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All signs tarotscopes by Leenna


by Leenna

I have to admit, this month’s tarotscopes took a while to get started. The first time I laid out the cards, I was hit by a blank, and then a big yawn. There’s a lot going on, and many of you are in two minds, or very anxious about the decisions or opportunities we have or wish to have. It’s time to ground, to take a deep breath and balance the logical with your heart and intuition. Honor your time and space. Honor your loved ones. And honor your true-self in these life-changing decisions. And give yourself a chance to rest well. Don’t burn the candle at both ends.

* for entertainment purposes.

You’re pushing for something new, but it’s the perfect time to complete an old project. And, oh yes, life is about to get even more hectic.

So, Scorpio, you’re reminiscing about those beautifully easy and restful days of last month, and the previous months, when life seemed to be going so smoothly—when you could kick-back and relax with the remote in your hand and a bag of crisps, or a good apple…
Now you’re out of that comfort-zone and into the crazy-seeming world where you need to make instant decisions, and are experiencing instance karma—for better or worst. But you did ask for a better user/customer experience so why the long face. Take this as a lesson: the universe takes you literally—as do computers, 3-to-5-year-olds, and your spouse/partner in a bad mood. Check twice before pushing any buttons.

Mid-month may bring some frustrations as you put your all into a new project or push ahead with creative ideas. But you’re missing important elements or are repeating a useless cycle. It’s not the practice that matters here, but the precision and the ingredients. Try baking a cake instead, and help your ideas self-correct as you enjoy a good treat. You may also feel your energy-levels dipping and possibly a high fever. Keep your liquid intake high, your sugar levels down, and try catnaps where you can. Deep breathing will help too.

As November ends, you’ll be reminded of an old project you intended completing. Now’s the time to work on it, possibly with an old friend, or with older/first-learned methods. The answer is simple, but the dedication needed is greater as it could get finicky. On the plus-side, this cycle of hecticness is ending and you’ll soon be able to grab the remote and that snack again. You may be interrupted by an old friend, but they wouldn’t mind if you catnap through their monologue. Life will be back on balance again.

There’s a stop-start feel to the month, but only because you insist on backtracking come the middle of the month. Still, a dream you though out of reach may be anything but.

November begins with a round of unbelievable luck, reminding you of a similar period from eight years ago, or from your last years of study. Opportunities abound, recognition is yours, and old smiling faces pop out of the woodwork. Some are sincere and benign, others come asking for favors. Do your research, ask the awkward questions and decide well whom to give your energy to, so you don’t spread yourself too thin.

Mid-month sees you standing still or retreating. You need quality ‘me-time’, possibly within sight of (or in) water. Your mind is wild with ideas, most of them doable, but which ones to pursue for the moment? It may be best to note and prioritize these ideas for now, as you may still need some time to optimize them. Don’t rush. These opportunities and ideas may best be taken up early next year.

The month winds down with a palatable sense that a load is lightening or that a responsibility is receding. You may lose some weight, or pay off a loan. Others may have more time or meet a person who spiritually inspires or awakens them. There’s lots to plan and digest. And yes, you’ll be planning a party or major celebration, but for now your main focus is on your dreams and how to reach them. Change your approach or expectation and you may be able to take those first steps, even if it’s to the moon 🙂

An interesting time for love and reunions. Maybe too interesting? You’ll want to be extra stringent with your budget for Black Friday and other sales.

November begins on an emotional note. There’s a sense of imbalance or a lack of grounding within a love relationship. Are you falling in love too fast? Are you giving away your power to a partner or potential partner too easily? Are you over-analyzing every single detail and mono response? Ground yourself. Do something creative. Take up that yoga routine again. Then feel into your heart. You have the answers within you, if you just listen quietly to that little voice lost amongst all that internal chatter. For some, you may find your answer comes in music or chanting. Listen to the melody/rhythm, not the words, and you’ll find your balance again.

Mid-month finds you strong and balanced, in control of yourself…until the hiccup. Impulsiveness or rashness regarding new love or finances tips the scales. You may feel like hanging your head in shame or running away, or perhaps needing to ask for help from your mother or older sister. It’s not the time to be prideful, but is a time to promise yourself a thing or two. For most, it may suffice to leave the credit card at home, for others it may be sticking to your personal rules on dating/relationships. This is a lesson for you. Learn it well.

