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Tarotscopes for Mid-January to February 2020

With Bonus YES/No/Maybe options

2020 has finally started, and I have your Tarotscopes for mid-January to February up on my Patreon. Patrons, as usual, have already had their early access since 14 January 2020—later than I planned, but we’ll be back on track for the March to April 2020 Tarotscopes.

Also up on my Patreon is the Capricorn Birthday To Birthday Challenges divination and the LeNormand 6 Month forecast for the first half of 2020.
It’s exciting to see how trends are changing and you’re evolving. 2020 is definitely a year of changes!

Meanwhile, things got very interesting on my YouTube over the holiday period. Thank you for all the views and welcome to all new subscribers. We had some great feedback on the pet readings, and if you want a quick love forecast, there’s a video for you, too. Links are below.
Unfortunately, I’ve been having trouble uploading to YouTube since November 2019, so I’m looking at alternative sites to host my videos in 2020 for free (free content for them, free higher profile for me). If you’d like to recommend a site, please let know in the comments. I’d appreciate it 😀

Before you go, I’m offering a free channeled message from deities I work with. The details and request form are here on my other blog.

Happy 2020 once again, and may your Yes/No/Maybe’s be for your highest good always!

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Tarotscopes 2019: March and April


by Leenna

* for entertainment purposes.

I’ve made some changes to the way I’ll be presenting the tarotscopes. Much as I love writing them, it’s become too time-consuming as I can’t seem to keep it short and sweet like I used to.
So, I’ve decided to do the tarotscopes as a downloadable mp3, hosted on my Patreon, and to take the blog back to it’s original conception of exploring art and fun things.
The Tarotscope will still be free to access, and it’s timestamped.
I’ve also decided to do two months at a time so there’s more continuity than previously.

Download or listen online, and let me know what you 😀

Have an awesome March and April!

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Your February 2019 Tarotscope+ Love Lucky Dip


by Leenna

Apologies for being late once again, but don’t be too disappointed. I’ve added the Lucky Dip Look for the next 3 months in love. Strange thing is, we had a ‘stalker’ main card for this section. Over half of the signs pulled The Lovers. This tells me that a lot of us have major decisions in love and other partnerships/relationships. It set to be interesting—perhaps like late 1999-early 2002 which brought lots of surprising changes in love and the roles people played in partnerships. For your signs tarotscope scroll on down.
And don’t forget, if you’d like to listen or subscribe to my monthly Pick A Card downloadable audio readings, go to And I’m on Youtube, too! Find more Pick A Card readings on my Writerstarot With Leenna.

* for entertainment purposes.


An emotional month for you, especially when it comes to Scorpios.

There’s some confusion in love or with romantic intentions. And too many cooks are spoiling the broth.

For the next few days, there’s a lot of confused signals from friends and family. An offer of love may be misdirected which may lead to a comedy of errors, and some mixed feelings. Someone (you’ll know them because they’re slinky or sneaky) may be playing mind-games, either at work or on the love front. It’s a good time to not take people at their word, which could, at best, be pretty, or pretty meaningless. Online shopping deliveries may be slow to arrive.

Mid-monthish, brings some long, long nights or cyclic thoughts trying to decipher the undecipherable. Face the facts, you have too little info. Decide if this matter is worth more of your time and energy, and if it’s not move on. There’s better ways to produce sleepless nights. You’ll enjoy a good action movie, or a genre you don’t often explore. Create this special chill-time and let your creativity/imagination run away with you—at least for a few hours.

February slides to an end with a significantly large event appearing not-quite out of the blue. Maybe this anticipation was to blame for some of that sleeplessness earlier. The truth about love and relationships/partnerships will be revealed, but it all works out in your favor. Money may come in from an unexpected quarter or a long-forgotten creative/small project. But you’re still in a pensive mood. You know it’s time to move in a new direction—but which direction? Let the universe guide you, this time. Release expectations, and see something better come your way.

A lucky dip look at love for the next 3 months
For some, the honeymoon is over, and the reality of being in a partnership/commitment is here. There’s fear that you may be bored, or that there’s more to love than this, but you know you have the loyalty of the one you love. For some, there’s a reunion too, perhaps with one who ‘ran away’ out of fear of commitment or lack of trust in the connection. Now you’re being advised to seek balance—be temperate in your dealings in love.Singles may reunite with an old love and find that though the one returned wishes a commitment, you may not. You can’t trust in the connection as you did before, and you quite like the stability of your life without them. You’re not sure if the energy/investment required in being in relationship with them now is going to be worth it for you and your family happiness.


A wish is coming true, but it’s a little tricky. You need to stay grounded and play your cards right.

For the next few days, it’s all woohoo! It’s happening! Whatever you’ve been working hard on over the last 5-7 months/years is arriving with bang—late at night and possibly during a storm. The feeling of elation and surreality is great, hence your need to stay grounded and act quickly. Take a deep breath, and read through everything twice. Don’t sign off an anything until you have understood the implications of your doing so in the long term. Renegotiation of sticky points is still possible over the next couple of hours or days.

Mid-monthish sees the end of a difficult cycle and clears the air on many fronts. Realization of your accomplishment and its implications from last week finally hit you. Underhandedness by any parties may be revealed, which may come as a shock to you. You may also have a short identity crisis: Who are you really? Can you really do what you set out to do? Valentines Day may reveal a surprise secret admirer, one who may be conspiring to make a dream of yours come true.

February winds down on a very spiritual note. Revelations come through your dreams, and any issues raised by last month’s eclipse will have to be finally dealt with. You intuition is high, your sense of spirituality deep. But you may question if you are in the right circle/tribe and feel your material achievements bring no joy. You need a spiritual compass. It’s best to look within yourself now, not externally.

A lucky dip look at love for the next 3 months
Wow, single Pisceans! Love and romance look wonderful for you. A love you’re manifesting, or someone is manifesting with you, is closer than you think. It’s bringing a fun, new sociable time with some crazy people. It’s great, but is starting a new cycle of karma, so be gentle and responsible. Best of all, that special someone is going to be very generous with you and take you out on amazing dates.Couples will find a renewal in love, more time to spend alone together, and a greater sense of happiness. You and your spouse may decide to do something crazy together!


You want to rush onto the something new, but the something old needs to be completed first.

This week marks the end of something that’s put you through the mill. You’re in a celebratory mood at first, but you’re also itching to begin a shiny new project which has stirred your creative juices. But you need to take a rest or you’re going to burn out and miss the boat when it really matters. Chill, plan, and wait a week before throwing your energies into the next project. And watch out for your back and kidneys, too.

Mid-monthish brings questions of commitment to singles, recently single and perhaps wanting-to-be singles. It’s time to be honest with yourself and your significant other. Some of you, though, are planning a surprise proposal or elopement. You may be frustrated that the perfect moment seems not to be presenting itself. Perhaps waiting till the end of the month may bring the kind of setting/time that you’re envisioning.

As February comes to an end, you’ll be thinking long-term, creating smart, clear of vision. It’s you at your best, so make the most it and use it to impress those who’s opinions mean the most. You’ll be distancing yourself from any challenges, or challenging people, and finding your own path forward. It’s a good thing, as long at you’ve planned the next 3-5 years/steps through, especially when it comes to career, business and home.

A lucky dip look at love for the next 3 months
Love and family matters may be so unpredictable that you may feel like you’re losing your head. Sit tight, clip in that safety belt and use your intuition. At the other side of the tumult lies happiness. For some it may mean the end of a present relationship, for others it may mean finally working with your partner as a team, and for some it could be moving closer to your partner in a way that you’ve been waiting for, for a long time. Whatever you’re going through, know that happiness and loyalty lies at the end of this period for you.


You may feel frustrated that both love and work seem to be giving with one hand and taking with the other. Strive for balance and consider your choices carefully.

This week may bring a cherished loved one into your life in an unexpected manner. Don’t cover your unguarded moments of truth, as it will set both of you free from a toxic cycle. You’re viewing life through a monstrously distorted lens just now which is turning everything into a heartache and burden. Take off those goggles and look with clarity. You’ll find more love and support than you thought you had.

Passion and heartache are the themes for mid-month. Bittersweet days have you reminiscing, particularly about your spouse or father. Bosses may cause arguments between couples, or cause you to break off a long-anticipated date. Some singles, or ones in separation, may find the one who broke their heart returning. But while it may have been once what you wished for, are they really right for you now? Take a moment to see how you (and they) have changed.

February winds down with a sense of freedom and achievement. For many, it’s a case of ‘that’s done, now what?’ Marvel at the new choices and opportunities before you. Now that you’re so much less restricted, maybe it’s time to pursue your dream once more.

A lucky dip look at love for the next 3 months
Your pensive mood affects your love and relationships over this period. You’re still considering what to do, trying to make a decision, only to rethink, and rethink and rethink… Your hesitation will be broken by a message or a dream message. Your issues in love will be resolved while you’re travelling. Know that you are protected at this time, and that your vibration will pick up, bringing more clarity to you. If you’re looking for love, this higher vibe will help you find it.



You’re hiding your face from someone, or refusing to face a decision in partnership. Ostriches with their heads in the sand never win any races. Just saying…

This week may bring up issues of roles in relationships, balance of your energies, and karmic issues. Recognize each issue for what it is—temporary if faced with honesty. In other words, this molehill will only grow into a mountain if you allow it to. Fun may be had at family events, impromptu outdoor gatherings and a small, intimate evening with friends.

You’ll have a lot of creativity surrounding you mid-month. You’ll be inspired to develop an old idea or adapt it into something new and wonderful. You may also decide to travel. While you may think about an old love, or an old love situation, you’ll be moving away from them. This lack of communication is a good thing.

February slides to an end with you refusing to make a decision. If you ignore it, it won’t go away. You need to close certain episodes in your life—especially concerning partnerships. Being ‘creative’ in avoidance is only making things worse. Be direct. Be straight. And let this matter pass quickly by.

A lucky dip look at love for the next 3 months
You fear a friendship or love relationship ending. But be honest, its not a ‘real’ love or friendship. It’s very forced and unnatural, and it seems like you are forcing it. Let it go, otherwise its going to get even more difficult and teach you some very harsh lessons. Releasing this relationship will soon bring in a newer, more mature love. That love/friendship will be unconditional love, and it will arrive so suddenly that it will make you clumsy! They’re sure to find your blushes adorable 😀
Couples may find a toxic/karmic phase of their relationship ending, bringing in a lighter, healthier and more fun way of showing and experiencing love


That s-word finds you this month, or at least, the beginnings of it—stability. It may be accompanied by other s-words: success and sustainability.

This week may find you dealing with educational and family matters. You may be setting up new rules or structures to live by, and money/the material looks very good and comfy. You’re sliding in the blocks to your long-term success all by yourself. Home matters will be easily and logically resolved.

Around mid-month, you are sitting firm in your decisions. You aren’t entertaining other’s opinions, especially when it comes to love and your lifestyle. You aren’t moved by insincerity and you’ll win any arguments through implacable facts and logic.

February comes to an end with you taking a moment or two (or three) for a well earned rest. News of a long-awaited career opportunity or change of home will arrive. You will know that all your efforts were worth it.

A lucky dip look at love for the next 3 months
You have important decisions to make in love and relationships. There is a happy-ending coming, especially if you’ve given up on the situation and allowed the universe to manage things for you. But you do have to make a decision, and are constantly thinking about trust, and loyalty, Healing is coming. Stop sending so much energy to the ‘should/shouldn’t’, ‘will/won’t’ and feed it back into encouraging that happy ending to arrive sooner.


A change in fortune for the better now that you’ve decided to make a long-term decision which favors family

This week brings a quietly momentous decision which brings you closer to a cherished goal. It favors family time, but it’s also throwing the ball in your court when it comes to your career. There’s an interesting new angle/path that’s opening up for you. Keeping your cards close will pay off in the end, but be wary of salespeople intent on selling you subscriptions or big-ticket items which are changing over into the next generation next month.

Mid-monthish sees you wanting to escape with your beloved or into fantasy land. You know you have the power to make things happen, be it whisking your partner away for a romantic getaway, or approaching your crush in a winning manner. It’s just that you’re not sure that it’s the right time. You feel you’re missing a piece of the puzzle, and that someone else might beat you to it. Tap into your intuition to get the timing right.

February winds down with a major change in your work arena. You may work late nights or more flexible hours. A new project may need a more hands on approach and take longer than expected. But family and ‘date nights’ will be extra special for it all. It also feels that business/work will have you traveling far regularly.

A lucky dip look at love for the next 3 months
It looks like someone new has their eye on you, which is great if you’re single, not so much if you’re in a committed partnership. Your partner/love interest may also be a little elusive, always in a hurry and busy with their own matters. Standing still and allowing the truth to reveal itself will work well for you, as will making joint decisions with your partner. Singles may often be confused, but keep the faith in yourself and in love, and you’ll get through this strange situation easily.


It’s a very Virgo time, a time to take careful strides forward, but you seem more intent on re-creating the past.

This week sees you searching for something new. You’re either ignoring your intuition or some part of your education, preferring instead to align or ‘try out’ either a new religion or a new method which seems counter-intuitive. You’re not committing yourself to anything or anyone—just yet—but you haven’t ruled anything out either. It’s not that you’re sitting on the fence—more like you’re awaiting some developments.

You’re in a great manifesting phase around mid-month, and while you’re happy or others think you are, you’re actually drawing on old memories of happiness and trying to recreate them. This may be in love or work, but it’s a strain, and probably a waste of time. It’s time to move on, drop the old energy and make new, happier memories. Bet you you can find greater happiness this year than you’ve experienced before if you just allow yourself to drop the past idea of what happiness looks like.

February closes out with you still thinking on the past, perhaps about a water sign who’s uncommunicative. Again, it seems you’re drawing on a tainted well. It’s time to reconsider where you’re spending most of your energy and place it into projects and people who have your best interests at heart. This is not the time to revisit the past, it’s time to embrace the future.

A lucky dip look at love for the next 3 months
The past eclipse has been trying to show you what you’ve hidden from yourself—the idea that you are not the hurt shell of yourself, but a vital being with much to share with others. Why would you want to go back to being a hurt shell? The action you must take is what you decided on in December. That was your path to recovery and balance. The love and stability that you sought to act on then is coming to you once you allow that action to balance matters.


You’re standing up for your future and claiming your independence.

Couples may have a bit of spat with their beloveds, but its all about communication (or lack of), healthy boundaries and old, no longer applicable ideas or structures. Singles are also making it clear what would truly suit them in terms of lifestyle, communication, and the type of relationship dynamics that will work long-term. These boundaries and new ways of interacting are impacting and bettering your work life, too.

Mid-monthish, there’s a significant move into newer waters. You may have hoped for or planned this for a long time, and while you haven’t gotten exactly what you asked for, it’s good enough for you to take a chance. This could be on a person, too. While you’re not seeking love or romance, it may find you in unconventional way.

