advice from a professional. You may find yourself juggling work and family matters much better than expected, with your finances slowly improving. New love will go slow, but surely.


Domestic upsets may brew up unexpectedly, or war with the in-laws could catch you off balance. Whatever happens, try to keep work and family/love separate.

August begins with some upset, either with an ex, or a matter at work concerning contracts. Union or committee actions and hearings are possible, in which you may have to defend yourself or a colleague. It’s all impacting on your home life so try to give yourself some time-out by going for a walk or swim before greeting family and your beloved.

Mid-August sees you striving for balance, especially between work and family. You may feel battered from both sides when everyone seems to demand your equal attention. Something’s got to give, so make sure it’s not your health. Be firm with those who are overstepping boundaries, but don’t be harsh with those who only have your best interests at heart.

The month winds down on a much happier note. You find your balance, perhaps at a family do. Making good is easier, perhaps with the help of a Sagittarius friend or sibling. You’ll feel the tension from the beginning of the month draining or disappearing while your good humour, inventiveness, and high-energies return. But to be honest, you’re all about the party this time!


Worry about change all you like, but deal with the fact that it has arrived and offering greater opportunities and love.

The month begins with bit of a shock. A wide-spread restructuring brings you a new perspective, perhaps with some worry. But while you’re used to the worry, the flood of ideas and solutions that it brings is a pleasant surprise. You’ll finally feel bold enough to go for something you’ve always wanted. After all, what could you possibly lose that is worth holding onto?

Opportunity pounds at your door by mid-August. You may land a job you considered above your skill or pay level, or your business gets an unexpected boost from some excellent reviews or comparisons. It’s all about reaping your just rewards and divine-timing finally arriving. Try pushing your luck just a little, especially if you’re aiming for an academic goal.

The month comes to close with you in feeling calm and in control of your universe again. You’ll have accepted that certain doors have closed, but love the clarity, contentment and joy you’ve found instead. Life suddenly looks brighter and more promising, especially with love renewed or just on the horizon.


Life seems like some movie—filled with romance, drama and perhaps a new beginning.

August begins on a romantic note. You’ll be romanced by, or romancing a very inventive and unique character. You may share dreams or chocolate, but even if there’s no conversation, you’re feeling content and happy in their presence. Work is equally inspiring, firing you up with enthusiasm to create only the best. Try not to burn the candle at both ends.

By mid-month, drama arrives. Either conventions at work are misplaced, or a clash with your beloved brings you regret, particularly if things are said in haste, after too many drinks, or in the company of another couple. Remember that you and your partner are unique individuals and that you are both looking to achieve the same dreams and experience the same kind of love. What everyone else thinks of you and your roles…Well, does it really matter?

It could be that you’re travelling—and travelling far—by the end of the month. Communication may be a problem, so it’s likely to be in a remote area or in a foreign country. For some, it’s all systems go for immigration/emigration and while you’ll miss your network of family and friends, you’re more than ready to embrace this new adventure. Only problem, you, or your beloved, has to get used to a new method of communication. Remember, practice makes perfect!


Contracts are in the spotlight—both new and old, as are domestic matters.

August begins with a sense of stability and calm. You’re finally making headway in fulfilling old contracts and finding the kind of help you’ve been needing. You’re logical and practical and feeling well balanced about most matters. Any karma with an air-sign will be resolved this month, but be sure not to give away your power to them.

Mid-August brings more family obligations than expected, or perhaps you’d forgotten about them. A celebration may be a lot more work than anticipated and likely to stress you out. It’s not the expense, but the time. Allow for others and find the fun where you can!

The month winds down with you finally getting over a restlessness or indecision. You’re decisive, in control and fill of ideas and plans on how to move forward. You may be overly stimulated and finding it difficult to sleep. Keep a journal or ideas book, and update it nightly so your over-worked brain doesn’t melt. And if it’s an ex returning, remember not to repeat old cycles, and that you do still have a choice. You’ve got the power!

Have a fabulous August!


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June Tarotscopes by Leenna Bumper Edition


by Leenna

Another bumper edition to mark the mid-year. After your tarotscope, see what the cards say about the matter uppermost on your mind. And if you’re looking for more on love and other matters, why not see what my Patreon has for you. There’s free Pick A Card audios about meeting new people and more. Enjoy 😀

* for entertainment purposes.


A chapter or story in your life is reaching a climax. Happy endings depend on you!

As June begins you may be moving home, or from a domestic-type scene which no longer serves you. Though there are some tears, for the most part, you’re feeling relieved and energized by the change. Holiday plans may again be put on hold as practicalities or the weather takes over. Don’t for a moment think that’s going to dampen your fun. It could well improve things in another direction and with much less stress.

Around mid-month, money may be a little tight or resources scarce, possibly because of renovations or home emergencies (think plumbing). But this too could introduce you to new friends, or bring out the truth in existing ones. Dating and expanding your social circle looks good, especially when you’re not trying to impress people. For many, the issue of whether or not to have children (or another child) will be revisited or addressed again.

June slides to an end with the stress levels receding, more restful nights and the end to a long standing conflict to a neighbour, older person or a childhood issue. You’ll find generosity surrounding you as the universe continues to reward your good decisions with tangible gains and feelings of happiness. New partnerships, especially friendships, formed this month will continue to blossom and bring you happiness. For some, you may meet your life-partner or decide to commit yourself further. All’s well and good by month’s end, perhaps with a little more cash to spare than expected!

About the matter uppermost on your mind: Passion, Order reversed, Fulfilment
Passion, or the lack of passion, is your main indicator. Perhaps you’re stuck on a timeline of what achieving your goals looks like, or are bewildered by the effect a passion for someone or something is bringing into your life. Ask yourself: Is it/they bringing me the fulfilment that I want? Do I really need to take steps in a set order to achieve the same sense of fulfilment?


Well! It’s a complicated and exciting month on the love front. Maybe too exciting and complicated?

As June begins, there’s a sense of long-term happiness settling in. Perhaps you’re finally getting over a heartache, or another dream is finally achieved. But, some issues with a no-gooder (or no-gooder to you) rears its ugly head. It may be that an old flame returns bringing drama, drama, drama, or you have doubts instilled by the NG making you second-guess everything that is currently making you happy. Call a good friend (not Geminis, they’ll confuse you even more, ditto Librans) and all the warmth and good fortune around you to heal the past.

Around mid-month, the last of the healing/doubts evaporate, and you’ll have an amazing new beginning, or feel like one has come your way. Your dreams and wishes can easily manifest, especially when it comes to love, family and gaining a new job. Things will happen almost magically, despite yourself. And yes, you’ll find your destination in time, even if the GPS is confused. Ye cannae miss it, as the Scots say.

The curtain closes on June with a flurry of activity, good news, some travel and a sense of prosperity. New love/renewed love is now tangible and on solid foundations, and you’ll feel contented and appreciated by all. Even better, you’ll love your new situation, and it’s a perfect time to update your image/look! Birthday shopping, delayed or not, will have you spoilt for choice.

About the matter uppermost on your mind: Heart-to-Heart Conversations, Risk, Discovery
Talking things through with truth and compassion is what you need to do. Whether with yourself/aspect of self, or another, you need to this deep talk to heal yourself and your past love hurts. If you don’t, you’ll set yourself back in taking a small risk, in living life to the full and discovering new places, new people, and a happier way of being. Talk+Act=Happiness for you this month.


A powerful month for you where you don’t only get to choose your cards, but maybe stack them too.

Emotions, strange dreams (even recurring nightmares) may upset you as June begins, raising self-doubt and anxiety. It’s your subconscious bringing up some emotional wounds to be dealt with once and for all. This phase won’t last more than a week, perhaps ending while you’re traveling, or preparing to meet your mother. Despite all this, your intuition is very high, and you wake up more rested than expected. Travel will go well, especially business travel.

Mid-month brings in new opportunities with great long-term prospects. You have the pick of the crop (or are it yourself) and your negotiation skills will become legend. Dating or meeting new love prospects also looks excellent, but be aware that these, too, will become long-term relationships (even lifetime ones) whether you intend them to, or not. Financial investments, look fruitful, long-term or short (but not too short).

You’re top dog/lion by month-end, in whatever you’re doing: work, barbecuing or arguing with the mother-in-law. Use your power and charm wisely, and you’ll reap even more long-term benefits. Your love-life looks epic, and so does your fertility. If babies are not on your long-term plans, you’ll want to take special care, while gardening and artistic crafting will flourish.

About the matter uppermost on your mind: New Love, Adaptability, Intuition reversed
With so many opportunities around this month, you may discover a new love or renewed love for someone/something. It’s likely to be a new way of working, or a new gadget which forces you to adapt quickly (or allows you do so) but does not encourage intuitive use. It’s going to be worth the initial frustration of working a less intuitive way as it will either free up more time for your new love, or will generate results that you’ll applaud.


A topsy-turvy month may bring some nausea, but leaves you feeling happier by the end.

June begins on a disappointing note. Something you’ve wished for is delayed or hijacked by family or your partner. There’s some drama (and possibly broken dishes) but, for the first time in months or years, your options are crystal clear. Though you may initially feel at a loss, or that you’ve lost something important, you’ll realize it never brought you the happiness or recognition you’ve been needing or had due. Perhaps it’s time to put away your trophies, too.

Mid-June brings better prospects. It’s easy for you to create the right impression, particularly if you’re starting a new business. Don’t worry if initial sales or results appear weak, they will change unexpectedly. Similarly, subtle approaches in life and love bring you the quickest results. Give those who need it space and time to think and you can create magic with ideas/feelings you’ve planted. Still, the universe’s sense of humour is happy to make you the butt of its jokes—but in a kindly way. Laugh along and you’ll receive more than you thought possible.

As June winds down, you’ll be sitting happy, more emotionally stable and have your creative juices flowing strongly. You may go on a vacation, or travel to family, or move to a new location. Your trip will go well, and if it’s a conference or course you’re attending, you’ll be surprised at all that you learn. For the most part, you’re light-hearted, and if you’re permanently relocating, you’re happy to see the end of your past situation or location. Life promises to be more stable and predictable as you go into July.

About the matter uppermost on your mind: Worth Waiting For, Patience, Riches
Extreme patience is called for, but know that it will bring you exactly what you’re waiting for. This may apply more to your job/career/business, or to a long-term course of study. For a few concerned about a relationship, the outlook is good, but the time-frame to fruition may be much longer—many months, or even years.


A playful or mischievous energy may bring an unexpected commitment or a decision for radical change.

