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Your Tarotscope March 2018


by Leenna

Wow! Can you believe how quickly March has arrived? Everyone’s experiencing their own situations this March. Be sure to keep those you love in the loop. Take that minute to call, or set aside an hour for a good catch-up. And Happy Holidays to you! Go easy on the chocolate.

* for entertainment purposes.


You’ll have to trust your good judgement, especially when it comes to love.

March begins with you deep in thought, ruminating darkly about something that was said about your looks or beliefs. And perhaps only the doggie or kitty really gets what you’re trying to say. For sure, your mum (or mother-in-law) doesn’t get you at all. Why do people have to be so mean? The good news is you don’t have to. Let it all flow away, tune it all out, and the need to binge-eat, and fearing the consequences, will fade away like a bad dream.

Mid-month brings some romance, or hope of romance. If it’s with your partner, you’re in luck! But there may be some rescheduling due to a sick child or doggie/kitty. But you’re still in luck, romantically. Sadly for singles, it may not be so, with the rescheduling never being…rescheduled. Never-mind, it’s still early days. And at least, the child/doggie/kitty is well again 🙂

By month’s end, you may be feeling a little exhausted or emotionally drained. Again, tune out the negativity, be hopeful about family and love, and revel in your creativity. Some alone time may be just what you need to visualize and create your own dream-come-true.



Someone’s not been listening to their intuition…Quick! Tune into it now.

So, you’re kind of stuck in your head or some instruction manual as March begins. You’re scratching your head and trying this and that, and feeling like if you just had that last little piece of information…The answer is right in front of you, even if it’s not logical or in the instructions. Trust yourself and your skills. You’ve got this. Sometimes all it needs is to ensure that the darn thing is plugged in, and that the electricity is on.

By mid-month, life feels lighter, and so does your purse/wallet. You may be going out lots with friends/your partner/on dates, but it feels good. You may have to let a few luxuries go, especially when it comes to new appliances, but it’s still all fine with you. There’s no way you’re going back to the stuck-at-homeness of earlier in the month.

As March ends, you’re getting out of a sticky situation—one you never would have been in if you had listened to your intuition at the beginning of the month. You also have to accept that not all problems can be solved by logic alone, or by knowledge alone. Gut instincts are there for a reason. Pay heed or pay the price. Lucky for you, life is about transformation, and this transformation is looking to go in your favor.


Dust off that charm. Polish those romantic notions. It’s time to act.

March begins on a happy note. Hanging out with the family may bring some changes, and much discussion, but as long as you remain flexible in your plans or open to compromise, it’s all good. It’s also a good time to woo your love once more, in a subtle, unconditional way.

Mid-march may bring some arguments and power-plays—and if they aren’t on the radio, they could cause a little bit of havoc to your love-life. Ensure you’re communicating well, and, if you aren’t sure, don’t even try to flirt. It won’t end well. Be quietly helpful and talk to your trusted friends. There may be something vital you’ve missed.

By month’s end, make sure your partner knows how you really feel about them. Someone else (a bad boy/girl type) may be trying to steal them away, if only for a dance. It’s time to turn your charm up to full notch, display your culinary skills (or knowledge of little-known culinary gems to visit) and go the whole romantic mile. But don’t write them poetry! Not this time. Really, just don’t. On a less stressed note, your dreams are almost within reach. Just a little bit of patience is needed.



It’s a hectic month. And, if you’re traveling, or beginning a new relationship, you’ll have your success.

March begins with a slow note, one in which the dishes may pile up and the house screams for attention. Your energy levels may be down and so may your bank account. Accept that life has changed, that your priorities have changed, and that you need to take care of yourself—at least for one weekend. The rest will be sorted out much quicker than anticipated—but only when you’re rested.

There’s a sense of ease and nostalgia by mid-March. You may run into old friends (or old flames). You may realize how much you’ve changed. Communication may be a bit problematic. Choose your words with care and ensure you’re well understand. In foreign countries, actions may work better in getting your message across than trying out the local language. Or make sure your phone has sufficient battery for the translator to work well.