By the end of the month, you’ll have reason to regain your pride. The dilemma/crisis from mid-month may be satisfactorily resolved. But it’s also time to hold your tongue. Gossip abounds, especially with a reunion, or because of a reunion. Double-check facts and figures, even if they appear to come from trusted sources. And don’t sell yourself short. Your opinions count too, even if you have to write it down and hold it up during discussions. Finances need careful tending, so be sure to let everyone know you may be doing things a little different the coming festive season.

While you remain fixated on keeping an eye on one dream/goal, you’re missing all the other low-key wonderful things going on around you. Take those blinkers off.

Happiness and abundance abounds come the beginning of November. It may have to do with family. It may have to do with a clothing voucher. It may have to do with learning about a pregnancy or other new beginning, but darn it all, you can’t tell a soul! Maybe because it’s inspired you to make a long-held wish come true. But you need to keep it secret till you have more information. Then again, if it’s a love-child, a new adopted pet to ‘surprise’ your spouse with, or a radical new look you’re sporting, you may want to take extra-special care on how you reveal it all. Social media as a first option would be the absolute worst. Bite the bullet and do it face-to-face. You’ll be happy you did.

By mid-November, you may be tired, but in your element. Reunions with family or old friends may bring a feeling of contentment and stability/tradition you could have forgotten you’d missed. Your imagination is alive and you have the urge to create or start DIY projects, but a lack of time/energy makes them impossible. Sketch your ideas or write short keywords, them keep them with your shopping list and acquire supplies gradually so you can work on them in December or the new year without blowing your budget.

Come the end of the month, you may feel disappointed that you’ve missed an opportunity or failed to complete certain projects. There’s a silver-lining to it all, one with happy consequences, if you’re just patient enough for it to become apparent. You’re great at manifesting anything now, especially if it’s to do with family and your home, so wish carefully. Like Capricorn, puppies and babies may be drawn to you or around you. If you aren’t planning on having another child, you’ll want to take precautions.

You’re all about your money, when you should be about your base. If you wallow in your poverty consciousness, you’re likely to miss a great new opportunity from someone who needs a more positive/authentic outlook from candidates.

So, you’re worrying about the lack of money as the month begins, but you’re also throwing it away in order to fit in. You know you’ll make it all back, until the pity party or green-eyed gaze wins, and you fall back into the poverty mindset. You can’t keep running this parallel channel in your thoughts. Either you cut back to remain in budget and remember that the Joneses may not have it all, especially when it comes to happiness, or you keep up your spiritual practice and positivity to draw that ideal job or monetary situation to you while keeping open to new opportunities.

That new opportunity or two may arrive around mid-November, but if you aren’t open to it, particularly as it seems to come from someone you have been annoyed with, or at odds with, in the past then it may past you by without you even knowing about it. This person may be well out of your current circle, very stern and strict and doesn’t allow others emotional responses to shake the boat. You’ll have to have your ducks lined up, and keep your mind cool, clear, compassionate and witty to convince them you’ve got what it takes. This opportunity may involve education or social media.

There’s a surprising twist to your life as the month winds down. A new spiritual revelation, or change in your circumstances may come. It may leave you reassessing your skills, your approach to learning and how you view money vs satisfaction in a job. It’s all a lesson on how you view abundance. Don’t make it a hard one. Reconnect to your heart and what really makes you happy. The Joneses don’t matter, only you and your happiness do.

There’s a sense of pleasure about November, but there’s some mixed signals from your partner or employer. Keep on your toes and find your balance in nature.

November begins with a fun celebration, perhaps one that’s been delayed. You, or someone dear to you, may be celebrating a graduation or a longed-for work award. It’s bringing a change in status, along with some feeling of instability. This may be because of a move, or other unplanned event which needs fast decisions and action. It’s not all bad, just rearranging the pieces into a new picture you didn’t conceive. It’s time to show your adaptability.

Concrete beginnings and endings mark mid-month. Perhaps changes you’d expected to take a long time occur much faster. Time may seem too little and your anticipation of missing someone dear may cause some anxiety. Allow nature to calm you, and don’t mind showing your sentimental side.

