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Get Your Channelled General Message Letter for 2022

It’ that time of year again when I offer my patrons and blog-readers a free channeled Letter from one of the deities I work with. We didn’t have the Valentines Letters due to time constraints and things being topsy-turvy, so for this year, we’re having General Messages.

This will the fourth year running that we’ve offered this, and looking back I’m very grateful for the sharing and wisdom that have come through since 2019. Have a look at last year’s Valentine’s and General Messages for us all. Many thanks to those whose requests for letters and messages brought out these pearls of light for us all!

Previous letters and channeled messages posts are linked below:

I’m prioritising letters in the same way as last year: first my patrons, essential services/health-workers, then other blog-reader requests. I’ll only be accepting the first ten requests from this post plus all my patrons.

How it works

1) Fill in the form below to request a channeled message. The letters will be answered randomly in a meditation by one of the following: Shakti, Cupid, Shiva, QuanYin, Grandfather Time (see my Patreon for more messages from him), Lakshmi and Saraswathi, and maybe Mercury or Juno. There’s an off-chance that you may get a message from Mercury or Vesta. I can’t tell you beforehand who will respond to your request. If, in the unlikely event, I receive no message or letter for you, I’ll do a mini tarot-reading for you instead.

2) Indicate on the form if you’ll allow me to share anonymously some of your messages in posts as I’ve done in previous years.

3) Letters will sent as soon as I have them ready and may take a week or two.

4) I’ll be taking requests until 22 April 2022.

5) Once I’ve emailed all the letters, I’ll share some of the messages that most stood out to me in a post on this blog at the end of April or beginning of May 2022.

Request Your Channelled Letter

I can’t wait to see what this year’s messages will be 😀

May love light your away!

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Video: Decks Flip Through

Hanson Roberts, Lightseers Tarot, Vice Versa Tarot, Food Fortunes

Timestamps below.

As requested by a patron, a flip through four of my decks with some discussion/rambling about the interpretation and illustrations, particularly at the beginning.


  • Hanson-Roberts Tarot mini-cards 01:00
  • Lightseers Tarot 11:50
  • Vice Versa 27:19
  • Food Fortunes 43:30

Listen to your weekly heads up on my Way I See It With Leenna podcast.

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Let me know what you think about Way I See It With Leenna podcast, an my Patreon free reads 😀

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Your Weekly Tarotscope With Valentines Bonus Preview

Your heads up for the week with additional cards for a sneak peek at this pre-Valentines week. Who might be sending you a Valentine? Or the energy of your current partner 😀

Clip to preview Ep 12 of Way I See It Weekly Tarotscope 7 to 13 February 2021

Listen to the full episode on:

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Listen to next week’s Way I See It Episode for more another bonus read on Love and post-Valentines Day messages 😀

Extract from Weekly Tarotscopes: 16 to 22 April 2023

Just wanted to share an extract from this week’s tarotscopes with my Patrons. I thought you might like it 😀 Mercury retrograde is here, and it’s an airy, windy week! Fortunately, for most it’s a lighter, positive time ushering in some beautiful new energy and beginnings or opportunities. For others, there are still some older…

Your Tarotscopes: March to April 2023

2023 is finally ‘gettin’ going’ and it’s looking to be an interesting time! Love and light to you all! Water Signs Pisces 00:30Cancer 13:17Scorpio 30:34 Fire Signs Aries 00:20Leo 11:45Sagittarius 24:45 Earth Signs Taurus 00:20Virgo 11:23Capricorn 35:40 Air Signs Gemini 00:30Libra 14:32Aquarius 36:29

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Dear Agonist Aunt: Ideas Overload, Fleshing Out Characters

Welcome to our Agonist Aunt’s desk. She’s here to help out all creatives who may be struggling with getting started, finding inspiration, dealing with blocks and whatnots in the whole creative process or getting a project complete. Agonist Aunt does not currently answer career or love-themed letters.

This week, Agonist Aunt advises a creative who’s got too many ideas and a writer who’s looking for the real character behind those Character Sheets. Much gratitude to these two souls for sharing their difficulties that so many of us can relate to.

Disclaimer: Agonist Aunt is only a sounding board. Her reply is for your entertainment and enlightenment only. Follow any suggestion at your own discretion and own it for yourself. Agonist Aunt accepts no liability and no credit in any event.

Dear Agonist Aunt,
How Do I Focus On Just One?
For my writing and artwork, one of my problems is that there are just unlimited possibilities of what to do, and I freeze up trying to decide on one. How do I focus in on one thing, the more limited the better probably? Limits seem to expand the creative possibilities, but in a manageable way.
Nine Tailed Foxe

Dear Nine-Tailed Foxe
Temporary ditch diverging possibilities in favour of merging possibilities.
I hate to admit I suffer from a similar problem to your own. Yes, it does lead to paralysis and procrastination, or feeling that you’ve scattered your energies too much. I have two approaches to this problem. Choose one that works best for you at the time.
Work on two or three projects simultaneously. This lengthens the time of completion for each project considerably, but also stops the other procrastinator monster, the dreaded creative block, popping up. For those bursts of creativity (or inspirons as Pratchett termed them) that intrude upon your concentration, file them in a notebook, sketchbook or other note-system. Personally, I like keeping a small notebook handy and jotting down notes or making indecipherable sketches/drawings that lead to later creative surges or inspiration for challenging parts of projects much later…sometimes years later.
Another method is to take similar or complementary (or even contrasting) ideas and use them as elements in your current or other project. This way you get to explore your current passion without losing time or getting too distracted by ‘new’, shiny ideas. I find this way great to grow as a creative and to change my style into one that’s more distinctive—more me!

I pulled a card for you and it’s Achievement. During contemplation of all these awesome ideas and ways to utilise them, it’s important to focus on what you wish to achieve with them, or how they’ll contribute to your overall achievement. Some ideas are just for fun, and you don’t need to do an in-depth exploration of them all, especially if they’re costing you too much time and energy and setting your almost complete or half-way through projects even further behind. Keep that sketchbook/notebook handy or even a character who doesn’t quite fit into you current works on file. Some ideas also need the right time to fully blossom and serve their purpose. In the meantime, you can achieve much more with your time in merging workable ideas or using them as new elements.
Wishing you more clarity, focus and achievement
Agonist Aunt

Dear Agonist Aunt,
How do I find my character’s voice?
Having a fair amount of experience crafting plots and building worlds, the one area where I still stumble most is in moving my original characters beyond a set of traits on a Character Sheet so that they can become a living, breathing person on the page.
BB Wonkycandle

Dear BB Wonkycandle
Tune in, drop out, and observe your character.
Before we get to the crux, let me congratulate you on your attention to crafting plots. Many’s a well-told story that’s sabotaged by a degenerating plot as the story continues.
Ah, yes, Character Sheets. While they make you feel terribly productive, they often only give you a clinical look at your character. To get a more visceral and rounded look at characters, you need to drop your pen/keyboard (or at least set them aside), get a nice cup of tea/coffee/tipple of choice, and find a comfy seat. Now, close your eyes and imagine your character in a scene of your story. If you see your plot like a movie, press the pause button. What is their expression in that scene? How are they feeling at that point? How are they standing? DO NOT WRITE DOWN A THING. Just KNOW this about your character. Carry on noticing your character through the scene. The way they move, the way they speak, their facial expressions. DO NOT TRY TO MAKE THEM FIT TO YOUR PLOT IF THEY ARE BEHAVING DIFFERENT TO YOUR EXPECTATIONS. Characters dictate, enhance or emerge with plots. They are not fully formed and we do not fully know them until the end…sometimes never. Let yourself discover your characters as you would a new acquaintance or friend.

If you have trouble visualising your character so minutely, you might want to try casting your favourite/least favourite actor in their role—a great way to justify binge-watching if you need it. Now you have a template for their facial expressions and physical movement, and it should be easy to imagine them playing out the scene in your plot.
I also find dialogue and ‘hearing’ the character’s speech very helpful in revealing aspects of them: their accent, their choice of words, their verbal tics and their silences. All of these can be far more indicative of their inner workings and foreshadow their strengths and weaknesses. Similarly, having a ‘character song’—one which typifies them in some way can also conjure them up almost instantly. For example, in the movie Bunrako, music was used to enhance each character’s nature without dialogue, but it told us so much about them in that moment. Play this song/music when you write about them.

I pulled a card for you, and it’s Empathy. I think it sums up wonderfully what we’ve been talking about. The illustration even has an ear on it, so ‘hear’ your character speak and hear what they’re feeling and how they choose to reveal (or hide) themselves in that moment. Only then is it time to pick up your pen (or keyboard) and let them interact with your plot.
May all your relationships with your characters be long, fruitful and full of empathy.
Agonist Aunt

Looking for last week’s letters? Find them here.

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Yummy Home-made Food For Doggies

Mliae over at Lifexperimentblog mentioned how hard it’s been to find dog-food in shops recently.

hungry dog

What’s a dawg gotta do
to get some food around here?

hungry small dog

Where’s my supper, mum?

I immediately thought of my favourite doggies’ favourite food cooked by their human mums. So, I contacted their mums and got their tried and tested recipes to share with you over this confusing time for doggies (and their human parents). Huge thanks and hugs to Pamela Naidoo-Ameglio and Rani Chetty for allowing me to share their fur-baby food recipes with you.

