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Whispering Tree

Have you ever sat near to or under a tree and heard it whisper to you?

I’ve been lucky to have experienced this more than once, admittedly these were during breezy days.

One such tree was was this one in Yulin, at Central Square.


Another was this tree in Broken Hill, Australia.

m_Tree Broken Hill I was so taken by the beauty of its bark in contrast to the other sights along Bromide Street (it’s a mining town, it really is) that I stood for a few moments just gawking and marveling at it. This tree had a story, perhaps more than one… And all I knew for sure was that I wanted to paint it.

Months later in Harbin, I found I’d ended up sketching it in black ink. Back in SA, I decided to add colour to it with gouache.

And what did the tree whisper to me? Well, parts of it are on the painting, and the rest…that’s between me and the tree 😀


What story would your favourite tree tell you if you could understand its whisperings.

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You’ve got my back, right?

It’s nice to know someone’s looking out for you, backing you up and holding flashing knives at bay, especially metaphorical ones which tend to do the most long-term damage.

The body can heal quickly, but the psyche can hold on to wounds for years…if not lifetimes.

Knowing someone’s got your back – be it your intimidating brother, intimidating aunt, crazy friend, serious boss, or fluffy pooch – instantly bestows super confidence and super-powers on you.
Suddenly, anything becomes possible.

Use these super powers responsibly.

And thank your back-watchers. You may not be able to see them, but they’ve got your back. Right?

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Coffee with salt…

Often a thing, or a place, will suddenly seem…wrong…off, bringing a confused distasteful curl to your lip.

It may take you a while to figure out what exactly went wrong. Reaching for the salt instead of the sugar…being distracted…or finding your trusted source of sustenance is either having a bad day or taking out their hatred of the world on you…

Most of the time that sense of something missing, or of it being substituted by a distasteful look-a-like, is the result of missing a beloved…
a sweet face…
a spirit-lifting smile…
a loud guffaw…
a playful bark…
or sulky meow…

On the sunniest days, missing your beloved turns all sugar to salt, even in the finest coffee…or tea.


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Bubbling With Excitement!

With the internet throwing a hissy fit and refusing to work for two whole weeks, it’s been hard to keep up with posts here. But the internet gremlins can’t be blamed for all of the silence.

Choose Your Own AdventureYou see, I’ve been bubbling with excitement over my newest adventure! Here we are almost six months after I’d decided to Choose My Own Adventure and I’ve started a new project.

Yep, I’ve gone and opened a shop at Redbubble 😀

My thanks to Melissa Rose, The Anxious Canadian, for introducing me to this exciting site. Melissa also has her own Redbubble shop to print her delightful photos as postcards for her Postcrossings.

So, where did this whole Redbubble thing come from?

The whole long story…

Some of you might remember that the purpose of this blog of mine is to explore my creativity, push my boundaries and share inspirational thoughts, quotes, and ideas with you.
And that’s why I love blogging with posts that are a mixture of my writing and my design selves.

Going Further back in time: How Two Became One

Growing up, I didn’t consider myself creative. Back at school, only one teacher chose to showcase my art, my sister was the one doing portraits of Sting, and I could never transfer the image in my mind onto the paper in front me.
The only things I could render well were eyes (doodled all over my books) and trees…


…Until a really cool graphic designer introduced me to Photoshop! And Illustrator! And mock-ups! And so my career in video wobbled off on a new path, which was all to the good as I’m much better with static images than moving ones.

But creativity mixed with my nature is a strange thing. Working in a creative environment with other creatives taught me all the tools while also exhausting me.

Another career change into teaching allowed my writing and creativity to blossom, but simultaneously left no time or outlet for designing…

Another career change into writing and there was precious little time for anything, never mind doodling…

As usual, there seemed no winning for me…

….Until last year when I decided to consciously nurture my dwindling half which loved art and playing with colours, and LeennascreativeBox was born.

Back to the present

The problem with pushing my creativity with art and design is that my writing…well, suffers.

It takes quite a lot of time for me to layout visuals or create new images to illustrate my post; time I should be spending writing and selling a new short story.

In other words, I need my artwork to be as important as my writing and for it to have a similar earning potential to justify spending all that time on it.
Because much as I’d love to create both stories and artwork just for the fun of it, I still depend on them for my income…

And so, Redbubble to the rescue!

Now my artwork can generate an income much as my writing does. Now I can justify spending hours in the wonderfully meditative process  of painting across my screen, or on paper. And most important, I can feel more balanced and allow more fun into my life by cutting out the nasty thoughts that I’m wasting time instead of working on earning an income.

WAussie foresticecubes flyingRB202_V2_Cut_Sew_Bleed_LinesThis last month has been much more fun for me. With my desire to create more artwork sated, my creativity is higher, and my writing benefits enormously too.

It’s a great feeling to be practicing all the skills I spent half my life learning and honing.
I can now share the images and thoughts that inspire me with more people, with the hope this will bring something bright and fun into their lives too.

RB202_V2_Cut_Sew_Bleed_LinesAnd what new adventure can be better than that!

Find me on Redbubble and let me know what you think!
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