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How To Add Text To Your Photo by Jacki Kellum

Jacki Kellum is my first guest writer, whom I met during our Blogging U course last month. My thanks to her for her time and effort.

Jacki is an artist and writer, using a wide range of mediums, including digital. She’s been experimenting with ipiccy, a free online photo manipulating app.
Jacki’s generously allowed me to re-post one of her tutorials here, as a way to help you with PiniMe and other image creation for your blogs.

Here’s Jacki with How To Add Text To Your Photo.

From Ipiccy Blog
How to Add Text to Frames in Free Image Program Ipiccy


When you begin to create a Basic Border, in Frames, you see the following menu on the left side.


Click in the center of the box that says Outer color.


The following Color Picker will appear. Click about where the red arrow is, inside the larger black rectangle.


When you click inside the larger rectangle, a circle will appear.


With your mouse, click on the circle and drag it right, until you see the basic color that you want shown in the bottom bar.


In the bottom bar, click on the color you like. When you do that, a colorful Color Picker will open.


The color of the frame has been changed to this new spot on the Color Picker.


You can modify the color by dragging either the circle or the bar.


I wanted a softer, more pastel color. I pulled the circle upwards and added white to the pink.


Now, I want to widen the thickness of the outside frame: I moved the thickness handle to 71.


To change the color of the liner, click inside the rectangle that says Inner Color. Note: I had already changed the thickness of the liner 19.


This time, I will click on the Color Picker’s Eye Dropper and then click on my photo, on a color that I want the liner to be.

After I clicked on the eyedropper, I clicked on the cookie. I wanted to match that color of dull yellow.


To prepare the bottom area for holding text, I need to enlarge the part that is called Caption height. I dragged that bar to 121



Now, we have completed the frame part of the exercise.


Go back to the top horizontal menu again, and click on the Blending tab.

The following menu will open on the left.

Although a text box opens on your canvas, you actually type your text in the top menu box.

I used the font Quentincaps.


Drag your text down to the bottom portion of your frame and center it.


Return to the top menu bar and click the Save button.


The following screen will appear. Decide where you want to save your image and Click: Save to My Computer


Copyright Jacki Kellum December 18, 2015

You can view the original post here. Be sure to have a look at Jacki’s other useful tutorials.
Thanks once again, Jacki, for you easy to follow tutorial, and for sharing 🙂

About Jacki Kellum

d38bab18999f376ee2c87c2e38c45358Jacki Kellum is a Fine Artist, designer and writer. She teaches both writing and illustrating from her home studio, and offers other writing services as well. Her current personal projects includes a memoir and a children’s book. Read about her amazing life and family here, and about her art here.




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      1. Actually, all I did was make the connect! It’s literally all Jacki’s work. You can see more of her tutorials at her website. Be sure to check out her other posts as well. She always has something thought-provoking to say, or teach.
        But thanks for your belief in me. It’s really appreciated:)

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