The month ends on a triumphant note, leaving you with a ‘what’s next’ feeling. Sport, not requiring creativity, goes well. You seem to have an odd mix of contentment and melancholy at this time. Life is unpredictable, but not often in a bad way. Could your control-freak side be feeling just a tad surprised and vulnerable? Go on, admit it—it’s not so bad at all 🙂

It’s a passionate and fiery month, or that anger of yours arises once again. Something’s not going your way in the relationship front and it’s throwing you off-balance. Stop and smell the roses. It will remind you who you really are.

Romance looks searing hot as the month begins. You’re feeling great, attracting lots of attention and are having absolutely no shy Ferdinand The Bull moments. What could be better? But. But your judgment flies out the door when temptation comes walking in. Maybe you are having a Ferdinand moment. No worries. The wooing goes well, so enjoy it. Just don’t let the woo turn into woe with your possessive streak rearing up. You have to allow this romance to go slowly. You have to remain balanced and allow them to get to know you even as you get to know them. Romance is great, but iffy in the long-term if you begin anything new with someone unknown. Couples too, need to woo, not woe. Down possessive streak. Down!

You feel more in control and on top on things at work by mid-month. Projects that were on hold are on the go. Your workload may increase, or a family member may need you just when you seem to have the time to clear your back-log. And if your romance is still racing along, you may feel overwhelmed or need to change your routine to fit them in your schedule. Avoid daydreaming. We know you can do it even when appearing fantastically productive, but don’t, just don’t. You need your full focus on the task at hand, or you may have to do it all over again.

Come the end of the month, it’s an emotional time for you—one which leaves you feeling unbalanced and perhaps even frantic. It’s make or break time. The truth of your romance or work situation is revealed. You’ll have to make a decision by the last day of the month, but you may be anxious or frustrated. It’s unlike any other decision you’ve had to make before—life changing and you can’t see where you’re going with this. Take a deep breath and know it’s divinely guided. You’ve made the best choice and will know for sure by February.

You’re all systems go, but the brakes are on. Go through those messages again, you’re missing something.

November begins on a solid note. You’re wanted for your skills and for your magnetism. You’ve healed and ready for something or someone new to come into your life. You may even have lots of reckless thoughts and ideas. You can’t wait to hit the road and explore new vistas. There’s a palatable sense of expectation around you, but where is it? This new thing or person. You may be projecting too far into the future. The good news is that you’re calling it/them in, but all may not be apparent until later in the month or next month. Watch for signs from the universe, keep your sense of anticipation going and keep brushing up your skills. Who knows in what wonderful way the new will enter your life?

Mid-month brings out the warrior in you. You may be fighting to make a dream come true. You may have an unfair advantage in some way which isn’t making you Mr or Miz Popular, but you don’t care. Woe betide anyone who tries to keep you from your goals just now. Yes, you can win through with intimidating your opposition. Yes, you can win through by working your fingers to the bone. And yes, you can win through by shear effort of will, but remember divine timing. The Universe is still in charge of when the winner is announced, and if you exhaust yourself before then, you may not be able to enjoy it all when it finally arrives.

Communication is key as the month winds down, especially with friends and family. Fail in this and everyone’s going to be hurt. It’s the perfect time to rejuvenate yourself with a hike or a girls/guys day out. You’ve detached yourself from any outcomes to your mid-month efforts. Life is easier, and you’re more present in the moment. Allow the playfulness back into your life and find your true balance in being. Is it better to just ‘be’ than to work hard in trying to ‘be’? Let me know:-)

You may have to let the universe take the reins for this month. In fact, you have little choice. You time is best spent visualizing (daydreaming) instead of worrying about regaining control of ‘matters outside your influence’. In other words, trust like a child. Manifest like a child and be amazed at the choices offered to you. Koo Beans!

November begins with you wanting to start something new but feeling uncertain, or to happy to languish in La La Land just that little bit longer. But things have fallen into place. Even opportunities and things you’ve tried hard to manifest before (and thought you’d failed). Now they’re all here knocking on your door and demanding your attention. But it’s not all rainbows and cotton-candy. You may have to relinquish one or two dreams to grab the bigger ones. There’s an element of risk—not that it won’t get you to where you’re going, just that it may get you there sooner than you expected! Daydream responsibly. Better yet, go with the flow.