Pamela’s Pappy Love Meals
(For Large and Giant Breeds)

Even the fussy ones licked their bowls cleaned and looked for more. The secret’s in the stock! Pamela’s large and giant-mixed breeds both had beautiful coats, were hardly ever bothered by fleas, and seldom went to the vet for illnesses. Kibble was used for breakfast and left for snacks, but this was the long awaited meal of the day, with a bone to keep gnawing for dessert. Kleinsus uses a similar recipe for her youngest hound as he has special dietary needs, so please take that into account if your doggie is similar.

You’ll need:
3 litres water
3 cups maize meal (mealie meal/pap)
beef/mutton bones (preferably with marrow, ask your butcher)
sliced, chunky carrots and other vegetables
1 tsp garlic or 2 cloves
glug of sunflower oil

1) In a large pot, make a stock by browning the bones with the oil, then adding the water and bringing to a boil. Add garlic and vegetables, allowing to stew for 15-30mins.
Marrow in the bone is healthier than using fat, while the garlic repels fleas and conditions the coat. Most dogs I know love crunchy but soaked carrots so don’t slice the carrot too small, and perhaps add them last. Scrubbed potato and carrot peel, and peas are also good additions but avoid using whole potatoes and more corn as it will be too starchy.
2) Slowly stir in the maize meal. Continue stirring until you have a smooth, hard porridge.
It may be quite difficult to stir at times, but it makes for a great arm work-out!
3) Leave to steam for a few minutes.
4) Remove from pot and allow to cool in storage containers.
The food can be stored in the fridge for 1 week and can be frozen for longer term storage.

Recommended Portions
Once a day (midday or late afternoon) as follows, in addition to kibble and treats in the morning and late night:
Large breeds: 3 heaped dessert spoons + bone
Giant breeds: 3.5 heaped dessert spoons + bone

Note: Rice can be substituted for maize-meal, but you may need larger quantities of it as it’s not as dense. For this reason, I’ve noticed medium and small breeds are more likely to prefer rice to maize-meal.

Rani’s Relicious Rice and Roast Dins
(For small and medium breeds)

Rani’s little ones are especially picky eaters, and two have troublesome tummies, so she usually fixes them this very human food with some doggie-friendly adjustments. She doesn’t usually add carrots, which her fur-babies prefer raw, but you can experiment with cooked or steamed carrot in the mix as your doggie may have different tastes.

You will need:
Cooked rice (no salt)
Frozen chicken pieces or left-over roast chicken
carrots (optional)

If you’re using left-over roast, remove the skin and skip to (2).
1) Place chicken pieces in pan or pot, cover with water. Bring to a boil and allow to steam till chicken is cooked through and most of the water is reduced.
It’s important to not season the meat as most dogs prefer unseasoned meat, and salt is unhealthy for them. You can experiment with garlic in small quantities to see if your doggie finds it acceptable as garlic repels fleas and conditions the coat.
2) When chicken has cooled, shred the meat and debone carefully but retain cartilage if your dog enjoys it. Ensure even the tiniest bones and bone fragments are removed. Skin can be left in shredded if your dog eats it.
3) Mix in a one part chicken to two parts rice. Add a little of the liquid from the pot and mix thoroughly so the rice isn’t dry.
This food can be stored in the fridge for 2-3 days and can be frozen for longer term storage.

Recommended portions
Rani feeds her small fur-babies about 3-4 tablespoons each morning and night. They snack on kibble during the day or if they prefer to miss breakfast, and also have doggie treats.

contented dog

I’m soooo full!

happy dog

Me, too! Nap time…
Love you, mum!

Snack suggestions (in moderation): 1 slice bread or 1 slice toast for large and giant breeds, half that for small to medium breeds; carrot sticks or chunks.

PS. These yummy ingredients are also needed by us humans, so remember to not panic-buy the ingredients, especially the staples!

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When Zodiac Signs Race

Sometimes my imagination runs away, and sometimes it has me laughing out loud. Like in this race which combines my knowledge of zodiac signs and the 1000m race—taking us back to high school.

So, here’s how it usually went—at least how I remember it. Was it the same at your school?

Earth Signs

Taurus is scowling. Why did they agree to this? Actually, they didn’t. They were ‘volunteered’. There’s much better things to do like find something nice to eat, or lounge about, or sleep. But there’s the finish line, and for some reason it’s making their feet itchy—paw at the ground even. There’s better things to do, and really they don’t have to run. They’ll just take a few steps and then go home. Serve everyone right for ‘volunteering’ them, right? But that finish line—that’s a challenge. Will it be worth it? Can they do it? Just to prove a point. Who to doesn’t matter, just to prove a point. Taurus is scowling at the finish line and pawing faintly at the ground…ruminating, building up steam…

The gun goes off, Capricorn launches like a steadily moving rocket. They have it figured out. All they have do is maintain a steady pace, slog it out. Keep the head. They deserve to win, ‘cos a steady pace and hard work sorts out the losers from the winners, and Capricorn is going to win. Taurus is still scowling at the finish line and pawing the ground oblivious to everything and everyone else, especially their house yelling at them to ‘Move!’. And Virgo…Virgo is frozen at the start, too. Capricorn smiles. It’s a walk-over. But mustn’t be smug. Must put in the slog, and show everyone how steady, hard slog wins the race. Capricorn pounds on…

Virgo is frozen. There was a plan—a very good, well-thought out, logical plan. It incorporated all known factors and figured in the weak points of the other signs. Yes, it was a good plan. But the gun was so loud and such a shock, even Taurus is frozen to the spot. And, where did this breeze come up from? It’s throwing out the equations, affecting speed and distance covered, but how? Time’s running out. Virgo takes a few strides along the track. But wait, something is off. But what? Virgo slows. A new plan has to be devised. It won’t be perfect, but it will be a plan and progress can be established. It won’t be perfect… Virgo stops and starts, cautiously moving forward, constantly recalibrating…

Taurus, with no thought, running on pure instinct and repressed energy, suddenly zooms forward straight at the finish line, oblivious to the startled Virgo, ignorant of the sudden snarl of Capricorn forced to keep up or lose out. Taurus is continuing to accelerate as they near the finish line. Taurus has passed the finish line, still accelerating and is focused on something far beyond it—possibly on the ice-cream van or hot-dog stand.

Never underestimate Taurus’ priorities or intent focus.

Water Signs

Cancer is nervous at the start line, looking a little pale or green, assuring the medical staff they aren’t going to throw up just yet. It’s just nerves. Cancer avoids looking at the finish line. What matters is being in the race, not letting the house down. There’s no expectation of winning. It would nice, but not expected. Scorpio is super fast and Pisces is full of surprises. What matters is being in the race, showing support and willing. And not throwing up at the start…

Pisces seems distracted. Surely, they’re in the wrong place. Everyone’s looking at them full of expectation—and they can’t do this! They’re fakes. Why did they volunteer? It was stupid, Stupid! Oh, look! A butterfly! And the sky looks so nice beyond the finish line. Wouldn’t it be nice to just run and run into the blue? The Blue Beyond! What would that be like? Pisces is looking dreamily at the finish line…

The gun goes off, and Scorpio strides confidently off. They’ve got this. Pisces is shrieking and Cancer is busy trying to calm Pisces down. A head start. The race is in the bag. Scorpio’s leaving them in the dust. That’s natural selection for you. The best ahead of the pack…This is all going too well. Something might go wrong. Keep those eyes and ears open. Maybe Cancer and Pisces are planning on something nasty, running together like a team like that. It’s unnatural. Wait, what’s that! Who left that there? It’s to trip them up, isn’t it? Hahaha, but they’ve spotted it, and they won’t fall for it. Not Scorpio. Definitely not me…Who yelled that? It sounded like Steve. Just wait till the race is over. They’ll get their’s for such disrespect, yes they will. If it’s the last thing Scorpio ever does…

Scorpio reaches the finish line far ahead of Cancer and Pisces, who look relieved and happy when the race is over. They made it, and no one came out last, yay! But Scorpio doesn’t look happy. There’s scores to settle, such disrespect…No, Scorpio’s win means nothing. There’s always someone out to get them.

Never underestimate Scorpio’s ability to make themselves unhappy…

Fire Signs

Leo’s in the middle at the start line, chin in the air, confident. What are Aries and Sagittarius doing in the race? They aren’t real fire signs, not like Leo. Leo is the ultimate. Remember that time when…And they’ll own this race, too. No doubt about this. Leo is the only one in the race. The others don’t count, and it’s not like they can keep up with the King! Of course not. Leo has this in the bag, ‘cos Leo rules…

Aries, ignored by Leo, is puffing out their chest. They’re going to win. They’re smarter, faster and stronger than all the others. Leo doesn’t stand a chance, not after all the training Aries did. Aries is going to show them how it’s done, and done right. Oh yes! It’s Aries all the way, no doubt about it…

Sagittarius is…Hang on! Where’s Sagittarius? Did they drop out? Quick go find…There they are joking with friends on the sidelines. Do they realise the race is about to start? Doesn’t look like it.
The gun goes off. A tap on the shoulder, a brief word or two, and Sagittarius is off like a shot, much faster than expected. But that’s Sagittarius for you.

Leo is in the lead, but deadly serious about making the best time and all that and not allowing the others to catch up. It may be a race with only themselves, but they’re not taking any chances. Besides, its satisfying to see the finish line approach so fast.

Sagittarius is galloping along with a grin. This is the life. How exhilarating having the wind in their face, feeling the strength in their legs and knowing they’re gaining on Leo and Aries! How exciting! Nothing else matters but feeling that wind in their face and that sense of exhilaration. Oh yeah!

