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Tarotscopes September 2017


by Leenna

Things look a bit hectic this month. Some still need to find their way forward, especially if they haven’t taken the time to figure out what they want. Others have unexpected opportunities opening, while some have the start of the biggest adventure of their lives 😀

*only for entertainment purposes.



Appearances may be deceptive this month, but something’s working in your favour.

September begins with a legal matter, possibly around your home or shared housing. While it may be upsetting to some, you have the power and the means to gain a better outcome than expected by being both patient and proactive. Envision the best outcome and you’ll realise the steps you need to make it a reality.
A Libran or Gemini will be helpful or offer sound advice.

Mid-month brings much soul-searching or a major turning point in your life. It’s the best time to lose what you don’t need: those extra pounds, clutter in your home (send suitable stuff to a charity or take a fleamarket stall for some extra cash), store cards, bad habits, toxic relationships, and depressed or negative thoughts of your future (seriously—do you really need doom-n-gloom in your life?). Within a few days, you may feel a sense of rebirth, or renewal. You may consider studying further or persisting in a matter which you earlier felt you could not achieve. A playful feeling will return and life will be brighter and full of opportunities you could not see before.

September comes to an end with you seeking a way forward. There’s much research that you will be doing, and while you may also be tempted to electronically stalk your beloved, please refrain. Send them an old-fashioned love-letter (or at least an email) instead.
You’ll see some progress in advancing new ideas and ambitions and possibly some travel too. And if you’re missing your beloved or are wanting to approach someone new, use your personal, unique and steady approach. It’s got all the magic you’ll need 🙂



A month of hidden things…Your mind (or minds) may be your worst enemy. Focus!

What can I say? September begins with another curve-ball…or two. Not that it’s bad, just throwing you off-balance. And we all know how harried and flustered that makes you feel. There’s a secret in love coming out—possibly from a secret admirer, possibly another air-sign, and possibly someone very wise, though young at heart. How does this make you feel? Flustered. And wanting some new clothes to hide behind. Drop the armour and allow them to get to know the true you.

Mid-month should bring some wonderful news in your career. But (warning: curve-ball!) this news may be delayed, or important messages may be lost. Don’t stress, your team manager or client will be understanding and I see no financial losses attached. But you will have to clear your schedule and work that much harder to meet your deadlines. Tough on your love relationships, but doable.

The month comes to an end with you very much in demand:-) In work, two (or three) manager types want you on their team (great if you’re seeking a new position). In love, two or three people are vying for your attention—one of them aggressively so, and another so subtly, you won’t even see them standing against the wall. What does this mean for you? You’ll have to brush up on old skills and/or learn new ones. You’ll have some decisions to make soon, but they can wait till you know what’s what, and who’s who.



Some delays push you forward faster than you’d think possible.

The month starts off on an emotional note. You may feel disconnected from someone you love, or they may be giving you the cold shoulder. If you’ve done something wrong, ‘fess up. Once the storm is over, there’ll be happier times ahead. Some of you may decide to go your own way, but don’t make any major decisions until the storm-clouds have completely disappeared.

Mid-September finds you thinking long-term. While it’s not the best time to put new plans into motion, it’s a great time to consider your options, your skills and review your goals and ambitions. Some may decide to try a new career path, perhaps an untraditional one, perhaps in healing or music. Set your intentions, look for opportunities, and get ready to act late in the month.

The month ends with some frustration followed by unexpected good luck! Travel delays, the need to relocate or to gain new skills quickly may all frustrate you. But keep your temper and temper your expectations. Consider temporary voluntary work in your new field of interest, or changing your lifestyle, as your new adventure.
Things will change as soon as your mind opens and the universe can begin being your fairy-godmother again—just in time for your birthday. Pumpkins, anyone? 😀



Major changes lead to more adventure and you standing in your power.

News, at the start of the month, from an air-sign friend or family member will suddenly bring a situation to an end. For some, this could be the finalisation of a divorce or the start of a retirement/retrenchment; and while it closes some doors, it’s opening new doors in an area you love—travel and relocation! Be honest, a part of you was secretly wishing for just such freedom.

Mid-month brings some hesitation as you decide just which path to follow. Know that you are strong and vibrant at this time, and the only thing you lack in seeking new ventures is research, and a new networking circle. Know also that this is the perfect time for you to reach for that dream, no matter what an air-sign says. It’s time in your life for a big change.