Mid-month may bring both financial independence or relief, but also an argument or altercation in which you’ll need to stand your ground, either with a boss, parent or your spouse. Perhaps you feel too controlled, or they are feeling threatened by your new independence. Talk it through rather than fall into a sulk. The situation may only worsen otherwise. One of you has to be the adult here.

November winds down with a matter demanding a decision. Unexpected events may bring you financial benefits which are long-term. You may have to choose between something new and exciting, but perhaps a little unstable at first, or something of your own creation which is equally uncertain but allows you more control of your life. Avoid power-struggles as you may lose. Trust your judgment and squash your fear. You already know the right choice for you, just take a deep breath and make that commitment.

You can see the progress, your goal almost reached. But you can’t quite touch it yet. Stop stretching yourself so much. Relax and let the current or momentum do the work for you.

November begins with less strife, but the stress is telling, or you may be working late into the night. Watch out for migraines and tension headaches. Take care of your eyes and don’t fight your body. If you need to rest, rest. There’s a major change coming, but you’re not quite ready for it. No worries. You still have time to cross that bridge when you come to it.

Mid-month brings unexpected luck and some great togetherness with your beloved and workmates, maybe family too. But something’s weighing on your mind, something from two months ago. If it’s a matter with your partner you hoping to bring up, address it soon. They’re of the same mind as you on it.

By the end of the month, you may have an excellent opportunity at work, but it may take you away from the family or your home for longer than you’d like. Keep everyone informed and be honest about any change in plans. You’ll have more support than you think. If there’s a medical matter involved, get a second opinion.

You keep telling yourself finances may be the problem, but are you really using this to mask your emotional concerns? But really, the worst is over, or soon to be. And love is gonna get you when you least see it coming.

November begins with and ending or a new beginning. There’s a long flight or that feeling of limbo. You may feel out of space or out on a limb, like you don’t belong. You may doubt your strength and achievements. Stop talking yourself down, and you’ll see you’re already achieved what you really meant to do. It’s time to address inertia, and what to do now you have more opportunities to consider.

Mid-month brings more quiet. Depending on your attitude, it could be the roughest time of month if you’re too hard on yourself. It’s also likely that you may have a severe, but brief, illness, which could be an unexpected expense, or that your medical insurance changes. Others may find themselves feeling a little lost, or at loose ends. It feels like an adjustment period—still in limbo. Ground yourself by spending more time outdoors and in meditation. Movement and self-exploration will benefit you the most now. Don’t forget to rest and go easy on yourself.

November ends on a beautiful note. You’ll be feeling yourself—balanced, rested and cheerful. With your vibrations so high, you’re very likely to attract new love or a very special long-term friendship, perhaps with a traveler, or someone you’ve met on your travels. If you’ve felt too shy to approach them in the past, or where uncertain about how they feel about you, then don’t be. It’s highly probable they have reciprocal feelings. But however you look at it, love gets you in the end this month, and perhaps holds on for a long time. About time, too 😀

Major, major life choices crop up again, just when you thought you’d already done the decision-making. At least it’s about love and romance this time.

November begins with a declaration of love, a major decision on family or love. You’re feeling passionate and determined. The angels are applauding, and you’ve got your groove back. Life is good, but don’t over-extend yourself. The summer is hotting up, or the winter is proving sunnier than expected and you need to pace yourself in all matters, or your health concerns of last month may return. Remember to drink more water and consider a detox if you haven’t done one in awhile.

Mid-month brings a bright and cheerful new love or romance. They’re a huge amount of fun and you’re finding them irresistible, even if at first, everything seems platonic or less passionate then you’d hoped. Their feelings for you are deeper and more long-term than they admit or show. Your romantic partner may take you on a surprise trip, possibly to the coast or island-getaway, but may be too tired to take in all the sights. It’s best to relax and chill together.

By month’s end, you intuition is strong, and there’s an almost telepathic bond with your love. Life is pushing you forward like an ambitious mother trying to get you within sight of the most promising opportunities. One of these opportunities focuses the spotlight on your romance or love partnership. They take you by surprise once more, and though you felt it coming, you still need your time to process it. Make sure you’re both on the same page and that you truly understand what they offering. Rather ask the same question twice than base your decision on a misunderstanding or assumption. And if it’s all moving too fast, then speak your mind and explain how much time you need to process or decide. They’ll get overly anxious otherwise, and you may over-analyze. Keep things as simple as possible.

Have an amazing November!

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