Come the end of March, you’re brimming with success and great energy. Singles may find an exciting new partner, while others may reconnect with their beloveds and share a special celebration. More travel may be planned. A long distance relationship for some, perhaps, or an exciting new job?



It’s your kind of month!

March begins with you holding things together, keeping within budget and being prudent with everything else—all the things you might have found hard to do in previous months. There’s a new idea screaming to attention, too. It’s a little naughty, a little precocious, even. But it’s got you intrigued, so why not everybody else? Then again, this could be the traits of your partner, or of someone who’s go their eye on you.

Mid-month is a dream come true! There’s love, lots of inspiration and an easy flow to life which has you glowing. Be sure to keep one foot on the ground, and if you’re beginning something new or receiving an award, remember all who’ve helped you there. Oh, and for those of you wanting a baby, (or not), it’s wonderful news (or not).

By then end of March, the smooth flow continues, except for an eddy around your partner or another significant air-sign in your life. They might not like all the attention you’re getting, or perhaps that your focus is everywhere but on them, especially in social situations. Perhaps some quality time or chocolate will help you reconnect. Or maybe a little playfulness.



Family and new contracts are on your mind, less so than new projects.

As March begins, you may be feeling uncommonly serious. There are family matters to take care of—perhaps a new home, or another move, or just other family stuff which has been piling up. You’re proud, too. You have it all under control…but for the garden. Call in a landscaper or work out an easy schedule so you can still do all the fun things.

Mid-month may be a little demanding at work. A shortage of skills or attention to detail (on the part of another) may appear to be your problem at first, but it’s all soon resolved. You’ll be able to make time for family, and fun, instead of working late nights. There’s a party, too? Perhaps at your new home? Or a fun night out on the town.

By the end of the month, communication may be a problem, especially with your partner or an air-sign. Harsh words or selective hearing could impact your temper and your verbalizing. Call a time out, and if you feel like banging your head, make sure it’s at a mosh-pit. Once everyone’s calmed down it will be back to happy families again.



It’s good to be home! So why do you feel so unsettled?

You may begin the month in a new domestic situation, or perhaps a short holiday at home. You’ve imagined it as one long PJ-day: your feet up on the stool, bingeing on Netflix or soapies, or catching up on your computer games… But. There’s always a but, isn’t there? Or is someone butting into your life? You need to take it easy, to chill, to relax. What mother used to say, doesn’t always apply now you’re all grown up.

By Mid-March, you’re feeling free to be yourself though it looks like you may have fewer immediate options available. It could be because you’ve made a decision. You’re feeling calmer and more on track now that the emotional stress has subsided. And while the money issue may worry you, you’re at peace with life.

A new beginning, or message, may be slow to come or the money issue is worrying you. You may second guess yourself. And second guess the second guess. And third guess the…Oh, just sit down and go back over everything! There’s a wee detail you may have missed. Did you press the SEND button? Never-the-mind, it all ends well.



There’s a mischief-maker around you. Never fear, you can outsmart them, especially if they are your love.

March begins on a fun note. There’s an unexpected offer or love, or an offer by your love. It’s a bit of a shock, but in a nice way. Still, you feel you should be questioning motives. Keep an open-mind and don’t agree to anything intangible.

Around mid-month, you may feel disappointed. Someone may have rescinded on their offer or promise. You’re wondering if they’re playing mind-games. A little research will reveal the truth. But keep an open mind and ask for tangibles.

As the month ends, the tables may be turned, and you may be the one calling the shots or taking the lead. It could be that you’re in a race, too. And you’re likely to win a prize, But you may look a mess in any photos. Ensure you take the right kit bag. Your love-life picks up, and now may be the time that a promise is made good.



Wishing for a Ferrari will bring you a car. But don’t worry, it will still be red.

March begins with an ending. It’s a relief as you return to your routine and life becomes more predictable. You’re intent on securing your financial situation, and if you follow your intuition, you’re likely to realize more than you thought possible.

Mid-March looks awesome! You have love and success and happy families—everything which makes you smile with satisfaction and say, ‘Life is good.’ Your intuition is strong. Singles may meet a soulmate, while couples reconnect on a deeper level. In fact, you and your partner may read each other’s minds. But you like it.