The month begins on with a sense of generosity and tangible rewards for hard work. A new job or promotion may come your way, leading to some soul-searching and lots of creative solutions. You may be offered a position with a leader or high-profile (almost celebrity) person who may take some getting used to. On the love front, there’s lots of love and perhaps a ring or other jewelery offered or bought to express commitment. With the playful approach in the way it’s offered, you aren’t sure if you will accept or if your beloved will believe your sincerity. Perhaps a new approach is needed.

Mid-June sees you hard at work with little time to socialise or explore new ideas. Some projects may be put on hold as you work hard to finish an older project before you move on. It’s excellent news for your goals and ambitions, as well as a reduction in your stress. You’re moving on to happier and better things, in a more mature and balanced frame of mind.

June draws to a close with you at your most diplomatic and very much in your power. You’re creative and express yourself well, but may take a month or two to find your feet and your true independence in your new situation. You’re surrounded by people who may seem larger than life, but they are generous and easy-going. Love goes on the back-burner despite someone (or your beloved) being very attentive and eager to move things to a higher level.

About the matter uppermost on your mind: You Deserve Love reversed, Intuition, Speculation reversed.
You know what you deserve because it’s a lot more than you’ve had. Or you’re no longer concerned about what you think you deserve, because your approach to life and love is now more grounded. Follow your intuition, but avoid speculation as that’s what got you into trouble the last time. When in doubt retreat and hold out for what you really desire. You should have your answer before mid-July.


Don’t let this month be another cautionary tale for others. Let go your doubts and build for a stable future.

June begins with you wanting to cut lose, ditch the responsibilities and chance your luck. That way lies ruin, or a month of noodle meals. Promiscuity is more than likely to equal a baby in nine months, even if you/your partner thought it impossible. Though you may feel hard done by, you are making progress at work, and you will have much to celebrate on that front by month’s end.

Mid-month brings some healing when you let go of some harsh self-criticism or criticism from your childhood. You may feel unbalanced for a time as you process this, but you will find your balance again. Just ensure you give due warning to friends and family when your moods swing. Try to keep a light schedule at this time of month.

June ends on a brighter note. There’s a party or celebration, and a little more money in the coffers, perhaps because a long-term loan or mortgage is complete. At work, the load or atmosphere is lighter and you’ll feel like you’re a part of the team once more. Your skills will be rewarded and new skills easily acquired. You’ll walk with a spring in your step once more.

About the matter uppermost on your mind: Children, Birth, Resourcefulness
See above regarding children and conception of. If you were hoping to conceive but have had difficulty, new resources and hope is here. For parents, children will be more resourceful and innovative in any new situation they face. They will also (as will you) be more creative than in the past. Any new idea you think of as ‘your baby’ will fare well. It’s a good time to launch as you’ll have all that you need to succeed.


Not the month to trust your intuition, but exactly the month to push your new ideas, or move to a new location.

June begins on an exciting note. You’ve got the opportunity, the energy, the optimism and the enthusiasm to shift worlds. Everyone wants to be your friend, even if they’ve disagreed with you in the past. Travel brings more ideas and new beginnings, but may also bring in an old flame or soul-mate you’d rather avoid. Awkward, but perhaps good to get closure. They may even help you network further.

Mid-June brings welcome movement and fun. The weather may not be the best if you’re travelling and you may be left up to your own devices or with a bore. Competition can get out of hand as well, leading to a sour victory. Let go any bitterness or criticism, and allow the good times back in double-quick. Your temper, too, may be on a short fuse, so take time to find your balance especially in new company or a new location.

June winds down on a nostalgic note. You may drive in a old classic that brings back childhood memories or dreams, or that old flame may cross your path once more. Don’t make the same foolish mistakes or you’ll perpetuate the same old cycles. It’s time to make new decisions based on the future you desire rather than the past you thought you wanted.

About the matter uppermost on your mind: Retreat, Intuition, Health
You can forestall some future health issues by taking a break or vacation this month. Fun in the sun, or a quiet meditative resort will bring you a sense of calm and well-being. Use your intuition to know when to leave a situation or give someone space to create healthier relationships.


Opportunities abound, but family or relationship matters distract you from them.

June begins with a new opportunity or networking group which provides a new partnership in either love or work. While your financial worries are alleviated, and so are those of fitting in, you are still analyzing or anxious about cutting ties with an old boss/colleague/ex. You’re also trying to distance yourself from a toxic friend or family member—most probably a female.

Mid-June brings some relief as the toxicity recedes, allowing new love or more love into your life. But you aren’t as sure of yourself, and old self-criticism and self-esteem issues may arise again. It’s time to heal this area of yourself and your life. Allow yourself to feel nurtured and your ideas to be appreciated. It’s also time to look situations objectively.

June slides to an end with a finalisation of a situation. Some ties are cut and new ones are born. Love still looks good, particularly with an air-sign or someone less extrovert than your ex. You’re also thawing to new people and finding new circles which appreciate your logical and well-researched input. Don’t be afraid to speak up as these lead to more opportunities.

About the matter uppermost on your mind: Very Soon, Versatility, Rebellion
Matters can be speeded up if you are willing to show your versatility and independence of thought. You may disagree with a group or find that a group of people split causing deep rifts in your social circle. What you want will come soon, but in a way which allows for more freedom for you and other parties.


A flirtation comes to an end bringing new beginnings and more passion for stability.

June begins with a flirtation or short affair, possibly while traveling. It’s romantic, but not stable as the person is much too immature or unstable in some way. It will end as quickly as it begins. If it’s not a love situation, it may be work or financially related, and—for some of you—study related. This is not a good time to consider emigration or work-abroad situations.

Mid-June brings a wonderful new beginning, one which allows bygones to be bygones, and an exciting outlook for the future. Work and finances look well-balanced, as long as you don’t overdo the spending on nights out. Small risks can be taken, and new avenues explored. A slightly ditzy, but well-meaning new friend will help you find fun and strong, long-term connections.

Health matters may concern you, perhaps requiring a reduction in alcohol/coffee or other liquid intake. Any health issues should clear up quickly. Celebrations may be delayed, leading to some unhappiness. You may question your ideas on love, dating and relationships and come to more mature conclusions, or realisations of what you truly need from your partners.

About the matter uppermost on your mind: Playfulness, Isolation, Bluff reversed
You have to be honest with yourself. A period of isolation or travel will bring about an introspection which will bring more self-awareness and understanding of self. A playful attitude will make these truths more digestible. However, be careful not to disregard/sideline issues by laying a veneer of easy acceptance over them as this will only perpetuate the same relationship cycles in your life.


An ending may have you asking: What next? Careful weighing of ideas will help show the way.

The month begins with an ending. A difficult stressful situation with an air-sign is likely to end when the distance between you becomes permanent. You, or they, may physically move away, or avoid further contact. You may feel in limbo for a few days as you adjust to the change in situation, but generally, you’ll be feeling more optimistic, cheerful and creative.

Mid-June brings a meeting with others—a social club meeting, perhaps—in which you may have to mediate between two individuals in conflict. Your diplomacy will come in useful, and you may have to help save face for yourself and others present too. Nip any troublesome situations in the bud before they grow thorny. Financially, any money owed to you will have to be fought for, but you will receive it.

June comes to a close with your judgement being a little clouded, and scattering your energies. Try not to dither too long over options, especially when it comes travel or accepting offers of help. Your first inclination will be the best and will save your energy for more exciting and rewarding actions. Put new ideas into play, but only after looking at them from all sides and perspectives.

About the matter uppermost on your mind: Romantic Feelings reversed, Vision, Friendship
This is not a good time to pursue or expect expressions of romantic feelings. It’s time to concentrate and appreciate true friendships, especially with those who share your visions for the future or a project. The person you are interested in romantically only views you as a dear friend.


Walking away may not be the best idea. Mothers or mothers-in-laws may visit.

At the beginning of the month, you may be seriously thinking or leaving a partnership or a situation which you feel holds too many secrets or a lack of transparency. Romance, too, may be jaded or proving too difficult to maintain. But while a new beginning seems tempting, its still won’t address the matters at hand, and leave you in a weaker position by the end of the month. Be careful when traveling: secure your possessions and be aware of your surroundings particularly after dark.

Mid-June brings a visit from your mother or an in-law. While you may be fond of them or they or you, this visit brings up issues about responsibilities or promises which were not kept. You may not be comfortable at this time, and feel overburdened or badly judged. You may work late to avoid going home. If you have moved to a new home, you may have to do a lot more work on it than anticipated.

June comes to a close with a new opportunity put on hold. You may have some sleepless nights as you try to figure things out and wonder if you should hold out for this opportunity or look for new ones. Life may feel dull and stagnant especially if the air is hot and dry, and you may want to keep busy with practical chores and activities to keep yourself balanced. If you have walked away from a situation, you may regret it at this time. If you are still in that situation, you will find a new path forward—one which excites you and allows more freedom in your life.

About the matter uppermost on your mind: Calling In Your Soul mate, Revenge reversed, Choice
You may have to give or ask for forgiveness in a love/relationship situation, even a very old one, in order to find the kind of peace and love that you seek. Your relationships are maturing, or you are maturing in your relationships. Your choices based on love for others and yourself is bringing in what you’ve wished for.


A passionate and dramatic time for love. Hard work and honoring responsibilities bring you awesome rewards!

June begins with a wish coming true. An unexpected accolade or recognition feels like a dream, setting you on a path to a long-term goal. Your beloved, or a new love interest, is the perfect match for you. You’ll enjoy your time together and may either travel or build something new and tangible together. It’s the perfect time for a romantic get-away and to renew your love-life.

Mid-month brings a sense of dedication to your work and your responsibilities. You may make a decision in love or business and will act quickly on it. You aren’t second-guessing anything, and will achieve your desired outcome, particularly in any kind of partnership. Travel goes well, but you may have your transport or accommodation changed. It’s not a good time to invest further long-term.

The month ends on a less playful, but no less passionate note. If you’ve been away from your beloved, you will have a sweet welcome home. You may travel quite far to be with them, even if it’s for a short while. Messages arrive confirming business matters, and negotiations will go better and quicker than expected and prove welcome by all parties.

About the matter uppermost on your mind: Chemistry, Inspiration reversed, Appreciation reversed
You are very focussed on your beloved and the almost sublime attraction and love you have for them. You are not interested in any one else, or being apart from them. The more someone tries to impress you, the less fascinated you become with them. In other matters, you need to get back to basics, and reconsider the smallest elements.

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Your May 2018 Tarotscope by Leenna


by Leenna

Here we are in May already! And finally, it seems, it’s bringing that break we’ve all been waiting for. Some may have to look a little deeper to benefit, nevertheless all should be feeling this a lighter, more joyous month. But watch out for Virgo, they aren’t in the mood to be trifled with! Enjoy 😀

* for entertainment purposes.



