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Your Weekly Tarotscope + Bonus: 14-20 February 2021

And with that promised bonus on Love and relationships. Enjoy!

Clip from Weekly Tarotscopes 14 Feb 2021

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Your Weekly Tarotscope With Valentines Bonus Preview

Your heads up for the week with additional cards for a sneak peek at this pre-Valentines week. Who might be sending you a Valentine? Or the energy of your current partner 😀

Clip to preview Ep 12 of Way I See It Weekly Tarotscope 7 to 13 February 2021

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Listen to next week’s Way I See It Episode for more another bonus read on Love and post-Valentines Day messages 😀

Your Tarotscopes: March to April 2023

2023 is finally ‘gettin’ going’ and it’s looking to be an interesting time! Love and light to you all! Water Signs Pisces 00:30Cancer 13:17Scorpio 30:34 Fire Signs Aries 00:20Leo 11:45Sagittarius 24:45 Earth Signs Taurus 00:20Virgo 11:23Capricorn 35:40 Air Signs Gemini 00:30Libra 14:32Aquarius 36:29

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Preview of Your Weekly Tarotscope: 31 Jan to 6 Feb 2021

clip from Weekly Tarotscopes 31 January to 6 February 2021

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Preparing for to send a Valentine or message to your crush/person-of-interest?
Watch this first 😀

What They Think About Your Valentine or Message

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Your Tarotscopes: January to February 2023

Happy New Year! You made it to 2023! For many, we’re winding up some old stuff before we get into the new. Expect 2023 to really start going in February, after the Mercury Retrograde is over! In the meantime, clear the decks for an interesting year! Love and light to you all! Earth Signs Capricorn…


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Your Weekly Tarotscope Is Up!

Not sure if it’s for you? Listen to the clip.

Listen to the whole episode for free on:







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Weekly Tarotscopes Are Here!

I finally got around to starting that podcast 😀

Many thanks and a shoutout to my first listener in France listening to it on Deezer 😀

Listen to it below or on Spotify, Stitcher, Deezer and other podcast services. Check if Way I See It–Writerstarot With Leenna is on your favorite service:

Enjoy! And have an awesome week!

Pick-A-Card: Random Messages for the Next Few Weeks Way I See It–Writerstarot With Leenna

Support the showMore Tarot and inspiration on my website, Leennascreativebox.comFind my fiction on my author site and blog.Looking for a personal reading? Book on Etsy or on
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Tarotscopes September to October 2020

So, here we are in September (September!) 2020 and a friend of mine says ‘2020 should just get over itself’. It made me smile, though she’s had a tough year and hopefully the worst is over. Still, it’s hardly 2020’s fault it got grounded and sent its room. Mother Nature had just had enough of us, I think, and we all needed some time out, didn’t we? But now that we’re cautiously un-pausing and re-pausing as we shake 2020 (or the year that wasn’t for most of us) awake, I invite you to once again watch and consider that viral video that made us think again at the beginning of the The Great Pause (or that time the world got sent to its room).

The Great Realisation by Probably Tomfoolery

As for what the cards say about the next two months, it’s a bit of this and a bit of that. For most, there’s change—good change. And for some a reminder that you still have some work to do (on yourself). Please don’t carry old baggage and mindsets into 2021 that got us sent to our rooms in the first place, and now’s the best time to toss persistent old baggage aside and look at what we really, really need to be happy for the rest of our lives. What is it that your Heart really, truly—most excitedly—desires?

While you’re listening to your tarotscopes, feel free to check out and listen to the other freebies on my Patreon and YouTube channel.

Have an awesome, beautiful and prosperous September and October 2020!

Your Tarotscopes

Fire Signs


Earth Signs

Capricorn, Taurus

Air Signs


Water Signs


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Tarotscopes July August 2020 With Bonus Readings

Wow! July’s been a bit of a rocky start for most of us. I’ve had IT problems reminiscent of 2012! Fortunately, while the lost time is frustrating, I’ve come a long way in no longer freaking out about it all. Personal progress in our attitudes are what I hope you’re finding true for you, too!

In any case, I’m glad I did a bonus read with this Tarotscope. A Yes/No/Maybe with a 3-card pick and a When card for more information is at the end of each sign’s usual tarotscope. I’d love some feedback on how the Yes/No/Maybe and When sections and methods work for you. Remember, some of the When answers aren’t related to the calendar.

We’re going into a busy time in the middle of a Mercury Retrograde. So, some things delayed over the last retrograde will be completed or finalised now. Remember to rest, relax and drink lots of water!

PS. I’m currently open for personal readings. Details and inquiries are hiding here.

On my Patreon this month

Cancer Birthday To Birthday Challenges 2020 to 2021
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On my YouTube channel this month

My Next Big Adventure (very general)
Random Messages From The Universe
Who’s Your Next Romantic Partner

Wishing you much clarity, safety and joy at this time!

details on writerstarot with leenn patreon tiers and benefits
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Tarotscopes for Mid-January to February 2020

With Bonus YES/No/Maybe options

2020 has finally started, and I have your Tarotscopes for mid-January to February up on my Patreon. Patrons, as usual, have already had their early access since 14 January 2020—later than I planned, but we’ll be back on track for the March to April 2020 Tarotscopes.

Also up on my Patreon is the Capricorn Birthday To Birthday Challenges divination and the LeNormand 6 Month forecast for the first half of 2020.
It’s exciting to see how trends are changing and you’re evolving. 2020 is definitely a year of changes!

Meanwhile, things got very interesting on my YouTube over the holiday period. Thank you for all the views and welcome to all new subscribers. We had some great feedback on the pet readings, and if you want a quick love forecast, there’s a video for you, too. Links are below.
Unfortunately, I’ve been having trouble uploading to YouTube since November 2019, so I’m looking at alternative sites to host my videos in 2020 for free (free content for them, free higher profile for me). If you’d like to recommend a site, please let know in the comments. I’d appreciate it 😀

Before you go, I’m offering a free channeled message from deities I work with. The details and request form are here on my other blog.

Happy 2020 once again, and may your Yes/No/Maybe’s be for your highest good always!

Your Tarotscopes









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My Travels 2020
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Messages From Pets Who’ve Passed Away

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Tarotscopes: November to December 2019

It’s Mercury Retrograde feeling like a Saturn Return!

Amazing, we’re already in November! 2020 is just a few weeks away and some of us feeling like we’re still in some pretty rough waters. The good news is that a few of us are going to find the easy, smooth side of the rapids we’re negotiating (and maybe even a short-cut or two), while those who’ve not been paddling as hard as they should…Well, it’s time to move with more direction away from dead-end creeks and hold on tight to that paddle. You definitely don’t want to lose it over the next two months! Yep, interesting, and hopefully fun times for you ahead!

If you’d like your tarotscopes before the month starts plus bonus ones and other readings, consider becoming my patron from just $2 a month. If you’re on the Magician Tier ($4 a month) you get access to the Birthday To Birthday Challenges and Advice for each sign each month.
Enjoy and happy holidays! Catch you for the bonus tarotscopes before the year-end?

Tarotscopes November to December 2019




Tarotscopes air signs Nov Dec 2019


For Patrons only (Magician Tier upwards)

Special Feature
How Will Brexit Personally Affect Me?

Find more options on my Patreon. Link below

For Patrons Only: 4 More options/possibilities on how Brexit may personally affect you.

Get Your Channelled General Message Letter for 2022

This will the third year running that we’ve offered this, and looking back I’m still blown away by the wisdom and group messages that have come through since 2019. Have a look at last year’s Valentine’s Messages for us all. Many thanks to those whose requests for letters and messages brought out these pearls of…

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Tarotscopes July and August 2019 and Some News

Wow! The year is just flying by, and while there’s much that we’ve done to clear the way, we’re getting to that last push into our more stable futures in July. We’re all experiencing a wealth of feelings and opportunities, so keep those vibes high and focus on a brighter, healthier future!

I’ve been busy on many fronts, including readying Quest For The Wholly Pale for print—my first book with a publisher—FV Press which should be out later in July. It’s the culmination of a dream come true for me, but it’s had a couple of delays—not serious ones compared to others, but ones which make me grateful for divine timing once I’ve allowed any frustration to leave.
I’m having another dream come true, too! Savvy Authors is hosting my first ever online Writerstarot Workshop! See the details below, along with the links to your July and August tarotscopes. Don’t forget to check out my newest YouTube videos, too! You just might find a message or two there for you as well.

Happy, happy July and August 2019! It’s a whole new world out there. Enjoy it!

info on Savvy Author Tarot Workshop for writers with Leenna Naidoo
Hope to meet you there if you’re into writing, or need some help getting your next creative project complete!

Tarotscopes July to August 2019

I just can’t seem to keep them short anymore, so each sign has about 10mins or so each. Download or listen online. Timestamps in each post.

tarotscopes by Leenna Water signs
tarotscopes July by Leenna Naidoo
tarotscopes august 2019 leenna naidoo
Tarotscopes July and August 2019 Leenna Naidoo

For Patrons only

Cancer Birthday To Birthday 2019-2020

July to December 2019 LeNormand Reading 1, 2, 3


Some of my recent uploads I think you may like.

Enjoy my tarotscopes and videos and feel like buying me a coffee?
Thanks for your support!

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December Tarotscopes 2018 by Leenna


by Leenna

It didn’t seem likely that I was going to get some quiet space to write out your December Tarotscopes, so I’ve taken the easy route once more and I’m posting the month’s tarotscopes from my eBook Your Tarotscopes 2018, once more.
Enjoy! And Happy Holidays 😀

* for entertainment purposes.


You’ll feel more stable and secure. By the end of the year, you’ll have all that you need to move into 2019 with confidence.

December begins on a playful and sociable note. An unexpected visit by an old friend or loved one will make your day.

Your creativity is back on track. Once again you feel like you’re on solid ground. New beginnings are possible and financial plans may bring good returns.

But things are hectic and you’ll have to look well after your health. Rest sufficiently and ensure you’re eating healthily. Exercise, too, would help you feel good.

A welcome change of pace in Mid-December may allow you more time for your spiritual practices.

Your faith may be tested or expanded during a severe storm. Ground yourself and avoid fear. The storm will pass quicker than predicted.