February comes to a close with a payout in your favor, or a feeling of being abundant or surrounded by luxury. You may have some new long-term business or career developments which put you in the creative seat. One or two of you may be creative directors, or an important member of a film/TV production crew.

A lucky dip look at love for the next 3 months
A cycle has ended with another air-sign or a love contractual matter (which could also be a spiritual contract). It’s a point you’ve been waiting to reach, and that should happen within the next 21 days. A new, more fun and sociable period is opening up, one which may honor a piece of your history or someone from your past. You’ll be learning new skills in love, and finding both protection and nurturing from your beloved, friends, or new partner.


It looks like you’ve gotten through the semi-finals and are into the finals!

This week, you know you’ve done good, Scorpio. You’ve achieved a dream and bested one of the toughest opponents you’ve face, especially in the love arena. You feel very close and connected with your beloved, and singles are making exactly the kind of impression they only dreamed they would. Live is looking sweet.

Mid-monthish, you’re trying to make plans, but opportunities don’t seem as abundant as they were just a couple of weeks ago. Perhaps you’re looking in the wrong locations. Leave it up to the universe and allow a greater destiny to find you. Love looks great at this time, and if you haven’t found your soul-mate or ‘The One’, you could be meeting them during a business or investment talk. Life is still looking sweet.

By the end of February, you may find yourself in the finals and raring to go. You biggest competitors are air-signs who are aware of your vulnerabilities. But you can win through by moving faster and trusting your intuition while they deliberate. There’s loads of information coming your way, and if you think you’ve been unfairly treated in someway (or that someone tried to cheat), you’ll have all the facts, figures and methods at your finger tips. It may be a good time to ensure your computers and devices have good internet security in place.

A lucky dip look at love for the next 3 months
There’s stability and a sense of home when it comes to love and relationships. Couples may spend more time at home, until one of you goes on a long trip. Singles may find someone who feels like home (an old friend, perhaps) and decide to take things further. There’s real love and a sense that both parties are tending this relationship with equal care and tenderness.


An old project, love, or idea may have a stop-start/on-again-off-again feel.

This week may bring a new creative way to do something you’ve long wanted to—study, a new hobby, or building a small business. For some, you may feel sudden, unexpected love or affection after what seems like a long time.

Mid-monthish finds you hung up on old ways of doing things and trying to work too much with the old. Remember, the idea was to take only certain parts of the old and combine it to the new. You may gain a new perspective about the people around you and how they fit into your life.

February winds down with a possible cutting of old contracts, perhaps for a new job or a new home. Be careful with funds, and pack lightly. There’s a possibility you may return later, so don’t burn any bridges just yet. A bonus may take longer to come through, or may be rescinded if you are leaving a contract.

A lucky dip look at love for the next 3 months
Love and relationships look stable, possibly stagnant even, but quite happy. However, someone (likely outside the relationship or a rival) may be feeding you stories which are deceptive. Take a moment to get a new perspective and discern the truth. You’ll see the truth with greater ease than expected. Some may travel abroad with their beloved. Or meet their new beloved abroad.


It’s time to keep the hope alive.

This week, you want to do something, but you need to do something else. It may feel like all your bright ideas and opportunities are leached away by others (especially younger people) demanding your attention. But those ideas keep coming, and it’s a very spiritual time for you. Keep a notebook handy and write done a quick note to ensure you hang on to those little flashes of brilliance.

Mid-monthish is the time to look after your health, both physically and spiritually. Ensure your meditation spaces are serene and positive, and that you make time to eat and rest well. Your love relationships may be a cause for concern. Keep the communication open and you can lay any fears to rest.

February ends with a focus on work. It may seem tough, but the worst is over. Still the results may take a time to show, and there’s the possibility that others may draw you onto a path that’s not planned for. It’s not necessary a bad thing, just different, but you do want to do your own research and evaluation to ensure you’re going to be happy with that role for the next six months.

A lucky dip look at love for the next 3 months
For single/partnered and looking for an engagement or seriously committed relationship, it’s here! You or your beloved may travel to move in or marry the other. It’s that serious. For couples, you may move location with your spouse, and find your roles changing. But it’s all happy endings and rainbows for you, single or committed. There’s a greater and happier union with the actions you and your love are taking to secure this relationship

Happy Valentines Day to you!

For a fun look at your Valentines Day, check out my Patreon and YouTube Channels.

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Your January 2019 Tarotscope: Bumper Issue!


by Leenna

Yay! I must be off to a good start in 2019 because I have your tarotscopes ready on time! I’m even more excited about 2019 than I was about 2018. For most of us, love and greater opportunity is coming to the fore once more.
And don’t forget, if you’d like t
o listen or subscribe to my monthly Pick A Card downloadable audio readings, go to And I’m on Youtube, too! Find more Pick A Card readings on my Writerstarot With Leenna.
Happy 2019! May your most cherished dreams find you this year 😀

* for entertainment purposes.


Changes you’ve been patiently waiting for are here, invigorating you.

As the new year begins, you may be feeling well-balanced, until a new contract arrives—one you may have briefly discussed two to three weeks before your end of year holiday. There’s a sense of great balance and relief, one you should hang on to as you’ll be needing it later in the month.

By mid-January, life will be moving fast, and you may begin a new job, or a new exercise regime which lights you up. Your creativity will be stirred, and you may want to work with metals, or metallic materials in your hobbies. You’ll find it easy to accept and implement all these new changes.

As January winds down, you may be feeling quite emotional at the realization that a cycle has completed. You may also travel unexpectedly, perhaps to, or with a loved one. Finances will be stable, and you’ll once again regain your sense of self and balance, leaving behind any emotional upset or episodes.

Your lucky-dip look at the first three months of 2019
Your libido will be very high, and so is the prospect of drama with your spouse/partner/dates.You’ll receive clarity on an issue regarding a secretive person or deal, especially if it involves cheating, manipulation or underhand dealings.


An emotional month for you, especially when it comes to Scorpios.

As the new year begins, you may feel undermined or unstable in some way—perhaps, financially or regarding your home. There may be a conflict with a Pisces, or a younger person—a child or someone just returned from travels. Be careful of the words you use, and the manner with which you deal with them. A cold attitude will seem like a winning solution, but it may backfire emotionally. Change is coming in your relationships—a good change. So, allow these changes to occur without resistance for the happiest outcome for everyone.

By mid-month, you’ll have much to celebrate, and may be in the spotlight, but with a huge project to complete. You may also need to stand your ground in some way, and not give in to other’s bad decisions, particularly when it comes to cutting corners at work, or when hosting/renovating at home.

As January slides to a close, an old friend or absent love may return. You may also find your options reduced in some way, but your overall cheerfulness and happiness will return. It would not be good at this time to work with, or accept any work leads, from your returning spouse or old friend.

A lucky-dip look at the first three months of 2019
A document you’re anxious over may be delayed, or take longer to write/process than anticipated. It’s message will stick around or be valid for quite a while, so if you’re writing it, make sure all your facts and figures are accurate.
Your profile is rising, and you may travel a lot internationally, likely via invitations.


Keep to your personal boundaries and enjoy the stability and success it brings you.

2019 begins with you feeling stressed and exhausted. You’ll have time to rest, particularly if you’ve been ill, but you’ll need to stick to your healing remedies/regime for most of the month to ensure whatever exhausted you doesn’t affect your health/wellbeing further. Avoid negative thinking and pity-parties, especially with friends and online, to keep your spirits high.

Mid-January makes something worth the wait, and you’ll be pretty excited when a wish comes true. You may travel, or someone may travel to you—someone who either lifts your spirits and is a lot of fun, or someone very romantically inclined to you. For some, it could be a holiday romance.

January closes with you balancing your work and home-life once more. You’ll have more success than you’d expected from the beginning of the month. Love/attraction may continue beyond your travels, and you’ll be feeling very much adored!

A lucky dip look at the first three months of 2019
Love is certainly the focus, with new beginnings with either someone from your past, or someone introduced to you by an old friend or your parents. Couples will renew love or bring a child/pet home.
A long journey may be awkward to arrange with conflicting schedules and either train or plane times, but love wins through and perhaps you’ll experience a romantic airport terminal scene 🙂


Be wary of where and how you’re applying your energies, or you’ll be in danger of disappointing yourself.

The new year begins with you feeling energized and raring to go—but where to? It’s not the best time to begin new projects, and if you persist, you’re likely to fail before you’ve begun. Take notes, calm yourself, and put all that energy into completing old projects, and into exercise while you wait for the right time.

By mid-January, you may still be feeling like the world is against you, but it’s all about your life lessons. Take this time to set boundaries on your time/energy, and to rest and heal—especially relationships and your body. A retreat would work wonders for you now.

The end of January is not the best time to start new relationships. It’s a great time for couples to reconnect and discuss future plans long into the night. You’ll also be very busy, or have conflicting ideas which may trouble you. Journal or make to-do lists before bed to ensure you have a good rest. Practice your boundaries—don’t allow others to steal your time. And allow a day or two for romantic pursuits—if only to read a romance novel.

A lucky dip look at the first three months of 2019
Internet and other communication problems may persist, particularly over long distances, or if you’re in isolated communities. Keep an eye on your belongings in bad weather. Be sure to get some good, clean air when you can.
You’ll reunite with someone who loves you unconditionally, and you may both be glad of your/their safe arrival.


New beginnings bring new responsibilities and sense of worth.

The new year begins with a sense of clarity and of hope for the future—a renewal of your sense of adventure and commitment to experiencing more of life. But the uncertainty may make you a little anxious. Generally, you feel very accepting of what the universe is bringing you, and are trusting your intuition that life is turning in a better new direction. You may want to re-look at your finances, especially long-standing bonds, debits and the like.

Mid-month brings the end of a sense of despair or heart-ache. It may leave you feeling unbalanced at first as you may have carried it for so long. But communication with those you love is better, and a new opportunity is looking good, especially on the work front.

As January comes to a close, there may be talk or action towards moving home, or renovations. There’s a sense that life is finally favouring you, or allowing you relief, and allowing you to cash in on rewards you’d forgotten were due to you. You may have more responsibilities, but you feel more than up to meeting them, and you will find your sense of self again. Best of all, you’re looking great and pulling lots of admiring glances.

A lucky-dip look at the first three months of 2019
You may be on the internet and social media a lot—perhaps work related or to keep in touch with friends and family far from you.
Things are on the up and up, and any thing you may falter at, will see you making a bigger and stronger recovery from. There’s a happy ending rushing to meet you, so keep your head high and your foot firm.


Taureans bring you luck while a soul-mate helps you find your healing.

January begins with some surprises—something’s afoot, Watson, but you’re darned if you know what. You may suspect that it’s love and romance—a special someone either appearing out the blue or gifting you with something special. But what does it all mean? You’ll have lots of time to think, to heal, and to find your balance with their help, or with their actions. Don’t mistrust your feelings.

Mid-month brings an end to heart-ache and misunderstanding after a heart-to-heart, or sincere expression of feelings which could possibly be blurted out. See pass the awkwardness and to the love beneath. You’ll feel on top of the world in all things else, and a little gift of cash or kind may make its way to you.

January ends with another revelation, this time internal. It brings sunshine and rainbows, and perhaps a romantic getaway or a fun friend. The universe does have things afoot for you, but after a long time, it’s making sure you land on the right one 🙂

A lucky-dip look at the first three months of 2019
Singles may date someone who lives very far away or who is foreign. Couples may find communication easier with less misunderstanding.
An old family feud or other conflict may flare up again, but you needn’t be drawn into it. You’re watched over no matter how crazy and ridiculous things get. Keep your own counsel.


That slow pace suddenly picks up and then it all happens at once. Prepare to be busy, very busy.

January begins with a sense of unchangingness. You may feel stuck while contemplating identity issues, and what you would like life to be like. Be sure to wish well because what you manifest will be quick, especially when it comes to love and family. And when it does manifest it, don’t over-think it. After January 6th, you may feel a change in the air. Get lots of rest before that.

By mid-January, singles may get an offer of love by someone who may seem to overstep a boundary in some way. You may be up late at night contemplating an offer and what it may mean to your future. Work as well, may be quite demanding, but through it all, you will make a major decision.

The end of the month brings romance and a sense of completion. You may be offered a job abroad, or if your spouse works in another location, find work closer to them, There’s a sense that all is as it should be and it’s all good:-)

A lucky dip look at the first three months of 2019
Romance and new beginnings are in the air. You may go on lots of dates, or to openings, or new theatre shows and the like. Children may also feature more prominently in your life.
There’s a sense of finally receiving all that you’ve longed or worked for, and which may have seemed lost to you before. There’s magic in the air, too:-)


Your intuition proves right and you may choose to move away to a new situation.

January begins with a new opportunity concerning an old choice, or a renewal of love with a soul-mate. In work, you may choose to end a professional relationship or accept an offer to travel further. Your intuition tells you you’re heading down the right road, even though it doesn’t look like the path to riches, but it does offer more creativity.

By mid-month, you may suddenly change your decision, or find that another, better opportunity is presented. Whatever happens this month, you are firmly footed and still top of the field. It’s a love situation which may take you by surprise, but it’s one with a happy outcome, though it could be a little on the expensive side.

Come the end of the month, you may be learning or implementing something new, particularly at work. It will expand your world and allow you more time to play. Perhaps you are studying a new language, or learning a new water sport.

A lucky dip look at the first three months of 2019
You’ll all about love and those you are most committed to. Your marriage or partnerships will grow stronger and remain healthy for some time. You may decide to deepen your commitment.
Be wary of new acquaintances who push for a friendship. Despite others, you have happiness around you and the faith of many.


A major change makes you feel uncomfortable about an air-sign, but staying grounded will help you keep up.

January begins with some unexpected news. It may be the closure to a legal issue or the granting of a right you’ve long been waiting for. It’s got your brain in over-gear as you plan for all the new situations this now makes possible. An air-sign may be acting unpredictably, especially when it comes to family matters. Keep yourself grounded and avoid the drama.

Mid-January may find you doubting yourself and sliding into old thought patterns as you over-think your actions and options. Keep yourself moving, with exercise or other movement, to help you process things better and to think out the box.

January may end with a wedding or other family affair. You may feel a little angry, or perhaps dispassionate about everything. You’re just thankful that things are working out better than expected. Watch your health at this time. See to fevers and inflammations at once.

A lucky-dip look at the first three months of 2019
Some may travel to France/Italy, or perhaps have a romance with foreigner. There’s an opportunity to travel alone, which may appear unexpectedly.
Life may seem a little crazy as you figure out who tends to lie to you, and who is trustworthy. You may be surprised by them all. You won’t be taken for a fool any more.


You may have to sacrifice some aspect of work, but love sees you through. For one or two, there’s a marriage, or reunion, in love.

