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Your January 2019 Tarotscope: Bumper Issue!


by Leenna

Yay! I must be off to a good start in 2019 because I have your tarotscopes ready on time! I’m even more excited about 2019 than I was about 2018. For most of us, love and greater opportunity is coming to the fore once more.
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Happy 2019! May your most cherished dreams find you this year 😀

* for entertainment purposes.


Changes you’ve been patiently waiting for are here, invigorating you.

As the new year begins, you may be feeling well-balanced, until a new contract arrives—one you may have briefly discussed two to three weeks before your end of year holiday. There’s a sense of great balance and relief, one you should hang on to as you’ll be needing it later in the month.

By mid-January, life will be moving fast, and you may begin a new job, or a new exercise regime which lights you up. Your creativity will be stirred, and you may want to work with metals, or metallic materials in your hobbies. You’ll find it easy to accept and implement all these new changes.

As January winds down, you may be feeling quite emotional at the realization that a cycle has completed. You may also travel unexpectedly, perhaps to, or with a loved one. Finances will be stable, and you’ll once again regain your sense of self and balance, leaving behind any emotional upset or episodes.

Your lucky-dip look at the first three months of 2019
Your libido will be very high, and so is the prospect of drama with your spouse/partner/dates.You’ll receive clarity on an issue regarding a secretive person or deal, especially if it involves cheating, manipulation or underhand dealings.


An emotional month for you, especially when it comes to Scorpios.

As the new year begins, you may feel undermined or unstable in some way—perhaps, financially or regarding your home. There may be a conflict with a Pisces, or a younger person—a child or someone just returned from travels. Be careful of the words you use, and the manner with which you deal with them. A cold attitude will seem like a winning solution, but it may backfire emotionally. Change is coming in your relationships—a good change. So, allow these changes to occur without resistance for the happiest outcome for everyone.

By mid-month, you’ll have much to celebrate, and may be in the spotlight, but with a huge project to complete. You may also need to stand your ground in some way, and not give in to other’s bad decisions, particularly when it comes to cutting corners at work, or when hosting/renovating at home.

As January slides to a close, an old friend or absent love may return. You may also find your options reduced in some way, but your overall cheerfulness and happiness will return. It would not be good at this time to work with, or accept any work leads, from your returning spouse or old friend.

A lucky-dip look at the first three months of 2019
A document you’re anxious over may be delayed, or take longer to write/process than anticipated. It’s message will stick around or be valid for quite a while, so if you’re writing it, make sure all your facts and figures are accurate.
Your profile is rising, and you may travel a lot internationally, likely via invitations.


Keep to your personal boundaries and enjoy the stability and success it brings you.

2019 begins with you feeling stressed and exhausted. You’ll have time to rest, particularly if you’ve been ill, but you’ll need to stick to your healing remedies/regime for most of the month to ensure whatever exhausted you doesn’t affect your health/wellbeing further. Avoid negative thinking and pity-parties, especially with friends and online, to keep your spirits high.

Mid-January makes something worth the wait, and you’ll be pretty excited when a wish comes true. You may travel, or someone may travel to you—someone who either lifts your spirits and is a lot of fun, or someone very romantically inclined to you. For some, it could be a holiday romance.

January closes with you balancing your work and home-life once more. You’ll have more success than you’d expected from the beginning of the month. Love/attraction may continue beyond your travels, and you’ll be feeling very much adored!

A lucky dip look at the first three months of 2019
Love is certainly the focus, with new beginnings with either someone from your past, or someone introduced to you by an old friend or your parents. Couples will renew love or bring a child/pet home.
A long journey may be awkward to arrange with conflicting schedules and either train or plane times, but love wins through and perhaps you’ll experience a romantic airport terminal scene 🙂


Be wary of where and how you’re applying your energies, or you’ll be in danger of disappointing yourself.

The new year begins with you feeling energized and raring to go—but where to? It’s not the best time to begin new projects, and if you persist, you’re likely to fail before you’ve begun. Take notes, calm yourself, and put all that energy into completing old projects, and into exercise while you wait for the right time.

By mid-January, you may still be feeling like the world is against you, but it’s all about your life lessons. Take this time to set boundaries on your time/energy, and to rest and heal—especially relationships and your body. A retreat would work wonders for you now.

The end of January is not the best time to start new relationships. It’s a great time for couples to reconnect and discuss future plans long into the night. You’ll also be very busy, or have conflicting ideas which may trouble you. Journal or make to-do lists before bed to ensure you have a good rest. Practice your boundaries—don’t allow others to steal your time. And allow a day or two for romantic pursuits—if only to read a romance novel.