You’ll be able to walk away from a situation which was causing you stress, guilt or ill-health. It may be a change of location, if that is what you wished for. Whatever the change, it brings you a lighter heart and stronger body.

The festive season begins with dream coming true or the kind of happiness you’re getting used to experiencing.

You’ll be great with people, and sales will go well. You powers of manifestation are high, so maintain your optimism and good vibes to keep them going into the new year.

You’re still intrigued by the unconventional routes. You may investigate a different culture or religion, or perhaps study a little known course.

Additional Insights

Principle reversed, Domination, Restlessness

You may question the principles of society and the belief-systems you currently follow. You may also feel others may be trying to manipulate you into going against your own principles.

You may seek a new belief-system. You also won’t tolerate manipulation from others. May seek a new personal path that is less male-dominated.

Restlessness may fuel your need to travel or explore, especially if you’ve delayed vacation and other plans earlier in the year. You may also be on a quest for something new: a genre to read, a hobby, an exercise routine…


This month may not go as planned, but it may bring you more enlightenment and some fun.

December begins with a strong commitment to love or the realisation of a promise.

You may be torn between love and work. You will recommit to your love and maybe make a promise you intend to carry out soon.

You’ll be well balanced; your intuition reliable. You will have to let go of something in order to keep your balance and move forward into a more stable life.

Study matters go well. New contracts may bring you into contact with old friends.

Mid-December brings a rush of events which compel you to adjust your responsibilities and fine-tune your balance.

You may release karmic debts or beliefs which are keeping you in repeating cycles, including business and career ones which hold you back.

Change arrives, bringing greater insight and a sense of lightness.

December slides to an end with a slow, steady pace.

You may not have achieved all your goals, but you do have something to show for it.

You’ll appreciate your successes and partial successes, but you’re prepared to continue pursuing what makes you happy.

You’re feeling yourself again, steady and grounded, knowing your strengths and enjoying the view. You may not know what the future holds. But you’re not alone, you have a faithful companion.

The year ends on an unexpected playful, even silly note. You may make fun of your mistakes or share some of your eccentric solutions, perhaps on video.

You’re optimistic about the future, looking forward to experiencing more wonders and love in life, feeling free to explore them further at your own pace and in your own way.

Additional Insights

Friendship, Inspiration reversed, Extremism

Your friendships are strong or strengthened, perhaps during the first half of the month. New friendships may grow as the year ends.

Inspiration may prove elusive, but you still have a wealth of ideas to work with and share. Perhaps you are now inspiring others.

Changes in your life this month may shape your options and future in a more substantial way than before. You may have more stable paths available, or be open to new ways of living and experiencing.


You’ll feel more stable and secure. By the end of the year, you’ll have all that you need to move into 2019 with confidence.

December begins on a playful and sociable note. An unexpected visit by an old friend or loved one will make your day.

Your creativity is back on track. Once again you feel like you’re on solid ground. New beginnings are possible and financial plans may bring good returns.

But things are hectic and you’ll have to look well after your health. Rest sufficiently and ensure you’re eating healthily. Exercise, too, would help you feel good.

A welcome change of pace in Mid-December may allow you more time for your spiritual practices.

Your faith may be tested or expanded during a severe storm. Ground yourself and avoid fear. The storm will pass quicker than predicted.

You’ll be able to walk away from a situation which was causing you stress, guilt or ill-health. It may be a change of location, if that is what you wished for. Whatever the change, it brings you a lighter heart and stronger body.

The festive season begins with dream coming true or the kind of happiness you’re getting used to experiencing.

You’ll be great with people, and sales will go well. You powers of manifestation are high, so maintain your optimism and good vibes to keep them going into the new year.

You’re still intrigued by the unconventional routes. You may investigate a different culture or religion, or perhaps study a little known course.

Additional Insights

Principle reversed, Domination, Restlessness

You may question the principles of society and the belief-systems you currently follow. You may also feel others may be trying to manipulate you into going against your own principles.

You may seek a new belief-system. You also won’t tolerate manipulation from others. May seek a new personal path that is less male-dominated.

Restlessness may fuel your need to travel or explore, especially if you’ve delayed vacation and other plans earlier in the year. You may also be on a quest for something new: a genre to read, a hobby, an exercise routine…


Clarity comes and goes. Progress is made, but not in the way you’re hoping for. Don’t knock it. It could all work out better than expected.

A few self-doubts may creep in as December begins. The waiting in November continues into the first few days of the new month. After the 10th, you should get positive and relieving news. It will be all systems go. But before that, use the extra time to consider things from all angles and fine-tune things.

Spiritual insights will come, especially as you stretch or do Yoga.

Your energy levels pick up and your creativity blossoms. Journal ideas as they could be very helpful by the end of the year.

Matters may slowly but surely pick up speed. To prevent any slip-ups, be sure you’re careful at first and that communication is maintained.

A new project or being comes into your life. Love and reconciliation may be offered to you, but the timing is off, and you aren’t sure what to make of it all.

Other matters also take a back-seat to the tasks at hand as you put your all into your new project or work situation.

The festive season brings a wish come true, but with it some complications. A new pet, or the news of another baby on the way, may delight you but also keep you up at night.

Logistics, transport, and vacations are also on your mind as you race your project forward in the hopes of completing things under time.

You may be prone to insomnia or headaches. Ensure you stay hydrated, and rest when you can.

It’s a working festive season, but you’re excited and optimistic about the new year.

Additional Insights

Criticism reversed, Rebellion, Assertion reversed

Be careful of repeating the mistakes of the past in your haste to complete a project or to impress with your delivery. While you are currently less critical of others and their methods, the same may not be said of your peers and detractors. Maintain due diligence at every step.

Your partner, or a sibling, could challenge your plans or your expertise. Don’t give this issue any more energy, but continue on the path you’ve mapped out for yourself.

Teamwork and collaboration is now most important. Allow the best people to take the lead to move the project forward. Voice your concerns if you have any, but be open to new and different solutions, and ways of working.


Now that your mind and heart are aligned once more, fortune favours you again. Happiness and love grow.

December begins with a hope/dream delayed, or perhaps you now discard it.

You may move to a new situation, leaving behind a hope or dream which no longer serves you. It’s a tough decision, but ultimately a good one.

Your options appear limited, but your decision is made with your eyes open and your heart hopeful.

Mid-December seems like an early Christmas as your love hopes and dreams are realised. Your feelings are reciprocated, and love seems destined to fulfil or exceed your wildest expectations.

There are no longer rifts (physical or otherwise) between you and your beloved. Singles may meet the new love of their lives via a strange twist of faith. It’s time for the soul-mate love to be acknowledged and realised. It’s all pink-fuzziness and mush.

Fortune will favour you in other ways, including travel and other roads to happiness.

You may have more to celebrate by the end of the month.

Family situations go better than expected with less friction. For some, a baby may be on the way, or a pet is adopted.

New work offers may come. Or you may finally travel or emigrate with your beloved. In doing so, you may court each other all over again.

Additional Insights

Fortune, Discovery, Adaptability

Woohoo! Your fortune is multiplied (two different card decks confirm).

Stick to your balanced decisions where your heart and mind align to make the most of this time. Choose love and togetherness over material and status to prosper in happiness.

You’ll definitely be travelling quite far, discovering new places and sights with your beloved. Possibly, you may discover new things about each other, too. You like all this mystery and these discoveries. You may visit ancient sites and culturally significant places, most likely in the north.

You’ll adapt to your fortune and new life very quickly, including to your beloved’s presence. If emigrating or relocating to a new region, you will settle into your new situation and routine easily.


Love and lust are once more on your mind. But can you assume the responsibility of commitment? Fortune will favour you in creative projects and love.

As December begins, you may be prone to depression or self-defeating thoughts.

Some ideas or beliefs may prevent you realising your passions and best ideas. Don’t allow your discontentment from November to cloud this December. Avoid negative news and negative people.

Stop your mind going over the same old grooves. Try changing your playlists, your reading list, and speak to new people. Allow new possibilities some consideration. Face your fears and shadows.

This is a good time to revise your plans. Consider timing, too. Not all plans are best released at the beginning of the year.

You are more realistic about love and your creative projects. You may be thinking about your soul-mate once more, but may decide to leave matters up to fate.

Though you have more clarity about yourself, your love, and your future prospects, you’re still seeking more. Your outlook and decisions are more realistic and more likely to lead to success.

Your magnetism is high. Other’s will be drawn to you and your energy. It will be easy for you to seduce others. However, your thoughts and romantic interest seem reserved for your soul-mate. You may hope fate eases your romantic road ahead.

Fortunate, or down-right lucky events, may raise your profile or put you briefly in the spotlight. Also highlighted is what you most want and need in life. Be creative with your responses to grow your fortune.

December winds down with a slow-pace. The festive season may bring a new perspective on love, commitment, and responsibility.

Love may still be on hold, though you may spend more time with friends and family. A family responsibility may keep you closer to your birth family than usual. There is light-heartedness, compassion, and affection. But you may still feel you’re most drawn to work and your creative projects.

There is a possibility your soul-mate may offer you love and commitment once again.

Additional Insights

Originality reversed, Excitement, Criticism reversed

You may not be reinventing the wheel or coming up with brand new ideas this month. But you are refining, redefining, and perhaps communicating your ideas in a more accessible way.

You’re more excited about life and possibilities. Others may also be feeling this energy. It’s important to not get carried away with it all. Keep your feet on the ground and use the excitement to drum up more support for you plans. Keep your positive attitude.

Others may be more forgiving of your personal and project faults or communication. More important, you’ve probably successfully stilled or muted the most insidious critic of yours—yourself!


While you’ll make up with your beloved, or find a new love (singles), you’ll also need to keep an eye on your budget and ensure everyone gets the same messages.

As December begins, you’re healing your relationship issue by issue.

Tenderness goes a long way as the month starts, as does a lack of judgement for your (or your partner’s) oversights. If illness from October/November was persistent, it should fade, allowing you to return to your preferred, hectic pace.

You may also take a short, local trip with your beloved, or for work purposes. Once again, you and your beloved may not see as much of each other as you’d both wish.

Mid-December brings a break (or holiday closure) at work. While you’re happy for the rest, you aren’t so certain about the smaller/delayed income.

