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Tarotscopes for Mid-January to February 2020

With Bonus YES/No/Maybe options

2020 has finally started, and I have your Tarotscopes for mid-January to February up on my Patreon. Patrons, as usual, have already had their early access since 14 January 2020—later than I planned, but we’ll be back on track for the March to April 2020 Tarotscopes.

Also up on my Patreon is the Capricorn Birthday To Birthday Challenges divination and the LeNormand 6 Month forecast for the first half of 2020.
It’s exciting to see how trends are changing and you’re evolving. 2020 is definitely a year of changes!

Meanwhile, things got very interesting on my YouTube over the holiday period. Thank you for all the views and welcome to all new subscribers. We had some great feedback on the pet readings, and if you want a quick love forecast, there’s a video for you, too. Links are below.
Unfortunately, I’ve been having trouble uploading to YouTube since November 2019, so I’m looking at alternative sites to host my videos in 2020 for free (free content for them, free higher profile for me). If you’d like to recommend a site, please let know in the comments. I’d appreciate it 😀

Before you go, I’m offering a free channeled message from deities I work with. The details and request form are here on my other blog.

Happy 2020 once again, and may your Yes/No/Maybe’s be for your highest good always!

Your Tarotscopes









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Happy 2020!

And if you’re looking for those Bonus Tarotscopes still, here are the links:

Earth signs:
Air Signs:
Water signs:
Fire signs:

Sending love and hope for rain to koalas and Aussies affected by the bushfires.

And gratitude and good vibes to all of you for your support on this blogs and for my writing 😀


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Tarotscopes: November to December 2019

It’s Mercury Retrograde feeling like a Saturn Return!

Amazing, we’re already in November! 2020 is just a few weeks away and some of us feeling like we’re still in some pretty rough waters. The good news is that a few of us are going to find the easy, smooth side of the rapids we’re negotiating (and maybe even a short-cut or two), while those who’ve not been paddling as hard as they should…Well, it’s time to move with more direction away from dead-end creeks and hold on tight to that paddle. You definitely don’t want to lose it over the next two months! Yep, interesting, and hopefully fun times for you ahead!

If you’d like your tarotscopes before the month starts plus bonus ones and other readings, consider becoming my patron from just $2 a month. If you’re on the Magician Tier ($4 a month) you get access to the Birthday To Birthday Challenges and Advice for each sign each month.
Enjoy and happy holidays! Catch you for the bonus tarotscopes before the year-end?

Tarotscopes November to December 2019




Tarotscopes air signs Nov Dec 2019


For Patrons only (Magician Tier upwards)


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Work: About Finding A New Job
Don’t forget to look at the Work and Career Playlist for more options.

Future Spouse: First Impression You Make On Them—Trick/Treat/Sweet/Sour
Don’t forget to check out the playlist for more on your Future Spouse

Special Feature
How Will Brexit Personally Affect Me?

Find more options on my Patreon. Link below

For Patrons Only: 4 More options/possibilities on how Brexit may personally affect you.

Find out more about the episodes here.


Take the fun Personality Quiz and let me tell you your secrets!

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In The Limelight: Cat Leonard

Cat Leonard artist quote colors

I’ve been a fan of Cat Leonard and her work since 2015 when she illustrated a work of mine for SciPhi Journal. I fell in love with her bold style, which is so reminiscent of the Aussie Outback for me. More so, I adore her animal portraits, too, with their unusual perspectives. I must admit her portraits of people often leave me feeling conflicted. I feel she captures something beyond their mere image, beyond what most people might see—an emotion or attitude they may not admit to when first meeting you!
Though Cat agreed to an interview some time ago, it’s taken this long for us to make this happen. Life and interesting things have been coming along! I’m glad Cat managed to make some time for my questions before her next commission and workshop. Here’s how it went.

Book cover SciPhi Journal Issue 5 artist Cat Leonard

I love your cyan and orange/yellow signature paintings. How did you get into that combination?
Hmmmm…what would those colours be in my pallet? Cobalt turquoise, Cadmium orange light, Nickel yellow, Australian salmon gum…
I tend to think about colour in terms of what they are next to, because colours look their best when you can see other colours at the same time. Like pink is my favourite colour but only when I can see yellow at the same time, and because certain colours work next to specific other colours I tend to group them like that in my paintings. So, when I get out pink I also get out yellow, which is why I regularly choose my “signature” colour combinations.

