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Your April 2018 Tarotscope


by Leenna

Phew! What a crazy 6 weeks it’s been. There I was, thinking I was going to sail through this Mercury Retrograde. It did seem that way at first…and then it was early December all over again! So, apologies for the late tarotscopes. Scroll on down if you’re short on time, or read on if you have a spare minute or two because while I waited for more clarity, I did get some additional insights about what’s making this time so trying for so many of us.

It’s simply that we’ve changed so much with all that happened over the past 3-4 years, but we can’t see it ourselves. So, in our mind’s eye, we are the same. But we’re not. We’re older, wiser and more capable than we’ve ever been before. So why are so many of us still holding onto dreams, aspirations, and goals made twenty, ten or even five years ago. Most of these are unlikely to bring us the happiness we think they may—because what makes us happy now has changed since then. In short, we need to realign with who we are now. We have to plan ahead for happiness which stems from who we truly are, not from who we tried to be. We have to manifest what will truly fulfil us and allow us to express ourselves fully. We have to align with our true selves and our newest potential.

This retrograde is, in my opinion, asking us to be honest with ourselves and our lives, to make space for the new and next steps. And to recognise and celebrate how much more we’ve become—more than we ever thought we could be. Honor yourself and celebrate your life at least once over the next few weeks. As for me, I had a Wimpy burger and milkshake after ages, and got triggered like anything. But by the end of it all, for the first time, I felt my younger self would have been chuffed at who she’s grown up to be. I’m not what’s regarded as successful, but I’m truly me. I once wrote ‘Footloose and Soul-free’ in my creative-writing exercise at school. I’m still processing that one 😀

* for entertainment purposes.

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It’s a bit of a juggle, but you can get this balancing act right.

April begins on a great note. There’s a sense of peace and calm, of getting the mix right. And of being in the spotlight. Baking goodies, or cooking up a good plan just can’t go wrong. You’re in control. You’re on the ball. You’ve got this, and everyone loves you for it! What could be better?

Mid-April resolves an identity crisis. Or is it an issue of clothes and what to wear to a special event? An awards ceremony, perhaps? Whatever you choose will be just right, and is sure to catch the eye of someone intriguing. For singles, this could be a meeting of the heart, or a meeting of the mind. For couples, it’s going to turn romantic. If it’s not your partner’s eye on you, your partner is sure to woo you once more. In fact, partnerships and creative contracts of all kinds look good, too.

Come the end of the month, it will be crunch time regarding a decision. Problem is, you’ve got too little information to make a long-term commitment. Flexibility and impartiality will be your friends. So will looking to maintain that balance you’ve had most of this month. But above all, be kind and good to yourself and your body. Allow for rest and me-time within any new schedules or contracts you’re signing.



Communication and stamina will see you winning through.

April begins on a complex note. You’re feeling light-hearted and playful, but an issue (or toxic person) from your past may rear their ugly head and threaten to pull your spirits down again. Be strong and use all the good judgement you’ve learned since. Remember you’ve changed and matured. Don’t allow your past to drag you back into toxic situations you’ve worked hard to overcome. On a lighter note, you’re looking sexier than you think, and matters bode well for romance.

By mid-April, frustration with work or communication may have you considering whether it’s time to quit. But remember, you’ve never really been a quitter in love or work. Take a breather. Allow your energy levels to replenish. See how far you’ve come, and look at things from a new perspective. You may not be on a level playing field as you initially thought. Be innovative and see what happens next. Wait for your right cue. Or perhaps you have to cue in others?

April winds down on a happier note though it may not look likely, at first. You’ll be working hard and finally seeing a project coming to a satisfying end. But be wary of someone trying to steal your thunder or sales. Keep your plans close to your chest and watch those nasties blunder instead. You’ll triumph in love or work, and be happier than you’ve been in a long, long time. Allow your playful side to reign again.



There’s a break in the weather coming, but you may still need your raincoat.

As April begins, you’re in a very serious mood. There’s matters to bring to completion and it feels like time is running out. Plans may seem to need more time to reach fruition, and you’re stressing. You’re all in your head and it’s starting to hurt. Truth is, you’re juggling things admirably, even if your boss (or partner) seems to be making unreasonable demands. What you need is to do a little dance…Shake it off. Switch to another beat. Or just listen to your favourite feel-good music.

By mid-month, struggles in communication should end, leaving a more playful mood and revealing some interesting opportunities. There’s a big change coming—maybe even the break you’re looking for—but it needs some spit and polish, some dusting off or refining before it’s revealed in all its finery. Best be prepared to field a load of interesting questions too.

