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TBR and Recommended October 2019

Caught up on some reading, fell back on some work. (sigh). What’s a writer to do…?


Whatever your genre, there’s quick reads and longer reads to help you through this last part of year!

Autumn prolific works giveaway featured image

Whatever your genre, there’s quick reads and longer reads to help you through this last part of year!
27th September, 2019 to 11th October, 2019
All genres.
Autumn prolific works givewawy image 1
Autumn prolific works giveaway image 2
2019 Winter reading giveaway prolific works giveaway featured image
Christmas to Halloween and everything in between!
13th October, 2019 to 4th November, 2019
Holidays, thrillers, horror, suspense and many other genres.

Winter reading 2019 prolific works giveaway  image 1
Winter reading 2019 prolific works giveaway  image 1

Little Known, Highly Recommended

Stephanie Barr book cover Beast Within Bete series

Beast Within (science fiction, romance)
Stephanie Barr
The first in the Bete trilogy, I enjoyed this pioneering story with shape-shifters more than I thought I would. Combining the familiarity of crashed ship on a new world with shifters trying to keep their secret in close proximity to regular humans made for a interesting situation. I enjoyed the characters and the humour, and found that by midpoint, I couldn’t put it down. I’ll be looking for the rest of this trilogy!
I won this book in a giveaway.

Book cover Roger Stelljes Deadly Stillwater

Deadly Stillwater (crime, police procedural)
Roger StelljesSet in Minnesota and surroundings, this was a solidly paced and plotted story with engaging characters, all making for a very satisfying read. I liked that the plot tied up the lose ends without making unbelievable twists. The heroes could have been a little more vulnerable, but with the intrepid reporter helping out, it nicely balanced things out for me. Another series to look out for, I think!

Little Known, Recommended

Green Light (British crime)
JG Alva
A prequel novella in the Sutton Mills series, this one had me reading it straight through, much to my surprise.
Sutton, an artist with a questionable past, makes for an intriguing anti-hero, and his circle of friends are varied and well presented. A well-rounded story and a good introduction to the series, but like so many of British crime stories, it’s the characters and emotions that are the draw rather than a neatly-tied up plot or ending.
I downloaded this in Prolific Works giveaway.

Back next month with a recommendation or two and the last giveaway for this year!



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