Your stress levels recede as you deal with niggly details one by one, and perhaps get a favourable performance or peer review.

You may be feeling tired, but content. You know the worst is over, even if your project is incomplete.

However, you’ll have to keep an eye on the budget, especially if you’re planning a vacation in a few months, or travelling to family. You or your partner may also feel insecure, and will need additional TLC and reassurance.

You’re feeling strong and in your power as the year ends, and so is your partner. There may still be one or two major decisions or tweaks to your relationship to be made.

Your creativity and passion are high, especially as you go about preparing for the festive season. But you’re not too keen on spending it with family. You may prefer a quiet home this year-end.

Some arguments with the in-laws, or your mothers and aunts, may also shine a new light on matters. This will ease your mind.

There’s balance between you and your partner, though it seems you may get the last word and the secret smile of success.

Additional Insights

Detachment, Friendship, Inspiration reversed

You may find some friends, or once close family relationships, less compelling this month—a temporary disconnect perhaps. It feels like you’re worn down or would prefer more quiet, quality time with your beloved, or even by yourself. If you do attend family and friend’s events, you may feel detached and uninvolved.

You and your partner may become friends again, and return to friendly affection and laughter—at least most of the time—but your passion is still there, except for mid-month.

You aren’t feeling as inspired by the time of the year as you usually do. You’re anticipating a vacation, or a time of pure chilling. Few new ideas strike you to prevent you resting well.


It’s a bit of a stressful month as a situation ends, but you’ll have new opportunity sooner than expected, especially if self-employed.

December may begin on a low note. You may feel left out of plans or unable to join a group outing.

Exhaustion hits as a situation ends naturally. Change is coming, but you may take a few days or weeks off to recuperate.

You’ll release old thoughts and beliefs which have been with you since childhood. You may also manage money matters better.

You may feel out of place or space, or ungrounded. A group outing may not include you, or you may choose not to go if you feel uncomfortable in that company. You may also be searching for new opportunities.

The research you’ve been doing in previous months pays off. You should receive a new offer.

A new beginning is possible, one which satisfies your intellectual curiosity. It may also require a move or travel north.

A new contract arrives, bringing a sense of stability and security, but communication will need to be a priority. Perhaps you’ll need to learn a new language or get used to a slower internet.

As December ends, you’ll travel and move on.

Any worries or depression will be swept away by your career moving forward once more. You’re back in control and ready to face anything professionally. It feels very much like the beginning of the year, but perhaps with more stability.

You’re unlikely to return to professional situations you left behind this year.

During the festive season, you may be travelling or adjusting to a new culture. It seems quiet, and possibly far from your family.

Additional Insights

Enterprise, Companionship reversed, Publicity reversed

You’re full of business ideas and ways to move your career forward during this month. You may also decide to run your own business or freelance. You have the business skills to make things work.

You may feel a little lonely as the year ends, but the connection you have with your family, beloved, and friends remains strong. You may prefer your own company during the festive season.

You may be in a location where you’re little known, but also unremarkable. You’ll fit in easily once you sort out the communication issues.


This month may not go as planned, but it may bring you more enlightenment and some fun.

December begins with a strong commitment to love or the realisation of a promise.

You may be torn between love and work. You will recommit to your love and maybe make a promise you intend to carry out soon.

You’ll be well balanced; your intuition reliable. You will have to let go of something in order to keep your balance and move forward into a more stable life.

Study matters go well. New contracts may bring you into contact with old friends.

Mid-December brings a rush of events which compel you to adjust your responsibilities and fine-tune your balance.

You may release karmic debts or beliefs which are keeping you in repeating cycles, including business and career ones which hold you back.

Change arrives, bringing greater insight and a sense of lightness.

December slides to an end with a slow, steady pace.

You may not have achieved all your goals, but you do have something to show for it.

You’ll appreciate your successes and partial successes, but you’re prepared to continue pursuing what makes you happy.

You’re feeling yourself again, steady and grounded, knowing your strengths and enjoying the view. You may not know what the future holds. But you’re not alone, you have a faithful companion.

The year ends on an unexpected playful, even silly note. You may make fun of your mistakes or share some of your eccentric solutions, perhaps on video.

You’re optimistic about the future, looking forward to experiencing more wonders and love in life, feeling free to explore them further at your own pace and in your own way.

Additional Insights

Friendship, Inspiration reversed, Extremism

Your friendships are strong or strengthened, perhaps during the first half of the month. New friendships may grow as the year ends.

Inspiration may prove elusive, but you still have a wealth of ideas to work with and share. Perhaps you are now inspiring others.

Changes in your life this month may shape your options and future in a more substantial way than before. You may have more stable paths available, or be open to new ways of living and experiencing.


Karmic and legal matters may end successfully. Your intuition and sensitivity is heightened. A dream with a soulmate may come true.

You’ll come into your power and find your balance as December begins.

Legal matters may be confused at first, but will bring in happy news, though perhaps with restrictions. You’ll feel balanced for the most part, but a little confused at times due to spiritual insights.

Your connection to your soulmate/beloved is very intense and sometimes uncomfortable. Karmic issues may be resolved, or cycles begun again.

Happiness comes from knowing you’ll soon be together with ones you love or a place you’ve missed. However, your masculine energy needs to be balanced with your feminine energy.

Someone may be admiring you from afar, or if your soulmate is at a distance, they may follow you on social media, or keep their eye on you and how you feel about them in an almost secretive way.

You may still need to do research on certain aspects of the changes going on in your life. Some of these may be technological.

Around mid-December, your intuition may serve to cloud an issue or confuse you more. Secrets may be kept deliberately from you, perhaps by your soul-mate or beloved.

You may feel emotional—missing your nearest and dearest. Dreams and other insights may appear contradictory. Further study into the signs and symbols may reveal more to you than your intuition.

You may miss your beloved to the point of despair. The intensity of your feelings may surprise even you. Your moods may also swing erratically.

A break in communications may trigger more intense emotions. During this time, your intuition may revert back to its customary state.

As December ends, a dream of yours comes true.

Your beloved/soulmate may travel to you, perhaps keeping a promise made long ago. In a sense, they may be coming to rescue you—from your despairing love?

The festive season holds much promise of joy, passion and fun. There’s also the strong connection with your inner intuition and wisdom. You may plan to study further.

Your love grows stronger as the year ends, and you may symbolically commit to your soulmate once more.

Additional Insights

Idealism reversed, Innovation reversed, Assertion

Idealism may harm you this month as it may reinforce old ideas which no longer serve you. It may also lead you down a despairing path instead of awakening you to a lighter heart. It’s time to reassess some of your ideals and your idealisms.

Innovations, especially in technology, may frustrate you. You may prefer to stick to the tried and tested instead. If you must adapt to new technology, go for the simplest versions you can get.

You may need to take back your control in a symbolic way. Perhaps you need to rewrite certain stories in your psyche. Or perhaps you need to acknowledge you can save yourself. Acknowledge your own gifts and power.


You’re cutting ties to unhealthy people and situations, and finding more of your strength as a result.

December begins with a release from a health situation. You may now be free for romance, too.

Communication or clarity improves, especially emotionally, allowing singles to once more pursue a love relationship. Couples may also pay attention to their partners, but may be unhappy at having insufficient time to spend with them.

Obstacles to travel may disappear. Visas (especially delayed ones) may be near completion or granted. Travel for business is likely, but may not, at first, lead to your intended outcome. Be patient.

You may be at a distance from your family and beloved. A contract unsigned may leave you in a stronger position.

As mid-December arrives, your passion grows, but a distance (physical or due to time) separates you. Singles may want to look for love, but also find time or opportunity limited. Both will spend much time on phones or the internet, keeping passion and love alive.

Travel will go well, but a contract is not likely to be renewed. However, this may leave you in a stronger position in the near future, especially if the contract was an overseas one with a translated contract.

Your health will remain good, but strict maintenance of your diet may be required.

As the festive season arrives, you’ll be processing much of the year, perhaps seeing what you could have done differently, and reassessing much in your life.

Some singles may decide not to pursue a new relationship further. Couples may try combining quality time with their partners with that of their friends, too. This may not be such a good idea.

A situation is ending, likely with an immature and brash friend.

Travel to family may be delayed, possibly due to severe weather or mechanical problems. Carry extra supplies if you’re with children.

Board games may make for fun times, and allow you to bond in a healthy way. Remember your words are also a part of the memories and are usually what colours them. Choice your words wisely so that happy memories remain so.

Additional Insights

Affair reversed, Choice, Decision

Short-term romance is unlikely to last beyond the festive season, especially if you are returning home. As part of the reassessing-your-life phase, you may think back on old romances and, for the most part, be glad about your decisions.

Your choices may be simpler this month, but may require better judgement, especially when choosing to end some relationships and deciding how to increase your happiness. Emigration may be a choice now, or if applied for earlier, very close to being finalised.

Your decisions are well considered and are mostly for the long-term. You’re not longer interested in frivolous relationships.


There’s lots of travel and movement as a cycle ends. You once more seek your balance and stability.

Your vacation may begin at the start of December, possibly leaving you feeling at a loose end.

You may complete a project or studies, leaving you feeling unbalanced and bored, as well as uncertain of the outcome. Communication with others may be slow, perhaps due to network maintenance or the like. You may wait on results or a response concerning your project.

You could travel abroad to a place you’ve always wanted to visit, or you may research longer-term stays in that location. You’re also discontent with your home, preferring not to spend much time in it. You may yearn for adventure and travel, but life is good and stable.

As mid-December arrives, a lack of inspiration or balance may have you questioning your successes.

Waiting on news may take its toll on you. You may be restless and prone to mood-swings: first thinking this, then that, swinging between positive and negative.

Your lack of creativity may also alarm you. Projects began now may remain incomplete. You need to return to your meditations to find your calm. Study spirituality and other interests.

Success arrives sooner than expected with good news all round. You may be free to travel or even work or study further abroad. Problem is, you’re not sure that you want to, or that you’re still interested in that option. You’re still pondering.

December ends with some travel or pursuing a new path.

Celebrating your success may not go as planned, nor bring the good feeling you anticipated. Your mind is elsewhere and the company does not engage you. Perhaps you’ve outgrown some friendships, or need a new way to spend the festive season.