Quote Cat Leonard artist painting animals
Cat Leonard Sovereign Fowl
Sovereign Fowl

Your pet and animal portraits are magnificent. Do you prefer them to your portraits of people? If so, why?
Animals are quicker to paint than people, and I can really let loose with paint, colour and wild marks when painting fur, feathers and, say…the wrinkled skin of a chicken’s head. Also, I enjoy painting old people with wrinkles and age spots, and can tackle them in a similar way, but young smooth skin, especially children and babies, and candid poses at a distance where I don’t see marks, wrinkles or spots in the skin, such as full figurative work, for me is more challenging. But I’ve been learning oils and glazing so that’s slowly changing as I play with that medium.

Llama by Cat Leonard

So, I’ve often wondered, just how long does it take you to paint the animal portraits? Do you now have a kind of system for getting them done to a deadline?
If I’ve got a deadline I can paint them quicker. I once had a deadline of a day, so I told myself I could do it and painted a glorious pig overnight. I didn’t think about it and I just painted; knew the formulae from a previous painting and used that.
I can re-paint my paintings a lot quicker than new ones and some commissions ask for those.

Horse and rooster art by Cat Leonard

You’ve had an unusual series a few years ago which featured animals juxtaposed with text—old books and newspapers, I think it was. Do you enjoy mixing media and the seeming incongruous, or was that an experimental phase?
I love mixed media and I do work this way still today. Often the back of my work has interesting pages torn out of books stuck on them with the title of the work painted next to or on them (a little surprise for the buyer). But that body of work was inspired by a photographer/poet, and I worked with them on several projects over several years.

Quote Cat Leonard book cover creation

Tell us a little about your book and story illustrations. Do you still work on them?
Mainly I do covers, and at the moment I illustrate the covers for Francis Porretto. I’m commissioned to do my 6th cover for him. He sends me chapters to read and from those I conceive a visual.

Book cover The Wise And The Mad by Francis W Porretto artist Cat Leonard

It’s quite a responsibility creating a book cover because it gives the first impressions of the book, so you’ve gotta say something about the story, make it intriguing but not give anything important away and not create a visual that will direct the imagination away from what’s described in the story—like you don’t want to present a character from the story that doesn’t do that character justice.

St Michael by Cat Leonard
St Micheal

You’ve also shared some religious icon-inspired pieces. Is that a path you’d like to explore further?
Yes, religious art does interest me, especially Christian liturgical art. Being Catholic myself, having grown up in a large catholic family, I feel that I haven’t quite found my feet in this genre yet, but I’ve certainly dabbled and painted St Michael by request three times, and Monsignor Ian Dempsey and Philip Wilson when he was archbishop of Adelaide, the passion of Christ and the resurrection and the Mother of God three times, and some other stuff. The most recent St Michael was an interesting experience where I kind of re-interpreted Guido Reni’s famous painting St Michael Defeats Satan, and I used a familiar process I often use where I take a messed up canvas and then draw him out through the mess as I pull together the marks—like bringing him forward through the mess of postmodernism. It was most enjoyable.

Oil painting by Cat Leonard
Oil painting

The South Australian Fine Arts scene seems quite healthy, and I reckon you get commissions from all across the country. So, are you working on expanding your presence abroad, too, by working with international commissions?
I do get commissions from all over the place, but most are from Adelaide.
It’s a standard question I ask these days with commissions: “Are you from Adelaide?” Because I’ve gotta consider the options for painting things that are suitable to post or the shipping fees are ridiculously expensive, so I would prefer to send a small work or one I can take off the frame and roll up and it gets re-framed at their end.

As for the future, any predictions on what we can expect from Cat Leonard, Fine Artist
and experimenter?
Well, I’m learning how to properly teach others the craft—I do already give painting workshops, but now I’ve joined a small team of art tutors at Splashout Studios and am being taught how to teach by an expert, so that’s quite a learning curve for me, extremely confronting and challenging but so very enjoyable as I see the fruits of my efforts unfold…

Montage of art by Cat Leonard
Works of Cat Leonard

About Cat Leonard

Cat Leonard artist selfie

I am an artist, painter of portraits, contester of postmodernism and proverbial blunderer. I declare through my craft that perfection is the perfect amount of imperfection, that there are moments of organic messiness in beauty when it is arranged correctly, and that is what I strive to achieve in my paintings, an ordered chaos.
Since 2010, I’ve been building up my art business. Painting commissioned paintings, Illustrating covers for books by various authors, exhibiting in galleries, selling products on-line and teaching workshops and tutorials in schools. I also mentor for Year 11 and 12 students who are interested in pursuing the fine arts as a career.

