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Whispering Tree

Have you ever sat near to or under a tree and heard it whisper to you?

I’ve been lucky to have experienced this more than once, admittedly these were during breezy days.

One such tree was was this one in Yulin, at Central Square.


Another was this tree in Broken Hill, Australia.

m_Tree Broken Hill I was so taken by the beauty of its bark in contrast to the other sights along Bromide Street (it’s a mining town, it really is) that I stood for a few moments just gawking and marveling at it. This tree had a story, perhaps more than one… And all I knew for sure was that I wanted to paint it.

Months later in Harbin, I found I’d ended up sketching it in black ink. Back in SA, I decided to add colour to it with gouache.

And what did the tree whisper to me? Well, parts of it are on the painting, and the rest…that’s between me and the tree 😀


What story would your favourite tree tell you if you could understand its whisperings.

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