April winds down with a release of stress from the work sector. A toxic or health problem may also be receding, or perhaps it’s you saying goodbye to that boss of yours. Whatever it is, it’s impacting on your money-making ability. But that’s no longer your main focus. No, you’re firmly focused on widening your horizons, all while holding your dearest closer to you. Maybe too close? Avoid possessiveness and jealousy. It makes you look just a little too crazy.



There’s travel and love on your mind, but without any tangibles, how can you make a move?

April begins with you feeling stable, and attempting to maintain the status quo. But, it’s not really what you want to do. You’re waiting on a new beginning—one that suits your personality or expectations of love more. Sadly, it seems delayed due to a financial or physical problem. Someone else needs to complete something before you can make your move, but they aren’t keeping you in the loop. Direct your energies elsewhere. There’s no need to sulk over an issue you have no control over.

Mid-April brings creativity and a hectic social life. The world proves a small place, highlighting issues of commitment in love and other partnerships. You may feel you’re on an emotional yo-yo. And you’re still waiting on another to sort that thing out. Still the world’s growing smaller for you this month, so much so that you may run into an ex or holiday flame and feel that spark again, if not a genuine warm glow.

As April comes to an end, so does your waiting, because someone will be waiting on you—perhaps hand on foot—attending to your every whim. They’re smitten by you, and why shouldn’t they be? You’re magnetic and generous and very, very appealing to just about everyone you meet. But when it comes to serious commitment…Well, one of you is going to have to wait just that little bit longer. Let’s hope it’s not you.



Things may seem upside-down as the month starts, but it’s all righted by the end.

April may begin with some crossed-wires—literal ones or electronic ones, but they certainly seem to be causing a delay in reaching your goal. Whether it’s to find the right ingredients in the supermarket or get your car back on the road, you’re going to have to keep your temper in order to keep your best judgement. And as for overseas trips, you may need to double-check all itineraries and be prepared to re-route if necessary in order to make your meetings or complete your holiday. On the plus side, any long wait will allow you time to find mental clarity in situations which appeared befuddled these past few months.

Mid-April brings some reassessment. Where are you putting your energies and are they bringing you an equal exchange of money or joy? Friendships may also change as motivations of others become clearer. You may have fewer apparent options, but at least they are genuine ones which you can now depend on. You’ll finally know where you stand and what kind of land lays in your near future.

April ends on solid note. You’ll see slow but sure progress in your projects. An enthusiastic, if somewhat dull individual, will provide you with assistance. Their straight-forwardness and earthy humor will help lighten your day, too. Your skill-set will grow, perhaps with some light study or a sense of stability at home. The last few days of the month will bring some welcome relaxation and time to pamper yourself—perhaps a weekend away?



Someone up there likes you as even when things seem to be going wrong, they’re going right.

The month begins with a shiny new opportunity, an exciting new idea, or a beautiful and intriguingly magnetic new individual in your life. Even as your heart is bursting with glee and joy at the wonderful new prospects, you’re afraid of making an error in judgement. Double-check your messages, speak from your heart, and let the universe smooth things out for you.

Mid-April is full of hard-work and some nice ker-ching moments with more than one pot on the boil. Your efforts will be rewarded accordingly, and generously, if you’re detail-orientated. New concepts, products or travel-related things could all be worth the extra-effort you’ve put into them. Be sure to celebrate your achievements this month.

April winds down with a series of delays or frustrations, possibly regarding travel, or the breaching of an agreement. While it may anger you, or signal the end of a relationship, take a deep breath and allow yourself to see properly. There’s a happiness here—perhaps even a lucky escape from an unfair situation. And now you can concentrate on your love again, with your purse still heavy from your other successes.



Love’s here, but it looks very different from what you were thinking it would be.

At the beginning of April, you’ll feel stronger in your identity, yet confused over matters of love and possibly the status of your relationship. You’re not taking flak from anyone just now, but are you cutting your love too much slack? Perhaps they need to pull their weight more, especially in domestic matters. Passions are high. It’s a good time to discuss new partnerships and business ventures, but hold back on launching anything new for a few weeks.

Mid-month may bring a wonderful new romance for singles, but it may not deliver all that you wish for. They may be terribly good-looking, but also a terrible bore or a terrible miser. Couples may be on a romantic yo-yo, wildly in love the one minute and very irritated with each or needing their space the next. But at least you aren’t bored. A joint dream may also be delayed—a holiday, perhaps.

April comes to an end with a clash of personalities, possibly with an earth sign. You aren’t agreeing on money or property matters, or they may be shirking their responsibilities. You may feel like you’re playing mom while they take things easy. You won’t put up with this for long as you’re likely to retreat into your own space to gain some clarity and exercise some self-care. A Gemini may be just the person to talk things through with. Invite them over for tea or to the spa.



Major decisions will need to be made, and you’ll have the clarity to make good ones.