Find Cat online

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TBR Love: September 2019

Just the one review, and some very exciting news about Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores!

Some Very Exciting News!

Want access to positive and thought-provoking speculative fiction? Not to mention exclusive tarot reads no-one else gets…and a free personal reading for that particular question that’s been bugging you.
I have your solution from $2 a month! 😀

Little Known, Highly Recommended

Spotelss by Camilla Monk from

Spotless (Series #1) (romance, suspense, humor, action)
Camilla MonkA woman named Island (I know, I know) is kidnapped by a hitman with a serious (and I mean serious!) OCD problem. They’re both strangely weird people, who form a strange, but satisfying bond under various intense and upsetting circumstances involving interesting locations, bullets, blood, and various psychos.

Imagine the movie series The Transporter meets Meg Cabot’s romances meets some really great characterisation and plotting…without holes, or its slip showing at embarrassing places, or resorting to predictability or illogical plot-contortions just to keep one cinematic scene intact… I couldn’t stop reading it. It’s fun. It’s brilliant. It’s not for those who love plots-by-numbers types. I can’t wait to read the next one! But I have to. Because work.

Quest for the wholly pale 0 calories
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Tarotscopes September and October Plus Extended Read


Can you believe it’s already September! This year seems to going even faster than a trip on a fast-train. I can almost hear the days whooshing by…So, the good news is the changes you’ve been waiting for are imminent if they haven’t already appeared. And if they have, or when they do, they may take a little bit more adjusting to than you anticipated. More bad news is you may have to adjust some plans or delay them indefinitely.
Good news is, you may have more fun in the long-run, and what you have on your plate may be much, much better than anything you could have anticipated!
Sometimes, you just have to trust that the Universe knows when to serve you your new favourite things (or people)!
I’ve got an extended read for your bi-month, too—About That Matter You’re Thinking About.

September to October 2019

Earth signs

Water signs

For Patrons only (Magician Tier upwards)

Leo Birthday To Birthday 2019-2020

Virgo Birthday To Birthday 2019-2020

On Patreon Free

If My Life Were To Make The News Headlines:


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Interview: Jackie Johansen from YourWordsElectric

Quote Jackie Johansen

Back in May, by a serendipitous event, I received Messaging and Astrology Coaching from Jackie Johansen. You can read a little about my experience here, where I learned to keep it simple and reconnected to my main message of exploring Potential!

I was eager to interview Jackie about her (unique to me) approach, as it worked so well for me and I thought it may be of interest to you.
Here’s how the interview went.

Using astrology as a means to define your personal/entrepreneurial message to the world is an intriguing idea. How did you come to it?
It was a personal journey for me. I had got so caught up in the ways I felt I should be doing things, or talking about my work, that I lost myself in the process. I have taken tons of courses, read lots of books, but they didn’t truly move the needle. However, really anchoring into myself, and focusing on alignment, did shift things. Astrology is an amazing tool to see ourselves clearly. We all have different purposes, ways of working, creative inklings, people we naturally connect with, karmic intentions, etc. I felt it was a disservice to leave this part out of my work with clients. I believe we are here to become fully expressed and our businesses are extensions of ourselves. My work is all about empowering women to settle into their truth–and get clear about what that is–so they can work from a place of deep alignment.

You’re also a life-coach and a writer. What made you decide to combine astrology, messaging and your life-coaching into this one-on-one course?
I started as a copywriter and what I had found over and over was the women who hired me were natural writers but didn’t know how to get the words on the page. They struggled to see their own ability. I found that getting clear on the core message was so empowering because the rest fell into place. My work shifted to helping guide them to find this keystone. Astrology naturally fit in this process. It provides us all with an individual map to our creative expression. My clients found it helpful and it was so much fun for me.