You may keep to yourself or continue to explore your options to expand your world. Travel may still be a large focus. However, you seem to be thinking in circles. Try not being so logical. Brainstorm first to break your circular thoughts and solutions.

The year ends on a quiet note. You may travel to the far North where there’s snow, or be house-bound by the weather. You’ve found your balance, but may appear distant to others. You may prefer to be alone this year end.

Additional Insights

Inheritance, Eccentricity, Excitement

You may still be pondering your inherited traits and legacies. Be careful of using these as blocks for your fears on creativity. Family traditions may not be as appealing to you this year. You’re looking for something new—something which is more meaningful to who you really are.

You’re fascinated by strange and little-known facts and places. You may wish to explore some family history, or resurrect an old and weird family tradition. You may spend a long time on the internet going down rabbit-holes.

You’re looking for excitement and viewing the answer as travel only. Perhaps, there is something you’re missing. Perhaps, your external search for excitement is a symptom of your lack of creative action this month. Try creative movement: dancing or spontaneous movement. Delve down to what truly excites you. Is it really the travel, or the sense of new? What does your soul truly crave?

Happy and safe Holidays to you!

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It’s Here! Your February Tarotscope

It’s done! I’ve only just uploaded the eBook to Now, I’ve rushed over here to get your Feb tarotscopes to you. Unfortunately, there was no (and I mean no) time to write the usual tarotscopes for you. I’m sharing the February tarotscopes from my eBook instead, in all their entirety—so, it’s loong! Sorry, Sag; you’ve got a lot of scrolling to do. But do scroll down as I’ve linked to my eBook if you’d like a copy.

PLUS: There was that little matter of making things up to you. How would you like me to do it?

Special edition soulmate tarotscope
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Something else? Let me know in the comments.

With all that out the way, my apologies once again on not getting the tarotscopes done on time. Now grab a cup of tea/coffee and enjoy!



Follow your inclinations—those most whimsical thoughts—and see where they lead. It’s amazing what you’ll accomplish within a short space of time.

February begins with a rush of activity and emotions. You could be meet a playful (or immature) person who either infuriates you or lifts your spirits like no other. (Yup, it could be your new pet). Your creativity seems boundless, but your lack of confidence may prevent you from expressing your talents widely.

Spiritually, you may become more active: joining a study group or reading extensively in subjects that interest you. You’ll also begin questioning teachings and beliefs, especially of mentors and teachers who appeal only to the emotions, or who aren’t transparent in their reasoning.

A younger person could pursue you romantically. You may question their motives, and are unlikely to allow the situation to develop. This seems especially so if you’re off to an island holiday with younger companions. Nevertheless, you’re likely to fall in love with your destination and resent having to go back home.

If your trip proves unromantic, or if you are coupled, the scenery and space is likely to inspire you for the next five months.

Mid-month brings some excitement, a wedding or other important celebration. It may prove exhausting, both physically and financially.

Some may relocate to the coast for a lower salary, but a better lifestyle. Others may find their holiday suitor more persistent than expected, especially around Valentines Day! Either way, Valentines Day should bring you some fun.

Work-wise, you may be a little nervous at the thought of learning new skills and having to rebuild or restructure in some way. Your main concern is the budget. Hold on till the end of the month. It looks like good news is not too far away.

The month comes to an end with a reunion with an intelligent, talkative person.

Your negotiation skills will shine, and your sense of reasoning will be immaculate. Argue your case as you see fit.

Any concerns about your home or new accommodation will be addressed. In fact, you’ll find yourself settling into contentment much more easily, and with half the bother, than expected.

Financially, things look fine and stable, with new situations bringing more stability. Your accommodation costs could also be lower than expected, Final contracts will be signed with pleasure.

Additional Insights

Influence, Secrets, Order

February is likely to show you a change in influence in your life, primarily in spiritual beliefs, but also in personal influences. You may switch radio stations, change your playlist radically, follow different newsfeeds and blogs, and read in genres of subjects you haven’t ventured into before. It’s all rather exciting!

You may also find your own personal influence is growing, or that you’re running in very influential circles.

Secrets in love are likely to weigh on your mind, and you’ll need to be careful of gossips and gossiping. You may also find others choosing you as confidante at the most unlikely times and places. Systems-based studies, which may have been challenging in the past, will be much easier understood.

Order in your personal life and space will please you after a major upheaval or reorganisation. You may have more cupboard space, or an easier to manage garden. New laws, roads, or other communal changes in your environment, may also make your morning routine less chaotic.



Stop concentrating on should-have-beens, could-have-beens and you’ll realise your dreams all that quicker.

You have what you want as the month begins, but…you’re regretting the past, or missing someone.

You’re thinking it would be perfect, if only… It’s an emotional time for you, perhaps with more tears than you’d like. But you do have all that you need and want. Why are you not allowing yourself to enjoy it? Take a deep breath and bring yourself back to the present (and yes, back to the future) and smile at all the beauty around you.

Spiritual insights are also crowding for your attention, but your sniffly nose may be blocking them. Take another deep breath and pay attention. The universe has something to show you.

It’s a sociable, hectic time of year, though most of it seems to be work related.

You may miss dinner with the family, but work may treat you to a meal if you’re working late. You may miss an anniversary to (let’s hope you remember your own birthday!), which may have you considering your priorities for the year.

There’s some niggly thoughts or feelings you’d like to deal with, but with your hectic schedule, there’s little time. Let’s be honest, you’re just a little afraid to explore those feelings. Never mind, it seems you’re going to have a ball at a Ball, or go dancing like a queen. It will keep those thoughts at bay, and help you get a new perspective.

By month’s end, a Libra and Gemini are both a boon and a curse. They like your ideas, but pick it apart as only other air-signs can.

You may feel a little heart-broken, but they are right. Fixing things makes for a stronger outcome or product. The same applies to your personal life. An air-sign will tell you as they see it (otherwise known as the bald or unfudged truth). While you may hate them for it, it will help you release those niggly thoughts and feelings. Take a deep breath and feel the lightness in your heart. Now you can finally move on.

Additional Insights

Domination reversed, Harmony, Isolation

There’s no particular thing you’re focussed on this month, yet your work does not suffer. However, you may be in a weaker or less prominent position that before. Perhaps your words don’t carry as much weight. It may take some getting used to.

There’s harmony and balance this month, especially with a Libran, perhaps a brother or sister. You’ll find this harmony mostly outdoors, and perhaps in a place where large numbers of birds gather. You’ll need this special place as you may feel too isolated, which may prolong your emotional and spiritual confusion.



This month may have a stop-start feel, but by the end you’ll have all that you need, and then some.

February begins with a call to action or exciting news about a new opportunity.

Interviews will go well in the first two weeks of the month, but they may take a while to get back to you. Keep an open mind and hope for the best.

There’s messages of love coming your way, too. Perhaps from an admirer based across the country from you or even further afield. If you’re back in the dating field, things should go well, but again you may not hear back from someone you really like—at least not till the end of the month.

Mid-February looks busy. You may have to give the kids some extra help, or you may be returning to school or online classes yourself. There’s little time to plan ahead, but you’ll make good progress.

Your skills are growing. If you’re following up on that interview, you may want to make mention of your study or new skill. Ditto for you kids if they’re looking for a scholarship or entrance into a special program.

Back home, you’re staying within budget and may even have a little extra to decorate or for some DIY.

Success comes at the end of the month! There’s happiness and stability at home, with lots to celebrate with the family.

Your intuition is spot on. You have the self-confidence and trust to follow through. You’re looking and sounding great (if a little mysterious) but it’s all for the good.

You may hear good news, perhaps for your kids as well as you. Your chances of securing that job or client look even better than before, or something much more to your liking has fallen into your lap. You couldn’t ask for a better gift from the universe.

But do be careful when being intimate with your partner as the likelihood of conceiving is quite high.

Additional Insights

Achievement reversed, Submission reversed, Concentration

You may have to complete a course of study or redo a certification before the month is over. Perhaps you still have some tasks to complete at home as well.

If you’re making applications for you or your kids, you may have to pay extra fees (especially if you’re late) or have to resubmit due to a clerical error/incomplete information. But stick with it. It looks worth the extra trouble.

Study will go well. You concentration levels and motivation are high. Turn of the social media and mute the phone. You’ll get twice as much done.



There’s a lot going on, but the worst of the struggle is over, especially in love and in gaining new opportunities.

February begins with you reuniting with your loved ones after a long trip or flight.

During your time away, you may have thought a lot about your relationship and what it needs. Now you’re ready to put things into play. During your trip, contracts may not have worked out the way you’ve envisioned, and now you’re just happy to be home.

You’re hoping for a relaxing time, but the phone may constantly ring and your new travel plans may be in place before you’ve unpacked your bags. Nevertheless, you do get a few blissful days to just relax.

Groundwork laid beforehand may result in an easy time for you. Communication is not a problem, as one opportunity leads to the next. The only cloud on the horizon: your relationship.

Watch your health and what you eat, especially the first couple of days of your new trip. And, of course, rest well.

Watch out for unfair practices from those around you, or odd paragraphs in new contracts you’re considering. Read the fine print and all versions carefully. You may want to get legal advice if you’re signing an international contract.

As the month ends, there may be harsh words and impulsive, dramatic actions when you go out. Aim for harmony, but don’t play the fool. Your partner is not playing games this time.

Singles may find an exciting new person in their life—one who seems like a breath of fresh air with just a hint of a rebel. But they aren’t interested in a relationship, only friendship.

Ideas may fall on deaf ears. Support for change you feel passionate about is likely to be low. Save your energy and affection for your partner, or for your home once you return. Rest is now needed.

Additional Insights

Egotism reversed, Decision reversed, Generosity reversed

You may have to set your ego aside and allow your partner to rule the roost. Perhaps you’ll have to let your potential client/customer/boss lead the way or the negotiations, too.

A decision may be modified very quickly, or overturned. While initially this may appear to be in your favour, look at matters carefully to ensure it is. Consider other options and alternatives.

A lack of generosity, on your part or others, may lead to misunderstandings and later problems. People around you may prefer to judge you harshly for your actions and behaviour. Ensure you understand foreign cultures interact with, and do show your beloved some extra TLC.



Love is in the air, and Valentines Day looks to be a very memorable one for you!