September ends with you finding a sudden break which makes life exciting and fun again. A quick, unexpected trip helps you find new friends and presents better prospects. But listen to your intuition (or your partner’s) to ensure you’re making the right connections, both in the ‘real’ world and in your mind.



Health and home need some TLC. Make time to rest.

September begins with you needing to take better care of your health. Missing meals are a no-no. Make sure your shoes are comfortable and not cutting off circulation, and ladies may want to make that appointment with a gynae. With all that you’re juggling (especially if you hold two jobs) you’ll need to rest or risk burning out. Time to get those immune-boosters and early nights in.

Mid-September brings new challenges around home or housing. Severe rains or snow may hamper drainage in your area. Time for drimacs, wellies and holding back on the gardening. If you’re moving home, drainage and plumbing should definitely be on your checklists. It’s a good time, though, for longer-term investments—particularly in savings plans and flexible investments. Stick to what has worked for you in the past, and you should be on financially firmer ground sooner than expected.

September comes to an end with finding long-term solutions to any health or financial worries. While you may fear a lack, especially in love and affection, there’s much to look forward to as the Wheel of Fortune turns in your favour. But go easy on the décor plans and make sure to expand your skills where-ever you can. Oh, and it’s not the month to get engaged either. December may work out better on that front 😀



Expected the unexpected, and varied weather, to influence your plans.

September begins with some unexpected news from a fire-sign or your partner. There may be some financial concerns attached, but fear not, the fire-sign has a good plan. Trust in them. Storm-damage may be possible on your property, especially during electrical storms. Ensure your surge-protectors are working fine, and unplug communication devices till the worst is over.

Mid-September brings some competition with a younger air-sign, possibly a Gemini. You’re equally balanced, and if you keep your cool, you’re more likely to win this bout. Financial worries recede in the wake of a good bonus or other windfall, and while you still have some hard work to do, you’ll be in a good strong place from now on.

Unexpected travel brings some long delays, especially on international flights due to fog or dust/smoke clouds in northern areas. Make sure you have all your necessities in your cabin bag or an overnight bag. Use the delay for introspection. What makes you truly happy? Seems obvious, but perhaps it’s not what you think it is any more.



A more stable financial situation is on its way.

September begins with you seeking new opportunities to fill your piggy-bank. While the opportunities you’re currently pursuing may take longer to blossom, your patience will be rewarded. Meantime, reorganise yourself and stop checking your email every five minutes.

Mid-month brings an unexpected surprise which will have you in smiles. An old school-friend (or crush) may contact you out the blue with an amazing opportunity, or introduce you to someone else whom you’ve impressed. Problem is, you may not have much time to decide if this opportunity is right for you. If you’re not into adapting fast at present, or learning new skills in record time, you may want to wait till later in the month for an opportunity you feel more comfortable accepting, even if it may not be as exciting.

September creeps to an end for you. All you want is some alone time to meditate and reflect. You will get it, but at the cost of feeling a little isolated for a few days. Virgoans will be helpful, but only on a practical level. Any spiritual questions you may have will probably best be answered by yourself at this point.
At the very end of September, a sense of stability and building a new foundation should be apparent. New job opportunities or home situations should be easier to find. And you could be happily signing on the dotted lines by the last days of this month.



Family situations may drive you nuts, but also brings the best out in you.

A situation you’d hope had been resolved reinvents itself at your next family gathering. Admit it, sometimes you just wish you could wave your wand and mute everyone at the family table. While it won’t be polite to say that you’ve heard the same story a bazillion times already, you could zone out without anyone holding it against you. Alternatively, make a remix single of the same-o-same-o phrases and get more out of your family gathering:-D Be creative, not harsh, and see the humour in the situation is all I’m saying.

Mid-month sees some interesting power-plays at work or with an earth-sign: a Capricorn or Taurus. Someone may be hiding the truth of the matter from you, but it’s not what you think. In interviews or when buying high-priced items/renting property, ask the right questions; less on the cosmetic aspects and more on the durability/longevity and overall-cost. Don’t let the cotton-wool stick to your eyes.

The month ends on a shockingly good note. There’s a baby (or puppy) arriving for some. For others, it’s something (someone) they consider their baby—a new project, a new love, a boat, a car, an aeroplane…
Once you’ve pick up your jaw and realise how lucky you are, it looks like plain sailing till the end of the month.



