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Tarotscope: December 2016

by Leenna

So this is what the cards told me about December for each zodiac sign*. Aries, you’ll want to pay special attention.



At the beginning of the month, there’ll be lots of electronic communication, especially from global companies and overseas. Pay attention to what is being said and take the time to thoroughly understand what is required or requested. This will pay off in nine weeks or so. Gossip also provides some interesting insights and ideas.

Generosity abounds from friends and family. While cash bonuses from work may be smaller than usual, other gifts and benefits will prove equally valuable. There will be more than enough good cheer and an abundance of friendship, and even a prize or two.

Towards the end of the month, one party or celebration will be more tiresome than fun (because you’re tired) and one person spoils the mood with their negativity and callousness (an older woman with one glass too many). Try not to take her words to heart as everyone knows the truth even if they don’t speak of it. A good rest (and some distance) provides the best tonic against this energy-vampire.

Sleep into the New Year, you need it after these past two months!



A slow and less than perfect start to the month makes you think wishes come true only for others. Keep wishing and stay positive as it’s only delayed.

A small matter grows out of proportion and impacts on your feelings of security. Be especially careful when locking your car-doors at the mall and carry a small-hard cover book in your bag for self-protection. It should prove useful in other ways too. If you live/work in a snow-prone area, be sure to travel with a small emergency/survival kit as unexpectedly snowfalls in unlikely areas may cause major traffic/transport problems.

The last third of the month makes up for the first two thirds. Happiness from little children, pets and new projects. This is the perfect time to start your blog or a new creative project. Pottery or fishing could well be your newest passion!



Going for that new job interview or performance review goes well at the beginning of the month. You have the gift of the gab and the ability to make magic out of piles of what looks like rubbish to everyone else – both literally and figuratively!

The middle of the month seems to rehash the same old tired plans and arguments. Going on that world-cruise is still not going to happen, no matter how many Lotto tickets you buy before Christmas. Be realistic and think out the box.

Taking the traditional approach for the end of the month may be your best bet! It’s also the perfect time to take up new studies, or do some family-tree research.



Look back to six months ago to find the root of your current problems. Running away again is just going to make things worst. It’s time to sit tight and think things through logically. Ask for help from someone you trust and is good at problem-solving.

Investing in property or going to the sea for your holidays isn’t such a good idea for now. Don’t make last minute bookings. Don’t make promises you can’t keep either. Stay at home and remain on the straight and true path. It may be slower, but it’s a whole lot  less hassle and trouble in the long run.

The end of the month looks much brighter and less stressful. More clarity brings you more optimism and a well defined way to overcome your biggest obstacles.

Foil is your friend this festive season, especially when making new toys for the kids in your life and in decorations. Keep your eyes open in the rain and you’ll find a bargain store offering more than you’ll ever need of this wonderful shiny stuff.



Lucky you! All the other signs are going to be so envious of your first part of December. Either an overseas trip or new long-distance relationship for you is what turns all your friends green. All goes well, unless it’s a Gemini or Aquarian you’re dealing with. If so, you’re need to think things through a little more (just a little bit more than usual) as your companion is not the most stable of personalities. I’m sorry if you heard wedding bells ring or similar at first, but seriously, caution is warranted here.

Repeat after me: impulsiveness is not my friend – at least not until February. In fact, impulsiveness is not even your frenemy just now. It’s a psycho wielding a knife ready to poke holes in your finances, your love-life and your reputation.

Sit back, chill and repeat after me: impulsiveness is not my friend.

And that dream you’ve been hoping for…no news till after February. But keep dreaming, it will happen in a slow steady way.



Oh, the injustice of it! Everyone else gets to have a proper break and you’re stuck manning the office again. Oh, what an awful boss, unreasonable so-and-so leaving you only a small box of plasticky chocolates for company! So, yes! Re-read your contract, and look at those job-boards. But know it will be the same thing all over again next year if you don’t actually act this time.

Spruce up your CV and strike while the sense of injustice drives you. You may not end up on the beach next year, but, by god, you’ll have a better view and better box of chocs to help you through this time of year.

Legal matters are best sat on for the moment too. Your lawyers and other legal types are not very impressed with your arguments and assertions of late, so best wait till February or defer to the end of May if possible.

Still not going to be your favourite month, come the end of it. More arguments with your brother/brother-in-law and general feelings of not living the life you want to. Yes, you deserve better. And now, (yes, right this minute) is the time to do something about it – find a coaching program, join a new club, start something new…So, for once in your life, don’t over-think, don’t even calculate, just do it! I dare you.