The month ends with you slightly disappointed. You didn’t get exactly what you expected. But you did get something! And while it may not be as flashy, or as high-profile, as you’d like, it is more dependable and suited to you and your family. Besides, this is the less stressful situation, and you’ve still got the goodies. More reason to smile, isn’t it?



Switch out of that doom and gloom perspective and latch onto all that’s blooming.

You won’t have to look far for the bright spots as March begins. You’re in a new situation or the past is no longer pressing on you. Your circle of friends may have changed. And, well, there’s a lot of good will, if not a steady flow of abundance, finding its way to you. While not a karmic situation, what you put into a situation will be appreciated and bring rewards.

By mid-March, any feelings of being stuck or that life is stagnant may recede. Happiness finds you, or someone brings some sunshine back into your life. You’re full of well-being and wisdom. Life just keeps getting better as Spring arrives, or seeds planted last year start to bloom.

As the month ends, obstacles are removed when new ideas arrive, or obligations are fulfilled. Now it’s all about healthy change and going with the flow. Your focus is on health and a better, simpler lifestyle. And remember to clean out the fridge.



Time to get the recipe right.

As March begins, you’re winding up a project or moving onto a more responsible role. You’re happy in yourself as you feel you can accomplish anything. Others look up to you and your sense of success is strong. It’s a powerful time for you, except in the kitchen. Recipes are written down for good reason.

By mid-March, you’re feeling contented at home, though perhaps a little overworked. A trip with your partner may be delayed. But, truth be told, you’re more than happy to enjoy the comforts of home. Artistic projects may go a little haywire. Remember, there’s a recipe for success here, too.

March ends with good news. It may concern children or a water-sign. Family may travel to visit you, perhaps on the spur of the moment. Love looks good and reciprocated, with a little bit of playfulness to add to your light spirits.



Warning! Dramatic times in love ahead!

March begins with a feeling of being freed, or cut-off. Some may end a relationship or partnership. Others may be apart from their beloved. But, for the most part, you’re relieved. You can finally be yourself! You’ve got plans. You can do just about anything you want…
If you’ve had surgery, you may want to ensure you’re on the right fluid levels and intake once you’re back home.

By mid-month, you may feel a little stuck. The possibility of a mini-identity crisis may be high. You’ll cycle through your wardrobe in double-quick time, or go shopping for some unique pieces. But hold on a sec. This is what you always do. Why repeat a cycle? Sit down and journal. Correspond with yourself. Ask the really big question you’ve failed to answer fully: What do you really want in life? I doubt it’s new clothes.

As the month comes to an end, your energy is lighter and more exuberant. New offers of love come your way. Reconciliation and reunions are likely. Romance abounds. But which will you plant now you have a new chance or a second chance? Don’t overthink this question. Just let your heart answer.

Have a super-fab March! 😀

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Your Tarotscope: January 2018


by Leenna

Happy New Year! Can you believe how quickly 2018 has arrived? Hopefully, we’ll all get a chance to catch our breaths this year and take some time to enjoy and appreciate all we’ve achieved so far. While 2017 may have proved difficult in some respects, you have to admit that we’ve made some progress. Now all we have to do to keep that ball rolling, and enjoy the journey we’re on 🙂 It’s a mixed month for most of us, but one which seems to be setting the tone for the first part of our new year. Enjoy!

* for entertainment purposes.



Things get better as the month goes on, especially when it comes to taking the reins in a venture or adventure.

January begins on a slightly sour note when a family gathering may be marred by harsh words or a jealous air-sign. Old rivalries between older siblings may also flair up, making you wonder if the soap-opera fairies have mislaid their spell in your home. Once the air has cleared, worries and bad faith will be cast aside, especially if one of grandma’s secrets comes to light. Cheer up, at least 2018 has begun in an unforgettable manner.

Mid-January sees your career receiving a turbo-boost once you get a second chance at something. You’ll make good, leaving all your competitors and detractors in the dust, and clearing the path for even greater achievements later in the month. The soap-opera fairies may also have gifted you with a choice snarky tongue which you’ll put to good use. But remember: Snark can be sneaky and bite you from behind. Use with caution.

