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PiniMe February 24: Mother’s Love

This week’s prompt is

Mother’s Love

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Here’s my entry  🙂

I took this photo while on holiday in Western Australia’s South West, where the Karri Trees grow. I was immediately reminded of a mother and her child; the tree’s injury producing an image so similar to an artist’s depiction of Mother Mary.

IA mothers love




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10 thoughts on “PiniMe February 24: Mother’s Love

      1. Thank you for that great compliment! I got my first camera when I was about 11. It was a film camera and I had to use my own pocket money to develop them. It was good practice as I had to pay even for the photos that turned out boring or really bad:) And when Photoshop came along, things got really interesting!

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      2. Final outcome of the Art is not by accident its only creative process that you follow knowingly or unknowingly! Somebody learning from film camera is going to be great photographer I feel! As they are fully aware of light. And Photography is nothing but only the experiments with light!

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      3. I like that final outcome idea. I wouldn’t always say I’m fully aware of the light consciously. I’m more aware of framing and trying to capture what I noticed. Like finding the right framing as a writer finds the right words. I tend to fix the light and shadows in Photoshop–designers can’t help it!

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      4. Its the different camera sensors how they sense light! Better sensor, Better Camera! You need to work hard to make bad image to good one in Photoshop! I hardly post process, when it comes to great photographs!

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      5. True, you’re only as good as your camera lens and sensors. And yes, Photoshop is more for enhancing and effects. It does take too long to fix a bad pic, unless you can turn that into an interesting effect. That’s where creativity comes in. LOL!

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