With so much to celebrate, keeping the balance between people and having fun is crucial.

May begins on a fabulous note. A new contract, a new home, or a new job marks a new sense of balance and of beginnings in your life. For some, you may be tying the knot, or getting engaged! For others it’s large family gatherings. It all looks good, except for the fathers/father-figures who may be trying to outdo each other. Keep the Scrabble board and barbeque tools away from them and all should be well. The kids will be helpful too!

Mid-month stirs your creativity. Art and writing may prove less messy and more rewarding than crafting or working with finicky material. Boundaries with your partner and extended family need to be re-established. Once your partner or potential partner gets over their sulk, stress recedes on all fronts and you’ll be back in the mood to celebrate, and they with you!

May winds down on a fun note, though you may be taking care to avoid any potential dramas with Gemini friends during their birthday situations. Strangely, if you’re single, this would be your best time to meet someone new. You’re oozing fun and well-being, and giving as good as you get in debates and other intellectual pursuits. Life is fun again 😀



Lucky Gemini! Last month’s full-moon and the new-moon are working hard to make your dreams come true!

May begins with happy dreams at night, but a serious sense of lack of communication during the day. You’ve made up your mind about your direction, but can’t seem to find the beginnings or path. Look to your dreams (and a Cancer) for inspiration or some good advice, particularly if it’s a casual conversation with a glass/cup of something soothing in your hand.

Mid-May stirs the plot, perhaps at a party, awards ceremony or a business lunch. It seems the swords are out, secrets are spilt and it all seems to work to your advantage. Some may break off an engagement (work or love) and feel they’ve dodged a bullet. Others may find a malicious plan backfiring, placing you in a safer position than ever. Phew, you could write a novel with all these goings-on! But remember to change those names if you plan on sharing any of this with us.

The month winds down with a welcomed and anticipated change. You may be leaving your workplace to pursue a dream, or have landed a new situation that comes close. There’s more money promised, along with more restful nights. With a hint of romance, singles may find their dream-partners are closer than expected, while those in couple may find a happy new past-time to share with their beloveds.



There’s some pruning needed in your life, but it’s worth all the effort and new growth!

May begins on an odd note. Some may be ending relationships, perhaps with one who appeared to be the perfect soul-mate. Others may be finally following their heart, speaking up for themselves and cutting ties to people or situations which no longer bring joy, or which no longer resonate. You’re looking to be an all-new Cancerian, and you’re fine doing the dirty-work to get there.

Mid-May brings more hard work, some new courses or learning, and a little less money than expected. But, there’s time to put up your feet, relax and enjoy your home as it is. Relaxed socialising brings new opportunities, and, in some cases, new love. Things are certainly moving faster than expected!

May winds down with a touch of financial uncertainty, but the promise of stability. Will you accept the little risk involved? You’ll love what you do, and if you’re looking for love (or are single) it’s going to end up ‘calling’ you! Couples may go on a short escapade or just enjoy being at home and the opportunity to work on a joint DIY/redecoration project. Contentment is finally here.



It’s a mixed month of this and that. You’ll have to make sure your shoe-laces are always tied.

The month begins on a happy note. For some it’s the arrival of a new addition to the family. For others, it’s a happy time at home with the jewels of your heart. Still, that garden needs some attention. But there’s always time to experiment in the kitchen, especially if you want to spoil your beloved and teach the kids the value of a good math/science project.

Mid-month may be rife with miscommunication, reversed decisions and arguments. Who decided? What? When? How? Too many questions and tirades may delay some much needed action. Don’t try to do it all yourself. Call in the experts, especially if a plumber is needed. Delegation is your friend, particularly if you’re just following someone else’s (questionable) orders. Yes, Leo, we know you that well…

Communication clears up as May winds down. Clarity arrives and movement resumes a decent pace. New appointments at work may not hold all the experience they claim, but with a little patience, matters will improve. A short course may bring out the playful side in you. If it’s carpentry or other DIY you’re working on, you’ll be needing lots of bandaids and ice. Go easy with the hammer and remember your math/science again.



There’s healing this month, and a feeling that being unstuck is great 🙂 You’re happy with applying the ‘my way or the highway’ philosophy.

May begins with a sense of accomplishment. Singles will be happy to be so, cautiously getting used to their own company and only interacting with others they feel are accepting of them, as is. Couples may be cautious about what they’re sharing as they feel a change coming—one they’ve been waiting for, for some time. At work, you’re standing up for yourself and are detaching from immature colleagues or other undesirable elements.

Mid-May takes a stuck-unstuck, tacky kind of energy as you gain more and more clarity about you life, your hopes and your dreams. You’ll be doing a lot of inner-work and will be impatient with those around you. Any investments which aren’t performing will also be weeded out of your portfolio. You’re definitely not in the mood for any slackness in your life. Perhaps it’s time to start a new exercise regime.

The month comes to an end on a happier note. You’ll be sleeping easier. Emotional and other baggage will be healed or discarded. But it will feel exhausting. Steer away from fire-signs and those who may have hurt you in the past, at least until the month is fully over. Use this month-end to sleep in, sleep well, and rest your body, mind and soul. Take note of your dreams, especially when it comes to those you love.



Big changes, big stability and maybe even big money coming your way.

May begins on a social note. It’s bringing a change in your network, home or social situation. For some it’s a new partnership or a sense of accomplishment at having completed a major life goal. Others may decide it’s time to be single again, or to stay so. Happy couples may change their living arrangements around how much time and space alone each partner needs.

Mid-month brings the biggest change. A major opportunity could make all other offers pale into insignificance and wipe away your stress. It’s a case of the frog snagging the princess, or of finding the end of the rainbow does indeed have a pot of gold.

As the month ends, you’ll find a sense of balance returning. Creativity and energy takes your productivity higher, and everyone will be well pleased with the results. Singles could be flirting outrageously with a Sagittarius, one who is well suited and of a like-mind. Partners will find a sense of playfulness returning. It’s a contented way to end the month.



It’s not all plain sailing, but a satisfying month, nonetheless.

May begins with a sense that things are picking up, new opportunities are arriving and that boredom is receding. Money matters perk up, but an unpaid bill, or a wrongly charged item or two, may lead to some frustration and angry words. Care needs to be taken when discussing new ideas, shared ideas and any new investments. Tempers may be easily frayed and matters taken out of context could cause some communication problems.

Mid-month takes a little more effort and energy to make your point. But you shine, especially at presentations and interviews. You’ll be on the Top Three and sure to secure one or two new contracts. Singles will enjoy debating and a little competition with their dates.You’re most likely to find equal and suitable partners when competition and art meet. Couples may find their love-life getting a little more adventurous than usual.

May winds down at a slower pace, and perhaps a slight cold or the flu. Ensure you’re getting enough rest, and that you aren’t pushing yourself too hard. Patience has its own reward this month, and there’s nothing to regret or hold you back by this month’s end.



Radical ideas bring about great change, but relationships need more work.

The month begins with a flurry of ideas, hard work and a re-arrangement. Be careful not to shirk your responsibilities or someone will cut you loose. It’s exactly what your attitude to others, so no need to act all shocked. It’s vital to practice what you preach at this time. Travel may bring more work, but also more freedom. And say what you mean, and mean what you say, or there’ll be much more work and time lost.

Mid-May brings a meeting with friends, though perhaps not all will bring good company. ‘Times-they-are-a-changing’, and some may accuse you of now being no fun. Admit that you’ve matured and move on. Dating may not go as expected. Give an outsider or unconventional person a chance and see what happens. Couples may try different cuisines, but make sure you have a fool-proof recipe or a trusted recommendation.’

May winds down with a difficult emotional decision. Family matters and love matters may clash, and those closest to you may not see eye to eye. Old family traditions may fall to the wayside, and not everyone will be on-board with your decisions. Communicate with those you wish to keep close and don’t sweat the rest.



You may not see the happiness coming ‘cos it’s just around the corner.

May begins on a subdued note. There’s some sweat over an unexpected new development on a matter you thought was closed. It’s enough to dull your good humor, but don’t let it keep you down. You’ve managed it all before, and a slightly unconventional approach will sort it out quicker than you think.

Mid-month brings some fun, lots of crazy ideas, and a way of combining diverse ideas and personalities to produce an innovative result. Trust your intuition. If you’re looking at studying further, or have kids at school, you may decide on home/online schooling. Singles may run into their soul-mates this month, but be warned that some of them could be canines and felines.

The month winds down with time to catch your breath. You’ll have time to relax and pamper yourself before the next opportunity arrives. You may also transform your look, perhaps for a new job. For some, you may re-ignite with an old flame, while others may finally be able to make an old idea work. Whichever it is, you’re in for an interesting time up ahead!



It’s Love Yourself Month, and time for carefully thought-out new beginnings.

May begins with you throwing out the old emotional baggage, old uncaring manipulators, and shutting the door on them with finality. You have more love and compassion for yourself than you’ve had for a long time, but there’s still one issue you need to deal with. It’s not the month for new love or reconciliation, but it is a good month to figure out what you want in love and life.

By mid-month, you’re still firm in your decision, but perhaps lacking balance in other aspects in life, particularly when socialising. Watch your alcohol consumption as your tolerance may be lower than expected. And be careful as you step out as you could trip yourself easily. On the plus-side, you’re definitely not bored anymore!

As the month ends, an impetuous trip could bring you more relaxation and spiritual insight than you thought possible, but it could also lead to a missed opportunity at work. Take care with the words you use now as they could be seen as foolish, and make sure your social media account won’t come back to haunt you. But no matter what happens, you’ll be sleeping like a baby by the end of the month. Journal your dreams where possible.



You’re running up that ladder and skipping steps too!

May begins with a sense of victory, and it’s changing your life. You’ve swept aside your opposition and the way is clear for you to win—new job, new client, new love. You can have it all as long as you remain true to yourself and focused on the here and now.

Mid-month sees you working and playing hard. You can showcase your creativity and people skills with ease. Sales will go well, and if you’re the buyer, your negotiation skills will shine. Stable new beginnings are here, especially when it comes to interpersonal relationships and networking partners. Love is here, but not your focus just now.

May comes to an end with you needing to make a final decision. It may be in love—to stay or not to stay in your relationship, or to change or not to change the roles in your relationship. For a few, it will be about your job, perhaps a new position from a head-hunter. You’ll debate with yourself, but will take the option offering you the most independence and security. And yes, there is one with both!



Keep your temper and impatience in check or they’ll rebound on you.

May begins with a flurry of activity bringing a long-term project to an end. You may go on a trip, perhaps to visit family, but not for long. It’s back to work on an all-new project. Love looks good, especially for a short romantic get-away or if you’re in a long-distance relationship. It’s hectic, but you’ve got loads of energy.

