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Living Life Quotes Challenge–Terry Pratchett

Maria from BreakdownChick hasn’t given up on nominating me for Quotes challenges, for which I’m very grateful! A couple of months back, she nominated me for the 3-Day Quotes Challenge, which sadly I have not yet taken her up on. But like I said, she’s still determined to get me to quoting with her. And as I love Maria’s determination and her blog, I just had to immediately take up her the Living Life 3,2,1 Quote Me challenge!

Many thanks, and hugs, Maria!

I’ve chosen one of my all-time favorite sage-type person—Terry Pratchett—whose incisive sageness always strikes me like inspirons and pushes my mind into a tizz. There’s a Pratchett quote for almost any mood or situation in life, I find, so for my two, I’ve chosen one which particularly resonates with me now, and one which I find has been true for most of my life…

I’ve been unusually nostalgic this part six weeks, so this quote hit home. Having left home as many times as I’ve returned (and I don’t mean that on a daily basis), I know this to be truth. Whether I’ve left home for a few weeks or a few years—some things never change, yet everything changes, too! But often it’s me who’s changed…unless it’s been 5-10 years and then it’s all the changed road systems and how much you pay for bread and milk.

And in being so nostalgic, I know ‘never leaving’ for me was never an option, and ‘going back’ whether in time or person won’t ever give me back missed opportunities, the same situations, or even the same friends. Because Life is change, said someone (can’t remember who), and I’ve changed. Which is good, ‘cos it means that even though I often feel I’m just existing, I’m really living too 😀

Oh, oh! And bonus thought: When you come back to working on something, or restart it, it’s never from the same point, nor does it have it the same outcome. Ask any writer who’s composed paragraphs in the shower or while waiting in a queue.


Ah, yes. We all know this to be true from our days in school onwards, especially as my schools didn’t encourage fantasy or science-fictiony thoughts, but instead often tried to make me accept things like:

  • School days are the best days of your life (not true, never been true—at least for me)
  • You should be more like your sister (why? Just because I don’t use long words (or sound like everyone else around me) doesn’t mean I’m stupid)
  • You’ll never make a living as a writer (okay, sorta true. But times-they-are-a-changing and I’m hoping to prove this one wrong.)
  • There are only three to five careers for a woman and boys shouldn’t spend time in the kitchen (and yet we learn about Marie Curie, Amelia Earheart, Indira Ghandi…and aren’t you watching Gordon Ramsay and buying Jamie Oliver’s stuff)
  • Outdated mindsets are the only ones worthy of consideration and study (yes, Mr Physics teacher, Quantum physics and String Theory are now mainstream and not something I made up to ruin your day)
  • New-fangled, untested and harmful beliefs/practices (I was never fashionable, so these go in one ear and out the other)
  • Religious stuff which makes no sense (I have my own conversations with the goddesses, gods and angels, thank you).

Exhibiting an open mind leads to some interesting debates, though, and some miraculous friendships. It’s just annoying when your new-found passion is old news to me, or your logic so wonky it makes me dizzy.

I keep an open-mind so I can fill it up with the things I want to, and I’m guessing it was the same for Terry Pratchett, and likely for you, too.

And apologies for the mini-rant. I don’t know quite where that came from, perhaps Mercury rushing bye 😀

So, thanks again to Maria for getting me out to blog again!

My nominees for the 3,2,1 Quote Me challenge are:

Lifexperiment Blog

Raeleigh Reads


You don’t have to take it up, but it would be awesome if you would!

Here are the rules to the 3.2.1. Quote Me Challenge:)

  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Post 2 quotes for the Topic of the Day, which is Living Life.
  • Select 3 bloggers to take part in ‘3.2.1 Quote Me’.

And remember: enjoy Living Your Life!




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