As the new year begins, you may simplify your work life by re-prioritizing love or work. There’s a lack of balance in the amount of time you’re spending on projects and the remuneration. Perhaps, you may break one project into two parts and redo them. Some funds may also be delayed, especially if they are bonds, dividends, or interest on money invested.

You may have your defences up in love by mid-January, and that’s throwing you off balance. For others, something (or someone) you’ve long awaited arrives with a sense of dedication—either to you or your combined task. Spirituality is high, though you may find yourself having to justify your beliefs to others who seek to understand you better.

By the month’s end, you may be feeling like you’ve made the wrong choice in career or how you worked your projects. You may feel like it was all a waste of time. But look closer, you may still save it all if you are open to other possibilities. There’s intense and passionate love, with lots of exchanging of ideas. Your beloved appreciates you for your intellect and your dedication to the long-term, no matter the odds.

A lucky-dip look at the first three months of 2019
Someone (possibly a man) will confuse, confound or frustrate you. Keep your temper in check as this person also loses their temper quickly.
There’s so much, and such intense, unconditional love all around you that you may scarcely believe it! It may be an old love renewed, or an old love returned.


There’s a lot of emotional baggage to deal with, but you’ll float above it all.

January begins with some emotional drama. You may feel torn between two people you love and may feel like you have little choice or say in a matter. But this is all a part of dealing with your baggage. Let go what you cannot control, and allow yourself to move on pass it. There are better things to turn your attention to.

Mid-January brings some home truths to your door, allowing you to make long-term plans. Better yet, it brings a sense of stability and more opportunity. You could begin a new job or gain more financial stability/security. Perhaps an old loan is repaid.

By the end of the month, you’ll have a new perspective on life. Physical and emotional pain should recede or be more manageable. Some may find unexpected or unusual remedies/therapies. You’ll feel lighter in heart and of spirit. More seems possible than before, and now you can take concrete actions towards your future.

A lucky-dip look at the first three months of 2019
Your father, a brother, or another male family member brings you lots of luck. It’s a great time to detox and to try natural remedies. Nature lifts your spirits.
You’re healing yourself in unexpected ways. You may try something new or unusual which you’ll love doing, and may make a part of your routine.


Your career is looking good with help from higher-ups, and your family may find more happiness

The new year begins with some acceleration in the right direction. A position you may have applied for, and then forgotten, may now be yours. It may require some travel, and you may have to improve your skill-set quickly, but it looks like just the challenge you’ve been waiting for. You haven’t been this excited for a long time, or so it seems.

Mid-month may bring some sharp words and misunderstandings with an air-sign (particularly about finances), but it will be quickly and fairly resolved. Peace and contentment will once again reign around you.

As the month comes to an end, you may be feeling exhausted, but you’ll also be balanced and contented. Your finances are looking much better, and contracts allow you to grow. But discuss your future plans with your spouse/partner or they may feel left behind and very hurt.

A lucky dip look at the first three months of 2019
Quick thinking or quick words put you in the limelight in your career. But remain sharp, because you are under scrutiny and the bosses need impressing. No stress!

Unconditional love is found or retrieved when you may think you’ve lost it. Your reputation is also in the process of being cemented. But really, it’s the love foundation that you’re creating now that should be celebrated more.

Happy 2019 to you!

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All signs tarotscopes by Leenna


by Leenna

I have to admit, this month’s tarotscopes took a while to get started. The first time I laid out the cards, I was hit by a blank, and then a big yawn. There’s a lot going on, and many of you are in two minds, or very anxious about the decisions or opportunities we have or wish to have. It’s time to ground, to take a deep breath and balance the logical with your heart and intuition. Honor your time and space. Honor your loved ones. And honor your true-self in these life-changing decisions. And give yourself a chance to rest well. Don’t burn the candle at both ends.

* for entertainment purposes.

You’re pushing for something new, but it’s the perfect time to complete an old project. And, oh yes, life is about to get even more hectic.

So, Scorpio, you’re reminiscing about those beautifully easy and restful days of last month, and the previous months, when life seemed to be going so smoothly—when you could kick-back and relax with the remote in your hand and a bag of crisps, or a good apple…
Now you’re out of that comfort-zone and into the crazy-seeming world where you need to make instant decisions, and are experiencing instance karma—for better or worst. But you did ask for a better user/customer experience so why the long face. Take this as a lesson: the universe takes you literally—as do computers, 3-to-5-year-olds, and your spouse/partner in a bad mood. Check twice before pushing any buttons.

Mid-month may bring some frustrations as you put your all into a new project or push ahead with creative ideas. But you’re missing important elements or are repeating a useless cycle. It’s not the practice that matters here, but the precision and the ingredients. Try baking a cake instead, and help your ideas self-correct as you enjoy a good treat. You may also feel your energy-levels dipping and possibly a high fever. Keep your liquid intake high, your sugar levels down, and try catnaps where you can. Deep breathing will help too.

As November ends, you’ll be reminded of an old project you intended completing. Now’s the time to work on it, possibly with an old friend, or with older/first-learned methods. The answer is simple, but the dedication needed is greater as it could get finicky. On the plus-side, this cycle of hecticness is ending and you’ll soon be able to grab the remote and that snack again. You may be interrupted by an old friend, but they wouldn’t mind if you catnap through their monologue. Life will be back on balance again.

There’s a stop-start feel to the month, but only because you insist on backtracking come the middle of the month. Still, a dream you though out of reach may be anything but.

November begins with a round of unbelievable luck, reminding you of a similar period from eight years ago, or from your last years of study. Opportunities abound, recognition is yours, and old smiling faces pop out of the woodwork. Some are sincere and benign, others come asking for favors. Do your research, ask the awkward questions and decide well whom to give your energy to, so you don’t spread yourself too thin.

Mid-month sees you standing still or retreating. You need quality ‘me-time’, possibly within sight of (or in) water. Your mind is wild with ideas, most of them doable, but which ones to pursue for the moment? It may be best to note and prioritize these ideas for now, as you may still need some time to optimize them. Don’t rush. These opportunities and ideas may best be taken up early next year.

The month winds down with a palatable sense that a load is lightening or that a responsibility is receding. You may lose some weight, or pay off a loan. Others may have more time or meet a person who spiritually inspires or awakens them. There’s lots to plan and digest. And yes, you’ll be planning a party or major celebration, but for now your main focus is on your dreams and how to reach them. Change your approach or expectation and you may be able to take those first steps, even if it’s to the moon 🙂

An interesting time for love and reunions. Maybe too interesting? You’ll want to be extra stringent with your budget for Black Friday and other sales.

November begins on an emotional note. There’s a sense of imbalance or a lack of grounding within a love relationship. Are you falling in love too fast? Are you giving away your power to a partner or potential partner too easily? Are you over-analyzing every single detail and mono response? Ground yourself. Do something creative. Take up that yoga routine again. Then feel into your heart. You have the answers within you, if you just listen quietly to that little voice lost amongst all that internal chatter. For some, you may find your answer comes in music or chanting. Listen to the melody/rhythm, not the words, and you’ll find your balance again.

Mid-month finds you strong and balanced, in control of yourself…until the hiccup. Impulsiveness or rashness regarding new love or finances tips the scales. You may feel like hanging your head in shame or running away, or perhaps needing to ask for help from your mother or older sister. It’s not the time to be prideful, but is a time to promise yourself a thing or two. For most, it may suffice to leave the credit card at home, for others it may be sticking to your personal rules on dating/relationships. This is a lesson for you. Learn it well.

By the end of the month, you’ll have reason to regain your pride. The dilemma/crisis from mid-month may be satisfactorily resolved. But it’s also time to hold your tongue. Gossip abounds, especially with a reunion, or because of a reunion. Double-check facts and figures, even if they appear to come from trusted sources. And don’t sell yourself short. Your opinions count too, even if you have to write it down and hold it up during discussions. Finances need careful tending, so be sure to let everyone know you may be doing things a little different the coming festive season.

While you remain fixated on keeping an eye on one dream/goal, you’re missing all the other low-key wonderful things going on around you. Take those blinkers off.

Happiness and abundance abounds come the beginning of November. It may have to do with family. It may have to do with a clothing voucher. It may have to do with learning about a pregnancy or other new beginning, but darn it all, you can’t tell a soul! Maybe because it’s inspired you to make a long-held wish come true. But you need to keep it secret till you have more information. Then again, if it’s a love-child, a new adopted pet to ‘surprise’ your spouse with, or a radical new look you’re sporting, you may want to take extra-special care on how you reveal it all. Social media as a first option would be the absolute worst. Bite the bullet and do it face-to-face. You’ll be happy you did.

By mid-November, you may be tired, but in your element. Reunions with family or old friends may bring a feeling of contentment and stability/tradition you could have forgotten you’d missed. Your imagination is alive and you have the urge to create or start DIY projects, but a lack of time/energy makes them impossible. Sketch your ideas or write short keywords, them keep them with your shopping list and acquire supplies gradually so you can work on them in December or the new year without blowing your budget.

Come the end of the month, you may feel disappointed that you’ve missed an opportunity or failed to complete certain projects. There’s a silver-lining to it all, one with happy consequences, if you’re just patient enough for it to become apparent. You’re great at manifesting anything now, especially if it’s to do with family and your home, so wish carefully. Like Capricorn, puppies and babies may be drawn to you or around you. If you aren’t planning on having another child, you’ll want to take precautions.

You’re all about your money, when you should be about your base. If you wallow in your poverty consciousness, you’re likely to miss a great new opportunity from someone who needs a more positive/authentic outlook from candidates.

So, you’re worrying about the lack of money as the month begins, but you’re also throwing it away in order to fit in. You know you’ll make it all back, until the pity party or green-eyed gaze wins, and you fall back into the poverty mindset. You can’t keep running this parallel channel in your thoughts. Either you cut back to remain in budget and remember that the Joneses may not have it all, especially when it comes to happiness, or you keep up your spiritual practice and positivity to draw that ideal job or monetary situation to you while keeping open to new opportunities.

That new opportunity or two may arrive around mid-November, but if you aren’t open to it, particularly as it seems to come from someone you have been annoyed with, or at odds with, in the past then it may past you by without you even knowing about it. This person may be well out of your current circle, very stern and strict and doesn’t allow others emotional responses to shake the boat. You’ll have to have your ducks lined up, and keep your mind cool, clear, compassionate and witty to convince them you’ve got what it takes. This opportunity may involve education or social media.

There’s a surprising twist to your life as the month winds down. A new spiritual revelation, or change in your circumstances may come. It may leave you reassessing your skills, your approach to learning and how you view money vs satisfaction in a job. It’s all a lesson on how you view abundance. Don’t make it a hard one. Reconnect to your heart and what really makes you happy. The Joneses don’t matter, only you and your happiness do.

There’s a sense of pleasure about November, but there’s some mixed signals from your partner or employer. Keep on your toes and find your balance in nature.

November begins with a fun celebration, perhaps one that’s been delayed. You, or someone dear to you, may be celebrating a graduation or a longed-for work award. It’s bringing a change in status, along with some feeling of instability. This may be because of a move, or other unplanned event which needs fast decisions and action. It’s not all bad, just rearranging the pieces into a new picture you didn’t conceive. It’s time to show your adaptability.

Concrete beginnings and endings mark mid-month. Perhaps changes you’d expected to take a long time occur much faster. Time may seem too little and your anticipation of missing someone dear may cause some anxiety. Allow nature to calm you, and don’t mind showing your sentimental side.

The month ends on a triumphant note, leaving you with a ‘what’s next’ feeling. Sport, not requiring creativity, goes well. You seem to have an odd mix of contentment and melancholy at this time. Life is unpredictable, but not often in a bad way. Could your control-freak side be feeling just a tad surprised and vulnerable? Go on, admit it—it’s not so bad at all 🙂

It’s a passionate and fiery month, or that anger of yours arises once again. Something’s not going your way in the relationship front and it’s throwing you off-balance. Stop and smell the roses. It will remind you who you really are.

Romance looks searing hot as the month begins. You’re feeling great, attracting lots of attention and are having absolutely no shy Ferdinand The Bull moments. What could be better? But. But your judgment flies out the door when temptation comes walking in. Maybe you are having a Ferdinand moment. No worries. The wooing goes well, so enjoy it. Just don’t let the woo turn into woe with your possessive streak rearing up. You have to allow this romance to go slowly. You have to remain balanced and allow them to get to know you even as you get to know them. Romance is great, but iffy in the long-term if you begin anything new with someone unknown. Couples too, need to woo, not woe. Down possessive streak. Down!

You feel more in control and on top on things at work by mid-month. Projects that were on hold are on the go. Your workload may increase, or a family member may need you just when you seem to have the time to clear your back-log. And if your romance is still racing along, you may feel overwhelmed or need to change your routine to fit them in your schedule. Avoid daydreaming. We know you can do it even when appearing fantastically productive, but don’t, just don’t. You need your full focus on the task at hand, or you may have to do it all over again.

Come the end of the month, it’s an emotional time for you—one which leaves you feeling unbalanced and perhaps even frantic. It’s make or break time. The truth of your romance or work situation is revealed. You’ll have to make a decision by the last day of the month, but you may be anxious or frustrated. It’s unlike any other decision you’ve had to make before—life changing and you can’t see where you’re going with this. Take a deep breath and know it’s divinely guided. You’ve made the best choice and will know for sure by February.

You’re all systems go, but the brakes are on. Go through those messages again, you’re missing something.

November begins on a solid note. You’re wanted for your skills and for your magnetism. You’ve healed and ready for something or someone new to come into your life. You may even have lots of reckless thoughts and ideas. You can’t wait to hit the road and explore new vistas. There’s a palatable sense of expectation around you, but where is it? This new thing or person. You may be projecting too far into the future. The good news is that you’re calling it/them in, but all may not be apparent until later in the month or next month. Watch for signs from the universe, keep your sense of anticipation going and keep brushing up your skills. Who knows in what wonderful way the new will enter your life?

Mid-month brings out the warrior in you. You may be fighting to make a dream come true. You may have an unfair advantage in some way which isn’t making you Mr or Miz Popular, but you don’t care. Woe betide anyone who tries to keep you from your goals just now. Yes, you can win through with intimidating your opposition. Yes, you can win through by working your fingers to the bone. And yes, you can win through by shear effort of will, but remember divine timing. The Universe is still in charge of when the winner is announced, and if you exhaust yourself before then, you may not be able to enjoy it all when it finally arrives.

Communication is key as the month winds down, especially with friends and family. Fail in this and everyone’s going to be hurt. It’s the perfect time to rejuvenate yourself with a hike or a girls/guys day out. You’ve detached yourself from any outcomes to your mid-month efforts. Life is easier, and you’re more present in the moment. Allow the playfulness back into your life and find your true balance in being. Is it better to just ‘be’ than to work hard in trying to ‘be’? Let me know:-)

You may have to let the universe take the reins for this month. In fact, you have little choice. You time is best spent visualizing (daydreaming) instead of worrying about regaining control of ‘matters outside your influence’. In other words, trust like a child. Manifest like a child and be amazed at the choices offered to you. Koo Beans!