Tarantarah! Here comes the star! You outshine everyone by the end of the month and will be held up as the person to emulate—and the year’s just beginning. For some, you may find yourself on TV—a talk-show or documentary—while others may gain a few admirers who are anything but secret as to their intentions. Great news for singles, but somewhat appalling for those partnered. Careerwise, offers are more acceptable, but are you willing to move from your comfortable home? A new interest in sport will also get you out, but be careful of overdoing things. You have to walk before you can run. Unless you’re planning on flying. Enjoy!



Hard work pays off, as a strange sense of domesticity settles over you…

January brings a shiny new beginning at work. It’s familiar and comfortable, but you’re taking things slow and careful even though you could cite the rule-book and correct it, too. You’ll enjoy the new pace and, despite attempting to hide your light, it will shine bright enough to gain you lots of attention and goodwill. Things should go as wished for when it comes to love, especially if your love has strong connections to nature and the land.

Mid-month may seem a little claustrophobic. Your world may seem to have shrunken socially, and any little vacations are too far on the horizon to be of use. More worrying, your love/house-mate/new pet may be hogging the couch or the room, and someone has to throw those toys out. Use kind, loving words and avoid confrontations, especially when it comes to old t-shirts. The house can be big enough for two (or three). For those looking for love, you may find it out in the grocery store, or while fishing (as in angling). Cast away!

January slides to an end with your home somewhat emptier, but brighter. You’ll have discarded much of the old and are ready to welcome the new. You may buy a new apron and take up baking, cooking or knitting…Or perhaps you’ll join a book club. You’ll feel loved and cherished by your loved ones. And if single, you’ll choose your new love as carefully as you choose your new duvet set. It’s a new you for 2018 😀



It’s a little crowded at your place, but once school begins you can concentrate on getting back on track.

The month begins on a cold note. Either someone’s giving you the cold shoulder, or it’s too cold to go outside and play. With so many personalities crowding your space, you may want to turn off the TV and play some board games instead. If you live in earthquake prone areas, you may want to practice a drill, just in case. On the bright side, things may be better now than they were this time last year.

Mid-month may bring some mother-issues, or mother-in-law issues for some, with regard to child (or pet) rearing. Don’t commit to any long term plans and try not to accept offers of help if you can’t tell how long the period may be. On a brighter note, your family may pamper you, possibly while infuriating you at the same time. Put your feet up and relax. Let things take care of themselves just for once. It’s also a great time to get creative, especially if you’re good with a needle and thread.

At the end of the month, you may find yourself piggy-in-the-middle when it comes to two strong personalities. You’ll have to learn new skills to manage or placate each. Your newly grown negotiating skills should serve you well, even when dealing with kids and pets, and you may get so much satisfaction out of it that you may want to study some aspect of negotiation further. Play your cards right at work and at home, and you’ll have everything stacking up in your favor.



Romance takes a backseat as a new home situation has you rearranging your life.

The month begins on a steady note, perhaps with a few home improvements, or a new temporary job. You’re proud of your efforts even though it’s only your social media friends who may get to see them. In love, an old wild flame may ask for a second chance, but it’s unlikely you’ll give it as you’re all about stability this month.

By mid-month, you may feel some frustration when it seems a project is stuck in the mud, or you’re confined to home. Use this time to research and re-evaluate your action plans, and get some new quotes for old projects/project pieces while you’re at it. You may be pleasantly surprised by what you discover.

The month ends in a flurry of activity, which may leave a water-sign or your beloved somewhat miffed. Have you forgotten an anniversary or other plan? A short trip may also be delayed when a project is once more extended or fails to lift off the ground. Whatever you do, don’t make any promises to loved ones at this time. You may be all about stability, but it isn’t playing ball with you this month. Take a deep breath and stay on your toes.



You have the magic touch. What you do with it and how it turns out is all up to you…

January begins with a satisfying move forward. The feeling of being strung out and left to dry will lift, and you’ll find at least three offers/options to get you all excited about life again. Take your time and don’t rush into things. Impulsive decisions may be regretted, so apply all you learned last year and sign-on only when you know all the facts. In love, you may want to reveal your vulnerable side earlier than you usually do. Scary, I know, but it moves your relationship forward in the way you want.

