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December 2017 Tarotscopes


by Leenna

Happy Holidays! Can you believe it’s the end of 2017 already? Where did the year go? There’s lots to do before we say goodbye to 2017, plus lots of love! There’s a short travel peek, too. If you have a minute to spare, I’d appreciate it if you could take the poll at the end of the post. And where-ever and however you’re travelling, safe journeys and happiness to you 😀

* for entertainment purposes.



There’s a hint of glee in your smile this month. But avoid those karaokes.

December begins like an old train: stop, start, stop, start, jerk, jerk, race off, but it’s mostly at work. Brace yourself then go with the momentum. A new-comer may be plotting to steal your lime-light, too, so keep your eyes and ears open for some tell-tales and juicy gossip. At home, you may be busy with some scissors, pruning some plants, or artfully arranging furniture, so no-one can ruin your holiday atmosphere. But do remember, little boys and puppies seldom understand holiday rules… You may have to arrange/rearrange more than once.

Mid-December is all about hard work, clearing the air and reaping the rewards. Karma’s hanging around, so you’ll get only as good as you’ve given. Taureans will prove good friends, while other fire signs may allow you more talk-time, if only because they’re away. You may bond with a new friend and discover a love for the same food combination.

The year comes to an end on an interesting note. Destiny flips you a chance, so heads-up and try not to fumble it. Going easy on the alcohol will help you field this chance, especially if it’s got to do with your creativity, or you winning back ‘the one that got away’. You should be happy and on top of the world, if a little dizzy, come New Year’s Eve. Hang on to that feeling, but remember all you learned about limits this year.

It’s all about balance this year-end. You may set off later than usual on your journey and travel mostly at night or in the early morning. Ensure you rest well and remain alert. Some light exercise at rest-stops may help keep the balance, as will regular good meals. Flights may have additional or changed security protocols, so remain patient if there are delays. You biggest travel bonuses will come from seeing the skies as you’ve never seen them before. Have your camera ready where possible.



You may think you’re coming undone this month, but it all ends sunny-side up!

The month begins with a shrug and a ‘I don’t know’ to whatever question is uppermost on your mind. Truth be told, the answer can wait till the new year. Now’s the time to get out of the kitchen (or office) and put your feet up. You’ve earned it. You know you’re done with the worst and the rest should be plain (or plainer) sailing. Holiday bargains only come to you when you’re well relaxed and not even looking…may be at weekend pop-up stores or fleamarkets.

Mid-December may be the most stressful for you when you may find a dream or hope stretch further away. It may feel like a betrayal from work or your education provider. You may want to look into other options or explore some of your hidden talents (no ninja knives please!) especially in arts and crafts. Making your own holiday goodies may be the best fun, especially with your favourite talk-show on.

December comes to an end on a happy, successful note, despite some travel delays or no travel at all. Happiness and joy will find you and stick like toffee, especially through communication. You may start a blog or join another community. You’ll also be de-cluttering and sprucing up, all ready to face the new year. Taking stock, your greatest holiday gift will be realising how much you’ve achieved and which path to take next.

For those who are travelling, it may be very short journeys, or ones which go much quicker than expected. There’s a carefree sense with little stress. You may go to a spa or on a spiritual retreat, but this year, there’s no place like home for you 🙂 You may also volunteer to help animals, perhaps at your local shelter or at the local zoo/animal/bird sanctuary.



With a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other, keeping your balance may prove very interesting.

The month begins with a delay, perhaps in your leave, or having to redo an exam or other task. You’ll learn something new in the process, and the outcome looks better than expected. A Taurean or Capricorn may help you, or reward you. But applications for loans, or extensions on credit, may not go so well, so hang on to your cash and go easy with your cards.

Mid-month may seem unfair with all the work you’re putting in. Difficulties with transport (reduced services or carpooling not possible) may also further frustrate you. Take a deep breath, you’ve got this. And if your employment contract changes, know something better will arrive real soon.

The year winds to an end on a higher note. You’ll be feeling more secure (all that hard work paid off) and new opportunities may present themselves. Spiritual messages may reach you, and you may have to find a balance in love and life. For those of you looking for love, things look very good for both long-term and/or a very hot relationship. But with that little devil tempting you, you may want to go easy on the chocolates and other goodies, or it will be the gym for you on January 2.