Aries is keeping up with Leo who’s running out of puff! But wait, what’s happening to Aries! A stumble! Now? Really! What the…Another stumble and a hand-twirling tumble! Of all the times! Aries is swearing, not far from the finish line, just a little more effort needed. Aries rolls up and sprints, giving it their all. They trip again, much to their surprise, and have the inspired idea to roll to the finish line. First is first, no matter how you win!

Except it isn’t. It’s a photo finish. One hand and two feet all crossed the finish line simultaneously. There’s an uproar, a heated debate, some dramatic losing of tempers, and the crowd is thrilled. They’ll be talking about it for days!

Never underestimate Aries clumsiness or their spot solutions to the unexpected.

Air Signs

At the start line, Libra is dithering. Is it the right thing to do? It doesn’t seem like it. What are people thinking? Does their kit look okay? Better not to over-think things. Better not to think at all. Look just what happened to Virgo. Just take it as it comes. The important thing is to maintain balance, not upset anything, It would be nice to win, though, But not if it makes Aquarius and Gemini angry at them. They couldn’t deal with that anger or drama. There’s enough of that oozing off the fire-signs. Just do whatever feels right and go with the flow. After all, it’s been decided. There’s no going back now. But what if they win? How would that change things? Definitely won’t do to upset anyone…Not again, not after last year and that time when…

Aquarius is looking detached and immaculately kitted out. They’ve got this all figured out. It’s a process, a logical thesis to be experimented with. It will be interesting to see the outcome. It would be nice to win, especially as it would prove the efficacy of logical thought applied to muscular motion and all that. Aquarius is looking detach, though occasionally longingly at the finish line…After all, finishing something means something, doesn’t it? Doesn’t it? Or does it?

Gemini is smiling. They, too, have a plan. In fact, they’ve had several and settled on the best one for today after researching Libra and Aquarius. Their friends know this too, that’s why they’re waving back. Today is Gemini Day. Today is the day they win. There’ s a plan—a strategy actually. A rock solid strategy that’s going to blast everyone else out of the…Oh, look! That butterfly again. It’s a reminder of something about the plan. What was it again, and which plan was it for? Gemini is looking strong, but faintly puzzled at the butterfly…

The gun goes off, and Aquarius is getting some surprised looks and murmuring. They’re power-walking! Slowly accelerating. A brilliant plan for conserving strength and stamina while building up speed and momentum. Scattered cheering and clapping makes them smile. At least some people get it. And winning would prove the point even further. Aquarius accelerates.

Libra is slightly alarmed. They’re in the lead and it feels all wrong. It’s upsetting the balance! It’s not like they want to be known as an athlete. That’s totally the wrong impression to make. And people would be upset! What to do? What to do? Can’t slow down, too obvious. No point in running faster, that would just make things worst. Best to keep going at this steady pace. It’s easy, it’s flowing. It feels comfortable. Keep going…but avoid more effort. Libra gives a sigh of relief. Gemini’s outpacing everyone.

Gemini, sprinting past Aquarius then Libra, is ecstatic. What did I tell you? Foolproof plan! Absolutely foolproof. This race is already won. Yes, Aquarius is still accelerating, but at a slower rate. Too little to catch up now, and Libra has only one speed. Breathing is a little difficult though. Was that in the plan? Best to slow down a little, catch a little O2. No harm done…Oh there’s the butterfly again. What was it a reminder of? Oh, yes: Don’t sprint! Gemini can hardly swear with so little breath. No need to panic, though. The race isn’t over. Still time for a new plan. This stop, catch your breath then sprint thing is working. And Aquarius has reached their top speed. There’s still hope…

Gemini sprints. And collapses with a jubilant ‘yes’, hand out-stretched and definitely smack on the finish line.
But wait. Those running shoes look all too familiar, and is that Aquarius looking way too cool offering a hand up.
Libra’s smiling. Neither first nor last! Perfect! Harmony remains, and nobodies upset with them. Life is sweet…

Never underestimate Libra’s willingness to sacrifice for harmony and to maintain friendships.

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Your Tarotscope August 2018


by Leenna

Yay! August is finally here even though you may be feeling unprepared for it. After the strange energies and seeming lack of progress in July, its going to be easier to spot new doors opening and allowing old ones to close gracefully this month. Stay positive, honour yourself and others, and remember that better things are finally here—if you let yourself just see or seed 😀

* for entertainment purposes.


Woohoo, Leo! It looks like you have an awesome start to the month, and an exciting end! Not a month to catch up on the zzzs.

August begins with you surrounded by love and perhaps some mischievousness, or maybe that’s a little clumsiness…Whatever it is, it’s bringing you joy, inspiration, and a new self-confidence in yourself. Looking in the mirror, you like what you see after a long time.

Mid-August brings a sudden and unexpected win, one which removes a thorn from your side, particularly if it involves an in-law or an overly dictatorial spouse’s demands. Passions will fly or you’ll fly to your passions, and the distractions will soon give way to a sense of relief and contentment.

August comes to a close with a short trip or a moving away from a stressful, or demanding situation—with your gear and reputation intact. You’ll be doing a happy dance as it’s likely you may have a good business week, or get that promotion or job. If not, you’ll be the winning chef in any kitchen!


Running around like a headless chicken has never brought out the best in you, so why do it for any longer? Decide what you want (or who you want) today, and put that formidable brain into action.

August begins with the universe’s perverse sense of humour focussing on you. You thought you were walking away. You thought you saw the light and the clarity. You thought you knew the path without looking at the map or asking directions…Yep, when your thoughts go in circles, so do you. Don’t let the universe make you a laughing stock for much longer. Ground yourself properly this time, ask for help—and accept it!

Mid-month’s looking good for travel, especially for work or relocation. There’s a hint of a passionate love too, but only if you work for it and put in the time. On the plus side, the effort you’ve put into your career is finally showing the hints of a reward—but maybe not quite in the way or place you were hoping for. Could this actually be a better option for you? Stay grounded, consider well, and avoid the curse of the headless chicken…

August ends on an interesting note. There’s less sparkle, but more energy and communication work-wise. There’s less a soul-mate situation, but more of a fun and attractive companion. It’s all about opinions and options now, and if you’ve been doing your home-work and making up your mind on what you really want, there’ll be no cause for hesitation or regrets later.


Hard work makes you a show-stopper at first, but come the end of the month, you’ll have to keep your balance and hormones in check, for logic may temporarily desert you.

The month begins with routine and hard-work finally bringing you the attention and balance you’ve been striving for. An ambition is reached, perhaps catapulting your name up with the stars for a little more than the average 15 mins. Make good use of this time and let your humour and authentic self shine.

Around mid-August, legal and educational matters are set straight and in your favour. Any matters with other signs and soul-mates go well—so well that you may be subject of envy at this time. For some, better communication or the truth regarding a spouse or loved one makes you feel like a winner, or justified in some way.

The month winds down with some old beliefs cropping up. Don’t allow them to bog you down or confuse you again. De-cord, or detach from these mindsets, and allow yourself the reward of a good night’s sleep. Pay attention to your dreams. They will set you free 😀


Fun and happiness at home helps you feel stable, but you have to find your inner strength and stability to maintain the state you’re looking for.

August begins with you feeling blessed regarding your domestic situation or, for some, perhaps the arrival of a newborn. Life feels abundant and content, much like a holiday. You could be attending a marriage or an outdoor festival that reminds you of your childhood or younger days.

Mid-month could bring a storm of note. Ensure your insurance is comprehensive enough, and that your possessions are secure. Be wary of carrying arguments too far. This could backfire and create more discord or burnt bridges you won’t be able to fix. For some, it’s a highly karmic time—one in which you’re being asked to learn or make good. Be mindful of consequences.

As the month ends, things are looking up, but take good care of your health. Though financial worries are receding, stress or overindulgence, or even pushing too hard could deplete both your health and resources. Find your balance and stay true to the truth and your path.


It’s a month to be mindful of the finances, and of long-forgotten promises made—some of these may be called in unexpectedly.

August may begin on an estranged note. You may feel that your beloved is distant—or are you feeling detached from them. One of you is looking at the other with longing, but without communication you’re going to both feel out of luck in life. You may also be looking to study further, but this is not the right time. Deciding exactly what you what, or need, to do is more important than taking action just now.

By mid-month, travel could prove very exciting, but perhaps fraught with difficulties. Consult travel advisories before making bookings, especially if you’re planning on hiking or over-landing in remote regions as the weather conditions could be unexpected. On the plus side, travelling could bring you an unexpected love, or renew your passion with your beloved. For some, it may be prudent, and make more financial sense, to travel later in the year.

The month winds down with a sense that your home is robbing you of expected abundance. If selling property, you may not get your price, and if buying, unexpected fees or add-ons could inflate the original cost drastically. On the plus side, stealing away with your beloved for a private, low-key celebration may be just what you both need.


Revised plans bring you less travel, but more clarity and greater freedom.

The month begins with some ups and downs with a Cancerian or your mother. Returning to your home-town may be delayed, perhaps because of car-trouble, or because of work obligations. But never fear, the change in plans will work out to your greater joy later in the month. You may often think of returning to an old career or location, but it’s just you feeling unusually nostalgic. Avoid acting on any impulses at this time until the Mercury Retrograde is over around 19 August.

