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Welcome :-D

Hi! Welcome to my Creative Box

Take your time and explore a bit. I’m devoting this space to celebrating creativity and design—to make time in my life for innovative and fun. It’s also to cheer Smashwords authors, like myself 🙂

In the months to come, you’ll find interviews, photos, my projects and more reviews. But I’d love to know what you think the celebration of creativity and design should be? What else would you expect, or hope to find, at Leennascreativebox.

The suggestion box is the same as the comments box 🙂 or you could just click on the poll—no sign-in needed.

If it’s fiction or a magazine style read you’ll looking for, you may find something of interest over at my other blog: InBetweener.

Your vote will help me meet your expectations of this blog, and expand my perception of creativity, innovation and design.


Now that you know more about me, than I do about you, please tell me a little about yourself 🙂

Thank you! Looking forward to your next visit!

Best wishes