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TBR Love October-November 2020 Part One

It’s the time of the year to show your TBR some love and find a new fave author or two! I’ve found four new authors I now really enjoy and you’ll find their books scattered throughout the TBR posts.

To help you find your new fave reads and authors, I’ve joined with a few fantasy and science-fiction writers in three Prolific giveaways. Bet you’ll find something that tickles your fancy in these collections. All of us authors would appreciate reviews on our eBooks if you could spare the time and enjoyed the read.

And if you’re wondering what my own little freebie for fantasy-lovers is, it’s my newest short story collection!

Read on to find the first two giveaways in time for your Halloween weekend. There’s another giveaway in November, so keep your eyes peeled 🙂



You Should See Me In A Crown

The Prolific Works team is proud to present the You Should See Me In A Crown Group Giveaway! This giveaway has all types of fantasy and paranormal books. Claim as many as you’d like and enjoy your new reads!


Happy Halloween! This Trick-Or-Read Group Giveaway is hosted by the Prolific Works team and has books from all genres, so there’s something here for everyone. You can claim as many as you’d like and enjoy your new reads!

Little Known,
Highly Recommended


The Identity Thief (YA Fantasy)
Alex Bryant

Despite its at time horrific and other triggers, this story gripped and amused me throughout in much the same manner as Lemony Snickets and Ben Aaronovitch’s work. Set in London in a world where magic is real yet mostly illusion, and drawing from ancient Greek philosophies and theatre, an intricate plot twists and turns around a traumatised boy, a girl whose mother is a magic crimes investigator and an unempathetic mimic who uses grimoires to cause havoc. The pace was perfect, the humour well placed, and the plot twists and turns in an unpredictable. Peppered with social issues and acute observations of tweens and school drama, it makes for a satisfying read for more than YA readers, in my opinion.


Lou’s Tattoos-A Comedy Of Errors(Crime/humour)
Iris Chacon

If you’re a regular TBR Love reader, who’ll know I loved Iris Chacon’s Finding Miranda. Once again, Chacon delivers quirky, fun characters, understated action and a strongly evoked settings. The story takes us back to the 90’s when tattoos weren’t as common, photography was expensive and involved rolls of 35mm and various ASAs, and annoying fellow passengers on flights were the same. Aspiring photographer and renowned tattoo artist, Lou, gets the chance of the lifetime when her photography break places her next to Galen, renowned nobody-knows-my-face photographer, on a flight he didn’t want to be on. And so the comedy of errors intensifies. It’s a quick, fun, read!

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June 2019: Giveaways and Recommendations


Cover for ProlificWorks giveaway
2019 Summer Reading For Everyone
Couldn’t get to the library, but this is just as good!
19th May, 2019 to 15th June, 2019

Women’s Fiction, Mystery, non-fiction

Sample of books in 2019 Summer Reading For Everyone
Hurry to claim these books. Over 260 books!
Cover Prolific Giveaway June Short Reads 2019
A small haul of lighter and shorter reads for that long queue, short commute or lunch-breaks when you just need…a break!
1st June, 2019 to 15th June, 2019

Romance and mystery short stories and previews of novels.

Sample of books in June Short Reads giveaways
Download these eBooks and more…
Header ProlificWorks giveaway May New Releases
New releases, including full novels from a range of authors, including some of us South African indies.
26th May, 2019 to 15th June, 2019

Another mini library to claim for your summer/winter vacation days, or those stay-at-home sniffly days…

Sample of books in giveaway May 2019 New Releases
Download these eBooks and more…

Recommended For Solid Story and Delivery

Cover for Thicker Than Water by David Campbell

Thicker Than Water (thriller)
David Campbell
Sticking with families of Irish ancestry, this thriller is set mostly in Boston and New York. Although there’s nothing much new in this tale of revenge, the main character’s attempts to maintain his everyman identity is well portrayed, with his abilities well foreshadowed. There’s wasn’t a point where the action wasn’t believable. Extremely violent, this thriller is solid, avoiding that current traditional publishing tactic of losing me in the last few chapters by throwing in a plot twist that makes no sense. A good thriller for a short, satisfying read.


Cover for Glass Slipper Scandal by Tansy Rayner Roberts

Glass Slipper Scandal (Castle Charming Series) (Twisted Fairy tale)
Tansy Rayner Roberts
It’ s short, not very original in most parts, but also a lot of fun to read! I claimed it for the Summer Reading For Everyone, and enjoyed it over a couple of tea breaks and one lunch-break. The underplot on ink drew me in, while the tabloid-esque writing and setting appealed to me. It’s well done, and not dark as most twisted fairy-tales are. I especially enjoyed that it maintains the light, fluffiness without getting its tropes mixed, and despite all expectations, bringing in some deeper depth to characters in believable ways.

Enjoy. And don’t forget to support writers by leaving a review or rating at your favorite stores/libraries.