Around mid-August, your playful side is back, maybe because you’re spending more time with the kids. Something remains incomplete, or needs greater attention, which may once again prevent travel, or have you vacationing closer to home, bringing a greater sense of stability to your life.

The month comes to a close with your sense of judgement being flawless. Missed opportunities which seemed unlikely to reoccur earlier in the month may present themselves again. With your greater clarity and sense of calm, you’re now able to make better decisions. Great and welcome changes bring you a greater sense of freedom to be yourself and move away from negative types. Good for you!


Logic slowly takes a back-seat to love this month, and is likely to bring you something you’ve been wishing for.

The month begins with a major change in your attitude. You’re fed up of inconsistencies, illogical types and plain incompetence. You’re all for fighting the good battle of getting things done—and quickly. You’ll passionately and strategically defend your views and methods, and if you can stay the course, you’ll win through. Concentration is all. On the flip-side, a Gemini or Virgo, in a great about-turn, may be fighting (or flirting) for your attention.

Your softer side comes to the fore by mid-August as the battle at work subsides and you feel in control of your emotions again. A water sign could stir your affections and leave you wondering who exactly is holding the reins in this relationship. It’s a great time to get in touch with your feminine side, and if matters are seeming slow to move, it’s only because you are making it so. Try manifesting something you’ve given up on.

August winds down with your judgement in long-term financial situations or education proving true. However, care should be taken in re-investing or renewing long-term contracts, especially for services such as a gym or food club. Wishes in love can come true now, particularly if they have to do with a Gemini, or a matter which arose in early May or June. It’s also a wonderful time to continue manifesting!


Luck and opportunity in love and work abound, but only after you’ve settled an obligation.

August begins with you trying to move away from a financial or family obligation, but this is a promise you’re bound to keep. Ensure communication remains clear, and avoid sinking into negative thoughts, or evasiveness, to get over this period quickly.

Mid-month brings great prospects for spending time with family or finding a new love, despite work commitments. Your beloved is unusually affectionate and understanding, and quality time together with you and the family is made a priority. You may also host a minor/small celebration which goes well.

August comes to an end with you finding your balance, and in doing so, finding your luck and rhythm again. You’ll need to be more disciplined, but help is at hand—especially judicial help or practical advice from a professional. You may find yourself juggling work and family matters much better than expected, with your finances slowly improving. New love will go slow, but surely.


Domestic upsets may brew up unexpectedly, or war with the in-laws could catch you off balance. Whatever happens, try to keep work and family/love separate.

August begins with some upset, either with an ex, or a matter at work concerning contracts. Union or committee actions and hearings are possible, in which you may have to defend yourself or a colleague. It’s all impacting on your home life so try to give yourself some time-out by going for a walk or swim before greeting family and your beloved.

Mid-August sees you striving for balance, especially between work and family. You may feel battered from both sides when everyone seems to demand your equal attention. Something’s got to give, so make sure it’s not your health. Be firm with those who are overstepping boundaries, but don’t be harsh with those who only have your best interests at heart.

The month winds down on a much happier note. You find your balance, perhaps at a family do. Making good is easier, perhaps with the help of a Sagittarius friend or sibling. You’ll feel the tension from the beginning of the month draining or disappearing while your good humour, inventiveness, and high-energies return. But to be honest, you’re all about the party this time!


Worry about change all you like, but deal with the fact that it has arrived and offering greater opportunities and love.

The month begins with bit of a shock. A wide-spread restructuring brings you a new perspective, perhaps with some worry. But while you’re used to the worry, the flood of ideas and solutions that it brings is a pleasant surprise. You’ll finally feel bold enough to go for something you’ve always wanted. After all, what could you possibly lose that is worth holding onto?

Opportunity pounds at your door by mid-August. You may land a job you considered above your skill or pay level, or your business gets an unexpected boost from some excellent reviews or comparisons. It’s all about reaping your just rewards and divine-timing finally arriving. Try pushing your luck just a little, especially if you’re aiming for an academic goal.

The month comes to close with you in feeling calm and in control of your universe again. You’ll have accepted that certain doors have closed, but love the clarity, contentment and joy you’ve found instead. Life suddenly looks brighter and more promising, especially with love renewed or just on the horizon.


Life seems like some movie—filled with romance, drama and perhaps a new beginning.

August begins on a romantic note. You’ll be romanced by, or romancing a very inventive and unique character. You may share dreams or chocolate, but even if there’s no conversation, you’re feeling content and happy in their presence. Work is equally inspiring, firing you up with enthusiasm to create only the best. Try not to burn the candle at both ends.

By mid-month, drama arrives. Either conventions at work are misplaced, or a clash with your beloved brings you regret, particularly if things are said in haste, after too many drinks, or in the company of another couple. Remember that you and your partner are unique individuals and that you are both looking to achieve the same dreams and experience the same kind of love. What everyone else thinks of you and your roles…Well, does it really matter?

It could be that you’re travelling—and travelling far—by the end of the month. Communication may be a problem, so it’s likely to be in a remote area or in a foreign country. For some, it’s all systems go for immigration/emigration and while you’ll miss your network of family and friends, you’re more than ready to embrace this new adventure. Only problem, you, or your beloved, has to get used to a new method of communication. Remember, practice makes perfect!


Contracts are in the spotlight—both new and old, as are domestic matters.

August begins with a sense of stability and calm. You’re finally making headway in fulfilling old contracts and finding the kind of help you’ve been needing. You’re logical and practical and feeling well balanced about most matters. Any karma with an air-sign will be resolved this month, but be sure not to give away your power to them.

Mid-August brings more family obligations than expected, or perhaps you’d forgotten about them. A celebration may be a lot more work than anticipated and likely to stress you out. It’s not the expense, but the time. Allow for others and find the fun where you can!

The month winds down with you finally getting over a restlessness or indecision. You’re decisive, in control and fill of ideas and plans on how to move forward. You may be overly stimulated and finding it difficult to sleep. Keep a journal or ideas book, and update it nightly so your over-worked brain doesn’t melt. And if it’s an ex returning, remember not to repeat old cycles, and that you do still have a choice. You’ve got the power!

Have a fabulous August!


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Late again…but here’s something in the meantime!

So, so, sorry that I don’t yet have your monthly Tarotscopes ready. And it doesn’t look like I’m going to get them out before Thursday or later. It seems that the universe is trying to fit my first two weeks of July into this week and next week, which makes me wonder what it’s prepping me for 😀

In the meantime, I’ve posted some free audios on my Patreon. There’s something for those looking for romance (or a spouse), for helping you find creativity without blowing the budget, identifying cycles to break, and something to help you on your twinflame journey (thanks past-life BFF for feedback on that one!)

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Catch you later, and happy July!

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It’s Here! Your February Tarotscope

It’s done! I’ve only just uploaded the eBook to Now, I’ve rushed over here to get your Feb tarotscopes to you. Unfortunately, there was no (and I mean no) time to write the usual tarotscopes for you. I’m sharing the February tarotscopes from my eBook instead, in all their entirety—so, it’s loong! Sorry, Sag; you’ve got a lot of scrolling to do. But do scroll down as I’ve linked to my eBook if you’d like a copy.

PLUS: There was that little matter of making things up to you. How would you like me to do it?

Special edition soulmate tarotscope
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With all that out the way, my apologies once again on not getting the tarotscopes done on time. Now grab a cup of tea/coffee and enjoy!



Follow your inclinations—those most whimsical thoughts—and see where they lead. It’s amazing what you’ll accomplish within a short space of time.

February begins with a rush of activity and emotions. You could be meet a playful (or immature) person who either infuriates you or lifts your spirits like no other. (Yup, it could be your new pet). Your creativity seems boundless, but your lack of confidence may prevent you from expressing your talents widely.

Spiritually, you may become more active: joining a study group or reading extensively in subjects that interest you. You’ll also begin questioning teachings and beliefs, especially of mentors and teachers who appeal only to the emotions, or who aren’t transparent in their reasoning.

A younger person could pursue you romantically. You may question their motives, and are unlikely to allow the situation to develop. This seems especially so if you’re off to an island holiday with younger companions. Nevertheless, you’re likely to fall in love with your destination and resent having to go back home.

If your trip proves unromantic, or if you are coupled, the scenery and space is likely to inspire you for the next five months.

Mid-month brings some excitement, a wedding or other important celebration. It may prove exhausting, both physically and financially.

Some may relocate to the coast for a lower salary, but a better lifestyle. Others may find their holiday suitor more persistent than expected, especially around Valentines Day! Either way, Valentines Day should bring you some fun.

Work-wise, you may be a little nervous at the thought of learning new skills and having to rebuild or restructure in some way. Your main concern is the budget. Hold on till the end of the month. It looks like good news is not too far away.

The month comes to an end with a reunion with an intelligent, talkative person.

Your negotiation skills will shine, and your sense of reasoning will be immaculate. Argue your case as you see fit.

Any concerns about your home or new accommodation will be addressed. In fact, you’ll find yourself settling into contentment much more easily, and with half the bother, than expected.

Financially, things look fine and stable, with new situations bringing more stability. Your accommodation costs could also be lower than expected, Final contracts will be signed with pleasure.

Additional Insights

Influence, Secrets, Order

February is likely to show you a change in influence in your life, primarily in spiritual beliefs, but also in personal influences. You may switch radio stations, change your playlist radically, follow different newsfeeds and blogs, and read in genres of subjects you haven’t ventured into before. It’s all rather exciting!

You may also find your own personal influence is growing, or that you’re running in very influential circles.

