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Your May 2018 Tarotscope by Leenna


by Leenna

Here we are in May already! And finally, it seems, it’s bringing that break we’ve all been waiting for. Some may have to look a little deeper to benefit, nevertheless all should be feeling this a lighter, more joyous month. But watch out for Virgo, they aren’t in the mood to be trifled with! Enjoy 😀

* for entertainment purposes.



With so much to celebrate, keeping the balance between people and having fun is crucial.

May begins on a fabulous note. A new contract, a new home, or a new job marks a new sense of balance and of beginnings in your life. For some, you may be tying the knot, or getting engaged! For others it’s large family gatherings. It all looks good, except for the fathers/father-figures who may be trying to outdo each other. Keep the Scrabble board and barbeque tools away from them and all should be well. The kids will be helpful too!

Mid-month stirs your creativity. Art and writing may prove less messy and more rewarding than crafting or working with finicky material. Boundaries with your partner and extended family need to be re-established. Once your partner or potential partner gets over their sulk, stress recedes on all fronts and you’ll be back in the mood to celebrate, and they with you!

May winds down on a fun note, though you may be taking care to avoid any potential dramas with Gemini friends during their birthday situations. Strangely, if you’re single, this would be your best time to meet someone new. You’re oozing fun and well-being, and giving as good as you get in debates and other intellectual pursuits. Life is fun again 😀



Lucky Gemini! Last month’s full-moon and the new-moon are working hard to make your dreams come true!

May begins with happy dreams at night, but a serious sense of lack of communication during the day. You’ve made up your mind about your direction, but can’t seem to find the beginnings or path. Look to your dreams (and a Cancer) for inspiration or some good advice, particularly if it’s a casual conversation with a glass/cup of something soothing in your hand.

Mid-May stirs the plot, perhaps at a party, awards ceremony or a business lunch. It seems the swords are out, secrets are spilt and it all seems to work to your advantage. Some may break off an engagement (work or love) and feel they’ve dodged a bullet. Others may find a malicious plan backfiring, placing you in a safer position than ever. Phew, you could write a novel with all these goings-on! But remember to change those names if you plan on sharing any of this with us.

The month winds down with a welcomed and anticipated change. You may be leaving your workplace to pursue a dream, or have landed a new situation that comes close. There’s more money promised, along with more restful nights. With a hint of romance, singles may find their dream-partners are closer than expected, while those in couple may find a happy new past-time to share with their beloveds.



There’s some pruning needed in your life, but it’s worth all the effort and new growth!

May begins on an odd note. Some may be ending relationships, perhaps with one who appeared to be the perfect soul-mate. Others may be finally following their heart, speaking up for themselves and cutting ties to people or situations which no longer bring joy, or which no longer resonate. You’re looking to be an all-new Cancerian, and you’re fine doing the dirty-work to get there.

Mid-May brings more hard work, some new courses or learning, and a little less money than expected. But, there’s time to put up your feet, relax and enjoy your home as it is. Relaxed socialising brings new opportunities, and, in some cases, new love. Things are certainly moving faster than expected!

May winds down with a touch of financial uncertainty, but the promise of stability. Will you accept the little risk involved? You’ll love what you do, and if you’re looking for love (or are single) it’s going to end up ‘calling’ you! Couples may go on a short escapade or just enjoy being at home and the opportunity to work on a joint DIY/redecoration project. Contentment is finally here.



It’s a mixed month of this and that. You’ll have to make sure your shoe-laces are always tied.

The month begins on a happy note. For some it’s the arrival of a new addition to the family. For others, it’s a happy time at home with the jewels of your heart. Still, that garden needs some attention. But there’s always time to experiment in the kitchen, especially if you want to spoil your beloved and teach the kids the value of a good math/science project.