February begins with your eye on someone special or someone else looking at you in a special way.

You’re taking steps to meet them half-way, still, it’s awkward and sweet at the same time. A declaration of love may be made, but only if both parties feel comfortable. Couples may be circling in a similar way, perhaps over plans for Valentines Day or another anniversary.

You’re got your eyes open, and have almost made up your mind about work and other matters. But love, and your romantic options, remain uppermost in your mind.

You’re looking for inspiration, class, and a meaningful connection—both in romance and other aspects. You may spend hours and hours shopping for the right gift or seeking the ultimate venue.

Mid-February (I’m sure it’s Valentines Day or the day before) brings the big reveal and the declaration of love. Alas, it may not all go as planned. But cheer up, you will get what you want, especially greater decadence and intimacy.

In love, you and your beloved are of the same mind and intentions. Love declared now will be binding, as will promises made. Neither of you will ever forget this, for better or worse. You may find yourself obsessing even more about your love after this event. Be sure, your beloved is just as crazy about you. Caution is needed to not become too emotionally dependent on each other at this stage.

February winds down with you inspired and working hard.

You creativity and persistence is noted by a higher-up who may give you a little more than you can comfortably handle. Speak up before it becomes a habit.

Your passion is still high as you continue courting your beloved.

But someone may want to fit you into a mould you aren’t comfortable with. Ensure you and your beloved keep your own hobbies and interests. Losing your identity to each other is not as romantic as it sounds, nor is it healthy for either of you.

Additional Insights

Protection reversed, Defence, Fortune reversed

You may feel most vulnerable and shy when it comes to your beloved or a declaration of love. You won’t want to speak about it to others. If you don’t want babies, take precautions. You may also feel in a dangerous position at work. Perhaps someone is testing you, or competition is growing unhealthy.

You may feel your beloved is always able to drop your guard. Around others you may appear very defensive. You may also be over-protective of your love to the point where they may be overwhelmed and appear defensive—if only to maintain their independence. Back off and trust your love’s good sense.

At work, it may appear that luck is against you. Others may try to profit from your work or dump their tasks on you. Speak up and maintain your defences at work. I feel its a temporary situation.



It’s a stable start to the month, with excitement and love coming later.

As February begins, you’ll be very focused on your career and long-term prospects. While holding onto your current position, you may be looking for more opportunities and generosity.

You aren’t prepared to lose traction in your career now. You feel you’ve put too much effort into it already. You may also be holding onto property in the hopes it will grow in value.

In seeking new opportunities, you may explore unusual options. You are drawn to nature and natural products at this time, and may choose to invest or work with them.

You’re looking for a good return for your time and investments. Use your intuition, and be prepared to think very short-term in order to reap the best benefits, especially if it involves projects you’ve long been working on. If its intellectual property, you may gain the most by selling those rights outright. But seek a second opinion, especially from a Capricorn or fire-sign.

Mid-February is alight with creativity and passion.

It may take some effort to catch your beloved’s attention, especially if they are single, or very busy on a project. There’s likely to be lots of communication and even some banter before you succeed. Your beloved is not going to make things easy for you. Perhaps it’s a game you both play; but it borders on obsession. The mutual attraction is strong but can lead to some possessive and insensitive behaviour. You may feel you’re literally playing with fire. Don’t get burnt.

In work matters, your creativity and charm serve you well, as does you passion. While you impress the right people, you may also be offered a very tempting offer which could tie you up in a complicated and unfair contract. Know what you’re signing away and to whom.

February draws to a close on a more spiritual note.

Love is sweet after the heat of the previous few weeks. You’re aware of your soul-mate and true feelings. This may be a new person in your life, or your previously mentioned beloved.

New contracts and studies are possible at this time, but will require you to take a step back, or to begin new projects.

Best of all, love seems stable and secure, as the connection you have deepens and sweetens. It’s also a playful, fun time in which you can explore your imagination and share your experiences.

Additional Insights

Status reversed, Innovation, Friendship

You aren’t much interested in status this month, more in financial security and getting a return for your time and energy. You may not renew professional memberships, and seek to enter new, less established, but open-minded organisations.

Your inventiveness and problem-solving ability is at its height. You have solutions for almost any problem except for love. You’ll work best with little supervision and pre-set rules. You’re all about writing new rules.

Friendship may strengthen into love. Friends may also support you in your innovations and new endeavours. A childhood friend, or a playful one who delights in nature as you do, may return.



It’s your time to shine, but you may feel like you need some time out.

As February begins, you have the power to bring your castles in the air down to the ground.

Your focus is good and you have all the resources you need. Write down you ideas from the first three days of the month. They may open doors.

Others may try to impress you with other ideas, products, or distract you from your plans, but you remain unimpressed.

An intense period ends. Perhaps you stop waiting for an offer of love or work which never comes, and begin working on your hopes and dreams instead.

Some of your creative projects may still need refinement, or a period in which to incubate. If matters appear to be going slowly, re-evaluate them in a few weeks.

By Mid-month, you may be in a dreamy phase as you envision a better future.

The offer of love or partnership may come now, but could off to a slow start. You may take a while to consider if it’s the one for you. There may also be a physical distance between you, and neither of you may be able to travel to the other.

Money may be a little slower in coming in than expected, or expenses could be high if you have to buy an appliance.

Revelations are happening to you all the time. If single, you may get messages or inklings from your soul-mate. If coupled, you’ll try to determine if you are in the right relationship for you.

Despite your dreamy mood and high spirits, you are still very focussed and unlikely to fall for anything less than the truth.

February draws to an end with you taking some time out to consider your options, or to visualise your next step.

You may cancel a trip in order to pursue an amazing opportunity. Perhaps an inquiry from earlier in the month results in a greater outcome than expected.

But you may feel exhausted. You’ll avoid much socialising, preferring instead to go on retreat or spend lots of time in meditation. You may study a short personal course. This is a special time for you as you’re actively calling a time-out to regroup yourself and your energies. You’re also considering the quickest and healthiest way to move your dreams forward.

Additional Insights

Criticism reversed, Enterprise, Practicality reversed

Your ideas or work may be better received than expected this month. Self-criticism fades when you de-stress towards the end of the month. You may also be more accepting of perceived faults or lapses by others. Others may come to you because you’re unlikely to judge them on their decisions or behaviour at this time.

It’s looking good for the launch of a new project or business. Other ideas or projects you’re working on may gain support, too. You’re being very business-minded but others may not appreciate your approach.

You may be accused of not being practical. Perhaps others would like to influence you more, or to have a little of what you’re having. Others may also say you’re being impractical in love. The practicalities of physically travelling this month may also be overwhelming.

For the most part, you are holding back on many of your plans or ideas.



A playful and passionate start to the month leads to a deeper connection with your beloved. But all’s not quite plain sailing.

You’re creative and mischievous as February begins, feeling wonderfully alive. You’re proud of yourself too.

You may begin an imaginative or inventive new project, one which feels like a good return for your time and investment. Ideas flow easily. Communication is good.

Passion is high, and returned. Couples may be more playful and demonstrative, while singles may fall quickly and intensely in love, perhaps with someone younger.

Finances are sound. You’re feeling comfortable and magnanimous.

Mid-February may bring a delay in travel or lower-energy levels, but love and togetherness make up for it.

Conflict may arise at work, perhaps over a misunderstanding or ill-thought out words. Avoid impulsive decisions. Feathers may take longer to smooth than expected.

A project may be extended, perhaps delaying a relocation or a travel. You may also suffer from long hours and possible exhaustion.

Love’s around you all this time. You may take a short break to the ocean or other large body of water. Your love will meet you halfway. An engaging encounter with a marine animal may affect you profoundly.

February winds down with an intensity of feeling. Your connection with your partner grows even deeper, and your spirituality is rising.

You may feel intensely angry or frustrated at first, perhaps over the extended project at work or further misunderstandings. You may choose to leave the project or be assigned elsewhere.

Your stress levels decrease, and you’ll feel calmer. Healing from work and other hurts can occur. You may also find your nervousness in love, or over another matter, decreasing.

Your intuition is very strong. Your connection with your partner will be intense even if there is distance. You may also decide to return to your studies, or decide to research aspects of spirituality that interest you.

Additional Insights

Seduction, Friendship, Choices reversed

It’s a great time for singles to meet an intriguing and fun new partner. If the relationship doesn’t blossom into romance, it’s likely to remain a strong friendship. Couples may be more engaged with each other, their friendship also growing stronger or reaffirmed.

Friendships with colleagues could go both ways. False friends may try to compel you into a corner professionally in order to lessen your choices and broaden theirs. True friends may point out the false friends and help you understand your choices better.

You may change your mind about a choice made earlier in the month. You could dissolve a friendship or leave a flirtation to return to an old flame, especially after mid-month.



Fortune favours you as February begins, but you’ll have to believe it to hang onto it.

As the month begins the Wheel of Fortune turns in your favour, perhaps resurrecting an old flame, or an old idea.

You’ll feel a shift in energies, feeling that fate may be rushing you towards something which you feel unprepared for, but which excites you. It may remind of a similar time in your life—perhaps the first rush of love, or your first real pay-check.

People from your past may re-enter your life in random ways, or you may be reminded of times past: school and your early work days. You may also think of old childhood friends.

Love is likely to strike on a day at the beach or on a rainy day. It may come as a shock as the person may look very much like your first love, or be your first love. They are likely to be visiting the area, not local. Couples are likely to reconnect both emotionally and physically.

Work matters also go well. An old opportunity may re-surface allowing you to accept it this time round.

Mid-February may bring a feeling of unreality and a sense of disempowerment ,at first.

You may not believe your life, leaving you feeling ungrounded or walking on air. But you may also feel vulnerable and insecure.

Finances may be a little unstable, until later in month, when a short trip or a new move stabilises matters.

Spiritually, you may be ungrounded and confused, perhaps questioning much of what you’ve learnt or expected now that life has changed so much so quickly. Try not to self-sabotage.

Following your inspiration for your greatest ideas will bring you more fulfilment later. Perhaps it’s time to take a chance and go with the flow, or allow your passions to blossom.

Emotional and spiritual matters continue to be your focus. You may need to adjust to a new way of being.