November begins with you wanting to start something new but feeling uncertain, or to happy to languish in La La Land just that little bit longer. But things have fallen into place. Even opportunities and things you’ve tried hard to manifest before (and thought you’d failed). Now they’re all here knocking on your door and demanding your attention. But it’s not all rainbows and cotton-candy. You may have to relinquish one or two dreams to grab the bigger ones. There’s an element of risk—not that it won’t get you to where you’re going, just that it may get you there sooner than you expected! Daydream responsibly. Better yet, go with the flow.

Mid-month may bring both financial independence or relief, but also an argument or altercation in which you’ll need to stand your ground, either with a boss, parent or your spouse. Perhaps you feel too controlled, or they are feeling threatened by your new independence. Talk it through rather than fall into a sulk. The situation may only worsen otherwise. One of you has to be the adult here.

November winds down with a matter demanding a decision. Unexpected events may bring you financial benefits which are long-term. You may have to choose between something new and exciting, but perhaps a little unstable at first, or something of your own creation which is equally uncertain but allows you more control of your life. Avoid power-struggles as you may lose. Trust your judgment and squash your fear. You already know the right choice for you, just take a deep breath and make that commitment.

You can see the progress, your goal almost reached. But you can’t quite touch it yet. Stop stretching yourself so much. Relax and let the current or momentum do the work for you.

November begins with less strife, but the stress is telling, or you may be working late into the night. Watch out for migraines and tension headaches. Take care of your eyes and don’t fight your body. If you need to rest, rest. There’s a major change coming, but you’re not quite ready for it. No worries. You still have time to cross that bridge when you come to it.

Mid-month brings unexpected luck and some great togetherness with your beloved and workmates, maybe family too. But something’s weighing on your mind, something from two months ago. If it’s a matter with your partner you hoping to bring up, address it soon. They’re of the same mind as you on it.

By the end of the month, you may have an excellent opportunity at work, but it may take you away from the family or your home for longer than you’d like. Keep everyone informed and be honest about any change in plans. You’ll have more support than you think. If there’s a medical matter involved, get a second opinion.

You keep telling yourself finances may be the problem, but are you really using this to mask your emotional concerns? But really, the worst is over, or soon to be. And love is gonna get you when you least see it coming.

November begins with and ending or a new beginning. There’s a long flight or that feeling of limbo. You may feel out of space or out on a limb, like you don’t belong. You may doubt your strength and achievements. Stop talking yourself down, and you’ll see you’re already achieved what you really meant to do. It’s time to address inertia, and what to do now you have more opportunities to consider.

Mid-month brings more quiet. Depending on your attitude, it could be the roughest time of month if you’re too hard on yourself. It’s also likely that you may have a severe, but brief, illness, which could be an unexpected expense, or that your medical insurance changes. Others may find themselves feeling a little lost, or at loose ends. It feels like an adjustment period—still in limbo. Ground yourself by spending more time outdoors and in meditation. Movement and self-exploration will benefit you the most now. Don’t forget to rest and go easy on yourself.

November ends on a beautiful note. You’ll be feeling yourself—balanced, rested and cheerful. With your vibrations so high, you’re very likely to attract new love or a very special long-term friendship, perhaps with a traveler, or someone you’ve met on your travels. If you’ve felt too shy to approach them in the past, or where uncertain about how they feel about you, then don’t be. It’s highly probable they have reciprocal feelings. But however you look at it, love gets you in the end this month, and perhaps holds on for a long time. About time, too 😀

Major, major life choices crop up again, just when you thought you’d already done the decision-making. At least it’s about love and romance this time.

November begins with a declaration of love, a major decision on family or love. You’re feeling passionate and determined. The angels are applauding, and you’ve got your groove back. Life is good, but don’t over-extend yourself. The summer is hotting up, or the winter is proving sunnier than expected and you need to pace yourself in all matters, or your health concerns of last month may return. Remember to drink more water and consider a detox if you haven’t done one in awhile.

Mid-month brings a bright and cheerful new love or romance. They’re a huge amount of fun and you’re finding them irresistible, even if at first, everything seems platonic or less passionate then you’d hoped. Their feelings for you are deeper and more long-term than they admit or show. Your romantic partner may take you on a surprise trip, possibly to the coast or island-getaway, but may be too tired to take in all the sights. It’s best to relax and chill together.

By month’s end, you intuition is strong, and there’s an almost telepathic bond with your love. Life is pushing you forward like an ambitious mother trying to get you within sight of the most promising opportunities. One of these opportunities focuses the spotlight on your romance or love partnership. They take you by surprise once more, and though you felt it coming, you still need your time to process it. Make sure you’re both on the same page and that you truly understand what they offering. Rather ask the same question twice than base your decision on a misunderstanding or assumption. And if it’s all moving too fast, then speak your mind and explain how much time you need to process or decide. They’ll get overly anxious otherwise, and you may over-analyze. Keep things as simple as possible.

Have an amazing November!

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June Tarotscopes by Leenna Bumper Edition


by Leenna

Another bumper edition to mark the mid-year. After your tarotscope, see what the cards say about the matter uppermost on your mind. And if you’re looking for more on love and other matters, why not see what my Patreon has for you. There’s free Pick A Card audios about meeting new people and more. Enjoy 😀

* for entertainment purposes.


A chapter or story in your life is reaching a climax. Happy endings depend on you!

As June begins you may be moving home, or from a domestic-type scene which no longer serves you. Though there are some tears, for the most part, you’re feeling relieved and energized by the change. Holiday plans may again be put on hold as practicalities or the weather takes over. Don’t for a moment think that’s going to dampen your fun. It could well improve things in another direction and with much less stress.

Around mid-month, money may be a little tight or resources scarce, possibly because of renovations or home emergencies (think plumbing). But this too could introduce you to new friends, or bring out the truth in existing ones. Dating and expanding your social circle looks good, especially when you’re not trying to impress people. For many, the issue of whether or not to have children (or another child) will be revisited or addressed again.

June slides to an end with the stress levels receding, more restful nights and the end to a long standing conflict to a neighbour, older person or a childhood issue. You’ll find generosity surrounding you as the universe continues to reward your good decisions with tangible gains and feelings of happiness. New partnerships, especially friendships, formed this month will continue to blossom and bring you happiness. For some, you may meet your life-partner or decide to commit yourself further. All’s well and good by month’s end, perhaps with a little more cash to spare than expected!

About the matter uppermost on your mind: Passion, Order reversed, Fulfilment
Passion, or the lack of passion, is your main indicator. Perhaps you’re stuck on a timeline of what achieving your goals looks like, or are bewildered by the effect a passion for someone or something is bringing into your life. Ask yourself: Is it/they bringing me the fulfilment that I want? Do I really need to take steps in a set order to achieve the same sense of fulfilment?


Well! It’s a complicated and exciting month on the love front. Maybe too exciting and complicated?

As June begins, there’s a sense of long-term happiness settling in. Perhaps you’re finally getting over a heartache, or another dream is finally achieved. But, some issues with a no-gooder (or no-gooder to you) rears its ugly head. It may be that an old flame returns bringing drama, drama, drama, or you have doubts instilled by the NG making you second-guess everything that is currently making you happy. Call a good friend (not Geminis, they’ll confuse you even more, ditto Librans) and all the warmth and good fortune around you to heal the past.

Around mid-month, the last of the healing/doubts evaporate, and you’ll have an amazing new beginning, or feel like one has come your way. Your dreams and wishes can easily manifest, especially when it comes to love, family and gaining a new job. Things will happen almost magically, despite yourself. And yes, you’ll find your destination in time, even if the GPS is confused. Ye cannae miss it, as the Scots say.

The curtain closes on June with a flurry of activity, good news, some travel and a sense of prosperity. New love/renewed love is now tangible and on solid foundations, and you’ll feel contented and appreciated by all. Even better, you’ll love your new situation, and it’s a perfect time to update your image/look! Birthday shopping, delayed or not, will have you spoilt for choice.

About the matter uppermost on your mind: Heart-to-Heart Conversations, Risk, Discovery
Talking things through with truth and compassion is what you need to do. Whether with yourself/aspect of self, or another, you need to this deep talk to heal yourself and your past love hurts. If you don’t, you’ll set yourself back in taking a small risk, in living life to the full and discovering new places, new people, and a happier way of being. Talk+Act=Happiness for you this month.


A powerful month for you where you don’t only get to choose your cards, but maybe stack them too.

Emotions, strange dreams (even recurring nightmares) may upset you as June begins, raising self-doubt and anxiety. It’s your subconscious bringing up some emotional wounds to be dealt with once and for all. This phase won’t last more than a week, perhaps ending while you’re traveling, or preparing to meet your mother. Despite all this, your intuition is very high, and you wake up more rested than expected. Travel will go well, especially business travel.

Mid-month brings in new opportunities with great long-term prospects. You have the pick of the crop (or are it yourself) and your negotiation skills will become legend. Dating or meeting new love prospects also looks excellent, but be aware that these, too, will become long-term relationships (even lifetime ones) whether you intend them to, or not. Financial investments, look fruitful, long-term or short (but not too short).

You’re top dog/lion by month-end, in whatever you’re doing: work, barbecuing or arguing with the mother-in-law. Use your power and charm wisely, and you’ll reap even more long-term benefits. Your love-life looks epic, and so does your fertility. If babies are not on your long-term plans, you’ll want to take special care, while gardening and artistic crafting will flourish.

About the matter uppermost on your mind: New Love, Adaptability, Intuition reversed
With so many opportunities around this month, you may discover a new love or renewed love for someone/something. It’s likely to be a new way of working, or a new gadget which forces you to adapt quickly (or allows you do so) but does not encourage intuitive use. It’s going to be worth the initial frustration of working a less intuitive way as it will either free up more time for your new love, or will generate results that you’ll applaud.


A topsy-turvy month may bring some nausea, but leaves you feeling happier by the end.

June begins on a disappointing note. Something you’ve wished for is delayed or hijacked by family or your partner. There’s some drama (and possibly broken dishes) but, for the first time in months or years, your options are crystal clear. Though you may initially feel at a loss, or that you’ve lost something important, you’ll realize it never brought you the happiness or recognition you’ve been needing or had due. Perhaps it’s time to put away your trophies, too.

Mid-June brings better prospects. It’s easy for you to create the right impression, particularly if you’re starting a new business. Don’t worry if initial sales or results appear weak, they will change unexpectedly. Similarly, subtle approaches in life and love bring you the quickest results. Give those who need it space and time to think and you can create magic with ideas/feelings you’ve planted. Still, the universe’s sense of humour is happy to make you the butt of its jokes—but in a kindly way. Laugh along and you’ll receive more than you thought possible.

As June winds down, you’ll be sitting happy, more emotionally stable and have your creative juices flowing strongly. You may go on a vacation, or travel to family, or move to a new location. Your trip will go well, and if it’s a conference or course you’re attending, you’ll be surprised at all that you learn. For the most part, you’re light-hearted, and if you’re permanently relocating, you’re happy to see the end of your past situation or location. Life promises to be more stable and predictable as you go into July.

About the matter uppermost on your mind: Worth Waiting For, Patience, Riches
Extreme patience is called for, but know that it will bring you exactly what you’re waiting for. This may apply more to your job/career/business, or to a long-term course of study. For a few concerned about a relationship, the outlook is good, but the time-frame to fruition may be much longer—many months, or even years.


A playful or mischievous energy may bring an unexpected commitment or a decision for radical change.

The month begins on with a sense of generosity and tangible rewards for hard work. A new job or promotion may come your way, leading to some soul-searching and lots of creative solutions. You may be offered a position with a leader or high-profile (almost celebrity) person who may take some getting used to. On the love front, there’s lots of love and perhaps a ring or other jewelery offered or bought to express commitment. With the playful approach in the way it’s offered, you aren’t sure if you will accept or if your beloved will believe your sincerity. Perhaps a new approach is needed.

Mid-June sees you hard at work with little time to socialise or explore new ideas. Some projects may be put on hold as you work hard to finish an older project before you move on. It’s excellent news for your goals and ambitions, as well as a reduction in your stress. You’re moving on to happier and better things, in a more mature and balanced frame of mind.

June draws to a close with you at your most diplomatic and very much in your power. You’re creative and express yourself well, but may take a month or two to find your feet and your true independence in your new situation. You’re surrounded by people who may seem larger than life, but they are generous and easy-going. Love goes on the back-burner despite someone (or your beloved) being very attentive and eager to move things to a higher level.

About the matter uppermost on your mind: You Deserve Love reversed, Intuition, Speculation reversed.
You know what you deserve because it’s a lot more than you’ve had. Or you’re no longer concerned about what you think you deserve, because your approach to life and love is now more grounded. Follow your intuition, but avoid speculation as that’s what got you into trouble the last time. When in doubt retreat and hold out for what you really desire. You should have your answer before mid-July.


Don’t let this month be another cautionary tale for others. Let go your doubts and build for a stable future.

June begins with you wanting to cut lose, ditch the responsibilities and chance your luck. That way lies ruin, or a month of noodle meals. Promiscuity is more than likely to equal a baby in nine months, even if you/your partner thought it impossible. Though you may feel hard done by, you are making progress at work, and you will have much to celebrate on that front by month’s end.

Mid-month brings some healing when you let go of some harsh self-criticism or criticism from your childhood. You may feel unbalanced for a time as you process this, but you will find your balance again. Just ensure you give due warning to friends and family when your moods swing. Try to keep a light schedule at this time of month.

June ends on a brighter note. There’s a party or celebration, and a little more money in the coffers, perhaps because a long-term loan or mortgage is complete. At work, the load or atmosphere is lighter and you’ll feel like you’re a part of the team once more. Your skills will be rewarded and new skills easily acquired. You’ll walk with a spring in your step once more.

About the matter uppermost on your mind: Children, Birth, Resourcefulness
See above regarding children and conception of. If you were hoping to conceive but have had difficulty, new resources and hope is here. For parents, children will be more resourceful and innovative in any new situation they face. They will also (as will you) be more creative than in the past. Any new idea you think of as ‘your baby’ will fare well. It’s a good time to launch as you’ll have all that you need to succeed.


Not the month to trust your intuition, but exactly the month to push your new ideas, or move to a new location.

June begins on an exciting note. You’ve got the opportunity, the energy, the optimism and the enthusiasm to shift worlds. Everyone wants to be your friend, even if they’ve disagreed with you in the past. Travel brings more ideas and new beginnings, but may also bring in an old flame or soul-mate you’d rather avoid. Awkward, but perhaps good to get closure. They may even help you network further.

Mid-June brings welcome movement and fun. The weather may not be the best if you’re travelling and you may be left up to your own devices or with a bore. Competition can get out of hand as well, leading to a sour victory. Let go any bitterness or criticism, and allow the good times back in double-quick. Your temper, too, may be on a short fuse, so take time to find your balance especially in new company or a new location.