A lucky dip look at the first three months of 2019
Internet and other communication problems may persist, particularly over long distances, or if you’re in isolated communities. Keep an eye on your belongings in bad weather. Be sure to get some good, clean air when you can.
You’ll reunite with someone who loves you unconditionally, and you may both be glad of your/their safe arrival.


New beginnings bring new responsibilities and sense of worth.

The new year begins with a sense of clarity and of hope for the future—a renewal of your sense of adventure and commitment to experiencing more of life. But the uncertainty may make you a little anxious. Generally, you feel very accepting of what the universe is bringing you, and are trusting your intuition that life is turning in a better new direction. You may want to re-look at your finances, especially long-standing bonds, debits and the like.

Mid-month brings the end of a sense of despair or heart-ache. It may leave you feeling unbalanced at first as you may have carried it for so long. But communication with those you love is better, and a new opportunity is looking good, especially on the work front.

As January comes to a close, there may be talk or action towards moving home, or renovations. There’s a sense that life is finally favouring you, or allowing you relief, and allowing you to cash in on rewards you’d forgotten were due to you. You may have more responsibilities, but you feel more than up to meeting them, and you will find your sense of self again. Best of all, you’re looking great and pulling lots of admiring glances.

A lucky-dip look at the first three months of 2019
You may be on the internet and social media a lot—perhaps work related or to keep in touch with friends and family far from you.
Things are on the up and up, and any thing you may falter at, will see you making a bigger and stronger recovery from. There’s a happy ending rushing to meet you, so keep your head high and your foot firm.


Taureans bring you luck while a soul-mate helps you find your healing.

January begins with some surprises—something’s afoot, Watson, but you’re darned if you know what. You may suspect that it’s love and romance—a special someone either appearing out the blue or gifting you with something special. But what does it all mean? You’ll have lots of time to think, to heal, and to find your balance with their help, or with their actions. Don’t mistrust your feelings.

Mid-month brings an end to heart-ache and misunderstanding after a heart-to-heart, or sincere expression of feelings which could possibly be blurted out. See pass the awkwardness and to the love beneath. You’ll feel on top of the world in all things else, and a little gift of cash or kind may make its way to you.

January ends with another revelation, this time internal. It brings sunshine and rainbows, and perhaps a romantic getaway or a fun friend. The universe does have things afoot for you, but after a long time, it’s making sure you land on the right one 🙂

A lucky-dip look at the first three months of 2019
Singles may date someone who lives very far away or who is foreign. Couples may find communication easier with less misunderstanding.
An old family feud or other conflict may flare up again, but you needn’t be drawn into it. You’re watched over no matter how crazy and ridiculous things get. Keep your own counsel.


That slow pace suddenly picks up and then it all happens at once. Prepare to be busy, very busy.

January begins with a sense of unchangingness. You may feel stuck while contemplating identity issues, and what you would like life to be like. Be sure to wish well because what you manifest will be quick, especially when it comes to love and family. And when it does manifest it, don’t over-think it. After January 6th, you may feel a change in the air. Get lots of rest before that.

By mid-January, singles may get an offer of love by someone who may seem to overstep a boundary in some way. You may be up late at night contemplating an offer and what it may mean to your future. Work as well, may be quite demanding, but through it all, you will make a major decision.

The end of the month brings romance and a sense of completion. You may be offered a job abroad, or if your spouse works in another location, find work closer to them, There’s a sense that all is as it should be and it’s all good:-)

A lucky dip look at the first three months of 2019
Romance and new beginnings are in the air. You may go on lots of dates, or to openings, or new theatre shows and the like. Children may also feature more prominently in your life.
There’s a sense of finally receiving all that you’ve longed or worked for, and which may have seemed lost to you before. There’s magic in the air, too:-)


Your intuition proves right and you may choose to move away to a new situation.

January begins with a new opportunity concerning an old choice, or a renewal of love with a soul-mate. In work, you may choose to end a professional relationship or accept an offer to travel further. Your intuition tells you you’re heading down the right road, even though it doesn’t look like the path to riches, but it does offer more creativity.

By mid-month, you may suddenly change your decision, or find that another, better opportunity is presented. Whatever happens this month, you are firmly footed and still top of the field. It’s a love situation which may take you by surprise, but it’s one with a happy outcome, though it could be a little on the expensive side.

Come the end of the month, you may be learning or implementing something new, particularly at work. It will expand your world and allow you more time to play. Perhaps you are studying a new language, or learning a new water sport.