As February ends, you may be considering your options. Try not to let your self-doubt or disbelief rule out viable options. It’s a great time to visualise and daydream too. If you’re making wishes, make them count.

Feelings of vulnerability or a change in your spiritual foundation may see you walking away from your usual support group. You may seek your answers elsewhere—ones which resonate more personally and deeply with you. Discontent with your career or hobby may also surface.

Love may be more successful, but a physical distance may dampen your mood, but only a little. You want to study your feelings before you delve into relationships even deeper.

Additional Insights

Protection reversed, Status, Seduction

Your Valentines experience may begin before most others.

You may let down your guard at the beginning of February, then regret it later when you get confused about the direction life seems to be going. If you are feeling insecure or stressed by your environment, matters should improve by the 3rd week of the month.

Your status may be relevant to your future opportunities. Perhaps you are not wanting a relationship if you wish to travel or follow a major life change. Couples may be moving out of a shaky period and into a more stable one.

Life is seducing you into a new phase. Love will be easy and fun, romance found not just between people, but seeming in the air itself. Singles may find it difficult to remain so. Couples may be more flirtatious and playful.



A confusing beginning to the start of the month ends in a stable and hopeful outcome. Travel looks good.

As February begins, you may receive lots of information and messages but some of them serve to confuse more than illuminate.

The month begins with you researching and looking for a way forward, perhaps towards more financial independence or stability. Someone may be looking to you with both sadness and hope.

You may be planning a travel or speaking to lots of people by phone or on the internet. This may signify the end of a cycle or project. Or you’re looking for a new situation. You may also be learning a new language or system of symbols.

Your intuition is a little weak at this time. Some of the messages and impressions you receive may be misleading, especially those relating to the completion of a project or messages from abroad. Delays may be interpreted as the end of the road. Rest well and listen to music or dance to shift this energy and gain better insight.

By mid-February, you may decide to travel or to move for work reasons. Mentally, your fears are abating.

You’re very uncertain about your move or physical travel. You have high hopes, but prefer to not expect much as you don’t want to be disappointed. The same could be said for love and romance.

Your passions are high, but you’re more focussed on healing and recovery, as well as your financial health. Your energy levels could be down. You may often cry or have trouble breathing as you purge the old and prepare to move on. It’s a significant leave-taking.

Travel may be delayed, transportation may be a problem, especially during the turning of the moon’s phases. Be wary of pickpockets and other thieves whilst travelling.

Romance is delayed or a message of love fails to come through. But hope remains.

As February comes to an end, you will be feeling happier and surer of yourself. Hopes and dreams seem within reach once more.

You’ll feel more independent, especially financially, as the month ends. You may buy new clothes or little luxuries you have been waiting for since a while. Feeling safer and bolder, you’re more likely to ask for what you need from others.

You’re budgeting skills are good, but you may need to adjust plans later as there is still some uncertainty to your situation. Take care of your details well, and check your bank statements. You will feel comfortable and nurtured.

Your dreams will be significant for love and healing. Messages of love may reach you now.

Additional Insights

Birth reversed, Criticism reversed, Inheritance

Once the cycle or project ends at the start of the month, you’re unlikely to begin something new immediately. You may need a rest or a vacation, if not a total change of scene. It may also be difficult to conceive a child at this time.

Your work will be well received. You are more relaxed and less critical of others, especially family and of those following family traditions. But keep your eyes open, especially when travelling.

You may be thinking about family a lot, or what you’ve inherited from your family line. It’s a good time to heal family hurt and long-standing issues.



Some ideas could work out very well for you, but perhaps this may not be the best time to launch them. A family plan may not work out the way you expected.

As February begins, you may worry an idea: researching, refining and working away at it till all hours.

You feel it’s going to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. But it’s not yet ready for the world, no matter how much you’d like to think otherwise. It needs some refining, tweaking and perhaps a little more experimentation.

You may not be telling your family all your plans, keeping something a secret. It could a birthday surprise you’re planning or some other treat. You may want to make sure everyone is available on that date.

You’re looking and feeling good. You’re feeling nurtured and that life is good. Your relationship is good even though your beloved may be a little quieter than usual.

By Mid-February, your hopes and dreams may feel like they’re in tatters.

Perhaps a critique or review was a little too harsh. Competition could also be very fierce. Others may be further ahead than you in bringing out similar projects. Pay attention to the fine print and read all reports/critiques to the end. They may hold a goldmine of information that will solve a few nasty glitches for you.

Family ties are strong, and you may put a lot of effort into the surprise, especially if it’s an anniversary. You’ll get a lot of joy from all the preparation and planning.

February winds down on a slow note. Your project may be on hiatus or stalled for the present.

Concern, or an important event, regarding a child or a pet may delay a travel or trip. Perhaps it’s a school event, or an unexpected anxiety attack. Or perhaps your guests may be delayed by car problems or late trains. Your surprise may have to wait or be delayed too. Try to take it in your stride. The celebration will still happen.

You may need to have a long and honest discussion with your mother, partner or sister. Whatever’s bothering you needs to be said, and you’ll need to listen to them with understanding.

In work matters, you prefer to keep your own counsel and company, perhaps working through lunch-breaks and missing some of the talk. Don’t isolate yourself too much, or you could miss important need-to-know information.

Additional Insights

Concentration, Defence reversed, Exaltation reversed

Your concentration is excellent, allowing you to process information and find the appropriate response very quickly—even under stress or when very tired. Be careful, though, of tension headaches. Your concentration may also be a little too focussed at times. Step back and take a look at the bigger picture every now and again.

You may feel hurt and defenceless against criticism (both good and bad) or arguments you didn’t see coming, especially at work. You may need to be more vulnerable with your beloved. Ensure your internet protection is up to date.

Your surprise may not have the effect or response you’d envisioned, or the details may have faded by the time you get to it. Know there’s beauty in imperfection, and your efforts are appreciated.



It’s a month of seeking: for spirituality and creativity—a new job or love, too.

As February begins, you may be feeling restless, or bored, tired of the same conversations with the same people who share the same ideas.

You may tune out those around you and seek your inspiration elsewhere; outdoors, perhaps, or within works of a spiritual or artistic nature. You may also take a period to rest, especially if you’re feeling run-down or have a problem with your foot.

New love, romantic or of a spiritual nature, arrives. This may help you find peace and an understanding of who you really are, and what you really seek. Insight may come through a conversation, a movie, or a book you read. It feels profound, but it is just the beginning.

You’re looking for more abundance in you life, but may feel disheartened or too uncertain of your power to do much about it.

Miscommunication or misunderstanding may cause a new project to fail, or be delayed around mid-month.

Support for the launch of a new product (or project) may be weak because of miscommunication or a misunderstanding. Ensure all public messages are well-spelt and clear in intention.

You may feel a lack of love. Couples may feel their partner is focused elsewhere or negligent. Singles may yearn for an equal partnership but feel unseen. Your feminine energy may need balancing. Try doing something creative or grow a plant—some indoor herbs, perhaps?

Others may not take note of your presence or your messages. You may have to follow up on communication more than usual. Perhaps your emails don’t carry the right tone, or your messages are not getting through the network. Check your status and settings, particularly on smartphones.

As February comes to an end, you may feel more at peace as delayed messages begin to arrive.

After a short rest, or a weekend away, delayed messages may start to reach you. While they may not bring many opportunities for more income, they may inspire you in other ways. There is confirmation of love, if your beloved is at a distance, as well as news of them travelling to you, perhaps.

Spiritually, you’ll enjoy meditation and receive many new insights, as well as an experience of bliss or a revelation about love. Your relationships, particularly with your mother and other females, will begin to make more sense to you.

You begin to see yourself in a new light, and may want others to see this, too. You may assert yourself more.

Additional Insights

Risk, Assertion, Drama

It’s a positive time for you. Your inner world may be vastly different from the external world.

You may be willing to take a chance on love, or in beginning a new project. However, you will have to overcome a shyness, or feelings of being unworthy in some way. Your financial acumen may also be good, but remember to do your research, too.

Towards the end of the month, you are more willing to assert yourself and risk others disagreeing with you, especially friends and favoured relatives. You may also have to intervene in some situations in order to save others in some way.

There may be lots of drama in the outer world or in your collective, but for the most part, you will maintain your balance and your composure. Others may not understand your calm and seek to move you by dramatic behaviour. You may choose to ignore them. You could also become overly engrossed in a TV show or other episodic media.


And there it all is. I’d love your feedback on this. And if you’re looking for the eBook, it’s on pre-order till 21 February 2018, when it launches. It’s currently at the introductory price of $9.99, and will go to its usual price of $14.99 from 1 March 2018. Get it at Smashwords, iTunes, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and other good eBook stores. Also available at Scribd and selected library eBook collections. Ask your local librarian for it.

Have an awesome February 2018, and may lots of love and sweeties come your way 😉

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October Tarotscopes 2017


by Leenna

It’s the windy, wonderful, wacky, weird month! Anything may be possible for some, while for other’s there’s still time to avoid meeting the ghosts of past, present and future later in the year. Happy Halloween and Happy Diwali, if you’re celebrating, and if you’re not, smile anyway. Things-they-are-changing, to misquote from Planet51 😀

*only for entertainment purposes.



It’s time for you to be Venus’ favorite! Love and money flows in this month! Or at the very least, some sort of whirlwind romance in love or with your ideas sweeps you away.

October begins with wonderfully gooey feelings of love and that all’s well in the world. You’ll fall in love at the drop of a hat (like that’s a new thing) or be offered that dream job or vacation. Emotional fulfillment is all yours and there may even be some glitter of gold (or gilt!) attached.

Mid-October strengthens the bonds formed earlier in the month. And if it’s love, it may well be of the true sort. There’s lots of togetherness, emotional depth and harmony on the domestic and love front.
You may also be having a whale of a time—romance, friendship and fun are found in what you usually regard as work. There’s support too, just when you least expect it.
For many it’s a very fertile month—both for producing little kiddies and for producing wonderful new projects.

October comes to an end on a very satisfying note. For a select few it may end with a solid commitment either from your new love or from your work situation. There’s money and stability to bless your creativity, and reward for hard work put in earlier in the year. You may be off on a short holiday, which helps you reconnect with nature and team members you like working with.
Could life be any better?



Life may seem to be on pause to help you gain a firmer footing.