June winds down on a nostalgic note. You may drive in a old classic that brings back childhood memories or dreams, or that old flame may cross your path once more. Don’t make the same foolish mistakes or you’ll perpetuate the same old cycles. It’s time to make new decisions based on the future you desire rather than the past you thought you wanted.

About the matter uppermost on your mind: Retreat, Intuition, Health
You can forestall some future health issues by taking a break or vacation this month. Fun in the sun, or a quiet meditative resort will bring you a sense of calm and well-being. Use your intuition to know when to leave a situation or give someone space to create healthier relationships.


Opportunities abound, but family or relationship matters distract you from them.

June begins with a new opportunity or networking group which provides a new partnership in either love or work. While your financial worries are alleviated, and so are those of fitting in, you are still analyzing or anxious about cutting ties with an old boss/colleague/ex. You’re also trying to distance yourself from a toxic friend or family member—most probably a female.

Mid-June brings some relief as the toxicity recedes, allowing new love or more love into your life. But you aren’t as sure of yourself, and old self-criticism and self-esteem issues may arise again. It’s time to heal this area of yourself and your life. Allow yourself to feel nurtured and your ideas to be appreciated. It’s also time to look situations objectively.

June slides to an end with a finalisation of a situation. Some ties are cut and new ones are born. Love still looks good, particularly with an air-sign or someone less extrovert than your ex. You’re also thawing to new people and finding new circles which appreciate your logical and well-researched input. Don’t be afraid to speak up as these lead to more opportunities.

About the matter uppermost on your mind: Very Soon, Versatility, Rebellion
Matters can be speeded up if you are willing to show your versatility and independence of thought. You may disagree with a group or find that a group of people split causing deep rifts in your social circle. What you want will come soon, but in a way which allows for more freedom for you and other parties.


A flirtation comes to an end bringing new beginnings and more passion for stability.

June begins with a flirtation or short affair, possibly while traveling. It’s romantic, but not stable as the person is much too immature or unstable in some way. It will end as quickly as it begins. If it’s not a love situation, it may be work or financially related, and—for some of you—study related. This is not a good time to consider emigration or work-abroad situations.

Mid-June brings a wonderful new beginning, one which allows bygones to be bygones, and an exciting outlook for the future. Work and finances look well-balanced, as long as you don’t overdo the spending on nights out. Small risks can be taken, and new avenues explored. A slightly ditzy, but well-meaning new friend will help you find fun and strong, long-term connections.

Health matters may concern you, perhaps requiring a reduction in alcohol/coffee or other liquid intake. Any health issues should clear up quickly. Celebrations may be delayed, leading to some unhappiness. You may question your ideas on love, dating and relationships and come to more mature conclusions, or realisations of what you truly need from your partners.

About the matter uppermost on your mind: Playfulness, Isolation, Bluff reversed
You have to be honest with yourself. A period of isolation or travel will bring about an introspection which will bring more self-awareness and understanding of self. A playful attitude will make these truths more digestible. However, be careful not to disregard/sideline issues by laying a veneer of easy acceptance over them as this will only perpetuate the same relationship cycles in your life.


An ending may have you asking: What next? Careful weighing of ideas will help show the way.

The month begins with an ending. A difficult stressful situation with an air-sign is likely to end when the distance between you becomes permanent. You, or they, may physically move away, or avoid further contact. You may feel in limbo for a few days as you adjust to the change in situation, but generally, you’ll be feeling more optimistic, cheerful and creative.

Mid-June brings a meeting with others—a social club meeting, perhaps—in which you may have to mediate between two individuals in conflict. Your diplomacy will come in useful, and you may have to help save face for yourself and others present too. Nip any troublesome situations in the bud before they grow thorny. Financially, any money owed to you will have to be fought for, but you will receive it.

June comes to a close with your judgement being a little clouded, and scattering your energies. Try not to dither too long over options, especially when it comes travel or accepting offers of help. Your first inclination will be the best and will save your energy for more exciting and rewarding actions. Put new ideas into play, but only after looking at them from all sides and perspectives.

About the matter uppermost on your mind: Romantic Feelings reversed, Vision, Friendship
This is not a good time to pursue or expect expressions of romantic feelings. It’s time to concentrate and appreciate true friendships, especially with those who share your visions for the future or a project. The person you are interested in romantically only views you as a dear friend.


Walking away may not be the best idea. Mothers or mothers-in-laws may visit.

At the beginning of the month, you may be seriously thinking or leaving a partnership or a situation which you feel holds too many secrets or a lack of transparency. Romance, too, may be jaded or proving too difficult to maintain. But while a new beginning seems tempting, its still won’t address the matters at hand, and leave you in a weaker position by the end of the month. Be careful when traveling: secure your possessions and be aware of your surroundings particularly after dark.

Mid-June brings a visit from your mother or an in-law. While you may be fond of them or they or you, this visit brings up issues about responsibilities or promises which were not kept. You may not be comfortable at this time, and feel overburdened or badly judged. You may work late to avoid going home. If you have moved to a new home, you may have to do a lot more work on it than anticipated.

June comes to a close with a new opportunity put on hold. You may have some sleepless nights as you try to figure things out and wonder if you should hold out for this opportunity or look for new ones. Life may feel dull and stagnant especially if the air is hot and dry, and you may want to keep busy with practical chores and activities to keep yourself balanced. If you have walked away from a situation, you may regret it at this time. If you are still in that situation, you will find a new path forward—one which excites you and allows more freedom in your life.

About the matter uppermost on your mind: Calling In Your Soul mate, Revenge reversed, Choice
You may have to give or ask for forgiveness in a love/relationship situation, even a very old one, in order to find the kind of peace and love that you seek. Your relationships are maturing, or you are maturing in your relationships. Your choices based on love for others and yourself is bringing in what you’ve wished for.


A passionate and dramatic time for love. Hard work and honoring responsibilities bring you awesome rewards!

June begins with a wish coming true. An unexpected accolade or recognition feels like a dream, setting you on a path to a long-term goal. Your beloved, or a new love interest, is the perfect match for you. You’ll enjoy your time together and may either travel or build something new and tangible together. It’s the perfect time for a romantic get-away and to renew your love-life.

Mid-month brings a sense of dedication to your work and your responsibilities. You may make a decision in love or business and will act quickly on it. You aren’t second-guessing anything, and will achieve your desired outcome, particularly in any kind of partnership. Travel goes well, but you may have your transport or accommodation changed. It’s not a good time to invest further long-term.

The month ends on a less playful, but no less passionate note. If you’ve been away from your beloved, you will have a sweet welcome home. You may travel quite far to be with them, even if it’s for a short while. Messages arrive confirming business matters, and negotiations will go better and quicker than expected and prove welcome by all parties.

About the matter uppermost on your mind: Chemistry, Inspiration reversed, Appreciation reversed
You are very focussed on your beloved and the almost sublime attraction and love you have for them. You are not interested in any one else, or being apart from them. The more someone tries to impress you, the less fascinated you become with them. In other matters, you need to get back to basics, and reconsider the smallest elements.

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Your Tarotscope March 2018


by Leenna

Wow! Can you believe how quickly March has arrived? Everyone’s experiencing their own situations this March. Be sure to keep those you love in the loop. Take that minute to call, or set aside an hour for a good catch-up. And Happy Holidays to you! Go easy on the chocolate.

* for entertainment purposes.


You’ll have to trust your good judgement, especially when it comes to love.

March begins with you deep in thought, ruminating darkly about something that was said about your looks or beliefs. And perhaps only the doggie or kitty really gets what you’re trying to say. For sure, your mum (or mother-in-law) doesn’t get you at all. Why do people have to be so mean? The good news is you don’t have to. Let it all flow away, tune it all out, and the need to binge-eat, and fearing the consequences, will fade away like a bad dream.

Mid-month brings some romance, or hope of romance. If it’s with your partner, you’re in luck! But there may be some rescheduling due to a sick child or doggie/kitty. But you’re still in luck, romantically. Sadly for singles, it may not be so, with the rescheduling never being…rescheduled. Never-mind, it’s still early days. And at least, the child/doggie/kitty is well again 🙂

By month’s end, you may be feeling a little exhausted or emotionally drained. Again, tune out the negativity, be hopeful about family and love, and revel in your creativity. Some alone time may be just what you need to visualize and create your own dream-come-true.



Someone’s not been listening to their intuition…Quick! Tune into it now.

So, you’re kind of stuck in your head or some instruction manual as March begins. You’re scratching your head and trying this and that, and feeling like if you just had that last little piece of information…The answer is right in front of you, even if it’s not logical or in the instructions. Trust yourself and your skills. You’ve got this. Sometimes all it needs is to ensure that the darn thing is plugged in, and that the electricity is on.

By mid-month, life feels lighter, and so does your purse/wallet. You may be going out lots with friends/your partner/on dates, but it feels good. You may have to let a few luxuries go, especially when it comes to new appliances, but it’s still all fine with you. There’s no way you’re going back to the stuck-at-homeness of earlier in the month.

As March ends, you’re getting out of a sticky situation—one you never would have been in if you had listened to your intuition at the beginning of the month. You also have to accept that not all problems can be solved by logic alone, or by knowledge alone. Gut instincts are there for a reason. Pay heed or pay the price. Lucky for you, life is about transformation, and this transformation is looking to go in your favor.


Dust off that charm. Polish those romantic notions. It’s time to act.

March begins on a happy note. Hanging out with the family may bring some changes, and much discussion, but as long as you remain flexible in your plans or open to compromise, it’s all good. It’s also a good time to woo your love once more, in a subtle, unconditional way.

Mid-march may bring some arguments and power-plays—and if they aren’t on the radio, they could cause a little bit of havoc to your love-life. Ensure you’re communicating well, and, if you aren’t sure, don’t even try to flirt. It won’t end well. Be quietly helpful and talk to your trusted friends. There may be something vital you’ve missed.

By month’s end, make sure your partner knows how you really feel about them. Someone else (a bad boy/girl type) may be trying to steal them away, if only for a dance. It’s time to turn your charm up to full notch, display your culinary skills (or knowledge of little-known culinary gems to visit) and go the whole romantic mile. But don’t write them poetry! Not this time. Really, just don’t. On a less stressed note, your dreams are almost within reach. Just a little bit of patience is needed.



It’s a hectic month. And, if you’re traveling, or beginning a new relationship, you’ll have your success.

March begins with a slow note, one in which the dishes may pile up and the house screams for attention. Your energy levels may be down and so may your bank account. Accept that life has changed, that your priorities have changed, and that you need to take care of yourself—at least for one weekend. The rest will be sorted out much quicker than anticipated—but only when you’re rested.

There’s a sense of ease and nostalgia by mid-March. You may run into old friends (or old flames). You may realize how much you’ve changed. Communication may be a bit problematic. Choose your words with care and ensure you’re well understand. In foreign countries, actions may work better in getting your message across than trying out the local language. Or make sure your phone has sufficient battery for the translator to work well.

Come the end of March, you’re brimming with success and great energy. Singles may find an exciting new partner, while others may reconnect with their beloveds and share a special celebration. More travel may be planned. A long distance relationship for some, perhaps, or an exciting new job?



It’s your kind of month!

March begins with you holding things together, keeping within budget and being prudent with everything else—all the things you might have found hard to do in previous months. There’s a new idea screaming to attention, too. It’s a little naughty, a little precocious, even. But it’s got you intrigued, so why not everybody else? Then again, this could be the traits of your partner, or of someone who’s go their eye on you.

Mid-month is a dream come true! There’s love, lots of inspiration and an easy flow to life which has you glowing. Be sure to keep one foot on the ground, and if you’re beginning something new or receiving an award, remember all who’ve helped you there. Oh, and for those of you wanting a baby, (or not), it’s wonderful news (or not).

By then end of March, the smooth flow continues, except for an eddy around your partner or another significant air-sign in your life. They might not like all the attention you’re getting, or perhaps that your focus is everywhere but on them, especially in social situations. Perhaps some quality time or chocolate will help you reconnect. Or maybe a little playfulness.



Family and new contracts are on your mind, less so than new projects.

As March begins, you may be feeling uncommonly serious. There are family matters to take care of—perhaps a new home, or another move, or just other family stuff which has been piling up. You’re proud, too. You have it all under control…but for the garden. Call in a landscaper or work out an easy schedule so you can still do all the fun things.

Mid-month may be a little demanding at work. A shortage of skills or attention to detail (on the part of another) may appear to be your problem at first, but it’s all soon resolved. You’ll be able to make time for family, and fun, instead of working late nights. There’s a party, too? Perhaps at your new home? Or a fun night out on the town.

By the end of the month, communication may be a problem, especially with your partner or an air-sign. Harsh words or selective hearing could impact your temper and your verbalizing. Call a time out, and if you feel like banging your head, make sure it’s at a mosh-pit. Once everyone’s calmed down it will be back to happy families again.



It’s good to be home! So why do you feel so unsettled?

You may begin the month in a new domestic situation, or perhaps a short holiday at home. You’ve imagined it as one long PJ-day: your feet up on the stool, bingeing on Netflix or soapies, or catching up on your computer games… But. There’s always a but, isn’t there? Or is someone butting into your life? You need to take it easy, to chill, to relax. What mother used to say, doesn’t always apply now you’re all grown up.

By Mid-March, you’re feeling free to be yourself though it looks like you may have fewer immediate options available. It could be because you’ve made a decision. You’re feeling calmer and more on track now that the emotional stress has subsided. And while the money issue may worry you, you’re at peace with life.

A new beginning, or message, may be slow to come or the money issue is worrying you. You may second guess yourself. And second guess the second guess. And third guess the…Oh, just sit down and go back over everything! There’s a wee detail you may have missed. Did you press the SEND button? Never-the-mind, it all ends well.



There’s a mischief-maker around you. Never fear, you can outsmart them, especially if they are your love.

March begins on a fun note. There’s an unexpected offer or love, or an offer by your love. It’s a bit of a shock, but in a nice way. Still, you feel you should be questioning motives. Keep an open-mind and don’t agree to anything intangible.

Around mid-month, you may feel disappointed. Someone may have rescinded on their offer or promise. You’re wondering if they’re playing mind-games. A little research will reveal the truth. But keep an open mind and ask for tangibles.

As the month ends, the tables may be turned, and you may be the one calling the shots or taking the lead. It could be that you’re in a race, too. And you’re likely to win a prize, But you may look a mess in any photos. Ensure you take the right kit bag. Your love-life picks up, and now may be the time that a promise is made good.



Wishing for a Ferrari will bring you a car. But don’t worry, it will still be red.

March begins with an ending. It’s a relief as you return to your routine and life becomes more predictable. You’re intent on securing your financial situation, and if you follow your intuition, you’re likely to realize more than you thought possible.