If travelling abroad, you’ll want to double-check your visas and other legal documents, including money allowances for the country/countries you’re travelling to. At home on the freeways and highways, you’ll want to keep to the speed-limits and other rules, or pay a hefty fine or worse. Take care in wet/icy weather and remember speed is not your friend—whether behind the wheel or on your feet. Slower and steadier make for stress-free travels for you.



Everything’s fast moving, especially when it comes to love and family.

December begins at a break-neck speed. You may go on an impulsive trip, or take your vacation earlier than anticipated, leaving bookings for the last minute. Flights work out better than you think, and you’ll have a good time in more luxurious circumstances, too, But do watch our for purse-snatchers and other nefarious types, especially in crowded areas.

Mid-December brings family issues into focus and perhaps some harsh words. You may have to rethink your role in the family and how you communicate. Are you serving everyone else’s needs and expectations except your own? While gifts for your wardrobe may help smooth your ruffled feelings, don’t allow them to cloud the issues. Have a talk with your grandma.

The year ends on an emotional note. Love is offered, but you may choose to walk away or ask for more space. New love comes flying in for singles, but this too, may not suit your mood. Truth be told, you’re enjoying having choices and are reluctant to make one. You’d like to flex your independence muscles next year and you’re just getting started. Make your decisions carefully and you could still have your cake and eat it too.

Countrysides and ancient places should make great getaways if you’re short of ideas for your last minute trip. Allow extra time for delays on the way back, and make sure your phone is set to go too. Don’t forget your charger and any adapters you may need. Disconnecting from the internet may also enhance your holiday experience, especially if you’re on a staycation later in the month.



Crossed brooms! Someone tries to sweep you off your feet while you’re attempting the same to them:-D Time to take up Curling, maybe?

December begins with a meeting of the minds, or of the hearts, or of both. Reunions may also be a feature, especially at themed parties (‘80s, ‘50s and the like). Singles aren’t likely to remain so for long, while couples will find more time to spend together, or another new beginning. With all this going on, the dishes may not get done, or the old washer-machine may need replacing. Fortunately, money flows in around this time too.

Mid-December may see you back in an old seat—an old car, an old job, an old airline (let’s hope not)—which may bring some excitement. With less bickering and leaving all the emotional baggage aside/behind, you’ll make good headway towards achieving your current financial goals. Even so, it may all prove quite exhausting, so let your love (new love) know you may be a little scarce, at least for now.

The year comes to a close with you seeming to burn the candles at both ends. Again, watch out for exhaustion, be prepared to turn off all the lights and (if you’re lucky) wave at Santa, as you may pull a couple of all-nighters or take on a night-shift. All your hard-work sees returns, and some fun, with some new friends made through those long nights. Generosity flows as the year ends, perhaps with another party for you to woo your new love.

It may be difficult for you to get away for the holidays just now. Leave may be delayed or cancelled unexpectedly, so rather leave your schedule free and flexible where you can. Shorter trips (within 5 hours of home) may suit you best, but be sure to leave while the light is still good as driving in the dark (especially in the north) may prove challenging and even more exhausting. Wait till late January to take your vacation and snag those post-holiday specials.



Is this the time of year to go all emo? Not if you’re planning on opening the door to Lady Luck.

The month begins on a good note. You’ll be able to wash away some of the stresses of the year. Let go the emotional gunk, too, and try avoiding too much alcohol—blurry eyes see not the point which hurts them… De-cluttering and voluntary work will also give you much joy.

Mid-December may call for some sensitive juggling of your parents’ needs, or those of yours and your partner’s. Long-festering parental and/or love issues could explode over an otherwise mild dinner. Work may also be demanding because of a boss or client with a lack of family values/sensibilities, especially so if you’re in advertising or IT. Take a deep breath and count to December 27.

The year winds down with much fun and games. Inquisitive kids, or those with curious minds, could have you in hysterics, even from across the world. While you may choose to take a week of pajama days, be sure to try your luck at something new for the last two days of the year—cooking, baking, building houses of cards, starting your own Youtube channel with your alter-ego…Whatever takes your fancy will bring you to your destiny next year.