Quote Jackie Johansen

Having had the unique opportunity to work through your Astrology and Messaging Course, I was very impressed from the outset. I was looking for clarity in career direction, and during our first session you led me on a visualization of different paths, which proved very informative. What impressed me more was that you seemed to intuitively know what I required. Is this intuitive approach your usual method, or do you have set meditations, processes, and other tools for different situations?
Yes! My intuition is such a guiding star. My hope when working with someone is always to be a conduit for what wants to come through in service of their highest good. Also, it keeps the work fun and exciting for me because there’s the element of surprise and unfolding. There’s a basic structure to how I work, and we create a roadmap based on the person’s goals, but there’s flexibility and spaciousness for when something else is needed. It’s always neat to see how the process naturally unfolds.

Quote Jackie Johansen

I enjoyed the astrology sessions, and received a lot of reminders as well as new perspectives on myself from your reading and sharing of my Western birth chart. What was really interesting, and revealed awesome synchronities, was your expansion on transits of asteroids, and aspects to my main planets. This goes way beyond a reading of my zodiac sign and those main planets: Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars that we’re so used to. Can you briefly tell us why the asteroids and aspects of certain planets influence our message to the world—our purpose in life—beyond the usual we read in horoscopes?
Transits really bring the chart to life, and can anchor us into cycles we are working with in our own evolution and growth. The asteroid goddesses are beautiful teachers. They help us see our creative expression, how we nurture, stand in our sovereignty, and connect in relationship, amongst other things. The asteroids and transits add more clarity and pieces to the puzzle when exploring our work and what’s on our heart to share.

Quote Jackie Johansen

Towards the end of the course, we worked on my main message, helping me define and refine what my core message is. I gained a lot of insight on myself in my past, present, and hoped for future. In fact, this defining of my core message was a healing for me. It is usual for people to begin your coaching course thinking they’re going to identify this thing and end up resolving or healing other issues, too?
In my experience this is common, I know it has been true for me! I believe that these questions around purpose and the core message we’re here to share, connects us to a deep part of ourselves. If there are parts of us that have been dimmed, or needs transformation, this can surface for healing. These questions connect us to something bigger and evolutionary in our own becoming. It can be so powerful to give these parts of ourselves attention and for them to be witnessed by another.

Now, as our chart is moving through the heavens with time, I was wondering: does our core message change as we grow older? And are there people who have more than one core message to share with the world?
I believe we have core questions and themes that run through our lives. These come out of our charts, our experiences, and own healing journeys. However, as we grow and change, as well as experience different transits, we may see things from different perspectives and our message changes and grows with us. I think it’s important to get clear on what those messages are. They often evolve, or how we share them may change, but the heart is still there. There will still be golden threads that run through our lives.

Quote Jackie Johansen

What would you say is the main belief or issue holding us back from realizing or identifying our core message, and indeed, our self truth?
I’d say a big challenge that gets in the way is over-complicating things and not trusting ourselves. If you’re an entrepreneur, especially online, there’s so much noise and shiny objects pulling you in different directions–all having an opinion on what you should be doing. This makes it difficult to tune in, go inward, and really see our own magic. I believe it’s so important to slow down and cultivate a relationship with our own cycles, our unique creative processes, and expressive self. It’s so easy to look to social media, experts, courses, and templates for clarity. Sometimes these things are great, especially when we want to develop a skill or interest, however we can lose sight of our own inner compass and really what works individually for ourselves.

You’ve also looked at my rather (then) chaotic and cluttered blog, and gave that all important advice to ‘Keep It Simple’. What, in your opinion, most clutters a person’s core message?
For me it can be two fold. One, we are all multi-passionate beings with so much to share. This is a beautiful thing. The challenge is simplifying, getting to the root, and presenting it in a way that others can really get a sense of what we are all about. We need to find the through-lines. 

And secondly, I think our message can get cluttered by all the shoulds, expert advice, and trends that pull us in certain directions. We can lose sight of our own uniqueness and what’s at the heart of what we do.

Quote Jackie Johansen

I enjoyed our time together immensely, and appreciated your integrity and the easy-going, safe space you created for me to share and discover what I needed. At the end of your course, what do you hope your seeker retains from the sessions?
That they can trust themselves and their path. That they feel empowered and connected to the work that they are here to do for the greater healing of the world. That they feel more themselves and connected to their gifts. That they can see themselves more clearly for the beautifully unique and creative soul that they are.