Mid-March looks awesome! You have love and success and happy families—everything which makes you smile with satisfaction and say, ‘Life is good.’ Your intuition is strong. Singles may meet a soulmate, while couples reconnect on a deeper level. In fact, you and your partner may read each other’s minds. But you like it.

The month ends with you slightly disappointed. You didn’t get exactly what you expected. But you did get something! And while it may not be as flashy, or as high-profile, as you’d like, it is more dependable and suited to you and your family. Besides, this is the less stressful situation, and you’ve still got the goodies. More reason to smile, isn’t it?



Switch out of that doom and gloom perspective and latch onto all that’s blooming.

You won’t have to look far for the bright spots as March begins. You’re in a new situation or the past is no longer pressing on you. Your circle of friends may have changed. And, well, there’s a lot of good will, if not a steady flow of abundance, finding its way to you. While not a karmic situation, what you put into a situation will be appreciated and bring rewards.

By mid-March, any feelings of being stuck or that life is stagnant may recede. Happiness finds you, or someone brings some sunshine back into your life. You’re full of well-being and wisdom. Life just keeps getting better as Spring arrives, or seeds planted last year start to bloom.

As the month ends, obstacles are removed when new ideas arrive, or obligations are fulfilled. Now it’s all about healthy change and going with the flow. Your focus is on health and a better, simpler lifestyle. And remember to clean out the fridge.



Time to get the recipe right.

As March begins, you’re winding up a project or moving onto a more responsible role. You’re happy in yourself as you feel you can accomplish anything. Others look up to you and your sense of success is strong. It’s a powerful time for you, except in the kitchen. Recipes are written down for good reason.

By mid-March, you’re feeling contented at home, though perhaps a little overworked. A trip with your partner may be delayed. But, truth be told, you’re more than happy to enjoy the comforts of home. Artistic projects may go a little haywire. Remember, there’s a recipe for success here, too.

March ends with good news. It may concern children or a water-sign. Family may travel to visit you, perhaps on the spur of the moment. Love looks good and reciprocated, with a little bit of playfulness to add to your light spirits.



Warning! Dramatic times in love ahead!

March begins with a feeling of being freed, or cut-off. Some may end a relationship or partnership. Others may be apart from their beloved. But, for the most part, you’re relieved. You can finally be yourself! You’ve got plans. You can do just about anything you want…
If you’ve had surgery, you may want to ensure you’re on the right fluid levels and intake once you’re back home.

By mid-month, you may feel a little stuck. The possibility of a mini-identity crisis may be high. You’ll cycle through your wardrobe in double-quick time, or go shopping for some unique pieces. But hold on a sec. This is what you always do. Why repeat a cycle? Sit down and journal. Correspond with yourself. Ask the really big question you’ve failed to answer fully: What do you really want in life? I doubt it’s new clothes.

As the month comes to an end, your energy is lighter and more exuberant. New offers of love come your way. Reconciliation and reunions are likely. Romance abounds. But which will you plant now you have a new chance or a second chance? Don’t overthink this question. Just let your heart answer.

Have a super-fab March! 😀

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Tarotscopes November 2017–Bumper Romance Edition


by Leenna

Everyone’s got something new and something old to deal with this month—new opportunities, old people or vice-versa. So, it seemed like a good idea to have another little look at romance. Check back to the last bumper edition for more insight.

* for entertainment purposes.



Balance those emotions and a sense of peace will spread to all areas of your life.

November begins with a need to seek balance, especially in communication and your mental processes. So, if you want your pitch to win over that of the most-annoying-guy-from-the-office, you need to find the right words—and images. And hold off on those jokes as it’s quite likely that the person you’re pitching to has no sense of humour (at least, not one they care to share). Go for clarity, eloquence and good strategy instead, both at work and at home too. And, as always, listen!

Mid-month brings a sense of renewal and good judgement, especially in family matters and spiritual ones. Emotions may run high, particularly with other water signs, so it’s up to you to keep the calm and peace. Unexpected events may cause sudden happy changes if you manage things right when it comes to romance, proposals and birthday plans.

The month comes to an end with a new sense of balance and peace. Great spiritual growth is possible at this time. You may want to study a new language in preparation of long travels next year. Most of your projects will be nearing completion, if they haven’t already, and you’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment and joy.

Romance for singles: Not the best month to find love and romance at parties and socials as the object of your interest may prove to have a codependency on a substance, or could be obsessed with the need to hear wedding bells. Remain aloof until you get to know them better.

Romance for couples: It’s time to whisk your beloved away from the kids/family and go to a spa or on a romantic getaway. If the budget doesn’t stretch that far, pack a picnic basket (or a snack-pack) and take them for a romantic walk/hike/to the secret-spot-in-the-house (not the damp basement) and woo them like you did when you first met.



A temptation from the past tests your zest and growth for the future.

The month begins on a playful note when new beginnings seem yours for the picking. The past is tempting you back (that sense of innocent and carefreeness) but you know that kind of life/love is no longer sustainable. Avoid moving backward; it doesn’t show you in your best light.

Mid-month brings some travel and a lot of passion. This could be a water-sign from your past, but do you really want to deal with all that drama again? Business or your career, too, could suffer if you don’t make the right decisions in love now. Concentrate on those new opportunities, and plan your trips with a firm eye on the future.

November comes to a close with what looks like a test for you. You’ll have to be stronger still and remain true to your beliefs and to yourself. Home-life may bring some discontent, or a relocation. Renovations may have you wishing you were somewhere else. Think outside the box and don’t allow your ego to make excuses for inaction. Now’s the time to act and step into your future.

Romance for singles: Call your friend Scorpio for a consolatory dinner, it’s not the best time for romance. There may be some time apart from the object of your affection. Or this could be a time when you need to get to know yourself better so you can better recognise who, and what, you need in love.

Romance for couples: If you’ve been feeling disconnected from your beloved, now is the time to do something to let them know how you feel (a wee talk might be a good starting point), or make new plans with them to show your commitment to your combined happiness.



Don’t doubt your decisions. You’re on the right track.

November begins on a stable note, allaying concerns about money and employment. You’ll feel centred and back in charge of yourself (and your life), allowing your natural good humour and affection to shine through again. You’ll also find help (legal or other advice) from a Gemini or Libran friend. Be sure to regard your own thoughts, and research, when making major decisions.

Mid-month looks a little dreamy, but well-grounded. You may receive an early bonus or other windfall which will help you achieve one of your long-term dreams—an island adventure, or a spiritual retreat, perhaps? There’s lots of spiritual gifts coming your way as well. Be sure to rest, journal, and allow yourself some quiet time to integrate and expand your energies.

November comes to an end with some intense mental activity, and perhaps a few sleepless nights. Don’t allow anxiety to rule over any recent decisions you’ve made. Allow yourself to build or plant something new. Let your creativity rule instead. It’s the perfect time to start baking some holiday treats 🙂

Romance for singles: There’s loads of passion from someone who wants to woo you off your feet. They may not be the best dancer (clumsy even) but they sure know how to treat you well, and enjoy food as much as you do. Try a little playfulness and see how well they pick up your non sequitur.

Romance for couples: Whatever you’re hoping for is likely to come to you very soon. So, be very careful what you wish for romantically as you’re sure to get it sooner than expected. This includes additions to the family or you wanting more ‘space’. Make sure it’s really what you want and need for this time of year.



Woohoo Aquarius! This is your love month calling! And whatever the weather, it will feel like the sun’s shining just for you.

November begins like a rom-com with a brand new love relationship or a refurbished current/old one which feels like new (you know what I mean). It could well be someone from your past, or even from a past-life (if it’s a new love) or renewed ties and appreciation of your beloved. But however you meet up again (after an hour or even a decade), prepare for some goofy goings-on. Let your confidence see you through, and be someone’s sunshine.

Mid-month may feel a little bit of a downer after your previous emotional high. Take a good look around and you’ll see your world in a new light. There’s major changes afoot with no time for regrets (but plenty of second chances). You have the resources to follow your heart this month.

The month comes to a close with some much needed travel—an early vacation to destress before the holidays? Karma will be your close friend, so think positive, be positive, and do good. There’s good coming to you too (and possibly a new commitment) so it’s time to leave guilt and self-doubt behind.

Romance for singles: Karmic ties and relationships are highlighted for most. There’s lessons to be learned and lots of love to give and receive. For some, you could be meeting ‘the only one—possibly from another culture or upbringing.

Romance for couples: You’ll be swept away, either by your partner’s passion or by your passion for your partner. Time to take that weekend or two away. You’ll also find inspiration for your creativity from your love relationship. Best of all, you’ll be brimming with happy, fuzzy energy 🙂



New perceptions change your world for the better, if you allow yourself to see clearly.

Happiness comes from creative banter (and not a little flirting!) at the beginning of this month. You’ll be exchanging lucrative ideas with an air-sign who seems to match up to all your needs and expectations—and to find the cracks in your ideas and fix them, too. But before you go jumping the gun, hold on and strengthen those boundaries. This person may not have your best interests at heart. In business with them, dot your ‘i’s and cross your ‘t’s. Then let their trustworthiness be proven over time.

Mid-month looks like a row of dominoes teetering. First you may feel stuck on a merry-go-round with the same-old-same-old, then comes the realisation that the time was not right, but that the starting gun is about to go off. And then comes the new start and a knowing of your own power, which gets everything falling neatly into place. Find your centre, strive for balance, and exercise your power wisely.

Late November may see you walking away from something (or someone), but still very much in your power. All that you need (and more) comes to you, including a slew of admirers. While it may not be the perfect time for new relationships, it is for reconnecting with your children (including pets) and allowing your creativity to earn you a few more breaks.

Romance for singles: Spirituality plays an important part in your love-life this month. Some could meet their new love at church, temple, or philosophical meetings. Others may choose to concentrate on their own spiritual growth at this time instead of actively pursuing love. Either way, follow your intuition, so allowing your ability to experience great love to grow.

Romance of couples: It’s time to be strong. You or your partner needs to be more independent as your relationship may feel a little smothered by all the togetherness. It’s also a good time to address each others annoying or harmful habits. Try channelling some of your energies into creative and spiritual hobbies.



Take care of your health and your heart, especially when you’re setting difficult targets for yourself.

November begins with you feeling somewhat jaded or run-down. Take good care of your health, and if you’re feeling drained or are prone to fevers, do visit the doctor as soon as possible. Don’t push yourself to meet impossible deadlines of your own making. Rest and relaxation is what you most need at this time. Rather take it by choice instead of pushing the universe’s hand at this time.

Mid-November may not begin as the favourite time of your year, but it quickly changes into one! Unpredictability rules for a few days when anything could happen. Communication devices may take on a life of their own, so double-check your mail and back-up your important data. You’ll be learning new skills, one of which may become your new favourite ‘thing’. And there’s love and reunions towards the end of this period. If you’ve been apart from your beloved, you’ll be more than able to make up for it now.

November winds down with you hard at work or attempting to build your reputation. There’s lots of love and contentment, but if your partner’s an air-sign, they may be less than forgiving if you don’t make enough quality time for them. S,o set aside any new toys during your ‘special’ time. Else it’s the couch (or worse) for you in the foreseeable future.

Romance for singles: Trust issues may surface, making it hard for interested peeps to connect with you. If you’re not really looking for someone special that’s okay, but if you are, you’ll need to address these issues before you do. Remember, too, that if you’ve dealt with your issues, the person you’re interested in may still be dealing with theirs.

Romance for couples: Arguments about family traditions or bringing up children may cause some sulkiness or distance between you and your beloved. Compromise is called for, or at least a serious discussion where you both listen and speak frankly. Religion could also be a thorny issue this month, not just with your partner, but with friends as well. Avoid spiritual discussions in company to maintain harmony, even if you’ve had interesting discussions with the same groups/person before.



Shake off any feelings of discontent. You’ll soon see the results of your choices and hard work.

Life begins to move in the direction you’d hoped for at the beginning of the month. You may have new transport or be travelling to a new destination. But there’s some discontent or a feeling that you should be doing something else. There may also be some concerns about your health or your mother’s/partner’s/sisters well-being. You may decide to take a new direction or relocate at this time. And if you’re awaiting an independent evaluation, it’s sure to be in your favour.

Mid-month sees the end of the feeling you’re being pulled in two directions. You find your carefree self emerging, possibly attracting new love or a new friend with it—one who reminds you of your younger self. While an old situation may not quite be done and dusted, it’s no longer a weight on your mind, allowing you to make better choices.

November winds down with you feeling uncertain over love or choices made earlier in the month/this quarter. Your fears will be allayed by a fire-sign or a creative person. Your sleep pattern will return to normal and you’ll find your emotional balance returning. If you didn’t give up on a love relationship, you’ll find the benefits now.

Romance for singles: Hanging out with your friends or allowing them to recommend new prospects to you will bring you the most luck in love this month. If work is overwhelming, ask for help, and this too could bring you the person of your dreams. Don’t try to go it alone this month.

Romance for couples: Family responsibilities may prove to be knotty. Unravel some time for you and your beloved to reconnect in a less stressful setting. Perhaps a gentle walk in the countryside or a riverboat cruise will be just the thing. Or a new class or course you would both enjoy—cooking/baking or painting…



Standing still for now may lead to faster movement in the direction you wish to go.

What-ifs may be the bane of your life at the beginning of November, especially as it seems a small risk may allow you to pursue a long-held dream. With a lighter workload, or a smaller car, you may have the chance to scale back the energy-drainers and scale up the time you can spend on securing your happier future. Concentrate on the practicalities and the facts in front of you.

Your indecision or a stalemate could be just what’s needed around mid-month. Stalling, it may be, but with good effect. A better change, more suited to you, is right around the corner. Just don’t let the mental merry-go-round sweep the carpet out from under you. If you want to stay in one place for a little longer, you may have to temporarily jump to someone else’s tune.

November comes to a close on an emotional and fun note. You may be romanced by a brand new person (or an old-flame recently returned) but if something smells a little fishy to you, it probably is. It’s the perfect time for some fun and new beginnings, but only on your terms. Erase the what-ifs and follow that dream (or at least write it down). The universe may just show you an amazing short-cut.

Romance for singles: If public displays of affection are your thing, you may just find your match! An old childhood friend (or friend of a friend) may break out the mistletoe extra-early just for you. There’s a hint of mischievousness and playfulness that’s quite intoxicating. But for it to last into the new year, you and your beloved will have to do the relationship work.

Romance for couples: Rituals are a means of communication which your beloved reads carefully. Ensure you’re sending the right messages with your daily rituals—whether it’s the way you’re brushing your hair, or pouring milk into the cereal. And if you get a question out of left-field, don’t get defensive; remember it’s your change of daily rituals/actions which brought it on. Use this as a way to enable greater communication.



A roller-coaster month of work and love brings out the crazy—and a really big decision.

