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Highly Recommended For Your Holiday Reading

A bumper post to make up for one I missed. I intended posting about some of these in November and didn’t!
This TBR Love is part audio with my new podcast—Way I See It. In the first episode featuring eBooks For Travelers, I discuss three books from series I’m currently enjoying. And as it’s a vacation time for most, I’m adding a few more recommendations that I meant to tell you about, too.

Why eBooks For Travelers? Whether on the move or in armchairs, ebooks are lighter by far and—I believe—more eco-friendly!

As usual, I’ll be concentrating primarily on indie-published eBooks. I explain more in this audio clip.

Scroll down for links to the full episode.

Free this December at most eBook stores

and is also available on Overdrive and Scribd, too. Enjoy!

Little Known,
Highly Recommended

Series: Featured in the podcast e-Books For Travelers episode

Risk Analysis by David Collins-Rivera (available on Amazon)
Book 3 of the Stardrifter series

Spotless Box Set by Camilla Monk (available on most eBook vendors including Apple Books).
Previously featured here, and soon to be featured again once I’ve gotten my hands on the last book of the series 😀

Cal Rogan Mystery Series by Robert P French (available on Apple Books and Amazon).
Also in print.

Listen to the full Ebooks For Travelers episode for free on:

Also Highly Recommended:

Shrouded (science fiction romance)
Frances Pauli
I confess, I was more intrigued by the cover than by the blurb as alien-themed romances aren’t really my thing. To my pleasant surprise, the story engaged me from Chapter 2. The Shrouded are an interesting culture contrasted against the morally corrupted world. I loved the whole idea of The Shroud and the navigation system. The plot-twists were at times predictable and at others very surprising and satisfying. The romance is well handled and believable. So, if you’re looking for a classic feel romance set on a mysterious, isolated planet with no superhuman powers—just a wise crystal—I highly recommend this read 🙂

Scratch Deeper (crime thriller)
Chris Simms
This police procedural set mostly in Manchester, England, is fill of surprising twists and candor. The tension is expertly manipulated so it’s maintained to the end. Relationships also grew and changed in interesting ways and most characters are well drawn and engaging. The terrorist plot and attitudes of those in charge of the officers investigating is, sadly, all too believable. Iona Khan makes for a wonderfully tenacious investigator, one you know who—with the aid of her friend, Jim—will continue scratching deeper until they unearth the truth and perpetrators. A highly satisfying read.


Native Bones (crime, small town mystery)
Mark Reps
This murder mystery, set in a small town in Arizona, USA, is the fifth in a series. I haven’t read any others in this series, but found it a satisfying standalone. Though my early guess as to who the killed was proved right, the characters and the quirks of this small county and Reservation proved addictive. The plot is well structured and pieces of superstition, belief, traditions and inter-cultural interactions make for a good weekend read. However, there were times when the repetition of some information proved a little annoying. Nevertheless, crime lovers and small town mystery lovers, as well as the modern Western readers, will want to give this story a look-see.

Come On, Steal The Noise (Holiday, crime, humor)
Adam Maxwell
One of those quirky, fun reads, this makes for a different holiday read. Set in a country hotel in England over the festive weekend, Zoe needs to retrieve a cassette from a hacker for her employer. Her colourful gran, and her repressed sister are her cover which makes for some hilarious moments. Very, very British in its humour and look at festivities (yes, Slade is mentioned) this story is a great, light-hearted fill-in before and during the holiday period. Particularly, if you’re snowed in, or stuck with family dramas.

Have you read any of these books yet? What did you think?
That’s all for this month. Happy reading!

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June 2019: Giveaways and Recommendations


Cover for ProlificWorks giveaway
2019 Summer Reading For Everyone
Couldn’t get to the library, but this is just as good!
19th May, 2019 to 15th June, 2019

Women’s Fiction, Mystery, non-fiction

Sample of books in 2019 Summer Reading For Everyone
Hurry to claim these books. Over 260 books!
Cover Prolific Giveaway June Short Reads 2019
A small haul of lighter and shorter reads for that long queue, short commute or lunch-breaks when you just need…a break!
1st June, 2019 to 15th June, 2019

Romance and mystery short stories and previews of novels.

Sample of books in June Short Reads giveaways
Download these eBooks and more…
Header ProlificWorks giveaway May New Releases
New releases, including full novels from a range of authors, including some of us South African indies.
26th May, 2019 to 15th June, 2019

Another mini library to claim for your summer/winter vacation days, or those stay-at-home sniffly days…

Sample of books in giveaway May 2019 New Releases
Download these eBooks and more…

Recommended For Solid Story and Delivery

Cover for Thicker Than Water by David Campbell

Thicker Than Water (thriller)
David Campbell
Sticking with families of Irish ancestry, this thriller is set mostly in Boston and New York. Although there’s nothing much new in this tale of revenge, the main character’s attempts to maintain his everyman identity is well portrayed, with his abilities well foreshadowed. There’s wasn’t a point where the action wasn’t believable. Extremely violent, this thriller is solid, avoiding that current traditional publishing tactic of losing me in the last few chapters by throwing in a plot twist that makes no sense. A good thriller for a short, satisfying read.


Cover for Glass Slipper Scandal by Tansy Rayner Roberts

Glass Slipper Scandal (Castle Charming Series) (Twisted Fairy tale)
Tansy Rayner Roberts
It’ s short, not very original in most parts, but also a lot of fun to read! I claimed it for the Summer Reading For Everyone, and enjoyed it over a couple of tea breaks and one lunch-break. The underplot on ink drew me in, while the tabloid-esque writing and setting appealed to me. It’s well done, and not dark as most twisted fairy-tales are. I especially enjoyed that it maintains the light, fluffiness without getting its tropes mixed, and despite all expectations, bringing in some deeper depth to characters in believable ways.

Enjoy. And don’t forget to support writers by leaving a review or rating at your favorite stores/libraries.