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Tell-tales of Ms Rightly Wrong

Tell-tales of Ms Rightly Wrong

Smitten by artful make-up and amber liquid, Ms Rightly Wrong may appear right for all the wrong reasons…Until the make-up rubs off and you’re left feeling raked over with, at the very least, your self-esteem in tatters. Red flags aren’t just for bulls. The wise pay attention to them and side-step before being hurt.

Here’s ten tell-tale signs fluttering away, advising you to run for safety.

You wonder why your normally sociable dog is whimpering just before she arrives, and then hides under the bed as she steps inside.
That doggie seems traumatised…

Your normally sociable cat takes every opportunity to show her the tail.
That kitty doesn’t care for her energy, or can sense a vamp before you…

She understands ‘budget’ to mean ‘budge it’ or ‘fudge it’ when it comes to finances.
Now you know why every tarot reader has been going on about bankruptcy in her cards…or yours.

She goes on about how you have a loving symbiotic relationship but all you see is ‘amoebic’—her needs and lifestyle engulfing your own identity, resources and happiness.
Science is all good and well but love is crucial to be someone’s beloved. Besides, the strongest relationships need compromise, especially symbiotic ones.

She never gets your jokes.
Do you really want to be minutely explaining every single joke you tell; only to be rewarded with an insincere smile, fake giggle or blank stare?

She says she and her friends/family don’t mean to sound condescending to you.
Still, it’s mean and impolite and if they’re half as smart or ‘woke’ as they all say they are, they must know it. More importantly, will they ever truly respect you? Does she really respect you?

She’s always telling you how you remind her of her first crush/her bad-boy ex or that celebrity. Now, she’s trying to get you to dress like them or act like them…
Is she in love with you, her fantasy, or her past? Probably her fantasy and her past.

She constantly lies to you. About everything. And you cringe at the whoppers she tells others.
Trust is a crucial pillar of any relationship. If she keeps swinging wrecking balls around, how can you ever build your foundation of trust, much less a strong relationship.

She threatens you with physical violence for any manner of things. And though she might sound playful, you know she means it.
Psycho is as pyscho does (and says). You never want to check into the Bates Motel, do you?

She constantly chatters and remarks on everything—like everything!
Constant verbal diarrhoea soon besmirches even the most cherished memories, tires you out and turns you into a resentful mute.

There you have my totally subjective top ten.
Have I forgotten a major tell-tale? Take off your amber-tinted classes and let us know in the comments.

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