Mid-January brings the magic. You hold all the cards and set the pace in your most important endeavors. Your charm will open doors and your manifestation powers will be akin to having your own genie. Stay positive, and be fair. What you put out there comes back to you. Difficult negotiations may take longer than you like, but will reveal any unfairness or inequality to your future benefit. This includes love matters.

The month comes to an end with you still moving towards your goals at a more accelerated pace. Second chances with Cancerians will go well, as will with anything that was stalled last June/July. If you’re looking for a new transport solution, you’re likely to find a dependable one now. Life looks sweet as you can finally sit back, relax and snooze for a bit.



The rest is short, the road is long. It’s time to sing your own song.

January begins with a quiet moment or two. Your intuition will be strong, but your judgement a little skew. Don’t second-guess yourself, especially when it comes to following through on your decisions from last December. Breathe and know that you’re on the right path.

Mid-month brings a slowing down. You may fight a cold or run out of steam. Rest and meditate, get your breath back, and allow others to take care of you. Perhaps it’s time you took a real holiday. It’s also a great time to build bridges with family members, and with the Cancerians and Pisceans in your life.

January winds down on an emotional note. Family matters will be at the forefront, as will matters concerning your physical home. If you’re moving or selling property, you’ll want to do your research as it could take four months or more before you see any progress. Cheer up, Gem. despite such heavy energies around you this month, you will have your greatest wish come true, particularly if it’s been delayed for much of the previous year.



With this and that, and that and this, you’ll have to have your wits about you to keep track of it all.

January begins with a push and pull. Someone’s trying to pull your strings trying to encourage you let go of something. But don’t fight it. They may have your best interests at heart. While they may not be a drop-dead gorgeous billionaire waiting to whisk you away to the life of the rich and famous, it may be your old banking advisor trying get you to part with your battered old card and offer you one with more benefits or a better interest rate. Sad, but helpful…

Mid-January your logic and communication skills are perfect, allowing you to find a great new home or household goods. It’s the perfect time to get home renovation quotes. Your intuition and psychic tendencies kick in, too, so that you see further than the sales pitch and how to make your dreams come true. Spiritual revelations and gifts grow, particularly if your ancestral family is prone to such. Be sure to keep a dream journal as those ancestors may have very interesting notes for you.

January winds down with you feeling quite winded. You may suffer a loss of confidence as deadlines and dates approach and there’s no fairy-godmother to help you magic those chores away. Renegotiate if you must, put your best optimistic smile on, and watch Legally Blonde for inspiration. If it’s not your thing, try watching anything with Simon Pegg—just because.



Your ambition drags you off to a strange upside-down land where it’s hard to find creature comforts, but good companions inspire.

January begins on a bright note. You’ll be awarded a position or gain an achievement you’ve long been seeking. But it comes with a price, not financial—that’s looking good, along with a new car or truck. But it comes at a price. (Cue weird music).

Mid-month may bring some backache, or intense stress. It’s vital to keep your balance and take things slow. Help is at hand from a Taurean— or other steady, friendly type, who’ll show you the ropes and where to find the best pastries. Prepare to be best mates, ‘cos pastries will be important—very important (Cue weird music).

January ends with a reveal of the true situation (cue climatic music), and possibly a lengthening of your stay in Strangeville. Though you may miss your home, your beloved may surprise you with an unexpected visit. If not, good friends can be found in the oddest of places and at the pubs. Taking up a creative pursuit—photography, calligraphy, or just plain coloring in of pictures, will help you discover a new you.



It’s a hard slog, but you’re coming out of the fog.

January begins with you sticking to a situation. The worst is over, the ducks are in a row, and you’re feeling fairly confident that whatever you need to pull off will go without a hitch. If this involves love and/or the internet, it looks like you’re right. If it involves children, you may just want to make sure those ducks can get back into line quick, quack.

Mid-January brings a meeting of the minds, a meeting of the souls, or a meeting with an investor you have to win over. Let’s hope they aren’t all one and the same, as there’s a bit of an uphill battle with one, both, or all. They may be underwhelmed, and you may have to give more than you intended in order to win your goal.