Mid-month brings some unexpected luck when an old skill proves useful and helps you find even more opportunities at work. The finances get an unexpected boost, and if you were looking to sell a house, it’s likely to find a generous buyer now. Love still looks good, but your focus is shifting.

May ends with some drama. You may have minor surgery. Be wary of accident zones at work and of flares of temper from little-known people. Some may choose to end a relationship, or reveal a financial secret which changes a situation drastically. You’ll have a lot to process at month’s end, but take care of your body, especially if you feel the sniffles coming on.


Have an awesome and safe May!

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My gift to you!


by Leenna

As a thank you for following my blog and for being so patient with me, here’s that bonus make-up post I’ve been promising you.

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Your April 2018 Tarotscope


by Leenna

Phew! What a crazy 6 weeks it’s been. There I was, thinking I was going to sail through this Mercury Retrograde. It did seem that way at first…and then it was early December all over again! So, apologies for the late tarotscopes. Scroll on down if you’re short on time, or read on if you have a spare minute or two because while I waited for more clarity, I did get some additional insights about what’s making this time so trying for so many of us.

It’s simply that we’ve changed so much with all that happened over the past 3-4 years, but we can’t see it ourselves. So, in our mind’s eye, we are the same. But we’re not. We’re older, wiser and more capable than we’ve ever been before. So why are so many of us still holding onto dreams, aspirations, and goals made twenty, ten or even five years ago. Most of these are unlikely to bring us the happiness we think they may—because what makes us happy now has changed since then. In short, we need to realign with who we are now. We have to plan ahead for happiness which stems from who we truly are, not from who we tried to be. We have to manifest what will truly fulfil us and allow us to express ourselves fully. We have to align with our true selves and our newest potential.

This retrograde is, in my opinion, asking us to be honest with ourselves and our lives, to make space for the new and next steps. And to recognise and celebrate how much more we’ve become—more than we ever thought we could be. Honor yourself and celebrate your life at least once over the next few weeks. As for me, I had a Wimpy burger and milkshake after ages, and got triggered like anything. But by the end of it all, for the first time, I felt my younger self would have been chuffed at who she’s grown up to be. I’m not what’s regarded as successful, but I’m truly me. I once wrote ‘Footloose and Soul-free’ in my creative-writing exercise at school. I’m still processing that one 😀

* for entertainment purposes.

** Aries and Pisces, it’s still your month for the free Decan readings for March/April. Listen here.



It’s a bit of a juggle, but you can get this balancing act right.

April begins on a great note. There’s a sense of peace and calm, of getting the mix right. And of being in the spotlight. Baking goodies, or cooking up a good plan just can’t go wrong. You’re in control. You’re on the ball. You’ve got this, and everyone loves you for it! What could be better?

Mid-April resolves an identity crisis. Or is it an issue of clothes and what to wear to a special event? An awards ceremony, perhaps? Whatever you choose will be just right, and is sure to catch the eye of someone intriguing. For singles, this could be a meeting of the heart, or a meeting of the mind. For couples, it’s going to turn romantic. If it’s not your partner’s eye on you, your partner is sure to woo you once more. In fact, partnerships and creative contracts of all kinds look good, too.

Come the end of the month, it will be crunch time regarding a decision. Problem is, you’ve got too little information to make a long-term commitment. Flexibility and impartiality will be your friends. So will looking to maintain that balance you’ve had most of this month. But above all, be kind and good to yourself and your body. Allow for rest and me-time within any new schedules or contracts you’re signing.



Communication and stamina will see you winning through.

April begins on a complex note. You’re feeling light-hearted and playful, but an issue (or toxic person) from your past may rear their ugly head and threaten to pull your spirits down again. Be strong and use all the good judgement you’ve learned since. Remember you’ve changed and matured. Don’t allow your past to drag you back into toxic situations you’ve worked hard to overcome. On a lighter note, you’re looking sexier than you think, and matters bode well for romance.

By mid-April, frustration with work or communication may have you considering whether it’s time to quit. But remember, you’ve never really been a quitter in love or work. Take a breather. Allow your energy levels to replenish. See how far you’ve come, and look at things from a new perspective. You may not be on a level playing field as you initially thought. Be innovative and see what happens next. Wait for your right cue. Or perhaps you have to cue in others?

April winds down on a happier note though it may not look likely, at first. You’ll be working hard and finally seeing a project coming to a satisfying end. But be wary of someone trying to steal your thunder or sales. Keep your plans close to your chest and watch those nasties blunder instead. You’ll triumph in love or work, and be happier than you’ve been in a long, long time. Allow your playful side to reign again.



There’s a break in the weather coming, but you may still need your raincoat.

As April begins, you’re in a very serious mood. There’s matters to bring to completion and it feels like time is running out. Plans may seem to need more time to reach fruition, and you’re stressing. You’re all in your head and it’s starting to hurt. Truth is, you’re juggling things admirably, even if your boss (or partner) seems to be making unreasonable demands. What you need is to do a little dance…Shake it off. Switch to another beat. Or just listen to your favourite feel-good music.

By mid-month, struggles in communication should end, leaving a more playful mood and revealing some interesting opportunities. There’s a big change coming—maybe even the break you’re looking for—but it needs some spit and polish, some dusting off or refining before it’s revealed in all its finery. Best be prepared to field a load of interesting questions too.

April winds down with a release of stress from the work sector. A toxic or health problem may also be receding, or perhaps it’s you saying goodbye to that boss of yours. Whatever it is, it’s impacting on your money-making ability. But that’s no longer your main focus. No, you’re firmly focused on widening your horizons, all while holding your dearest closer to you. Maybe too close? Avoid possessiveness and jealousy. It makes you look just a little too crazy.



There’s travel and love on your mind, but without any tangibles, how can you make a move?

April begins with you feeling stable, and attempting to maintain the status quo. But, it’s not really what you want to do. You’re waiting on a new beginning—one that suits your personality or expectations of love more. Sadly, it seems delayed due to a financial or physical problem. Someone else needs to complete something before you can make your move, but they aren’t keeping you in the loop. Direct your energies elsewhere. There’s no need to sulk over an issue you have no control over.

Mid-April brings creativity and a hectic social life. The world proves a small place, highlighting issues of commitment in love and other partnerships. You may feel you’re on an emotional yo-yo. And you’re still waiting on another to sort that thing out. Still the world’s growing smaller for you this month, so much so that you may run into an ex or holiday flame and feel that spark again, if not a genuine warm glow.

As April comes to an end, so does your waiting, because someone will be waiting on you—perhaps hand on foot—attending to your every whim. They’re smitten by you, and why shouldn’t they be? You’re magnetic and generous and very, very appealing to just about everyone you meet. But when it comes to serious commitment…Well, one of you is going to have to wait just that little bit longer. Let’s hope it’s not you.



Things may seem upside-down as the month starts, but it’s all righted by the end.

April may begin with some crossed-wires—literal ones or electronic ones, but they certainly seem to be causing a delay in reaching your goal. Whether it’s to find the right ingredients in the supermarket or get your car back on the road, you’re going to have to keep your temper in order to keep your best judgement. And as for overseas trips, you may need to double-check all itineraries and be prepared to re-route if necessary in order to make your meetings or complete your holiday. On the plus side, any long wait will allow you time to find mental clarity in situations which appeared befuddled these past few months.

Mid-April brings some reassessment. Where are you putting your energies and are they bringing you an equal exchange of money or joy? Friendships may also change as motivations of others become clearer. You may have fewer apparent options, but at least they are genuine ones which you can now depend on. You’ll finally know where you stand and what kind of land lays in your near future.

April ends on solid note. You’ll see slow but sure progress in your projects. An enthusiastic, if somewhat dull individual, will provide you with assistance. Their straight-forwardness and earthy humor will help lighten your day, too. Your skill-set will grow, perhaps with some light study or a sense of stability at home. The last few days of the month will bring some welcome relaxation and time to pamper yourself—perhaps a weekend away?



Someone up there likes you as even when things seem to be going wrong, they’re going right.

The month begins with a shiny new opportunity, an exciting new idea, or a beautiful and intriguingly magnetic new individual in your life. Even as your heart is bursting with glee and joy at the wonderful new prospects, you’re afraid of making an error in judgement. Double-check your messages, speak from your heart, and let the universe smooth things out for you.

Mid-April is full of hard-work and some nice ker-ching moments with more than one pot on the boil. Your efforts will be rewarded accordingly, and generously, if you’re detail-orientated. New concepts, products or travel-related things could all be worth the extra-effort you’ve put into them. Be sure to celebrate your achievements this month.

April winds down with a series of delays or frustrations, possibly regarding travel, or the breaching of an agreement. While it may anger you, or signal the end of a relationship, take a deep breath and allow yourself to see properly. There’s a happiness here—perhaps even a lucky escape from an unfair situation. And now you can concentrate on your love again, with your purse still heavy from your other successes.



Love’s here, but it looks very different from what you were thinking it would be.

At the beginning of April, you’ll feel stronger in your identity, yet confused over matters of love and possibly the status of your relationship. You’re not taking flak from anyone just now, but are you cutting your love too much slack? Perhaps they need to pull their weight more, especially in domestic matters. Passions are high. It’s a good time to discuss new partnerships and business ventures, but hold back on launching anything new for a few weeks.

Mid-month may bring a wonderful new romance for singles, but it may not deliver all that you wish for. They may be terribly good-looking, but also a terrible bore or a terrible miser. Couples may be on a romantic yo-yo, wildly in love the one minute and very irritated with each or needing their space the next. But at least you aren’t bored. A joint dream may also be delayed—a holiday, perhaps.

April comes to an end with a clash of personalities, possibly with an earth sign. You aren’t agreeing on money or property matters, or they may be shirking their responsibilities. You may feel like you’re playing mom while they take things easy. You won’t put up with this for long as you’re likely to retreat into your own space to gain some clarity and exercise some self-care. A Gemini may be just the person to talk things through with. Invite them over for tea or to the spa.



Major decisions will need to be made, and you’ll have the clarity to make good ones.

At the beginning of April, you may regret a financial investment, or find that you need to purchase an expensive new appliance. Don’t fall for canny sales-talk, and do your own research. You may find a new solution or a very special deal, but not on a new car. Put your inventiveness to good use, especially when it comes to entertaining or hosting others.

By mid-April, a project will be complete. An opportunity to travel may also be possibly, but only if you let go an old belief or condition. Perhaps it’s time to try camping or visit a new region? Social situations may change as well, allowing you to express yourself more easily.