October begins on a very slow note. While it seems the sun refuses to shine on you, life is merely giving you time to brush up and add the polish to your ideas and plans. It’s a good time for reflection and taking it slow to adjust to all the changes in your life—and those still to come.

Mid-month brings a generous earth-sign into your sphere. They may be a financially gifted friend, or one who helps you find practical solutions in a fun and easy way. They’ll help you see the beauty in life again.
Getting outdoors on a trail walk or short hike (or even short picnic) will bring a new perspective and some contentment to you. For those in the North, the weather will be wonderfully pleasant at this time, with brilliant sunsets and rainbows. Brave the chill and take your camera on your walks.

October comes to a close with you in a more mature frame of mind. Now is the time to heal your emotions and your beliefs. Forgiveness will come easily, and so will healing your heart in any way that’s required. This includes surgical procedures. Barbecues will go well, as will reuniting with family.



Love and work is a bit of juggle this month. Fun’s on your mind, but it’s up to you find it!

The month begins with the feeling that there’s more to life than this. You may find yourself at Libra’s impromptu proposal, or at other celebrations which make you re-evaluate your relationships and what you’d like to see in your future. More fun makes the top of the list, and while it seems far away, a new friend or two may help your find a healthy new way to bring back some lightness into your daily routine.

Mid-October may bring some delay to any matters of the heart and your new passion. This may be because of a feeling of lethargy, or not quite knowing how to proceed. There is more to life than you thought. Take another closer look, change your perspective and allow your creativity to guide you. Kick-starting your love-life or new project is that easy, if you let it be.

Towards the end of the month, you’ll have to juggle matters carefully to retain your new-found sense of energy and fun. Consider changing your work routine to one that is aligned more to your natural rhythms. Don’t forget to budget for your new interests and to make time for both old friends and new.


Staying optimistic reveals the true opportunities and the real you.

The month begins on a sticky note when you may feel that no change is likely in your life. It’s not a good time to take risks while some information, which may be vital at a later stage, may be obscured. Take a deep breath and admit that this time is actually very helpful in allowing you to reconsider your plans and objectives for the months ahead.

Mid-month there may be some serious storms with hurricane-like intensity around shores close to you. Delay travel plans if you can until after 18 October 2017. A conflict or debate between traditional and non-traditional ways/methods may draw you in and bring new opportunities along with them.

October comes to a close on a generous note. Unexpected bonuses, gifts, or prizes may find their way to you. And if they don’t, new career opportunities or a financial break will have you smiling instead. Remember to share your bounty and to put some away for a rainy day or, perhaps, help boost your nest-egg.



With lots of thoughts and ideas revolving around your head, you might want to step out and look around to see what successes you can achieve.

October begins with you finally finding closure on an emotional or passionate issue that’s been dragging on for quite some time now. Self-forgiveness is part of your healing, so don’t forget to include yourself on your list. Ideas which may have been previously rejected may find new life at this time.

Mid-month brings endings and new beginnings, plus a dose of spiritual enlightenment. Peace may surround you and keep you isolated from any negativity around you. Dance, as an exercise or form of expression, may work well for you now, especially traditional and folk dances.

October closes with you likely feeling stressed, or unable to take a vacation with a new situation or cycle beginning—back to school or back to a routine which demands much from you mentally. Try almonds as a snack and make sure you stick to your dance routine, even if it’s only in your kitchen.


Clearing your mind and finding your own way brings a lightness to your step and heart.

The month begins with you experimenting with words, ideas and messages. You may be learning a new language or writing a new project. It’s allowing you to feel a long-lost part of yourself which re-introduces you to your unique individuality. It’s a good time to journal to help retain your insights and clarity.

Mid-October is wonderfully abundant with good vibes and happenings. You may be the soul of a party or gathering, and children and little animals may flock to you to bask in your nurturing presence. Don’t forget to treat yourself, and not just others at this time. You might want to start working on your Halloween ideas a little earlier than usual, too. Don’t forget to drink lots to water to maintain your energy levels and flush out your system.

The month winds down with some passion or love issues simmering just under the surface. They are percolating at the moment and are only likely to surface early next month, so no need to stress about them now. Travel delays may come around at this time, particularly in warmer than expected weather. Other messages about long-term projects or new jobs may also be temporarily delayed. It should all work out in your favorite, so no worries.



If ever there was a time for you to hurry off to Gretna Green or marry in Las Vegas (or pretend that you are), this might be it!

October begins on a lower than expected note for you when a celebration may be delayed—or someone’s planning all the fun out of it. If it’s your future spouse, it’s time to have that talk, and if it’s your future-in-laws, you may feel like eloping… Whatever’s going through your head. It’s best to discuss it with all those involved. If it’s your graduation ceremony, you may want to take some extra time off, or allow more time than you expect as there might be delays in transport due to heavy rains.

If those wedding plans are still a problem, mid-October is the last chance for you to ensure everyone’s on the same page (unless you are eloping*) and that the budget won’t be exceeded. At work, recognition may be delayed due to an audit or some other evaluation you may have to wait on. It’s coming, so smooth out that frowny-face and turn your energy to more productive avenues.
*I am in no way advising you to elope. Your personal business and choices are, as always, your own.

Oh, yay! It’s a beautiful time for you, come the end of October! Everything’s turning out better than expected: from weddings to Halloween parties, from love to work. Even a short vacation to a little island somewhere balmy. All’s well in life as it meets you with a smile. And if you’re still (or suddenly?) single you may now meet a wonderfully romantic soul who has the same response to cheddar-cheese as you.



If you like roller-coasters you’re in luck this month. If not, you’ll want to make sure you’re carrying a barf-bag—just in case…

The month begins on a happy, magical note for you with money coming in or flowing well, stability at home and work, and a great sense of fulfillment and contentment. You may want to look through your records again, though, because a financial agreement may be coming to an end, or the one you’ve signed may now be subject to change. Call your brokers just to be on the safe side and avoid committing to any long-term new expenses (like that car or vacation) just yet. Remember to make the best of your time outdoors as you may get quite busy later in the month.

Be careful of your back around mid-month and try to keep up both your exercise and meditation routines. There may be a change in your responsibilities with less time spent working late, so it may well be time to start considering what ‘a balanced life’ looks like to you.

October comes to an end with you feeling ‘de-crowned’ in some way—dentist appointment, perhaps—or apprehensive about your image. You may want to tighten your budget or tone your belly, even if it’s temporary. Issues with your mother or beloved may also be unpredictable, so think twice before saying anything that may be misconstrued. That said, silence can be misconstrued as well, so do say something even if it’s ‘Hmm.’

Special note: It looks like a significant and confusing time in love for you with your relationship switching from one opposite to the next with little apparent rhyme or reason. Stay calm and let things play out till the end of the month before making any major decisions. Or hang out with Aries to get another perspective.



It’s time to deal with that big elephant in the room—you know, that one’s that taking up all that mental space.

The month starts with the outer world mirroring you inner world, which is how the rest of us are going know about that elephant. It’s time to let go of things and thoughts which no longer serve you and hold you down. And with you constantly being distracted by the virtual/mental pachyderm, you may be missing out on some really important details in your life which may see you on shaky ground later. It’s time to act on decisions, break your old habits and not let your mental merry-go-round turn your life into a circus.

Mid-month is an excellent time to break old habits, celebrate any and all progress you’ve made in looking at the world anew (and showing the elephant the door). Clear insights are possible, and doing heart-centred exercises will help you stay grounded. It’s a good time to vision-board and find closure on matters which still distract you from your present life.

October ends with a renewed sense of hope and a feeling of progress. An old situation is ending, possibly with a finality that is rock-solid. It’s time to look to the future, find your new path, and get your focus back. Dig out your best ideas, put your best foot forward and know that the ones that matter most to you are behind you, or cheering you along every step of the way.



A little push forward brings all those delays to an end.

The spotlights turning towards you as the month begins. It’s time to take stock and feel that sense of accomplishment which you so richly deserve. Find your courage and own your achievements. Others’ are backing you all the way even as your detractors fall behind.

Mid-month brings a slew of communication and sudden trips, either for business or love. For some, others may be traveling to you for the same reasons. New ideas and offers will be easily accepted, and all you have to do is to keep track and respond to all the opportunities you have before you.

The momentum continues through to the end of October. Matters may move at a hectic pace so that your life will look quite different come next month. Trust that you’ll handle matters with grace as life takes on almost a fairy-tale-like quality with your benevolent fairy-godmother directing the scenes of your life.


A heavy start to the month makes for a lighter time at month’s end.

October begins on a busy note. Delegate tasks, organise your time well and ensure you guard your health. Overseas travel may be delayed due to heavy storms or volcanic activity. Indigestion may be a product of irregular eating times, so ease back on the spices and try to stick to your regular meals where-ever you can.

You’ll work well with Libra come mid-month. They’ll help you see what’s necessary and what’s not in your life. You may want to jettison some old belongings or ideas to allow more balance and space in your life. Sailors may find seas very smooth or becalmed unexpectedly. Allow more time to reach home if you’re going out on the water.

October ends on a high, fun note. A short vacation or a long celebration is on the cards—if you’re not at one, you’ll be planning one (or both). Chance meetings with friends may turn into longer socials, and a celebration at work to mark the end of a project may make your day.



Exciting new ideas may have some teething problems, but work out in the long term.

The month begins with new and exciting ideas begging for attention. Look for complementary ideas and build it up to one idea much like you would a puzzle. Think like a child and let the joy of creating carry you along.

A feeling of isolation may bring up old issues over finances, community or self-worth. Hang onto your earlier high energy and new ideas to help you find your way to safer ground. Allow the old and unused to fade away while you find your true freedom.

October comes to an end with the birthing of your new dreams. A feeling of well-being and contentment marks new beginnings for you. Curiosity of others will work to your betterment, and recognition of your labors will be rewarded. Spirituality, you’ll feel reconnected to nature and your true purpose of being.

Have a fab month!

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Tarotscopes August 2017


by Leenna

August looks like a mixed-bag for most of us, with many of us consolidating progress and on ideas made in June and July. For some, it’s still cosmic exam time, while for others it’s time to break glass-ceilings in both business and love.

*only for entertainment purposes.



Like good cheese, you’re maturing well, Leo.