If you can get away this month, Taurus, please do. Travel brings love, family resolutions and better health for you. Maybe your mother gets you back to eating muesli. Maybe your childhood sweetheart runs you over at the checkout counter. Maybe the spa/resort receptionist is the person of your dreams or the couples coach you’ve been looking for. The closer you travel to the last days of the year, the more likely you’re to be in a soul-mate relationship early next year. Plus, they’ll help you leave your family’s baggage behind; you know your arms can’t drag that any further. And yep, they can cook.



Stay out of the kitchen, too many Masterchefs in there already. Try your hand at crafting instead.

December begins with Lady Luck throwing a tantrum and running off. Never mind, you’ve never needed that kind of luck anyway, being quite capable of making your own, thank you very much! Besides, there’s a good friend (or your mother) to help you mend the damage, though she/they insist on telling you what to do. Take a few hints and apply them creatively.

Mid-month finds you contemplating second chances after a long, long party (or meeting). With two opportunities to not-quite-begin-over you’ll have much to weigh, including a new financial aspect. Headaches and dehydration may make you a little cranky, so carry a bottle of water or leave it handy at your desk. Go easy on the sweet stuff, too, or you may have to visit the dentist again.

The year comes to an end on a high note. You may be flying high, either in your career, or in an aeroplane. Your energy levels and optimism will also wing their way back to you on a good dose of generosity. You may be at more than one amazing party, but will be cleaning up afterwards as well.
You’ll be responsible and well grounded in your goals in the last few days of the year. Great to see you setting yourself up well for next year.

Harmony is key to your travels this month. Ensure you’re allowing each family member or travel buddy to get the same out of the trip as you do. Travelling to spiritual places, to the sea-side, as well as meditation retreats, will regenerate your soul and body. Allow the peace you find to flow into the new year.



Walking a tightrope brings a new perspective and more opportunities into view.

The month begins with you hard at work. There’s an element of regret if you hadn’t been clearing your schedule as dutifully as you usually do. An event, or line of gossip, may threaten to repeat some elements of love’s past. Ignore, concentrate on your tasks and don’t play the same old game. Why would you when there are happier times just up ahead.

Mid-December brings an infusion of cash, but not enough to splurge on a holiday or spoil the one you love in the way you want. Like Aries, you may be buying a major new appliance instead. Plan indoor activities for the family as the weather may not play along outdoors. Someone may be having a baby (or starting a new project) but they’re keeping it under wraps for now. If you get wind of their secret, remember it’s a secret for a reason, and avoid the dreaded foot-in-mouth.

The year ends with you still hard at work. Energy levels may be a challenge to keep up. Strive for balance in diet and in your activities and watch those new opportunities you’re working on blossom. Love and work, especially, seem equally high on your priorities. Don’t overburden yourself with lavish gestures or dos. Keep things simple and light these holidays, especially when it comes to family, and reap a greater harmony in your home to see the new year in.

You may want to avoid the beach, or places with very spicy food. Your sense of adventure may be a little dormant along with your energy levels, so stick to the known and trusted to help you relax. You may find things a little chaotic, especially if you’re travelling to desert areas. No matter where you’re travelling, ensure you have extra drinking water, a few snacks and extra time to reach your destination. And if you’re travelling abroad with a baby, you may want to carry extra diapers.



You may be feeling boxed in by tradition. Time to try something new?

The month begins with family at the forefront. You may feel a little moody (or be dealing with a moody water sign) over something new which is slow to start. If it’s making you kick your heels at work, you may want to ask for some early leave. Business talks may not go so well unless you’re able to articulate the delicate intricacies to laypersons. Use small words.

Mid-December, you’ll be feeling like the King/Queen of Your Castle at home but with work demanding your attention, you may have to think out the box to free up more time for family, friends, and yourself. While you may be tempted to stay glued to the screen on the weekends, going outside and doing something fun/challenging will invigorate you and get those braincells working again.

December winds down with a breather and some legal documents to sign. If it’s a new car you’re buying, you may have your delivery delayed, as with other electrical goods you’ve bought online. Important decisions will have to be delayed till the new year, so why not chill and enjoy the family visits. Kids grow up so fast, even the screaming ones who challenge your royal authority. Though this may seem like the most stressful time of year for you, whatever you’re waiting on turns out well in the new year.