The old stalemate is over, things are moving, and you like it!

The month begins with you determined to make your dream come true now (like now!), especially in love, or in something else that you love. You’re done being apart from the ones/things you love and nothing’s going to stop you, except maybe a really good plan…Strike that, you don’t actually need one. Just your passport and/or a fill tank for your wheels.

Mid-September finds your impetuousness paying off in wonderful ways. You realise dreams do come true, even though the reality may differ somewhat. There’s new solid beginnings, fun and playfulness and a sense of wonder and joy which has escaped you for so long. Though finances may not stretch to all that you want (or you’re paying through your nose for something) you don’t mind, ‘cos you (and them or it) are worth it. But be warned, if it’s a true-love situation you’re returning to, they may test your metal first by throwing you in the fire in some way. Forge ahead regardless.

September ends with you comfortably settling into your new reality. A steadiness returns and while the excitement of the past few weeks hasn’t died, you’ve got a handle on things again in just the way you like. Luck’s with you too, drawing you to your destiny, showing you the best way forward and allowing you to meet any and all challenges with your customary strength, your usual persistence and an enviable inventiveness. Looks like it’s your month, Taurus!



Repeat after me: Paranoia is not my best friend.

If there’s any sign I want to slap with a wet fish and say, “Get over it,” it’s you. Why? Because for every step forward you’ve taken over the past couple of months, you’ve taken three back. No, not everyone is watching you (at least not all the time); and no, not everyone’s out to get you (okay, maybe one or two). But you’re wasting so much time and energy stalking exes who no longer love you, stalking old so-called friends to see what (if anything) they’re saying about you, and acting all shifty at work and around those that care, that…Well, if you’ve never seen anyone who’s shot themselves in the foot before, look in the mirror. Nuff said. You’re on your own for the beginning of this month till you sort yourself out. Find the positive and move forward.

Mid-September sees you wanting to go on a trip. That’s good. Going to the same place with the same people and doing the same things—not so good. Why regress when you can progress?

Good news: You can see clearly now the tears have gone… Bad news: You’d rather mope and cast even more of your power away than do something positive and constructive. I’m exasperated and concerned Gemini. I know you’re tired. You may not be sure who you are or who you want to be anymore…It’s scary not knowing the future or having a plan. So take a deep breath. Ground yourself. Let fear and frustration go. Listen to the world—not the noise from media, but nature, your support group, your favourite song… Ground yourself, meditate and let the sanity back in. You will get over this, if you allow yourself to stand still and be quiet for at least a few minutes everyday. And for those of you who can: consider getting a dog, a cat or a tarantula(?). Whatever.



It’s imperative you stay out of your shell, at least till after mid-month.

The first few days of September may be a bit slow and heavy. Worries about finances or getting a new job may trick you into thinking it’s going to be another one of those months. But surprise, surprise! A new offer brings security and more money to you. While it challenges you to get out of your comfort zone, persevere and you could find yourself travelling very far with this opportunity.

Mid-month may see some disappointment in love and relationships when something you’ve planned for a long time falls through because of a trip. Use the time to get ahead in your projects so when you’re back with your beloved, you’ve got a longer stretch of quality time together.

September comes to an end with spiritual revelations and greater clarity as to your hopes and dreams. You may find yourself very popular on social media, and will need lots of rest too. Life will move faster, as much of what has been delayed earlier in the year begins to happen all at once. It’s tiring, but exciting!



Looks like just the kind of month you’ve been wanting, Leo!

Wow! Looks like someone’s getting a long-held wish coming true early this month. Even better, it may be in your love-life. If not, it concerns something you feel very passion about. An Aries or a boss may try to stand in your way, but honestly, this looks so good that it would take a lot for this opportunity to pass you by.

Mid-September may find you fretting over funding or the start of something new. If it’s a loan, you’re sure to get it. And if it’s a bonus, it may be bigger than expected. Invest wisely and you’ll have more to celebrate later. For some, there’s a little one on the way. It’s a good time to start thinking school fees.

September ends on a restful note with at least a little time out. Some may be going on an overseas trip, a few on a pilgrimage (Avalon and places of historical interest). Others may gain a promotion or find a new position at a better location. Travel and moving into more positive situations looks excellent and unavoidable. There’s so much for you to celebrate, Leo. Enjoy!

Catch you next month 😀



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