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3-Day Quotes Challenge: Movies and Song Lyrics

Two months ago (two months! Has it been that long?), Jessica at Elldimensional challenged me to do the 3-Day Quotes. She’s done it wonderfully. I suggest to hop over and have a look. I’ve finally gotten around to doing (or at least starting) the posts, so here we go:

I don’t know why I complicate things so…I really don’t.

 I decided to try quoting lyrics of songs which appeared in movies or vice versa.

It’s been a nostalgic week for me, so by some curious coincidence all quotes ended up coming from, ’90s music in British movies. Even more strangely (or not) two of the movies were shot in Edinburgh and Glasgow in the mid-nineties…and both movies feature Ewan McGregor… Let’s not overthink this then.

Shallow Grave Friends

Shallow Grave (1994)

I have to admit this movie is not for the squeamish. I remember my face being squeezed into a perpetual eeww! But I couldn’t stop watching Christopher Eccleston in fascinated horror, like a train smash, only worse. And I have it on good authority that an Edinburgh audience cheered when Ewan McG’s character got his just desserts in the middle of the movie. The song is mostly electronica, except for the beginning where we hear Eccleston’s opening lines, those above.

Quote from Trainspotting, Ewan McGregor

Another movie not the squeamish or for those feeling sensitive, but hysterically funny when not utterly depressing. Also shot mostly in Edinburgh and Glasgow, and starring Ewan McG–who features in this song speaking the words of Ren, his character. I don’t know if any Edinburgh audiences cheered for this movie, but I do know that back in South Africa, my brother and I seemed to be the only ones who found it’s dark humour funny.


Worlds End

Another movie I watched with my brother, the only person in my family who got the joke at the end with me. And yes, this is also not for viewing in a squeamish mood. World’s End is the only movie I’ve watched which seems to have been written on a bar-crawl, and which features a bar-crawl. A good ending to Pegg’s and Frost’s take on British horror/action/sci-fi meets cosy mystery settings.

As part of this challenge, I have to nominate three other bloggers to take up the challenge. They aren’t obliged to take the challenge, but let’s hope they do:-)

I nominate:




Update: 14/04/2016: Oops! Mistake in that last quote now corrected.


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8 thoughts on “3-Day Quotes Challenge: Movies and Song Lyrics

  1. I can’t say I’ve seen any of those movies, though I have heard of Trainspotting. I take it you’re a fan of horror? I would fall into that squeamish category you speak of lol, so ah, I may not be seeing these anytime soon!

    ps. Your Pinterest link wasn’t working! But I figured out what the issue was ( is doubled)

    pps. I haven’t forgotten about your crits, don’t worry! But I am really sorry for being so slow, I’ve been working on Campnano as well as my commissions and I’ve been crunched for time. But you are on my todo list. Please give me a kick in the butt whenever necessary, I won’t be offended (: Hope you’re well, talk soon!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Jessica! Great to hear from you! No, I’m not a horror fan, I’m quite squeamish like you. Just every so often I watch a horror movie that interests me in other respects, and horror comedy, like Shaun Of the Dead.
      I haven’t been on Pinterest for a while, so I didn’t notice. Thanks, for spotting the prob, that’s a huge help.
      I figured you were busy, so I thought I’d wait a little before bothering you with crits:-)
      I hope Campnano is going well, and the commissions too. Hope you’re not stressing too much and get see Spring! Catch you soon 😀


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