Secrets in love are likely to weigh on your mind, and you’ll need to be careful of gossips and gossiping. You may also find others choosing you as confidante at the most unlikely times and places. Systems-based studies, which may have been challenging in the past, will be much easier understood.

Order in your personal life and space will please you after a major upheaval or reorganisation. You may have more cupboard space, or an easier to manage garden. New laws, roads, or other communal changes in your environment, may also make your morning routine less chaotic.



Stop concentrating on should-have-beens, could-have-beens and you’ll realise your dreams all that quicker.

You have what you want as the month begins, but…you’re regretting the past, or missing someone.

You’re thinking it would be perfect, if only… It’s an emotional time for you, perhaps with more tears than you’d like. But you do have all that you need and want. Why are you not allowing yourself to enjoy it? Take a deep breath and bring yourself back to the present (and yes, back to the future) and smile at all the beauty around you.

Spiritual insights are also crowding for your attention, but your sniffly nose may be blocking them. Take another deep breath and pay attention. The universe has something to show you.

It’s a sociable, hectic time of year, though most of it seems to be work related.

You may miss dinner with the family, but work may treat you to a meal if you’re working late. You may miss an anniversary to (let’s hope you remember your own birthday!), which may have you considering your priorities for the year.

There’s some niggly thoughts or feelings you’d like to deal with, but with your hectic schedule, there’s little time. Let’s be honest, you’re just a little afraid to explore those feelings. Never mind, it seems you’re going to have a ball at a Ball, or go dancing like a queen. It will keep those thoughts at bay, and help you get a new perspective.

By month’s end, a Libra and Gemini are both a boon and a curse. They like your ideas, but pick it apart as only other air-signs can.

You may feel a little heart-broken, but they are right. Fixing things makes for a stronger outcome or product. The same applies to your personal life. An air-sign will tell you as they see it (otherwise known as the bald or unfudged truth). While you may hate them for it, it will help you release those niggly thoughts and feelings. Take a deep breath and feel the lightness in your heart. Now you can finally move on.

Additional Insights

Domination reversed, Harmony, Isolation

There’s no particular thing you’re focussed on this month, yet your work does not suffer. However, you may be in a weaker or less prominent position that before. Perhaps your words don’t carry as much weight. It may take some getting used to.

There’s harmony and balance this month, especially with a Libran, perhaps a brother or sister. You’ll find this harmony mostly outdoors, and perhaps in a place where large numbers of birds gather. You’ll need this special place as you may feel too isolated, which may prolong your emotional and spiritual confusion.



This month may have a stop-start feel, but by the end you’ll have all that you need, and then some.

February begins with a call to action or exciting news about a new opportunity.

Interviews will go well in the first two weeks of the month, but they may take a while to get back to you. Keep an open mind and hope for the best.

There’s messages of love coming your way, too. Perhaps from an admirer based across the country from you or even further afield. If you’re back in the dating field, things should go well, but again you may not hear back from someone you really like—at least not till the end of the month.

Mid-February looks busy. You may have to give the kids some extra help, or you may be returning to school or online classes yourself. There’s little time to plan ahead, but you’ll make good progress.

Your skills are growing. If you’re following up on that interview, you may want to make mention of your study or new skill. Ditto for you kids if they’re looking for a scholarship or entrance into a special program.

Back home, you’re staying within budget and may even have a little extra to decorate or for some DIY.

Success comes at the end of the month! There’s happiness and stability at home, with lots to celebrate with the family.

Your intuition is spot on. You have the self-confidence and trust to follow through. You’re looking and sounding great (if a little mysterious) but it’s all for the good.

You may hear good news, perhaps for your kids as well as you. Your chances of securing that job or client look even better than before, or something much more to your liking has fallen into your lap. You couldn’t ask for a better gift from the universe.

But do be careful when being intimate with your partner as the likelihood of conceiving is quite high.

Additional Insights

Achievement reversed, Submission reversed, Concentration

You may have to complete a course of study or redo a certification before the month is over. Perhaps you still have some tasks to complete at home as well.

If you’re making applications for you or your kids, you may have to pay extra fees (especially if you’re late) or have to resubmit due to a clerical error/incomplete information. But stick with it. It looks worth the extra trouble.

Study will go well. You concentration levels and motivation are high. Turn of the social media and mute the phone. You’ll get twice as much done.



There’s a lot going on, but the worst of the struggle is over, especially in love and in gaining new opportunities.

February begins with you reuniting with your loved ones after a long trip or flight.

During your time away, you may have thought a lot about your relationship and what it needs. Now you’re ready to put things into play. During your trip, contracts may not have worked out the way you’ve envisioned, and now you’re just happy to be home.

You’re hoping for a relaxing time, but the phone may constantly ring and your new travel plans may be in place before you’ve unpacked your bags. Nevertheless, you do get a few blissful days to just relax.

Groundwork laid beforehand may result in an easy time for you. Communication is not a problem, as one opportunity leads to the next. The only cloud on the horizon: your relationship.

Watch your health and what you eat, especially the first couple of days of your new trip. And, of course, rest well.

Watch out for unfair practices from those around you, or odd paragraphs in new contracts you’re considering. Read the fine print and all versions carefully. You may want to get legal advice if you’re signing an international contract.

As the month ends, there may be harsh words and impulsive, dramatic actions when you go out. Aim for harmony, but don’t play the fool. Your partner is not playing games this time.

Singles may find an exciting new person in their life—one who seems like a breath of fresh air with just a hint of a rebel. But they aren’t interested in a relationship, only friendship.

Ideas may fall on deaf ears. Support for change you feel passionate about is likely to be low. Save your energy and affection for your partner, or for your home once you return. Rest is now needed.

Additional Insights

Egotism reversed, Decision reversed, Generosity reversed

You may have to set your ego aside and allow your partner to rule the roost. Perhaps you’ll have to let your potential client/customer/boss lead the way or the negotiations, too.

A decision may be modified very quickly, or overturned. While initially this may appear to be in your favour, look at matters carefully to ensure it is. Consider other options and alternatives.

A lack of generosity, on your part or others, may lead to misunderstandings and later problems. People around you may prefer to judge you harshly for your actions and behaviour. Ensure you understand foreign cultures interact with, and do show your beloved some extra TLC.



Love is in the air, and Valentines Day looks to be a very memorable one for you!

February begins with your eye on someone special or someone else looking at you in a special way.

You’re taking steps to meet them half-way, still, it’s awkward and sweet at the same time. A declaration of love may be made, but only if both parties feel comfortable. Couples may be circling in a similar way, perhaps over plans for Valentines Day or another anniversary.

You’re got your eyes open, and have almost made up your mind about work and other matters. But love, and your romantic options, remain uppermost in your mind.

You’re looking for inspiration, class, and a meaningful connection—both in romance and other aspects. You may spend hours and hours shopping for the right gift or seeking the ultimate venue.

Mid-February (I’m sure it’s Valentines Day or the day before) brings the big reveal and the declaration of love. Alas, it may not all go as planned. But cheer up, you will get what you want, especially greater decadence and intimacy.

In love, you and your beloved are of the same mind and intentions. Love declared now will be binding, as will promises made. Neither of you will ever forget this, for better or worse. You may find yourself obsessing even more about your love after this event. Be sure, your beloved is just as crazy about you. Caution is needed to not become too emotionally dependent on each other at this stage.

February winds down with you inspired and working hard.

You creativity and persistence is noted by a higher-up who may give you a little more than you can comfortably handle. Speak up before it becomes a habit.

Your passion is still high as you continue courting your beloved.

But someone may want to fit you into a mould you aren’t comfortable with. Ensure you and your beloved keep your own hobbies and interests. Losing your identity to each other is not as romantic as it sounds, nor is it healthy for either of you.

Additional Insights

Protection reversed, Defence, Fortune reversed

You may feel most vulnerable and shy when it comes to your beloved or a declaration of love. You won’t want to speak about it to others. If you don’t want babies, take precautions. You may also feel in a dangerous position at work. Perhaps someone is testing you, or competition is growing unhealthy.

You may feel your beloved is always able to drop your guard. Around others you may appear very defensive. You may also be over-protective of your love to the point where they may be overwhelmed and appear defensive—if only to maintain their independence. Back off and trust your love’s good sense.

At work, it may appear that luck is against you. Others may try to profit from your work or dump their tasks on you. Speak up and maintain your defences at work. I feel its a temporary situation.



It’s a stable start to the month, with excitement and love coming later.

As February begins, you’ll be very focused on your career and long-term prospects. While holding onto your current position, you may be looking for more opportunities and generosity.

You aren’t prepared to lose traction in your career now. You feel you’ve put too much effort into it already. You may also be holding onto property in the hopes it will grow in value.

In seeking new opportunities, you may explore unusual options. You are drawn to nature and natural products at this time, and may choose to invest or work with them.

You’re looking for a good return for your time and investments. Use your intuition, and be prepared to think very short-term in order to reap the best benefits, especially if it involves projects you’ve long been working on. If its intellectual property, you may gain the most by selling those rights outright. But seek a second opinion, especially from a Capricorn or fire-sign.

Mid-February is alight with creativity and passion.

It may take some effort to catch your beloved’s attention, especially if they are single, or very busy on a project. There’s likely to be lots of communication and even some banter before you succeed. Your beloved is not going to make things easy for you. Perhaps it’s a game you both play; but it borders on obsession. The mutual attraction is strong but can lead to some possessive and insensitive behaviour. You may feel you’re literally playing with fire. Don’t get burnt.