August starts off on a beautiful note with a hope or dream within reach or being realised. This may be the time when you find new routes to cherished dreams or people. Your optimism will be high and your spirituality strong, especially when you are interacting with nature. The term ‘clear skies’ come to mind, allowing you to see further with understanding.

Your optimism matures into a greater commitment on an emotional or spiritual level come mid-month. Emotional reconciliation or renewed determination to stick to a person or plan finds you considering new never-before-thought-of paths. While this may seem scary, you’re a pioneer at heart (or with heart) so explore till your heart’s content.

August ends on a stable, less confusing note for you. While plans and ideas move or grow more slowly than you’d like, you’ll feel more grounded and content with your broad future plans/vision, a greater connection to your life-purpose and even a greater connection to your ancestors or a suppressed part of yourself.



The month begins on a strait-laced note on the surface but has a definitely more fun-feeling under the surface.

Libras are significant in your life at the start of the month, bringing some insight with a touch of humour. While others may think of you as somewhat unforgiving over some aspects just now, your playfulness and compassion will pop-up at the most unexpected times. Expect puppy dogs and little kids to either cry at the sight of you or run after you in delight! Through it all, you’ll have clarity come to you at the oddest moments.

Mid-August may see you labelled as a lone-wolf at work or in other communities. Recognition may be hard to find or denied you by some. Ignore them and continue the good-work, unless you decide to go your own way. The abundance or monetary rewards you seek may be a little late in coming, so plan accordingly.

The month ends on a similar note for you as Leo. Long-term plans with most Leo’s would therefore work out well as you’ll be on the same page with the same concerns and understanding of each other’s problem-solving. Investment in mining may work out well for you, especially if you have the longer-terms in sight, a connection to the land being utilised, and a concern for the environmental impact and rehabilitation. Planting and reforestation will also make you happy and bring you internal peace. It’s all go with green, Virgo.



Choose paths wisely at the beginning at the month or lighten your social calendar to ease the strain on yourself.

August begins on a decisive note for you. You’re done being…vacillating. You’re done missing opportunities. And it is a great time for you to say ‘yes’ to the new more often—but in moderation, Libra. Choose one path and stick with it—at least for now:-D

More decisions come around mid-month, but at least this time, they’re more clear-cut, perhaps involving money or a business partnership. You may want to call on Virgo and ask for a play-date as their unexpected humour will bring out your own sense of humour and playfulness.

A busy, busy, end of month for you, perhaps even stressful. Too many ideas, too little optimism and maybe a little bit of paralysis caused by inaction/self-doubt. Or perhaps a series of late nights.  You’ll be needing extra sleep for sure.


Be wise and energise, Scorpio.

It’s a fertile period for you at the beginning of the month. Ideas, creations, and the means to ground them into reality are all yours for the asking and taking. Be kind (especially to Virgos who are your good-luck charms this month) and allow your warmth and generosity to surface once more. Friendships will grow stronger in this way.

Mid-August could bring some brushes with legal-eagles. Contracts will be fair (especially if you have your own eagle-eyes) and you’ll be beholden to promises just as much as your co-signatures. For those in love or considering marriage, be aware of the karmic forces at play and decide now if you’re in it for the long-haul, because this flight looks like a non-stop.

August ends on a lovely social and happy note for you. Whatever your mood, the fun and playful side of life is sure to keep tapping you on the shoulder like a game of tag. For those in New Zealand or visiting, a cultural show or art exhibition will inspire you and prove more life-enhancing than anticipated. Watch your alcohol intake and remember that the best kind of fun leaves you feeling better for days after, not worse.


Fly high, Sagittarius. It’s time to feel alive again!

August begins on a hectic note for you. Delayed from June, you’ll be flooded by news, messages, loads of emails… Why not run off to the wilds for a day or two and let your soul build better filters for modern living. But don’t forget the bug-spray. Otherwise, it’s a passionate time for you, with maybe a holiday romance or a business deal/career move at a new location.

Mid-month finds you feeling vulnerable. Perhaps that romance is turning serious or you’d forgotten that bug-spray and are now paying the price or medical fee. Either way, you may feel off-balance or dizzy at the speed at which your life changed. Take heart and be easy on yourself. Adjustments take time. And every new experience or undertaking has a learning-curve.

You’re taking flight, most probably physically. If not, your ideas are doing it for you. Freedom comes with a price this time, and you may wonder if it’s perhaps too much. But stretching your wings is good for you, and it maybe that this is just what you need to get out of your mental and physical comfort-zone (unless you have a serious medical condition). When last did you feel so alive, Sagittarius? When last? Stretch those wings and go with the winds of change.


New spiritual seeking for you, and a small change at home.

August begins on a spiritual note for you. You may feel that there’s ‘more to life than this’ and start seeking new spiritual pathways or expressions of self. This may bring up some latent talents or gifts which may be of benefit to others around you.

Mid-month may bring what feels like a sulkiness when it looks like re-organisation of your home or other home-related plans may fall through or be delayed. Your spiritual/emotional quest may also be put on hold as you deal with more mundane issues and family needs. Some love relationships may feel a little stale and you may want to take a short vacation with your loved-one.

The month comes to an end with a busy, busy feel. Perhaps you’ve got the green-light on your home-related idea or plans and it’s all systems go. Try not to DIY all of it as it may be a too taxing on your time. Make time to play and relax in a natural beauty spot. It’s just the recharge you need! This is when your greatest insights will come to you. Take note!


August may echo an earlier part of the year. Consider this a cosmic test and don’t make the same mistakes twice!

The month begins with some hidden agendas. It may be yours, it may be others. But caution is advised, as is honesty—especially with yourself! It may be all too easy to convince yourself you’re ready for a new experience or job, and that you have all the resources you need to win through any situation. Others may call you out when you least expect it. For this part of the month, stick to what you know and what you’ve mastered.

Mid-August brings a short-term tightening of the budget. Part-time work or beginning your own business may also prove very challenging with the Mercury Retrograde affecting us for most the month. Do your research and your sums (this is not the time to let your money take care of itself) and make sensible plans. Work, or what feels like work, may make playtime and me-time scarce. Schedule a pj-day or two and feel better for it.

The month ends on an emotional note. You may feel far from your family and friends, or perhaps you’re finding it difficult to make trust-worthy new relationships. Your beloved may also be travelling or so busy that you hardly see them. Try painting or another artistic expression to lift your spirits and meet the kind of souls who speak to you just now.



Weed out the worry and plant seeds of hope into your future.

August begins on a good stable note for you, allowing you to finally make some long-term plans.  Explore your child-like creativity to find more opportunities in work and in relationships.

Mid-August may bring a stern, difficult air-sign into your sphere. You may not share the same sense of humour, and it may be very easy to  misunderstand each other. Take the time to clarify your messages, double-check for errors and ensure you’re following the correct formats/procedures.

Late August brings a stuck-in-school feeling where you want nothing more than to go out and play, but work or studies prove too demanding. Celebrations may be put on hold as your workload grows heavy. Keep your focus, stay grounded and you’ll get through this all that quicker. Distractions, welcome though they may be, will only delay that overdue fun-time.


Ooh, Aries! It’s a wonderfully good month for you in terms of love and partnerships.

The month begins with you a little preoccupied on future plans, but firmly in control. It’s a month for trying out new work systems and ensuring that structures in your life are firm and trust-worthy. You’ll be in demand for your skills, or recognised for your achievements. Just the kind of thing you love 😀

Mid-August brings in the lovey-dovey stuff or a wonderful new partnership in another area of your life, along with a whole lot of joy and reciprocal feeling. Either way, it looks like the start of a beautiful friendship. One or two of you may finally make a life-changing choice, so resolving a long-standing conflict in your life. Whatever your situation, go with the flow.

August ends on an uplifting note. Matters which seemed stranded, will float once more, and forward movement to calmer waters will be the result. You know what you want. You know what you need. Now watch as it all comes to you 😀



August brings new beginnings in creativity, or new ways of communicating. Maybe even both!

The month begins with you in an upbeat mood which allows others to see your playful side. New opportunities will result, and you may be asked to solve some issues in an ingenious way. Don’t panic! Play with the problem and it will magically reveal its secrets to you.

Mid-month finds your social calendar full as everyone demands your amazing presence. Outdoor events will be your favourites, which may bring some new romance for those nights under the stars. Or perhaps, you’ll be meeting stars. Or even seeing stars (hopefully not for all the wrong reasons!). Whatever your starry-eyed situation, remember not to overlook the obvious, and don’t overspend.

August ends on a lower note as you realise where your fair-weather friends disappeared to, or find yourself out of pocket because of some overspending. Try not to pour energy into a situation out of sheer optimism. Ensure that you have some basis in fact to continue your involvement with certain people or contracts. Save your optimism for those projects and people closest to your heart, including some overlooked charities.


Life begins again, Sleeping Beauty.

August begins with you in wonderful spirits as you catalogue all that you are grateful for—and there’s so many new wonderful developments to grow your list for the first nine days! Lucky, lucky gem that you are—everyone may now begin seeing you in the light that you wish to be seen—roughened edges or not!

Mid-month brings some much needed fun mental stimulation, perhaps in the form of a long-overdue trip. Whatever way you’re going, it’s a path unique to you which few others can follow you down. Time to revel in your mind, your ideas, and your clear way of looking at the world.

The month ends on with a jarring need to ground those earlier ideas. This may slow the pace you’ve set yourself, but it’s sorely needed to consolidate all that you’re building and to secure your achievements and those dreams which began coming true earlier in the month. Don’t lose yourself this time, bring things down to earth and stick to tangibles at month-end.



As the month grows, so do you.

August begins with you having an itch to act or for movement, or just to do something…different! The cards say wait. Find your balance. Hold the ‘steady’ position for a tad longer so you don’t misstep on the ‘go’.

Mid-August sees you in a powerful position, self-confident and full of ideas. Others will consult with you, and the sky will be the limit in terms of your creativity and ability to influence others. Use this power wisely and to help benefit others too. And if you’re trying to catch someone special’s eye, they’ll be spellbound by you without you even trying!

August ends with you consolidating your position and setting up new systems or structures to allow for more stability and sustainability in your life. Recognition comes on all fronts. And if that special someone hasn’t approached you yet, they will now!