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Does this sound like a hero you’d watch?

As part of the Introduction to Screenwriting Course  that I’m doing (one of the reasons I fell off the face of the earth this week), we were asked to work on a character from a movie or of our own making.

As my project, I’ve worked on Rob Hart, the hero of my novel Settle Down Now.
He’s been a bit problematic, you see. Most readers of Settle Down Now dislike him intensely and don’t think he’s worth Charmaine’s time.

So I’d like to know what you think from my assignment. Does Rob Hart sound like a hero to you?

I  had to quickly jot down his major actions, then deduce his needs and wants, then describe his character.

Character: Rob Hart


Defeats pirates to save Charmaine and The Sunflower.
Confesses to Charmaine that he loves, but doesn’t act on it.
Confronts Charmaine about past, scaring her.
Risks life to chop away fallen mast to save Charmaine and The Sunflower.
Constantly makes snarky, insulting remarks to Charmaine to convince himself he hates her, and ensure that she dislikes him.
Threatens to sabotage the show, but never does.
Carries Steve’s package, even though he’s not so sure it’s a good idea.
Accepts the show’s offer despite it meaning he’ll have to deal with Charmaine in his life again, telling himself it’s for The Sunflower’s good.
Remembers Charmaine and the pain.
Takes Steve’s advice and contacts the shows producers to offer The Sunflower as transport/venue for the show.
Takes measures to ensure he forgets Charmaine.
Falls in love with Charmaine in Scotland despite himself.

Robs needs and wants:

Wants: to hate Charmaine, earn enough money to keep The Sunflower running, to be loved and settled, to have a sailing lifestyle.
Needs: money, to explain himself to Charmaine, to be loved by Charmaine, to feel not a failure at everything.


intelligent, sly, drily humorous, resourceful, charming, generally in control of self, own worst enemy, a realist, wary/distrustful

Described as:

not the easiest going guy, a retired ladies’ man, active, dependable, predictable, selfish, self-absorbed


Tall and lean, bright eyes, greying dark hair, quick movements, energetic, active, sea-farers complexion, long-fingered.

m_Rob on Charmaine

So, is it thumbs up for Rob, or a rotten tomato?



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5 thoughts on “Does this sound like a hero you’d watch?

  1. I’m enjoying his needs and wants, but that psychology is hard to get down. Is he a very direct person? His outward actions don’t truly reflect what he won’t even admit to himself, so that’s why I can see why readers don’t care for him. I’d have to read him in action, but it’s a 50/50 for me with the information you presented. I think he needs more positive (and generally acceptable) character traits to make him more likeable.

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    1. Thanks, Jess:) That’s just what I needed to know. It is hard to get his psychology down, not that I think about it. I’ll have to re-look his internal dialogue, I think, for the book, and think another way around things for the screenplay. I finally understand why screenplays can different from the novel so much!

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      1. I tried my hand at a screenplay once, since it seemed that writing dialogue came easier to me. But the first thing I noticed was how hard it is to say something in a short span of time without it sounding awkward or contrived. But it’s good to try out new things! Gives you good perspectives.

        In re Rob, I’m glad I could help, if just a little bit! I think my main male character (Celso) has a tendency to be a jerk as well. I don’t know if that’s just a reflection of myself, but I think achieving that likeable bad boy is easier said than done. A LOT easier said than done (:

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      2. Yes, agree with you all the way. The difficulty with screenplay is having to convey everything without much description. There’s less control, as a write, over the story the viewers will see!
        You’re so right about getting the balance with likeable bad boy. But it has been done, so it’s just a matter of us learning to play this tune right 😀 Wish there was some magical formula we could invoke while writing 🙂 In the meantime, we’ll just have to keep slogging till we get it right (sigh).

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