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A walk on Umhlanga’s shores

Last Saturday, my mum and I went for a walk on the Umhlanga boardwalk. Despite finding the tale end of a race with lots of runners and walkers, we still managed to find a few quiet moments and some lovely sights along the walk.
It was a very muggy morning at first; the lighthouse looked really spooky.

Zoomed in it looks like the setting for a scary movie.
Zoomed in it looks like the setting for a scary movie.

Umhlanga boardwalk

Umhlanga pier and lighthouse
Much better from this angle, like an expressionist’s painting

This was the first time I remember walking on the Umhlanga Pier. Below it lay a wonderful surprise.

A sand artist had set up for the day. He had sculptured our KZN most famous animals and mammal: the rhino, leopard, wildebeest, dolphin; and the most dangerous of all – the hippo! I personally loved this rhino.

Sibongwes sand art gallery
Sibongwe’s newly created gallery. Notice the highlights on the eyes.

sand art rhino Sibongwe

Sibongwe very kindly allowed me to take some photos for a small donation. Sphwe is his little son.

sandart dolphin sibongwe sand art heart Sibongwe

Umhlanga lighthouse closer


Within an hour or so, the mist cleared, and the sun decided to show its punishing summer face again.

It was great to spend some quality time with my mum. It’s been a while and we both needed it!

selfies mum and me