By month’s end, you’ll have to find our balance, especially regarding family and finances. Someone who may have been left out or estranged, may return to the fold. You’ve still got major decisions to make. Some may be of a legal or contractual issue. Look for long-term and sustainable solutions, and again, do your homework and trust your intuition.



A hectic start to the month has you reassessing your priorities and making long-term decisions.

April begins in a chaotic rush. A miscommunication may have you chasing your own tail and exhausting you. You also suspect someone’s not telling you the whole truth, or that something’s been hidden from you. Slow down, find your balance and let things fall into place before you rearrange them. And if you’re planning on stalking anyone, don’t.

By mid-April, you’ll be seeing the end of a situation near, allowing you more time to consider your options. Boredom or restlessness with your current lifestyle could have you trying out new hobbies or a fitness regime. You’re balancing the budget too, and perhaps enjoying your new budget more than you thought you would. Life will start to make sense again.

The month comes to an end on a contemplative mood. You’ll gain the clarity you’ve been seeking and a better sense of timing. You may make some new investments or shuffle your old ones. You may also cash in one investment to go on a once-in-a-lifetime experience or to propose/get married to your partner. Life begins to feel like fun again!



Something’s ending, and while you can’t see what’s coming in, it may take you further than you thought possible. Be ready to surf that wave!

There’s just one little niggly thing to take care of as April begins, and then you’re free to enjoy your vacation, a new course, or a new job. A little secret, or information withheld, may aggravate you for a few days, perhaps an extension of the that niggly thing. By the 10th you’ll be carefree and enthusiastic about the future, once more.

As mid-month arrives, you may be on that vacation or away from home. The kids may not be around, but your mom or mother-in-law may. Miscommunication with her could lead to some humorous moments, but also exasperation. Ensure she has all her medications or strange ‘must-have’ remedies with her. Home could also feel unsettled and chaotic during this period. Try finding some peace of mind on long-drives or coffee-shop culture.

April winds down with home settling down, though for some it could be in a new location. Others may have a longer distance to travel to work, but one which brings more balance to your day. There’s more money coming in, too—possibly from a new contract, or even the paying off a long-standing debt. You’ll be feeling well in control and satisfied with life before long.



Boredom flees as a cunning plan to hold onto something/someone you hold dear takes over.

The month begins with a feeling of boredom or restlessness, irritation at your beloved or romantic status, and a whole lot of housework. You’re busy thinking up plans to improve your love-life, get help with housework, earn a few more bucks/accolades, or change your social situation. What you wouldn’t give to own a Stepford Wife/Husband this month. But you’ve got to admit you’re fitter and thinking smarter than you’ve been in quite some months.

By mid-April, you’re got your sense of balance back, but it’s precarious. Your romantic situation is still unsatisfactory. Couples may be striving to find a better and equal domestic situation, while singles are diligently filtering whom they date or date again. There’s lots of physical movement, and your favorite place this month may well be the gym or the sports club.

The month ends with a struggle with an equally matched opponent in a social or domestic situation. Or perhaps it’s a sibling you’re at odd with, possibly over an heirloom or other possession. Never fear, it looks like you win through. If any of your furniture or belongings were mislaid in transit, you’re receive them back in good condition. Socially, there’s little movement, but you can change that next month.



A delay in travel or a break in your journey may make your wish come true!

April may bring some car trouble, or a sense of stagnation in your work. You hate feeling so stuck, but a kindly fairy-godmother-type (or your spiritual guides) reveals a life changing secret to you! And if you’re stuck in transit on an international flight, guess who’s ending up with 5-star treatment? Best of all, you’ll learn a surprising new strength of yours and experience a new passion for life. And if you’re single, guess how you’re meeting your next love? Yup, you’re living the fairy-tale as the month begins.

Mid-April sees you with amazingly clear intuition. Your insight will cut through any confusion and allow you to release unhelpful bonds. You may also travel to a graduation or another recognition ceremony to signal the end of an era in your life. Your communication is clear and concise. People are impressed with your clarity and skills.

As April winds down, you’re reaching for the stars and getting a helping hand. Your creativity or communication brings you even more rewards—a new job or client, or an award within your community. There may even be a satisfying monetary component. Perhaps the winning of a scholarship or a lucrative contract. You’ll be well contented with you lot by the end of it all.


Have a super fab April, and watch out for that bonus I promised you back in Feb 😀

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Your Tarotscope March 2018


by Leenna

Wow! Can you believe how quickly March has arrived? Everyone’s experiencing their own situations this March. Be sure to keep those you love in the loop. Take that minute to call, or set aside an hour for a good catch-up. And Happy Holidays to you! Go easy on the chocolate.

* for entertainment purposes.


You’ll have to trust your good judgement, especially when it comes to love.

March begins with you deep in thought, ruminating darkly about something that was said about your looks or beliefs. And perhaps only the doggie or kitty really gets what you’re trying to say. For sure, your mum (or mother-in-law) doesn’t get you at all. Why do people have to be so mean? The good news is you don’t have to. Let it all flow away, tune it all out, and the need to binge-eat, and fearing the consequences, will fade away like a bad dream.

Mid-month brings some romance, or hope of romance. If it’s with your partner, you’re in luck! But there may be some rescheduling due to a sick child or doggie/kitty. But you’re still in luck, romantically. Sadly for singles, it may not be so, with the rescheduling never being…rescheduled. Never-mind, it’s still early days. And at least, the child/doggie/kitty is well again 🙂

By month’s end, you may be feeling a little exhausted or emotionally drained. Again, tune out the negativity, be hopeful about family and love, and revel in your creativity. Some alone time may be just what you need to visualize and create your own dream-come-true.



Someone’s not been listening to their intuition…Quick! Tune into it now.

So, you’re kind of stuck in your head or some instruction manual as March begins. You’re scratching your head and trying this and that, and feeling like if you just had that last little piece of information…The answer is right in front of you, even if it’s not logical or in the instructions. Trust yourself and your skills. You’ve got this. Sometimes all it needs is to ensure that the darn thing is plugged in, and that the electricity is on.

By mid-month, life feels lighter, and so does your purse/wallet. You may be going out lots with friends/your partner/on dates, but it feels good. You may have to let a few luxuries go, especially when it comes to new appliances, but it’s still all fine with you. There’s no way you’re going back to the stuck-at-homeness of earlier in the month.

As March ends, you’re getting out of a sticky situation—one you never would have been in if you had listened to your intuition at the beginning of the month. You also have to accept that not all problems can be solved by logic alone, or by knowledge alone. Gut instincts are there for a reason. Pay heed or pay the price. Lucky for you, life is about transformation, and this transformation is looking to go in your favor.


Dust off that charm. Polish those romantic notions. It’s time to act.

March begins on a happy note. Hanging out with the family may bring some changes, and much discussion, but as long as you remain flexible in your plans or open to compromise, it’s all good. It’s also a good time to woo your love once more, in a subtle, unconditional way.

Mid-march may bring some arguments and power-plays—and if they aren’t on the radio, they could cause a little bit of havoc to your love-life. Ensure you’re communicating well, and, if you aren’t sure, don’t even try to flirt. It won’t end well. Be quietly helpful and talk to your trusted friends. There may be something vital you’ve missed.

By month’s end, make sure your partner knows how you really feel about them. Someone else (a bad boy/girl type) may be trying to steal them away, if only for a dance. It’s time to turn your charm up to full notch, display your culinary skills (or knowledge of little-known culinary gems to visit) and go the whole romantic mile. But don’t write them poetry! Not this time. Really, just don’t. On a less stressed note, your dreams are almost within reach. Just a little bit of patience is needed.



It’s a hectic month. And, if you’re traveling, or beginning a new relationship, you’ll have your success.

March begins with a slow note, one in which the dishes may pile up and the house screams for attention. Your energy levels may be down and so may your bank account. Accept that life has changed, that your priorities have changed, and that you need to take care of yourself—at least for one weekend. The rest will be sorted out much quicker than anticipated—but only when you’re rested.

There’s a sense of ease and nostalgia by mid-March. You may run into old friends (or old flames). You may realize how much you’ve changed. Communication may be a bit problematic. Choose your words with care and ensure you’re well understand. In foreign countries, actions may work better in getting your message across than trying out the local language. Or make sure your phone has sufficient battery for the translator to work well.

Come the end of March, you’re brimming with success and great energy. Singles may find an exciting new partner, while others may reconnect with their beloveds and share a special celebration. More travel may be planned. A long distance relationship for some, perhaps, or an exciting new job?



It’s your kind of month!

March begins with you holding things together, keeping within budget and being prudent with everything else—all the things you might have found hard to do in previous months. There’s a new idea screaming to attention, too. It’s a little naughty, a little precocious, even. But it’s got you intrigued, so why not everybody else? Then again, this could be the traits of your partner, or of someone who’s go their eye on you.

Mid-month is a dream come true! There’s love, lots of inspiration and an easy flow to life which has you glowing. Be sure to keep one foot on the ground, and if you’re beginning something new or receiving an award, remember all who’ve helped you there. Oh, and for those of you wanting a baby, (or not), it’s wonderful news (or not).

By then end of March, the smooth flow continues, except for an eddy around your partner or another significant air-sign in your life. They might not like all the attention you’re getting, or perhaps that your focus is everywhere but on them, especially in social situations. Perhaps some quality time or chocolate will help you reconnect. Or maybe a little playfulness.



Family and new contracts are on your mind, less so than new projects.

As March begins, you may be feeling uncommonly serious. There are family matters to take care of—perhaps a new home, or another move, or just other family stuff which has been piling up. You’re proud, too. You have it all under control…but for the garden. Call in a landscaper or work out an easy schedule so you can still do all the fun things.

Mid-month may be a little demanding at work. A shortage of skills or attention to detail (on the part of another) may appear to be your problem at first, but it’s all soon resolved. You’ll be able to make time for family, and fun, instead of working late nights. There’s a party, too? Perhaps at your new home? Or a fun night out on the town.

By the end of the month, communication may be a problem, especially with your partner or an air-sign. Harsh words or selective hearing could impact your temper and your verbalizing. Call a time out, and if you feel like banging your head, make sure it’s at a mosh-pit. Once everyone’s calmed down it will be back to happy families again.



It’s good to be home! So why do you feel so unsettled?

You may begin the month in a new domestic situation, or perhaps a short holiday at home. You’ve imagined it as one long PJ-day: your feet up on the stool, bingeing on Netflix or soapies, or catching up on your computer games… But. There’s always a but, isn’t there? Or is someone butting into your life? You need to take it easy, to chill, to relax. What mother used to say, doesn’t always apply now you’re all grown up.

By Mid-March, you’re feeling free to be yourself though it looks like you may have fewer immediate options available. It could be because you’ve made a decision. You’re feeling calmer and more on track now that the emotional stress has subsided. And while the money issue may worry you, you’re at peace with life.