Congrats, Gem, you’ve finally found that balance you’ve been looking for, and it’s pets and kids who help you there.

At the beginning of the month, a new project starts of strong and hits it’s mark. Ideas flow like a stream, so take notes and make sketches; you’ll need them early next year when you run ahead of yourself again.

Travel to the mountains/hills or to a warmer area gets you out into that fresh air you’ve been craving. Don’t forget the sunblock (and the snow-boots, two trips for you then? Or a last minute getaway?) Watch your ankles and straps when doing outdoor activities and you’ll be happier overall.

The end of the month is quieter and cosier with lots of welcome alone-time. A great time to recharge and consolidate your ideas and position. Also a good time to consider what you’d like to study next. Something in finances or earth sciences?



Grab your Sagi friend and celebrate all the generosity coming your way at the beginning of the month. It’s exactly what you’ve been waiting for, for so long. It’s likely that all this bounty may include a pregnancy if you’ve been hoping for one, or a really valuable gift or prize.

Problem is, for most of the month, the restlessness that you’ve been experiencing for the past two months doesn’t abate. It’s got you questioning all kinds of things about your life and the people around you. You want something new. You need something new and meaningful in your life. If you’re having a child, congratulations – if not, you might want to stop for a minute and do some inner searching to see just what it really is your soul craves for now.

By the end of the month, your intuition is on the blitz, so try not to depend on it as much as usual. Double-check facts, dates, amounts, and print out maps and itineraries.



Love and togetherness is the theme for the first half of the month. You may even visit overseas or cross the continent to visit family. The early part of the month is perfect for rekindling romance and spending quality time with those you love most, especially near the ocean or other large bodies of water.

Like Sagi, there’s a lot of business communication from global concerns right until December 21-23 around the solstice, so make sure your phone and laptop are always charged. After the 23rd, you’ll be in a much better position than expected, but still a little short of where you’d hoped to be.

At the end of the month, you’ll probably lose at snooker and other little games, but in the main events of your life, everything makes you feel you’ve gained major victories and will win through quite soon to what matters the most to you.

The last week of the month is best for indoor activities with inclement weather putting a damper on outside activities. Don’t book days out too far in advance. The weather dictates your plans for New Year’s Eve more than it usually does. Be prepared for torrential rains if you live in the Southern hemisphere, heavy snow in Northern Europe and even in some mountainous areas of Spain.



Good news finally arrives at the beginning of the month. The world seems beautiful and magical again with much to lift your spirits and believe in the goodness of humankind.

The middle of the month is great for interviews and finding ways to realise your dreams. There’s not much you can’t do in mid-December, and even Santa is envious of your productivity and management. Your staff will be happy and your pockets look like filled stockings.

With all gears well oiled and things rolling out just the way you like them, the end of the month is when you’ll finally want to let your hair down and be noticed by someone special.

Shopping around the 20th is likely to find you your best party clothes and even the salon will be able to squeeze you in at the last minute. Don’t forget to try a new fragrance and see how many heads you can turn.



Lightness returns this December, along with that precious spark of creativity you lost a month back. Go shopping with Virgo as you, too, will be spoilt for choice when it comes to shopping and looking good this month. Paint, draw and even try some needlework — you have an eye for the unusual and the striking when it comes to your hobbies and crafts this month.

The middle of the month is when you’ll finally let go of nostalgia and some past issues. Things look even brighter as you begin to live in the present and enjoy it without comparing it to the past.

The lightening of your mood and outlook continues right to the end of the month when you stop feeling guilty and realise you deserve all the good and light you’re experiencing. Your smile will be uncomplicated, you laughter unchecked and others’ negativity will fall off you as old restraints are unbuckled and you’re free to enjoy an amazing New Year.



You know that change you’ve been hoping for? Yep, it’s likely to happen real soon, just like you knew it would. And it’s all very, very likely for the first part of the month.

But put your ambition on hold or turn it down a notch. Your real goal is still going to take a wee while to reach and a lot has to happen before it does.

Pay particular attention to your car’s tyres and brakes, as well as the water and oil levels – even for short journeys this month, the last thing you need is to be stuck on the highway. Oh, and it’s not the best time to buy a new car either. July next year is more in your favour for new vehicles and transportation.

The end of the month brings in some heavier issues, especially around older family members and another Scorpio. Old family secrets and outdated beliefs rear their ugly heads and have it out in the open. Avoid the Dark Side (or taking any side) at all costs and put away those light-sabres. Time-out and digestion time is all that is needed for everyone to adjust to the true situation, and to move into the 2017 with more realistic views and expectations.

*only for entertainment purposes.

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