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BiMonthly Tarotscopes: July to August 2022

Okay, so I’m late again in posting this, but here it is! The bad news is July has started off a little bit hectic, mostly because it’s like a reset to the year.

And that’s a good thing, even if the world feels a little wobbly 😀

It’s time to re-evaluate if what you wanted in January and February this year (a life time ago, right?) is still resonating with you now, because those opportunities are now off-hold and arriving fast. If they’re no longer for you, don’t despair. Put what you’d like to create and experience next out there all 😀

More than ever, we need to keep those vibes high. So, love and light to you all!

Your July to August 2022 Tarotscopes


Cancer 00:53
Scorpio 21:05
Pisces 34:14


Leo 00:23
Sagittarius 12:16
Aries 24:02


Virgo 00:30
Capricorn 16:16
Taurus 30:31


Libra 01:58
Aquarius 20:13
Gemini 36:49

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