A new beginning, or message, may be slow to come or the money issue is worrying you. You may second guess yourself. And second guess the second guess. And third guess the…Oh, just sit down and go back over everything! There’s a wee detail you may have missed. Did you press the SEND button? Never-the-mind, it all ends well.



There’s a mischief-maker around you. Never fear, you can outsmart them, especially if they are your love.

March begins on a fun note. There’s an unexpected offer or love, or an offer by your love. It’s a bit of a shock, but in a nice way. Still, you feel you should be questioning motives. Keep an open-mind and don’t agree to anything intangible.

Around mid-month, you may feel disappointed. Someone may have rescinded on their offer or promise. You’re wondering if they’re playing mind-games. A little research will reveal the truth. But keep an open mind and ask for tangibles.

As the month ends, the tables may be turned, and you may be the one calling the shots or taking the lead. It could be that you’re in a race, too. And you’re likely to win a prize, But you may look a mess in any photos. Ensure you take the right kit bag. Your love-life picks up, and now may be the time that a promise is made good.



Wishing for a Ferrari will bring you a car. But don’t worry, it will still be red.

March begins with an ending. It’s a relief as you return to your routine and life becomes more predictable. You’re intent on securing your financial situation, and if you follow your intuition, you’re likely to realize more than you thought possible.

Mid-March looks awesome! You have love and success and happy families—everything which makes you smile with satisfaction and say, ‘Life is good.’ Your intuition is strong. Singles may meet a soulmate, while couples reconnect on a deeper level. In fact, you and your partner may read each other’s minds. But you like it.

The month ends with you slightly disappointed. You didn’t get exactly what you expected. But you did get something! And while it may not be as flashy, or as high-profile, as you’d like, it is more dependable and suited to you and your family. Besides, this is the less stressful situation, and you’ve still got the goodies. More reason to smile, isn’t it?



Switch out of that doom and gloom perspective and latch onto all that’s blooming.

You won’t have to look far for the bright spots as March begins. You’re in a new situation or the past is no longer pressing on you. Your circle of friends may have changed. And, well, there’s a lot of good will, if not a steady flow of abundance, finding its way to you. While not a karmic situation, what you put into a situation will be appreciated and bring rewards.

By mid-March, any feelings of being stuck or that life is stagnant may recede. Happiness finds you, or someone brings some sunshine back into your life. You’re full of well-being and wisdom. Life just keeps getting better as Spring arrives, or seeds planted last year start to bloom.

As the month ends, obstacles are removed when new ideas arrive, or obligations are fulfilled. Now it’s all about healthy change and going with the flow. Your focus is on health and a better, simpler lifestyle. And remember to clean out the fridge.



Time to get the recipe right.

As March begins, you’re winding up a project or moving onto a more responsible role. You’re happy in yourself as you feel you can accomplish anything. Others look up to you and your sense of success is strong. It’s a powerful time for you, except in the kitchen. Recipes are written down for good reason.

By mid-March, you’re feeling contented at home, though perhaps a little overworked. A trip with your partner may be delayed. But, truth be told, you’re more than happy to enjoy the comforts of home. Artistic projects may go a little haywire. Remember, there’s a recipe for success here, too.

March ends with good news. It may concern children or a water-sign. Family may travel to visit you, perhaps on the spur of the moment. Love looks good and reciprocated, with a little bit of playfulness to add to your light spirits.



Warning! Dramatic times in love ahead!

March begins with a feeling of being freed, or cut-off. Some may end a relationship or partnership. Others may be apart from their beloved. But, for the most part, you’re relieved. You can finally be yourself! You’ve got plans. You can do just about anything you want…
If you’ve had surgery, you may want to ensure you’re on the right fluid levels and intake once you’re back home.

By mid-month, you may feel a little stuck. The possibility of a mini-identity crisis may be high. You’ll cycle through your wardrobe in double-quick time, or go shopping for some unique pieces. But hold on a sec. This is what you always do. Why repeat a cycle? Sit down and journal. Correspond with yourself. Ask the really big question you’ve failed to answer fully: What do you really want in life? I doubt it’s new clothes.

As the month comes to an end, your energy is lighter and more exuberant. New offers of love come your way. Reconciliation and reunions are likely. Romance abounds. But which will you plant now you have a new chance or a second chance? Don’t overthink this question. Just let your heart answer.

Have a super-fab March! 😀

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It’s Here! Your February Tarotscope

It’s done! I’ve only just uploaded the eBook to Now, I’ve rushed over here to get your Feb tarotscopes to you. Unfortunately, there was no (and I mean no) time to write the usual tarotscopes for you. I’m sharing the February tarotscopes from my eBook instead, in all their entirety—so, it’s loong! Sorry, Sag; you’ve got a lot of scrolling to do. But do scroll down as I’ve linked to my eBook if you’d like a copy.

PLUS: There was that little matter of making things up to you. How would you like me to do it?

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With all that out the way, my apologies once again on not getting the tarotscopes done on time. Now grab a cup of tea/coffee and enjoy!



Follow your inclinations—those most whimsical thoughts—and see where they lead. It’s amazing what you’ll accomplish within a short space of time.

February begins with a rush of activity and emotions. You could be meet a playful (or immature) person who either infuriates you or lifts your spirits like no other. (Yup, it could be your new pet). Your creativity seems boundless, but your lack of confidence may prevent you from expressing your talents widely.

Spiritually, you may become more active: joining a study group or reading extensively in subjects that interest you. You’ll also begin questioning teachings and beliefs, especially of mentors and teachers who appeal only to the emotions, or who aren’t transparent in their reasoning.

A younger person could pursue you romantically. You may question their motives, and are unlikely to allow the situation to develop. This seems especially so if you’re off to an island holiday with younger companions. Nevertheless, you’re likely to fall in love with your destination and resent having to go back home.

If your trip proves unromantic, or if you are coupled, the scenery and space is likely to inspire you for the next five months.

Mid-month brings some excitement, a wedding or other important celebration. It may prove exhausting, both physically and financially.

Some may relocate to the coast for a lower salary, but a better lifestyle. Others may find their holiday suitor more persistent than expected, especially around Valentines Day! Either way, Valentines Day should bring you some fun.

Work-wise, you may be a little nervous at the thought of learning new skills and having to rebuild or restructure in some way. Your main concern is the budget. Hold on till the end of the month. It looks like good news is not too far away.

The month comes to an end with a reunion with an intelligent, talkative person.

Your negotiation skills will shine, and your sense of reasoning will be immaculate. Argue your case as you see fit.

Any concerns about your home or new accommodation will be addressed. In fact, you’ll find yourself settling into contentment much more easily, and with half the bother, than expected.

Financially, things look fine and stable, with new situations bringing more stability. Your accommodation costs could also be lower than expected, Final contracts will be signed with pleasure.

Additional Insights

Influence, Secrets, Order

February is likely to show you a change in influence in your life, primarily in spiritual beliefs, but also in personal influences. You may switch radio stations, change your playlist radically, follow different newsfeeds and blogs, and read in genres of subjects you haven’t ventured into before. It’s all rather exciting!

You may also find your own personal influence is growing, or that you’re running in very influential circles.

Secrets in love are likely to weigh on your mind, and you’ll need to be careful of gossips and gossiping. You may also find others choosing you as confidante at the most unlikely times and places. Systems-based studies, which may have been challenging in the past, will be much easier understood.

Order in your personal life and space will please you after a major upheaval or reorganisation. You may have more cupboard space, or an easier to manage garden. New laws, roads, or other communal changes in your environment, may also make your morning routine less chaotic.



Stop concentrating on should-have-beens, could-have-beens and you’ll realise your dreams all that quicker.

You have what you want as the month begins, but…you’re regretting the past, or missing someone.

You’re thinking it would be perfect, if only… It’s an emotional time for you, perhaps with more tears than you’d like. But you do have all that you need and want. Why are you not allowing yourself to enjoy it? Take a deep breath and bring yourself back to the present (and yes, back to the future) and smile at all the beauty around you.

Spiritual insights are also crowding for your attention, but your sniffly nose may be blocking them. Take another deep breath and pay attention. The universe has something to show you.

It’s a sociable, hectic time of year, though most of it seems to be work related.

You may miss dinner with the family, but work may treat you to a meal if you’re working late. You may miss an anniversary to (let’s hope you remember your own birthday!), which may have you considering your priorities for the year.

There’s some niggly thoughts or feelings you’d like to deal with, but with your hectic schedule, there’s little time. Let’s be honest, you’re just a little afraid to explore those feelings. Never mind, it seems you’re going to have a ball at a Ball, or go dancing like a queen. It will keep those thoughts at bay, and help you get a new perspective.

By month’s end, a Libra and Gemini are both a boon and a curse. They like your ideas, but pick it apart as only other air-signs can.

You may feel a little heart-broken, but they are right. Fixing things makes for a stronger outcome or product. The same applies to your personal life. An air-sign will tell you as they see it (otherwise known as the bald or unfudged truth). While you may hate them for it, it will help you release those niggly thoughts and feelings. Take a deep breath and feel the lightness in your heart. Now you can finally move on.

Additional Insights

Domination reversed, Harmony, Isolation

There’s no particular thing you’re focussed on this month, yet your work does not suffer. However, you may be in a weaker or less prominent position that before. Perhaps your words don’t carry as much weight. It may take some getting used to.

There’s harmony and balance this month, especially with a Libran, perhaps a brother or sister. You’ll find this harmony mostly outdoors, and perhaps in a place where large numbers of birds gather. You’ll need this special place as you may feel too isolated, which may prolong your emotional and spiritual confusion.



This month may have a stop-start feel, but by the end you’ll have all that you need, and then some.

February begins with a call to action or exciting news about a new opportunity.

Interviews will go well in the first two weeks of the month, but they may take a while to get back to you. Keep an open mind and hope for the best.

There’s messages of love coming your way, too. Perhaps from an admirer based across the country from you or even further afield. If you’re back in the dating field, things should go well, but again you may not hear back from someone you really like—at least not till the end of the month.

Mid-February looks busy. You may have to give the kids some extra help, or you may be returning to school or online classes yourself. There’s little time to plan ahead, but you’ll make good progress.

Your skills are growing. If you’re following up on that interview, you may want to make mention of your study or new skill. Ditto for you kids if they’re looking for a scholarship or entrance into a special program.

Back home, you’re staying within budget and may even have a little extra to decorate or for some DIY.

Success comes at the end of the month! There’s happiness and stability at home, with lots to celebrate with the family.

Your intuition is spot on. You have the self-confidence and trust to follow through. You’re looking and sounding great (if a little mysterious) but it’s all for the good.

