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Kids, Crystals, Angels

As a tarot-reader, I generally don’t read for kids. As a healer and former teacher of little people, I’m always finding myself led to help solve a little problem here and there. A visit to a relative with two gorgeous kiddies taught me some things about kids and crystals, and kids and angels, which I thought may help you when dealing with little ones. As usual, take what resonates and leave the rest.

The Problems

The 30-month old toddler, not yet speaking properly but very communicative, appeared to have an incredibly short attention span. He loved being outdoors, tended to walk on his toes in the afternoons and was courageous to the point of being a daredevil. His mum couldn’t understand why he’d almost instantly start crying in distress when meeting people, some of whom he’d known since a few weeks old. He also would not leave his dad alone in the evenings, and would only fall asleep if his dad (who has a very calm and protective energy) put him to bed.
She thought I might be able to intuit something as the little one took to me at once, demanding my attention like he’d always known me, even though we were meeting for the first time. He also gave me gifts of leaves, including marigold, which instantly made me feel that he thought I could help him heal.

His older brother (almost six, and extremely sensitive) had watched a fairy-tale movie and was having nightmares, featuring one of the scary-looking characters, to the point of waking up tired and being unwilling to go to school.

I was lucky to be visiting for a few days, so I got to see the little one’s reaction to meeting certain people. At first I couldn’t figure out what could be the problem. Both kids were healthy, otherwise happy, and easy to communicate with. I got no sense of environmental factors or other unsuspected physical problems affecting them, and their home energy was fun and loving.

An intuitive tarot reading opened the path to the solution of the little one’s distress.

The underlying problem was that he was energetically too open. He had no shield against another’s energy/aura so he was feeling and being affected almost instantly by whomever was in the room—like being dumped with everyone’s emotional and energetic baggage all at once.

No wonder he bawled his heart out in confusion and empathy, and was probably terrified by the experience. The cards and the angels didn’t say why this happened to him, but I got the impression other children at present, and in the future, may have similar energy shielding problems.

The Solutions

The solution seemed to be two-fold: to get him a shielding crystal (at least until his own energy shielding/aura was stronger), and to ask the angels to shield him further—especially at night when he tended to wake up after just a few hours. The angels would also help the six-year old get his good night’s sleep too. It was so obvious, I couldn’t figure out why it hadn’t occurred to me in the first instance, as in my teaching days I’d often asked the angels to watch over my class like so many teachers do. But there were still a few things that made asking for angelic help less straight-forward. And there was still the need to find the right crystals for the toddler.

Permission to Angels from mother/father for under 5s:

I was told it was necessary for the boys’ mum to ask the angels for help regarding the night problem and—most important—to give her permission for the angels to do so. We called upon both Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael to help the kids by watching over them in their room at night. I thought the need for her permission was most vital as the angels indicated they would not be able to help effectively otherwise.
As adults, we consciously invoke and give permission to angels to aid and watch over us. Kids, in particular ones who cannot speak nor understand the concept of angels as guardians and friends, cannot themselves effectively give permission to the angels. Therefore the permission of their mother/father/closest care-giver is necessary, or was in this particular case.

Hematite vs tourmaline and bornite

The boys’ mum had already gotten a good quality hematite as a protective stone. I didn’t like this for the toddler as he was a blood relative and much more sensitive than I’d been as a kid—and I’d found hematite to be too ‘heavy’ for me even as an adult. I felt it was causing him more distress.
I suggested my old go-to and favorite, black tourmaline (schorl). Its energy feels less intrusive and I love that it transmutes heavy energies into lighter ones. I also suggested rose quartz for the boys’ room to help them feel calmer and surrounded by love when asleep.
And because I love bornite (peacock stone) and the way it gently grounds and raises my vibration I dug out my spare piece, along with a spare tourmaline, and gave them to the boys. After cleansing the stones in water and sunlight, their mum left the tourmaline and bornite in the toddler’s crib.

Concerns of six-year olds

When the older kid learned that the angels would be watching over him that night, he was very worried. His mum told him to talk to me about them, and this is what he said. “I don’t mind if the angels are in the room, but I don’t want to see them. I’ll be even more frightened.”

I assured him that in all the time I’d known the angels I’d never seen them, and that most people would be scared if they did too. And angels would never do anything to scare him. I also told him the names of the angels which he had no problem remember being such a TMNT’s fan. I also told him the same angels had looked after me on my travels and that I regarded them as very good friends. Although still somewhat unsure, our little Gemini decided to trust me and see what would happen with the angels that night. Bless their inquiring hearts.

Talking to kids about their concerns and letting them know a little of your own experiences with the unknown and difficult to understand concepts like angels goes a long way to reassuring six-year olds and older kids.

They instantly pick up if you are uncertain or embroidering the truth to make it palatable to them. Rather be straight-forward and let them decide what is acceptable to their energies and what is not.

The next morning, the six-year excitedly told me he’d slept through the entire night without once having a nightmare. He wanted to know more about the angels then.
The toddler also had an easier night, much to his parent’s surprise. He also woke later than usual and was in a very good (and very energetic mood) for most of the morning.
His mum got more tourmaline and rose quartz for their rooms and is happy with the results.

A special note on Rose quartz

The toddler loved rose quartz so much that he’d go seek out the stones and stick them in his mouth. He didn’t swallow them, just held them in his mouth. I suggest getting larger stones or rose quartz lamps, if possible, to prevent such attachment to rose quartz.

Rose quartz is helpful to most little kids, especially ones that are in families who are dealing with separation and divorce. Another little kid helped me see that rose quartz can help kids with anger issues at a stage where such anger can be more easily dispelled, and so help prevent them growing into angry young adults.

My take-aways from my two little light-workers:

Children sensitivities to energies may continue into much older ages than when we did at the same ages. Some kids may take longer than others to develop their own energetic shielding/aura than others which may result in their condition be misunderstood or misdiagnosed as a behavioral problem.

Angels need permission of parents/care-givers to aid under 4s or those kids who cannot articulate/give consent on their own.

Kids need reassurance in terms that they can understand as to who the angels who guard and assist them are. Otherwise kids may fear the angels thereby reducing the angels ability to assist.

Always remember that if you feel the energy of a stone or crystal is too intense, kids will feel it many times so to the extent that it will do them more harm than good. Use the gentlest and least ‘intrusive’ of crystals when dealing with or aiding children and seniors.



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