A lucky dip look at the first three months of 2019
You’ll all about love and those you are most committed to. Your marriage or partnerships will grow stronger and remain healthy for some time. You may decide to deepen your commitment.
Be wary of new acquaintances who push for a friendship. Despite others, you have happiness around you and the faith of many.


A major change makes you feel uncomfortable about an air-sign, but staying grounded will help you keep up.

January begins with some unexpected news. It may be the closure to a legal issue or the granting of a right you’ve long been waiting for. It’s got your brain in over-gear as you plan for all the new situations this now makes possible. An air-sign may be acting unpredictably, especially when it comes to family matters. Keep yourself grounded and avoid the drama.

Mid-January may find you doubting yourself and sliding into old thought patterns as you over-think your actions and options. Keep yourself moving, with exercise or other movement, to help you process things better and to think out the box.

January may end with a wedding or other family affair. You may feel a little angry, or perhaps dispassionate about everything. You’re just thankful that things are working out better than expected. Watch your health at this time. See to fevers and inflammations at once.

A lucky-dip look at the first three months of 2019
Some may travel to France/Italy, or perhaps have a romance with foreigner. There’s an opportunity to travel alone, which may appear unexpectedly.
Life may seem a little crazy as you figure out who tends to lie to you, and who is trustworthy. You may be surprised by them all. You won’t be taken for a fool any more.


You may have to sacrifice some aspect of work, but love sees you through. For one or two, there’s a marriage, or reunion, in love.

As the new year begins, you may simplify your work life by re-prioritizing love or work. There’s a lack of balance in the amount of time you’re spending on projects and the remuneration. Perhaps, you may break one project into two parts and redo them. Some funds may also be delayed, especially if they are bonds, dividends, or interest on money invested.

You may have your defences up in love by mid-January, and that’s throwing you off balance. For others, something (or someone) you’ve long awaited arrives with a sense of dedication—either to you or your combined task. Spirituality is high, though you may find yourself having to justify your beliefs to others who seek to understand you better.

By the month’s end, you may be feeling like you’ve made the wrong choice in career or how you worked your projects. You may feel like it was all a waste of time. But look closer, you may still save it all if you are open to other possibilities. There’s intense and passionate love, with lots of exchanging of ideas. Your beloved appreciates you for your intellect and your dedication to the long-term, no matter the odds.

A lucky-dip look at the first three months of 2019
Someone (possibly a man) will confuse, confound or frustrate you. Keep your temper in check as this person also loses their temper quickly.
There’s so much, and such intense, unconditional love all around you that you may scarcely believe it! It may be an old love renewed, or an old love returned.


There’s a lot of emotional baggage to deal with, but you’ll float above it all.

January begins with some emotional drama. You may feel torn between two people you love and may feel like you have little choice or say in a matter. But this is all a part of dealing with your baggage. Let go what you cannot control, and allow yourself to move on pass it. There are better things to turn your attention to.

Mid-January brings some home truths to your door, allowing you to make long-term plans. Better yet, it brings a sense of stability and more opportunity. You could begin a new job or gain more financial stability/security. Perhaps an old loan is repaid.

By the end of the month, you’ll have a new perspective on life. Physical and emotional pain should recede or be more manageable. Some may find unexpected or unusual remedies/therapies. You’ll feel lighter in heart and of spirit. More seems possible than before, and now you can take concrete actions towards your future.

A lucky-dip look at the first three months of 2019
Your father, a brother, or another male family member brings you lots of luck. It’s a great time to detox and to try natural remedies. Nature lifts your spirits.
You’re healing yourself in unexpected ways. You may try something new or unusual which you’ll love doing, and may make a part of your routine.


Your career is looking good with help from higher-ups, and your family may find more happiness

The new year begins with some acceleration in the right direction. A position you may have applied for, and then forgotten, may now be yours. It may require some travel, and you may have to improve your skill-set quickly, but it looks like just the challenge you’ve been waiting for. You haven’t been this excited for a long time, or so it seems.

Mid-month may bring some sharp words and misunderstandings with an air-sign (particularly about finances), but it will be quickly and fairly resolved. Peace and contentment will once again reign around you.

As the month comes to an end, you may be feeling exhausted, but you’ll also be balanced and contented. Your finances are looking much better, and contracts allow you to grow. But discuss your future plans with your spouse/partner or they may feel left behind and very hurt.

A lucky dip look at the first three months of 2019
Quick thinking or quick words put you in the limelight in your career. But remain sharp, because you are under scrutiny and the bosses need impressing. No stress!

Unconditional love is found or retrieved when you may think you’ve lost it. Your reputation is also in the process of being cemented. But really, it’s the love foundation that you’re creating now that should be celebrated more.

Happy 2019 to you!

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