You may hear good news, perhaps for your kids as well as you. Your chances of securing that job or client look even better than before, or something much more to your liking has fallen into your lap. You couldn’t ask for a better gift from the universe.

But do be careful when being intimate with your partner as the likelihood of conceiving is quite high.

Additional Insights

Achievement reversed, Submission reversed, Concentration

You may have to complete a course of study or redo a certification before the month is over. Perhaps you still have some tasks to complete at home as well.

If you’re making applications for you or your kids, you may have to pay extra fees (especially if you’re late) or have to resubmit due to a clerical error/incomplete information. But stick with it. It looks worth the extra trouble.

Study will go well. You concentration levels and motivation are high. Turn of the social media and mute the phone. You’ll get twice as much done.



There’s a lot going on, but the worst of the struggle is over, especially in love and in gaining new opportunities.

February begins with you reuniting with your loved ones after a long trip or flight.

During your time away, you may have thought a lot about your relationship and what it needs. Now you’re ready to put things into play. During your trip, contracts may not have worked out the way you’ve envisioned, and now you’re just happy to be home.

You’re hoping for a relaxing time, but the phone may constantly ring and your new travel plans may be in place before you’ve unpacked your bags. Nevertheless, you do get a few blissful days to just relax.

Groundwork laid beforehand may result in an easy time for you. Communication is not a problem, as one opportunity leads to the next. The only cloud on the horizon: your relationship.

Watch your health and what you eat, especially the first couple of days of your new trip. And, of course, rest well.

Watch out for unfair practices from those around you, or odd paragraphs in new contracts you’re considering. Read the fine print and all versions carefully. You may want to get legal advice if you’re signing an international contract.

As the month ends, there may be harsh words and impulsive, dramatic actions when you go out. Aim for harmony, but don’t play the fool. Your partner is not playing games this time.

Singles may find an exciting new person in their life—one who seems like a breath of fresh air with just a hint of a rebel. But they aren’t interested in a relationship, only friendship.

Ideas may fall on deaf ears. Support for change you feel passionate about is likely to be low. Save your energy and affection for your partner, or for your home once you return. Rest is now needed.

Additional Insights

Egotism reversed, Decision reversed, Generosity reversed

You may have to set your ego aside and allow your partner to rule the roost. Perhaps you’ll have to let your potential client/customer/boss lead the way or the negotiations, too.

A decision may be modified very quickly, or overturned. While initially this may appear to be in your favour, look at matters carefully to ensure it is. Consider other options and alternatives.

A lack of generosity, on your part or others, may lead to misunderstandings and later problems. People around you may prefer to judge you harshly for your actions and behaviour. Ensure you understand foreign cultures interact with, and do show your beloved some extra TLC.



Love is in the air, and Valentines Day looks to be a very memorable one for you!

February begins with your eye on someone special or someone else looking at you in a special way.

You’re taking steps to meet them half-way, still, it’s awkward and sweet at the same time. A declaration of love may be made, but only if both parties feel comfortable. Couples may be circling in a similar way, perhaps over plans for Valentines Day or another anniversary.

You’re got your eyes open, and have almost made up your mind about work and other matters. But love, and your romantic options, remain uppermost in your mind.

You’re looking for inspiration, class, and a meaningful connection—both in romance and other aspects. You may spend hours and hours shopping for the right gift or seeking the ultimate venue.

Mid-February (I’m sure it’s Valentines Day or the day before) brings the big reveal and the declaration of love. Alas, it may not all go as planned. But cheer up, you will get what you want, especially greater decadence and intimacy.

In love, you and your beloved are of the same mind and intentions. Love declared now will be binding, as will promises made. Neither of you will ever forget this, for better or worse. You may find yourself obsessing even more about your love after this event. Be sure, your beloved is just as crazy about you. Caution is needed to not become too emotionally dependent on each other at this stage.

February winds down with you inspired and working hard.

You creativity and persistence is noted by a higher-up who may give you a little more than you can comfortably handle. Speak up before it becomes a habit.

Your passion is still high as you continue courting your beloved.

But someone may want to fit you into a mould you aren’t comfortable with. Ensure you and your beloved keep your own hobbies and interests. Losing your identity to each other is not as romantic as it sounds, nor is it healthy for either of you.

Additional Insights

Protection reversed, Defence, Fortune reversed

You may feel most vulnerable and shy when it comes to your beloved or a declaration of love. You won’t want to speak about it to others. If you don’t want babies, take precautions. You may also feel in a dangerous position at work. Perhaps someone is testing you, or competition is growing unhealthy.

You may feel your beloved is always able to drop your guard. Around others you may appear very defensive. You may also be over-protective of your love to the point where they may be overwhelmed and appear defensive—if only to maintain their independence. Back off and trust your love’s good sense.

At work, it may appear that luck is against you. Others may try to profit from your work or dump their tasks on you. Speak up and maintain your defences at work. I feel its a temporary situation.



It’s a stable start to the month, with excitement and love coming later.

As February begins, you’ll be very focused on your career and long-term prospects. While holding onto your current position, you may be looking for more opportunities and generosity.

You aren’t prepared to lose traction in your career now. You feel you’ve put too much effort into it already. You may also be holding onto property in the hopes it will grow in value.

In seeking new opportunities, you may explore unusual options. You are drawn to nature and natural products at this time, and may choose to invest or work with them.

You’re looking for a good return for your time and investments. Use your intuition, and be prepared to think very short-term in order to reap the best benefits, especially if it involves projects you’ve long been working on. If its intellectual property, you may gain the most by selling those rights outright. But seek a second opinion, especially from a Capricorn or fire-sign.

Mid-February is alight with creativity and passion.

It may take some effort to catch your beloved’s attention, especially if they are single, or very busy on a project. There’s likely to be lots of communication and even some banter before you succeed. Your beloved is not going to make things easy for you. Perhaps it’s a game you both play; but it borders on obsession. The mutual attraction is strong but can lead to some possessive and insensitive behaviour. You may feel you’re literally playing with fire. Don’t get burnt.

In work matters, your creativity and charm serve you well, as does you passion. While you impress the right people, you may also be offered a very tempting offer which could tie you up in a complicated and unfair contract. Know what you’re signing away and to whom.

February draws to a close on a more spiritual note.

Love is sweet after the heat of the previous few weeks. You’re aware of your soul-mate and true feelings. This may be a new person in your life, or your previously mentioned beloved.

New contracts and studies are possible at this time, but will require you to take a step back, or to begin new projects.

Best of all, love seems stable and secure, as the connection you have deepens and sweetens. It’s also a playful, fun time in which you can explore your imagination and share your experiences.

Additional Insights

Status reversed, Innovation, Friendship

You aren’t much interested in status this month, more in financial security and getting a return for your time and energy. You may not renew professional memberships, and seek to enter new, less established, but open-minded organisations.

Your inventiveness and problem-solving ability is at its height. You have solutions for almost any problem except for love. You’ll work best with little supervision and pre-set rules. You’re all about writing new rules.

Friendship may strengthen into love. Friends may also support you in your innovations and new endeavours. A childhood friend, or a playful one who delights in nature as you do, may return.



It’s your time to shine, but you may feel like you need some time out.

As February begins, you have the power to bring your castles in the air down to the ground.

Your focus is good and you have all the resources you need. Write down you ideas from the first three days of the month. They may open doors.

Others may try to impress you with other ideas, products, or distract you from your plans, but you remain unimpressed.

An intense period ends. Perhaps you stop waiting for an offer of love or work which never comes, and begin working on your hopes and dreams instead.

Some of your creative projects may still need refinement, or a period in which to incubate. If matters appear to be going slowly, re-evaluate them in a few weeks.

By Mid-month, you may be in a dreamy phase as you envision a better future.

The offer of love or partnership may come now, but could off to a slow start. You may take a while to consider if it’s the one for you. There may also be a physical distance between you, and neither of you may be able to travel to the other.

Money may be a little slower in coming in than expected, or expenses could be high if you have to buy an appliance.

Revelations are happening to you all the time. If single, you may get messages or inklings from your soul-mate. If coupled, you’ll try to determine if you are in the right relationship for you.

Despite your dreamy mood and high spirits, you are still very focussed and unlikely to fall for anything less than the truth.

February draws to an end with you taking some time out to consider your options, or to visualise your next step.

You may cancel a trip in order to pursue an amazing opportunity. Perhaps an inquiry from earlier in the month results in a greater outcome than expected.

But you may feel exhausted. You’ll avoid much socialising, preferring instead to go on retreat or spend lots of time in meditation. You may study a short personal course. This is a special time for you as you’re actively calling a time-out to regroup yourself and your energies. You’re also considering the quickest and healthiest way to move your dreams forward.

Additional Insights

Criticism reversed, Enterprise, Practicality reversed

Your ideas or work may be better received than expected this month. Self-criticism fades when you de-stress towards the end of the month. You may also be more accepting of perceived faults or lapses by others. Others may come to you because you’re unlikely to judge them on their decisions or behaviour at this time.

It’s looking good for the launch of a new project or business. Other ideas or projects you’re working on may gain support, too. You’re being very business-minded but others may not appreciate your approach.

You may be accused of not being practical. Perhaps others would like to influence you more, or to have a little of what you’re having. Others may also say you’re being impractical in love. The practicalities of physically travelling this month may also be overwhelming.

For the most part, you are holding back on many of your plans or ideas.



A playful and passionate start to the month leads to a deeper connection with your beloved. But all’s not quite plain sailing.

You’re creative and mischievous as February begins, feeling wonderfully alive. You’re proud of yourself too.

You may begin an imaginative or inventive new project, one which feels like a good return for your time and investment. Ideas flow easily. Communication is good.

Passion is high, and returned. Couples may be more playful and demonstrative, while singles may fall quickly and intensely in love, perhaps with someone younger.

Finances are sound. You’re feeling comfortable and magnanimous.

Mid-February may bring a delay in travel or lower-energy levels, but love and togetherness make up for it.

Conflict may arise at work, perhaps over a misunderstanding or ill-thought out words. Avoid impulsive decisions. Feathers may take longer to smooth than expected.

A project may be extended, perhaps delaying a relocation or a travel. You may also suffer from long hours and possible exhaustion.

Love’s around you all this time. You may take a short break to the ocean or other large body of water. Your love will meet you halfway. An engaging encounter with a marine animal may affect you profoundly.

February winds down with an intensity of feeling. Your connection with your partner grows even deeper, and your spirituality is rising.

You may feel intensely angry or frustrated at first, perhaps over the extended project at work or further misunderstandings. You may choose to leave the project or be assigned elsewhere.