Sleepless nights and anxiety should be things of the past as November begins. There’s new (or renewed love) bringing loads of inspiration and high-spirits just when you need them. Things are moving fast—both at work and in love. Expect declarations of passions from your beloved, and wild bursts of productivity at work. Things may be a little crazy, but worth all the effort,

Mid-November brings a total change of pace. A slow-down or total standstill allows you some much needed time to rest and take stock. Happiness stems from being with friends, family and your beloved, and may make for some great memories. Don’t be surprised if your new love (or renewed love) introduces you to their extended family or makes some other declaration or commitment.

November crawls to an end with you working or studying something new. If self-employed, you’ll be hard at work on new systems and securing new clients. Gemini’s may throw you off-track, either by declaring you a nemesis or by whisking you off on a romantic getaway. Either way, you may feel your life has once again thrown the crazy switch. Best to go with the flow if you can’t swim for safety.

Romance for singles: Oh dear, dear Cancer. There’s two ways this could go. Either you’ll feel you’ve met ‘the one’ or someone else will think you are ‘the one’. Problem is it’s all thinking on one side and all feeling on the other. In other words, take care as there may be an unrequited love triangle brewing—even if it’s with you, the other person and your pet dog. Someone may get very hurt if intentions and feelings aren’t made known from the very beginning.

Romance for couples: Your partner, especially if they are away or seldom get to spend much time with you, is missing you and all your little quirks—those small touches of colour and appreciation of life that you bring to their world. Keep doing what you’re doing and treat your partner to an afternoon of true romance.



If you’ve felt you’ve had the training wheels on, they’ll be off by the end of the month.

November begins on a wildly exciting note. For some, success in marriage or at home (winning all those ‘debates’?), and for others, a promotion at work or a new job. Whatever it is, be it your wit or your competence and creativity, it’s attracting all the right kind of attention—and invites too! Enjoy!

Mid-month may bring some fevers or low energy-levels. Carry those tissues and hankies, and make sure you’ve got your allergy meds with you. There’s a host of choices for you to make, too, but which idea to pursue can wait till the cotton-woolly feeling leaves your senses clear.

By month’s end, you may have to master something new—a program, a role, a new route to walk the dog…Whatever it is, you’re not loving it, and may in fact be struggling a little to adapt. Blame it on the slow-start at mid-month and know you’ll have it all down pat by the last day of the month. Use your logic and organisational abilities (not to mention, the d-word) to win through.

Romance for singles: An ex may return and ask for a second-chance. If your heart’s not in it from the beginning, why even go there? Though it may be difficult to be single at this time of year, it’s better than starting a relationship which sends out the wrong message to all the right people.

Romance for couples: You may be working hard to bring home the bacon, but sometimes all your beloved wants is a good vegan dinner… Simple, inexpensive pleasures keep your beloved happier just now. Quality time with you is worth more than gold.



Love is strong on your mind and in your heart.

Love surrounds you this month as you say goodbye to the past. This shift within yourself radiates out to others, drawing in the same gentle, heart-felt love to you. Understanding and gentleness travel with you making for less drama. But you have something passionate to say to someone you love. It’s just not the right time for it.

Around mid-month, your schedule may lighten up enough for you to take a fun break. It may be to the sea, or to another watery environment (maybe a flotation tank) which leaves you well-rested and full of creative ideas. But you’ve still got your love-letter to re-write. No worries, you’ll get it right.

The travel theme continues till the end of the month when you may travel further to a forest or pristine area you’ve never visited before. It may remind you of your mother’s legacy in some way. Keep your sense of humour and allow your inspiration and connection to spirit to guide you safely on your path. If you’ve had difficulties with Librans or Geminis, you’ll find the secret to balance the situation now. In matters of the heart, know you’re on the right path.

Romance for singles: Community events and theatre may be where you find your next romance. A friend of a friend may be your next love as you’re looking for good references, not just good looks. Then again, the kind soul who helps you carry all your holiday parcels could also be the next to steal your heart.

Romance for couples: If you’ve been wondering about soul mates you’ll get your answers now. Your beloved may prove once again just why they are the only one for you. And if they are not, your soul mate may appear to you in dreams and other messages. But not all soul mates bring romance. And not all soul mates are human. The only thing soul mates ensure is that you have a lesson or two to learn in love.



A month of great changes and opportunities.

November begins by putting an end to a stagnant situation. A long delayed decision will be made, allowing you to manifest your greatest desires in terms of your career and finances. It may not be a perfect start, but you’ll be further up the ladder than you thought possible. Remember what team-work means, but don’t give your power away just to fit in. You are more valuable than you think.

There’s never a quiet moment around mid-month when a major change brings new friends, and great emotional and creative balance to you. Make sure to take the time to rest well, and be sure to drink plenty of water. You’ll be looking and feeling better than you have for a long time.

By month’s end you’ll may be wondering if all that effort was worth it. The work may just keep coming and you may wish you’d taken a longer break earlier in the year. If you aren’t earning as well as you think you should, you may still be in a probationary phase or may have to study an extra skill. Keep faith in yourself and your ideas. For a few, a concern about your mother may impact your work or prevent you attending a social, or delay you in some way. Though you may feel conflicted, ground yourself and stay true to who you really are.

Romance for singles: This month may have you believing you’re never going to meet someone special. Once more, you’ve got to keep the faith, hang up your hangups, and allow love to find you. With all the new goings-on, let your future partner do the work and find you.

Romance for couples: It’s time to enjoy your time together. Take a little trip together (or a big one!). Talk about all your dreams and plans for the future. Merge them together and let pure romance take over your life. Or, you know, just have a pajama-day together 🙂

Have a fab month!

P.S I’m having to re-start my draft of Your Tarotscope 2018 with a whole new section and more insights so it may be a little late like this post. Details coming soon 😀

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October Tarotscopes 2017


by Leenna

It’s the windy, wonderful, wacky, weird month! Anything may be possible for some, while for other’s there’s still time to avoid meeting the ghosts of past, present and future later in the year. Happy Halloween and Happy Diwali, if you’re celebrating, and if you’re not, smile anyway. Things-they-are-changing, to misquote from Planet51 😀

*only for entertainment purposes.



It’s time for you to be Venus’ favorite! Love and money flows in this month! Or at the very least, some sort of whirlwind romance in love or with your ideas sweeps you away.

October begins with wonderfully gooey feelings of love and that all’s well in the world. You’ll fall in love at the drop of a hat (like that’s a new thing) or be offered that dream job or vacation. Emotional fulfillment is all yours and there may even be some glitter of gold (or gilt!) attached.

Mid-October strengthens the bonds formed earlier in the month. And if it’s love, it may well be of the true sort. There’s lots of togetherness, emotional depth and harmony on the domestic and love front.
You may also be having a whale of a time—romance, friendship and fun are found in what you usually regard as work. There’s support too, just when you least expect it.
For many it’s a very fertile month—both for producing little kiddies and for producing wonderful new projects.

October comes to an end on a very satisfying note. For a select few it may end with a solid commitment either from your new love or from your work situation. There’s money and stability to bless your creativity, and reward for hard work put in earlier in the year. You may be off on a short holiday, which helps you reconnect with nature and team members you like working with.
Could life be any better?



Life may seem to be on pause to help you gain a firmer footing.

October begins on a very slow note. While it seems the sun refuses to shine on you, life is merely giving you time to brush up and add the polish to your ideas and plans. It’s a good time for reflection and taking it slow to adjust to all the changes in your life—and those still to come.

Mid-month brings a generous earth-sign into your sphere. They may be a financially gifted friend, or one who helps you find practical solutions in a fun and easy way. They’ll help you see the beauty in life again.
Getting outdoors on a trail walk or short hike (or even short picnic) will bring a new perspective and some contentment to you. For those in the North, the weather will be wonderfully pleasant at this time, with brilliant sunsets and rainbows. Brave the chill and take your camera on your walks.

October comes to a close with you in a more mature frame of mind. Now is the time to heal your emotions and your beliefs. Forgiveness will come easily, and so will healing your heart in any way that’s required. This includes surgical procedures. Barbecues will go well, as will reuniting with family.



Love and work is a bit of juggle this month. Fun’s on your mind, but it’s up to you find it!

The month begins with the feeling that there’s more to life than this. You may find yourself at Libra’s impromptu proposal, or at other celebrations which make you re-evaluate your relationships and what you’d like to see in your future. More fun makes the top of the list, and while it seems far away, a new friend or two may help your find a healthy new way to bring back some lightness into your daily routine.

Mid-October may bring some delay to any matters of the heart and your new passion. This may be because of a feeling of lethargy, or not quite knowing how to proceed. There is more to life than you thought. Take another closer look, change your perspective and allow your creativity to guide you. Kick-starting your love-life or new project is that easy, if you let it be.

Towards the end of the month, you’ll have to juggle matters carefully to retain your new-found sense of energy and fun. Consider changing your work routine to one that is aligned more to your natural rhythms. Don’t forget to budget for your new interests and to make time for both old friends and new.


Staying optimistic reveals the true opportunities and the real you.

The month begins on a sticky note when you may feel that no change is likely in your life. It’s not a good time to take risks while some information, which may be vital at a later stage, may be obscured. Take a deep breath and admit that this time is actually very helpful in allowing you to reconsider your plans and objectives for the months ahead.

Mid-month there may be some serious storms with hurricane-like intensity around shores close to you. Delay travel plans if you can until after 18 October 2017. A conflict or debate between traditional and non-traditional ways/methods may draw you in and bring new opportunities along with them.

October comes to a close on a generous note. Unexpected bonuses, gifts, or prizes may find their way to you. And if they don’t, new career opportunities or a financial break will have you smiling instead. Remember to share your bounty and to put some away for a rainy day or, perhaps, help boost your nest-egg.



With lots of thoughts and ideas revolving around your head, you might want to step out and look around to see what successes you can achieve.

October begins with you finally finding closure on an emotional or passionate issue that’s been dragging on for quite some time now. Self-forgiveness is part of your healing, so don’t forget to include yourself on your list. Ideas which may have been previously rejected may find new life at this time.

Mid-month brings endings and new beginnings, plus a dose of spiritual enlightenment. Peace may surround you and keep you isolated from any negativity around you. Dance, as an exercise or form of expression, may work well for you now, especially traditional and folk dances.

October closes with you likely feeling stressed, or unable to take a vacation with a new situation or cycle beginning—back to school or back to a routine which demands much from you mentally. Try almonds as a snack and make sure you stick to your dance routine, even if it’s only in your kitchen.


Clearing your mind and finding your own way brings a lightness to your step and heart.

The month begins with you experimenting with words, ideas and messages. You may be learning a new language or writing a new project. It’s allowing you to feel a long-lost part of yourself which re-introduces you to your unique individuality. It’s a good time to journal to help retain your insights and clarity.

Mid-October is wonderfully abundant with good vibes and happenings. You may be the soul of a party or gathering, and children and little animals may flock to you to bask in your nurturing presence. Don’t forget to treat yourself, and not just others at this time. You might want to start working on your Halloween ideas a little earlier than usual, too. Don’t forget to drink lots to water to maintain your energy levels and flush out your system.

The month winds down with some passion or love issues simmering just under the surface. They are percolating at the moment and are only likely to surface early next month, so no need to stress about them now. Travel delays may come around at this time, particularly in warmer than expected weather. Other messages about long-term projects or new jobs may also be temporarily delayed. It should all work out in your favorite, so no worries.



If ever there was a time for you to hurry off to Gretna Green or marry in Las Vegas (or pretend that you are), this might be it!

October begins on a lower than expected note for you when a celebration may be delayed—or someone’s planning all the fun out of it. If it’s your future spouse, it’s time to have that talk, and if it’s your future-in-laws, you may feel like eloping… Whatever’s going through your head. It’s best to discuss it with all those involved. If it’s your graduation ceremony, you may want to take some extra time off, or allow more time than you expect as there might be delays in transport due to heavy rains.

If those wedding plans are still a problem, mid-October is the last chance for you to ensure everyone’s on the same page (unless you are eloping*) and that the budget won’t be exceeded. At work, recognition may be delayed due to an audit or some other evaluation you may have to wait on. It’s coming, so smooth out that frowny-face and turn your energy to more productive avenues.
*I am in no way advising you to elope. Your personal business and choices are, as always, your own.

Oh, yay! It’s a beautiful time for you, come the end of October! Everything’s turning out better than expected: from weddings to Halloween parties, from love to work. Even a short vacation to a little island somewhere balmy. All’s well in life as it meets you with a smile. And if you’re still (or suddenly?) single you may now meet a wonderfully romantic soul who has the same response to cheddar-cheese as you.



If you like roller-coasters you’re in luck this month. If not, you’ll want to make sure you’re carrying a barf-bag—just in case…

The month begins on a happy, magical note for you with money coming in or flowing well, stability at home and work, and a great sense of fulfillment and contentment. You may want to look through your records again, though, because a financial agreement may be coming to an end, or the one you’ve signed may now be subject to change. Call your brokers just to be on the safe side and avoid committing to any long-term new expenses (like that car or vacation) just yet. Remember to make the best of your time outdoors as you may get quite busy later in the month.

Be careful of your back around mid-month and try to keep up both your exercise and meditation routines. There may be a change in your responsibilities with less time spent working late, so it may well be time to start considering what ‘a balanced life’ looks like to you.

October comes to an end with you feeling ‘de-crowned’ in some way—dentist appointment, perhaps—or apprehensive about your image. You may want to tighten your budget or tone your belly, even if it’s temporary. Issues with your mother or beloved may also be unpredictable, so think twice before saying anything that may be misconstrued. That said, silence can be misconstrued as well, so do say something even if it’s ‘Hmm.’

Special note: It looks like a significant and confusing time in love for you with your relationship switching from one opposite to the next with little apparent rhyme or reason. Stay calm and let things play out till the end of the month before making any major decisions. Or hang out with Aries to get another perspective.



It’s time to deal with that big elephant in the room—you know, that one’s that taking up all that mental space.

The month starts with the outer world mirroring you inner world, which is how the rest of us are going know about that elephant. It’s time to let go of things and thoughts which no longer serve you and hold you down. And with you constantly being distracted by the virtual/mental pachyderm, you may be missing out on some really important details in your life which may see you on shaky ground later. It’s time to act on decisions, break your old habits and not let your mental merry-go-round turn your life into a circus.

Mid-month is an excellent time to break old habits, celebrate any and all progress you’ve made in looking at the world anew (and showing the elephant the door). Clear insights are possible, and doing heart-centred exercises will help you stay grounded. It’s a good time to vision-board and find closure on matters which still distract you from your present life.

October ends with a renewed sense of hope and a feeling of progress. An old situation is ending, possibly with a finality that is rock-solid. It’s time to look to the future, find your new path, and get your focus back. Dig out your best ideas, put your best foot forward and know that the ones that matter most to you are behind you, or cheering you along every step of the way.



