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Tarotscopes May 2017


by Leenna

Finally! Some relief and let up from the stress and demands of the first part of the year. Progress is seen by most, and certainly, there’s more lightness to May than in previous months. But many will still be busy with lots still demanding attention. Remember to smile more often and share the good news to keep the positivity going. There’ll be less to worry about and your work will be done that much sooner 🙂

The trend this month seems to be in love and commitments. Many are looking to formalize, or taking the first steps in formalizing, love relationships or business partnerships. Others may be stressing about not being in a romantic relationship or that they’re running out of time to win the heart they most wish to be with. Make sure you’re rushing things for the right reasons.

*only for entertainment purposes.



A month of new understanding and moving into change confidently.

Your birthday month begins with you finding a confidence in yourself you might have forgotten about. You feel happy and contented in your role in life, and may begin a new course of study or teach one yourself. Music is important and don’t be surprised if you find yourself singing happily along to the radio, or even joining a choir or other music group. Your energy is happy and lighthearted. Sing on!

Mid-May could bring a new love (maybe with a Cancer/Pisces/Scorpio) or more tender moments with your beloved. You’ll feel beautiful and attractive. Your creativity will be high, and you’ll be more than happy to be the centrer of attention at social gatherings. Everything you need to look and feel fabulous will be at your fingertips!

The month ends with a sense of slowing down. Your new lessons or interest will bring new perspectives or skills you’ll want to perfect. Conversations will drawn you in deeply and then you’ll spend much time in contemplation. You’ll be re-learning things, and finding new colors and angles entering your life. How cool is that?



Restrictions may frustrate at first, but your knowledge will win the day.

May begins with you overly concerned with material wants and needs. Don’t let this alienate you from those that are closest to you. Some may be trying to break free from a habit or circumstance. Admit any self-deception and change your focus or train of thought. Sometimes we forget to look up and see the beauty of the sky and realize that there are more worthwhile things in this world that we thought possible. Besides, looking up allows your neck to stretch and you to see further 😀

Mid-May sees you recognized for your work or talent. You may do better than expected in an exam, or enjoy reading something new more than you thought you would. You may also be asked to speak in public about your experiences or specialties. Keep your feet on the ground and don’t let it all go to your head by trying too hard. You’ve already made the right impression.

The month comes to an end with you thinking of studying further, or returning to school. Formal structures (both physical and metaphysical) will intrigue you. Music will also be important to you at this time. Songs may have special significance for you, or remind you of your someone special. Some may decide to make further commitments, either in love or to their communities. A sobering thought, but a worthwhile one!



A very sociable time with lots of new movement or people in your life.

The month begins with events happening at a breakneck speed. Exciting new projects and people sweep into your life, some offering love and others adventure. Keep calm, remember your objectives and your integrity to keep your balance and win through. Take good care of your feet and ankles and be sure of the ground you walk on, (yes metaphorically too) and especially when hiking.

Ideas, ideas and more ideas bombard you around mid-month. Fortunately, you may have an air-sign to help you sift through them, or you may quickly find a way to manage them yourself. Research is the key to making your best decisions around this time, and so is accepting the truth in the manner it’s delivered. Help is available from a host of friends should you need it.

Towards the end of May, you’ll waver between clarity and confusion. What was hidden may be revealed, but it may seem so incredible that you may not wish to believe it. Don’t allow others to spin their dreams around you unless you are fully aware of, and welcoming, of those same dreams. Keep your feet on the ground and rely on your practical side. Test the ground – yes, metaphorically too.



A month of some extremes.

The month begins with some restlessness or boredom. You’re itching to get going on one project, and perhaps ignoring another which will reward you much sooner. There may also be some sadness around love. Don’t let this blind you to the affection and support all around you.

Mid-month sees your compassionate side taking over, and you may offer assistance to a charitable cause, or be more sensitive than usual. Take your tissues to the movies. If you’re looking for love, a striking water- or air-sign may catch your eye at that charitable event or that movie. Perhaps you can offer them a tissue, too.

May comes to an end with a sense of too much going on. All boredom and restless is erased with you having to juggle more than one project or aspects of life. You may also find yourself with the shiny object syndrome. Stick to your tasks and your schedules, and let shiny objects take care of themselves. Ooh…! Don’t look! Don’t look!



More stability may bring more love or some much needed fun.

The month begins with recognition of your worth, both from yourself and from others. There is a sense of abundance and a feeling of contentment with what you’ve achieved so far. You realize you’re on track to your goals, even if you moved the goalposts!

Mid-may brings much love and joy. There’s new love or a new phase in love, and there might be a new home situation too (a baby for some). Many may feel true self-love for the first time, and so allow for soul-mate or twin-flame experiences to enter their lives. Others may find wonderful new hobbies or a renewed zest for life.

May ends on a celebratory mood. Going out with friends bring lots of fun, and even time alone can feel celebratory in nature. Allow yourself some of the good life and know that it will get better. And better…and better…



New contracts and honors are likely to find their way to you, along with teamwork and partnerships.

You may receive an offer of love (or renewed love) early this month, possibly from your soul-mate. Others will be depending on your reliability and creativity, especially for volunteer projects. Good advice is available should you wish it.

