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My gift to you!


by Leenna

As a thank you for following my blog and for being so patient with me, here’s that bonus make-up post I’ve been promising you.

I’ll be giving the first 22 people to contact me using the form below a free flash tarot or LeNormand reading. Your answer will be emailed to you as either a short paragraph or a short audio clip, depending on time and resources available.
I may take up to 2-3 weeks to get back to the last few to respond. The contact form with the reading option will be removed once I’ve received 22 questions. Only one question per a person.

For those of you who miss the question period but would like 50% off Your Tarotscopes 2018 on Smashwords,  use the contact form to request your Smashwords Coupon Code.

Once again, thank you for returning to my blog, following and liking the posts. I greatly appreciate it and the feedback you send 😀


* for entertainment purposes.

Ask A Question

This gift has now expired. Thanks to those who sent in their questions. I hope you found it as much help as I did fun 😀
If  missed this, you can still catch a Pick-A-Card audio reading here.
If you’d like a 50% off Your Tarotscope 2018 on Smashwords, please contact me via the usual contact form. 

Best wishes