A little push forward brings all those delays to an end.

The spotlights turning towards you as the month begins. It’s time to take stock and feel that sense of accomplishment which you so richly deserve. Find your courage and own your achievements. Others’ are backing you all the way even as your detractors fall behind.

Mid-month brings a slew of communication and sudden trips, either for business or love. For some, others may be traveling to you for the same reasons. New ideas and offers will be easily accepted, and all you have to do is to keep track and respond to all the opportunities you have before you.

The momentum continues through to the end of October. Matters may move at a hectic pace so that your life will look quite different come next month. Trust that you’ll handle matters with grace as life takes on almost a fairy-tale-like quality with your benevolent fairy-godmother directing the scenes of your life.


A heavy start to the month makes for a lighter time at month’s end.

October begins on a busy note. Delegate tasks, organise your time well and ensure you guard your health. Overseas travel may be delayed due to heavy storms or volcanic activity. Indigestion may be a product of irregular eating times, so ease back on the spices and try to stick to your regular meals where-ever you can.

You’ll work well with Libra come mid-month. They’ll help you see what’s necessary and what’s not in your life. You may want to jettison some old belongings or ideas to allow more balance and space in your life. Sailors may find seas very smooth or becalmed unexpectedly. Allow more time to reach home if you’re going out on the water.

October ends on a high, fun note. A short vacation or a long celebration is on the cards—if you’re not at one, you’ll be planning one (or both). Chance meetings with friends may turn into longer socials, and a celebration at work to mark the end of a project may make your day.



Exciting new ideas may have some teething problems, but work out in the long term.

The month begins with new and exciting ideas begging for attention. Look for complementary ideas and build it up to one idea much like you would a puzzle. Think like a child and let the joy of creating carry you along.

A feeling of isolation may bring up old issues over finances, community or self-worth. Hang onto your earlier high energy and new ideas to help you find your way to safer ground. Allow the old and unused to fade away while you find your true freedom.

October comes to an end with the birthing of your new dreams. A feeling of well-being and contentment marks new beginnings for you. Curiosity of others will work to your betterment, and recognition of your labors will be rewarded. Spirituality, you’ll feel reconnected to nature and your true purpose of being.

Have a fab month!

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Tarotscopes September 2017


by Leenna

Things look a bit hectic this month. Some still need to find their way forward, especially if they haven’t taken the time to figure out what they want. Others have unexpected opportunities opening, while some have the start of the biggest adventure of their lives 😀

*only for entertainment purposes.



Appearances may be deceptive this month, but something’s working in your favour.

September begins with a legal matter, possibly around your home or shared housing. While it may be upsetting to some, you have the power and the means to gain a better outcome than expected by being both patient and proactive. Envision the best outcome and you’ll realise the steps you need to make it a reality.
A Libran or Gemini will be helpful or offer sound advice.

Mid-month brings much soul-searching or a major turning point in your life. It’s the best time to lose what you don’t need: those extra pounds, clutter in your home (send suitable stuff to a charity or take a fleamarket stall for some extra cash), store cards, bad habits, toxic relationships, and depressed or negative thoughts of your future (seriously—do you really need doom-n-gloom in your life?). Within a few days, you may feel a sense of rebirth, or renewal. You may consider studying further or persisting in a matter which you earlier felt you could not achieve. A playful feeling will return and life will be brighter and full of opportunities you could not see before.

September comes to an end with you seeking a way forward. There’s much research that you will be doing, and while you may also be tempted to electronically stalk your beloved, please refrain. Send them an old-fashioned love-letter (or at least an email) instead.
You’ll see some progress in advancing new ideas and ambitions and possibly some travel too. And if you’re missing your beloved or are wanting to approach someone new, use your personal, unique and steady approach. It’s got all the magic you’ll need 🙂



A month of hidden things…Your mind (or minds) may be your worst enemy. Focus!

What can I say? September begins with another curve-ball…or two. Not that it’s bad, just throwing you off-balance. And we all know how harried and flustered that makes you feel. There’s a secret in love coming out—possibly from a secret admirer, possibly another air-sign, and possibly someone very wise, though young at heart. How does this make you feel? Flustered. And wanting some new clothes to hide behind. Drop the armour and allow them to get to know the true you.

Mid-month should bring some wonderful news in your career. But (warning: curve-ball!) this news may be delayed, or important messages may be lost. Don’t stress, your team manager or client will be understanding and I see no financial losses attached. But you will have to clear your schedule and work that much harder to meet your deadlines. Tough on your love relationships, but doable.

The month comes to an end with you very much in demand:-) In work, two (or three) manager types want you on their team (great if you’re seeking a new position). In love, two or three people are vying for your attention—one of them aggressively so, and another so subtly, you won’t even see them standing against the wall. What does this mean for you? You’ll have to brush up on old skills and/or learn new ones. You’ll have some decisions to make soon, but they can wait till you know what’s what, and who’s who.



Some delays push you forward faster than you’d think possible.

The month starts off on an emotional note. You may feel disconnected from someone you love, or they may be giving you the cold shoulder. If you’ve done something wrong, ‘fess up. Once the storm is over, there’ll be happier times ahead. Some of you may decide to go your own way, but don’t make any major decisions until the storm-clouds have completely disappeared.

Mid-September finds you thinking long-term. While it’s not the best time to put new plans into motion, it’s a great time to consider your options, your skills and review your goals and ambitions. Some may decide to try a new career path, perhaps an untraditional one, perhaps in healing or music. Set your intentions, look for opportunities, and get ready to act late in the month.

The month ends with some frustration followed by unexpected good luck! Travel delays, the need to relocate or to gain new skills quickly may all frustrate you. But keep your temper and temper your expectations. Consider temporary voluntary work in your new field of interest, or changing your lifestyle, as your new adventure.
Things will change as soon as your mind opens and the universe can begin being your fairy-godmother again—just in time for your birthday. Pumpkins, anyone? 😀



Major changes lead to more adventure and you standing in your power.

News, at the start of the month, from an air-sign friend or family member will suddenly bring a situation to an end. For some, this could be the finalisation of a divorce or the start of a retirement/retrenchment; and while it closes some doors, it’s opening new doors in an area you love—travel and relocation! Be honest, a part of you was secretly wishing for just such freedom.

Mid-month brings some hesitation as you decide just which path to follow. Know that you are strong and vibrant at this time, and the only thing you lack in seeking new ventures is research, and a new networking circle. Know also that this is the perfect time for you to reach for that dream, no matter what an air-sign says. It’s time in your life for a big change.

September ends with you finding a sudden break which makes life exciting and fun again. A quick, unexpected trip helps you find new friends and presents better prospects. But listen to your intuition (or your partner’s) to ensure you’re making the right connections, both in the ‘real’ world and in your mind.



Health and home need some TLC. Make time to rest.

September begins with you needing to take better care of your health. Missing meals are a no-no. Make sure your shoes are comfortable and not cutting off circulation, and ladies may want to make that appointment with a gynae. With all that you’re juggling (especially if you hold two jobs) you’ll need to rest or risk burning out. Time to get those immune-boosters and early nights in.

Mid-September brings new challenges around home or housing. Severe rains or snow may hamper drainage in your area. Time for drimacs, wellies and holding back on the gardening. If you’re moving home, drainage and plumbing should definitely be on your checklists. It’s a good time, though, for longer-term investments—particularly in savings plans and flexible investments. Stick to what has worked for you in the past, and you should be on financially firmer ground sooner than expected.

September comes to an end with finding long-term solutions to any health or financial worries. While you may fear a lack, especially in love and affection, there’s much to look forward to as the Wheel of Fortune turns in your favour. But go easy on the décor plans and make sure to expand your skills where-ever you can. Oh, and it’s not the month to get engaged either. December may work out better on that front 😀



Expected the unexpected, and varied weather, to influence your plans.

September begins with some unexpected news from a fire-sign or your partner. There may be some financial concerns attached, but fear not, the fire-sign has a good plan. Trust in them. Storm-damage may be possible on your property, especially during electrical storms. Ensure your surge-protectors are working fine, and unplug communication devices till the worst is over.

Mid-September brings some competition with a younger air-sign, possibly a Gemini. You’re equally balanced, and if you keep your cool, you’re more likely to win this bout. Financial worries recede in the wake of a good bonus or other windfall, and while you still have some hard work to do, you’ll be in a good strong place from now on.

Unexpected travel brings some long delays, especially on international flights due to fog or dust/smoke clouds in northern areas. Make sure you have all your necessities in your cabin bag or an overnight bag. Use the delay for introspection. What makes you truly happy? Seems obvious, but perhaps it’s not what you think it is any more.



A more stable financial situation is on its way.

September begins with you seeking new opportunities to fill your piggy-bank. While the opportunities you’re currently pursuing may take longer to blossom, your patience will be rewarded. Meantime, reorganise yourself and stop checking your email every five minutes.

Mid-month brings an unexpected surprise which will have you in smiles. An old school-friend (or crush) may contact you out the blue with an amazing opportunity, or introduce you to someone else whom you’ve impressed. Problem is, you may not have much time to decide if this opportunity is right for you. If you’re not into adapting fast at present, or learning new skills in record time, you may want to wait till later in the month for an opportunity you feel more comfortable accepting, even if it may not be as exciting.

September creeps to an end for you. All you want is some alone time to meditate and reflect. You will get it, but at the cost of feeling a little isolated for a few days. Virgoans will be helpful, but only on a practical level. Any spiritual questions you may have will probably best be answered by yourself at this point.
At the very end of September, a sense of stability and building a new foundation should be apparent. New job opportunities or home situations should be easier to find. And you could be happily signing on the dotted lines by the last days of this month.



Family situations may drive you nuts, but also brings the best out in you.

A situation you’d hope had been resolved reinvents itself at your next family gathering. Admit it, sometimes you just wish you could wave your wand and mute everyone at the family table. While it won’t be polite to say that you’ve heard the same story a bazillion times already, you could zone out without anyone holding it against you. Alternatively, make a remix single of the same-o-same-o phrases and get more out of your family gathering:-D Be creative, not harsh, and see the humour in the situation is all I’m saying.

Mid-month sees some interesting power-plays at work or with an earth-sign: a Capricorn or Taurus. Someone may be hiding the truth of the matter from you, but it’s not what you think. In interviews or when buying high-priced items/renting property, ask the right questions; less on the cosmetic aspects and more on the durability/longevity and overall-cost. Don’t let the cotton-wool stick to your eyes.

The month ends on a shockingly good note. There’s a baby (or puppy) arriving for some. For others, it’s something (someone) they consider their baby—a new project, a new love, a boat, a car, an aeroplane…
Once you’ve pick up your jaw and realise how lucky you are, it looks like plain sailing till the end of the month.



The old stalemate is over, things are moving, and you like it!

The month begins with you determined to make your dream come true now (like now!), especially in love, or in something else that you love. You’re done being apart from the ones/things you love and nothing’s going to stop you, except maybe a really good plan…Strike that, you don’t actually need one. Just your passport and/or a fill tank for your wheels.

Mid-September finds your impetuousness paying off in wonderful ways. You realise dreams do come true, even though the reality may differ somewhat. There’s new solid beginnings, fun and playfulness and a sense of wonder and joy which has escaped you for so long. Though finances may not stretch to all that you want (or you’re paying through your nose for something) you don’t mind, ‘cos you (and them or it) are worth it. But be warned, if it’s a true-love situation you’re returning to, they may test your metal first by throwing you in the fire in some way. Forge ahead regardless.

September ends with you comfortably settling into your new reality. A steadiness returns and while the excitement of the past few weeks hasn’t died, you’ve got a handle on things again in just the way you like. Luck’s with you too, drawing you to your destiny, showing you the best way forward and allowing you to meet any and all challenges with your customary strength, your usual persistence and an enviable inventiveness. Looks like it’s your month, Taurus!



Repeat after me: Paranoia is not my best friend.

If there’s any sign I want to slap with a wet fish and say, “Get over it,” it’s you. Why? Because for every step forward you’ve taken over the past couple of months, you’ve taken three back. No, not everyone is watching you (at least not all the time); and no, not everyone’s out to get you (okay, maybe one or two). But you’re wasting so much time and energy stalking exes who no longer love you, stalking old so-called friends to see what (if anything) they’re saying about you, and acting all shifty at work and around those that care, that…Well, if you’ve never seen anyone who’s shot themselves in the foot before, look in the mirror. Nuff said. You’re on your own for the beginning of this month till you sort yourself out. Find the positive and move forward.

Mid-September sees you wanting to go on a trip. That’s good. Going to the same place with the same people and doing the same things—not so good. Why regress when you can progress?

Good news: You can see clearly now the tears have gone… Bad news: You’d rather mope and cast even more of your power away than do something positive and constructive. I’m exasperated and concerned Gemini. I know you’re tired. You may not be sure who you are or who you want to be anymore…It’s scary not knowing the future or having a plan. So take a deep breath. Ground yourself. Let fear and frustration go. Listen to the world—not the noise from media, but nature, your support group, your favourite song… Ground yourself, meditate and let the sanity back in. You will get over this, if you allow yourself to stand still and be quiet for at least a few minutes everyday. And for those of you who can: consider getting a dog, a cat or a tarantula(?). Whatever.



It’s imperative you stay out of your shell, at least till after mid-month.

The first few days of September may be a bit slow and heavy. Worries about finances or getting a new job may trick you into thinking it’s going to be another one of those months. But surprise, surprise! A new offer brings security and more money to you. While it challenges you to get out of your comfort zone, persevere and you could find yourself travelling very far with this opportunity.

Mid-month may see some disappointment in love and relationships when something you’ve planned for a long time falls through because of a trip. Use the time to get ahead in your projects so when you’re back with your beloved, you’ve got a longer stretch of quality time together.

September comes to an end with spiritual revelations and greater clarity as to your hopes and dreams. You may find yourself very popular on social media, and will need lots of rest too. Life will move faster, as much of what has been delayed earlier in the year begins to happen all at once. It’s tiring, but exciting!



Looks like just the kind of month you’ve been wanting, Leo!

Wow! Looks like someone’s getting a long-held wish coming true early this month. Even better, it may be in your love-life. If not, it concerns something you feel very passion about. An Aries or a boss may try to stand in your way, but honestly, this looks so good that it would take a lot for this opportunity to pass you by.

Mid-September may find you fretting over funding or the start of something new. If it’s a loan, you’re sure to get it. And if it’s a bonus, it may be bigger than expected. Invest wisely and you’ll have more to celebrate later. For some, there’s a little one on the way. It’s a good time to start thinking school fees.

September ends on a restful note with at least a little time out. Some may be going on an overseas trip, a few on a pilgrimage (Avalon and places of historical interest). Others may gain a promotion or find a new position at a better location. Travel and moving into more positive situations looks excellent and unavoidable. There’s so much for you to celebrate, Leo. Enjoy!

Catch you next month 😀