Thank you!

About Jackie

Jackie Johansen yourwordselectric messaging coach
Jackie Johansen:

With a background in copywriting, depth psychology, women’s circle, and astrology, Jackie helps women step into their voices and fully expressed self. Through her messaging guidance, she helps her clients see themselves, and their message, more clearly to build their business from a deep place of alignment. She lives in Northern California with her partner, and can often be found studying the sky, cooking colorful vegan meals, and dreaming of her next international adventure.

Find Jackie online:

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Freebies, a Sale, and 1 Very Highly Recommended

Here we are in mid-season (Summer/Winter) 2019! There are freebies for your vacations, holidays or those longer-than-usual waits for your cuppa or joe with tourists inundating your usual hangout.

With Quest For The Wholly Pale almost ready to hit your favourite bookstores, I’ve had less than usual time to read for pleasure, so just one extremely highly recommended book by Silke Stein for you. If you read nothing else on the beach this month, I suggest you read this amazing book. But first, about those freebies…


featured image Summer of Love giveaway
A large selection just for you. Books are changing over this long-running give-away so, so visit it more than once.

Love in all it’s forms. E-books and short stories of all lengths. Perfect for the beach or that long journey!
Summer of Love
30th May, 2019 to 1st September, 2019

Romance and Women’s Fiction for all folks.

I Do Romance Group Giveaway
16th June, 2019 to 15th July, 2019
With only 2 weeks left in this give-away grab your romance quick!

featured image Clean Science Fiction Reads
PG-13 rated eBooks to safely recommend to friends, family and maybe even your students*!
Clean Science Fiction Reads
15th June, 2019 to 31st July, 2019
From dystopian to comedic, mystery to epic, find your next science-fiction writer here.
*Ensure each book is suitable for your students by evaluating it first.

Star-crossed, destined, at crossed purposes, those misunderstandings are sure to draw your attention.

Star-Crossed: Mix-Matched Parings of Colleagues, Family, Friends, Lovers or Others – All Genres
1st July, 2019 to 31st July, 2019
Misfit meets social butterfly, rich girl and poor (or is he) guy, frenemies and your work nemesis. They’re all pairing off in unexpected ways.

Summer/Winter Sale
is on!

1 July-31 July 2019
Books from 25%-100% off!
There’s something to expand everyone’s TBR!

Little Known, Highly Recommended

Foam On The Crest of Waves (mystery, family drama)
Silke Stein
This wonderfully written story kept me enthralled, unable to figure out the mystery till almost the very end. Told from different viewpoints, the slow unfolding of the mystery touches on more than just the family tragedy, small town life, coming of age, and environmental issues. It also beautifully evokes the wonders of nature, art, and second chances. Never truly predictable, this story was a joy to read.
I downloaded this story in a ProlificWorks giveaway.

Hope to have more great recommends for you next month, and more on Quest, too!
Meanwhile, have a great summer/winter!

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When Zodiac Signs Race

Sometimes my imagination runs away, and sometimes it has me laughing out loud. Like in this race which combines my knowledge of zodiac signs and the 1000m race—taking us back to high school.

So, here’s how it usually went—at least how I remember it. Was it the same at your school?

Earth Signs

Taurus is scowling. Why did they agree to this? Actually, they didn’t. They were ‘volunteered’. There’s much better things to do like find something nice to eat, or lounge about, or sleep. But there’s the finish line, and for some reason it’s making their feet itchy—paw at the ground even. There’s better things to do, and really they don’t have to run. They’ll just take a few steps and then go home. Serve everyone right for ‘volunteering’ them, right? But that finish line—that’s a challenge. Will it be worth it? Can they do it? Just to prove a point. Who to doesn’t matter, just to prove a point. Taurus is scowling at the finish line and pawing faintly at the ground…ruminating, building up steam…

The gun goes off, Capricorn launches like a steadily moving rocket. They have it figured out. All they have do is maintain a steady pace, slog it out. Keep the head. They deserve to win, ‘cos a steady pace and hard work sorts out the losers from the winners, and Capricorn is going to win. Taurus is still scowling at the finish line and pawing the ground oblivious to everything and everyone else, especially their house yelling at them to ‘Move!’. And Virgo…Virgo is frozen at the start, too. Capricorn smiles. It’s a walk-over. But mustn’t be smug. Must put in the slog, and show everyone how steady, hard slog wins the race. Capricorn pounds on…

