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Your Tarotscopes: January to February 2023

Happy New Year! You made it to 2023! For many, we’re winding up some old stuff before we get into the new. Expect 2023 to really start going in February, after the Mercury Retrograde is over! In the meantime, clear the decks for an interesting year!

  1. Earth Signs
  2. Air Signs
  3. Water Signs
  4. Fire Signs
  5. Appreciation Time: Get Your Free 3-Month Reading
  6. Request

Love and light to you all!

Earth Signs

Capricorn 00:29
Taurus 14:15
Virgo 26:39

Air Signs

Aquarius 00:34
Gemini 12:44
Libra 24:09

Water Signs

Pisces 00:31
Cancer 13:45
Scorpio 26:35

Fire Signs

Aries 00:40
Leo 13:07
Sagittarius 32:12

Appreciation Time: Get Your Free 3-Month Reading

As a thank you to all who support this blog and my readings, I’d like to wish you an awesome 2023 and offer you a free Tea Leaves Fortunes and Tarot Reading covering the next three months.

The reading uses:

  • Tea Leaves Fortune Cards
  • The Illustrated Beastiary Cards
  • The Everyday Witches Tarot

The reading:

We look at random messages from the tea leaves cards, clarify with the tarot and then look at the focus of your first 6 weeks and animal card message/advice, then the same for the 6 weeks after.

I’m offering seven readers free audio readings on a first-come basis. If you aren’t one of the lucky seven, you;ll receive a discount voucher of 20% for any of your 2023 bookings. Fill in the form below to get this free reading or your discount voucher 😀

Thank you for your support, and I’m looking forward to helping you figure out 2023!


Send in your name and email address, and I’ll send you your free audio reading** and/or your 20% discount voucher*.

*Voucher cannot be exchanged for cash or other services.

**Free audio readings to first seven to respond only.

Extract from Weekly Tarotscopes: 16 to 22 April 2023

Just wanted to share an extract from this week’s tarotscopes with my Patrons. I thought you might like it 😀 Mercury retrograde is here, and it’s an airy, windy week! Fortunately, for most it’s a lighter, positive time ushering in some beautiful new energy and beginnings or opportunities. For others, there are still some older…

Your Tarotscopes: March to April 2023

2023 is finally ‘gettin’ going’ and it’s looking to be an interesting time! Love and light to you all! Water Signs Pisces 00:30Cancer 13:17Scorpio 30:34 Fire Signs Aries 00:20Leo 11:45Sagittarius 24:45 Earth Signs Taurus 00:20Virgo 11:23Capricorn 35:40 Air Signs Gemini 00:30Libra 14:32Aquarius 36:29



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