Mid-May brings more passion in love and greater creativity. You’ll have lots of charisma. The outdoors will draw you, and you may decide to try a new sport. You may begin a new collaboration with a fire-sign, or find that projects begun in late March and April are progressing well.

May comes to an end with the same energy and charisma flowing strong. It’s an intense time for you. While there may be the odd clash over creative ideas or positions held in teamwork or sport, for the most part you’ll enjoy working with others, and the greater creativity this will lead to. Love looks incredibly passionate and fast-moving. If you’ve been waiting for an adventurous, exciting relationship, you may well get your wish!



Major changes this month, especially regarding family and love.

May begins with you feeling back in control of your life, with much of the debris from the past few months now cleared. Issues with your father, or a dominant partner or boss, may also surface. Some may choose to go into business for themselves, or quit a situation if a satisfactory resolution can’t be found. Best to be fair in all your dealings this month.

Mid-month finds you in better health, but faced with a decision regarding family or your love relationship. Some may choose to emigrate or move further away from their childhood home. There’s hope for new love, or renewed love, with fine chances of finding good people to date this month or special times with your beloved. Clear communication will prove vital in all your relationships this May.

The month ends with a major life change arriving. You’ve been preparing yourself, so don’t be afraid or second-guess yourself. The change brings in the positive new beginning and spiritual transformation you’ve been waiting for all this time. Bring it on!



Commitments may be strengthened or formalized.

May begins with a new circle of friends likely to enter your life. You may share traditional views with them or study a similar spiritual path. TaiChi or Yoga would be great exercises to add to your routine. Your routines may also change to include more time to study further.

Mid-may sees you signing contracts to formalize existing commitments. For some, it may bring legal marriage or other nuptial documents. You’ll have to be strong to make some difficult decisions. Be scrupulously fair in all your dealings and decisions this month. Wills and other legal family documents may also be redrafted or amended.

May ends with a slowing down of energy. You may feel impulsive and rash, but patience would be better. Communication may be problematic on older phones and tablets, and you may want to consider an upgrade or an alternate technology. Delay decisions which require more research, if possible. If you’re considering buying a new vehicle, you may find a better deal in June.

There’s a strange uncertainty around you. This nervousness should pass before the month is over. Take a deep breath and center yourself. You’ve got this.



An unpredictable month for you. Try not to give in to anxiety.

The month begins on a slow note. You may have a smaller appetite than usual or vice-versa. It’s a good time to take stock of your health and see to health issues you may have previously postponed. Your energy levels may be down, or you may just be in a lazy mood. There’s nothing wrong with a pj-Saturday.

Mid-month may bring some delays in messages from loved ones or family. These will arrive soon enough. If you’ve been hiding or suppressing your emotions, old fears are likely to resurface. It’s time to deal with them. There’s emotional support and clear-sighted timely help from water- and air-signs. Breathe deeply and stay hydrated.

You’ll have to be brave and take a chance. Though you may feel you’re going into uncharted territory or others may balk at your daring, you will succeed. You’ll feel free and alive once more. If you’ve been having mobility problems, you should see significant improvement. Choose your path and steps carefully and your way will be all that easier. Your self-discipline and willpower is stronger than you think!



The month starts off with a bang.

You have all the drive and charisma you need to succeed. Working with a fire-sign will go well. Creative pursuits will be rewarding. It’s an exciting time!

Mid-month may bring a new contract. Read the fine print carefully. Pay attention to the rules and make sure you understand them. You’ll be held accountable for your actions.

The month ends on a quiet, contemplative note. You may decide to study astronomy or astrology. You’ll want to spend quality me-time and may resent intrusions. A retreat is just what you need, even if it’s only to the garden or coffee-shop.



New paths and opportunities are here for you.

The month begins on a musical and inquiry note. Music helps you uncover new paths and patterns in your life. You may decide to study further or read more widely on religions or spiritual practices. You may be drawn to new teachers or new leaders.

Mid-month is a very nurturing and abundant time for you. You may redecorate or renovate. Your family could grow larger with a new pet. Gardening would go well, even if you’ve never had a green thumb before. Your spirituality will blossom.

May ends on a busy serious note. Try not to scatter your energy. Take your inspiration from nature. If you’re having a wedding ceremony outdoors, it should go very well with beautiful weather. And even if you’re not, time spent outdoors, and with friends, will bring you much joy. Picnic time!



You’re sitting pretty in your power.

May begins on a good note with you feeling very confident and in control. Others recognize your organizational abilities and respect your knowledge. There may be some conflict of interest with other Aries, and possibly the odd Scorpio.

Mid-month brings demands to honor your commitments, especially to family and family endeavors. It will be hard for you to get out of family outings and visits to parents. You’ll find peace and satisfaction in seeing the slow but steady progress of your current projects. You may also spend more time than usual outdoors in the sun. Do remember to wear your sunhat and sunscreen.

May ends on a happy, contented note. Family time will be fun and you’ll enjoy the security of your love relationship. If single, you’ll be happier spending time with family than with dating, for now. It’s a nicely balanced May for you!

NB. My daily tarotscopes are moving this May! Find them live on LotusFM’s Life&Style with Zakia Ahmed at the later time of 11h40 (GMT+2). Enjoy!



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