Mid-month may be rife with miscommunication, reversed decisions and arguments. Who decided? What? When? How? Too many questions and tirades may delay some much needed action. Don’t try to do it all yourself. Call in the experts, especially if a plumber is needed. Delegation is your friend, particularly if you’re just following someone else’s (questionable) orders. Yes, Leo, we know you that well…

Communication clears up as May winds down. Clarity arrives and movement resumes a decent pace. New appointments at work may not hold all the experience they claim, but with a little patience, matters will improve. A short course may bring out the playful side in you. If it’s carpentry or other DIY you’re working on, you’ll be needing lots of bandaids and ice. Go easy with the hammer and remember your math/science again.



There’s healing this month, and a feeling that being unstuck is great 🙂 You’re happy with applying the ‘my way or the highway’ philosophy.

May begins with a sense of accomplishment. Singles will be happy to be so, cautiously getting used to their own company and only interacting with others they feel are accepting of them, as is. Couples may be cautious about what they’re sharing as they feel a change coming—one they’ve been waiting for, for some time. At work, you’re standing up for yourself and are detaching from immature colleagues or other undesirable elements.

Mid-May takes a stuck-unstuck, tacky kind of energy as you gain more and more clarity about you life, your hopes and your dreams. You’ll be doing a lot of inner-work and will be impatient with those around you. Any investments which aren’t performing will also be weeded out of your portfolio. You’re definitely not in the mood for any slackness in your life. Perhaps it’s time to start a new exercise regime.

The month comes to an end on a happier note. You’ll be sleeping easier. Emotional and other baggage will be healed or discarded. But it will feel exhausting. Steer away from fire-signs and those who may have hurt you in the past, at least until the month is fully over. Use this month-end to sleep in, sleep well, and rest your body, mind and soul. Take note of your dreams, especially when it comes to those you love.



Big changes, big stability and maybe even big money coming your way.

May begins on a social note. It’s bringing a change in your network, home or social situation. For some it’s a new partnership or a sense of accomplishment at having completed a major life goal. Others may decide it’s time to be single again, or to stay so. Happy couples may change their living arrangements around how much time and space alone each partner needs.

Mid-month brings the biggest change. A major opportunity could make all other offers pale into insignificance and wipe away your stress. It’s a case of the frog snagging the princess, or of finding the end of the rainbow does indeed have a pot of gold.

As the month ends, you’ll find a sense of balance returning. Creativity and energy takes your productivity higher, and everyone will be well pleased with the results. Singles could be flirting outrageously with a Sagittarius, one who is well suited and of a like-mind. Partners will find a sense of playfulness returning. It’s a contented way to end the month.



It’s not all plain sailing, but a satisfying month, nonetheless.

May begins with a sense that things are picking up, new opportunities are arriving and that boredom is receding. Money matters perk up, but an unpaid bill, or a wrongly charged item or two, may lead to some frustration and angry words. Care needs to be taken when discussing new ideas, shared ideas and any new investments. Tempers may be easily frayed and matters taken out of context could cause some communication problems.

Mid-month takes a little more effort and energy to make your point. But you shine, especially at presentations and interviews. You’ll be on the Top Three and sure to secure one or two new contracts. Singles will enjoy debating and a little competition with their dates.You’re most likely to find equal and suitable partners when competition and art meet. Couples may find their love-life getting a little more adventurous than usual.

May winds down at a slower pace, and perhaps a slight cold or the flu. Ensure you’re getting enough rest, and that you aren’t pushing yourself too hard. Patience has its own reward this month, and there’s nothing to regret or hold you back by this month’s end.



Radical ideas bring about great change, but relationships need more work.

The month begins with a flurry of ideas, hard work and a re-arrangement. Be careful not to shirk your responsibilities or someone will cut you loose. It’s exactly what your attitude to others, so no need to act all shocked. It’s vital to practice what you preach at this time. Travel may bring more work, but also more freedom. And say what you mean, and mean what you say, or there’ll be much more work and time lost.