Your stress levels decrease, and you’ll feel calmer. Healing from work and other hurts can occur. You may also find your nervousness in love, or over another matter, decreasing.

Your intuition is very strong. Your connection with your partner will be intense even if there is distance. You may also decide to return to your studies, or decide to research aspects of spirituality that interest you.

Additional Insights

Seduction, Friendship, Choices reversed

It’s a great time for singles to meet an intriguing and fun new partner. If the relationship doesn’t blossom into romance, it’s likely to remain a strong friendship. Couples may be more engaged with each other, their friendship also growing stronger or reaffirmed.

Friendships with colleagues could go both ways. False friends may try to compel you into a corner professionally in order to lessen your choices and broaden theirs. True friends may point out the false friends and help you understand your choices better.

You may change your mind about a choice made earlier in the month. You could dissolve a friendship or leave a flirtation to return to an old flame, especially after mid-month.



Fortune favours you as February begins, but you’ll have to believe it to hang onto it.

As the month begins the Wheel of Fortune turns in your favour, perhaps resurrecting an old flame, or an old idea.

You’ll feel a shift in energies, feeling that fate may be rushing you towards something which you feel unprepared for, but which excites you. It may remind of a similar time in your life—perhaps the first rush of love, or your first real pay-check.

People from your past may re-enter your life in random ways, or you may be reminded of times past: school and your early work days. You may also think of old childhood friends.

Love is likely to strike on a day at the beach or on a rainy day. It may come as a shock as the person may look very much like your first love, or be your first love. They are likely to be visiting the area, not local. Couples are likely to reconnect both emotionally and physically.

Work matters also go well. An old opportunity may re-surface allowing you to accept it this time round.

Mid-February may bring a feeling of unreality and a sense of disempowerment ,at first.

You may not believe your life, leaving you feeling ungrounded or walking on air. But you may also feel vulnerable and insecure.

Finances may be a little unstable, until later in month, when a short trip or a new move stabilises matters.

Spiritually, you may be ungrounded and confused, perhaps questioning much of what you’ve learnt or expected now that life has changed so much so quickly. Try not to self-sabotage.

Following your inspiration for your greatest ideas will bring you more fulfilment later. Perhaps it’s time to take a chance and go with the flow, or allow your passions to blossom.

Emotional and spiritual matters continue to be your focus. You may need to adjust to a new way of being.

As February ends, you may be considering your options. Try not to let your self-doubt or disbelief rule out viable options. It’s a great time to visualise and daydream too. If you’re making wishes, make them count.

Feelings of vulnerability or a change in your spiritual foundation may see you walking away from your usual support group. You may seek your answers elsewhere—ones which resonate more personally and deeply with you. Discontent with your career or hobby may also surface.

Love may be more successful, but a physical distance may dampen your mood, but only a little. You want to study your feelings before you delve into relationships even deeper.

Additional Insights

Protection reversed, Status, Seduction

Your Valentines experience may begin before most others.

You may let down your guard at the beginning of February, then regret it later when you get confused about the direction life seems to be going. If you are feeling insecure or stressed by your environment, matters should improve by the 3rd week of the month.

Your status may be relevant to your future opportunities. Perhaps you are not wanting a relationship if you wish to travel or follow a major life change. Couples may be moving out of a shaky period and into a more stable one.

Life is seducing you into a new phase. Love will be easy and fun, romance found not just between people, but seeming in the air itself. Singles may find it difficult to remain so. Couples may be more flirtatious and playful.



A confusing beginning to the start of the month ends in a stable and hopeful outcome. Travel looks good.

As February begins, you may receive lots of information and messages but some of them serve to confuse more than illuminate.

The month begins with you researching and looking for a way forward, perhaps towards more financial independence or stability. Someone may be looking to you with both sadness and hope.

You may be planning a travel or speaking to lots of people by phone or on the internet. This may signify the end of a cycle or project. Or you’re looking for a new situation. You may also be learning a new language or system of symbols.

Your intuition is a little weak at this time. Some of the messages and impressions you receive may be misleading, especially those relating to the completion of a project or messages from abroad. Delays may be interpreted as the end of the road. Rest well and listen to music or dance to shift this energy and gain better insight.

By mid-February, you may decide to travel or to move for work reasons. Mentally, your fears are abating.

You’re very uncertain about your move or physical travel. You have high hopes, but prefer to not expect much as you don’t want to be disappointed. The same could be said for love and romance.

Your passions are high, but you’re more focussed on healing and recovery, as well as your financial health. Your energy levels could be down. You may often cry or have trouble breathing as you purge the old and prepare to move on. It’s a significant leave-taking.

Travel may be delayed, transportation may be a problem, especially during the turning of the moon’s phases. Be wary of pickpockets and other thieves whilst travelling.

Romance is delayed or a message of love fails to come through. But hope remains.

As February comes to an end, you will be feeling happier and surer of yourself. Hopes and dreams seem within reach once more.

You’ll feel more independent, especially financially, as the month ends. You may buy new clothes or little luxuries you have been waiting for since a while. Feeling safer and bolder, you’re more likely to ask for what you need from others.

You’re budgeting skills are good, but you may need to adjust plans later as there is still some uncertainty to your situation. Take care of your details well, and check your bank statements. You will feel comfortable and nurtured.

Your dreams will be significant for love and healing. Messages of love may reach you now.

Additional Insights

Birth reversed, Criticism reversed, Inheritance

Once the cycle or project ends at the start of the month, you’re unlikely to begin something new immediately. You may need a rest or a vacation, if not a total change of scene. It may also be difficult to conceive a child at this time.

Your work will be well received. You are more relaxed and less critical of others, especially family and of those following family traditions. But keep your eyes open, especially when travelling.

You may be thinking about family a lot, or what you’ve inherited from your family line. It’s a good time to heal family hurt and long-standing issues.



Some ideas could work out very well for you, but perhaps this may not be the best time to launch them. A family plan may not work out the way you expected.

As February begins, you may worry an idea: researching, refining and working away at it till all hours.

You feel it’s going to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. But it’s not yet ready for the world, no matter how much you’d like to think otherwise. It needs some refining, tweaking and perhaps a little more experimentation.

You may not be telling your family all your plans, keeping something a secret. It could a birthday surprise you’re planning or some other treat. You may want to make sure everyone is available on that date.

You’re looking and feeling good. You’re feeling nurtured and that life is good. Your relationship is good even though your beloved may be a little quieter than usual.

By Mid-February, your hopes and dreams may feel like they’re in tatters.

Perhaps a critique or review was a little too harsh. Competition could also be very fierce. Others may be further ahead than you in bringing out similar projects. Pay attention to the fine print and read all reports/critiques to the end. They may hold a goldmine of information that will solve a few nasty glitches for you.

Family ties are strong, and you may put a lot of effort into the surprise, especially if it’s an anniversary. You’ll get a lot of joy from all the preparation and planning.

February winds down on a slow note. Your project may be on hiatus or stalled for the present.

Concern, or an important event, regarding a child or a pet may delay a travel or trip. Perhaps it’s a school event, or an unexpected anxiety attack. Or perhaps your guests may be delayed by car problems or late trains. Your surprise may have to wait or be delayed too. Try to take it in your stride. The celebration will still happen.

You may need to have a long and honest discussion with your mother, partner or sister. Whatever’s bothering you needs to be said, and you’ll need to listen to them with understanding.

In work matters, you prefer to keep your own counsel and company, perhaps working through lunch-breaks and missing some of the talk. Don’t isolate yourself too much, or you could miss important need-to-know information.

Additional Insights

Concentration, Defence reversed, Exaltation reversed

Your concentration is excellent, allowing you to process information and find the appropriate response very quickly—even under stress or when very tired. Be careful, though, of tension headaches. Your concentration may also be a little too focussed at times. Step back and take a look at the bigger picture every now and again.

You may feel hurt and defenceless against criticism (both good and bad) or arguments you didn’t see coming, especially at work. You may need to be more vulnerable with your beloved. Ensure your internet protection is up to date.

Your surprise may not have the effect or response you’d envisioned, or the details may have faded by the time you get to it. Know there’s beauty in imperfection, and your efforts are appreciated.



It’s a month of seeking: for spirituality and creativity—a new job or love, too.

As February begins, you may be feeling restless, or bored, tired of the same conversations with the same people who share the same ideas.

You may tune out those around you and seek your inspiration elsewhere; outdoors, perhaps, or within works of a spiritual or artistic nature. You may also take a period to rest, especially if you’re feeling run-down or have a problem with your foot.

New love, romantic or of a spiritual nature, arrives. This may help you find peace and an understanding of who you really are, and what you really seek. Insight may come through a conversation, a movie, or a book you read. It feels profound, but it is just the beginning.

You’re looking for more abundance in you life, but may feel disheartened or too uncertain of your power to do much about it.

Miscommunication or misunderstanding may cause a new project to fail, or be delayed around mid-month.

Support for the launch of a new product (or project) may be weak because of miscommunication or a misunderstanding. Ensure all public messages are well-spelt and clear in intention.

You may feel a lack of love. Couples may feel their partner is focused elsewhere or negligent. Singles may yearn for an equal partnership but feel unseen. Your feminine energy may need balancing. Try doing something creative or grow a plant—some indoor herbs, perhaps?

Others may not take note of your presence or your messages. You may have to follow up on communication more than usual. Perhaps your emails don’t carry the right tone, or your messages are not getting through the network. Check your status and settings, particularly on smartphones.

As February comes to an end, you may feel more at peace as delayed messages begin to arrive.

After a short rest, or a weekend away, delayed messages may start to reach you. While they may not bring many opportunities for more income, they may inspire you in other ways. There is confirmation of love, if your beloved is at a distance, as well as news of them travelling to you, perhaps.

Spiritually, you’ll enjoy meditation and receive many new insights, as well as an experience of bliss or a revelation about love. Your relationships, particularly with your mother and other females, will begin to make more sense to you.

You begin to see yourself in a new light, and may want others to see this, too. You may assert yourself more.

Additional Insights

Risk, Assertion, Drama

It’s a positive time for you. Your inner world may be vastly different from the external world.

You may be willing to take a chance on love, or in beginning a new project. However, you will have to overcome a shyness, or feelings of being unworthy in some way. Your financial acumen may also be good, but remember to do your research, too.

Towards the end of the month, you are more willing to assert yourself and risk others disagreeing with you, especially friends and favoured relatives. You may also have to intervene in some situations in order to save others in some way.

There may be lots of drama in the outer world or in your collective, but for the most part, you will maintain your balance and your composure. Others may not understand your calm and seek to move you by dramatic behaviour. You may choose to ignore them. You could also become overly engrossed in a TV show or other episodic media.


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