Virgo is frozen. There was a plan—a very good, well-thought out, logical plan. It incorporated all known factors and figured in the weak points of the other signs. Yes, it was a good plan. But the gun was so loud and such a shock, even Taurus is frozen to the spot. And, where did this breeze come up from? It’s throwing out the equations, affecting speed and distance covered, but how? Time’s running out. Virgo takes a few strides along the track. But wait, something is off. But what? Virgo slows. A new plan has to be devised. It won’t be perfect, but it will be a plan and progress can be established. It won’t be perfect… Virgo stops and starts, cautiously moving forward, constantly recalibrating…

Taurus, with no thought, running on pure instinct and repressed energy, suddenly zooms forward straight at the finish line, oblivious to the startled Virgo, ignorant of the sudden snarl of Capricorn forced to keep up or lose out. Taurus is continuing to accelerate as they near the finish line. Taurus has passed the finish line, still accelerating and is focused on something far beyond it—possibly on the ice-cream van or hot-dog stand.

Never underestimate Taurus’ priorities or intent focus.

Water Signs

Cancer is nervous at the start line, looking a little pale or green, assuring the medical staff they aren’t going to throw up just yet. It’s just nerves. Cancer avoids looking at the finish line. What matters is being in the race, not letting the house down. There’s no expectation of winning. It would nice, but not expected. Scorpio is super fast and Pisces is full of surprises. What matters is being in the race, showing support and willing. And not throwing up at the start…

Pisces seems distracted. Surely, they’re in the wrong place. Everyone’s looking at them full of expectation—and they can’t do this! They’re fakes. Why did they volunteer? It was stupid, Stupid! Oh, look! A butterfly! And the sky looks so nice beyond the finish line. Wouldn’t it be nice to just run and run into the blue? The Blue Beyond! What would that be like? Pisces is looking dreamily at the finish line…

The gun goes off, and Scorpio strides confidently off. They’ve got this. Pisces is shrieking and Cancer is busy trying to calm Pisces down. A head start. The race is in the bag. Scorpio’s leaving them in the dust. That’s natural selection for you. The best ahead of the pack…This is all going too well. Something might go wrong. Keep those eyes and ears open. Maybe Cancer and Pisces are planning on something nasty, running together like a team like that. It’s unnatural. Wait, what’s that! Who left that there? It’s to trip them up, isn’t it? Hahaha, but they’ve spotted it, and they won’t fall for it. Not Scorpio. Definitely not me…Who yelled that? It sounded like Steve. Just wait till the race is over. They’ll get their’s for such disrespect, yes they will. If it’s the last thing Scorpio ever does…

Scorpio reaches the finish line far ahead of Cancer and Pisces, who look relieved and happy when the race is over. They made it, and no one came out last, yay! But Scorpio doesn’t look happy. There’s scores to settle, such disrespect…No, Scorpio’s win means nothing. There’s always someone out to get them.

Never underestimate Scorpio’s ability to make themselves unhappy…

Fire Signs

Leo’s in the middle at the start line, chin in the air, confident. What are Aries and Sagittarius doing in the race? They aren’t real fire signs, not like Leo. Leo is the ultimate. Remember that time when…And they’ll own this race, too. No doubt about this. Leo is the only one in the race. The others don’t count, and it’s not like they can keep up with the King! Of course not. Leo has this in the bag, ‘cos Leo rules…

Aries, ignored by Leo, is puffing out their chest. They’re going to win. They’re smarter, faster and stronger than all the others. Leo doesn’t stand a chance, not after all the training Aries did. Aries is going to show them how it’s done, and done right. Oh yes! It’s Aries all the way, no doubt about it…

Sagittarius is…Hang on! Where’s Sagittarius? Did they drop out? Quick go find…There they are joking with friends on the sidelines. Do they realise the race is about to start? Doesn’t look like it.
The gun goes off. A tap on the shoulder, a brief word or two, and Sagittarius is off like a shot, much faster than expected. But that’s Sagittarius for you.

Leo is in the lead, but deadly serious about making the best time and all that and not allowing the others to catch up. It may be a race with only themselves, but they’re not taking any chances. Besides, its satisfying to see the finish line approach so fast.