The month ends on a more celebratory note. You’ll be feeling on top of the world, will have a supportive creative hand by your side (and possibly a soul-mate), but there’s a ton work to be done. Nevertheless, you’re exactly where you wanted to be: right on time, right on track. And could you have asked for a more perfect start to the year?



A strong Gemini influence may try to keep you unbalanced, especially in matters of the heart.

January begins with you needing a vacation from logic and the everyday. A Gemini may be playing mind games, or just minding their game, but it’s got you drawing a line and making for the exit. Quality me-time is what you’re craving, in particular a trip to the spa or other pampering spot. Once you find your balance, you’ll be happy enough to go back to being a sport. But mind you keep your balance or you’ll be nursing bags of resentment sooner or later.

Mid-January finds you searching for efficiency and re-organizing. You’re making your plans, reaching out to others and cradling new friendships. In the process, you’re learning a lot. This is the time to impress the boss, or your partner. And if they’re too busy playing games, you’ll probably grab the reins yourself. Mid-month is not the time to be faffing around, now is it?

As January winds down, you don’t as you’re still stuck an efficient, no-nonsense mood. Finances grow well, as does your network. You’ll be proud of all you’ve achieved and happy in your skin. New loves and old will have to grow up quick and catch up with you, as you’re not about to go wasting your time and love on anyone who’s not going to stick around for the long-haul, or is still intent on playing games. You have a lot to do, and nothing and no-one is going to slow you down—unless you really, really want them to ;-D



Arguing with yourself is never much fun. Drawing others into it makes even less so. Time to explore more options in decision-making.

January begins like a reality show tagline: Two options, one choice. Will your judgement be good enough? Yes, it will because you’ve already made your choice after weighing the options. And now you’re just a tad nervous about going through with things. Go for gold; you have nothing to lose.

Mid-January shines a spotlight on family and romance matters. Your decision may not sit well with your nearest and dearest, leading to some sulking (on your part or theirs—toss a coin to see who) and maybe some disappointment. If you’ve moved house, you may have to move again because of noisy neighbors or inferior workmanship. This spotlight also allows insight and clarity, allowing you to navigate such matters with greater ease, in future.

January comes to an end with a little bit of flirting, and many more passionate debates, especially with yourself. Time to stop the endless mental arguing, or you may find you’ve stabbed yourself in the back with no-one to point a finger at but yourself. (Like that’s never happened before). Focus on the practical and apply all that mental energy to innovative problem solving, preferably on paper where you can see it for what it is.



You’re clearing your space, opening your mind and preparing for a new way of being.

The month begins with you sweeping away the cobwebs and debris from last year. You’ve got love on your mind and money to make, and you’re not about to weigh yourself down with old baggage. You’re also being slow and careful as the last thing you want is for wires to get crossed and misunderstandings to ruin your perfectly conceived and implemented plans. Perhaps you’re aiming to go out with Libra this month?

Mid-January finds you settling in, with a clear view of how to reach your next goal. More importantly, you’re all set to begin new, healthier, habits—in mind, body and soul—and to reinvent yourself along nobody else’s ideals but your own. You’ll mine your stubbornness-vein if you have to, but no-one’s telling you what to do any more. Are you sure you want to go out with Libra this month?

January comes to an end with a total lack of nostalgia. Your focus is totally on the present with an eye to the future. You may begin a new study course or take a new approach to love. And if you haven’t changed jobs, you may be rearranging the office or your desk. You know you’ve got a lot to learn and a lot to give, and the thought of it both excites you and makes you nervous. Try to ground yourself as you may find yourself mentally and physically exhausted. The last thing you want right now is to run yourself down. Be sure to take some time out, or to incorporate some meditation and regular chill-out time into your newly forming habits.

cover of your tarotscopes 2018 by Leenna NaidooPS: Your Tarotscope 2018 is out on pre-order at a special introductory price of about $9.99 at iTunes, B&N, Smashwords and most eBook stores. Thereafter, it will be about $14.99. The eBook will be available in February 2018 with your birthday 2018 to birthday 2019 challenges and advice, as a bonus for each sign.