In work matters, your creativity and charm serve you well, as does you passion. While you impress the right people, you may also be offered a very tempting offer which could tie you up in a complicated and unfair contract. Know what you’re signing away and to whom.

February draws to a close on a more spiritual note.

Love is sweet after the heat of the previous few weeks. You’re aware of your soul-mate and true feelings. This may be a new person in your life, or your previously mentioned beloved.

New contracts and studies are possible at this time, but will require you to take a step back, or to begin new projects.

Best of all, love seems stable and secure, as the connection you have deepens and sweetens. It’s also a playful, fun time in which you can explore your imagination and share your experiences.

Additional Insights

Status reversed, Innovation, Friendship

You aren’t much interested in status this month, more in financial security and getting a return for your time and energy. You may not renew professional memberships, and seek to enter new, less established, but open-minded organisations.

Your inventiveness and problem-solving ability is at its height. You have solutions for almost any problem except for love. You’ll work best with little supervision and pre-set rules. You’re all about writing new rules.

Friendship may strengthen into love. Friends may also support you in your innovations and new endeavours. A childhood friend, or a playful one who delights in nature as you do, may return.



It’s your time to shine, but you may feel like you need some time out.

As February begins, you have the power to bring your castles in the air down to the ground.

Your focus is good and you have all the resources you need. Write down you ideas from the first three days of the month. They may open doors.

Others may try to impress you with other ideas, products, or distract you from your plans, but you remain unimpressed.

An intense period ends. Perhaps you stop waiting for an offer of love or work which never comes, and begin working on your hopes and dreams instead.

Some of your creative projects may still need refinement, or a period in which to incubate. If matters appear to be going slowly, re-evaluate them in a few weeks.

By Mid-month, you may be in a dreamy phase as you envision a better future.

The offer of love or partnership may come now, but could off to a slow start. You may take a while to consider if it’s the one for you. There may also be a physical distance between you, and neither of you may be able to travel to the other.

Money may be a little slower in coming in than expected, or expenses could be high if you have to buy an appliance.

Revelations are happening to you all the time. If single, you may get messages or inklings from your soul-mate. If coupled, you’ll try to determine if you are in the right relationship for you.

Despite your dreamy mood and high spirits, you are still very focussed and unlikely to fall for anything less than the truth.

February draws to an end with you taking some time out to consider your options, or to visualise your next step.

You may cancel a trip in order to pursue an amazing opportunity. Perhaps an inquiry from earlier in the month results in a greater outcome than expected.

But you may feel exhausted. You’ll avoid much socialising, preferring instead to go on retreat or spend lots of time in meditation. You may study a short personal course. This is a special time for you as you’re actively calling a time-out to regroup yourself and your energies. You’re also considering the quickest and healthiest way to move your dreams forward.

Additional Insights

Criticism reversed, Enterprise, Practicality reversed

Your ideas or work may be better received than expected this month. Self-criticism fades when you de-stress towards the end of the month. You may also be more accepting of perceived faults or lapses by others. Others may come to you because you’re unlikely to judge them on their decisions or behaviour at this time.

It’s looking good for the launch of a new project or business. Other ideas or projects you’re working on may gain support, too. You’re being very business-minded but others may not appreciate your approach.

You may be accused of not being practical. Perhaps others would like to influence you more, or to have a little of what you’re having. Others may also say you’re being impractical in love. The practicalities of physically travelling this month may also be overwhelming.

For the most part, you are holding back on many of your plans or ideas.



A playful and passionate start to the month leads to a deeper connection with your beloved. But all’s not quite plain sailing.

You’re creative and mischievous as February begins, feeling wonderfully alive. You’re proud of yourself too.

You may begin an imaginative or inventive new project, one which feels like a good return for your time and investment. Ideas flow easily. Communication is good.

Passion is high, and returned. Couples may be more playful and demonstrative, while singles may fall quickly and intensely in love, perhaps with someone younger.

Finances are sound. You’re feeling comfortable and magnanimous.

Mid-February may bring a delay in travel or lower-energy levels, but love and togetherness make up for it.

Conflict may arise at work, perhaps over a misunderstanding or ill-thought out words. Avoid impulsive decisions. Feathers may take longer to smooth than expected.

A project may be extended, perhaps delaying a relocation or a travel. You may also suffer from long hours and possible exhaustion.

Love’s around you all this time. You may take a short break to the ocean or other large body of water. Your love will meet you halfway. An engaging encounter with a marine animal may affect you profoundly.

February winds down with an intensity of feeling. Your connection with your partner grows even deeper, and your spirituality is rising.

You may feel intensely angry or frustrated at first, perhaps over the extended project at work or further misunderstandings. You may choose to leave the project or be assigned elsewhere.

Your stress levels decrease, and you’ll feel calmer. Healing from work and other hurts can occur. You may also find your nervousness in love, or over another matter, decreasing.

Your intuition is very strong. Your connection with your partner will be intense even if there is distance. You may also decide to return to your studies, or decide to research aspects of spirituality that interest you.

Additional Insights

Seduction, Friendship, Choices reversed

It’s a great time for singles to meet an intriguing and fun new partner. If the relationship doesn’t blossom into romance, it’s likely to remain a strong friendship. Couples may be more engaged with each other, their friendship also growing stronger or reaffirmed.

Friendships with colleagues could go both ways. False friends may try to compel you into a corner professionally in order to lessen your choices and broaden theirs. True friends may point out the false friends and help you understand your choices better.

You may change your mind about a choice made earlier in the month. You could dissolve a friendship or leave a flirtation to return to an old flame, especially after mid-month.



Fortune favours you as February begins, but you’ll have to believe it to hang onto it.

As the month begins the Wheel of Fortune turns in your favour, perhaps resurrecting an old flame, or an old idea.

You’ll feel a shift in energies, feeling that fate may be rushing you towards something which you feel unprepared for, but which excites you. It may remind of a similar time in your life—perhaps the first rush of love, or your first real pay-check.

People from your past may re-enter your life in random ways, or you may be reminded of times past: school and your early work days. You may also think of old childhood friends.

Love is likely to strike on a day at the beach or on a rainy day. It may come as a shock as the person may look very much like your first love, or be your first love. They are likely to be visiting the area, not local. Couples are likely to reconnect both emotionally and physically.

Work matters also go well. An old opportunity may re-surface allowing you to accept it this time round.

Mid-February may bring a feeling of unreality and a sense of disempowerment ,at first.

You may not believe your life, leaving you feeling ungrounded or walking on air. But you may also feel vulnerable and insecure.

Finances may be a little unstable, until later in month, when a short trip or a new move stabilises matters.

Spiritually, you may be ungrounded and confused, perhaps questioning much of what you’ve learnt or expected now that life has changed so much so quickly. Try not to self-sabotage.

Following your inspiration for your greatest ideas will bring you more fulfilment later. Perhaps it’s time to take a chance and go with the flow, or allow your passions to blossom.

Emotional and spiritual matters continue to be your focus. You may need to adjust to a new way of being.

As February ends, you may be considering your options. Try not to let your self-doubt or disbelief rule out viable options. It’s a great time to visualise and daydream too. If you’re making wishes, make them count.

Feelings of vulnerability or a change in your spiritual foundation may see you walking away from your usual support group. You may seek your answers elsewhere—ones which resonate more personally and deeply with you. Discontent with your career or hobby may also surface.

Love may be more successful, but a physical distance may dampen your mood, but only a little. You want to study your feelings before you delve into relationships even deeper.

Additional Insights

Protection reversed, Status, Seduction

Your Valentines experience may begin before most others.

You may let down your guard at the beginning of February, then regret it later when you get confused about the direction life seems to be going. If you are feeling insecure or stressed by your environment, matters should improve by the 3rd week of the month.

Your status may be relevant to your future opportunities. Perhaps you are not wanting a relationship if you wish to travel or follow a major life change. Couples may be moving out of a shaky period and into a more stable one.

Life is seducing you into a new phase. Love will be easy and fun, romance found not just between people, but seeming in the air itself. Singles may find it difficult to remain so. Couples may be more flirtatious and playful.



A confusing beginning to the start of the month ends in a stable and hopeful outcome. Travel looks good.

As February begins, you may receive lots of information and messages but some of them serve to confuse more than illuminate.

The month begins with you researching and looking for a way forward, perhaps towards more financial independence or stability. Someone may be looking to you with both sadness and hope.

You may be planning a travel or speaking to lots of people by phone or on the internet. This may signify the end of a cycle or project. Or you’re looking for a new situation. You may also be learning a new language or system of symbols.

Your intuition is a little weak at this time. Some of the messages and impressions you receive may be misleading, especially those relating to the completion of a project or messages from abroad. Delays may be interpreted as the end of the road. Rest well and listen to music or dance to shift this energy and gain better insight.

By mid-February, you may decide to travel or to move for work reasons. Mentally, your fears are abating.

You’re very uncertain about your move or physical travel. You have high hopes, but prefer to not expect much as you don’t want to be disappointed. The same could be said for love and romance.

Your passions are high, but you’re more focussed on healing and recovery, as well as your financial health. Your energy levels could be down. You may often cry or have trouble breathing as you purge the old and prepare to move on. It’s a significant leave-taking.

Travel may be delayed, transportation may be a problem, especially during the turning of the moon’s phases. Be wary of pickpockets and other thieves whilst travelling.