Whatever holiday you’re taking, it’s going to feel too short. Whatever journey you’re taking is going to feel too long. Camping may seem a good option this year, until it’s not. With your focus on work and your comfort at home, you may want to delay your vacation or travels this month, until next month when you’re less stressed and more sure of yourself. Enjoy your castle instead.



Ooh-la-la, Virgo! You have romance, and more than one soul-mate vying for your attention.

December begins with an old flame riding back into your life. They’re bringing a heady mix of emotions to your day, and you may even let them sweep you off your feet. But first you’ll wait and see what their intentions really are. For the most part, and in most things, you’ll keep your balance and your cool.

Mid-December finds you happy and content with most things in life. If anyone’s trying to rush you into anything, you haven’t noticed (or pretend so). Your social life (and media) is booming, both with romance and with job opportunities. A lunch meet-up may find you reuniting with some old friends, and a rival to your old flame. You’ve never felt so in demand, romantically. Couples will be spending more time on new adventures in travel, or new ways of living.

The month comes to an end with an even stronger connection to your soul-mate, and for some a whisper of a proposal. Couples will have the most romantic time, especially away from home, getting to know each other again, while singles will have their choice of three to consider. Your partner will know just how to spoil you in the most delightful ways, making for a wonderfully fun and romantic year end.

A little bit of luxury goes a long way at this time. Consider upgrading in advance and explore options you haven’t considered before—a rental instead of a resort, a B&B instead of a hotel. Places with dolphins (real or marble) will make you happy, but not as much as knowing all that planning and preparation went off without a hitch. Add a museum or a short course or two, and you’ll have one of your most memorable trips ever.



Hold on to those scales—not for your weight, but for all the decisions you have to make.

The month begins with with three opportunities returning, but which one to follow? There’ll be little time to research or gather opinions as these windows may slam shut if you delay too long. With someone sneaking in to distract you, you’ll have to hang on tight to your focus and make those decisions.

Mid-December brings a sigh of relief that a decision has been made—one you can realistically follow. But self-doubt may rear it’s ugly head, distracting you further and making you second-guess yourself. Allow your creative side to reign to get your perspective back. An old love may try a new tactic to win you over, either at work or online.

The year ends in a social whirl. Cupid’s out to get you if you’re single, or your partner may woo you in unexpected ways. Work inspires love, or vice versa, as you get the best of both worlds. Anything seems possible come new year’s eve. Wish well for you may get it all early in the new year.

Any place with a festival, or a beach, will be perfect for you if you haven’t made a booking yet. You’ll look great and attract lots of attention from scores of admirers. Art classes or other creative courses combined with a beautiful location will inspire and revitalise you. Don’t over-pack though, as most of what you’ll need or use can be bought locally. And if it doesn’t fit into one case, do you really want to pay extra to cart it all home? Take only the most inspired back with you. Take your notebook, camera or sketchbook where-ever you go.



Reunions reinvigorate you even as they highlight family/friendly quirks.

December begins by bringing you the gift of the gab. You’ll be able to woo anyone to your point of view or slay them with logic. Events will move satisfyingly fast, especially in love and in legal matters. At family reunions, harsh words can be overcome or stayed by charm and affection, especially when it comes to older women. Gardening will not go well.

Mid-December sees you in a playful mood, and perhaps likely to spend impulsively. Go shopping with a list and remind yourself of your recently made decisions to ensure you stay within budget. You may be likely to over-eat at this time, especially fast-food and salty snacks, Ensure you’re having enough water (energy drinks don’t count) to avoid discomfort and later lethargy.

The year winds down with you feeling content, especially with the finances and home. You may even try your hand at baking or cooking very extravagant dishes. Work will be stable, predictable and manageable, those promises you’ve made earlier will have to be kept, even on New Year’s Eve. Likewise, promises made this holidays won’t be forgotten, so hand them out sparingly as they’ll follow you into the new year and beyond.

You have much in common with Virgo here, and you’d travel well together. Plans work out, itineraries will be followed and transport will be comfortable and luxurious. You may prefer to travel by train or ferry (especially on overnight journeys) instead of flights which are likely to be delayed for long periods in the far north and far south. Music will be important for this trip, so you may want to update your personal playlist, or perhaps you’ll buy a musical instrument, or even be inspired to learn a new instrument by the time you get back home.

Wishing you a happy, safe month, and much love and joy!

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