Mid-May brings a meeting with friends, though perhaps not all will bring good company. ‘Times-they-are-a-changing’, and some may accuse you of now being no fun. Admit that you’ve matured and move on. Dating may not go as expected. Give an outsider or unconventional person a chance and see what happens. Couples may try different cuisines, but make sure you have a fool-proof recipe or a trusted recommendation.’

May winds down with a difficult emotional decision. Family matters and love matters may clash, and those closest to you may not see eye to eye. Old family traditions may fall to the wayside, and not everyone will be on-board with your decisions. Communicate with those you wish to keep close and don’t sweat the rest.



You may not see the happiness coming ‘cos it’s just around the corner.

May begins on a subdued note. There’s some sweat over an unexpected new development on a matter you thought was closed. It’s enough to dull your good humor, but don’t let it keep you down. You’ve managed it all before, and a slightly unconventional approach will sort it out quicker than you think.

Mid-month brings some fun, lots of crazy ideas, and a way of combining diverse ideas and personalities to produce an innovative result. Trust your intuition. If you’re looking at studying further, or have kids at school, you may decide on home/online schooling. Singles may run into their soul-mates this month, but be warned that some of them could be canines and felines.

The month winds down with time to catch your breath. You’ll have time to relax and pamper yourself before the next opportunity arrives. You may also transform your look, perhaps for a new job. For some, you may re-ignite with an old flame, while others may finally be able to make an old idea work. Whichever it is, you’re in for an interesting time up ahead!



It’s Love Yourself Month, and time for carefully thought-out new beginnings.

May begins with you throwing out the old emotional baggage, old uncaring manipulators, and shutting the door on them with finality. You have more love and compassion for yourself than you’ve had for a long time, but there’s still one issue you need to deal with. It’s not the month for new love or reconciliation, but it is a good month to figure out what you want in love and life.

By mid-month, you’re still firm in your decision, but perhaps lacking balance in other aspects in life, particularly when socialising. Watch your alcohol consumption as your tolerance may be lower than expected. And be careful as you step out as you could trip yourself easily. On the plus-side, you’re definitely not bored anymore!

As the month ends, an impetuous trip could bring you more relaxation and spiritual insight than you thought possible, but it could also lead to a missed opportunity at work. Take care with the words you use now as they could be seen as foolish, and make sure your social media account won’t come back to haunt you. But no matter what happens, you’ll be sleeping like a baby by the end of the month. Journal your dreams where possible.



You’re running up that ladder and skipping steps too!

May begins with a sense of victory, and it’s changing your life. You’ve swept aside your opposition and the way is clear for you to win—new job, new client, new love. You can have it all as long as you remain true to yourself and focused on the here and now.

Mid-month sees you working and playing hard. You can showcase your creativity and people skills with ease. Sales will go well, and if you’re the buyer, your negotiation skills will shine. Stable new beginnings are here, especially when it comes to interpersonal relationships and networking partners. Love is here, but not your focus just now.

May comes to an end with you needing to make a final decision. It may be in love—to stay or not to stay in your relationship, or to change or not to change the roles in your relationship. For a few, it will be about your job, perhaps a new position from a head-hunter. You’ll debate with yourself, but will take the option offering you the most independence and security. And yes, there is one with both!



Keep your temper and impatience in check or they’ll rebound on you.

May begins with a flurry of activity bringing a long-term project to an end. You may go on a trip, perhaps to visit family, but not for long. It’s back to work on an all-new project. Love looks good, especially for a short romantic get-away or if you’re in a long-distance relationship. It’s hectic, but you’ve got loads of energy.

Mid-month brings some unexpected luck when an old skill proves useful and helps you find even more opportunities at work. The finances get an unexpected boost, and if you were looking to sell a house, it’s likely to find a generous buyer now. Love still looks good, but your focus is shifting.

May ends with some drama. You may have minor surgery. Be wary of accident zones at work and of flares of temper from little-known people. Some may choose to end a relationship, or reveal a financial secret which changes a situation drastically. You’ll have a lot to process at month’s end, but take care of your body, especially if you feel the sniffles coming on.


Have an awesome and safe May!

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