Romance is delayed or a message of love fails to come through. But hope remains.

As February comes to an end, you will be feeling happier and surer of yourself. Hopes and dreams seem within reach once more.

You’ll feel more independent, especially financially, as the month ends. You may buy new clothes or little luxuries you have been waiting for since a while. Feeling safer and bolder, you’re more likely to ask for what you need from others.

You’re budgeting skills are good, but you may need to adjust plans later as there is still some uncertainty to your situation. Take care of your details well, and check your bank statements. You will feel comfortable and nurtured.

Your dreams will be significant for love and healing. Messages of love may reach you now.

Additional Insights

Birth reversed, Criticism reversed, Inheritance

Once the cycle or project ends at the start of the month, you’re unlikely to begin something new immediately. You may need a rest or a vacation, if not a total change of scene. It may also be difficult to conceive a child at this time.

Your work will be well received. You are more relaxed and less critical of others, especially family and of those following family traditions. But keep your eyes open, especially when travelling.

You may be thinking about family a lot, or what you’ve inherited from your family line. It’s a good time to heal family hurt and long-standing issues.



Some ideas could work out very well for you, but perhaps this may not be the best time to launch them. A family plan may not work out the way you expected.

As February begins, you may worry an idea: researching, refining and working away at it till all hours.

You feel it’s going to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. But it’s not yet ready for the world, no matter how much you’d like to think otherwise. It needs some refining, tweaking and perhaps a little more experimentation.

You may not be telling your family all your plans, keeping something a secret. It could a birthday surprise you’re planning or some other treat. You may want to make sure everyone is available on that date.

You’re looking and feeling good. You’re feeling nurtured and that life is good. Your relationship is good even though your beloved may be a little quieter than usual.

By Mid-February, your hopes and dreams may feel like they’re in tatters.

Perhaps a critique or review was a little too harsh. Competition could also be very fierce. Others may be further ahead than you in bringing out similar projects. Pay attention to the fine print and read all reports/critiques to the end. They may hold a goldmine of information that will solve a few nasty glitches for you.

Family ties are strong, and you may put a lot of effort into the surprise, especially if it’s an anniversary. You’ll get a lot of joy from all the preparation and planning.

February winds down on a slow note. Your project may be on hiatus or stalled for the present.

Concern, or an important event, regarding a child or a pet may delay a travel or trip. Perhaps it’s a school event, or an unexpected anxiety attack. Or perhaps your guests may be delayed by car problems or late trains. Your surprise may have to wait or be delayed too. Try to take it in your stride. The celebration will still happen.

You may need to have a long and honest discussion with your mother, partner or sister. Whatever’s bothering you needs to be said, and you’ll need to listen to them with understanding.

In work matters, you prefer to keep your own counsel and company, perhaps working through lunch-breaks and missing some of the talk. Don’t isolate yourself too much, or you could miss important need-to-know information.

Additional Insights

Concentration, Defence reversed, Exaltation reversed

Your concentration is excellent, allowing you to process information and find the appropriate response very quickly—even under stress or when very tired. Be careful, though, of tension headaches. Your concentration may also be a little too focussed at times. Step back and take a look at the bigger picture every now and again.

You may feel hurt and defenceless against criticism (both good and bad) or arguments you didn’t see coming, especially at work. You may need to be more vulnerable with your beloved. Ensure your internet protection is up to date.

Your surprise may not have the effect or response you’d envisioned, or the details may have faded by the time you get to it. Know there’s beauty in imperfection, and your efforts are appreciated.



It’s a month of seeking: for spirituality and creativity—a new job or love, too.

As February begins, you may be feeling restless, or bored, tired of the same conversations with the same people who share the same ideas.

You may tune out those around you and seek your inspiration elsewhere; outdoors, perhaps, or within works of a spiritual or artistic nature. You may also take a period to rest, especially if you’re feeling run-down or have a problem with your foot.

New love, romantic or of a spiritual nature, arrives. This may help you find peace and an understanding of who you really are, and what you really seek. Insight may come through a conversation, a movie, or a book you read. It feels profound, but it is just the beginning.

You’re looking for more abundance in you life, but may feel disheartened or too uncertain of your power to do much about it.

Miscommunication or misunderstanding may cause a new project to fail, or be delayed around mid-month.

Support for the launch of a new product (or project) may be weak because of miscommunication or a misunderstanding. Ensure all public messages are well-spelt and clear in intention.

You may feel a lack of love. Couples may feel their partner is focused elsewhere or negligent. Singles may yearn for an equal partnership but feel unseen. Your feminine energy may need balancing. Try doing something creative or grow a plant—some indoor herbs, perhaps?

Others may not take note of your presence or your messages. You may have to follow up on communication more than usual. Perhaps your emails don’t carry the right tone, or your messages are not getting through the network. Check your status and settings, particularly on smartphones.

As February comes to an end, you may feel more at peace as delayed messages begin to arrive.

After a short rest, or a weekend away, delayed messages may start to reach you. While they may not bring many opportunities for more income, they may inspire you in other ways. There is confirmation of love, if your beloved is at a distance, as well as news of them travelling to you, perhaps.

Spiritually, you’ll enjoy meditation and receive many new insights, as well as an experience of bliss or a revelation about love. Your relationships, particularly with your mother and other females, will begin to make more sense to you.

You begin to see yourself in a new light, and may want others to see this, too. You may assert yourself more.

Additional Insights

Risk, Assertion, Drama

It’s a positive time for you. Your inner world may be vastly different from the external world.

You may be willing to take a chance on love, or in beginning a new project. However, you will have to overcome a shyness, or feelings of being unworthy in some way. Your financial acumen may also be good, but remember to do your research, too.

Towards the end of the month, you are more willing to assert yourself and risk others disagreeing with you, especially friends and favoured relatives. You may also have to intervene in some situations in order to save others in some way.

There may be lots of drama in the outer world or in your collective, but for the most part, you will maintain your balance and your composure. Others may not understand your calm and seek to move you by dramatic behaviour. You may choose to ignore them. You could also become overly engrossed in a TV show or other episodic media.


And there it all is. I’d love your feedback on this. And if you’re looking for the eBook, it’s on pre-order till 21 February 2018, when it launches. It’s currently at the introductory price of $9.99, and will go to its usual price of $14.99 from 1 March 2018. Get it at Smashwords, iTunes, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and other good eBook stores. Also available at Scribd and selected library eBook collections. Ask your local librarian for it.

Have an awesome February 2018, and may lots of love and sweeties come your way 😉

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The Curse Of The Wedding Bouquet

This piece appears in I Find Myself Charmed. It’s the very first eBook I published, and I’ve just given it a make-over.
This particular story is actually based on real events, but names have been changed to protect the cursed. It was written in 2011 (before I had a blog), so hopefully a few have had their curses overturned. Sadly, I’m not one of them. May you never be cursed by a wedding bouquet…

I don’t often go to weddings. It’s not that I don’t really like them…It’s just that…Well, they can be so melodramatic! And all that time and money spent seems such a waste. Not that I haven’t dreamt of my own. I mean, which female (old or young) doesn’t look hopefully at a bridal boutique shop-front. All those gorgeous dresses and bouquets…But it’s just my luck to have been cursed by a bouquet! It happened eleven years ago. I wasn’t the only one…And we probably brought it on ourselves.

It was at Janet’s wedding that we cursed ourselves. She had been a workmate and close friend. We had been part of a strange bunch of misfits back then, in Johannesburg. Night-shifters and studio staff tend to be so: independent, different, fiercely protective of identity or desperately searching for one. Except for Janet. She and Martin had been going out since high school and now that he had a good steady job, the lure of the white dress and tux had proved to be too strong. She was four years younger than me. I didn’t know if I envied her or pitied her.

It was a gorgeous poolside wedding, small and intimate on a perfect October afternoon. Janet was radiant. All us night-owls had been invited. She hadn’t much family, just her parents and sister and us. You could spot us night owls immediately. We all wore sunglasses and dresses (except for Zee who’s lesbian).

It seemed the perfect wedding ceremony with decently short speeches marred only by a semi-drunk speech by the groom’s father, who mentioned the fact he was glad that none of his children had turned out to be gay. Zee had snickered as we all shifted uncomfortably. Janet had frowned. Then had come the throwing of the bouquet.

Now this is the part I’ve always felt ambivalent about. All us single, hopeful females have to push and shove and scramble for this blessing; abandoning our dignity for this public display of a wish that will miraculously be fulfilled—but only if you catch the bouquet. Then you can look smugly at the losers and feign pity for those less fortunate, who now have to wait and pray that they get invited to another wedding in order to have their wish fulfilled.

So there we stood, that beautiful October afternoon, six of us night-owls along with Janet’s sister and Martin’s little 6-year old niece (the only child present) who had insisted on taking part in this game. Zee was trying not to laugh, but stood protectively close to Kim, her partner, anyway.

I stood there bemused. I’d never been in the running to catch a bouquet before; my culture’s approach to marriage wish fulfillment being rather more direct: either one parent approached the other after seeing you decked out in your shimmering sari, or you went to the temple and petitioned the gods for a good marriage soon.

I was half excited, half apprehensive. Should I catch it? Did I really want to get married that much? After all, I was only twenty-five with the whole world to explore, people to meet, things to do…Did catching the bouquet mean you had to get married next from all the other singles in the running?

Janet turned away from us, grinning. “You ready?” she called.

“Ready,” we assured her, standing in a ragged line; Janet’s sister and the little girl at the front.

