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Become An Exceptional Designer: Effective Colour Selection For You And Your Client by James Dean

m_James Dean Colour SmashwordsTitle: Become An Exceptional Designer: Effective Colour Selection For You And Your Client
Author: James Dean
Rating: 90-95%

This is an unsolicited review of a Smashwords epub download. This is merely my very subjective opinion, and should be regarded as such.

In Brief:

This is a great colour resource from James Dean, not just for interior designers, but for all designers. I found it useful as it reminded me of colour theories and sets I had forgotten.

The Whole Story:

Based on a series of lectures for a course, it’s great for students and as an afternoon read for designers who need a little brushing up on aspects of colour.

Written in well presented chapters, this eBook covers the basics of colour and colour mixing, with a nice chapter on the psychology of colour too. Colour wheels and an explanation of the Munsell System make practical colour applications easy to understand, while short summaries on colour theories by the masters adds a nice touch.

I would have preferred more graphics and photos, but that may be because I like pretty things 🙂

What I learned?

I learned that lighter colours like yellow have more shades than tints while darker, colours like red, have more tints than shades; which probably accounts for why I dislike using much red in my designs:)

My favourite chapter was on the psychology of colour which included some fun facts to pique my trivia nerd interest.

Rating: 90-95% less 5% because I like my pretty pictures.
Recommended to: Students studying design, artists, designers and the perpetually curious

About the author:

James Dean is a architect with a passion for design and constructing unique architecture.
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REview: Nature Art – Adults Coloring Pages by Ally Nathaniel

Ally Nathaniel Nature Art reviewTitle: Nature Art – Adults Coloring Pages with Printable Sample
Author/Artist: Ally Nathaniel
Rating: 100%

This is an unsolicited review of a free Smashwords download.

In Brief:

Dripping with symbolism and intricacies, there’s tons of inspiration and hours of fun in this coloring eBook. These drawings are a gentle surrealists dream come true.

The Whole Picture:

Ally Nathaniel has a wonderful talent for combining the unexpected: from easily imagined possible patterns in nature, to the surrealistic combining of elements, like a blue whale and a clump of flowers. There’s a bewildering array of joyous drawings to make your own.

What I adored

There are layers to these drawings, simple to the complex—something for every mood. You could spend hours or days coloring these images in. There was a smile for me, on every page. I love, love, loved the butterfly with the light-bulb!

Rating: 100%

Recommended to: Coloring book addicts; those looking for inspiration, meditative aids and some rainy day mood enhances.

About Ally Nathaniel:

Ally is an epublisher, coach, and children’s author with over ten titles which have sold over 40 000 copies on Amazon.

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