Sagittarius is galloping along with a grin. This is the life. How exhilarating having the wind in their face, feeling the strength in their legs and knowing they’re gaining on Leo and Aries! How exciting! Nothing else matters but feeling that wind in their face and that sense of exhilaration. Oh yeah!

Aries is keeping up with Leo who’s running out of puff! But wait, what’s happening to Aries! A stumble! Now? Really! What the…Another stumble and a hand-twirling tumble! Of all the times! Aries is swearing, not far from the finish line, just a little more effort needed. Aries rolls up and sprints, giving it their all. They trip again, much to their surprise, and have the inspired idea to roll to the finish line. First is first, no matter how you win!

Except it isn’t. It’s a photo finish. One hand and two feet all crossed the finish line simultaneously. There’s an uproar, a heated debate, some dramatic losing of tempers, and the crowd is thrilled. They’ll be talking about it for days!

Never underestimate Aries clumsiness or their spot solutions to the unexpected.

Air Signs

At the start line, Libra is dithering. Is it the right thing to do? It doesn’t seem like it. What are people thinking? Does their kit look okay? Better not to over-think things. Better not to think at all. Look just what happened to Virgo. Just take it as it comes. The important thing is to maintain balance, not upset anything, It would be nice to win, though, But not if it makes Aquarius and Gemini angry at them. They couldn’t deal with that anger or drama. There’s enough of that oozing off the fire-signs. Just do whatever feels right and go with the flow. After all, it’s been decided. There’s no going back now. But what if they win? How would that change things? Definitely won’t do to upset anyone…Not again, not after last year and that time when…

Aquarius is looking detached and immaculately kitted out. They’ve got this all figured out. It’s a process, a logical thesis to be experimented with. It will be interesting to see the outcome. It would be nice to win, especially as it would prove the efficacy of logical thought applied to muscular motion and all that. Aquarius is looking detach, though occasionally longingly at the finish line…After all, finishing something means something, doesn’t it? Doesn’t it? Or does it?

Gemini is smiling. They, too, have a plan. In fact, they’ve had several and settled on the best one for today after researching Libra and Aquarius. Their friends know this too, that’s why they’re waving back. Today is Gemini Day. Today is the day they win. There’ s a plan—a strategy actually. A rock solid strategy that’s going to blast everyone else out of the…Oh, look! That butterfly again. It’s a reminder of something about the plan. What was it again, and which plan was it for? Gemini is looking strong, but faintly puzzled at the butterfly…

The gun goes off, and Aquarius is getting some surprised looks and murmuring. They’re power-walking! Slowly accelerating. A brilliant plan for conserving strength and stamina while building up speed and momentum. Scattered cheering and clapping makes them smile. At least some people get it. And winning would prove the point even further. Aquarius accelerates.

Libra is slightly alarmed. They’re in the lead and it feels all wrong. It’s upsetting the balance! It’s not like they want to be known as an athlete. That’s totally the wrong impression to make. And people would be upset! What to do? What to do? Can’t slow down, too obvious. No point in running faster, that would just make things worst. Best to keep going at this steady pace. It’s easy, it’s flowing. It feels comfortable. Keep going…but avoid more effort. Libra gives a sigh of relief. Gemini’s outpacing everyone.

Gemini, sprinting past Aquarius then Libra, is ecstatic. What did I tell you? Foolproof plan! Absolutely foolproof. This race is already won. Yes, Aquarius is still accelerating, but at a slower rate. Too little to catch up now, and Libra has only one speed. Breathing is a little difficult though. Was that in the plan? Best to slow down a little, catch a little O2. No harm done…Oh there’s the butterfly again. What was it a reminder of? Oh, yes: Don’t sprint! Gemini can hardly swear with so little breath. No need to panic, though. The race isn’t over. Still time for a new plan. This stop, catch your breath then sprint thing is working. And Aquarius has reached their top speed. There’s still hope…

Gemini sprints. And collapses with a jubilant ‘yes’, hand out-stretched and definitely smack on the finish line.
But wait. Those running shoes look all too familiar, and is that Aquarius looking way too cool offering a hand up.
Libra’s smiling. Neither first nor last! Perfect! Harmony remains, and nobodies upset with them. Life is sweet…

Never underestimate Libra’s willingness to sacrifice for harmony and to maintain friendships.