“Alright, here it comes!” Her arm swung.

The pretty little bouquet flew in an arc. Tinted a blushing pink by the late afternoon light, it began its descent to us. Janet’s sister bounced on her feet like a tennis player. The little girl squealed in excitement. And in uncanny unison, all us night-owls took one step…back.

The bouquet hit the empty ground, bouncing once on the grass. The little girl and Janet’s sister dived. The little girl stood up first, holding the bouquet victoriously. There was a moment of stunned silence. Then: “Give it to her,” all the attached ladies were saying, removing the precious bouquet from the little girl’s hand and presenting it to Janet’s happy sister. All us night-owls tried not catch each other’s eyes, shaking with guilty conspiratorial mirth.

“Well…!” It was Zee who had said it. Well indeed!


None of us six have been married since. We have all hoped for that perfect partner, someone to share our lives with, but that’s all it remains—a wish. As I said before, I don’t go to many weddings. The last one I’ve been to (three years ago) had just two of us singles. I knew that Karen desperately wanted to get married even though we all knew her boyfriend was a no-good scaly rat! And as that bouquet flew through the air towards us two, I was once again paralysed by the thoughts: Did I really want to get married? What if it holds me back from my dreams? What if I only thought I was ready for marriage, but wasn’t really?

Karen dived forward, making a beautiful, easy catch.

Beaming, she held the bouquet close, then encouraged her sister to throw it again: “So we both can get married soon.”

I caught the bouquet awkwardly, certain it didn’t count if thrown a second time.

Last year, Karen got married, having broken up with the no-good scaly rat more than two years ago. She had almost immediately met, and fell in love, with the perfect guy for her.


So here I am, one of six, with bouquet throwing wedding invites getting as rare as non-hail damaged cars in Johannesburg… I have this crazy plan of gate-crushing a wedding, catching the bouquet and fleeing with the prize before anyone else can react. I’ve even considered special training for ‘Operation Get Bouquet’. It’s such a tempting thought, but I doubt I shall be able to escape the wrath of the legitimate bouquet-catchers. There’s bound to be someone quicker and then there’s the aggressive ones that steal it out of your hands…

So all I can really do is hope, and pray I’ll be invited to a wedding where I’ll be able to successfully lay my hands on that prize bouquet. At a geriatric wedding, perhaps…One day…

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Giveaway: Soulmate/Relationship Divination

Update 10 June 2017:  Some of you have asked for a little more time to find the answers, so I’ve extended the closing date for the final time to 17 June 2017. Remember to use the contact form or my Facebook Author Page to send in your entries. Good luck!

I’m giving away 2 relationship/soulmate tarot readings! These are my newest tarot offering and perfect for peeking into your romantic future.

I did a test divination for Judy, the character from my short story The Bagua, and another for Vivian from ‘Three Million’s A Crowd’. You can listen to their divinations, which gave me the follow-up plots to their stories, over here. Both audios are just over a half hour each.

To get your chances to win your own Relationship/Soulmate Divination you need to do one or all of the following:

1) Get Three Million’s A Crowd in Second Chances-A Love Anthology (Amazon only) for your 3 entries. (This book also has fab stories by Kathy Bosman and Pravina Maharaj, plus Patricia Kiyono and EA West, and will aid Hope In Christ children’s home in Newcastle, RSA).
Qualifying question: Name 5 people (except anthology writers) whom I thank in the Three Million’s A Crowd Acknowledgements.

You can read an excerpt of Three Million’s A Crowd here:


2) Get Settle Down Now (Smashwords/iTunes/Kobo/B&N) for your 3 entries. If you love reality TV, a bit of suspense and a whole lot so laughs, this is your read.
Qualifying Question: What is the last line of this story?


3) Get my both my free books I Find Myself Charmed or No Distance To Run and answer both questions for your 1 entry.
Qualifying Questions: In No Distance To Run, in which South African town does does Jay live (Chapter 2)?
In the short story, I Find Myself Charmed, what does she do for a living?

Use the contact form to email me your entries or DM me on my FB author Page.

There are two draws. Draw 1 is only for the purchased ebook entries, and Draw 2 is for all entries combined. If there are no entries for Draw 1, only one giveaway will be made. Entries close Friday 8pm (GMT+2) and winner/s will be announced on Saturday, 10 June 2017.

Good luck!

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You’ve got my back, right?

It’s nice to know someone’s looking out for you, backing you up and holding flashing knives at bay, especially metaphorical ones which tend to do the most long-term damage.

The body can heal quickly, but the psyche can hold on to wounds for years…if not lifetimes.

Knowing someone’s got your back – be it your intimidating brother, intimidating aunt, crazy friend, serious boss, or fluffy pooch – instantly bestows super confidence and super-powers on you.
Suddenly, anything becomes possible.

Use these super powers responsibly.

And thank your back-watchers. You may not be able to see them, but they’ve got your back. Right?

Find more on my Redbubble.

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My FutureLearn Experience:

Earlier this year, I took the really interesting FutureLearn course, Antiquities Trafficking And Art Crime run by the University of Glasgow. It led into the labyrinthine world of antiquities trafficking, stolen art, faked art, what constitutes art…and lots of other fascinating wormholes. It’s provided me with some truly intriguing insights and material for future stories, and so, for me, allowed me to achieve my aims.

This was a really interactive course, the first two weeks being quite exceptional and challenging. In the first week, we delved into the shady and, frankly, unbelievable world of antiquities trafficking. Our lecturers presented videos, tested our knowledge with quizzes and set satisfying assignments. Moderators and lecturers were quite active in the comments and even presented additional material at a google hangout. In the second week, we looked at art theft, art forgery and what constitutes an ‘art crime’. No mention of Andy Warhol was mentioned…

Feedback from peers was useful (I took the free option so feedback declined in the middle of Week Two), and other interactive elements made for a very engaging course.

Week three was frankly heavy, for me personally. We explored the ethics and politics of native rights to cultural and human artifacts, as well as returning cultural objects to their homelands, along with other debates which make these subjects so contentious and fascinating.

The course ended with a comprehensive list of resources.

All in all, I really enjoyed this course and I wish I could take this subject further. Our lecturers and course moderators were extremely enthusiastic and helpful, totally involved over the whole three weeks. Material and tasks were the most varied I’ve seen on any of the other two FutureLearn courses I took, and the course was extremely well-paced.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who loves archaeology, antiquities, and art, as well as those researching these topics. Or if you’re curious about International Law relating to Humanities. There are so many aspects to this course, it’s hard to pin it only to Arts and Antiquities.

This was also the course, much to my surprise, which taught me the most about myself and my beliefs, not to mention human nature. If you have to do one course from FutureLearn this year, I recommend the next Antiquities Trafficking and Art Crimes course on offer.

You can read about my experiences with two other FutureLearn courses over at my other blog:
Start Writing Fiction and An Introduction To Screenwriting.

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How To Add Text To Your Photo by Jacki Kellum

Jacki Kellum is my first guest writer, whom I met during our Blogging U course last month. My thanks to her for her time and effort.

Jacki is an artist and writer, using a wide range of mediums, including digital. She’s been experimenting with ipiccy, a free online photo manipulating app.
Jacki’s generously allowed me to re-post one of her tutorials here, as a way to help you with PiniMe and other image creation for your blogs.

Here’s Jacki with How To Add Text To Your Photo.

From Ipiccy Blog
How to Add Text to Frames in Free Image Program Ipiccy


When you begin to create a Basic Border, in Frames, you see the following menu on the left side.


Click in the center of the box that says Outer color.


The following Color Picker will appear. Click about where the red arrow is, inside the larger black rectangle.


When you click inside the larger rectangle, a circle will appear.


With your mouse, click on the circle and drag it right, until you see the basic color that you want shown in the bottom bar.


In the bottom bar, click on the color you like. When you do that, a colorful Color Picker will open.


The color of the frame has been changed to this new spot on the Color Picker.


You can modify the color by dragging either the circle or the bar.


I wanted a softer, more pastel color. I pulled the circle upwards and added white to the pink.


Now, I want to widen the thickness of the outside frame: I moved the thickness handle to 71.


To change the color of the liner, click inside the rectangle that says Inner Color. Note: I had already changed the thickness of the liner 19.


This time, I will click on the Color Picker’s Eye Dropper and then click on my photo, on a color that I want the liner to be.

After I clicked on the eyedropper, I clicked on the cookie. I wanted to match that color of dull yellow.


To prepare the bottom area for holding text, I need to enlarge the part that is called Caption height. I dragged that bar to 121



Now, we have completed the frame part of the exercise.


Go back to the top horizontal menu again, and click on the Blending tab.

The following menu will open on the left.

Although a text box opens on your canvas, you actually type your text in the top menu box.

I used the font Quentincaps.


Drag your text down to the bottom portion of your frame and center it.


Return to the top menu bar and click the Save button.


The following screen will appear. Decide where you want to save your image and Click: Save to My Computer


Copyright Jacki Kellum December 18, 2015

You can view the original post here. Be sure to have a look at Jacki’s other useful tutorials.
Thanks once again, Jacki, for you easy to follow tutorial, and for sharing 🙂

About Jacki Kellum

d38bab18999f376ee2c87c2e38c45358Jacki Kellum is a Fine Artist, designer and writer. She teaches both writing and illustrating from her home studio, and offers other writing services as well. Her current personal projects includes a memoir and a children’s book. Read about her amazing life and family here, and about her art here.