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August 2019 Special Invite And More!

A bit of a mish-mash this month and some strange, exuberant and fun news.


Quest for more Wonder Tales FB event info

Special Invite to all and a very, very special single giveaway for one attendee!
Quest For More Wonder Tales
23 to 25 August 2019
Hosted by yours truly. Find out more about my first ever book in paperback, the newly released Quest For The Wholly Pale, and the most awesome speculative and uplifting online magazine (in my humble and very subjective opinion), Cosmic Roots And Eldritch Shores.
Plus more, including something from the little known and highly recommended author below 😀


They may be beasts but that doesn’t mean they’re monsters…hopefully!
The Beast Within!
1st August, 2019 to 15th August, 2019
Books including a focus on non-human creatures where the main character(s) is either a beast or shape-shifter but elves, giants, dragons, etc. are all welcome.
It’s close to ending, but romance is still strongly in the air!
Summer of Love
30th May, 2019 to 1st September, 2019
Turning up the heat this summer with historical romance, short stories and novellas.

Little Known, Highly Recommended Re-read (for those special moods)

The Rob Rogers Urban Fantasy Series (fantasy, humor, weird tales)
S Shane Thomas
I’ve known Thomas for a few years now, and while I love his A Palaeolithic Fable, I sometimes find getting into his other stories a little difficult. This is because of what I tend to think of as the ‘Dude, Where’s My Car’ effect. Yes, I’m referring to that movie, and if you love, love, love that movie and can watch it three times a week, then you definitely can read Thomas every day of week as his dialogue and research is much, much better and enlightening—especially when it comes to East Coast USA foodie haunts and mashing up ancient civvies…But if, like me, you need to be in a little bit of a strange or ditzy mood, or what my family calls a silly mood to get into it. Be warned, however, reading this series is a like having ‘one s’mores’. You’ll be reading ‘just a little more’ as the story (and the food) hit you. And at the moment, I’m definitely craving a re-read of this series, or a new book in it, but that’s just me.
For a more in-depth review of this series, revisit my post here.

See you at the FB event?

quote from Quest for the wholly pale reader experience


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