At the beginning of April, you may regret a financial investment, or find that you need to purchase an expensive new appliance. Don’t fall for canny sales-talk, and do your own research. You may find a new solution or a very special deal, but not on a new car. Put your inventiveness to good use, especially when it comes to entertaining or hosting others.

By mid-April, a project will be complete. An opportunity to travel may also be possibly, but only if you let go an old belief or condition. Perhaps it’s time to try camping or visit a new region? Social situations may change as well, allowing you to express yourself more easily.

By month’s end, you’ll have to find our balance, especially regarding family and finances. Someone who may have been left out or estranged, may return to the fold. You’ve still got major decisions to make. Some may be of a legal or contractual issue. Look for long-term and sustainable solutions, and again, do your homework and trust your intuition.



A hectic start to the month has you reassessing your priorities and making long-term decisions.

April begins in a chaotic rush. A miscommunication may have you chasing your own tail and exhausting you. You also suspect someone’s not telling you the whole truth, or that something’s been hidden from you. Slow down, find your balance and let things fall into place before you rearrange them. And if you’re planning on stalking anyone, don’t.

By mid-April, you’ll be seeing the end of a situation near, allowing you more time to consider your options. Boredom or restlessness with your current lifestyle could have you trying out new hobbies or a fitness regime. You’re balancing the budget too, and perhaps enjoying your new budget more than you thought you would. Life will start to make sense again.

The month comes to an end on a contemplative mood. You’ll gain the clarity you’ve been seeking and a better sense of timing. You may make some new investments or shuffle your old ones. You may also cash in one investment to go on a once-in-a-lifetime experience or to propose/get married to your partner. Life begins to feel like fun again!



Something’s ending, and while you can’t see what’s coming in, it may take you further than you thought possible. Be ready to surf that wave!

There’s just one little niggly thing to take care of as April begins, and then you’re free to enjoy your vacation, a new course, or a new job. A little secret, or information withheld, may aggravate you for a few days, perhaps an extension of the that niggly thing. By the 10th you’ll be carefree and enthusiastic about the future, once more.

As mid-month arrives, you may be on that vacation or away from home. The kids may not be around, but your mom or mother-in-law may. Miscommunication with her could lead to some humorous moments, but also exasperation. Ensure she has all her medications or strange ‘must-have’ remedies with her. Home could also feel unsettled and chaotic during this period. Try finding some peace of mind on long-drives or coffee-shop culture.

April winds down with home settling down, though for some it could be in a new location. Others may have a longer distance to travel to work, but one which brings more balance to your day. There’s more money coming in, too—possibly from a new contract, or even the paying off a long-standing debt. You’ll be feeling well in control and satisfied with life before long.



Boredom flees as a cunning plan to hold onto something/someone you hold dear takes over.

The month begins with a feeling of boredom or restlessness, irritation at your beloved or romantic status, and a whole lot of housework. You’re busy thinking up plans to improve your love-life, get help with housework, earn a few more bucks/accolades, or change your social situation. What you wouldn’t give to own a Stepford Wife/Husband this month. But you’ve got to admit you’re fitter and thinking smarter than you’ve been in quite some months.

By mid-April, you’re got your sense of balance back, but it’s precarious. Your romantic situation is still unsatisfactory. Couples may be striving to find a better and equal domestic situation, while singles are diligently filtering whom they date or date again. There’s lots of physical movement, and your favorite place this month may well be the gym or the sports club.

The month ends with a struggle with an equally matched opponent in a social or domestic situation. Or perhaps it’s a sibling you’re at odd with, possibly over an heirloom or other possession. Never fear, it looks like you win through. If any of your furniture or belongings were mislaid in transit, you’re receive them back in good condition. Socially, there’s little movement, but you can change that next month.



A delay in travel or a break in your journey may make your wish come true!

April may bring some car trouble, or a sense of stagnation in your work. You hate feeling so stuck, but a kindly fairy-godmother-type (or your spiritual guides) reveals a life changing secret to you! And if you’re stuck in transit on an international flight, guess who’s ending up with 5-star treatment? Best of all, you’ll learn a surprising new strength of yours and experience a new passion for life. And if you’re single, guess how you’re meeting your next love? Yup, you’re living the fairy-tale as the month begins.

Mid-April sees you with amazingly clear intuition. Your insight will cut through any confusion and allow you to release unhelpful bonds. You may also travel to a graduation or another recognition ceremony to signal the end of an era in your life. Your communication is clear and concise. People are impressed with your clarity and skills.

As April winds down, you’re reaching for the stars and getting a helping hand. Your creativity or communication brings you even more rewards—a new job or client, or an award within your community. There may even be a satisfying monetary component. Perhaps the winning of a scholarship or a lucrative contract. You’ll be well contented with you lot by the end of it all.


Have a super fab April, and watch out for that bonus I promised you back in Feb 😀

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